Pass the confetti

I’m almost afraid to say it, lest I be punished for being encouraged,

but things are looking up.


Buttons are found.


I’m completely charmed by this wee sweater. I’m also pretty impressed with how much good buttons can make a piece. (The stars also have the advantage of being a little “grippy” to keep the buttons from sliding back through my slightly shoddy buttonholes.) With ordinary buttons this sweater would be cute, but with the little stars it impresses me.

The Whisper scarf is done. The magic of blocking is never going to get old. I can tell.






After..oh, after.




I love this. There were some questions in the comments yesterday about the Cherry Tree Hill Suri Lace. Some knitters had found that the colour was somewhat fugitive, bleeding into the blocking water and onto needles and such. I had my suspicions about it, since when I was winding the yarn I noticed a blue dye stain on my fingers, but there was no dye transfer during the knitting, and the water was completely clear during blocking. (I even used warm water to encourage any unfixed dye to bleed.) Nothing. This yarn seems completely fast to me and I’d use it again. I don’t know that I’d use it for a really big project, since it costs the earth and it’s still against the law to sell one of your kids for yarn money, but for small projects…you can sign me up. I did one extra repeat on the scarf and still had tons left over, easily enough to make it even longer than it is. (It’s 49 X 14 inches.) I even got over my issues with variegated lace, since I think that this yarn is so subtle it doesn’t obscure the lace work. Overall, I’m thrilled, and floating it around the house like fragile wings is a darned good time.

Can I have the parade now?