Raving incompetent

So I survived, and I woke up this morning (largely cat free sleep, due to the many helpful suggestions, thank you!) and was surprised at the change that a nice sleep, sympathetic friends and a walk in the park can make. I was so happy with my day that when I got an email from Lisa A. ever so gently and kindly pointing out that she had noticed a wee little error in my photo of the Tinks sweater from yesterday….


that I actually felt genuine gratefulness to her for pointing it out. (Good reason to blog #45) Sharp eye on that girl. I was taking a picture of the mistake to show to you all, when I noticed something that Lisa had not…


Damn. (Should I be concerned that I apparently can’t spot knitting errors with my own eyes, but only when they are photographed for the blog?) Crap. I thought, I’ll have to fix that. I was doubly grateful to Lisa. I spread the work out to photograph it again, took the image into photoshop to resize it and….oh dear.


This made me a little woozy, but darn it, I’m pretty good at fixing mistakes (what with making so many), so while I was practically ready to run away to Belize I was prepared to fix them. I turned the work over to photograph the steek….


H. E. Double hockey sticks. I am a twit.

Nevermind, nevermind. Just fix it and move on.


I laddered the stitches on the offending row down…


corrected the error, and laddered it back up. Good for me. I repeated this process until I was error free (an entire evening with no perceptible progress.) Then, now that I was out of my mind happy with my work, I poured myself a celebratory glass of wine…and retired. (I’m not completely stupid. Wine AFTER repairs.)

I congratulated myself again this morning, fondled the sweater and felt really good about being the sort of knitter who would really invest in a project like that, spread it out for a picture, imported the picture to photoshop….


and saw this.


There are no words. Pass the crochet hook…and the wine.