Service disruption

I’m completely at the end of it. There was an explosion on our social calendar this year (I assure you, that would be Joe, not me. If these were my parties there would be more knitters.) I’ve eaten so much cheese (you can’t have a party without a cheese tray.) that it makes me a little queasy if you say “brie” within my hearing range.

I’m done. I’m ready to sit in my house with Mr. Washie (how I’ve missed him) get the gingerbread icing off the underside of the kitchen cupboards (young person with a piping bag and too much enthusiasm.) drink the coffee Lu sent me (thanks Lu!) and throw myself onto the chesterfield with some knitting and pretend I am alone in the universe so that I stop answering questions with tears. So far, since the girls are off school until the 10th (sorry…did anybody else feel dizzy there?) I’m having a hard time getting that restorative alone time. I’m thinking about putting this sign on my forehead:

Your mother needs a break. We estimate that this service disruption will take only 2-3 hours. Before you interrupt your mothers attempt to restore her sanity and will to interact, please ask yourself the questions below.

1. Are you about to make a request that your mother has said No to nine hundred times before? If so, you may assume that the answer is still no and be on your way.

2. Have you asked another parent and been told no? If so, please assume this parents answer will be the same.

3. Are you bleeding or on fire? Is your sister? If you cannot produce a flaming/bleeding self or sibling, please go play Cranium until Mummy speaks to you.

4. Are you here not to ask a question, but to report an offense by another child, parent or pet? This is not urgent. I am absolutely certain that your sister will still be bugging you, Joe will be misunderstanding you, and that your lip gloss will still be the wrong shade of pink in two hours. Please wait.

Thank you for your concern. This service disruption should be brief.

I have bribed the girls by finishing their Christmas stuff (which means that it is all fininished a record nine days after the date)

Meg’s mitts and hat….


Done. (Fleece Artist Favourite mittens kit, my own pattern.)

Sam’s hat and scarf


Random stuff from the stash, including Colinette skye that Margaret R. gave to me ages ago, Patons classic merino and Galway. The scarf was 240 stitches knit side to side, leaving ends hanging for fringe. (I’ll have to get a picture on Sam)

The shawl is finished too…


but you’ll have to wait for a picture of the whole thing. I don’t want to spoil the surprise for the recipient. I’ll post the pattern then too. (I cannot wait to get that huge tree out of my living room. It’s in my wheel’s spot. I can’t wait to get to the wheel. Wait until you see what That Laurie sent me. I love her.)

For now, I’ve dug this out of the stash,


and I’m getting a pattern, a cup of coffee, printing the sign out and embarking on the first project of 2006. Service should resume shortly. Keep your expectations low.