Two years of Yarn Harlot

Yes indeed, it’s my blogiversary and I couldn’t be prouder.

I started this blog 2 years ago today, and had no idea what kind of ride I was in for. I got to thinking today about the nature of blogging, of hanging even some small part of yourself out there and taking people into your life, even on the edges…about the risk of asking people to join you in your world. Whenever you post, whenever you write something, attach some pictures and hit “send” on the software, it’s a risk. You’re inviting comment. You’re asking for opinion…and you get it. It’s a decision to involve a community in your daily life (or at least the aspects you choose to share) and the risk is, that for better or worse, this is the internet and it is a public space. Anyone who wants to can tell you what they think of your life and the way that you live it. Some people say that they write their blogs for themselves, that they would write anyway, even if nobody read it.

Not me. I do it because two years ago I felt a little bit on the outside. I was the only person I knew who knit for their soul, the only person I knew who took bottomless joy out of wool and yarn and needles and making something out of it. I was the only person I knew who found that knitting simply made them happy, more patient, more engaged, more interested, and that for better or worse (for crazy or sane) knitting was not just a hobby, but an element of my personality. Now, 2 years later…I really, really don’t feel alone.

I do this so I can know you guys. So I can be part of a community that doesn’t have countries or borders or …all of the stuff that holds us back from just getting to know other knitters. I read and love every comment ever left here, I’ve been privileged and lucky to meet many of you, and not a day goes by that I don’t give the fact that blogging changed my life for the better a little think and a grateful nod.

Tricoteuses Sans Frontiers/Knitters Without Borders is, without a doubt the best thing to ever come of this blog. Ever. Check the total in the sidebar. See it? More than $100 000 to provide medical care to people living with challenges and assaults to human decency that most of us can’t imagine. MSF serves those no one else will, and this year it was easier for them because of knitters. (I’m telling you, people seriously underestimate knitters. We are a force to be reckoned with.)

I spent the weekend not just entering olympic knitters, (I’m getting there. Your continued patience is appreciated) but entering the remaining TSF/KWB donations and every person who made a donation is now on the list.

Therefore, without further ado, (and with a great deal of separation anxiety)…I’m giving away the mittens to one of the 903 knitters on that list.


These beauties, knit by me (and not without difficulty, let me tell you) are going to live with….

(drumroll here…… selected by random number generator)


Congratulations Stacey. Wear them in good health and with my best wishes.

For the rest of the week I’ll be giving out more gifts, celebrating all knitters and good things wrought by the blogosphere, and because Knitters Without Borders continues to be the best idea I ever had (and because I clearly enjoy the ticket to crazytown)


I’m knitting more mittens to give away.

Thanks for every moment of the last year. I am grateful to you all.