Don’t even try.

I’m copping out of the blog today. Instead I will distract you with pictures of cookies.


Photo taken at the Lettuce Knit Christmas party last night, (last night after most folks had gone home and only the leftovers were there) where I escaped an incident with the Fleece Artist thrum mitten kits by the skin of my teeth. (Chant it with me. We do not buy ourselves many presents at Christmas.) I managed to get home having only bought present yarn. (That is yarn to be knit into presents and yarn that will be presents all by itself.)


Denny (right) gave Megan (left) a seriously cool mobius capelet thingie with little felted guys around the bottom. It’s designed by Cat Bordhi for Fleece Artist as another thing to do with the thrummed mitten kits (See? I should have bought it.) Though Denny made these out of her handspun. I liked it, which surprised me, since I’m usually a pretty traditional knitter. I think it’s the thingies that got me. It’s like mutant fringe.

I was stunned to discover that not only was I fixing to buy yarn last night (it was the wine. Having liquor at a yarn shop is pretty smart. Everybody gets all loose with the credit card.) but I was fixing to buy lots of yarn to knit into stuff before Christmas. I’m serious. Socks, hats, strangely compelling mobius things…..

I’ve got to get a grip.

Blanket Race

Days: 16

Balls of yarn knit up: 16 (I caught up. I am so pleased with myself that I feel immodest.)

Balls of yarn left to go: 3 (THREE)

Babies weights: I dunno, but they are seriously cute. Who cares how big they are when they are that good looking?

Mood: It’s moments like this that make me think that I should really have bought all that stuff at Lettuce Knit last night . Clearly I can knit as fast as I need to. (This is a dangerous delusion, and one I suffer from frequently.)

Since this is going so well, we shall come clean about what exactly I think I’m knitting before the 25th.

Two baby blankets.

(I’m so close I can smell victory. Shouldn’t even be on the list.)

Three pairs of socks.

A. First sock of the pair at the heel

B. First sock or the pair at the toe

C. First sock of the pair…um, …Still yarn, as is the second sock of the pair. (In case you were feeling like a smartass)

One hat and scarf set.

A. Hat…um…Yarn

B. Scarf…still yarn.

(I have to admit that this is worse than it sounds. I haven’t even chosen the yarn yet. I like to think I’m “processing the decision”.)

One 80 inch long rectangular shawl

(technically needs to be done the 28th)


8 inches knit.

(Please. The 28th? That’s like…so far away. It’s fine. No problem.)

Warning: do not attempt this at home without the support of nog, cookies and a poor grip on reality. Other items may be added to this list without warning, and others buried in the backyard and all knowledge of their existence denied. (All blog entries pertaining to these items will be deleted.)

What are you trying to finish? Is there anyone else in this much trouble with as positive an attitude? Come clean.

186 thoughts on “Don’t even try.

  1. Don’t have it as bad as you, but the craziness did hit. I have one glove of a fingerless pair done, the second started. This I need to finish and mail to Chicago BEFORE Christmas. Should be okay. Reindeer hat for my daughter that is being knitted on the sly, i.e. late a night and early early in the morning. Get close to done, I am toying with the idea of a scarf for my mother-in-law – the Knitter’s Review article got to me today. I am also having the urge to start some socks. Never mind the three other things that are on needles at the moment! And I want to bake cookies! All this and I have to be in an office 8 hrs a day monday -friday. ugh. I’d rather be knitting and baking. Good luck with your stuff!

  2. Gosh, I finished ALL my holiday knitting a little over a week ago.
    Don’t throw anything at me. My entire list was one hat and one scarf.

  3. I can only WISH my list were as doable as yours … I have 5 sophie purses that need to be felted, er, um, knit THEN felted. I have 2 pairs of socks that won’t get finished because 1) is taking entirely too long and I must knit other things and 2) I don’t have enough yarn to finish sock #2. There’s a baby blanket that has over 8 gajillion stitches on the needle right now (it’s knit from the center out) and one round takes about 4 days to complete – besides the baby was born in June – no need to rush anymore. Then there’s the baby sweater that I haven’t even bought the yarn for.

  4. Not as much as you, but I’m a full time graduate student.
    My list includes a vest for my husband (see the good judgement in opting out of sleeve island?) that has a small bit of argyle. He’s 6′ 4″, which is a lot of stockinette.
    My other gifts were knit before October. Even I’m scared of me.

  5. Now you have me wondering how long it would take to express ship a seriously cool mobius capelet thingie with little felted guys around the bottom kit and if I could possibly finish knitting it between it’s arrival and 12/24? I fear I have gone ’round the bend on IT if I am finding new things to knit as gifts when I don’t have the pattern or yarn in my possession and it is 12/17 already.

  6. Okay, so I have one half of a pair of felted slippers for Daughter #2 that have to go into the mail as soon as possible to have any chance of getting to her for Christmas.
    I have yarn for one pair of felted slippers for Daughter #1 that is in the lovely bag that I brought it home from the store in on Monday.
    I have yarn for one pair of felted slippers for my SO that is wound on balls…has been for a year.
    And I am about 1/2 way through a bulky weight 1/1 rib scarf for my SO.
    Confession time. I was making a throw for Daughter #2 out of yarn I bought to make said throw when we moved into the new house. Uh, that was 18 1/2 years ago so it is nice and mellowed with age. I finally realized that the throw would be done only if I knitted on it day and night to the exclusion of all other knitting so it will be worked on for the next year and hopefully will graduate to a full blown blanket for Christmas 2006.
    Oh, yeah. I forgot the pair of pink and purple knee sox that I have to make for an 8 year old in my life.
    Yeah, that’s it.

  7. Well, of course we’re supposed to buy ourselves Christmas gifts…how are we supposed to get what we really want otherwise?! I have bought myself a Knitting Pattern a Day calendar from and wrapped it and put it under the tree, and I have also ordered The Knitting Experience Book 3 – Color by Sally Melville from my local bookstore on my husband’s behalf!!!! Any time one of my family has asked me what I want I’ve just said YARN – it couldn’t get any easier than that…..

  8. “Other items may be added to this list without warning, and others buried in the backyard and all knowledge of their existence denied. (All blog entries pertaining to these items will be deleted.)”
    Wow. How very 1984 of you.
    Don’t worry, we won’t say a word. We know what happens when you try to go against the system.
    -Becca in Chicago

  9. Hell, I don’t even know the correct date, if it’s only the 15th I’m on my way to oredering the cool mobius thingie.

  10. ooh… pretty. What kind of yarn is that on the shawl? I can probably squeeze one more project in while I’m on the plane…

  11. I have one sock to finish (working on the gusset) and another pair for beginning of Jan. However, I did cancel the 8 pairs of mittens that I was planning on for nieces and nephews. As December rolled around and I had no yarn and the realization that they were not going to get done they were scratched. I thought I had a good handle on it since I started early. Must knit faster.

  12. i threw in the towel. it’s my first year attempting to knit presents for christmas, and i found myself buying more present yarn for myself than knitting yarn into presents. yeah…maybe next year…

  13. Um, two and one-half pairs of mittens to go, a scarf, and finishing River. Not too bad. Unless I factor in all the rest of the stuff, like baking, cleaning, wrapping, and mailing.
    Wait. Time to panic? I think, maybe it is.

  14. I don’t think I’m in that deep, but I’m seriously wondering if I’ll be able to finish the wristlets for my cousin, the scarf for my brother’s girlfriend and the socks for my mom before christmas.
    I might have to claim to not know how large to make the wristlets at christmas and knit them while we all celebrate. That should be do-able.

  15. All I knit for Christmas this year were two stuffed animals for my neice and nephew.. The nephew’s monkey is knit up, and sewn up to the neck.. poor headless monkey!
    I thought the little doggie for my neice was all knit up, I got the peices out toe sew them and BAM! I am missing one.. Shall I make a three legged dog? Or bite it and knit up that last peice!! OI!! It’s got to be around here somewhere!!!!! I am happy to report they are going to be out of town and so.. I have a repreive!!

  16. Just a branching out scarf that is cast on and the first 5 rows of garter done – Needed by 7am tomorrow – with an office party tonight!

  17. ummm…
    1 pr. green and yellow thrum mitts for nephew – first one needs a thumb, second one needs, well, everything.
    1 pr. navy and white thrum mitts for other nephew – still yarn
    1 pr. black and grey socks for FIL – 1 done, 1 just past the heel
    1 pr. fabulous pink socks for Mum – 1 almost at the toe, 1 still yarn. (Mum? so sorry – I’ll probably finish in January…)
    Neckwarmers (guy scarves) – 2 done, 5 to block, 5 to make.
    Oh, and baking, wrapping etc. So of course, I go and invite people over for dinner on Sunday as well. Great. Now I have to clean.
    But I did get 11 sophie bags, 10 cashmere blend scarves, a lace shawl, 2 pairs of mitts and a poncho done. That’s gotta count for something, doesn’t it? Please?

  18. I’m with you in the same sinking boat! I have a scarf and a children’s sweater to buy yarn for, a different children’s sweater to finish, a 2nd mitten to start (1st done), and another scarf to start.
    And somehow I’ve got the bright idea to bake 6 different kinds of cookies (don’t even have all the ingredients) and mail them with above children’s sweaters and scarf to arrive before Christmas?!
    And yet I found time to knit myself a scarf at the end of November. Yup, I’m seriously delusioned. Can’t we make the 12 days of Christmas start after Christmas? Then a gift in January could still be a “Christmas” gift? I’m grasping at straws already…

  19. If I could just grow a few more arms I’m sure I could get everything done in time. Maybe if I stop sleeping between now and Christmas? I wonder if work would miss me over the next two weeks? Actually I’m in better shape than I thought. I have about 3 more inches or until the yarn runs out on the toe up socks (doing both on 2 circulars) – it’s the only way to fly. I still have to block my mom’s cape. I have two hats – one is cast on the other is still just a ball of yarn, 1 scarf – approximately half way there. Now if I could just turn off my brain, from thinking – I’ll just do one more shawl for that stranger down the street… I’ll be ok. I really think for once I have this under control.

  20. Stephanie, is that really all? After last year I expected a far more terrifying list. Not even a trace of Latvian or Estonian color work? I really do think you can do all of those things on your list in time — and even get a little sleep this year. Or maybe the fact that it doesn’t look frightening to me means I’ve gone totally around the bend. . . I had a ridiculously long Christmas knitting list. It has now become the birthday list for 2006, and the bookstore is happy.

  21. Well you’re making me feel scads better about the 1/2 sock (of a pair that needs to be IN Massachusetts by the 25th), pair of slippers (which will also need to be felted) and scarf I have bearing down on me. Really, relatively speaking, it’s like nothing. Really. Nothing. And the scarf doesn’t have to be in Mass. until the 9th of January for heaven’s sake! Easy peasey! I have plenty of time to finish that lot, buy and decorate the tree, hang the lights on the house, shop for Christmas dinner, cook Christmas dinner, wrap presents, clean the house and see the dentist. Now if only my dumb job would stop getting in the way of my knitting…

  22. don’t worry i still haven’t finished.. actually even started the wristlets for Kori’s friends and that was planned back in september.. eeeek maybe over the holiday in hilton head while chilling out with friends and family πŸ™‚ i’ll bring about 10 projects and only work on one.. i need to be like you and take photos of my sock knitting i actually have it with me all the time.. but now that i’m getting side tracked by a certain book.. haha.. last nite after the office xmas party i was on the madison avenue buss laughing my tush off.. and sadly left it sitting on the table at home cause it was still in my hand when i walked in the front door so that this morning when i was on the bus with Kori scrounging around in my bag she said i’d left it on the table last nite.. then i proceeded to tell her some othe great notes you had written about Joe and the girls.. she loved it as any 10 year old would when it comes to laughing at their mother.. there were many similarities to your life.. ie vacations planned around yarn stores and pulling knitting out in all places.. especially at Costco when there is a long or short line πŸ™‚ yup i also try to make sure i have something in my bag for the supermarket too πŸ™‚ hugs karola

  23. Am I the only one surprised to read that there were cookies in that first picture? Looked like a wall of yarn to me, yarn and set decoration.
    And how wise of you to articulate the amoebic nature (as in fluid edges, not as in dysentery, though it could come to that as the tension rises) of The List. I persist in the notion that I’m not knitting Christmas presents. I only have one second sock to toe-finish and graft, the multiringel blue feather and fan to, um, knit most of the foot, a spiral-scarf which needs oh, maybe four feet more and, I remembered, two bobbins to spin full (one wool, one mohair,) ply and block. One mobious has oozed off the pre-Christmas list (don’t know if a transit strike will mean she’ll need it more or less, as in staying home.) BUT the Knitty cabled chemo-cap for the drama major (in all senses) daughter who shaved her Michigan head for a play got done and mailed in two days, so the list inhaled and exhaled…
    Deep breath. Thank you, by the way, for pointing out that while socks are small, they are not, stitchwise, a small project. It helps keep me from feeling that I’m stuck in the Henle’s Loop of the space/time continuum.

  24. I’ve finished the 11 hats for family members and decided to add a hat/scarf set for a sweetie I know – she’s also learning to knit (I’m not such a good teacher). She got a kit at Target – eyelash yarn…can you imagine learning to knit with eyelash yarn?? I can’t so I gave her better yarn so she can actually SEE what she’s doing and what the needle & yarn need to be doing…I’ll stop blathering now!

  25. I am POSITIVELY POSITIVE that I can finish one whole half of a Vermont Fiber Designs cabled sweater plus the sleeves. I also have the rest of a sleeve on a Summer Braids cardigan. Thankfully you posted that fabulously quick scarf pattern and I was able to crank out one yesterday, and I have another for today. I need to fringe another scarf that’s already done, then, I think, I’ll be finished. Totally do-able, right? Aaaaargh! Pass the screech (which I totally have an almost full bottle of – goes great with egg nog). Pass the shovel too, please so that I may hide all evidence and deny existence of previoulsy referenced gift items.

  26. One scarf, just started this morning. One more scarf. One baby hat to felt. One pair of fingerless gloves. One lace scarf to block. One purse to knit and felt. One hat to knit and felt (and it’s for someone in Switzerland…hope it’s cold there next winter).
    And, ummm….three skeins of just-dyed wool hanging in my dining room, two shrugs to knit over Christmas break, plus a tank top to design for the 8 skeins of Illusion I just scored for $1.00 ($1.00!!!) each. My hands are already a little shaky, I can’t find my ice pack, the cats are feeling neglected…I’ll just pop another muscle relaxer and I’m could to go for at least one more project!!

  27. Hmm…my knit-list comprises of three things. A mostly finished striped shawl, a hat that is 2/3 of the way done, and a eh-hem…crocheted flying pig that is done except the wings and the finishing. This may not sound like a lot, except that I am an extremely lazy knitter who knits in bursts. Maybe I can keep this burst going for another week and 1/2. It’s all about the willpower.

  28. I make curtains for a living, and some people think they need their curtains before the holidays –
    So –
    I’m leaving town on Wednesday, to go to Minnesota, (I’m in Virginia, where, ironically, its snowing today)
    but before I leave, I have to finish and install:
    a bedskirt – 1/2 done
    2 pillow shams – these are cut out
    2 chair cushions – these are still fabric
    a shower curtain – cut out
    6 upholstered and tufted wall panels for a restaurant – finished, but the wrong size and must be revisited
    2 valances – fabric
    2 roman shades – fabric, 1/2 of which will arrive by mail today, otherwise, only 1 roman shade
    THEN – there’s also the knitting
    2 pairs of socks – both started, but….
    AND – I think I can add a scarf in there to
    knit on the plane – otherwise, that person gets coffee or a gourmet sauce from the grocery store.
    THANKfully, I finished the knitted vest for my mother.
    That doesn’t sound like so much – now that I wrote it down –
    But Monday when I spilled coffee all over the sewing table, I was in a dead panic.
    But it will all work out! And the only thing that suffers is me!!!

  29. Well, I thought I was almost done with my one little pair of mittens and matching scarf, until I felted the mittens and they just… Well, they look like something the cat barfed up. And I ran out of the yarn for the scarf halfway through.
    >sob< Shall I gave up and buy a toy, or find some other pink yarn that doesn’t make my eyes itch (no wool is worth it, I’m finding out) and knit like the wind?

  30. 5 pairs of socks…one lonely sock completed, a different sock is past the heel and on the home stretch, 1 inch on ribbing on the third…that leaves um, 7.75 socks to complete. 1 Hat to be designed. 7 uninterrupted days of knitting available to me. DOH!

  31. I have 3 pairs of socks(Opal, Merino and Fur, and Weaver’s Wool) with one sock complete. A Jaywalker (Toasty Toes)with the 1st sock to the ball of the foot. A toes up pair (Twizzle) about 1/3 thru the cuff of the 1st sock, another pair (trekking) on the second sock and almost to the heel. The felted flower bouquet has 40% of the kit felted, another 40% knit and the remaining 20% to knit. This means that 60% still need felted. I cast on a Dale hat and have about 1 inch of the initial lining complete.
    The Fleece Artist thrummed mitten kit has one mitten complete. The second was past the thumb gusset when I found a mistake and had to rip back to the start of the gusset. This is a seriously fun kit and I am trying to convince the LYS they should get some kits and I’ll teach a class. Of course I looked at the roving that came with the kit and was really tempted to spin it. Maybe it’s a good thing that no one in this part of the country carries Fleece Artist.

  32. 1 pr. felted clogs (1/2 of 1 done); 1 felted purse (60% done)–no felting yet. 1 scarf (14 inches long), 1 scarf and 1 pr. mittens not even started.
    No problem at all (Snort). I’m just giving up sleeping, eating and any other form of entertainment till Xmas (and then sleeping through New Years).

  33. Okay, 2 socks (different pairs) one is 9 sts/in!! (That one will take at least a week on it’s own!)
    1 Hat (scrapped the coordinating scarf cause I didn’t like the pattern)
    1 whole other pair of socks.
    A hat for another girlfriend that doesn’t count since she’s not coming back from Mexico until the 15th of January (piece o’ cake!)

  34. I have a sweater to do. For me. The sleeves have been ripped 4 times now. There’s just the sleeves left to do. I *think* it might be possible to get them done and sewn in before Christmas. Maybe.

  35. Well, I have half a robot (see – they are seriously cute) almost done, another whole robot to go, 2 scarves for teachers (they will be a new year’s gift as tomorrow is the last day of school and they’re not on needles yet!), a man’s watchcap (yarn bought, not on needles), and River to finish (which I had forgotten about entirely until I saw it mentioned in another comment) to go! Nonetheless, I had the bright idea to start a Christmas stocking for a new niece or nephew due in January. Can anyone recommend a pretty bulky wool to use for a quick Christmas stocking???

  36. Stephanie,
    Your blog gives me such a buzz…and occassionally I pick up a stitch (of wisdom) along the way. As for holiday knitting, I managed an impromptu scarf with fringe for my daughter from a remnant of yarn. I’ve been collecting yarns for years and not using it until this year when we thought we’d move and were cleaning out the house. I couldn’t part with a skein of it. Now that our future is settled (for the moment) I’m knitting it all up…without patterns…without direction…without a solid clue. So far, in my stream of (un)consciousness knitting frenzy, I’ve finished a pair of socks and that scarf for Val. Oh, and a wide, long black shawl that my black and white cat LOVES. Other than that, the yarn is disappearing into nondescript triangles and…well…I feel a knitted crazy quilt coming on. Much love in the new year to all.

  37. Stephanie,
    Your blog gives me such a buzz…and occassionally I pick up a stitch (of wisdom) along the way. As for holiday knitting, I managed an impromptu scarf with fringe for my daughter from a remnant of yarn. I’ve been collecting yarns for years and not using it until this year when we thought we’d move and were cleaning out the house. I couldn’t part with a skein of it. Now that our future is settled (for the moment) I’m knitting it all up…without patterns…without direction…without a solid clue. So far, in my stream of (un)consciousness knitting frenzy, I’ve finished a pair of socks and that scarf for Val. Oh, and a wide, long black shawl that my black and white cat LOVES. Other than that, the yarn is disappearing into nondescript triangles and…well…I feel a knitted crazy quilt coming on. Much love in the new year to all.

  38. One hat (for a big-headed ex boyfriend visiting this weekend) of which I have one inch.
    One pair of socks – the first one finished, the second one halfway down her GIGANTIC foot
    A purse that’s knit, but hasn’t got a strap (will be crocheted)
    A pair of handmits for my boyfriend’s mother – one is finished (I ran out of yarn. I may have to butcher a headscarf for harvesting.)
    A sewn (SEWN!) knitting bag for my mother, at her request.
    A pair of gloves for my father, but in my defense he hasn’t sent me his hand turkeys yet so there’s nothing I can do about it (but I’ve already got the yarn picked out in my head, which of course means nothing).
    And I have to pick up my boyfriend at the airport tonight on his way home from San Francisco, after having been gone for 6 weeks. Yeah. I’m getting a _lot_ of knitting done in the next few days. Sure.
    I’m pretty screwed.
    Oh, and I’ve been comissioned for a pair of “zippo mittens” (flip-top) by a friend of mine who’s already asking me how it’s looking. I told him I haven’t got the yarn (true) because I didn’t have the heart to tell him I’m not even considering starting them until probably the new year.
    Good luck, Stephanie!

  39. I’m working feverishly on a cashmere scarf. Must be done by New Year’s Eve!! (Yes, you read that correctly, New Year’s Eve. That’s when hub and I finally get home and exchange gifts.) Feverishly because it’s a fine weight being knit into a ribbed scarf, and I’ve got a fortune invested in wine cashmere.
    Felted bag – completed
    Fun fur scarf and gloves with matching cuffs(ugh, but it’s what my mom wanted. It is Cherry Tree Hill yarn though) – completed
    Clapotis (sock weight yarn) – completed
    Fuzzy feet in Steeler colors – completed
    Kitty Pi Bed – completed
    Now don’t ask about the rest of my shopping, Christmas cards, decorating, etc. The Kitty Pi Bed is done dammit!! I’m itching to start on a Clapotis in Brooks Farm Harmony as soon as I can put the cashmere to bed.

  40. Oh yes. I have twelve things to finish. TWELVE. For seven of them, I HAVE NOT YET BOUGHT THE YARN. My KHPD is approximately 7.5. That’s another full time job. On top of my full time job and my part time job. Oh, and I just agreed that yes, getting together with my ex sounded like a LOVELY way to spend one of my free evenings next week. (To his credit, the conversation went something like this: Ex: “We should hang out before Christmas. I have presents and I miss you.” Me: “Is hanging out something that can be done while knitting?” Him: “Of course.”) Check my blog in a few hours for the complete knitting list/plan/etc.

  41. Yeah… so I most certainly have not started on half of the massive list I have created for myself for the holiday knitting. I can feel IT coming on, and it makes me a little nervous; however, I am still determined to make it all happen no matter how humanly impossible it is.

  42. The good news is that I have 21 presents done. But, of course, when I say “done” I mean that the knitting is done. No ends are woven in, only one item has been felted and a handful need some sewing and blocking. Then those presents will want to pose for the camera, have a tag attached to them with washing info and, demanding as they are, then they’ll want to be wrapped.
    Then there is the unfinished list:
    1 Bubby – He has a torso, head, ears and one arm.
    1 Bubby – not started, but I have the yarn
    1 Ribbed hat – not started. I have the yarn but I’ll be making up the pattern as I go…
    1 Purse – worked up to the opening, needs a flap and a strap and felting
    1 scarf – For hubby, so I can only work on the bus. Just finished the a skein, 1/2 skein to go.
    We leave on the 22nd at noon. Technically I can knit in the car (and I will, especially if presents for others are done and I can finally get back to knitting for ME), but I did that last year and it was not pleasant. I finished the last present (a poncho) as we were exiting the interstate 5 minutes from my grandparents house. *sigh*
    I think I’m in better shape this year…

  43. Stephanie..I love your writings and blogs and knitted fact, your URL is the gift I’m giving to everyone I may be tempted to knit for at the last minute. Most of my Christmas knitting, though, was done before Halloween…although I added in some extras..don’t throw anything at me, I have a VERY small circle of people this applies to….AND I was recovering from pneumonia so I had lots of down time…AND–this should make you feel better—I am seriously behind on a paper for a class..the paper is due on is my entire semester’s grade..(this is a graduate class)..I need to start it this afternoon..instead, I am fighting the urge to go to the local yarn store (THAT is a trek in itself!!) and buy some yarn to make my cat a sweater (it’s cold in our house since we lowered our thermostats because of the cost of fuel..)But, I have to say, the high energy costs certainly give all of us addicts a much more justifiable excuse for our mania!! So, I think I’ll ask for a several day extension on the paper..and hit the trail for the yarn store….thanks for helping me with this decision!!! I knew I could count on you!!! (wink)

  44. I sit down to read (and re-read) your blog when I wish to escape in total denial of ALL-THAT-MUST-BE-DONE!!! I did not get IT this year, but something even worse happened- the Christmas knitting I did do (and finished) was for the people in my life who will be least likely to appreciate (and most likely to accidently-on-purpose felt) their gifts….my in-laws. Now how do you explain that????

  45. Oh, I’m seriously in panic–this random, weird virus settled in my joints and has left me with limited manual dexterity. So…the shawl for my mom is about a foot long, my husband’s felted slippers are just yarn and any thought of whipping up an Einstein coat for myself in a festive holiday color is pretty much shot. The saving grace is that I had completed several things quite early so that I could use them as examples in my “Quick Gifts to Knit” class. Getting better every day…gutted out a hat for my son’s teacher last night…it is the season of miracles.
    And those twins? So deliciously adorable and tender they nearly inspired let down and my kids have been weaned for a while!

  46. I’m so far behind I’ve managed to convince myself that the people I’m knitting for are SO kind and SO understanding that they’ll understand and, dare I say, APPRECIATE getting their handknits in, um, March?

  47. hmmm… is anybody else in this much trouble… well, not as much trouble as you are, since everything you knit is exquisite and small and the one sock I ever knit took me three weeks so I’m pretty much in awe…but here’s my list, if it helps…
    One Elizabeth Zimmerman hat to finish tonight…two or three if I’m feeling powerful… (I mean, thick yarn, big needles, what’s to fear?)
    Two Lion Suede kids hats to finish before I send off my traditionally late packages to people who live so far away they’re happy to get them late or no… Don’t give me crap about the cheap yarn… it washes, they’re kids, the patterns were totally cute-a-licious… Maybe 3 hats… yeah… definitely three hats…
    Two items to be named later as 1st prizes in my poet laureate contest–I give the kids a hat or a scarf option… unless I finish the extra two EZ hats, in which case, they can pick from the bag and be *&^**(* happy about it…
    My daughter’s sweater, made on Plymouth Wool (in case you think I’m always the Lion Brand Hussy or the Red Heart Ho’– I do know what real wool feels like, and sometimes I even indulge…) Which is 1/3 of the way finished, but it needs to be added to my Christmas Knitting because, as of January 1st, it’s all about the impending baby, because, by golly, this kid is going to have 2-3 blankets and 2-3 sweaters, just like her big brother, who is, by the way, the reason my knitting has slowed down to a crawl…
    And, as of this morning, when I had my usual morning-commute delusion of grandeur (I try to limit these to being interviewed for a Hugo or Nebular award over my water bottle… but this close to Christmas, I overstepped my bounds…) 2 scarves and a capelet for my husbands co-workers.
    So, yeah… maybe I’m in as much trouble as you are… maybe a little more… The mobius thingies? awesome… As is your blog, my dear–I always enjoy it…

  48. Well I guess I’m doing well.. I’ve got to finish up a cabled scarf that I’m making.. I have about 4.5 feet done, it needs to be six feet. I’m also planning a matching hat.. and another scarf for someone else..
    I totally believe that I’ll make it.. but I may add more things as Christmas comes closer.

  49. I’m not drowning yet. I have 3 pairs of socks to go, finished a manly scarf lastnight. Make that 4 pairs of socks. Well, it feels rather challenging to me, maybe if I buy cookies instead of bake… eh, it’ll get done somehow. Right? please, please tell me I’m right….

  50. Oh, please. I *thought* I was done Christmas knitting. You’ve “inspired” (infected) me. Now I must go out and buy bulky yarn and knit a bunch of 2-hour scarves. And maybe a pair of socks for my boyfriend. And possibly completely reknit my dad’s vest (which came out a mile too big due to … ahem … gauge issues). I was feeling like such a slacker for not still having Christmas knitting to do in these last 10 days before Christmas. I feel much better now.

  51. I have been a reader of your blog for a while now, and can’t wait for new posts, but I just had to chime in on this one. Almost every gift I’m giving this year is handmade. I’m giving 4 scarves, a pin, and the gift that takes forever. The knitting is luckily all done, but the gift that takes forever may not be finished by June at this rate. I wanted to make my dad something special and opted for a personalized stocking since I thought it would be quick and easy. I got to the store, and fell in love with a fur stocking, some gold embroidery thread, and a kit of foam to make a reindeer head. My brain must not have been working when I made that selection! I don’t know if you have tried embroidering on fur, but dont. Those 3 simple letters that would normally take 1 hour each have turned into 2-3 solid days each of forcing each stitch through only to have it grab and pull with it every bit of fur in the area. Not fun in the least. May your knitting get finished, and be more fun than that.

  52. me, knit for xmas? surely you jest…ok well, one pair sock done for my dad, sock two almost done (half the cuff left to go) …. but sadly i may redo the first sock as this sock thing is still new-ish to me and i knit the first sock on brittany size 1’s (of which 2 broke) and then the 2nd sock is on crystal palace 1’s and CLEARLY they aren’t the same size INKY!! ugh….oh, and socks for mom that are still impersonating a wound ball of yarn.

  53. I am feeling ever so much better.
    I have completed the following:
    1 sophie purse for SIL – felted even
    1 pair of size 13EE socks in worsted for Dad
    1 cabled hat for SIL
    1 mohair scarf for mom
    Still have to finish the following:
    1 christmas stocking for niece – this was nearly done, but I hated the way the intarsia came out, so it is being redone in a completely different pattern ACK
    1 pair of socks, I have the yarn, but am not happy with any pattern I have tried, so am going back to plain old toe ups tonight.
    These are in addition to cleaning and baking and getting a tree and decorating it and traveling 4 hours each way and and and… hand me the bottle of screech!

  54. I still have 4 pairs of kid mittens to make. They should go fast, but still. And finishing a lacy scarf present (almost done). The real fear — I am not even done with my sister’s first kneesock let alone the second one. 20,000 stitches and counting, although I’m almost through the gusset. And, yeah, I have about 4 rows done on my dad’s DNA scarf. And, um, about 4 inches done of my husband’s cotton (yuk!) sweater. Looking grim. I just called your help line today and chose option 5.

  55. I finished off one pair of socks last night and my last pair of socks has turned the heel on the first one. It’s no worry, they’re hiking socks out of Philosopher’s wool. All I’ll have to do is look at them and they’ll knit themselves.
    I must admit to wanting to make 2 more pairs of these, but I have cravenly decided to buy wool socks at Walmart and tell the fellas that I have more good intentions than I have time to knit.
    ‘Sides, I just started a pair of socks for myself this morning!

  56. Hello Ms. Harlot – thank you for the many giggles you’ve given me at work! (Not to mention the bits of Canadian wisdom. As a ‘Michigander’ I like hearing about the other side of the lake(s)).
    I’m also a full time grad student, so I started my Christmas list in September… but I told myself that if I was mostly done by Thanksgiving I’d make Mom a sweater. (She’s always wanted one.) Two spontaneous hats later as the season got cold, I’m almost half-way done with the sweater. EEK!
    Maybe I should try that screech. πŸ™‚ BTW, congrats on the twin baby blankets!

  57. I don’t know if I can handle seeing this listed, but….
    1 cabled scarf, 5 repeats in a bajillion to go
    1 Midwest Moonlight, still 2 hanks of yarn (add at least a 1/2 hour for each hank because I don’t have a ball winder and am good at making knots)
    1 baby blanket, most of the way through but it takes 15 mins to do a row, still have 71 rows to do. I refuse to do that math for you, because I can’t stand to know the actual figure.
    1 undecided scarf still yarn that I don’t own
    Oh yeah and we have no tree yet, so there’s decorating that, I haven’t baked a single cookie and I have a ton of other handmade gifts yet to make. I figure as long as I don’t sleep or eat before D-day, I’m good to go…..well probably good to go.

  58. Well, I have the foot of second sock for my mother, the leg heel and foot of the first sock for my dad, a beanie for a friend’s daughter, mittens for a very dear three-year-old, a scarf needed for a birthday the 20th…and I keep thinking of things to add!

  59. I have 3 projects
    1 half done un felted sophie bag
    30% Done birshire pullover for boy friend
    10 inches into a poncho for my mom
    i had three other projects but can not possibly finish them on time , so i had to buy presents instead. you are all an inspiration and you make feel better about myself

  60. Oh, not me. No positive attitude from me. I’m stressed. Wait I’m beyond stressed. I’m so f*cked, too much work too little time.
    I love the colours of that shawl.

  61. I managed to come to grips with reality this year, and my only crafty “must be done by December 25th” present still in the works is a sweater currently in the stage of being side-seamed. Soon as that’s done, it will be finished.
    (I’m ignoring the two ends I have to weave in for a Kiri Shawl. That’s 99.9% finished. Please.)
    Not that these are my only Christmas craft gifts. But, for the others, I decided way back in November there was no way I was getting them done before the mythical 25th deadline, and made my peace with the fact that their recipients have or are getting IOUs for them.
    And they will *like* it.

  62. I just started a hat for my husband last night. Plus I have to: the end together of a Knitpicks cowl.
    2. 2 inches to go of Misty Garden lace scarf
    3. one row and then fancy bindoff of a blankie for my daughter
    4. 3.5 fingers of the second of a pair of gloves (ran out of the yarn! Yikes!)
    5. 12 inches of the second sleeve of a sweater for my dad
    6. back, front and sleeves of sweater for my son (7 inches of back done so far, but he’s small)
    I’m also thinking of making mittens for another friend and a scarf for the head of the day care. This is quite normal. Ten days? Thpppt~!

  63. I’m so NOT done. I have a scarf that is 3/4ths done that needs to be mailed this weekend, and a shawl to be STARTed and finished by the 25th. I’ve already given up doing the neice’s ponchos when I realized that I LIKE sleep, and as a mother of a 9 mth old, I NEED what lil sleep I can get! I don’t see how I am gonna get this done! ACK! Pass the nog, please!

  64. My brother made another crack about the yarn stash, so no sweater for him this year. Maybe a gift cert to the iTunes site instead, for lo. He obviously does not honor or deserve the handknitted goodness. Good thing too, since I hadn’t started the sweater and now I can use that bag of yarn he mocked in other things.
    Love the shawl – whatever is that yarn? And I remain fully impressed by the depth and scope of your insanity determination. Me? I’m taking a very zen sort of approach this year. I am determined to knit a bear of some kind for my nephew, and anything else? Bonus. πŸ˜€

  65. There are just too many things. But no optimism to go along with them! The list keeps morphing. It’s scary.

  66. So I decided not to knit anything at ALL for Christmas this year… then I knit my daughter a mohair/merino and angora whipple… and my 5 year old asked me for hockey socks because his feet get cold at hockey… 2 pair of those done. I have the sweater I promised my husband 2 years ago for Christmas hiding in the yarn chest in my bedroom done about 1/3 of the way up the body (if it’s in the yarn chest in my bedroom, I don’t have to see it and feel guilty it’s now offically 2 years overdue). I have a pair of gloves on the needles for me (yes, a pair, as I didn’t have the correct needles to finish the first glove with me at the Dr.’s office, so pulled it off the needles and started the second glove, and then started the fingers when I got home… thus 2 unfinished gloves) and a pair of wool socks for me because my office is FREEZING. I’m not into IT. But I keep trying to be… (Hey! I could knit scarfs for my boys teachers (there are 7 of them). I have a week left!! and Mom would like a pair of wool socks! And my sister would LOVE one of these scarfs (for which I do not have the yarn, and neither does my LYS so I’d have to order it… plus my mom is making everyone scarfs as she’s just started knitting again… greater love hath no-one than a daughter who would let her mother raid her stash… to a point… she did NOT get the lace weight cashmere… I mean… a person has to set limits…)
    But I keep telling myself NO NO!! Buy coffee cups for the teachers, and Mom can knit her OWN socks, just give her the yarn (and the directions for turning a heel)… so I’m not in IT… but I could be with a little less self control…. and 20 minutes to pull the stash out and find the bulky weight yarn for all those scarfs…

  67. I have to admit, I’m still in the planning stages of some gifts… not good, I know. K, here goes…
    3 pairs of moccasin type slippers. 1 1/2 pairs finished. (those are crocheted… sooo much faster….)
    a neckwarmer for me dad… it’s…er… cast on? and the yarn is nicely balled in a centre pull ball??
    A scarf for a sister… still in the concept stage…
    And about a bazillion other ideas. sigh. Love that wrap pattern… what is it?

  68. delusion is the only thing that keeps knitters going at christmas. OUR xmas is this weekend, due to my mom having to leave town, and i still have a felted hat, 3 gloves to finish (one is still just yarn, sadly), fingerless mitts (still yarn, gar) and i just added 3 pairs of socks to my list, though two pairs don’t have to be done until the real xmas. my hands ache, but i’m still confident i’ll get it done πŸ˜‰

  69. The List:
    1) 2nd sock, leg 2/3 done
    2) 2nd hand warmer, cast on — may change pattern which will necessitate reknitting 1st hand warmer from thumb gusset onwards
    3) pair of hand warmers — yarn
    4) scarf — yarn
    5) sweater — 1st sleeve cast on. In case you were wondering, the front and back are done. It is a zip cardi though, so even if I finish the knitting I may deny it’s existence until at least 2015
    6) baby sweater — back is done.
    7) something for my MIL who deserves hand knits more than anyone I know. I have until Tuesday to decide what it will be, what it will be knit from and finish it.
    The prognosis: definitely doable. Holiday vacation starts tomorrow and I can get away without sleep for a few days.

  70. Just finished up hat and scarf set #2 and am well into scarf #3, though hat #3 is still yarn. Add to that a One Skein Wonder for a tiny five year old (who has golden ringlets and an attitude – I *so* have to knit for her!) which is about a quarter done, a Twisty Turns wrap for my sister that is a quarter finished, and if I’m *really* lucky the finishing up of fingerles gloves for yours truly so the knitting doesn’t hurt quite as much. We’ll see about that last part.

  71. working on first sock of the 4th pair of christmas socks for various male relatives…still have felted mittens to make for my sister. i was going to make both my daughters hats and mittens and scarves, but they will just have to wait until after christmas. they’ll live-they are only 4 and 1 1/2! HA!

  72. So, my list is not so big:
    1. sweater for sister #1. was going to be an aran, but she decided no.. so it has fancy cables down the sleeve… started it 4? weeks ago: 3/4 of one sleeve to go. NO PROBLEM!!! πŸ™‚
    2. fancy scarf for sister #2. fingering weight, lacy (but not lace… first lacy project, so i took it a little easy) 500 yds. Done!! and blocked!! although the two ends do need to be woven in…
    3. sweater for mother. *sigh* i think this is where i’m going to get stuck. primary color + 4 various contrasting colors. i’m bottom-up to the armpits, and sleeves from cuff up about 4 inches… plenty of time, plenty!
    but really, it’s the full time work, and the paper(s) and take home exam that i need to finish first… they’ve got to be done before the end of the weekend.

  73. Oh, yeah, I’m so doomed. I’ve got two half-done hats to finish by Saturday. I’ve then got two stockings to do, one of which is still completely yarn, and the other is… maybe a third done. These need to be done by the 24th, obviously. Plus I’ve got this niggling idea to go grab some Noro Silk Garden to make a beanie for a friend of ours, which would need to be done by the 25th.
    Plus, since we’re poor poor poor (the Silk Garden would require returning some yarn to the LYS and getting the Silk Garden in exchange), we’re baking… seven batches of cookies, five batches of which need to be done by tomorrow. Plus tomorrow night some friends of ours are renewing their vows, so… yeah.
    I didn’t think you could get this optimistic without the aid of illicit substances, but it looks like I was underestimating the power of yarn!

  74. I thought I had it under control and everything was finished, but then my really good friend mentioned that she wants to learn to knit… so I decided that she needed handknit socks to inspire her as she learns. I decided this two days ago. Then I awoke in the middle of the night and thought, crap! I have to knit something for her husband too so he doesn’t feel left out and (more importantly) will be ready for LARGE credit card bills with yarn purchases.
    Frankly, it’s not the knitting that freaks me out this year… it’s the damn gift wrapping.

  75. Lessee…. hat and mittens for my dad in U of Minnesota colors… don’t have the yarn yet. 2 kitty hats, one will be done tonight, 1 pair of wristwarmers, 1 hat for the little brother, 3 pairs of fuzzy feet, and then the sweater for my mom but she already knows she isn’t getting it until, well, until it’s done which will hopefully be while it’s still cold enough to wear it. I am not holding my breath and she has been instructed not to either. Glad to read this blog and feel not so crazy for a few minutes!!

  76. Let’s see: – finished 3 hats and fingerless mitts already this week and that leaves me with…
    1 crocheted afghan (it’s multiple strands held together and a giant hook – I should be fine) Seaming of one sweater, and entire raglan toddler sweater (good thing it’s on US #17s) two cuffs, a button band, pockets and seaming of another sweater, and completion of a shawl. With 10 days to go I’m ctill convinced I can get it ALL done – who needs to sleep anyway – right?

  77. I’m in rough shape, too….and I only have 2.5 socks left to do. The problem is that my hands are all messed up right now, so I can only knit about an inch a day. I contemplated ankle socks, but I think the guys at work would mock my dad if he showed up in handknit ankle socks. ;o)

  78. What do you mean, you’ve got to get a grip? Why start now?
    Socks for dad & DSM: done
    Neckwarmer for brother: about 2/3 done
    Mittens for his GF: first mitten all over but the thumb, second mitten up to last pattern repeat (also needs thumb)
    Scarf for sister: all over but the edging at one end
    Hat for her BF: yarn (I don’t know which yarn yet, but something from current stash)
    Hat for DSIL: yarn
    Gloves for her 2 DDs: yarn
    (the above 2 needn’t be done until the 28th, regarding which please see Steph’s remarks above)
    Scarves/hats/mittens/gloves for kids’ assorted teachers/therapists/aides: Trader Joe’s sells a very nice chocolate assortment

  79. It is a serious illness I tell you! I swore off knitting so that I could finish my degree. Well my last class which was my final speech and paper for the semester ended Monday night – Tuesday afternoon my palms were itching at work. By the time I got home I went rooting through my stash of yarn, found hand spun yarn from my sister-in-law, and started a pair of mittens for myself. It is now Thursday and I will be done with the pair later tonight before I go to bed.
    I am running through a list in my head of what gifts I could yet make for people for Christmas that I didn’t make last year. AND found a cool wrap to make, and ordered the yarn online because I don’t have time to shop for it. I still have shopping to do for Christmas…
    …hey, even those socks you constantly make are calling me… do we have a local KA (knitters anonymous) around here…help..m..e..

  80. Halfway done with a scarf and one man-sized hat left. That’s it… unless I decide I have extra time and then I may knit my BIL some socks. Otherwise he’s getting nothin’.

  81. The only Christmas knitting I’m doing is a set of scarves for the three dogs who live at the inn we stayed at in Spain recently. There are actually four resident dogs, but I already made one of them a scarf while we were there. One scarf is red and white striped, one is green and white striped, and for the matron dog – a red, green, and white striped mini-shawl (she’s very short and I think a scarf would trip her up).
    I’m almost done with the first one. Things aren’t boding well because I also have to allow delivery time. I’ve finally come to terms that they won’t get there on time. But lucky for me, Spanish dogs traditionally celebrate Christmas at the end of January*, so they won’t be too upset and I’ll have plenty of time to finish up.
    *ok, I made this up, they probably celebrate at the same time the Spanish cats and humans do. Dammit.

  82. But we CANNOT reveal what we have left to knit because all our friends and relatives now read this blog!!! My DH even COMMENTED, so I can I possibly admit publicly to all the things I have in progress.
    Neat how I got out of confessing, eh?

  83. A bit of cheer for all the holiday knitters
    I heart Franklin.
    I’m in the home stretch. Two of three pairs of socks are knit. I’m about three-quarters done on the third pair. I have 10 of 11 catnip pillows knit. But I still have to seam and stuff them. And finally, there’s a pair of fingerless gloves that I haven’t even started yet.
    It’s doable but it will be tight.

  84. I’m 17/20 knit gifts so far. We’re not counting the legwarmers since the yarn just arrived moments ago and is still cold. Vintage Velvet is going slowly. There is still the issue of the 23 unfinished (read as not started) scrapbooks, the ornaments, shopping…. I stuck to the knitting to get the gold star and a chance to win cool prizes (yarn, stitch markers…) at Alison’s knitalong.

  85. Christmas knitting:
    *Six* pairs of socks, one hat (corona from knitty), and one pair of “bed socks” for granny. So far, four pairs of socks complete, then at the cuff of sock #2 for pair #5, and one sock done, one sock still yarn for pair #6. Granny’s bed socks — just passed the gusset for second sock. The hat — just finished the cabled brim and need to graft it up, pick the sucker up, and knit the hat.
    That means I have about 2.25 socks and .75 of a hat left. I think I’m in really good shape, actually. But I haven’t started my Chrismas cards yet — so I’m in worse shape than it seems. πŸ™‚

  86. Glad to see I’m not the only one–there is joy in shared misery. πŸ™‚ I have:
    1 pair worsted weight socks + heel turn and foot of one worsted weight sock
    heel turn and foot on one fingering weight sock
    6″ left of horrible double-thickness Harry Potter scarf (In acrylic. Because he won’t wear anything else.)
    6-8″ left of gorgeous yummy grey scarf in KnitPicks Andean Treasure
    Optional bonus project: new Christmas stocking for DH (yeah, right)
    I think I can do it–but I have to stop inserting other projects along the way. Like last night, when I knitted a Bubby from Knitty because . . . well, I just HAD to–he was too cute!

  87. I’m a lurker, coming out of lurkdom. I’ve been reading your blog from the beginning for a few weeks now, while you were taking some time for book completion. Aren’t you glad to be contributing to my stealing of time from my employer!!?!?
    I so understand the compulsion to start gift after gift, long after the time appropriate for gift-starting is over. I decided last night to knit my new sister-in-law my interpretation of the lace leaf scarf (, but finally came to my senses. The senses-coming was painful, but, I think, necessary. I bought her something at TJMaxx instead. I started socks for my boyfriend/partner/handler last night, while straining with all my will to resist buying about other yarn for… well, other socks. Hats. Sweaters, for crying out loud. Mittens. Thrummed mittens. Thrummed fingerless gloves/convertible mittens. Tanks. On and on.
    I’m not as prolific a knitter as you, and I have almost stash, comparatively speaking, but the holiday knitting urge seems to take over my normal sense of proportion, too. Happy holidays, happy times.

  88. Good luck!
    1. I have an intarisa pillow that has to be done…tonight!
    2. Socks…1st sock at heel.
    3. Hat and mitten set…yarn isn’t even close to being finished spun, not even thinking about knitting it.
    4. And something for my sister. Is it bad I don’t even know what I’m going to make yet?

  89. um… I have a vest 1/2 way done. i have a back and a side front. part of a side front and then i need to knit the edging sew it all together. block and wrap it.
    i have another knee sock to knit (i have one done)
    and i have a sweater on the needles for my daughter and since i thought ahead and made it 2 sizes to big I have until february to finish that:)
    but then i was thinking i wanted to knit more penguins and i keep gettting distracted… maybe i need to drink more wine…

  90. Oh god. I am blocking my boyfriend’s sweater. The sweater, though, is not the problem. It is the sock that I knit for my other friend, Eric. IT IS GIGUNDOID. Really. Any suggestions for what I should do?

  91. Stephanie, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to you and all commenters who are sharing your holiday knitting adventures. I’m grateful to know that I’m not alone, and inspired that there are people out there who actually get done. I will never be one of those people, but still. Inspiring.
    I want to also thank you, Stephanie, for showing how to honor loved ones with wool. My brother is having triple bypass surgery today. I’m going to spend today knitting him a hat. He will need a nice warm hat for when he starts exercising again in a few weeks. Right?
    Bless you and good luck with your Christmas knitting!! –Carol in North Bend, WA

  92. ooohhh! Love the yarn you’re using on the shawl. I’ll try to find it in a previous post but if you haven’t mentioned it yet, please tell us what yarn (that is if you have any time between now and Christmas to update your blog again…you know…due to all the KNITTING!)

  93. I’ve been enjoying your stories since the spring but the last few days have been special-my husband finally understands that I am not alone.
    I have three hat/mitt/scarf/legwarmer sets to finish. OK I have to start two, one set is almost done. 2 pairs of socks, pair #1 has a sock and a bit done (ribbing), the other is still in the stash. One LOPI sweater, for my daughter who never asks for anything but REALLY wants this sweater, ten inches and glory, alleluia the pockets are in! And a baby afghan/shawl thing. I know in my heart I am not going to be done. My house is a mess, my baking isn’t started, I’m working full time when my soul is crying out to knit full time. I’m consoling myself with the thought that at the very least, I’ve got one heck of a head start on next Christmas! And my dearest knows better than to say anything when he asks what I want for Christmas and all I can say is, you guessed it, WOOL.

  94. Glad to see I’m not the only one–there is joy in shared misery. πŸ™‚ I have:
    1 pair worsted weight socks + heel turn and foot of one worsted weight sock
    heel turn and foot on one fingering weight sock
    6″ left of horrible double-thickness Harry Potter scarf (In acrylic. Because he won’t wear anything else.)
    6-8″ left of gorgeous yummy grey scarf in KnitPicks Andean Treasure
    Optional bonus project: new Christmas stocking for DH (yeah, right)
    I think I can do it–but I have to stop inserting other projects along the way. Like last night, when I knitted a Bubby from Knitty because . . . well, I just HAD to–he was too cute!

  95. I have very little Christmas knitting to do as I told myself no one really appreciated it enough but the desire to show love with wool is slowly over taking me as I think I will slip in just one hat or just one scarf.
    I’m now up to:
    one scarf – done
    one hat – 1/2 done but this and the above scarf needed to be sent last week as they are going to England
    1 baby sweater – knitting it for a second time as I had gauge issues with the first. This is over 1/2 done. Of course the baby is here and probably shivering because I neglected to swatch!
    1 baby sweater – the back is 3/4 done and that is it.
    1 kid’s sweater – a glimmer in my eye
    1 baby blanket – mostly knit and then the whole thing was frogged. It is a giant ball now waiting for my heart to heal.
    1 baby sweater – maybe 3 inches of the back done.
    1 baby sweater – haven’t even picked out yarn yet.
    I have to stop now. I’m getting dizzy from deconstructing my delusions. Was this actually a practical exercise?

  96. Oh please . . . you are not in the boat alone. I still have a slippers (one done, one yarn), slippers (yarn), hat, mittens, scarf (yarn X2). Very little shopping done, baking cookies on Saturday, Christmas shopping on Monday night AND I work full-time.

  97. I only have one sock (which is only cuff) and a hat. But I was contemplating mittens and a scarf yesterday. I’ve still got 7 days that’s plenty of time! Well it would be plenty of time if not for that pesky shopping thing – haven’t even started that yet.

  98. O_O I suspected I was hugely inadequate. Now, I know.
    Wine cozy for wine-loving German aunt: Finished and actually MAILED! πŸ˜€
    Dishcloths for Mom (shush, you. She *asked* for them.): Finished. Not yet mailed.
    Scarf: 3/4 finished. (Meaning “I’m almost out of yarn. No more than 1/4 ball left, I’m sure of it.”)
    “Lellow socks” for the preschooler boy: still yarn — bright cotton yellow yarn.
    Gloves for the tweenage girl: Yarn.
    Blanket: … Yarn. (But it’s really BIG yarn. And I’ll use really BIG needles …)
    Crocheted bed doll for the tweenager’s room: bodice and skirts done. Sleeves and ruffles pending. (Don’t even mention the doll base. Just … don’t.)
    Delusions that I’m actually going to cast on all these projects in time, let alone finish them: Priceless.

  99. It was all going so well — really! And then I got a day off work yesterday and I somehow found myself at the yarn store yesterday…
    I am now designing/making not one, not two, but *three* 12″ lions. The essays have clearly erroded my brain.
    The Beau gained points yesterday when he saw the frantic look in my eyes when I started swatching the Sport and suggested “Why not double it up?” Genius, this is what I keep this non-knitter around for, his pure genius.
    I recommend same to you. It gives you an excuse to buy more yarn, make warmer gifts (who needs dress socks when you can have hiking socks?) and go twice as fast. I’m now Worsteding my way back to sanity, one little lion piece at a time.

  100. I need to finish a lace sock (on the foot) and start and finish its mate. There is also a shawl, which was due last May, and was started, um, two days ago. And a hat which isn’t even in the concept stage yet. BUT, I have already finished two scarves (one very complex), a pair of socks, and a hat. And, yes, there is still the matter of Baby Bobbi Bear’s arms and ears…

  101. Still to finish: 1) A lovely pair of thrum mittens made from a Fleeece Artist kit (the purple ones) – I’m about half way through the second one and it doesn’t have to be done until the 30th – no problem; 2) A sweater for my sister – one side to seam and a neck to knit – like 6 rows – but for some reason I can’t make myself seam that side and it has to be mailed – probably Monday – doable, really; 3) Ombre blanket from Last Minute Knitted Gifts – don’t buy into the title, they lie – I’m on stripe 6 of 11, it’s getting wrapped on the needles and finished over Christmas. I’m pretty sure that makes me a bad daughter, but work got in the way of knitting. I so hate it when that happens.
    You can do anything you set your mind too, including crazy Christmas knitting. I know it.

  102. The only Christmas knitting I’m doing is for me. And I was ahead of the game until I had to frog a cabled hat due to a blocking accident. (Don’t ask.) Now I’m a project down, but that’s okay, because I can give myself a hard time during Christmas day as I continue to knit, while sucking down a bottle of Riesling Spatlese.

  103. One afghan. One big, honkin’ afghan left.
    Is it wrong to pray that New York City has a transit strike so that I can stay home from work tomorrow and work on the afghan?

  104. 1-877-SOS-KNIT
    When I first heard “the surprise”, it was funny. Now it seems like perfectly good sense. Which is frightening.
    Only one sweater to finish for the tall thin son, who wears his only other sweater EVERY day. He deserves a new one, and a sane mother. Unfortunately, he will only get the sweater.
    PS Yes, instead of knitting, I scanned the archives for this number. As I said, only the sweater . . .

  105. I have yarn (which I just bought last week) for 5 pairs of socks!!! All of it is still yarn except for the 1st sock of the 1st pair, which is at the heel stage … uh huh. And, the best part of all of this? This 1st sock is only the 2nd sock I’ve ever knit. Ever. Which means I didn’t finish the first pair, yes, I know. Now, the only other thing I have to do before the 25th is buy gifts for my 3 kids (and make sure Santa gets their lists – so far I have exactly *nothing*) and campaign for the Green Party. And make cookies. And get a tree. and see if I can find my marbles!!! Merry Christmas everyone. Isn’t it fun?!!

  106. Three scarves to finish by next Thursday:
    1) 16 inches complete, must be felted and lined with fleece
    2)still yarn
    3)still yarn
    Hat for Christmas – still yarn
    I only have time to knit between 1 and 2:45, and about 2 hours in the evening. Why did I decide to teach right out of college? In China??! On the plus side, bamboo needles here are $0.12USD, and I’ve found some amazing wool for 3USD a kilo.

  107. OK. Projects completed: 1. scarf for brother (in the mail); 2. mittens for daughter (frogged the tops four times, one finished, other needs frogging again, but I’ve knit enough for this to be callde completed); 3. socks for step daughter (in themail); 4. hat for daughter; 5. hat for daughter’s friend; mittens for self (on the hand and warm!); 6. socks for daughter (wrapped under the tree). Projects to be completed: 1. Lucy neatby paradoxical mittens, first mitten 2″ into cuff; 2. socks for DH, just a twinkle in my eye and yarn in the bag; 3. Dale of Norway sweater for DH–just the pattern. Will take him shopping for yarn on Dec. 27!

  108. You’ve inspired me. I have now regained confidence that I can finish the scarf for my older son’s teacher as well as the last 5 pair (yes that’s 10) socks out of my 16 socks of Christmas. I did however manage to polish off the Fruity Pebbles socks.
    I have added to the list:
    2 Scrollbar Scarves
    2 Baby Sweaters
    1 pair fingerless gloves
    Still waiting for Christmas knitting to get out of the way
    A Tess Two Tone Sweater
    Tess Ribbon Dragonscale Shell
    Point 127 Chevron Shaped Sweater
    Always on the list
    Magic socks for both my boys (ages 7 & 4)
    It’s like Home Depot…. I can do it, you can help (with your humor)

  109. Let’s see, 1 pair of socks for my 8 yo. That’s it….I am so organized, I sometimes amaze myself. LOL

  110. Log rolling!!!?? Log rolling??
    What happened to hockey… basketball … lacrosse??
    The foot of one sock still to go. Three quarters of one knit and one still to go on another pair (because I didn’t buy enough gorgeous Australian merino in the summer, have knit three quarters down on two, added a substitute toe twice on an original one of these original efforts and finally decided I just don’t think the end result is giftable). Sigh…. Not too bad if I stay away from yarn shops. Of course, tree’s still not up, baking’s not finished and presents aren’t wrapped.
    Gotta go knit. (From London, Ontario where it is REALLLLY snowing right now — as it’s not July.)

  111. I thought that only people from Oklahoma (like me!) said “fixing to.” At least that is the misconception, now that I am so much better informed I know that Canadians, at least you, say it too!:)

  112. Girl, You know what- I think you are rubbing off on me! I am seriously THINKING of starting SOMETHING (ANYTHING) as a Holiday gift for SOMEONE!
    Maybe a tie for my Father? A shawl would DEFINATELY be setting myself up for failure! A Shrug for my Son’s girlfried? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    See- you ARE a BAD influence

  113. I’m right there with you Stephanie…although I prefer not to use the “poor grip on reality” term. I prefer “positive thinking”. ((also, I’m cheering you on! You can do it!! Go Stephanie Go!!))
    I decided (last night) to add another scarf and a Booga Bag to my list of things to do by Christmas. Well, actually, the scarf is for tomorrow night. No problem! It’s only 9PM here, and I have all day tomorrow to finish the scarf. It’s a quick scarf…and the Booga Bag goes quickly for me. So no problem!
    And since you’re an experienced knitter (AND you got caught up on those blankets!), no problem for you, either.
    The cookies looked soooo yummy!!

  114. I”ll play, I’m delusional too.
    *Latvian Mittens: 1 done and -1/3 done on the other
    *Weekend Knitting Book Mittens: 1 done, 1 pair without thumbs, 4/6 of another mitten done, 1 complete pair to go.
    *Felted pink flamingo – still yarn
    *Hat – still yarn
    *2 felted bowls (due tomorrow) – still fiber
    *Handspun Alpaca 200 yds, 2ply – still fiber
    *Knitted scrunchies – 2 done, 3 still yarn
    *Whatever else I can squeeze in. A sweater or two perhaps!!
    *3 sewn pincushions to make
    And I still have lots of shopping left to do. Someone probably should check on me on the 26th and make sure no one around me has been injured with knitting implements.

  115. I need to knit and felt 2 Moebius bowl thingies this weekend so that I can take them to my guild meeting on Monday. Not even started yet, but it’s White Buffalo on big needles. Should go pretty quickly, right?
    I have a commissioned piece, a Christmas stocking, that needs to be done by Thursday next week. I’m in the middle of the foot part now so the end is in sight.
    I was also thinking of knitting/felting Moebieus bowl thingies for my 3 sibs in time for the annual family latka feast scheduled for Dec. 27.
    To enable this compressed knitting schedule I deemed it absolutely necessary to buy myself 2 presents. Check out the Mug of 3V1l -10 and the Magic C0ff33 +1 mugs at .

  116. Y’know, I was done with all my holiday knitting. Finished last night at roughly 3 a.m., in fact.
    But now…NOW I want to get one of those moebius mutant shawl thingees and I can -totally- see my mom in it, AND it’s a much better present than what I’ve got for her now.
    Oh, sure, Miz Harlot. Just be an enabler to all of our IT. I see how it is.

  117. Sure, yup, I’m there.
    I have 5 of 16 to go. It’s been that way a few days, but somehow I managed to find time to finish a pair of socks, knit most of another sock, dye some fiber… πŸ˜€ I haven’t added more gift knits to the list, but somehow I’m not as concerned about the passing days as maybe I could be.

  118. Fortunately, I started Christmas knitting in October. Unfortunately, I have a large family – and I’m the kind of knitter who seems compelled to knit things for people (even almost random strangers) that I know they’ll adore.
    Since mid-October, I’ve knitted – 6 pairs of Fibertrends felted clogs (all men’s sizes), 5 felted handbags, various patterns (two for my wee nieces), a scarf for my best friend in North Carolina, a felted handbag for the daughter of a co-worker, and a double-knitted hat for my boyfriend. I’ve still got one slipper to knit, the detailing on my mother’s handbag to finish, and the boyfriend hat to complete (it’s too small, currently). I also have to wrap and ship everything (PLEASE LET IT ARRIVE ON TIME WITHOUT COSTING ME $20/PACKAGE), and scour the apartment in anticipation of my inlaw-ish type people coming to visit for THREE WEEKS (they’re not staying in our apartment, thank ever-loving god).
    Despite the head start I gave myself, if I get crazy enough to knit for Christmas again, (lord, forfend) I’ll start in freakin’ July.

  119. I only committed to one gift this year – a neck warmer/heating pad thing for my father. It’s half-way done. Only another half a skein of Koigu left. We’re exchanging gifts on Saturday night; it’s Thursday night now, and I’m reading blogs instead of knitting or packing. No problem. I have plenty of time in the airport and on the plane, and once I get there, I don’t really need that much sleep. My biggest challenge will be that there is a brand new yarn shop in town.

  120. Well, I finished the 2 pair of socks that I have yet to mail to California. Then there are the mittens that I wanted to send to Oregon. I’ve decided that I don’t like that brand of cheap acrylic yarn (what WAS I thinking in August?) so I’m burying that project in the snowbank. When it is found in the spring, I will deny all knowledge of it, and blame it on one of the neighbors. No, the decision that I don’t like the yarn had *nothing* to do with the impending deadline and lack of finances to mail packages overnight for Christmas.

  121. The Xmas knitting in my life is looking more manageable. Two pairs of socks done. Third pair less than an inch from the toe decreases. That’s the end of my MANDATORY Xmas knitting. Then there are the socks (as many as I can get done) and the pair of demi-fingerless gloves that I want to do for #1 son before he leaves for the wastes of eastern Washington for college in January. Oh, then there is his high school graduation afghan that is 3/4 done and the baby sweater for my new grand-nephew that isn’t even started……OK, so maybe things aren’t looking so good……………..

  122. It is nice to know someone is catching up to their knitting. I now have 13 of my 33 mini-weasley’s knitted up. And it is the 15th. And I had to order more wool, which with luck will be here Monday. Can we say blinded by the Christmas lights?

  123. My friend, whose name I shall protect, was frantically trying to knit so many Christmas presents that her hands have swelled up and she can’t bend them. If you can still bend your hands, you are not only absolutely sane, but you can still physically finish every Christmas gift you have planned.

  124. I had a list of holiday knitting once. Then I realized that I was getting married the Saturday before Christmas. Now, if anyone still seriously expects me to make them golf club covers, socks, scarves, sweaters, or anything else, they can kiss my behind and buy their knitted items at Macy’s this year.
    I made myself a mohair and some other nice kind of yarn that I’m too tired to remember the name of shrug to wear with my dress. It is very pretty. And I’m tired, and why am I reading knitting blogs two nights before my wedding? I’m going to bed.

  125. I have promised my mother a shawl of “cranberry” colored wool. I purchased 4 lbs. of Colonial blend roving from Copper Moose and promptly begin spinning when it arrived about 2 weeks ago. My good friend is moving to our area and has settlement on his new house next week. He is staying with us until that time. His lovely dog felt compelled to maul my hand 2 days ago promptly putting an end to my spinning and knitting capabilities. It was partially my fault as the dog was cornered, in a strange place and I reached for her collar to get her out of the car. I knew better…I would have told my kids to NEVER do such a thing…but I did it anyway. I am quite disappointed that I cannot even relieve the stress I feel over not finishing my gift by spinning and knitting the stress away as a means to relax. My mom is the most understanding woman on this Earth so I know she won’t mind getting her shawl late…but it’s 20 degrees in Pennsylvania right now for goodness sake (65 degrees here in Florida today). I guess I’ll have to rely on wine and chocolate to get me through. Have a Happy Holiday!

  126. Wowzers! You are so ambitious! I recently(today) decided to take on two new projects, but these have to be finished in 4 days- they’re small, but still. I am such a masochist.
    What a spread of goodies there! Yum!
    My LYS has a cafe and they also sell wine and beer. That can definitely lead to stashing under the influence. They are at that’s my heaven!
    good luck with your projects!

  127. you’ve got to show us pictures of your finished gifts before you send them off! we’d love to see them.

  128. At the risk of heresy…
    I have two words for you ambitious last minute knitters. “Knitting machine”. They are amazing. I have two of them around here somewhere under the stash and behind the unspun roving and concealed by the many, many UFOs.
    You see, I am a process, not product, knitter, which means I love to knit but don’t care if I ever finish anything — which is why the machines are not in use. (I have two completed handknit merino baby sweaters that have been waiting for A MONTH for me to sew on the damn buttons… Shame on me!) But if you really must produce something, many somethings, in a relatively short amount of time, a knitting machine is a fabulous thing. You can still lay on hands when the pieces are done and put in all the prayers and love — not quite the same but you might get some sleep in December.
    My friend Sara showed me her glittery acrylic Addis the other day, and I almost confiscated them. She is a product knitter. She finishes many things. She does not need all the fun accessories and toys. Those are for people like me, who turn small fortunes in Koigu and Zara and Mountain Colors into house insulation.

  129. Well, the scarf for sis-in-law is now officially in the finished pile (though I devoutly hope that I didn’t skimp too much on weaving in that last yarn end). Fringe? She don’t need no stinkin’ fringe. … Well, maybe I’ll come up with one next week.
    After listening to the HarlotHelpline, I am feeling much better enabled. I think the girl will be getting fingerless gloves or gauntlets instead of gloves. And the boy’s birthday is in a mere two months, so maybe he won’t mind if his “lellow shocks” wait until then. That leaves the blanket and the bed doll. If I cast on the blanket now … using 19s … I can totally finish it in time, right? … Right?

  130. Let me see… A lace mohair scarf reaching completion tonight (I hope) for my sister. A second sock at the heel (of second pair!) for daughter. Felted Clogs: Second clog to knit plus one more pair.
    As I work at the post office full time I tend to buy all I need before Dec. hits (sounds organized doesn’t it!…Very misleading!!) although I’m behind on the baking thing I should be caught up this weekend. Then it is only knitting to be done: felting, blocking, drying and wrapping. Eeeeeks … lets hurry!!

  131. I have to make a pair of socks for the husband, a second wristwarmer for my mum and a pair of socks for my mum, a cardigan for my neice (started), sew some gloves for my SIL (knitted), gloves for my brother, hat for me.
    I also have RSI in my right hand so have had to stop knitting for the past 4 weeks (and counting) and forseeable future.
    so brother gets champagne flutes, mum gets book, neice has to shiver
    SIL might get hers as I knitted it in October. Oh yes, they are the gloves that brought on the RSI.
    On the upside, I won a knitting machine on ebay!

  132. I’m relieved to know there are so many others who are feverishly knitting away, day and night. Here’s my list: four scarves (one is nearly finished and I’ve started the next two).
    This means that I have to knit just over 700 grams of Four Play yarn in nine days (with 4mm needles). The yarn is absolutely gorgeous, but I’m still thinking of buying a digital scale.

  133. I’m actually hoping for a subway strike here so that I can stay home and knit and not feel guilty. “Well I had no way to get in, did I?”

  134. Christmas knitting, how many hours till Christmas? I have five things on the go, hopefully four of them will be done and wrapped up in time for Christmas. But I have started about making a matching pair of mittens to go with the cardigan (which technically has to be done by Jan6.) But it would be so nice to have a pair of mittens as a Christmas gift. Do I have crazy illusions? Why am I sitting here then reading blogs? Family also wants home made cookies – must use child labour for this! Steal another knitters child and he can supervise ones own child!

  135. Do I dare say … I finished my Christmas knitting back in August or September and am now working on my Christmas knitting for next year!!! Please don’t hate me!!!!!

  136. Oh, you’ll be fine! I thought I was doing pretty well (finishing second sock for brother’s girlfriend, have a second sock yet to do for MIL, but have a transatlantic flight this weekend), with all my other Christmas knitting done (mostly hats). Then yesterday I was SO transported with your description of the Trekker XXL yarn, I ordered some from eBay that I intend to knit into my first pair of socks for my husband. The dear man has been hinting at wanting something knitted for a long time, and I was able to put him off for awhile with the threat of the curse (in the interest of complete disclosure, I did tell him I thought it was limited to sweaters, but being the prudent fellow he is he decided to not accept any knitted item before marriage, just in case it was a further-reaching curse than I thought). However, that delay tactic only lasted until October, when we got married, and now he’s been angling for a pair of socks. It’s the least I can do, really … if I end up giving him one on Christmas, I’m sure he’ll understand (and gently remind me he needs a second one if he catches me knitting something for myself )

  137. This post was one of the best publicity you could have done for Lettuce Knit. You picture shows such a great amount of beautiful sock yarn that I HAVE to get some ASAP!!!
    For my Christmas knitting, this is coming along; no way I will be getting IT this year (or maybe that is stage 2 only….?). Nope, knitting if fine. Now, let’s just NOT talk about that thesis…

  138. Your Christmas rant made me laugh in my cubicle — hits very close to the bone. I love your writing and check in each day for a fix.
    A small plea to the wonderful knitters who visit — a request from another (non-knitting!) blogger who is trying to help a friend recently diagnosed with a rare, devastating disease. Andre is trying to get 1,000 messages of support by Christmas Eve for his dear friend Mark, a father of 3 and husband of a wonderful woman, who has contracted transverse myelitis, a horrendous neurological disease. You can post a note of encouragement from Andre’s site, Please take 90 seconds to click over and post a note — they need all the support they can get.

  139. Yay!! I am not the only one…I may come back to these comments often to help.
    I have 0/12 items done. Or, if I wanted to put a positive spin on it nearly 2/14. Plus one of the 12 actually started. I have convinced myself that I can do it, 2 items a day? No problem!!! ‘Course one of those things is a pair of toe socks for the sis…

  140. Ms. Pearl-McPhee, it’s acually all your fault that I’m in almost as bad shape as you for Christmas knitting!
    See, I got bookbookbook 1 as a present, and spent a night I could have spent knitting reading it. And then I spent the next four lunch-hours I could have been knitting reading the archives of this blog here.
    And I’m sure you can guess what happened after reading 2 years of your knitting life in 4 days. That’s right, I started knitting socks. I managed to avoid it for so long, but now I sit here actually WEARING a pair of hand-knit socks, meanwhile I’ve completely rearranged my Christmas list because I NEED my entire family to know the glory of hand-knitted socks.
    I’m just so thankful I didn’t get the urge to spin the yarn myself, athough I suspect if I keep reading you, that’ll be next.
    At least when I’m sitting up watching the 12:30 rerun of King of the Hill with six bazillion socks to go, I’ll know I’m not alone.
    Happy Knitting,

  141. I finished the one thing I am knitting for a Christmas gift. Never mind that it was supposed to be a gift last year. I blocked it last night and got ready to mail. E-mailed my friend to get her father’s address since I think that is where she will be spending Christmas and discovered that she must have already left. I’m actually on time this year, but will still be late.

  142. Almost all my knit things had to either be mailed or given early. AND I’m going to make it. I have to finish up the scarf for my son’s SO and a hat for my other son and I’ll be done. I have been seriously hampered by the had-to-make scarf for myself. I forget the title of the book (happens when you have so many.) but it is made up of about 25 different colors in various configurations with I-cords hanging off it. I need to be finishing Christmas knitting, but I end up doing “just a little” on my scarf every day. This full time job to pay for yarn and cat food is really inteferring with my knitting life.

  143. I’ll share my dirty secrets and impossible goals ONLY if you give me bourbon. I have one child in mittens and two with cold hands. Two with Hats and one hopelessly unattainable baclava for #3, My dog is old and needs a sweater but if I don’t look down, i don’t notice him in the insane holiday, birthday for one child, birthday for that blur in the hall I think I’m married to (why does everyone run from me this time of year?) Ugh. I should drink more and dream less. Those little 2 for 1.00 mittens at Wallish world are looking tempting.

  144. OMG a Kindred Canadian Krazy!!! I am sooooo with you, I just cast on this “thing” yesterday that someone asked me to knit for them to give to a Secret Santa thing on that the 22nd??
    I think it is…I will get it done but I still have a shrug to finish for DD, a smaller one yet to be cast on for GD, 1/2 a back and 2 fronts to finish on a man’s size 42 vest knit out of Elizabeth Lavolds silk and wool stuff which means it ain’t chunky..and oh yes a pr of fingerless gloves….so KNIT ON KINDRED CANADIAN KRAZY!! it makes my heart warm to know there are others…
    and yes I scare my friends too..seriously.scare.them

  145. Ok here’s the list:
    three scarf, hat and mitten sets- One completely done, one that just needs the cute little earflaps sewn on and one that is yarn. Two scarves – one cabled scarf that is 5 inches from completion and one double knit scarf that is taking forever and is about 24 inches from completion. This is a small Christmas list due to the fact that I have a mountain of knitting for babies that needs to begin in January. Two due in January, one due in March, one in April and three in May.

  146. Hmm. Well. I have on my plate at the moment:
    two baby sweaters (for the same kid. I couldn’t choose between patterns, and in a moment of weakness thought “what the heck! these are tiny!” and the second one is way more Christmas-y than the first). The first sweater is all done, minus 1 sleeve, button band and seaming. The second is yarn.
    one of the baby sweaters has a matching hat. Yarn!
    kureyon armwarmers, for sister of sister-in-law, whose birthday is Christmas. 1.5″ of one done. If I have time (hah!!) I’ll knit a second pair from the leftovers for sister-in-law.
    felted accessory bag, knit from leftovers (soo virtous!) knit, fulled, just needs a zipper.
    1 chunky scarf – still yarn
    socks – 4″ of cuff knit, marinating in bag
    a whack of mini-sweaters or mini-mittens, to be used as gift tags and ornaments. Three done.
    and a paper to write. By tomorrow! My errands yesterday were 1) yarn store, 2) library, 3) grocery store for coffee and things that can be eaten from the can or box.

  147. My goal is to have 20 some odd knitted flower pins done for my yarn group’s party tonight. I currently have 8 done. Party’s at 6 & I get home @ 3:45, so who’s worrying…of course, i still have to add the button center’s & attach the pin backs on those i’ve already made…but who’s worried? =(

  148. Fa la la la lah, la la la land-ho me hearties! Thar taint a tightly wrapped skein amoungst the lot o’ ye, but sail onward, knitterly scalliwogs, for we all be followin’ in the peg-legsteps of the masterful Cap’n Harlot. Pass the ‘nog, cabin boy!

  149. I’ve told my little sister I’d knit her a sweater for Christmas, because she was so disconsolate over not being able to afford any of the sweaters at the Finger Lakes Fibre Arts Festival. Well, I picked Sonnet from Knitty, got about halfway through the first piece, screwed up because I was looking at the wrong pattern page, decided I hated the yarn anyway…and I think the sweater might have to be a birthday present, because I also have to knit a Feathers McGraw for my best friend and a circle pillow for my mom. And also finish the cabled slippers for my aunt.

  150. Two pairs of socks – One pair Opal first sock at toe decrease, other pair Jaywalkers 2″ from toe decrease on second sock. one pair of yoga socks – still yarn, one pair 4ply fingerless gloves – still yarn. Sorry got to stop typing and keep knitting!

  151. Steph, I just started knitting this year (and spinning. God what was I thinking) and I have began to feel the bite of “IT”. I still have a pair of seed stitch and cable booties to make and a scarf for my daughter’s teacher. No big deal I’m sure except that I couldn’t find just the right yarn for the scarf. It is now drying in my foyer. It may be ready tomorrow. Good luck girl and thanks for the laughs.:)

  152. Here’s my problem–I was knitting down to the wire on a fabulous pair of Koigu socks that had to be in CA by next Wednesday–and I ran out of yarn! With a teeny tiny but nonetheless critical area (the heel) to go! And I don’t live within a 3 hour drive of a decent yarn store, so it’s off to mail order I go—alas.
    My husband said, “Next time, buy more yarn!” Now there’s a thought!

  153. I’m into triage, though I’ll have to admit to knitting doll sweaters if I explain. This is my first year of knitting so I chose fairly modest projects.
    Ribbed scarf for my brother – done.
    The purple aran doll sweater for a granddaughter in town needs the ends woven in.
    The hot pink aran doll sweater for an out of town granddaughter who won’t be here until the 28th when we will open presents(2 and a half inches on the needles).
    And finally my first attempt at lace, an alpaca scarf for my Mother needs several of it’s 8 inches ripped out. Her birthday is in early February and she’ll have to wait until then.

  154. You must be Wonder Woman or Mrs. Clause, to get all of those things done, having wrote a second book, writing the blog, reading the comments, raising daughters and a husband, or Bewitched maybe you just wiggle your nose and the needles knit all by them selves. Just how fast do you knit anyway?

  155. I’m with Tammy S. wondering how fast those knitting needles fly when you’re in deadline mode?
    I’m in the same sad hopeless case of piling on too many Christmas/Newborn Shower projects. I’m a weaver and needlework addict, not really a true knitter….yet. And I compulsively start building furniture and picking up projects this time of year. In the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, I’m planning to BUILD my brother and his wife a set of baby furniture to match their very expensive maple cribs. Two chests of drawers, one highboy and one low long chest to hold a baby changing pad on top. Haven’t even bought the wood yet. Haven’t actually finished sketching the cut plan for the furniture. (The twins are due any minute now…)
    And did I mention that I also am planning to build a display case for my mother-in-law’s collection of small model houses? For Christmas? And my husband’s shot glass collection? For Christmas?
    Oh….only 8 days left. Hmmm.

  156. OK…
    One pair socks for college aged daughter – done!
    One pair red and green (and green and red) Harry Potter socks for 9 year old…done!
    One Weasly sweater needs only 7/8ths of a sleeve and collar!
    One pair of socks will be on the needles tomorrow if the operating room leaves me the heck alone!
    A hat for my husband, pattern found at the last minute, was finished this morning!
    I might actually make it!
    Unless I go to the yarn store…..:)

  157. Oooooooooooh, is there a place to get the pattern for that scarf? And find out what yummilicious yarn you picked. I am seriously envious.
    I’m also wondering if I could post your internal conversation about the Songs around the world program on my blog… or at LEAST a link? Let me know, OK.
    The separation between church and state is SERIOUSLY @#$%’d up here in Texas.
    (I’m waiting to see if I can type Texas yet on your server…. hee hee hee.)
    Best wishes.

  158. Don’t know where my post went… hmmmm and I haven’t even been in the nog tonight.
    1. Is there a pattern available for yummilicious shawl/scarf? It looks like it has the yarn-over pattern from hell that dogged me the summer before last… but in YOUR yarn and needle size, I might be persuaded to try again.
    2. May I copy (or at least link) to your inner dialog/rant about Winter Songs? The wall of separation between church and state is seriously compromised here in Texas… I don’t know if I can write Texas on this blog…. (hmmm maybe that’s why my post didn’t post. )
    Best wishes and good health.

  159. Don’t know where my post went… hmmmm and I haven’t even been in the nog tonight. THIRD attempt. Grrr. I’m getting cranky. I’m going to remove the offensive Te*as word this time.
    1. Is there a pattern available for yummilicious shawl/scarf? It looks like it has the yarn-over pattern from hell that dogged me the summer before last… but in YOUR yarn and needle size, I might be persuaded to try again.
    2. May I copy (or at least link) to your inner dialog/rant about Winter Songs? The wall of separation between church and state is seriously compromised here in Te*as… I don’t know if I can write Te*as on this blog…. (hmmm maybe that’s why my post didn’t post. )
    Best wishes and good health.

  160. That shawl — ist’s glorious! If I knew what the yarn and pattern was, I know what I’d be trying to make for my SIL … for the party tonight.
    DH beat sense into me last night and we bought her some lovely wine… but that shawl…
    And I’m really not going to try to add a baby sweater to today’s knitting. Really. Just ’cause the baby’s due this week and I’ll be seeing it’s mom tonight and am behind as all getout…
    That’s be nuts… right?

  161. Dear Ms. Harlot —
    If you do end up capturing all those wonderful folks who finished their knitting in advance, can you send me Margaret of Nova Scotia up there? She seems to have finished hers the earliest, and I could use an extra pair of (knitting) hands while I’m trying to write this book.
    Thank you,
    Eliza M in Omaha, NE

  162. I’m finishing my dad’s cables-and-lace alpaca seaman’s scarf (weaving in ends and blocking) tonight. Then my only other project to get done is a hemp-yarn kippah for my vegan Jewish friend for Hannukah. Seriously. πŸ™‚ (This plays right into your 12/16 post. How timely!)

  163. Almost done: sweater, scarf. Not started yet: socks, felted pin thingie, bag, dinosaur, kitty, and a wombat. I wish I didn’t just write it all down in list form. It looked so much better when it was jumbled in my head.

  164. Pair of socks a friend ordered for her BIL- size 13, homespun. First sock, 1/3 done, will need to spin more for 2nd sock.
    Lace baby blanket my Mom wants to give a friend who just had baby. 1/3 done.
    Hooded camouflage sweater for new 10-year old nephew. Camouflage- ewwww yuck. But I did find camo yarn. Still yarn. Still need to write pattern. But it is swatched.
    Oh, and a brushed mohair sweater for myself. I know, but I want it, I’ve never kept anything except for a few socks. It’s light as a feather and the yarn is oh-so-beautiful (#$%% Kid Hollow Farm)
    So why am I reading this???? WHY am I writing this????????

  165. Mission accomplished. I was making a tube-filled-with-rice-neck-warmer-heating-pad-thing for my father. We exchanged gifts yesterday, and the plan was to eat dinner then open presents. I went to a movie early in the afternoon and knit throughout, making only one mistake that had to be fixed. I continued to work on it when we got home. I was pouring the rice in when “supper’s ready” was called. After we finished eating, I excused myself saying “I have to wrap one more gift.” I finished dumping the rice in, tied it up and wrapped it, without any question of “what’s taking so long?” from my impatient siblings. I finished in true Harlot style, at the very last minute.

  166. Hey Harlot! Have a great holiday and thanks for a year full of laughs. I’ve given three copies of your book so far to ladies going through some really rough times. I hope in turn we readers have sent some joy your way.
    As for the new year – Do not underestimate the power of laughter OR yarn!

  167. I’m definitely the worst Christmas scenario — I have to finish a scarf. A simple, bulky yarn scarf that promises to “knit up quick!” — if you actually know how to knit. I only learned a mere few weeks ago but my rustiness still has me knitting 7 rows perfectly in about 2 hours and then having to rip it all completely apart because I screwed up somewhere and am as yet too daft to figure out how to get my needles back into stitches when I go backwards. My mother might just get a cd.

  168. I have to say that I am seriously relating to your panic. I have almost one of two fingerless gloves done but since I will not see that person until after 12/26 I have put it in the back burner. I have the felted backpack drying so I hope I can sew it all together tonight as it needs to be sent to California. We’ll see about that present being timely.
    I started some leg warmers the other day out of odds and ends and have about one quarter of the first one done. Of course I had no business starting them but…… Let’s see I am almost to the heels on the silk socks and am doing 2 on one round needle so they should be quicker, right? Um the fiber for a felted hat is sitting there ready to be spun so I guess that is worse than still being yarn.—sigh
    Meanwhile my DH who is a spinner extraordinaire plus is a great cabinetmaker but does not knit so makes wooden presents is plying up some yarn that is 25% silk, 25% alpaca, 25% camel and 25% superfine merino. So after I ooohed and ahhed over it he wanted to know would I knt a vest for him with the stuff? Like why not? So now what I really want to do is knit that vest. Only it has no deadline but will be sooooo glorious to feel going through my fingers and watching the light play on the fibers. sigh
    Ok get all those peresents done ASAP so I can goose him into finishing the yarn for his vest.

  169. I have to say that I am seriously relating to your panic. I have almost one of two fingerless gloves done but since I will not see that person until after 12/26 I have put it in the back burner. I have the felted backpack drying so I hope I can sew it all together tonight as it needs to be sent to California. We’ll see about that present being timely.
    I started some leg warmers the other day out of odds and ends and have about one quarter of the first one done. Of course I had no business starting them but…… Let’s see I am almost to the heels on the silk socks and am doing 2 on one round needle so they should be quicker, right? Um the fiber for a felted hat is sitting there ready to be spun so I guess that is worse than still being yarn.—sigh
    Meanwhile my DH who is a spinner extraordinaire plus is a great cabinetmaker but does not knit so makes wooden presents is plying up some yarn that is 25% silk, 25% alpaca, 25% camel and 25% superfine merino. So after I ooohed and ahhed over it he wanted to know would I knt a vest for him with the stuff? Like why not? So now what I really want to do is knit that vest. Only it has no deadline but will be sooooo glorious to feel going through my fingers and watching the light play on the fibers. sigh
    Ok get all those peresents done ASAP so I can goose him into finishing the yarn for his vest.

  170. Me! MeMeMeME!
    Mom’s hat: 2/3rds done
    Dad’s scarf: done
    Sister’s scarf: what scarf? Oh, you mean that dishcloth thing? Hmmm. Maybe I’ll make it into a purse. Or maybe a hot-water-bottle-cozy. Or maybe a pillow.
    Brother’s Something: what something?
    Sister’s boyfriend’s socks: Yarn. One of two possible sock yarns sitting in stash.
    Brother’s wife’s something: what thing?
    Daughter 1’s socks: Done (and worn a couple of times, too)
    Daughter 1’s Wild Stripes: Done
    Daughter 2’s socks: Done (and worn)
    Daughter 2’s Wild Stripes: You have GOT to be kidding me.
    And don’t even get me started on gifts for my in-laws. And, oh yeah, there IS that guy to whom I’m married; I wonder if he’d like anything?
    But you know what? It’s all good. I have a loving, forgiving family who will understand if they don’t get any presents until after Christmas.

  171. I knitted my Mom socks during my commute in November, and then I (**oops**) started a sweater for me in early Dec., then I realized what an idiot I was being and started socks for my Dad on like… Dec. 9th. I am about 3 inches away from turning the 2nd heel. I WILL FINISH!
    They’re such cool socks, though. He has faithfully read all the Harry Potter books, and told me he wants to be “Gary Potter” when he grows up, so I thought he deserved some Gryffindor themed socks (the leg part mimics the house scarves, the heel is gold, the foot is burgandy, and the toe is gold).

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