Two years of Yarn Harlot

Yes indeed, it’s my blogiversary and I couldn’t be prouder.

I started this blog 2 years ago today, and had no idea what kind of ride I was in for. I got to thinking today about the nature of blogging, of hanging even some small part of yourself out there and taking people into your life, even on the edges…about the risk of asking people to join you in your world. Whenever you post, whenever you write something, attach some pictures and hit “send” on the software, it’s a risk. You’re inviting comment. You’re asking for opinion…and you get it. It’s a decision to involve a community in your daily life (or at least the aspects you choose to share) and the risk is, that for better or worse, this is the internet and it is a public space. Anyone who wants to can tell you what they think of your life and the way that you live it. Some people say that they write their blogs for themselves, that they would write anyway, even if nobody read it.

Not me. I do it because two years ago I felt a little bit on the outside. I was the only person I knew who knit for their soul, the only person I knew who took bottomless joy out of wool and yarn and needles and making something out of it. I was the only person I knew who found that knitting simply made them happy, more patient, more engaged, more interested, and that for better or worse (for crazy or sane) knitting was not just a hobby, but an element of my personality. Now, 2 years later…I really, really don’t feel alone.

I do this so I can know you guys. So I can be part of a community that doesn’t have countries or borders or …all of the stuff that holds us back from just getting to know other knitters. I read and love every comment ever left here, I’ve been privileged and lucky to meet many of you, and not a day goes by that I don’t give the fact that blogging changed my life for the better a little think and a grateful nod.

Tricoteuses Sans Frontiers/Knitters Without Borders is, without a doubt the best thing to ever come of this blog. Ever. Check the total in the sidebar. See it? More than $100 000 to provide medical care to people living with challenges and assaults to human decency that most of us can’t imagine. MSF serves those no one else will, and this year it was easier for them because of knitters. (I’m telling you, people seriously underestimate knitters. We are a force to be reckoned with.)

I spent the weekend not just entering olympic knitters, (I’m getting there. Your continued patience is appreciated) but entering the remaining TSF/KWB donations and every person who made a donation is now on the list.

Therefore, without further ado, (and with a great deal of separation anxiety)…I’m giving away the mittens to one of the 903 knitters on that list.


These beauties, knit by me (and not without difficulty, let me tell you) are going to live with….

(drumroll here…… selected by random number generator)


Congratulations Stacey. Wear them in good health and with my best wishes.

For the rest of the week I’ll be giving out more gifts, celebrating all knitters and good things wrought by the blogosphere, and because Knitters Without Borders continues to be the best idea I ever had (and because I clearly enjoy the ticket to crazytown)


I’m knitting more mittens to give away.

Thanks for every moment of the last year. I am grateful to you all.

418 thoughts on “Two years of Yarn Harlot

  1. Thank you for welcoming us into the wild ride that is your life. You are a bright shining part of my day!

  2. Congrats Stephanie!!!! Not only do I enjoy your blog (the only blog I ready regularly), but I have absolutely enjoyed both of your books and can’t wait for the third volume to come out!! Long live the Harlot and this blog!!!!
    Congratulations again, you make it worth it!
    Knit on Dudette!

  3. Happy bloggiversary Stephanie! You have no idea of how many of us you have touched with your wit, humour and the goodness of your heart.
    I wish you happiness, and many more blogging years. πŸ™‚

  4. And thank YOU!
    Through laughter and sorrow, I really love your blog. You’re a true inspiration.
    Have a great blogiversary day!

  5. Congrats, Steph, and thank you so much for the joy you have brought to knitters around the world. I so enjoy your stories and knitting adventures. The way you look at yourself is charming and heartwarming.
    Now my question is, how many hours a day do you knit? You always have some new project to show us. I don’t work and I am lucky to get in one fourth the knitting you seem to do.

  6. Thanks for taking those risks! It’s been great getting to know you through your funny, generous, and instructive commentary on knitting and life. Congratulations on a great two years!

  7. Please know that the joy you bring into our daily and often mundane lives is worth every minute that you spend sharing your life with us. You are loved and appreciated in my little corner of the knitterly community. Congrats and keep on bloggin’ girlfriend.

  8. I need to change my entry for the Olympics. I remembered that the reason I had never started that poncho is that my local yarn shop owner had never heard of the yarn, couldn’t find anything like it, couldn’t find a yarn that would make the same effect and I can’t afford to order the yarn from the website where I got the pattern. So can I change my entry to a garter for my friend getting married? I’m going to create my own pattern and figure out how to put her wedding date in it, so that will be a challenge for me. Thank you! Happy Blogiversary!

  9. Thanks for taking your valuable knitting/spinning/blocking/steeking time to tell us about your knitting problems and adventures. It’s part of my daily routine to read your post and it’s always fun to add an extra laugh or smile to your day. Thanks Stephanie!

  10. Happy Anniversary! I just started my own blog this year, in part because of blogs like yours and also because I too have the desire to reach out to the knitting community at large. Though I may never achieve the number of comments you receive everyday and often suspect that I’m writing it for me more than anything else, I’ll write whenever I can. I hope that will too!

  11. happy blogiversary! i’ve been lurking for awhile now and just want to thank you for both the inspiration and amusement every day.

  12. Thank You, Stephanie. You have touched all of us. You’ve made us laugh, cry, sob, giggle and everything in between. (I am also sure that many computer manufacturer’s thank you for causing so much coffee to be spit all over keyboards during said laughter and tears.)
    Here’s to many more years.

  13. Congratulations! You’ve put smiles on many faces and touched lots of lives. Hope you keep it up for a long time to come.

  14. It’s been a pleasure to read your blog. More than that, it’s been inspirational in many, many ways — funny, but I don’t think the knitting is #1 on the list.

  15. No… thank you.
    I’m one of the lucky ones – I’ve met you, shared dinner with you, spent time with you. (Almost, sort of stalked you, but we don’t need to get into that…)
    I own your books, read and re-read your books, and have had the new one on order for months (can you light a fire under the publishers? Please?)
    You are the one who (without knowing) made me try lace, and thanks to that, I now can’t stop – (hello? Florence scarf in 16 days???)
    Through you, I have discovered other knitting blogs, and spend far too much time during the day reading them. I wouldn’t change it for the world.
    Has it really only been two years?
    Way to go, dude.

  16. You inspired we to “re-up” with Knitters Without Borders. $25.00 US. I can live without, well, lots. Blog on sistah!

  17. Happy Anniversary, Stephanie.
    Thank you for sharing your life and your passion with us. The world is a little smaller, saner and just plain nicer knowing that there are so many knitters around.

  18. *sniffle sniffle* Thank you for putting yourself out there- you’ve shared some incredible pieces of yourself- you brighten my day- even the times when you bring tears to my eyes. *sniffle*

  19. I found your blog about a year ago and I have enjoyed it so much. You are a far better knitter than I will probably ever be but you make it all seem possible. Your blog is such a source of inspiration on so many levels. Thanks Stephanie!

  20. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your blog (and life) has made an indelible (sp?) imprint on my life, and I’m extremely grateful that you put it all out there. Congratulations and thank you (one more time).
    BTW, I love the color combinations of the soon-to-be mittens.

  21. Stephanie – I just truly enjoy every word you write – in the books and articles, and on your blog – I check in with daily and hope to someday meet you. Thank you for all the efforts you take to keep this all up.

  22. Two years? That seems both so long and yet so short — I remember when you first started blogging — and now look at this! Wow.
    Happy blogoversary to you, and congrats for being the core around which this community definitely orbits.
    *hoists a glass of screech*

  23. Happy Anniversary, Steph. Your thoughts about the public-ness of blogging couldn’t be more timely. I had a negative incident last week (my first in a year of blogging) and it was hard to not take it personally. And I blog for what you said — to meet other knitters. I’m off to make another donation to MSF in honor of your anniversary.

  24. Oh, no, thank YOU.
    Your blog is such an institution in the knitting world, it’s hard to believe that it’s only 2 years old. Clearly you’ve been an inspiration to many.
    As for me, I write because I blog. I’ve always benefited from journaling, but I’m not so good at keeping it up. blogging, aka journaling-out-loud, isn’t quite as soul searching – or let’s face it – as honest as a private journal, but it keeps me motivated to refelect upon and chronicle some aspects of my life.
    Thanks for the bits of you that you share with us. It enriches my life.

  25. You are an inspiration and a comfort to knitters everywhere. I can’t tell you how often you have added some lightness to my days over the past two years.
    And my husband asked me who I think I’m blogging to…
    Kindred souls, obviously.
    Thanks for helping me to understand the power of internet community.

  26. You are really inspiring. I mean, I’m a 17-yr old beginner, and because of your blog I’ve started to dye yarn and knit socks. If you asked me a few months ago whether I’d be able to handle DPN’s, I would have laughed. And now I’m knitting with them.
    Although, of course, at least three times in the last twenty four hours I’ve started to knit with just three needles, dropping my fourth needle somewhere, and then realizing that all my stitches are on two needles. Or like last night, while watching Desperate Housewives, that I had absentmindedly pulled out one of my needles, leaving a row of stitches that I could not pick back up for the life of me.
    Happy 2 years!

  27. Congratulations on two years of blogging. Your blog makes me feel as if I belong to a knitting community too, a really cool and funny one.
    PS: thanks for the meringue story

  28. Those are the most gor-gee-us mittens! Stacey is very lucky! We love you, Stephanie, thank you for sharing whatever part of you that you can share with us. Happy Blogversary!

  29. Happy Day to you! Congratulations. On Saturday doing my LKS visit I bought a copy of Interweave 2003 and there was the Yarn Harlot – last page. Mentioned your boooooks to the salesperson in the knitting store and she just happened to be reading book #1. So add another fan to your legends. I will be knitting my first intarsia sock for the Knitting Olympics from that magazine. Looky what you started – keep up the sharing!Those of us blogless lurkers love reading and posting…..

  30. Thank you so much for welcoming us into your lives. I love reading your blog and your books, and I know I’m in a wonderfully big clud saying that.

  31. Happy Anniversary, Steph. your non-stop energy amazes me. Thank you for many hours of great entertainment and for letting me in this way be a part of your daily life.
    Lene smacked me into joining the olympic knitters and I will commit to a pair of slouch socks, so please count me in.

  32. Happy blogiversary, Stephanie! And you are the one who inspired me to start my blog, at your book signing in Chicago! I agree with the commenter above who said “I write because I blog”. I love that the blog has given me an excuse to document my life, and an entryway to this amazing online community. What a sense of belonging and camaraderie. I love it!

  33. Thank you for the reminder that I am not the only knitter out there, and that our community spans the globe. Yours is one of the first blogs I started reading, and it has kept me entertained for quite awhile. Oh, and my husband thinks that I, and all my Olympic Knitting friends are nuts…in a good way. He was somehow not surprised!

  34. I just wanted to say Congratulations and Thank You! Thanks for doing this… I found you’re blog a couple weeks ago and have been reading the whole thing. I got your books and read them too. You’ve inspired me to learn to knit (right now I’m in the process of teaching myself)… Thanks!

  35. Happy Blogiversary!! Is it paper or yarn for the 2nd? πŸ˜‰ Thanks for allowing us into part of your life. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, and after two years of blog and two books, I look forward to reading you every day.

  36. Your passion for our craft and the articualtion of the feelings it causes have helped to expand my deefintion of being a knitter and what I can do. Thanks to you.

  37. Thank you for a wonderful two years! I hope you know just how much we, both indiviually and as a community, love your humor, insight, and sensitivity. And your amazing productivity leaves so many of us in awe. You are a treasure!

  38. Congratulations! Happy Blogiversary! And you know what? Put Harlot in google now and YOU ARE #1! The first in the line! Compare your view to the ones behind you! Go Knitters!

  39. Happy second blogiversary! Hearing about your book (and then reading it) got me addicted to numerous knitblogs during my maternity leave even before my ability to count (and thus knit) returned.

  40. You are the best. Just a few years ago I decided to pick up some needles and yarn and teach myself to knit. Boy, I am ever glad I did. Finding your blog is one of the best things that have ever happened to me. I know you can understand how a complete stranger can become a friend, giving support and encouragement, and of course laughter-lots of laughter, all the while inspiring me to be a better knitter. It has become more than that, and in fact you inspire me to be a better person. TSF is just one example, but because of your blog I knit my first pair of socks, gave lace a shot, even tried fair-isle. Your honesty and willingness to ‘put yourself out there’, even sharing your mistakes and the lessons learned-for that I am so thankful. Your example as a mother, raising three girls, a spouse who doesn’t always know which way to put the coffee cups, is all done with such grace and humor. I get to learn a lot more about my neighbors to the north, and the pride you have in your country is admirable. Oh geez Steph, guess I am just trying to let you know how dear you have become to me-to my everyday. Thanks for sharing yourself, and most of all for sharing your love of knitting with all of us out here.
    Happy Blogiversary!!!
    (Hallmark should so make cards for that)

  41. Stephanie, happy blogiversary. I discovered your blog shortly after starting to blog myself, and spent 3 nights up until 1 am (that is so, so late for me!) reading through ALL of your archives. They made me laugh and feel less alone, because before that I truly thought I was the only knitter who had a psychotic number of WIP’s and no care at all if I just up and started another one cuz the yarn was so purty. Of course, now I know there are many kindred spirits out there, thanks to knitting blogs. I love my imaginary friends, too. It’s always a pleasure to meet them in person, and it was a pleasure to meet you last year. I always, always, always look forward to your posts!

  42. Happy Blogiversary! I was wondering if the mittens would find a home before the Olympic medals had to be distributed. Lucky Stacey!
    Thanks for, well, for writing such a good blog….

  43. Happy Blogiversary! You are one of the reasons I started blogging – you made it look like fun! Thanks for 2 years of sharing your joys, your disasters, and your triumphs.

  44. Thank you for being a blogger. I look forward to each one of your posts. You are a constant, dependable source of inspiration both in knitting and life.
    Happy Blogiversary!

  45. I thank YOU from the bottom of my heart for your generosity of spirit and for inspiring us all to be better knitters, better parents, better citizens of planet earth. Reading your blog (and your books) has enlightened me, made me laugh, cry, worry, question, think, think some more, and has filled me with awe at what one determined, talented, smart and kind woman can accomplish without sacrificing her humanity. I hope to have the privilege of reading your stuff for many more years to come.

  46. Happy blogiversary! You’re such an inspiration….you make me laugh out loud, and you’ve made me cry more than a few times. Your kindness, sincerity, and passion shine through in everything you do, and the world is a better place for having you in it. I am so grateful for you and your willingness to share a little slice of your life with us. *hugs*

  47. I discovered your blog at Christmas….it was a gift. It has encouraged me to come out of the closet as a knitter with soul! Thank-you

  48. On February 19, 2004 I remembered how to knit. On March 10, I found your blog and felt much less anxiety about the new passion that was threatening my lifelong passion of reading and books. (I remember the dates because this was also the year that I hurt my back so badly I couldn’t feel my right leg or walk for two weeks afterward – I’m much better now.)
    It was great to meet you last year and it’s been one hell of a fun read with you here!
    (And it’s those bloody damned mittens that started my obsession with little braided cuff edges and pointy mittens – not that I’ve done anything about it. Yet. I’m envious and thrilled for Stacey!)

  49. Happy Blogiversary!
    I bet you never thought so many people would read your blog or your books πŸ™‚ Blogging is such a funny thing. Thanks for sharing and enabling – I wouldn’t be spinning now without a certain pair of Laurie-dyed, you spun and knitted socks….

  50. happy blogiversary dear harlot. you brighten my day and inspire me in so many ways. Keep knitting and keep writing.
    Susanna in Halifax, NS

  51. congrats! Two years in the blogging world and your just getting started πŸ˜‰ Thank you for being a great part of my knitting world stephanie!

  52. Let me be the, oh, 84th or so to say “Congratulations!!” You have helped make the knitblogging community the great place that it is.

  53. Happy Anniversary, and thanks for taking the time to blog so regularly and do so many great things to provide a community for knitters.
    That’s pretty sappy, but sometimes sappy is good.

  54. Stephanie:
    Yours is the only blog I read on a regular basis. I love the way you write (books & blog). I love the things you knit. In the short time I’ve been reading your blog – really just since Christmas – you have caused me to want to challenge my knitting skills, you have made me laugh out loud and I look forward every day to reading your new entry. In other words, you, your family and your knitting have become a new friend I look forward to “seeing” every day.

  55. Happy blogiversary! Thanks for all the chuckles, chortles and outright belly-laughs you bring to us all. You rock!

  56. Congratulations Stephanie! On both the anniversary and the new pile of yarn waiting to be knit up into more TSF mittens.
    You are a wonderful writer, and I want to thank you for making my husband wonder about my sanity as I have giggle-snorted over many of your blog entries in the past two years. I’m very grateful to you for showing the world that knitters can make both the virtual and real world more pleasant to inhabit. Good on ya.

  57. I’m personally grateful for your blog, and for you sharing your (knitting) world. Two summers ago when I decided to learn to knit, I turned to the internet for help and found your blog. I didn’t know what blogs were, and I certainly had no idea how supportive, creative and fabulous the knit community was.
    Your never-say-die, knitting-as-a-lifestyle approach was my introduction to knitting, and has made all the difference in the world.

  58. I’ve been reading your blog for a long time but I don’t think I have ever commented – happy blogiversary! Your blog was the first that I began to read and was one of the major reasons I wanted to get in on all the knitting blog action – thank you for the inspiration!

  59. Hooray! Yours was the blog that introduced me to blogs. I don’t care to divulge just how many I follow now. But it’s always a bit of a thrill when you post again cause I know I’m in for something good.
    You inspired me to learn to cable without a needle. And I learned from you not to box myself in. Thanks!
    I wish you many more happy blogging years.

  60. Happy Anniversary! Yours was the first blog I ever saw. I didn’t even know what blogging was. Which is kind of embarrassing because I worked with computers everyday. I love it so much I started my own blog. AND THE FIRST COMMENT WAS YOURS!
    My husband thinks maybe I’m getting a bit obsessed. I told him I think he and other loved ones of women who knit too much should start their own virtual support group. Maybe Joe could spearhead it?

  61. As someone who knitted before it became the latest ‘in’ thing to do, I wanted to tell you that you have inspired me, affirmed my feelings about knitting, and have helped me to explore new techniques in knitting. I love your blog and I love your books! Keep writing and keep knitting!
    If you ever want to get out of the Toronto winters, my Florida home is always open to you!

  62. Thank you to one deeply kind soul for making such a difference to so many people. Happy blogiversary. And hey, could you tell Ken thank you, too, for me? For helping getting the blog started. And Joe and the girls for putting up with all of us out here.

  63. Congrats! and thanks for the inspiration. and for the continued reminders that I am not the only crazy knitter in the world!!! I think my husband understands my obsession a little better for having read some of your posts. He spotted a reference to “knitting” on a TV show the other night that was all wrong and he was so proud that he knew the difference! your influence is wide-spread!!

  64. Stephanie, congratulations on your blog anniversary. This blog brightens my day and I am sure the day of every other individual that logs on. I am going to participate in the knit Olympics–am having my hip replaced on Feb. 6 but sometimes you have to play hurt. I guess I will just do a pair of socks. I think it was the way cool pins that made me throw caution to the wind.

  65. Two years from beginning blogger to legend?
    Yet another way you inspire your audience.
    Thank you so much for all we get from you!

  66. No, thank YOU! Because of you and the TSF, my husband asked for a monthly contribution to MSF for his Christmas present. Because of reading your books that I gave her, my mom took up knitting again and is a full-time charity knitter. Because of your first essay in KnitLit, I was inspired to write my own for KnitLit3. Because of you, I remembered how much I love knitting and I bought into a yarn store and now we bring wooly goodness to a medium-sized American city.
    See how you touch the lives of both knitters and all those around them? So here’s to you, Harlot.

  67. Happy Blogiversary, and thank you a million times for all the enjoyment you’ve provided through the blog and your books. Can’t wait for number 3 to come out, and it occurs to me that the episodes of the goat fleece and the meringues will make a lovely start for book4.
    May you write (and knit!) for many many more years.

  68. Let’s get this straight. You are evil. You have reduced productivity in the workplace incalcuably, lured untold millions into spending the grocery money on Fleece Artist or Socks that Rock, have kept most new readers (see above) from their well-earned slumber while they read the Archives and have nudged many a borderline case toward stress incontinence (I suspect keyboards and monitors aren’t the only victims of unexpected mirth.)
    Above all, you have dragged a many and a many of us down to further circles of Fiber Hell. But as Mark Twain said, “Heaven for climate, Hell for society.” The company’s fine, Harlotita — welcome to your Terrible Twos.

  69. Thank YOU for bringing us all together in awesome ways and for your continual wit. Reading your blog is frequently a bright spot in my day. πŸ™‚

  70. This is a very good reason to de-lurk (didn’t even know that’s what I was doing until last week was declared ‘delurking’ week, though I’ve written you e-mails). I wasn’t sure of this blog-stuff, but your blog, Stephanie, has totally convinced me that virtual community-building can actually HAPPEN. I’ve started to care about us–I think of us as ‘US KNITTERS’. I feel a part of something as I knit away by myself. And I’m very grateful.
    And it doesn’t hurt that you make me laugh out loud. A lot. Thanks so much.

  71. Thanks for the inspiration and the fun-I will knit soft socks for my mom who taught me to knit when I was 6 0r 7(50 yrs ago!!!) and whose birthday is on Feb 21. I am seeing her for spring break-mar 8th.She is knitting baby sweaters etc for families at her seniors’ home– what a wonderful inspiration she is. cheers!

  72. I can’t believe it’s been two years already, but I agree that it’s the sense of community that makes all of it worth while. It’s so nice to know there are other people out there as (cough) insane as I am . . . and that some are even worse! Really, it’s quite comforting. Happy blogiversary. And, Knitters Without Borders may not be your BEST idea, hon, but it’s definitely one of the most generous. See? You’re an inspiration.

  73. Thanks for the inspiration and the fun-I will knit soft socks for my mom who taught me to knit when I was 6 0r 7(50 yrs ago!!!) and whose birthday is on Feb 21. I am seeing her for spring break-mar 8th.She is knitting baby sweaters etc for families at her seniors’ home– what a wonderful inspiration she is. cheers!

  74. Happy Blogiversary, Steph.
    I remember the first post of yours I’d ever read…it was the one wherein you posted the pic of the bunny that Lee Ann sent you. I’ve been a Harlot addict ever since. Thank you for introducing me to the wonders of wool and of dyeing…I’m a better knitter because of you and your blog. No, really…I mean that!

  75. Happy Blogiversary – and thanks for all the hard work you put into this – whether coordinating the Knitting Olympics, or simply making me feel so much better about needing some “system maintenance” time of my own. Hope your leg isn’t giving you any more grief – take care of yourself.

  76. Happy bloggy birthday, Harlot. You bring untold joy to your fellow knitters. Although I did once spit coffee on my monitor while reading you, it was my work computer, so it’s OK. I hope there will be many more years of wit, wisdom and Olympic-size challenges.

  77. Happy Blogiversary!
    You consistently brighten my day with your posts, and I am so happy to have found you (and other knit-tacular bloggers). Thanks for opening your virtual living room to all of us.
    You’re a doll!

  78. Happy Blogiversary! I had my one year blogiversary on January 9. Gorgeous mittens.
    I don’t think my husband understands the knitting thing at all. I have two boys, just turned 3 and 6, the oldest is ADHD. If I get stressed out all I have to do is knit, and everything calms back down. He can’t understand why I knit all the time. I can’t just sit and watch TV. It seems like a waste of time. I have to have something to do. And what’s more creative than knitting?!

  79. Thank you for confirming that I’m not the only person in the universe with this special kind of craziness.
    And making it, not just OK, but something to strive for.
    Knit (and blog) on!!

  80. Happy bloggiversary, Stephanie! You rock my world on a regular basis and I am *so* glad to be allowed to be on the same planet as you.
    ::cheers you admiringly with llama hands, then ducks::

  81. Congratulations! What a great piece you wrote today. I enjoy your blog even though I’m not really a full-on knitter (sewing is more my thing). I do like to read about knitting though, strangely enough! πŸ™‚ Blogging is so cool isn’t – we have such a great community of crafty types. I love it! Here’s to another 2 years and beyond.

    When I found your site, about 3 months ago, I was drawn to the name “Yarn Harlot”. If figured you had to have a sense of humor. Little did I know that I would be so drawn in to this community of knitters with whom I have so much in common, despite our geographical disparity!
    Each time I read about your family, I find mine. Each time you write about your passion for all things yarn, I see myself. You are our mirror, through which we gaze at ourselves and laugh! Thank you for all you have given us!
    Much love and more yarn!

  83. We are grateful to share a small part of your world, Steph.
    And your post today has done it: I absolutely, positively will start a blog within the week. Late to the party, but what a party it is.

  84. Oh my goodness!!!! Someone just left a comment over on my blog that said that I had won something and to head over to the Yarn Harlots blog….Ahhhh!!! I can’t believe it?! I have been following the saga of these mittens since you started them. I never thought that one day I would be able to wear them!! Thanks Stephanie. I will wear them with pride, knowing that I am a part of one of the coolest communities around. Thanks for making me laugh and smile over the last 2…you are one of a kind…I can’t wait to see what you cook up in the coming years!!

  85. Happy Happy Steph. And thank you. You give us more than you probably are even aware of. Your blog, your books, your big heart… I think of you at least every day. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

  86. Let me be one of the thousands who will be wishing you Happy Blogiversary – I hope your server can handle it!
    And congratulations to Stacey for winning the stunning, stellar mittens. Wow!

  87. Thank you?
    You are very welcome!
    Clever ploy – stemming the flow of registration for the Knitting Olympics by having a blogiverary.
    BTW – Canadians – get out and vote!!

  88. Happy blogiversary! May your words — and stitches — flow like a bright, babbling brook for years to come!
    About that Olympic challenge, dare I try a pair of nordic mittens in 16 days?

  89. Stephanie – I started reading blogs and then started my own for the same reason – to be part of a community of knitters – I don’t have any knitting friends locally (do they know what they are missing).
    What I have found to be remarkable is that there is such a HUGE community – as shown by your Knitters without Borders and of course the Olympics. I have made new friends and so enjoy seeing what others are doing – it has put me to shame – but I knit on because it does give me such joy. I was so enlightened by your book (universal knitting truths I guess) and have so enjoyed reading your blog and all the other knitters out there. I don’t feel so isolated anymore!
    Thank you for bringing us together for the Olympics. I will be watching and knitting knowing that there are hundreds of others out there knitting as fast as we can – enjoying every stitch!
    BTW – I gave you a wrong URL in my Olympic entry – it should be
    Knit On!!

  90. I’m sitting here smiling after reading Stacey’s comment. How cool is that! That’s what it’s all about in this big blogosphere. You two have never met, yet she followed the saga of the mittens as you knitted them, and now they are a gift for her.
    Happy anniversary, and keep knitting and writing!

  91. I have left comments before, but not often. I enjoy your blog like so many other knitters, but I also enjoy your writing style. You tell a great story and I bet you don’t even embellish much either. BTW, could you ship a couple of Canadian conservatives down here? Thanks.

  92. Thanks for the inspiration and the fun-I will knit soft socks for my mom who taught me to knit when I was 6 0r 7(50 yrs ago!!!) and whose birthday is on Feb 21. I am seeing her for spring break-mar 8th.She is knitting baby sweaters etc for families at her seniors’ home– what a wonderful inspiration she is. cheers!

  93. I want to enter the Olympics with my first pair of socks – pattern to be decided before the torch lighting!
    I’ve always enjoyed the Olympics (winter is my favorite) so this year I can compete! Thanks for the goal.

  94. How awesome – I share a birthday with the Harlot’s blog! I look forward to celebrating together for many more.

  95. Happy Blogiversary! Thank you for making us think, cry, laugh and knit for two years now. In your honor, I went and made a donation to MSF. No better way to celebrate!

  96. Whoa…that’s so cool! Happy Birthday to Yarn Harlot’s Blog!
    With what you’ve written about communicating and reaching out with the blog…you could have come and speak at the Digital Lifestyle Day 2006 today! πŸ˜‰

  97. Happy Blogiversary!!
    If I could I would bake you a big ol’ cake. Congrats and thanks so much for all you bring to this wacky community of ours. I look at that number next to TSF/KWB and it takes my breath away. You’re right – knitters /are/ a force to be reckoned with.

  98. Happy blogiversary, Sweet Stephanie! I first discovered your blog this past August, and have gone back to the beginning and read it all–and your books as well. Thanks for taking us (as Rams might write) “down the rabbit hole” with you. Write and knit on!

  99. Happy Blogiversary, oh thou nefarious enabler and encourager of all things wooly and spinny and knitty and even things completely unrelated that I still maintain you caused. Thank you for choosing to put yourself out there for all of us to be enabled and encouraged and moved and entertained by.

  100. Congratulations! And keep on blogging. It is a daily ritual for me to check your blog and see what is new. It is a great privilege to be able to “peek” into your life from time to time. Maybe some day our paths will cross …. although you may want to throw something at me. Remember me … I am the one who had her Christmas knitting done late summer and was working on 2006 when it was still only 2005! I am good at ducking! Again, congratulations and keep on blogging.

  101. Thank You! I too felt somewhat isolated in my knitting and crafting until I happened upon your blog. You have made a world of difference to me and, I’m sure, a lot of people. Happy Anniversary!

  102. Congrats on your blogiversary!!!!! Cracking open a bottle of wine in your honor. Thank you for providing us with a place that is true and honest showing your heart and soul to us. To Many more years to come!!!!!

  103. ACK! I can’t find what I’m supposed to do to join the Olympic challenge…serves me right for not readin your blog on a daily basis, I know, but I would like to join and I would like to say my project would be a pair of Nordic style mittens.

  104. Happy Blogiversary!
    You’ve impacted Noah’s and my lives (boy that doesn’t sound right, grammar-wise) in two big ways. I started my own blog, which I have mixed feelings about, but not about the community part. And Noah and I now regularly give to Doctors Without Borders, and it has been a great way to help him understand the shape of the world, and our place in it. Thank you so much.
    Plus I read him parts of your blog sometimes and he always cracks up. πŸ™‚

  105. I just started reading your blog after I got your book for xmas. I was surprised when i came here that you didn’t have that rock star personality that so many people get after so much success. I am honored to be apart of the knitting olympics, it’s really such a great opportunity, being a beginner and everything.
    Thank you for letting me apart of this blog, and events.
    I will always keep checking your blog for updates, you make me laugh.

  106. Happy happy joy joy! Who knew what your blogging would lead to in just two short years?
    Yes, we are a force to be reckoned with, and may we always use our powers for good.

  107. That is the most wonderful and selfless thing I’ve ever heard. Your mittens are so beautiful, that it would honour me to wear a pair (made by you, or even ones just like them). This is why, for the knitting Olympics, I am learning to fair isle.

  108. Wow, are those Latvian mittens? Love the braided cuff edge. You just made me desperate to get back to 00 needles and my own Latvian mittens. Not sure who is gonna feed and care for my infant twins for the rest of the day!!!! πŸ™‚
    Happy Anniversary!
    Sheila in Boston

  109. I’m in! I finally decided to suck it up and take the leap! My entry will be my very-first lace piece. (A lacy scarf)
    I can’t wait to stalk the mailman for my lace-weight yarn!

  110. You have made a difference. How incredible that must feel to touch so many people. One stitch at a time. One blog at a time. One donation at a time. Happy Blog-day.

  111. Happy Blogiversary to you! You’ve come a long way baby!
    Thanks for all of the laughs, the good cries, the Harlot Poncho pattern that I’ve used too much, and for using your powers for good, not evil. πŸ˜‰

  112. Thank you for sharing your life (at least parts of it) with us. You’ve touched me in many ways, given me hope for my knitting skills and opened the community of knitters to me. Through you and them I have learned so very much about so very many things.
    Vive la Harlot! Bonne anniversaire!

  113. It is amazing how your blog has allowed people to bond over wool and knitting through the use of technology! I am sure that I speak for many of your readers your humor and knitting exploits have brightened many a day. Happy blogiversary and many more to come!

  114. Thank you for making me laugh and for inspiring me to write and share my ideas with others. It’s wonderful to have found this vast blogland full of knitters who are just as, and sometimes crazier, than me when it comes to creating. Keep on being you and making us all smile with everything you write.
    Happy Blogiversary!

  115. Many happy returns of your second blogiversary. If you had any doubts about the knitting community of which you are a shining star, I would hope that the totals in the Knitting Olympics disabuse you of the idea of being alone. Dude, alone you’re not. If I were you, I’d start thinking about taking on the UN or some other little institution like that. Talk about a force to be reckoned with!
    Again, my wishes for a fantastic blogiversary. We love you.
    dee near Berkeley

  116. Happy Blogiversary from los angeles! Yours was one of the first blogs I found, and it made me realize that I, too, was not alone in my new found obsession (and not just a hobby)!

  117. Congratulations on your 2 years in blogland! Those gloves are so gorgeous… I hope some day to be able to knit as well as you do!
    I am ready to join the knitting olympics! I will be knitting a bolero from the Lion Brand website in fancy Rowan yarn. This will be my first wearable other than hats and scarves. πŸ˜‰ I am glad you put this together because I feel like now I can take on this project head on and if I fail it’s ok.
    Keep up the good work!

  118. Congratulations!
    Happy blogiversary!
    And thank you for inviting us into your world. It’s been a treat.

  119. Oh, happy happy anniversary! Hope you’re enjoying it with a favorite yarn and some celebratory *chocolate/wine/insert favorite treat here.* Cheers!

  120. Two years and thousands of friends!!! Way to go, girl!! Not to throw a wet blanket on your accomplishment, but Jan 23 was my first marriage date (marriage ended in divorce but had one beautiful wonderful child) and, according to the newspaper, Jan 23 is the worst date of the year. You, alone, have redeemed the date!!

  121. I never fail to be touched by your blog. Whether it’s to laugh, cry, be amazed by some of the things you make or inspire me to do something like donate to Doctors Without Borders. The world’s definately a brighter place since I’ve been reading you.

  122. My Aunt saw Yarn Harlot at Borders this weekend and thought of me, bought it, and gave it to me yesterday. I’m already halfway through it and had to force myself to put it down, because I’m supposed to SAVOR things like this. Right? I love it. It makes me smile. It makes me giggle. It makes other people stare at me for laughing out loud. So, thank you for that. I may have to read your blog regularly now.

  123. Congrats, congrats… hippo birdies two ewe-rl… hippo birdies two ewe-rl… Happy toddlering to my favorite blog, and many more! I don’t know what I’d do without your blog to show me I’m not alone in my obsessions. Oh, and while I’m at it, may I please join the US Fair Isle Team? I’m not quite sure what I’ll attempt yet, but I’m thinking of a four year old sized pullover or cardi (never have tried steeks…) or some such. Can’t wait to play… Christene

  124. Congrats on the blogiversary! I have to thank you for all of your posts, the ones that make me laugh, the ones that make me cry. Thanks for raising awareness of MSF and all the wonderful work that they do! You have accomplished so much within the past two years, it is amazing.

  125. Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your blog and the many amazing things that you do — I’ve been reading regularly for six months now and you have brought me many laughs!
    Heres to another great year!

  126. Happy blogiversary! I’ve only just discovered your blog and just wanted to say thank you for the fabulous idea of Knitting Olympics which I’m thoroughly lookinf forward to.
    Go teamgb!

  127. Happy Blogversary to you, Happy Blogversary to you — that’s enough, my voice is horrible today! But thank you Stephanie. Although I found your blog only a few weeks ago (two years? I’ve got a lot to catch up on in the archives!) it’s wonderful. I understand about bringing together a Community. After two years of trying to lose weight, I’m dieting successfully thanks to an online group of friends that I dearly love, and will now meet in a few months!
    And I thought I was the only one in work who knitted. Last week I mentioned your blog while at lunch. Found out that three others are avid knitters, there are two devoted quilters and a co-worker who swears by crocheting (poor thing). See, you’re bringing together people you’ve never even met.
    And Happy Birthday to Deb B! Many many more as well.

  128. Happy Blogiversary!! In the short time I have been reading your blog, not only have I become a bolder knitter (and a few years back I knit the peacock washcloth from Knitters’) but I am a better person. Just knowing there is a community out there that is so loving and supporting has made me calmer and more fun to be around. All thanks to you, and may you go from strength to strength.

  129. I’ve been a regular reader & infrequent poster for almost all of these past two years. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your life with me. Thanks for the laughs & thanks for letting me in some of your sorrows. I’m planning on being along for the rest of the ride, too.

  130. Unless I am misremembering, we all owe Ken a big thank you as well. Didn’t he give you the blog for a Christmas present? So many thanks to Ken … and Joe and Megan and Sam and Amanda and, well, it is a long list of folks who have been willing to share your attention with us.
    You have helped a lot of us feel less alone in our knit-o-centered lives. I think above all I cherish your willingness to share the stuff that goes so very, very awry — this blog makes me much more generous with my knitting foibles and minor disasters.
    I have swatched for the Olympics, and now the yarn is just sitting in the corner bin looking sad and whining about when I will start it already…

  131. Okay okay, now that the medal ceremony is over with, I’ll come to the games. I was planning on sitting i=on the sidelines in awe, but I was recruited for Team Boston by Bookish Wendy over the weekend, and I will enter.
    And happy blogiversary! There are so many highlights (prince, the orange halter, I am a knitter) you could have Ralph Edwards over.

  132. Happy blogoversary!
    And for selected highlights, I would like to nominate “choking the chicken”. And the Black Hole. Ahhh, the things that make your blog so worthwhile.

  133. Thank YOU for writing so humorously and so eloquently (can one be funny and eloquent simultaneously? I think you are!). My husband (a non-knitter) is also one of your biggest fans. I put your book in the bathroom, took out all the Car and Drivers and, voila–a new Harlot convert is born. (Men don’t think ahead–he was forced to read your book.) He now reads your blog as fervently as I do. See you in Tacoma in a couple of weeks! Mary B in Seattle

  134. Happy Blogiversary, indeed! You have the best blog: you inspire me without making me want to, you know, die of envy that I could never, ever do something like that. I don’t know how you do it, but I find myself thinking, hmmm I could try that (lace, thrum mitten, entrelac) thing. Too bad I forgot about bobbles, I had a terrible bobble boucle breakdown last week and had to throw them away… but other than bobbles, I am no longer afraid to rip out, try again, make it better, and I credit you with giving me a lot of that courage. Thank you for sharing all that you do. And I remember the first entry in your blog that I read, about your poor goldfish. I knew I had to read more!

  135. I am 52.. have been kniting since I was 10… because I love it so… and your words resonated very deeply for me.. It truly is a part of me that is important. and frankly… I have felt alone in this til I met you lovely knitters who share your gifts online… Happy Anniversary.. you and your sweet and funny take on the world around you are so imp;ortant.. Hooray for you! Lucky me to be able to read your blog daily….

  136. Happy blogiversary Stephanie! Thank you for giving us a peek into your world. It’s nice to know there are people just as obsessed with knitting/fiber as I am.

  137. Congrats on your blogiversary!!!! Thank you for letting us into your world of knitting. I too am glad that I am not the only insane one about wool and yarn and needles. Keep up the good work.

  138. OOooooo, that was so sweet Steph! Thank you for being there for us and proving that we are not alone in our craziness for yarn and needles!
    Happy Anniversary Steph! We Love You!!!

  139. Congratulations!! I just finished reading your latest book and wandered on to your website. I taught myself to knit a year ago and am now addicted…although my mother in law wants to teach me the “right way to knit”…. I just smile and keep knitting….I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and look forward to more!

  140. I’ve learned countless things from reading your blog this past year, some knitterly, some not. All good.
    Thanks for sharing of yourself and for befriending strangers. The world could use a lot more of that.
    Happy 2nd!
    P.S. when ya comin’ back to NYC?

  141. Congratulations! I’m working my way through the archives, and thoroughly enjoying myself. Thanks again!!!!

  142. Happy blogoversary to you! I must say that you have introduced me to the world of blogging. Before you I never had read a blog or understood what it was all about. Now I read your blog almost every day (especially when on boring conference calls :-)and I too am happy to find a world of knitters with whom to share my passion. I just started knitting 3 years ago when I decided I wanted to knit a blanket for my third child who was on the way. It has turned out to be his “blankie” and he MUST have it every night. It is very gratifying. I have become passionate about knitting and spend what little time I can on it given a full time job and 3 children but I try to knit some every day. My husband does not understand “why must you always knit while we watch TV?” You begin to wonder if something is wrong with you that you want to spend so much time knitting but after spending time on your blog I feel at home and happy to know there is such a great international family of knitters. I even joined an international scarf exchange and am mailing my scarf to my secret pal this week. Keep up the great and entertaining work and please know you have made a difference in the life of this knitter! I wish you all the best.

  143. Congrats, dearest Harlot! Thank you for the yarn, the needles, the joy and tears and babies (love those babies!) and the family, and Mr. Washie and all the rest that you share with us. I know my day is brighter when I read your posts.
    Thank you very, very much.

  144. Is it too late to enter the Olympics? I finally decided make some sleeves for a shawl collar vest I did last summer, that isn’t really working as a vest. Now I’m off to design some sleeves!! Now I’msure they will be done while it is still cold enough to wear a sweater.
    I look forward to each new entry on your blog!

  145. I have been reading your blog for some time. I am here on the edges and have never posted a response. I did feel moved to make a donation to the medical relief fund because knitting means so much to me and has gotten me through some rough time.
    Today, I have to step up and join the crew. Your words: “I was the only person I knew who knit for their soul, the only person I knew who took bottomless joy out of wool and yarn and needles and making something out of it. I was the only person I knew who found that knitting simply made them happy, more patient, more engaged, more interested, and that for better or worse (for crazy or sane) knitting was not just a hobby, but an element of my personality.” brought tears…real tears to my eyes. You have captured so well what I feel inside and what my knitting means to me. I too thought I was the only one…but I guess I was wrong…you really do know. I appreciate your words, your humor, your encouragement and your focus on knitting. Keep up the outstanding work. Two years is nothing!!!

  146. Stephanie,
    Congratulations. You have made me also part of that broader world and for that I give you thanks. Lucky Stacy to get such beautiful mitts.
    You give back — in many ways. What a fine thing!!

  147. Happy day ,Happy day to you!!!
    i have only been reading your blog for about 6 months and i love it!! Keep up the GREAT work.
    your an inspiration to us all or at least me.
    May you have alot of great blogging to come.
    lori in florida

  148. I’m grateful to have this renewed interest in knitting as a soul-satisfying outlet, and I thank you for it.

  149. Congratulations and many happy returns!
    Thank you for telling me when you started your blog, and thank you for two eventful years. We will probably never meet, but know that you get quoted around here as much as any of my local friends and aquaintences.

  150. Hmmm…. I notice you’re hiding the other thumb… oh, sure, you wanted to show the back pattern. Of course you did.
    Seriously, congratulations on your two-year blogiversary, Stephanie! You have truly become a friend to every knitter (and spinner) with Internet access, and to many without as well. You’ve sort of corralled all the knitbloggers and brought us together (witness the feedback on your Olympic challenge). So give yourself a big pat on the back and pour yourself a glass(?) of screech. You have got to bring whatever-that-is down to the States with you sometime. I know we’re all dying of curiousity.

  151. Happy Blogiversary!
    I’ve immensely enjoyed this year with you (alas, I missed your first year πŸ™ ) … and have enjoyed my first year of blogging as well. Someday, I hope my blog becomes as marvelous as yours.
    Guess this means I’ll have to learn some code now…

  152. Wow, look at all these comments! I missed out on de-lurking week, but felt compelled to comment and let you know how much I enjoy your blog. And that I read book 2 this weekend and loved it! Thanks for sharing your knitting stories, and life stories, and humor. You’ve really inspired a very new knitter to learn new things- I’m thinking fair isle, and maybe steeks. Thanks again!

  153. Stephanie,
    Yours was the first knitting blog I read regularly, the first online pattern I tried (the Very Harlot Poncho), and the first KAL I have joined (your Knitting Olympics) – I find you to be such inspiration – and above all – fun.
    Congratulations on your anniversary!

  154. Stephanie,
    Yours was the first knitting blog I read regularly, the first online pattern I tried (the Very Harlot Poncho), and the first KAL I have joined (your Knitting Olympics) – I find you to be such inspiration – and above all – fun.
    Congratulations on your anniversary!

  155. well done on the two years – you know, you could really be popular, if you keep this up ; )
    seriously, congratulations on everything.

  156. Happy bloggiversary. You’re insane and we love you. Here’s to many more years of madness. (I’ll have a drink for you on Saturday, my next night off work.)

  157. Happy, happy! Two years for me as well. It is a fun ride isn’t it? And if not for you, I’d be sure that I was the only one that regularly wanted to run away and hide from my three girls. Knitting with obsessions and perfectionism? Good. Giving away gifts? Good. Living this family life? THAT is the ticket to crazytown!

  158. Congratulations! Strangely enough, I’ve been here from the beginning. Your appeal reaches a non knitting,chocoholic, mother of 4 girls. You have friends in places you never intended. I’ll second Ram, welcome to your terrible twos!

  159. Thank you Stephanie. I’m grateful to you, your bookbookbooksand your blog for brightening my day. Long may you continue writing, raising money, and making us all feel like together we’re invincible!

  160. I am soooooooooooo jealous of the winner! Those are fabulous!! As a mom of 6 and total knitting freak, I am desperate for time to knit! I think about it all the time. plot, plan, look for yarn but I can’t imagine ever making anything so complex as those mittens! I was reading old posts of yours and was THINKING about the thrumbed mittens and maybe trying to make them. I am jealous of all you guys with your yarn shops! We have one here and it stinks! Ok, off the pity party and on to fixing supper! I finished you Knit’s end book and have started the Yarn Harlot now! If I can’t knit i can read about it!!!!! I am trying to find a postion to knit while nursing my 7 week old without requiring stitches for him!
    Have a happy aniversary!

  161. Happy Blogiversary. I can’t belive it’s two years. I first started reading you because of the title – love the title. I received both your books and the KnitLit books for Christmas and devoured them all within a week. You inspired me to make my first pair of socks and I have my second pair on the go and you and all the commenters inspire me everyday to try new things – in knitting and life – thank you all!
    Congratulations to Stacey on winning the mittens. Happy wearing.
    If it’s not too late, I’ll join Team Canada and knit and sew together (the hard part) a striped sweater – because of my aversion to sewing – I only have completed a few scarves and 1 3/4 socks. I have to go stock up on chocolate and wine now!

  162. Thank you for sharing yourself with us! I loved your first two books and am eagerly awaiting the third. Through laughter, and tears, you have touched all of our lives and made them that much better. Happy blogiversary! and here’s to many many more! Hoping to one day meet you in person.
    Hugs and Love

  163. Wow! Happy Aniversary – I’ll never forget it – it’s also my birthday!
    Thanks for all the great blogs – I’d been trying for years to get my friend Lora to knit, but reading your blogs and books is what finally convinced her to take up her needles. Now she’s hooked.
    Thanks again!

  164. Congratulations, Steph, and you are hereby knighted a Peach of the First Order. You have brought joy and passion and humor and character-building into our world, thereby knitting [snicker] us all into One World of True Knit-Nuts.
    That’s quite an achievement!

  165. Stephanie,
    Congratuations! I found you late, this past spring, when my friend, Shell, taught me to knit, but I have enjoyed every entry and have learned much. I’m glad that you’re here.

  166. Believe it or not, my Husband was the one who found Yarn Harlot at out local bookstore and stated…”you have to read this”…I can’t thank him or you enough for the joy your writing has brought me. Because of you Stephanie, I went “public” with my knitting addiction during lunch duty at the high school where I teach. Many of the students there were curious…that curiosity turned into a knitting club. Now I am passing the art on to a younger generation and they have you to thank! Keep blogging, you’re an inspiration to many!

  167. Until I found your books and then the blog, I didn’t know anyone else who could not imagine a day without knitting needle in their hands! I was/am surrounded by comments like “I can’t imagine doing that” “how do you find time (read: how can you ignore your family/cleaning)” ect. Thank you for opening my eyes to the community that exists out there. Even if I just read your offering and their comments.

  168. What a lovely post. I am someone who discovered your blog a little over a year ago as a beginning knitter, and I have been inspired, reassured, and led out of spots of confusion by turns οΏ½ not to mention cracking up regularly, at both the blog and the books. AND I’ve been so grateful for the chance to be part of TSF.

  169. Happy Blogiversary Steph. Thank you for your Blog. Thank you for your books! Thank you for reminding me to laugh (often at myself) and Thank you for teaching me that I knit for love; and because I’m a little bit crazy (but it is a nice crazy!). To many more years in the blogisphere.

  170. Congratulations, Stephanie. Your words echo sentiments I expressed in my own blog last week, about the support, community, and inspiration I derive from both blogging and reading blogs.
    I have been a knitter since the 60’s, but I came back to it strongly last year after closing the bead store I owned and operated for 2 1/2 years. At the time, I wasn’t aware of the renaissance that had taken over knitting, and certainly not of all the new titles on the knitting bookshelf.
    One day, I stumbled upon pictures of a crazy woman dangling a half-knit sock off of a rope and board foot bridge, high over a canyon, over at The Knitting Libran’s Extreme Knitting challenge. I followed links to her blog, and read several entries.
    She seemed to go on endlessly about traveling to different cities and about the crowds of people who came to book stores to see her take a picture of a half-knit sock held up in front of them(the same as the canyon picture, or another, who knew?)
    Eventually, a little searching revealed that you were in fact an author, and those crowds weren’t there to see the sock – well, they were, but not just to see the sock. They were there to have the woman known as the Yarn Harlot talk to them about knitting and sign her book.
    Well, I read you daily now, and I’m much more educated about what’s out there in the knitting library. I have had my own knitting blog for some months now, and I’ve started my own project similar to the Extreme Knitting (Knitting Around, which only requires that the place you’re knitting be meaningful – not extreme).
    Where once I knit the same afghan patterns repeatedly, I now am designing my own patterns for mitts, socks, hats, and who knows what else?
    None of this would be happening, if not for the blogging community – which certainly is significantly influenced by the presence of our beloved Yarn Harlot.
    Oh, yes – I’ve picked up copies of bookbookbook, and bookbookbook2. My home knitting circle has shared bits of bookbookbook out loud while we knit, and eventually I hope to convince myself to put down the knitting long enough to actually read both of them through myself! πŸ™‚

  171. Thanks for all your stories about life and all of your knitting adventures. Thanks for the inspiration I get from you always. Thanks for making me want to be able to knit like you some day. Thanks for being a writer of great books. Thanks for all the laughs. Thanks for being there when I really needed to feel not so alone in the world.
    Happy Blogiversary!

  172. Happy Anniversary! I haven’t been here for the whole two years, but the last year with you has been tremendously fun.

  173. Congratulations Stephanie — What an accomplishment! As blogging has changed your life, reading your blog has changed mine (and many others I’m sure). Thanks for bringing the world a little closer together. xox

  174. Congrats! I still remember the first time I ever read your blog. You had me in tears of laughter. I know your blogging makes my days a little brighter. Thanks for reminding me that knitting is fun. And for encouraging me to try new patterns and styles. And girl, you created a monster (aka The Knitting Olympics) and I sincerely hope that Team Germany will grow further until Feb. 10th.
    But the most incredible thing is Knitters without borders. You have reached a network of people who never met yet have a common goal!

  175. Well done Girl!… keep up the writing and the sharing… we’ll read you when blogging is no longer the “in” thing… remember about talking that with knitting being so popular we are finally part of the “in” crowd? I think the joy that you give me (us) will go on even when everybody out there has moved on the making wicker baskets or makrame….. You are a fine crafter of words, an inspiring writer and a wonderful mother… and hey you even balance it all well!

  176. I don’t remember what I was looking for when I found your blog (the possibilities are frightening) but you’re the one who got me hooked on first reading the blogs, then starting my own blog. Because of your blog and Ms. Ryan’s blog, I got back into knitting and really got interested in my yarn again. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I like you too, my lovely polar opposite. πŸ™‚

  177. Happy blogiversary.
    I can’t read through the other comments, but surely I’m not your only reader who can credit you with making her a better, more adventurous knitter.

  178. A very happy to you today! Thanks for sharing so much with us all–you have no idea how many smiles you’ve made.

  179. Thank YOU, Stephanie. I have enjoyed reading your blog. You have inspired me to try new things in my knitting. I’ve considered myself to be adventurous and willing to challenge myself in my knitting, but your blog elevates the bar higher and higher. I hope to start my own blog soon.
    Knit on!

  180. Congratulations!! I so thank you for saving my marriage. Now my husband knows that my walk-in closet stash is not so bad and that I am not as fanatical as he thought I was.
    I have been sans a computer for a week and finally caught up with the blog. I’m in. I think a fancy shmancy pair of cabled socks for the hubby will be my event.
    Happy Anniversary!

  181. happy blogiversary to you! congratulations on 2 years and thank you for 2 years of great snarky stories and knitting accomplishments and errors.

  182. Thank you and congratulations on your anniversary. Thanks for making my day a little better and making me a little bit better person.

  183. HAPPY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Stephanie!!! So, did you think u would have such a following and create such a ‘Knitting Empire’ 2 years ago?! WTG, my knitting friend :0)

  184. Happy blogiversary, and many more.
    I spent years knitting on my lonesome. My sister, lord bless her, tells her friends I was knitting before the (current) knitting craze. But reading your blog and others’ lets me know that I was one of many.

  185. Happy Happy Bloggiversary to you! Thank you for all the laughs, knowledge and joy of sharing in your world. My life wouldn’t be the same without reading your blog. I learn something new about my passion (knitting) each time I read.
    You are FAB and thank you again!

  186. Happy Anniversary and Congratulations. Yours was the first blog I ever read and the first I read totally — all the archives and everything I could find. So many links to other blogs that I found on your site led me to many other great knitters and eventually led me to my own blog and now a number of great new friends. And I owe it all to you! Here’s wishing for many more!!

  187. Happy Blogiversary! I don’t comment often… I figured there couldn’t possibly be a way you actually read all your comments… but I read your blog religiously! It was really neat meeting you when you were in Winnipeg. (I’m sorry I was a bit star-struck… I’ll try to be more normal the next time I happen to meet you. πŸ˜‰ )

  188. I’m Doing the knitting olympics. I’m making blanket by knitting squares and sewing them together.

  189. Congratulations on your blogiversary (from the quality of what I read, I’d think it would be more than two years) and thank you for helping bring us together! It’s been a lot of fun and you’ve inspired me (as well as many others, I’m sure) to make a foray into this bizarre internet world.
    (Which also, unfortunately, means that I’m changing my URL from the one I signed up for the Olympics with… but if it doesn’t get changed, no biggie.)

  190. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! I must add my name to the list of people who either began to blog, or, in my case, took their own blogging more earnestly after being introduced to your blog. I started my blog talking mostly about knitting — staying on topic, you know. But your blog inspired me to boldly carry that second strand — the rest of my life — into my knitting lore, and I thank you. Why? You have taught me that trying to extricate knitting from the rest of my life, trying to write only about the act of knitting, is like trying to knit a Fair Isle sweater in one color.
    You are also another bright and clear light out there on the Internet, another happy place in this wondrous medium which is too often overwhelmed by porn vendors, weight-loss schemes, purveyors of erectile dysfuntion products, and questionable mammary enhancement scams.
    So thank you, happy blogiversary, and happy rest of your life.

  191. CONGRATULATIONS!! TSF total is breath-taking… over a $100,000? Holy Knitters. And on that note, didn’t you say some time ago that there would be dancing in the street (in the buff) at such a staggering number??

  192. Happy Blogiversary!Thank you for opening your heart and sharing yourself with all of us. I wish many more blogdays for you!

  193. CONGRATULATIONS!! TSF total is breath-taking… over a $100,000? Holy Knitters. And on that note, didn’t you say some time ago that there would be dancing in the street (in the buff) at such a staggering number??

  194. You are the Erma Bombeck of knitting. You inspire me to try new things. You make me laugh on a regular basis. I have a friend who says you can’t just observe life, you have to LIVE IT. And from all appearances you do just that. Thanks and happy Blogiversary.

  195. I’m coming out of the closet, so to speak, out into the light of the Harlot. Congratulations on 2 years of spreading the knitting news, lots of laughs, some tears, and a whole bunch of knowledge. Your post on Cat Bordhi and moebius things got me thinking about jumping on the Olympic Knitting bandwagon and attempting a moebius basket. I’m about to order Cat’s book but wanted to know if anyone in blogdom can tell me what size needles, yarn, etc. I’ll need so I can order everything at once. Am I crazy to try it after only knitting for a year??

  196. Happy Blogiversary and Thank You!
    In March it will be two years since I found your blog. Thanks to you it’s been an incredibly entertaining two years. I’ve enjoyed reading about your wooly madness on the blog and in both books. You make knitting more fun (who knew that was possible) Thanks to you I now know that I’m not the only one with yarn stashed everywhere, half a dozen projects going at once, and a fiber-challenged husband who loves me in spite of it all.
    It’s very comforting; like hand knit socks.
    So here’s to bike trips across Canada, sightseeing socks, copious cups of coffee, fiber, bookbookbooks, knitting two left-handed mittens, beautiful children, spun fiber, Mr. Washie, wee little babies, the joys of properly blocked lace, and the woman who shared it all with us.
    Thanks Stephanie, here’s to many more years of happy blogging.

  197. Congrats on your blogversary. Two years of letting people into your life that you don’t know, it a real feat. This have been such a cool place to come and see what you are doing as well as others. I look forward to many, many more posts and a ton of great pictures!

  198. I’m de-lurking to say Happy Blogiversary, Stephanie. I discovered you in October and going through the archives was as good as reading a novel. I laughed, I cried, I gasped!
    I want to be in the Knitting Olympics, but don’t worry about putting me on your long, long list. I’m just letting you know that there will be unregistered knitters along with the registered. Will there be a deafening sound of needles clicking as the Olympic flame is lit? I’ve ordered some lovely wine-coloured fine merino to make a long lace scarf. My only lace so far has been a tiny piece of the simplest pattern, and I had to rip and re-knit about a hundred times, but each time I reminded myself,”The Yarn Harlot wouldn’t leave those mistakes in, and she wouldn’t give up on it either”. You’re making me a better knitter. Thanks for inspiration.

  199. While I regularly read through all your comments, tonight I really, really can’t. I start work tomorrow (for two weeks). Work begins at 7.30 a.m. – with a half hour drive to get there – and I do NOT have any knitting selected to take with me yet!
    (Knitting is one of the suggestions by management to pass the slow/idle times between rushes!)
    Just wanted to add to the comments of the 255 people ahead of me that I’m glad you’re here too.
    Thank you, Ms. YH.

  200. Congratulations!! I look forward to every new blog, and am enjoying catching up on the archives. Am still debating about what to knit for the Olympics – a grand idea indeed!!!!

  201. Thank YOU for sharing so richly of your life and for creating a sense of community and camaraderie among a diverse group of fiber lovers. And for being very, very funny.
    TSF at $100,000 shows power indeed. I seem to remember you mentioning something about dancing barefoot in the snow when it got to that amount?

  202. and we are eternally grateful for you, stephanie. i can’t tellyou how much reading your blog encouraged me to start my own. and to be as funny (or sad, or angry, or just goofy) as i wanna be. i am amazed at how much the internet, and commenters on your blog, specifically, have brought me in terms of knitting wealth. patterns, and yarns, and advice, and, best of all, friends. i count every person i read as a friend, though i may never meet them in person (are you EVER coming to omaha?), some of whom have been supportive of me in times of stress, and pain, and joy, and just plain living. i thank YOU, stephanie, for being sucha wonderful, giving, and funny human being. you rock.
    (and now i’m off to count olympians again, lol)

  203. Happy Blogiversary!! I, for one, am thrilled that you took the chance to find others like yourself. I look forward to your posts and find that they often bring me to tears, whether through laughter or the sense of “she knows how I feel”.
    Thank you, I look forward to many more…(and I have already pre-ordered your next book, can’t wait!)

  204. What Rams said! Seriously, Steph, thanks for enriching my life (and countless others’) in your unique way.
    Elaine in NYC

  205. What Rams said! Seriously, Steph, thanks for enriching my life (and countless others’) in your unique way.
    Elaine in NYC

  206. I can’t remember exactly what I was Googling for, but your blog was the first one that appeared. The first site that introduced me to Blogland.
    I’ve visited you everyday since.
    Thanks for all that you do here. You truly are inspiring.

  207. Thank you for opening your life to us.
    I’m a fairly new knitter – and I’m still amazed to know how quickly I became addicted to knitting. I’m so happy to know that it’s not just me.
    ((and have you been reading the blogs??? the knitters olympics has taken on a life of its own!!))

  208. Congratulations on your 2 year blogiversary! You are an inspiration to so many knitters out there for many reasons. Keep up the great work at blogging and knitting and all you do!

  209. When I sit at this machine, half the time I can’t remember what I was planning to do. But somehow visiting you a couple of times a week never slips my mind. You are a delight in this electronic world, a real person. I share your knitting passion and have enjoyed riding the ups and downs of your daily civilian (non-knitting) life, too. Thanks for sharing so openly. You’re a gem, Stephanie.

  210. Stephanie,
    Congratulations on your two-year blogiversary! I can’t believe it’s been that long at yet so little at the same time. I don’t know how others came to your blog, but I first came to know of you through a post to the KnitList, the Feb 5, 2004 entry Manly Men.
    I hope you know you’re an inspiration to countless knitters, and a wonderful person with a great sense of humor. There have been many times where I read your entries in the library and end up in hysterics, trying desperately to restrain laughter with tears streaming out of my eyes as people look at me with very funny expressions. I cherish those memories.
    It is with a truly remarkable talent at writing that you post every blog entry, but especially this one. I’m sure your words make each and every reader and lurker feel as if you are speaking directly to them. It’s an honor for you to say such things about us.
    Sorry this was such a long post, but know you have countless fans out there, and that we love you to no end. Keep knitting, keep blogging, and stay the same πŸ™‚

  211. A very happy blogversary to you! I have with many others enjoyed your entries and thank you for sharing your passion of knitting only other knitters can know. I salute you in your humanitarian efforts and can hardly wait for the fun and challenge of olympic knitting:D CHEERS!

  212. Thank you! I got both your books for Christmas, and I was delighted to find another knitter who understands the badness that is crochet – a special treat, since I’m the only knitter in a family of crocheters! Thanks for sharing your passion, so that others could share as well.

  213. I never thought about knitting that way – an element of my personality. That really describes it. Sometimes people say, “Oh, you knit.” And I want to say, “No, you don’t understand. I KNIT!” That what I like about reading your blog and your books – you understand because you KNIT too!

  214. Happy anniversary! May I still join the knit olympics? I believe I’d like to try a pair of socks on 2 circular needles for the first time.

  215. What can I say – happy second Blogiversary to you.
    Also, as a resident of South Africa, albeit living in much better circumstances than MANY of my countrymen, THANK YOU to everybody who contributes to KWB/TSF. Thanks to you, Stephanie, I’m also contributing to this, which helps me to feel like I’m filling in a bit of the gap left by the government policy (or lack thereof) on HIV/AIDS, amongst other things.
    Best wishes to you for many more happy years of blogging, knitting, and helping others.

  216. I think you have to know by now how grateful so many of us are to you for so many reasons. You have inspired so many people and created so much good in the world because of your words and actions.
    Who knew that one very talented woman could get over 1400 (or is it up to 1500 by now) people who will never meet face to face to commit to such lunacy that is the Knitting Olympics? Not only that, but think of the new bloggers you have turned loose, including myself! Yep, here’s the link to my blog, feel free not to update your list, Lord knows you have plenty to do. But all you Colorado folks out there, what do you think of a Closing Ceremony get together?
    Thanks again Stephanie for all you do. And thanks very very much to Ken and your family for sharing you with us.

  217. Wow. I feel so inspired. Inspired to knit more and increase my skills, but even more to blog more and to comment more. I’m a lurker on many blogs and forums, afraid to post because I’m an outsider. It is so incredibly hopeful to hear that one of my favorite writers used to be in my position. Thank you for sharing your life with us, and congrats on two great years!
    And also, I’d really like to join in the knitting olympics — it’s sounds like so much fun! I’ll be making a cabled scarf. Thank you for organizing such an amazing event!

  218. Let me add my glass to those raised in the air to toast our dearest Yarn Harlot and those she has inspired! Even though most of your readers do not really KNOW you like your best friends do, we are so glad to spend a little time with you everyday. Sometimes we feel like you DO know us and our trials and tribulations with our fiber obsessions and our families. Thank you for pushing us to stretch our limits in so many ways, so here’s to you, Stephanie!

  219. About three months before your first book was published, I googled the word “yarn” and you’re blog was the sixth from the top. I looked at the words “yarn harlot’ and thought I know just what she means. The moral struggle is ongoing…I would do a lot for more yarn. The blog has been wonderful beyond words. Just know there many out here reading with love and respect, generally laughing with recognition.

  220. Happy Blogiversary Stephanie! And thank you for all of the humorous, touching and thoughtful blog entries you share (plus beautiful knitting!).

  221. Happy blogiversary! Thank you for writing this blog, and all that you have done. Your posts inspire me, and entertain me. Here’s to many more years of blogging.

  222. I can’t remember how I found your blog, but I enjoy it so much. Many times I feel that I could be writing it! I don’t post very often, but I do read it every day.
    I will watch the olympic knitting with interest even though I won’t take part as I am preparing to teach my first lace class at my LYS around that time.
    More power to you!

  223. happy anniversary!
    OK, it’s gonna kill you but I’m not sure you got my informations for entering the olypics… So :
    I wish to make a FBS (first one!!)
    Thanks and sorry if it was just lake of time…

  224. Congratulations and Happy Blogiversary, Stephanie. Yours was the first blog I ever read, and it was because a fellow knitter ran across your it somehow, and forwarded it to me because she liked the name! It continues to be one of my favorites, although I don’t often comment because I don’t really have anything productive to add. You are an inspiration, both in knitting and in the way you face life with a sense of humor. (I’ve got four kids, two of them are 17 year old girls, so I can appreciate the need for a sense of humor!) I hope you keep blogging and inspiring us!

  225. Happy 2-year bloggiversary!!! I hope you will continue your writing and knitting for many years to come. Congratulations from Stockholm, Sweden.

  226. Each Christmas my mom makes $200 worth of donations in my name. This year I asked her to send $100 to MSF/DWB (the other half went to Oxfam). No yarn was sacrificed, so I don’t feel like this warrants TSF membership, but I wanted to let you know that your blog was the main inspiration for my decision.
    Happy Blogiversary!

  227. Thank you for sharing not just your love for this art but the knowledge and your sense of humor which puts a real edge on your blog. Sometime the things that you write about ie dishwasher, etc. are problems that we all live and deal with on a day to day basis. I also want to thank you for the inspiration that you share—the Dale Norway sweater, yarn, socks. Enjoy your day and please have a glass of red wine to savor and enjoy.cecilia

  228. You spin words beautifully, spin yarn beautifully, and have a wonderful spin on life. The world is a better place because of you. Thanks for sharing your everydayness with all of the rest of us.

  229. Thank you Steph for your humor, the world could use a bit more of it. My daughter,(11), has started reading your blog and I bought your books as a Christmas present for her. She is now making her first socks, and loves the process! Thank you for your wonderful influence.

  230. Just a lurker to let you know that not only are you not alone, you bring joy into countless other lives by letting us know that we are not alone either. Each day you sit down at the computer and hit send we are all enriched and appreciative. Thank you for sharing. Daryl

  231. Steph,
    As you’ve found out, you’re sure not alone out here! There are lots of us who love to knit and derive so much from it. I’ve only recently found your blog, but greatly enjoy your book, and reading it, here and there, again and again! My best friend, another loves-to-knit, gave it to me for my birthday.
    Glad to share your inspiration, and hope to see many more posts here and appearances other places, too!

  232. Steph,
    As you’ve found out, you’re sure not alone out here! There are lots of us who love to knit and derive so much from it. I’ve only recently found your blog, but greatly enjoy your book, and reading it, here and there, again and again! My best friend, another loves-to-knit, gave it to me for my birthday.
    Glad to share your inspiration, and hope to see many more posts here and appearances other places, too!

  233. Congratulations on your landmark anniversary! I don’t know if any of us would know what to do without your witty reparte every day. Your view of your own knitting obsession has made me feel normal about my own, for a change. We appreciate all that you pour into Yarn Harlot! Thanks!

  234. Happy Blogoversary, Steph! Since I started knitting last December and realized that there were *gasp* knitting blogs, you’ve brought an almost daily dose of humor into my life. You’ve also made me realize that no matter how experienced a knitter I get to be, there will still be moments when I want to throw my project across the room or will be tempted to abandon it for some softer, prettier, less snarly yarn.
    I guess knitting is a lot like a relationship, isn’t it?

  235. It’s wonderful to hear your thoughts about knitting and blogging and to see how they dovetail with my own.
    TSF/KWB is a true achievement and if you hadn’t made it happen we wouldn’t have had this particular opportunity to do our bit. Like so many others here, I stop by Yarn Harlot most days and find your knitting and commentary inspiring. Here’s to the next 2 years!

  236. Wow Stephanie, only 2 years! It’s a good thing you are just a knitter and not a cult leader (grin, my husband thinks knitting is a cult). Look at the following you have after only two years.
    I can’t imagine knitting without your influence, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. You’ve done a lot for us. Inspiration — in our knitting and out lives.
    Thank you for putting yourself out there, for sharing your adventures, and adding definition to a community. I hope you blog for many more years.

  237. I’m commenter #308. That’s because I don’t get up early enough to beat all these other people. But congratulations, and thank you for a wonderful two years. Here, have an Oscar!

  238. Congratulations and Happy Blog Anniversary, Harlot. I share your feelings about knitters and the spirituality of knitters worldwide.
    Thank you for the last two years. You have given so much to all of us.
    Keep those needles soaring!!

  239. Congratulations and Happy Blog Anniversary, Harlot. I share your feelings about knitters and the spirituality of knitters worldwide.
    Thank you for the last two years. You have given so much to all of us.
    Keep those needles soaring!!

  240. Very happy blogiversary to you!
    Thank you for all you’ve done to create this mind-bogglingly large and wonderful community, and for so eloquently and thoughtfully defining the magic that we all knew was there, but didn’t quite have words for.
    We’re so glad you’re here.

  241. Congratulations on your Blogiversary! I know my life has changed for the better by getting to know you.
    I’m one of those who blogs for herself. I only have two readers and one of those is my husband (does that count??). Even knowing that no one who doesn’t know me reads it, it’s still a leap of faith sometimes.
    I remember when I first started reading your blog (gosh, about a year ago, I guess) and was literally compelled to go back to the beginning and read from start to present. It took me a while, but I caught up (and it was sooooo worth it!).

  242. Congrats! Phew, what a milestone. Thank you for what you do: share a part of your life, tell stories that make us laugh, move us, remind us we’re not alone and maybe only a little bit crazy. I celebrate 3 months of blogging tomorrow and you’re one of the reasons I started!

  243. You have changed my life as well. I do have “knitting buddies” here at home, so I didn’t have the sense of isolation that you are talking about — but the humor, the insight and the wit that you bring not only to knitting, but to motherhood, to politics, to being an interested, engaged and alive human being on what is an increasingly smaller planet…. let’s just say that I admire the hell out of you, and part of me wants to be you when I grow up. The rest of me thinks that maybe through reading what you write, I’ll be a better Me when I grow up. Thanks for that.

  244. Happy Anniversary! Isn’t the 2nd anniversary gift supposed to be fiber of some sort? Thanks for the great blog and awesome books. I am starting my Knitters W/O Borders challenge today. Tally so far $1.35. The amount will skyrocket on Saturday when I go to my LYS for knitting group.
    Also, after much thought, please enter me in the Knitting Olympics. My Olympic challenge: not 1, but 2 sweaters: (1)Stephanie Japel’s (aka Glampyre Knits) Raglan From the Top Down; and (2) Chunky knit pullover from the Yarn Girls’ Guide to Simple Knits.
    I have never knit a sweater before but I have been in heavy training knitting a simple lace shawl (Glam Steph’s city Shawl), Bobbolicious from the new Knitty, and many hats and scarves, plus lots and lots of reading about knitting. I am ready. BRING IT ON!

  245. For the French speakers:
    Bon Blog-anniversaire a vous,
    Bon Blog-anniversaire a vous,
    Bon Blog-anniversaire cher Harlot,
    Bon Blog-anniversaire a vous!
    Et beaucoup plus!!!

  246. Happy Anniversary! You are truly an inspiration and I’m so happy to have met you, and of course found this blog! I get a lot of joy and laughter out of your entries.

  247. I’m adding my congratulations to everyone else’s. I’m also adding that I feel very good about being part of this community of Knitters and hope to actually meet some of you in the future.
    Not surprisingly, New York State schools (even here, closer to CA than to the rest of the states), do not teach us much about our incredibly friendly neighbors to the north. Thankfully, many of us “run for the border” when we can and enjoy.
    Now, on to training for the Olympics!

  248. And I am grateful to the bit of you I know through your blog and books. You encourage me to be better (while I’m rudely laughing).

  249. Steph,
    Happy Blogaversary.. I know my email has gotten lost in the shuffle.. please check out and see if you can link to it and get just a small amount of the action that knitters without borders has gotten.
    We need to be attending to our neighbors in the south.. and at risk of offence. Oliver has his stuff.

  250. That was beautiful, Stephanie. Happy Blogiversary.
    ” for better or worse (for crazy or sane) knitting was not just a hobby, but an element of my personality.”
    My husband and I had an actual fight about my knitting a few weeks ago. We weren’t able to work it out until he understood that knitting was part of who I am. (And I gave him “pay attention to me now” rights as long as he used them responsibly.)

  251. Okay, I really need Special Olympics. I thought it started on the 16th, and went for 10 days. Shock to read on another blog that it starts on the 10th and goes 16 days. If I end up with two left gloves, am I still a winner, LOL.
    Thanks for such a great, Canadian blog. I love reading about your travels, your girls, your butt, your hair, oh, and your knitting! I hope my girls (and my boy) grow up to be fabulous like yours.
    But I still wish I lived in Toronto so you could have been my doula and L.C. Someone who understands how I could knit through a contraction….

  252. Stephanie – you are the first knitting blog I ever read! In fact, you are the first one I ever read, which opened up a whole new world for me and inspired ME to start my own blog. You’re there for knitting hilarity when I’m down, and you remind me to be a better person…I don’t think I would have resolved to donate a portion of my monthly salary to MSF without your gentle prodding! Thanks for always being there – it makes ME feel less alone.

  253. Yay! Happy Blogiversary! I just started reading your blog a few months ago. My friend Laura ( inspired me to start my own last year and it has been so fun! Congrats and thanks for sharing your creative energy!

  254. let’s have cake!!! and we’ll invite everyone who has ever picked up needles and found the creative joy..peace…and..panic that knitting can bring!
    i found your blog while planning a poncho for carrie(daughter of the pink-haired-four-year-old fame).. thank you for the laughs, the books, the posts… but mostly the you-are-not-in-this-alone feeling that has gotten alot of us thru some tough times …and for making sunny days even brighter…i met alot of your readers while they knitted a row on your blanket and the affection and admiration they felt for you would warm anyones heart…thank you! for olympic knitting it took me a while (sorry) to decide, i’m making a variation of hello yarns pirate mittens as fingerless gloves for my favorite pirate, matt!.. :)its easier to handle a cutlass that way!

  255. I just found you when a friend gifted me your book “At Knit’s End”. I’m enjoying and I’m training for the knitting Olympics. Thanks for a great read!

  256. Backatcha, Harlot… thank you so much for sharing your little corner of the knitting world…it makes the knitting Universe so much larger just to know you’re in it, and out there for us:-)

  257. Stephanie – two years — congratulations! I think I have read your blog almost from the beginning. Queerjoe mentioned your blog and I was hooked from the first time I gave it a peek. Your wit, knitting inspiration, wonderful humor and deeply held convictions keep me returning almost daily.
    I am adding my name to the Olympic knitters (I almost feel guilty since I know how you’re struggling to get the names entered) belatedly. I am an experienced knitter, but a slow one and the Olympics fall in the middle of a term (I’m a teacher) and in a week away from school. So, I chose a tile pattern cardigan in beautiful silk that I have been wanting to make for my sister-in-law. It would be nice to finish a project in 16 days instead of 16 plus months. I think this will be a challenge but doable. Thanks again, for sharing with us. Hugs, Jo

  258. Stephanie,
    I look forward to reading your blog every day. I get excited when I know you’ve updated! I love your personality, your humor, and I love the way you speak your mind. Thank you for letting us take a peek at your personal life and your knitting life. Thank you for sharing, but also trusting us readers to respect your privacy. I have become a more committed knitter since I started reading your blog. I take more knitting chances. You have taught me a lot and I thank you.

  259. Stephanie,
    You make us all not feel alone too. And you are a very brave person to hang all of your knitting trials and tribulations out there where the world can see them. Thank you for the dedication and hard work that it takes to keep the blog going and for the wonderful community of knitters you’ve created.

  260. First time I found your blog I laughed so hard I almost lost my coffee all over my desk! Thanks for the mirth.

  261. I am so glad you and your blog have shared what they have! I really enjoyed meeting you at the bookbookbook2 party in Chicago.
    As you keep the knitting flame alive, you also have that darn Olympic torch drawing me like a moth!
    Please sign me up for the Knitting Olympics. I will make a Clapotis — I’ve been dying to make one and haven’t knitted for myself nearly enough. I’m a slow knitter, so this is a big step! And during the same period, I will finish another project for me: Kepler. Go me! Link to

  262. Rams thinks you’ve dragged us all into Fiber Hell – Rams, since we’re all down here anyway, when are you going to jump into the blogging fire, hm?!
    I look forward to every entry, you Yarn Harlot you, and thank you for the inspiration you’ve given me to spend my valuable time blogging about knitting, surfing knitting blogs, buying yarn, etc. It’s amazing I find time to actually knit! I don’t know if knitting is in my soul yet – but it is the best escape I’ve had in a long while! And I thank you, enabler πŸ˜‰

  263. Thanks to you, Stephanie, and all the other knitting bloggers, I have just done the Happy Dance all around the kitchen in my First Ever Pair of Socks. And on your Anniversary no less!! Blessings

  264. How interesting that someone who felt herself to be on the outside is so central to, so defining of her community, and so central to people’s days!

  265. You have double-handedly changed the world of knitting, and we thank you for it. Congratulations, and here’s to an even crazier year three!

  266. I thank you for showing me that I too am not alone. That there are indeed others who have the same passion for knitting, that it is far more than a simple hobby. Thank you for serving as a hub for this wonderful community. Happy Blogiversary to you Stephanie.

  267. My husband picked up one of your books and started reading. Five minutes later he asked, “Are you sure you didn’t write this? She sounds just like you!” Talk about flattered! Thank you for letting everyone know that there are lots of us out there, and in some cases WAY out there. Happy blogiversary, with many more to come! Hey, when’s the next book out?

  268. I wanted to wait until the flood tide had stemmed a bit to tell you I’ll be knitting and blocking an Orenburg sampler shawl, using one of the patterns in Galina Khmeleva’s book.
    The blocking is the scary bit for me.
    And Brenda Dayne has asked me to join her and Marie Irshad on Team Wales. So I figured, what the heck – it’s not like the US wants me anyhow.
    Hard to believe this monolithic monument of a blog is a scant 2 years old. Many happy returns of the day!

  269. Congratulations on 2 years. It seems both long and short. I remember the first time I found your blog (maybe 18 mths ago?) and laughing out loud with recognition at some of the things you said – a feeling I hadn’t come across that often up until then. I’ve been a regular reader ever since. Thank you for all the fun and all the hard work you put into the blog.

  270. Happy Blogday Steph! My son would like to join the Olympics, so if you have time (ha ha), would you please add Benjamin age 8, garter stitch scarf.

  271. Knitting blogs, there a lot of them. But I treasure yours. You can always make me smile, laugh, spit out my coffee, and to knit with passion. You always make me feel better and for that I thank you!

  272. Both my husband and I have been reading you now for a year. We own both books! We’re glad our daugther introduced us to you!!
    And as of today, the number of knitters in the Knit Olympics is more then HALF of the expected athletes at the games in Torino! They expect about 2500 trying for metals. We’re at 1366 NOW!!
    Congrats to you for doing what the Olympics are meant to do. Bring people together!!

  273. I would like to sign up for the knitting olympics. I was just going to start clapotis but I can wait. That gives me some incentive to finish some other things first. This will be quite a challenge for me not because it will be difficult but with 5 children, finding time to knit is always a challenge.
    Happy Bogiversary!

  274. Hope you see this, and don’t miss it. I have decided to join in the knitting olympics afterall. I will be doing a cable stitch scarf. I know it doesn’t sound very challenging to a lot of knitters, but for me it is because I have not learned this stitch, and I want to. My other challenge for this is in finding the time between school work to take part and actually get the knitting done.
    I hope this is alright enough for a challenge. Please let me know that you have seen this and will add me to the list of olympians.

  275. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY STEPHANIE!!!! i know others have said it, but we’re grateful for you too!!!!! πŸ™‚ Thank you for rockin’ it sooo hard!!

  276. Thank you for, well, being your awesome self. I learn a lot, from your blog. And the comments. Plus, your humor and occasional snarkiness makes me grin. I like that in a girl. And, frankly, between you, Paul Gross and Callum Keith Rennie, I’m loving my neighbors to the north lately. πŸ˜€
    Here’s to another year of success, laughter, wonder and joy. *toasts you with her coffee mug*

  277. Thank you for, well, being your awesome self. I learn a lot, from your blog. And the comments. Plus, your humor and occasional snarkiness makes me grin. I like that in a girl. And, frankly, between you, Paul Gross and Callum Keith Rennie, I’m loving my neighbors to the north lately. πŸ˜€
    Here’s to another year of success, laughter, wonder and joy. *toasts you with her coffee mug*

  278. Happy Blogiversary! I spent most of last weekend reading your blog from start to finish. It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. Kudos to you!
    I sent you an email, but after finding out what an amazing thing you did for MSF, I felt compelled to make a small donation (sure to be followed by many more). You are an inspiration to us all, Stephanie.

  279. Congratulations Stephanie on helping all of us Knitaholics to not feel alone or ashamed of our passions and addiction. You speak for all of us in your books and blog. Good luck with the many years ahead keeping us laughing so hard we drop stitches.

  280. Many congrats on your blogiversary. Two years ago today (well, yesterday, now) was a day of welcoming for me, too – my son was born! You and he both make me laugh and count my good fortunes every day.
    And if you have room for one more, I’d like to sign up for the Olympics, too. I will be finishing 3 UFO’s. A stst pullover and a baby sweater, both 1/3 finished, and a cardigan that needs the sleeves shortened have been lingering in my closet for up to 3 years. There are two more UFO’s to be “finished” during the Olympics, but they are just going to be frogged, which I think is more of an exhibition sport than a medal event πŸ™‚

  281. I’ve only been reading your blog for a few weeks now, but I find you to be an inspiration. I can only hope to reach other knitters in the same way through my own rather humble little blog. Thanks for caring about even us little fish.

  282. When i first started reading your blog, i was so impressed by your skill in prose and knitting, i went back and read all your archives. And re-read. I know you only put a small part of your life for all to see on the internet, but that small part has been incredibly moving for me. Thank you. Love and all the best,

  283. Only TWO years! My goodness, I feel like I have been reading you forever. You just show what ONE person can do. Keep on knitting and enjoying the world.
    Clare in Oz
    BTW can you please change my Olympic entry to Black Socks for darling Bloke. Minimum 2 pairs.
    Thankyou XXX

  284. Only TWO years! My goodness, I feel like I have been reading you forever. You just show what ONE person can do. Keep on knitting and enjoying the world.
    Clare in Oz
    BTW can you please change my Olympic entry to Black Socks for darling Bloke. Minimum 2 pairs.
    Thankyou XXX

  285. I found the book “Yarn Harlot” and when I read it my husband thought he might have to put towels under the couch, I was laughing so hard. I have never had so much fun reading a book or reading a blog. Your blog has led me to many others. It’s wonderful.

  286. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your love of fiber and alittle bit of yourself.
    …and the knit goes on…the knit goes on…

  287. I’ve been enjoying reading your blog for awhile now, ever since my sister introduced me to it. Congratulations on two years of blogging. I rush home from work each day to see if you’ve updated.
    As part of my “training” for the Olympics, I knit on a sock steadily for 2 hours tonight while watching American Idol, no interruptions, to see how much I could do. It grew by 2 inches. So, since the finished sock will be about 14 inches, its going to take me 28 hours to finish a pair. Oh God, that means 2 hours of steady knitting, with no breaks, every one of the l6 days. I’m starting to feel a bit faint. Do you think my school would give me a couple of personal days to dedicate to knitting?

  288. I’d like to join the Knitting Olympics. Planning on finishing my first sweater.
    And congratulations on the blogiversary!

  289. Thank you for two years of a bog so full of wit,kindness,generosity, inspiration, and pure unadulterated fun, Stephanie!

  290. Only here can the phrase “Stick to yer knitting” be considered an encouragement πŸ˜‰

  291. I have been reading your blog since the beginning and have started to actually knit. I made scarves for most of my nieces … I love to create and your straightforward and open blogging have enabled me to do that – without haveing to say I’m sorry πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for being yourself.

  292. Hei.
    I would like to join the Knitting Olympics, and I’ll be knitting flower basket shawl

  293. Congratulations on your blog, your books, the contributions your blog has raised, and everything that you have been able to accomplish with this site. I am among those who have been able to meet you (at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival last year), and I certainly wish you continued success in your writing life, your family and any new challenges you choose to take on.

  294. Happy Blogiversary!! To think only one year ago I was NOT a knitter … thanks to you, the world renowned Yarn Harlot, MIT and all the knitters out there, I am now OBSESSED. (Check out our MIT Olympic team buttons when you get the chance.) We’re going for the gold!

  295. Stephanie, I almost never comment because there are just so many and mine would often be a “Me, too” repeat. But I must thank you for this blog, for the connections I feel with you even though you don’t know me at all, we share a lot: pride (and frustration)with our families, Love of camping and PEI, butter tarts, gratitude for the life I’ve been blessed with, and great peace from my knitting. And thanks for all the other connections you’ve linked me many thanks!

  296. And I was forgot to ask to join the Olympic knit-a-thon! My challenge will be to actually knit on and complete ONE project without starting another! I have a lot of projects going at once, and to focus on one will be good for me, but it will definitely stretch my limits. Thanks again for all the sharing.

  297. Sorry I missed it – congratulations! Your blog is one of the reasons I stopped thinking all blogs were stupid and useless diaries by 15 year old girls with nothing to say. Thank you for being willing to share yourself and your joys and sorrows with the rest of us.
    Happy Blogiversary, may you have many more.

  298. Could you please sign me up to the Olympic knit-a-thon too? I will make a Kiri shawl, it will be a challenge to knit it in 16 days now that I’ve started working full time

  299. Happy Blogversary Steph! It’s a joy to read your writing. I start my day with the Harlot and smile as I tackle the nuances of Medicare home health billing.
    Brenda Dayne of is co-captaining Team Wales for the Knitting Olympics. When you have a spare moment check her out.

  300. Ok I am so computer illiterate somedays. I want to join the knitting olympics please. I have added the button to my blog, and I am committed. I am going to make two pairs of socks for me during the olympics. One pair of Jaywalkers, and one pair of Mosaic pattern socks. Thank you!

  301. Is it too late to sign up for the knitting olympics?? If not, count me in. If so, I’ll still do my challenge πŸ™‚ I’m going to knit 10 items for the Dulaan Project. This is a HUGE challenge for me, as I am an incredibly SLOW knitter, no matter what the item is. So I’ve gone over the limit I think I can do to make it even more challenging, and I have every intention of fulfilling the call πŸ™‚
    Thanks Stephanie πŸ™‚

  302. Happy Blogirthday!
    I created a Livejournal blog so that those of us who are on Livejournal can post WIP shots and ask questions that are olympic related, share icons/buttons, etc. It’s cool to see what other people are doing; a lot of people are linking to patterns.
    Knit_Olympics Livejournal Community:
    You can look even if you’re not on Livejournal, and you might be able to post anonomously, but I’m not sure. You might have to be on Livejournal and part of the community, but I thought I’d spread the word.

  303. Congratulations on year number TWO! You have inspired me so many ways and often bring laughter into my days! Blessings to you and your family!! Hugs!

  304. I know what I want to knit for the olympics, but I will wait to post it on your next entry in case you don’t read this. Congrats, by the way! You started your blog the day after my birthday. I am 20 and your blog is 2. Time just flew by these last few years.

  305. i love the mittens and what you wrote about feeling like an outsider with a bottomless love of knitting until you began blogging – yeh, that’s me too! thanks for writing it, and writing it so well!

  306. Happy anniversary! I’d like to sign up for the Knitting Olympics. Sorry.
    I’ll be knitting here in the UK and I’ll be knitting Jaywalker socks as a thirtieth birthday present for my best friend whose birthday falls on the final day of the whole shebang. Please add me to the list. If your fingers haven’t dropped off that is….

  307. Cheers, cheers, for TWO blog-o-licious years! Thanks for sharing so many good times with us great whack of knitters, and providing encouragement in both word and deed.

  308. Happy Second Anniversary, Sweetness. I think I totally gained momentum in the “knitty way o life” and worship of Canadian Wool due to this blog.
    Your goal is totally accomplished and I really do feel the knitting bloggers are a community- it is greatly entertaining to be able to walk into my LYS and talk about a blogger’s project. Although we haven’t met the blogger, I feel like I do know a bit about a person through their blog, and we talk about their latest antics just like we know the knitter.
    Just think, a world without reading the Yarn Harlot or Norma’s blog. People who don’t are so missing out πŸ™‚

  309. Stephanie – you make such a difference in my life. I don’t feel so alone anymore either, not only in my knitterly passions, but in the other small everyday passions. Even in just appreciating myself more. I love you and your blog and the other gals’ comments. you really help me to love myself which is big growth for this knittyhead! You are a real honor to know and so wonderful I can’t find words to tell you. Keep on keeping on as they say! Happy Annniversary

  310. Wow! Your comment about being a knitter out there alone. Loving knitting and starting a blog hit a cord with me. I just started my blog this week and it feels weird right now. BUT I am enjoying it. Thank you for leading the way πŸ™‚
    Olympics: I would like to knit the JAYWALKERS. I was “grumperina’s” sockapalooza pal. Yes I have the one and only ORIGINAL JAYWALKERS: I LOVE THEM!! So time to knit a pair myself.
    Thank you for the idea please sign me up for JAYWALKER ~ OLYMPICS for me.

  311. Congratulations on your blogiversary! You are an inspriration – on your blog, in your books, and in person. It is good to feel like you are part of something that transcends both space and time (not to mention a bond with others that feel about fiber as you do).
    Each of us expresses this in a different way, and your blog was one of the inspirations for me to open my own yarn store.
    We’re looking forward to having you visit when you do your next book tour.

  312. Hello, Stephanie,
    Love your blog,
    I’d love to join the knitting olympics. I am going to make a shawl using the Diakeito Diadomina Shawl pattern (it is a freebie w/yarn local shop pattern).
    I don’t have a blog, but anyone who wants to see pics of my stuff can go to
    Thanks, Vicki

  313. Yay! Congratulations! I’ve been away for a week or so, because I’m up to my ears in house hunting, finding, offering, inspecting, countering, etc, all the while freaking out about the fact that this means I ALSO need to be house cleaning, packing, fixing, etc before we can even SELL ours. Not to mention being 30 weeks pregnant.
    Not to make excuses, but simply to explain that in the last 2 years that I’ve been reading you, it’s taken this much to keep me away. :-).
    I started blogging a year and a half ago for the same reason that you did. I felt so alone in my knitting. I had NO knitting friends, and my existing friends resisted all attempts at redemption. So, to avoid getting mad at them, I made new ones online. And like you (although of course not nearly to the extent. I don’t know how you manage it all), I found them. And it’s been wonderful.
    Congratulations! I’m so happy for your success, through your blog and books. I’ve so enjoyed “getting to know you”, and meeting you once, albeit briefly on your book tour.
    May the wonderful world of online knitters continue to be a force for good, a support to each other, and a way to see into lives and perspectives different to ours as we all try to balance our passion for knitting, and the other things that still need to be done.
    Best wishes and love from Seattle, Laura

  314. Hey, I would like to join the Knitting Olympics if it’s not too late. I’m going to be knitting a lacy scarf out of a book I have.
    Oh, and I love your blog. I’ve recently started my own and hopefully it’ll be as great as yours some day.

  315. I would like to be involved in the knitting olympics…..what a wonderful idea….i’m going to knit a lace scarf with Crystal palace Kid Merino.

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