Don’t even try.

I’m copping out of the blog today. Instead I will distract you with pictures of cookies.


Photo taken at the Lettuce Knit Christmas party last night, (last night after most folks had gone home and only the leftovers were there) where I escaped an incident with the Fleece Artist thrum mitten kits by the skin of my teeth. (Chant it with me. We do not buy ourselves many presents at Christmas.) I managed to get home having only bought present yarn. (That is yarn to be knit into presents and yarn that will be presents all by itself.)


Denny (right) gave Megan (left) a seriously cool mobius capelet thingie with little felted guys around the bottom. It’s designed by Cat Bordhi for Fleece Artist as another thing to do with the thrummed mitten kits (See? I should have bought it.) Though Denny made these out of her handspun. I liked it, which surprised me, since I’m usually a pretty traditional knitter. I think it’s the thingies that got me. It’s like mutant fringe.

I was stunned to discover that not only was I fixing to buy yarn last night (it was the wine. Having liquor at a yarn shop is pretty smart. Everybody gets all loose with the credit card.) but I was fixing to buy lots of yarn to knit into stuff before Christmas. I’m serious. Socks, hats, strangely compelling mobius things…..

I’ve got to get a grip.

Blanket Race

Days: 16

Balls of yarn knit up: 16 (I caught up. I am so pleased with myself that I feel immodest.)

Balls of yarn left to go: 3 (THREE)

Babies weights: I dunno, but they are seriously cute. Who cares how big they are when they are that good looking?

Mood: It’s moments like this that make me think that I should really have bought all that stuff at Lettuce Knit last night . Clearly I can knit as fast as I need to. (This is a dangerous delusion, and one I suffer from frequently.)

Since this is going so well, we shall come clean about what exactly I think I’m knitting before the 25th.

Two baby blankets.

(I’m so close I can smell victory. Shouldn’t even be on the list.)

Three pairs of socks.

A. First sock of the pair at the heel

B. First sock or the pair at the toe

C. First sock of the pair…um, …Still yarn, as is the second sock of the pair. (In case you were feeling like a smartass)

One hat and scarf set.

A. Hat…um…Yarn

B. Scarf…still yarn.

(I have to admit that this is worse than it sounds. I haven’t even chosen the yarn yet. I like to think I’m “processing the decision”.)

One 80 inch long rectangular shawl

(technically needs to be done the 28th)


8 inches knit.

(Please. The 28th? That’s like…so far away. It’s fine. No problem.)

Warning: do not attempt this at home without the support of nog, cookies and a poor grip on reality. Other items may be added to this list without warning, and others buried in the backyard and all knowledge of their existence denied. (All blog entries pertaining to these items will be deleted.)

What are you trying to finish? Is there anyone else in this much trouble with as positive an attitude? Come clean.