What kind of parade is that?

I was figuring that today I would impress you with any number of finished things. It was going to be a virtual parade of wonderful item after item…lovely thing upon thing, beautiful finished knitting flowing freely through the blog. Clearly, I forgot who I am.

I was going to show you a finished baby sweater:


but I lost the buttons I was supposed to sew on.

I was going to show you a finished scarf:


but there’s a mistake and I have to rip it back. See it? No, of course you don’t. That’s what happened to me. You can’t spot the misplaced stitches while lace is shriveled like that. It’s infuriating.

(Before you all ask again, it’s whisper scarf #1, in Cherry tree hill Suri lace, in colourway “Green mountain madness”. ) This pattern is not difficult, though there is no going nighty-night while you do it. Each row needs your attention. I made the mistake of attempting to watch “The Cave” while I was knitting it. (The first mistake was picking that movie. Not so much with the intrigue, that one.) Looking up to see who was getting eaten by what (in a predictable way, naturally) has left me with a misplaced series of yarn overs and a desire to gnaw this Orenburg style lacework into little ramen bits with my pointy teeth. On the upside… you can see in that picture that the spinning wheel is back in it’s spot. Tree out, wheel in. Peace restored.

The worst though, the biggest hit was finishing this:


Teva Durhams leaf lace sweater. A good, easy, quick knit.

No problem, as long as you have a pretty good idea about the size you are.


Which I do not. Apparently I have shoulders where this sweater does not.

Let’s try the parade again tomorrow, Shall we?

Finally, a nice thing. Apparently (I have got to get around the blogs a little more when the kids are home.) I have won in “The Knibbies” hosted by Queerjoe.

Many thanks to those who nominated and voted for me. Very flattering. Best New blog went to See Eunny Knit (which is a very good new blog), and best tech blog (how disturbing, considering the above entry, would it have been if I won that one?) went to the incomparable Jaywalking Queen Grumperina. She deserves it just for that. I’m probably the only blogger who hasn’t Jaywalked. I’m starting to feel it.