Adding new knitters continues apace, your continued patience is appreciated. (Which is really a polite was of saying HOLY CRAP there are a lot of you!) My inbox is full to bursting, and each event in my life is now punctuated by entering another hundred Knitters to the list. Make coffee, add knitters. Drink coffee, add knitters. Make lunches, add knitters. Do real job, add knitters.

I’d be finished if I didn’t have a real life, or if I didn’t insist on sharing the entering time with knitting.

To that end, I have downgraded the level of difficulty of my current knitting to free up brain cells for adding knitters. The Tinks sweaters are sitting a day or two out, since I think rule # 2 of steeking should be that you give hacking up your knitting your full attention.

(Rule #1 is : measure several times before you cut) So I’ve whipped out two pairs of socks. I keep socks on the go all the time, and I don’t even consider them current projects (unless there is a deadline or they are very fancy) since I don’t work on them in any kind of dedicated way. I keep one by my computer:


a plain pair (this one is Regia Brasil Colour #5478) that I work a row on while I’m waiting for a page to load, a disk to write…or even while I’m thinking or on the phone. Whole socks get done this way, a few stitches or rows at a time.

I keep another pair on the go at the same time,


a pair a little fancier than the plain ones. These are “Shari’s lace” (a free pattern from Sockbug, who has several really, really nice ones, as well as some really helpful stuff about sock knitting in general.)

The yarn in the above is Koigu (colour long forgotton- tags lost) which, while I am as big a fan of as anybody….is actually completely wasted for this pretty pattern. The colours compete with the pattern so that the lace is as completely obscured as white sheep in a snowstorm.

You can see it a little bit better here:


but when (not if) I do this pattern again, I’ll use a plain yarn. I’ve got no interest in knitting lace that you can only see when I am in complex yoga poses displaying them at their best angle. I keep these socks in my bag and work on them when I have time to knit…but not enough time to drag out a big project or a chart. On the subway, waiting in line…coffee with a friend. A simple pattern with enough pizzazz to hold my (really fragile) attention span is perfect.

Olympic updates:

1. All hail Jen and La, who have a collection of super funky buttons for US knitters to use. I’ve included one for your perusal, but they have a whole bunch…lace team, cable team. I’m cracking up over here.


2. All hail Kelly..distributor of the Team Canada button.


3. All continue to hail S. kate, who continues to make the list of athletes possible without me weeping all day long. She’s figured out some kind of mojo with an excel spreadsheet and bandies about terms like “export word file” and does things like search for duplicates, make corrections simple and alphabetize the athletes, which is a totally cool way to make it easier on me and more fun for you. I am completely in love with her right now.

It surprises me actually. S.Kate is sitting over there using the same sort of computer I am, making movements with her hands and managing information, just like I am…and yet her computer seems to do so much more than mine. Have you even noticed that with some people? Joe and Ken are like that. Their computers are performing very complex and helpful things, and aside from a handy conversion program I have (we call it “talking to Americans” and it lets me know what the temperature is in Boston or how much 11 inches is…) My computer seems to largely be a glorified and expensive word processor which torments me with it’s reluctance to DO things…while other computers seem to be genuinely useful tools. Exporting spreadsheets? Who knew?

290 thoughts on “Downgrade

  1. Am I first?!?! Whoo-hoo!
    I love the colors in the lacey socks. Nice and cheerful (I’m into cheerful whilst the weather is in the process of breaking a record for most days with rain). I suppose if you wore those to yoga, there would be an incentive to touch your toes… (grin)
    Let us know when the steeking happens so we can cheer for you!

  2. The buttons are great and your glorified word processor comment cracked me up! My boss tells me her computer is a “glorified mail box” whereas mine does “EVERYTHING” lol! I love the buttons – watch out for carpel tunnel with all the entering you are doing – that would totally mess up your Olympic Knitting!

  3. I did a pair of those Sheri’s Lace socks for my Sockapaltwoza pal back in the fall. I made them in a denim blue that I loved and though I cursed heartily on the second one, I secretly wished I was knitting them for ME! Fortunately for my pal, my feet are super teensy and hers were normal so I packed ’em up and sent ’em off with only a touch of regret. I tell ya, I loved ’em so much that I wrote them two poems (yeah, I’m nuts).

  4. In a moment of self-sacrifice, I am NOT participating in the KO, thereby giving you one less name to enter. I am, however, having the most marvellous time watching the online Knitting Archipelago morph into the Knitting Olympics Vortex. (Maybe I can imagine a related luge event down into the Vortex, whaddaya think?) I’m spending much too much time reading billions of terabytes of Olympics-connected bloggery, and SOMEBODY’S got to have time to appreciate it all! (I have begun, however, the Official Knitting Olympics-Watching Socks, to be added to the 200Sox count.)
    Stephanie, you are my hero.

  5. Hmmm. I seem to have fallen off the Olympics page … I know I was there the other day. Perhaps I got confused with the other Colleen?
    *sits back to wait patiently.* Databases are yucky. Kudos to all on the Management Team!

  6. My mom is a devotee of the Excel Spreadsheet. She keeps trying to make me use it, the better to organize my wedding guest list. I made a little table in Word and it’s suiting me just fine, thank you.
    Good luck entering all the names. And lovely socks!

  7. Dearest! I’ve been reading your blog for a while and I’m a relatively new knitter from Sweden (started in August). I am totally dedicated to participate in the Olympics and I’m hoping this comment can be considered my application to join! I’ve volunteered to my Swedish knitting email list to be the designer of the Swedish team’s logotype, and I will submit that eventually. Or I’ll post it on my blog (which is hacked and out of order for now) My Olympic Project will be the Birch shawl made in alpaca. Hopefully in raspberry red. Sincerely /Lisa – the athlete.

  8. Ooooh-hoooooo. All we need is a torch and we’re set to go now. Thanks for the button links, tho I still plan on making a generic USA one. My sympathies on the growing list! But you had it expect it, right? Knitters are nothing, if not crazy.

  9. You are so cute. Also, I hope you’re feeling better (as in, no trips to hospital)! Thank you for the links to all the good stuff today, especially the USA buttons and the Sockbug blog.
    Also, YAY FRIDAY! *falls over ded*

  10. Is there a Sweater Fear Team? Maybe I should make a button…
    “Export” is just computerese for “save in a format other than the one the program normally uses.” Despite 25 years in technical writing, I still have to tell myself this every time I use the word.

  11. Oh, you have got to be kidding!
    Just had to share that I can’t nab a Team USA button because my work firewall identifies “knottygirls” as being dirty! Good grief!

  12. Sorry to create yet more work for you, hope the leg is on the mend.
    Could you add me to the Olympic Knitters please? I will be knitting my first patchwork sweater a la Horst Schulz.
    Anyone made a Team GB button yet?

  13. You were nuts starting all this hoo-haw in blogland, but I’m so appreiative that you’re doing it. I was hell-bent on doing Torino till I sat down and read Torino. Now Torino is back where she belongs–in the stash.
    Hello to the USA Cable Team!

  14. May I please join too? My goal would be to complete two pairs of socks from the “Socks, Socks, Socks” book. As slow as I knit maybe I should be in the Special Olympics!

  15. I’ve sent this post to DH – now he understands that I am not the only one with numerous socks-in-progress scattered (strategically) around out house. Now if only I could get him to understand the concept of “courtesy rows”…
    You know, having that Team Canada button there just may be the push I need to start my own blog… Way to go, Kelly!

  16. I keep a sock project on my work desk too. Get a ton of knitting done during conference calls. Hey something productive has to come out of all those waste of time calls.

  17. Love the Sock-bug’s sock patterns. I’m making the Lava Flow myself at the moment. Mine are tiger striped though. I think they’re a hoot.
    I even like the lace in the multi.

  18. Someone I work with, had DVT before Christmas. He was having chest and leg pains for several days before his wife dragged him to the hospital (“I don’t care if you divorce me you are going to see a doctor”). He is going to be on heparin for several months (multiple clots in legs and lungs), and has been advised about not eating very much Vitamin K. Vit K is involved in blood clotting, there is a bunch of research on not eating Vit K while taking heparin. I though last night I should pass this info on to you.
    Take care

  19. I’m ready to enter! What a fun idea–thanks for taking on the grunt work. By the next game someone will have designed a database for the express purpose of Knitting Olympics.
    I’ll be taking on the Shetland Triangle found in the book, Wrap Style! First shawl, first provisional cast-on. GO TEAM LACE USA!

  20. I’m in your camp on the computer thing. I often wonder where you get this super human ability to make computers do more and how much it costs, but I have yet to figure it (or my computer) out. Very nice buttons – and I’m seeing them everywhere. It appears most knit bloggers are joining the teams (like I need to tell you – I’m sure you know very well). Nice socks by the way. How’s the leg?

  21. Steph,
    I forgot to mention – I’m pretty good with the Excel spreadsheet – if you need help, you know where I am.

  22. Two pairs of socks? In two days? My word, I have a long way to go. I was just starting to feel smug about finishing a sock and 1/4 in a week. (Plus working full time, mind you).
    Please add me to the Olympic list, US team. I”m going to do a pinwheel baby blanket for my sister’s baby.
    Looking forward!

  23. I keep a pair of SIPs (I do 2 on 1 circ) in my purse at all times. I’m never caught w/o knitting to keep me busy and DS’s sledding socks may actually be done before winter is! – but I’m no dummy, there are tube socks – he’s 3! I’d like him to wear them at least 2x before outgrowing them…

  24. Oh, by the way, Stephanie: recent research shows that there is an over-the-counter, um, med, that works well on reducing the chances of blood clots by making the platelets less sticky. So well that my daughter, who has low-platelet problems, actually has to avoid the stuff (to her great sorrow). And the magic antidote is (and I absolutely kid you not): dark chocolate. Go for it.

  25. Hurrah! The last paragraph of this post makes me feel like such a genius. Not just because I actually can export things occasionally, but because it just makes me feel good about the way we all use our magic boxes/computers. Thanks!

  26. OK – I’m ready for the challenge. My poor DH has been patiently waiting (for years) for me to do a sweater for him. Admittedly, he originally planned to knit one for himself but, at some point, abandoned that idea. The yarn for his sweater has been spun up for a long time. But I have not yet even balled it up – it is still in skeins. So it’s time to just do it.
    So here’s the plan. I am going to make him a gansey with just stockinette stitch on the lower half and cables and texture and such on the upper half. The upper sleeves will have similar cables and the lower sleeves will be plain. I’m going to knit it all in the round splitting at the underarm, using ideas from Priscilla Gibson-Roberts “Knitting in the Old Way”.
    Here is the biggest problem and the one that has been causing all this procrastination. I have to design it first (I can’t ever just follow a pattern). I’m going to need to swatch. Based on my swatch I’m going to have to do calculations. Why oh why do I avoid calculations when I am a math professor? (Some mysteries will never be solved.) Based on the calculations, I will have to decide on the cable designs that I will use. All this will have to be done before the momentous cast-on day.
    With this being made public, I am committing myself. Let the games begin!

  27. Funny about computers. I was supposed to be a 1st grade teacher today but her meeting was canceled and since I am comfortable (mind you, not expert, just comfortable) with WORD I spent the rest of the day entering data and designing a spelling list (yes, a spelling list):O. On Tuesday I am being assigned to fill in for the computer teacher, this after 5 years of music/art education and 10 years as a music teacher. Oh well, just more money for yarn.

  28. Dear Stephanie – How are you holding up, dear? It does seem you’ve started a(nother) movement. If there is a guennis record for largest knitalong, surely you will win. I just keep thinking of those words from a few days ago, “I had an idea.” What a hoot!
    On a somewhat exciting personal note, DH got me some devise for my birthday that allows digital pictures to be easily downloaded to the computer… One giant step toward blogdom!

  29. After much deliberation, count me in for the knitting olympics! As I’m slow as dirt knitting I’m not going in for the whole sweater, just two cabled sleeves to go with what I’ve knitted already. Sleeves are my knitting albatross. This should be just the kick to get them done with speed.

  30. Ok, Steph. Enough of the “talking to Americans” stuff. I just snowshoed 7.8 kilometers and had to figure out that was nearly 5 miles.

  31. I will be attempting a sweater, but I’m still in high school so the only major threats to completion will be unfortunatly homework. This is a great idea!

  32. It’s official – I’m on the USA Lace Team! I’ll be doing Violets by the River (from Blackberry Ridge). I can’t wait to start!!!!

  33. Yet another for you to add. I’ll be knitting my first sweater, Rowan’s “Bless” cardigan. Thanks so much for doing this, what fun!

  34. Hi! Can I join too? I’m going to attempt my first ever steeked fair isle sweater (baby-sized though, so I have a snowball’s chance in you-know-where of finishing it.) My blog is

  35. I want to knit for the gold too! I’m currently spinning an alpaca/angora blend fingeringweight with which I wil make a Feather and Fan scarf.

  36. It isn’t that the computers are able to do more, it is the operator. You know, like give us both some sock yarn and needles – yours will come out nicer and faster than mine (hey, I’m not a sock pro!). So, in summary, you gain the skills by sitting there and cursing a lot. A lot. Wouldn’t you rather curse at wool than a computer screen? ‘Cause wool does a much cuter time-out. Especially when you point the needles at the wall.
    And oh, I learned how to talk team Knitter-English after learning 10cm=4in. I can’t do any other conversions without Google. Have you seen this book? – Knitting Languages by Margaret Heathman ( )
    An oh, don’t open up your magic box, it lets all the magic smoke out 😉

  37. Sign me up.
    I’m going to make the sleeveless top #23 in VK Holiday by Mari Lynn Patrick. I just love her designs!
    The challenge is that I have to pay attention to be sure the lacey pattern works out – something I haven’t done in quite some time.

  38. I want to join the Knitting Olympics! My project will be a pair of cabled socks in Dale of Norway (don’t know what color yet) for my husband – his holiday present was six pairs of socks during the year – this will pair no. 2. Complicating my participation is that I’ll be travelling most of the time the games are on but socks are portable!
    How do I put the button on my blog?
    Nina, Pacifica, CA

  39. Thank you AllisonH for the dark chocolate reference.I knew it was healthy! Rams? Since I am not even remotely near CA, the Two Buck Chuck ain’t a happenin from this part of the mitten. Bittersweet chocolate I can do.(Can truffle making be an olympic event? Naw, I didn’t think so.)

  40. I just realized that I wasn’t very clear on my participation – so I’m posting to say – definately add me to the list and I’ll just be a late withdrawel (or end up with a DNF (ugh you can tell I live in a family of Nascar fans can’t you) if I can’t participate.
    Project to be determined based on same situation that made me wishy-washy on my original post, LOL

  41. I find it very interesting to peruse the list and see what everyone plans to knit. Some challenging projects for sure.

  42. 702 people on the list, as of a few minutes ago. No, I did not count. I selected and copied your list, ‘exported’/copied this to Excel, sorted to take out the empty lines, and voila! Magic in 60 seconds, tops.
    Not like I don’t have anything else to do – like clearing the deck of some of my UFO’s so I can knit-along without feeling (too) guilty.

  43. I noticed I wasn’t the only Tubey maker so I made a button:
    If that doesn’t show up, you can go to and see it there in the right-hand bar.

  44. Submitting myself to play for Team GB at novice level.
    Will attempt Mrs Beeton Wristlets from
    Thanks for heaps of fun!

  45. Oh this is getting big! (My brother is even thinking of joining, with three whole weeks of experience.)
    I can’t wait to see who manages to finish. (It won’t be me.)

  46. You do realize that you have spread a new form of knit-craziness across the globe! Yarn store owners are chortling themselves to sleep! And this from a person who quilted their way through the America’s Cup live broadcasts, so I know from nutty goals. I’m down to a choice of 1 of 3 shawls. So of course I had to order the yarn for one of them so that I could properly choose. 😎 So, I guess I’m on Team Lace America – Shawl division.
    BTW, the only reason I didn’t tell you my DVT story is that I didn’t want to scare the beegeezus out of you. Suffice it to say that you are lucky, should avoid green veggies and eat chocolate. How many conditions come with that recommendation? And for you other Olympians – every hour, stand up and stretch – walk to the fridge, get a beer, walk back. Or you may also end up visiting your friendly vascular lab for that fun doppler flow study. Eh? Now let me diddle some HTML to let me import those buttons to my homepage….

  47. Oh to have the talents of the people who can makes computers do their bidding. I was telling a co-worker today that my laptop at home ‘makes funny noises and shuts itself down when I try to play games’. Since that’s about as technical as I get, he said I could bring it to the office on Monday and he’d check out the hardware for me. Nice man.
    Question though – how d’you figure you’ll be able to handle the Absolute Knitting Monogamy required to get your Danger sweater done in 16 days? Or is that where the wine comes in?

  48. Ok, for all you Americans that do not have a button for your specific project, I made a “Team USA” button-
    Steph, the power of your blogging never ceases to amaze me. What can I say? We knitters adore you!

  49. I’m starting to turn green with envy of these Knitting Olympics. I really want to do it but am also a tap dancer and my tap group is putting on a big self-produced show right smack-dab in the middle of the Olympics! Too much to do, too much anticipated exhaustion from many nights of tap dancing. I know I’d fall asleep over my knitting! Best of luck to all you Olympians out there, both American and Canadian! I can’t wait to see the amazing outcomes of such dedicated knitting!

  50. I was just looking at the list of Olympians, and I have to say I’m incredibly impressed by the representation from the under 18 crowd. Very Cool!

  51. I have been thinking and thinking of what my Knitting Olympics project would be. So after some thought I’m planning on making the modular sweater in Vouge knitting, issue Spring/Summer 2004 page 54. I have the supplies, I will be useind Blue Sky alpaca/silk in the baby blue shade.

  52. Um� I don’t want to be demanding, or to put undue pressure on you ��God knows I’m in awe of your dedication to your craft, and your blog, AND all us readers. But I have a teensy tinsy suggestion. How about a link to the Olympics page in your sidebar?

  53. To Maria in Mass., there is indeed a link-it is right under the TSF link!
    Just tryin’ to save Steph some time!

  54. Maybe your personal Knitting Olympics challenge should be “Keeping up with the Knitting Olympics HTML stuff”! 🙂

  55. Those socks are so cute. I totally agree with Clairelight and the yoga comments, I don’t think I would quit touching my toes.:) I would really love to join the olympics but as it is I’m going to be busy spinning like the wind. An art gallery here in Memphis wants to sell my yarn. Wise venture I’m not sure but I’m going to give it a go. I wish all of you olympians the best of luck and I’ll be cheering you on while spinning myself into a drunken frenzy.:)

  56. I would like to join the USA Knitting Olympics Team. I haven’t picked a project, but it is either going to be Samus from the fall 2005 Knitty, or its going to be some lace project. I’ve never tried lace before, so I’m a bit scared to give it a go, but I promised my best friend that I’d make her a shawl for her wedding in November. We are going to try to incorporate it into her flowers for the ceremony (somehow) so it has to be done soon as florists are already starting to make plans.

  57. Count me in to the Knitting Olympics too! My personal challenge is Rowan’s Birch shawl – my first piece of lacework.
    Now I wish I had a blog so I could use the “Team Canada” button!

  58. I am currently working on Starmore’s Mary Tudor-since that is already started(among others) I will put it aside and knit an Aran pullover-either the Halcyon Aran in Harrisville Flax & Wool or The Cable Guy Sweater which I have been planning on knitting in Shinano(THAT is the one that I have the best chance of finishing…)
    Good luck to all-Elizabeth

  59. Umm, I don’t know if I did something wrong, but I did respond to the first call for Olympic knitters, but I’m not on the list. I do appreciate that you’ve had an overwhelming response and certain personal issues (hope you’re AOK now) to deal with. I don’t have a blog (I never knew there were so many people who did!) but I really would like to join in. Anyway, I’ve changed my mind about what I’m doing, it’s going to be Birch, which I’ve wanted to knit for ages, but kept putting off. Go Team UK!

  60. I am delurking to join the Knitting Olympics and add my name to your ever-expanding list. I am VERY excited to be attempting the Union Square Market Pullover from the Fall 05 Interweave Knits. Go team USA! Good luck to all the Olympians. -Irene

  61. The thing with Vit K is to keep the intake consistent from day to day. Avoiding it means avoiding healthy foods and their nutrients which we need.

  62. Is anyone making a Irish Knitting Team button? I’ll be knitting a shawl, not necessarily lace. Any other Irish joining the knitting Olympics? As an aside, I’ve only been an Irish citizen for 11 months, but am proud to be Irish! Go team! If no one else joins me, can I still be considered a team?

  63. I would love to join the Knitting Olympics! I will be making a pair of Fiber Trends felted clogs, probably with some embellishment. Getting them done in the time frame at this time of year will be tough (I’m a teacher-tons to grade), and they will be my very own (another challenge, since I never knit for myself)! Super excited, thanks for the push.

  64. Count me in for the Olympics. I’ll be joining the American Lace Team, I think, since I just got a whole ton of laceweight mohair blend that is begging me to be a shawl. I’ve never successfully DONE a shawl before. I will be swatching (er, TRAINING, yes, training) til we start. XD
    –Jenny, who goes by GamerKnitterWriterGeek because there are other Jennies here. GO KNITTER OLYMPIANS!

  65. I thought I had replied before, but when I searched for me, I wasn’t there!
    I’m going to knit felted clogs (something previously untried) for my wife, son and myself! And I love having deadlines. Thanks, Harlot, for taking this on!
    I will be sure to pass the word on to my Stitches in Britches group — a new Mens SnB here in Chicago. I’m sure the guys will want to compete!

  66. Hey, Stephanie. You didn’t say anything about your leg (or tummy) so we’ll assume you’re doing well. I wasn’t sure if anyone else had done this, and you may run after me with pointy sticks for this but…I posted about your Olympics on the KnitList *runs and hides* just think, you’re creating a world record in the blog community and this is THE big thing to hit knitting right now! Do you think you may do a summer Olympics thing? *sheepish smile* It would be much easier on those in school and definitely fun, a reason to knit when it’s hot out. You could make a form or something, I’m sure you’ll be way more organized and have help if/when you do this again.
    Here, have some dark chocolate, it’ll make you feel better 🙂

  67. GO Aidan! I love men who knit! Of course, at some point, I get jealous of them, because they usually knit complex things beautifully!

  68. I’m a machine knitter that doesn’t really know how to hand knit (i attempted and gave up at age 7), so I am going to apply myself and conquer the world of hand-knitting by knitting a scarf with the new yarn I just ordered from Knitpicks–Sierra in Leaf. Is there a newbie category or a Junior Olympics? Go team USA!

  69. Hello from the U.S. midwest. Please sign me up, whenever you have time! for the Olympics. I hadn’t decided just what to do, but now that I have just come from the Mossy Cottage, I know that I’m doing a small sweater. I think I can do it. I WILL do it! Hope your leg is better.

  70. I would love to participate in the KO. I’ll be entering with the shrug from the cover of the spring issue of Knit It! magazine.

  71. I’m feeling quite bereft … my marathon is over. I started at the beginning on Sunday (too early to join in the Olympics but then I don’t think that reading counts) & have today read your very latest post. I’ve finished your book as well. I want to say thank you for so many gleeful hours that I’ve spent in your company. It has helped to cheer me up at the end of a long down time. There’s so much warmth transmitted through your words that it feels like I’ve made a friend – then it just feels odd because of course you have no idea who I am so it’s pretty much one-sided. Anyway, I wanted to thank you.
    I’m very relieved to hear that the dvt was probably a false alarm – your loved ones must have been so relieved.
    Do you wear those special socks for flying? Please wear those special socks for flying. I wonder if somewhere there is a knitting pattern …

  72. lol! I’d wondered if you’d linked to me, as all of a sudden I received a flurry of requests to join Team Canada.
    For those interested, leave a comment on my blog so I can add you to the roster.
    Also, there’s a Team Canada pub outing (Toronto only, unless someone wants to organize one elsewhere) in the works for the Opening Ceremonies (and prolly other special nights like the Hockey games, or bobsleighing!). I’ll let Stephanie know when it is so she can let all you lovies in on it too 🙂

  73. How wonderful you and your ally are to keep track of this olympic venture!! You guys are great! And so are your socks. I have the same problem with knitting socks–how to maintain knitting interest AND use exciting yarn. I say, forget the dilemma. you will know there is a lovely lace pattern in there, and the socks do look better as lace than as plain. Do you make socks to have a big treat for the feet and to maintain your knitting addiction or to impress other people??

  74. add me to the team Olympics.. sock category please.
    I am a self taught sock knitter, and this limited time is certainly a challenge.. to that I have tossed down the gaunlet to myself of adding a lacey pattern and adjusting the foot sizing and shaping a new heel (previous sock recipient did not like prior heel attempt)
    Let the games begin!!
    P.S. Can’t wait to meet you at madrona Fiber Arts festival in Tacoma!!
    Is there a sock knitters Olympic buttons I can add to my blog?

  75. Hello again,
    Please place me is the USA Sock team!
    My Tour de Fource will be a red lace sock, though I haven’ designed the pattern yet.
    Lace has been my nemisis and have yet to try a traditional heel flap! So 2 challanges for me. This should slow me down a bit. I can knit a pair of socks in a week with only an hour or two in the evenings available to me.
    Thanks for all the hard work you do and coping with all the insanity you have dreamed up all by yourself. Your “wacked” but we love and appreciate you none the less!

  76. Hi, I’d like to try this. Since finals are also in the middle of this, I’d like to try my first sock…but just one. Thanks, Brie.

  77. Oh, I hope your veins are better! That stuff is nasty business!
    And: You’re crazy as usual, and hundreds of others follow. Fantastic.
    I’m still pondering here.
    Good luck with your health *and* the madness.

  78. I for one don’t consider that Koigu ‘wasted’. That sock is gorgeous! While the lace pattern isn’t easily visible, it still really adds something to the whole look.

  79. Love the lace socks!
    Please count me in for the Olympics! I will attempt one plain sock from any English language pattern. The challenge will be trying to figure out all the abbreviatons, sice I usually knit in Swedish. Great idea, I can hardly wait!!
    Btw, you don’t have a button for “Team Sweden”? 🙂

  80. I’m in as well! I just have to nail down what I’m going to cast on. I SHOULD pick something quick and easy! But, I’m a process knitter (according to your book) and I just love the knitting. I will be attempting a custom designed sweater on circular needles. I’ll check out the buttons!

  81. Hi Stephanie,
    I would love to be part of the olympic family.
    I’m coming from Germany and I’ll knit the Flower-Basket-Shawl from Interweave Knit.
    My blog is:
    but it’s a German blog, of course.
    I’ve tried to send a mail to you, but it doesn’t work. Thanks a lot for all your power and energy to organize this projekt for us.
    Have a good day
    Kristin from northern Germany

  82. Hi Stephanie,
    I would love to be part of the olympic family.
    I’m coming from Germany and I’ll knit the Flower-Basket-Shawl from Interweave Knit.
    My blog is:
    but it’s a German blog, of course.
    I’ve tried to send a mail to you, but it doesn’t work. Thank you for all your power and energy to organize this project for us.
    Happy knitting to all of us
    Kristin from northern Germany

  83. I am so glad to see you are feeling better.
    Not that I am trying to give you more work to do, but I would like to change my project. It has been brought to my attention that there will be a wee one visiting us soon (not mine) so I thought this might be a good opportunity to knit up a baby afghan. As much as I look forward to finally knitting Clapotis, I think she will have to wait. BTW…I love your socks and I would really like to attempt a pair. Maybe one of these days I will knit for myself….lol.

  84. Okay both myself and my aunt (I’m sure she’ll comment) will be Knitting Olympians. Right now we’re deciding on projects. Thinking about the entrelac felted market bag as neither of us has done entrelac. But the more I think about it the more I feel your Harlot influence has worked it’s ways on you. I have two afghans requested by my boys (4 & 7 1/2) that I have to make… but wouldn’t it be more of a challenge to do one for each AND a pair of Fuzzy Feet to go with… Maybe I should do coordinated sweaters for the two of them….
    At this point, I’m thinking the only thing saving me from complete over the edge is the fact that I only have TWO children. 🙂

  85. Jodee! We are doing the same thing! Kewl! Now we have a name, “Team Cable.” Thank you for that, too. Mine is in Noro Kocheron color #34. What is yours being done in. I love that pattern and it seems to be a great intro to more complex cables and chart reading. Good luck to us both!

  86. Jodee! We are doing the same thing! Kewl! Now we have a name, “Team Cable.” Thank you for that, too. Mine is in Noro Kocheron color #34. What is yours being done in. I love that pattern and it seems to be a great intro to more complex cables and chart reading. Good luck to us both!

  87. I decided to give it a go, yet I am saddened for you as adding more names seems to add more to your work load. Fantastic idea! You should be given a prize of somesort just for thinking it up! I’m going to attempt a lacy baby blanket. Never tried before. And if you are assigning teams, add me to Team Canada!

  88. I decided to give it a go, yet I am saddened for you as adding more names seems to add more to your work load. Fantastic idea! You should be given a prize of somesort just for thinking it up! I’m going to attempt a lacy baby blanket. Never tried before. And if you are assigning teams, add me to Team Canada!

  89. I hate to do this to you but I wanna join too! I will use this opportunity to attempt a cabled scarf for teh first time. You should NEVER have posted that story about the dear woman who will attempt one stitch a day. It shamed me into signing up!
    Bless your heart. This should be fun.

  90. OK, I definitely want in. I’m going to knit my husband a sweater (he’s very afraid…)I noticed there’s no entry fee, so instead,as a thanks to you, Stephanie, for once again coming up with an entertaining , challenging & crazy idea, I made a donation to MSF. And, in honor of Lene’s inspiration, I also made a donation to the Athritis Foundation.
    Let the games begin!

  91. OK, I definitely want in. I’m going to knit my husband a sweater (he’s very afraid…)I noticed there’s no entry fee, so instead,as a thanks to you, Stephanie, for once again coming up with an entertaining , challenging & crazy idea, I made a donation to MSF. And, in honor of Lene’s inspiration, I also made a donation to the Athritis Foundation.
    Let the games begin!

  92. Okay, I can’t resist!
    I’m in, and I’m knitting a Flower Basket Shawl! I believe there will be other Norwegians joining me/us, so we’ll be sporting a “Norway Team” button shortly.
    Thank you for thinking up all this fun!

  93. I’d like to enter the Knitting Olympics My project will be the Felted Entrelac Tote from Knitpicks designed by Melanie Smith. My mother made this “tote” and it looks absolutely fabulous. I’ve never done entrelac and have only felted fish so this would be a challenge for me. I’m part of Strandedsisters. One of my sisters is a felting expert and I think she will be signing up soon. We all live far away from one another so it will be interesting to see what we all come up with.

  94. Thanks for starting the Knitting Olympics, this is going to be so much fun. I signed up the other day had no project in mind but decided on the Higland Triangle Shawl from Folk Shawls, I’ll be using some blue silky/wool from Elsebeth Lavold. The buttons are great too. Since there are so many Kate’s, I can be Kate R or Kate from Idaho.

  95. Um, Steph? Slight change in plans here. I’m the Lynn without a blog, who promised to knit 10 hats for Afghans for Afghans. I’ve been seduced elsewhere. I’m planning on knitting the African Domino cardigan out of Marianne Isager’s new book, Knitting Out of Africa. Size 2 needles, modular knitting, 4000 yards or so of itsy-bitsy yarn. That’s DURING the Olympics. BEFORE the Olympics start, I will start and finish those 10 hats for the Afghans. I’ve just cast on the first one. (And stocked up on chocolate)
    Blame it on Puritan guilt mixed with obession. Not a shred of common sense in there at all. I might have to start a blog just to keep track of myself.

  96. Another hopeful entrant here — go team Canada! I’m planning on attempting the Hourglass Sweater event, from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.
    Yet another Michelle, aka Not An Artist

  97. Ok since I restarted knitting in October ish I’ve started three cardigans for me. Two aran one plain and they aren’t finished but nearly are. So for the knitting olympics may I suggest a new team… the Finish WIPs Team… I shall be attempting to complete the three cardigans… only three sleeves, pocket borders, buttonhole bands and of course all that darn sewing.

  98. (can’t resist)
    …if you were from Finland, would that be the Finnish Finish WIPs Team? ;-D

  99. Love the socks. Never tried Koigu, always thought it looked funny in the skein but the color changes are great! Gonna have to try it, after the other projects are done. Or say wth, go and get more yarn.
    Excel? That’s what I’m using to plot my Na Craga. Have to share this — I was looking at the pattern last night, wondering yet again what I’d gotten into, saw the needle size, and yelped out to the entire room “This d—ed sweater uses a 6 and 7!” And my friend’s daughter promptly chimed in “So I guess you’ll be at 6’s and 7’s trying to knit that monster, right?”
    And like some others, noticed I’m not on the list right now, but since shel is after the other names currently listed, I’m sure I’ll be back up there eventually. And oh the buttons, they’re driving me to blog. I’m gonna haveta go to bloglines. Or maybe just finally set up that livejournal account my fanfic friends have been harping me to get . . .

  100. I’d like to join Knitting Olympics too! And I’m going to knit something that I have designed clue yet what it is.
    Eeva, from Finland

  101. I will join your olympic knitting. I have no idea what I will knit yet, but I’m looking for the appropriate project. I happen to live in Colorado Springs, the home of the Olympic Training Center, but I don’t think this will help me any. 🙂

  102. I would also like to join the Olympics. I’ll be knitting a sweater for my daughter. Thanks for putting this together, you have taken on a mighty big task! Amy in AR

  103. Please add me to your astronomically long list of Knitting Olympians … and thanks for the awesome idea!
    As a proud member of Team USA, I will be knitting either my first felted project (Kitty Pi cat bed) or my first lace project (Branching Out scarf).
    I have yarn for both projects and am currently training hard (swatching up a storm). I am also, per your excellent suggestion, stocking appropriate consumables in sufficient quantity to ensure a positive result on any random (or prescheduled) drug test.

  104. I just started reading your blog last week and I love it! Sorry to add yet another knitter to your long list, but I would also like to join the Olympics as a part of Team Canada (I’m from Toronto too). I’m going to knit my first ever sweater.

  105. Two comments –
    How in the heck can Rachel H know the AGE of the commenters? She thinks there are a lot of under-18 knitters. That’s weird.
    Also – I’m already on the list, but I’m actually doing the Fairly Easy Fair Isle instead of what is listed. Not to be picky but… I guess that puts me on the Fair Isle Team in a kind-of-cheating way.
    Thanks for doing this!

  106. Hi!
    I’m in for the Olympics too 😀 I think I’ll make my first pair of socks, for my dad who complains he doesn’t have enough of them. OK, I comfess of stealing them from him 🙂
    If there is a Team France, that’s the one I want to be on :p

  107. Got my yarn (louet linen),am in training for the chocolate and coffee part and have changed my project to Kimono Shawl From Folk Shawls (still staying in the lace division) !!!! ( I know, its not enough we signed up by the bus loads but now some of us are changing projects….)

  108. count me in for socks….considering I’ve not finished my first pair and they were started months ago….finishing anything (besides scarves!) in 16 days will be a challenge….well, not getting distracted and working on something else, THAT is the challenge!

  109. If this isn’t the straw that broke the camel’s back, I’d like to join in. I plan to present a program consisting of a lace shawl, but the free program will be a surprise.

  110. Count me in for USA Sock Team. I’ll be making a pair for DH with the Evening Shades alpaca/merino worsted I dyed a few weeks ago.

  111. Dear steph – you must be wondering what you’ve started. I’m not able to devote time to Knitting Olympics either but I’d be happy to join the support crew – sort of a delegate on the IKOM committee. Let me know if you’d like some donated prizes and I’ll send them to the nominated winner.
    Australians – what about ganging up for a Team Australia?

  112. Hi ,
    I am somewhat confused and would like to know if I can participate even though I don’t have a blog ?
    I would like to knit on the Canada team ( I am of French- French & Belgian-Flemish blood, born and raised in Germany, have a German passport and now live in Mexico…)
    A bit of my heart is in Canada and the Rogue sweater I would knit is for a friend in the Frazier Valley…, the Canadian team would make perfect sense…..
    This is a great challenge even if I can’t participate…
    Mexico City

  113. Georgina, as in the Georgina I know from the smocking Guild? As in the Georgina that has an orchid named after her?
    I’m having my son help me with starting a blog after I get home from work tonight. When I get it together, I’ll let y’all know and we can plan a Colorado Springs closing ceremony party….
    I’ve taken a good long hard look at the event I entered and realized I am crazy, and knowing that, I am still planning on the same ladybug idea I had before. In the spirit of EZ, the hat will be the swatch, and as soon as the “training materials” show up in my mailbox, I’ll be all set. The requisite drugs (wine, chocolate, energy drink,tea and coffee) are in readiness for the training.
    I do have a small issue with timing, because unlike the lucky person who is going to be a passenger for a 12 hour car ride during this time, I get to be a DRIVER for a 20 hour car trip. Oh well, we all know setbacks happen for Olympians, so I guess this is mine. It will make crossing the finish line even sweeter, I hope.

  114. I’ve always wanted to be an Olympian. Sign me up for Team USA. I’ll be knitting socks, which is a HUGE challenge for me, since I’m a new knitter.

  115. The lovely lady over at Nerd Knits is trying to hassle her boyfriend into making us a Drunken Pirate Olympics button…
    Hey, this goes WAY beyond fair isle challenge, dude…we’re talking handspun rainbows for me, anyway…Plus, as much as I love the JenLa buttons, I can’t knit for Team USA. In principle, and in practise, cause, duh, I don’t live there anymore…
    Pass the merlot.

  116. Hi, can you put me on the list, please? (But not in our break.)
    I’m knitting my first ever lace-shawl, and I’m scared!
    I’m in the Norwegian team. [img][/img]

  117. Yep. My Olympics project is definitely going to be an Icelandic pullover (gulp). I bought an obscene amount of Karabella Aurora Bulky yarn today for it and everything. Tomorrow, I’ll start doing the math for the proportions and figuring out what color-work patterns I want on the yoke. Phew! Training is tough work!

  118. Memo Date: 21JAN06
    To: Knitting Olympic Athletes
    Re: Olympic Knitting List – missing names past the middle of the Ss…
    The blog choked. There are over 1200+ knitters. 😉
    While “experts”(read: Ken) are consulted, please continue your training and leave new entries and updates after the beep.

  119. Okay, Steph – I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to knit FOUR (4) Chemo Caps and one “H2O” hat for the Knitting Olympics. I actually know several people who NEED/WANT the caps, and so this is good incentive for me to get them done. Thank You!!

  120. Okay, I’ve been hooked too.
    Please add me to the list of athletes. My event will be an Aran baby blanket, but sampler style so as to try 40 different stitches to assemble into an over-sized baby blanket for the newest addition to the family — little Finn.
    I might go insane with a project on this kind of “time budget” but at least I won’t get bored.

  121. Count me in at the Olympics 🙂 I think I’m making Branching Out, while I’m not that fast knitter ;>
    And I’m from Finland 😉

  122. Sign me up for the Olympics, hopefully there will be several of us finishing together at Skip North so blocking could be a challenge in a youth hostel 🙂 I plan to make my third attempt at the peacock wash cloth, I know it doesn’t sound like much of a challenge but as I say it is my third attempt, and just to add to my olympic bid I am going to throw in a pair of socks. Go team GB

  123. hi stephanie! i would like to join too! i hope you get the “danger” sweater done it time…you have a lot of names to list, and I am sure only more are going to join 🙂 It would be a challenge to me if I knitted the Chevron Rib Tank from IK. I have been planning that for a year now, and this is perfect timing to get it DONE!!!!

  124. Hi there,
    duh, I didn’t realize that by putting my full name in the “name” line that’s how it would appear on the Olympic athletes’ list. The blanket I’m making is a surprise for my sister. Would it be possible to change my name to “Michele C” instead? Thanks and sorry to add to the workload!

  125. I would like to join in the knitting olympics. I will be making the Baby’s First Tattoo sweater from Stitch N Bitch Nation.
    THANKS! :c)

  126. Shelly – I don’t know the actual ages of all the knitters, but on the KO participants page it’s noted that we have Olympians aged 7, 8, 11 and 14, and I think the 16 yo Elizabeth who did such an amazing job of the Snowdrop shawl is in, and there were a couple of knitters who mentioned they were high school students so the under 18 part is a guess there. I told an 8 year old friend who’s just learning to knit about this last night, and she may join too. Which I think would be GREAT.

  127. Count me in from the American team. I am going to knit a round, somewhat lacy baby blanket for hubby’s cousin who is pregnant and due in March. Mommy-to-be is decorating the room in Cinderella, so the blanket is going to be baby blue. Yup, it’s a girl. Finally, a pregnant woman with enough sense to understand my need to know the sex of the baby so I can make something appropriate.

  128. Good Morning Stephanie,
    now that you have cleared up my confusion…….thank you for answering……….please count me in:
    with a Rogu Sweater on the Canadian Team…….I am already digging the starting holes……..and eating a protein rich diet for endurance……..
    Mexico City

  129. I want to join in the Olympics, too! I am attempting a shawl from my handspun yarn from a lovely Shetland sheep (lamb?) called Calley. (Her picture was with the roving, and I adore her.) Now I just have to finish spinning the yarn before February 10th!!! (Is this an Olympic sport of its own?)
    Thanks for the motivation, and remember to BREATHE!
    Lorie in Ohio

  130. I’d like to sign up for the U.S.A. team! :o) I’m going to attempt the Beloved Bobblicious! I LOVE you Yarn Harlot! You’re my hero!

  131. I feel bad about adding to your crushing workload, but put me down for sox – my first (maybe) pair! Definately one sock will be done.
    Don’t have a pattern. I’m heading to the LYS today to pick yarn. This is great motivation to wrap up some of the current projects!

  132. Can I be a knitting wimp and do socks for the olympics? Sweaters take me years and socks would be a challenge since they take me months in the best of times. How about a dishcloth :-)?

  133. Please count me in on your Olympics Knitting event! I’ll be knitting the Baby Bobble Jacket from Debbie Bliss’ “Cotton Knits For All Seasons”. I guess this will put me on “Team Cable Knits”. Thanks so much.

  134. Can you add a new knitster to my Blog.
    GG is a new knitter and wants to make a scarf for her olympic project. Probably ascot length in a simple garter stitch pattern in the color pink! I taught her to knit last week. I will post her project updates on my blog.
    We will have to make a starting exception for her. She will be in class when the opening ceremonies start. Is it ok if she starts Friday evening?

  135. Thank you for doing this — it’s a great idea! Please count me in for one Moose Hat from Bea Ellis.

  136. HARLOT!!!!!
    As an intermediate knitter (at best), I have always been in awe of you. I thought we would never have that much in common, and indeed! There were times I felt a little snobbish and resentful towards your obvious talent for writing and knitting. But now, Stephanie, I feel a tugging in my heart for you, because I HAVE A DVT TOO.
    If you ever, ever want to swap stories, ask questions, or just need a virtual ear (you won’t mind if I knit while I listen right), I am here for you.
    I’d also be honored to pieces if you had a snippet of time to visit my site:
    PS I too had Lovonox shots in the tummy, and I know how painful – and colorful! – they can be. Sending you (gentle) hugs.
    Love, Aurora

  137. HARLOT!!!!!
    As an intermediate knitter (at best), I have always been in awe of you. I thought we would never have that much in common, and indeed! There were times I felt a little snobbish and resentful towards your obvious talent for writing and knitting. But now, Stephanie, I feel a tugging in my heart for you, because I HAVE A DVT TOO.
    If you ever, ever want to swap stories, ask questions, or just need a virtual ear (you won’t mind if I knit while I listen right), I am here for you.
    I’d also be honored to pieces if you had a snippet of time to visit my site:
    PS I too had Lovonox shots in the tummy, and I know how painful – and colorful! – they can be. Sending you (gentle) hugs.
    PPS. Oop! I almost forgot…I’ll be knitting dh’s birthday socks for the Olympics 🙂
    Love, Aurora

  138. Two things-
    I’d like to encourage all athletes to get out one of those electric candles you put in your window at Christmas and light it when they light the torch at the opening ceremony. We all extinguish them together when the torch is extinguished at the closing ceremony. I know I’m a dork, but if you think about it, it could be a nice moment of knitterly unity…..
    Also- I can’t see the buttons on Jen and La’s page. I just get a row of red x’s running around my screen. If anyone can tell me how to fix that, I’d be much obliged. Usually a toolbar pops up that says “click here to view pictures” but this time there isn’t one.
    Christine (greek pullover)

  139. I’m in for the Olympicknit events. Put me down for a pair of socks, which I’ve never done before. Yay for the challenge (and for the opportunity to complete one of my new year’s resolutions.)

  140. Could you please add my 9-year-old daughter to your list of Knitting Olympics participants? Her name is Audrey, and she will be knitting the second of a pair of ribbed pulsewarmers. (This pair–the first of which constituted her swatch–represents her first ribbed project, first project knit in the round, and first project on dpns. I swear I did not put her up to this. That honor belongs entirely to you.) Thanks!

  141. Hi, could you add my name too to the knitting Olympics participants. I’m going to knit either a sweater or a shawl, not sure yet which one. I’m a member of Team Finland!

  142. Okay Yarnharlot, count me in for the Olympics, I hope I’m not too late. I’m going to make a pair of socks in the Super Simple Knitwit Sock Pattern. I’ll be making them for one of my disabled students. I’ve already made a pair to see what alterations were needed for her very small feet and extremely thin legs. I’m not a fast knitter so 16 days should be just about right. Thanks for coming up with this great idea!

  143. Wenche in Norway : That is a very unusual looking sweater. Is it done as a circular knit with sleeves then added?

  144. Dear Stephanie,
    I have been a committed lurker for quite a while – you are such an inspiration and I love your books! I have decloaked to ask can I come too? I would like to join team GB and I think I might try a beaded Green Man hat – my husband is ready with the smelling salts and a quick rub down with the linament.

  145. I’m joining the Olympics! 😀
    I’d like to make things for charity. Hats or baby booties maybe? Toys? Maybe blankets for progect snuggle? I’ll figure that out soon. 🙂
    What a fun idea!

  146. Janna –
    If Audrey likes those pulsewarmers, check out this watchband in the latest Knitty I made it for my 8 year-old for Xmas out of a camo-style sock yarn. Bought an inexpensive Timex for the watch face, he loves it! It’s just like a pulsewarmer, except longer then doubled over. Makes him very popular in the third grade!

  147. Hi Harlot! Please sign me up for the Knitters Olympics!
    I am aiming at the unpossible, knitting the traditional norwegian “Mariusgenser” sweater for myself. I am now desperately searching for a pattern with larger needles than 2.5 and 3
    By the way, I am in Team Norway!

  148. HaHa!! I have dragged my friend, Dana The Timorous, into the Olympics. She will attempt the dreaded two, yes, two complete socks in the time allowed. Said socks are for her DH and there will be no corrections involving frog stitch and she will require long distance support from yours truly.

  149. Hi
    if possible I would like to join the knitting olympics. I am an fairly inexperienced knitter (meaning I rock the scarf in garter stitch…but that is about it.), and I would like to challenge myself to do a shawl or wrap (I am presently auditioing patterns). Thanks!–jenn

  150. my pledge is to knit
    at least 8 hats
    for our local veterans
    homeless shelter
    i felt a time period
    dedicated to charity knitting
    would remind me how
    fortunate i am to have yarn
    and time to dedicate to
    intricate patterns
    in the warmth of my home

  151. After perusing the list of stunning Knitting Athletes, I was astounded to see that the Cajun-American Knitting Team was unrepresented, so I am throwing my toque (hat) into the ring. The Harlot will recall that the only Americans who call a stocking cap a “toque” are Cajuns, certain towns in Northern Maine, and an obscure and tiny population of Acadians who threw in the towel and settled in a remote valley in Tennessee when they realized they were only halfway to Louisiana and it was already way too hot.
    So, not only have I picked out an Official Cajun- American Knitting Team Uniform (a sharp-looking leotard accessorized with a dirty yellow raincoat) and Official Cajun-American Knitting Team Footwear (white rubber fishing boat boots), I have also decided to knit a Koigu Shawl of my own design , and, in honor of my Irish grandmother, an Official Irish Drinking Hat.
    So, those are the official entries for the Cajun-American Knitting Team. May the games begin!
    Dez, who is either in New Orleans or Baton Rouge today, I dont remember.

  152. Hiya, Harlot! Please sign me up for the Knitting Olympics. I’m going to be making the Hanging Garden Lace Stole from Wish me luck!

  153. Okay, okay, sign me up for the Knitting Olympics. I plan on doing a cardi for me, and since I am a plus size woman, it is a big one. For me the challenge isn’t the pattern, its the time. I tend to knit 9 things at once. I spend a few hours on one thing, then set it down for two days to work on three other things! So, my plan is two weeks of knitting on ONE thing! I have made a couple of sweaters, but they take me two months, not two weeks!

  154. request to join team Canada (yeah!) for the knitting Olympics, please. not sure what i’ll make yet but i know it’s not going to be Hardangervidda. 😉 thanks!

  155. While I am loathe to add to your burden, I am going for the Knitting Olympics, too. My event will be the Diamond Fantasy Shawl (The challenge? I’ve never knitted lace before)

  156. I’m caving in and joining up. I wannabe one of the US Lace knitters. I plan on attempting Kiri. Sorry to add to your load!

  157. Stephanie & S.Kate: Emma with the Faroese shawl and Emma in Seattle are the same person. I wanted to distinguish myself from the other Emma’s. I’m knitting for Team Ireland.

  158. Hi, I would like to join up as well. I know you are getting this all the time but this is just too cool!
    I will be attempting a shawl, my name is Nikki Maynard and I will be knitting for Team US!

  159. …and they keep on coming. I’d love to be added to the Olympics. I’ve just worked out ‘plain socks’ and for the Olympics I’ll be attempting a fancy pattern!

  160. I ordered my yarn today! Please sign me up…I will be knitting the Over-the-Knee Socks from Melanie Falick’s Handknit Holidays. I am knitting for Team USA and if there is a US sock knitting team then…

  161. Hi…I would love to join this kal!!! I’m Oslofia from Norway, and I blog over at Since I’m Norwegian, I’ll be knitting for Team Norway 🙂
    I’ll probably be knitting a sweater or hat for my luvly daughter…but since I’m a twin…I will probably change my mind at least 10 times before the Olymipics starts!!!! Go Norway!!!!

  162. Hei Harlot. i`d like to join the knitting olympics. I’ll bee knitting tubey, i hope, and I belong to Team Norway.

  163. HI! One more member from Team Finland would like to join and knit her first Clapotis.
    I�m gonna knit it from the original pattern, it�s also translated in Finnish but here�s my challenge: To knit my first pattern on foreign language.

  164. I spent the weekend (OK – not the whole weekend, just a few minutes – I’m another Excel geek if you need help) setting up a spreadsheet to track progress on my Olympic project. Today I timed my knitting and I come out to a conservative estimate of 21 stitches a minute. I don’t think I have a chance of finishing this project in 16 days, even without work and kids.
    Is it OK to do a BIT of a project – like instead of the WHOLE thing, can I aim to be finished the body up to the armhole steeks?
    Also, if anybody would like help to set up a spreadsheet to track your progress drop me a line. The blog is pretty boring right now but I’ll post my spreadsheet tonight.

  165. Apologies from me, as well. After a week of indecision (“I shouldn’t do this,” “I should finish as many WIPs as I can,” “I should pick something that would deplete my stash,” “What could I do that would constitute a challenge and yet not be so distracting that I can’t actually watch the Olympics?”), the perfect project has presented itself: Nancy Bush’s “Traveler’s Cardigan” from Knitter’s #14. I knit one many years ago (16? 17?), and I have always wanted another one in a more “universally wearable” color. The challenge: the timeframe, and the reality that it’s an extra-long sweater with vast expanses of mind-numbing, solid-color stockinette (with some lovely mock cable detailing that requires some paying attention to). I remember that it was one of the projects I least enjoyed doing at the time, but it is my very favorite sweater to wear (and I don’t travel anywhere). It is the perfect Knitting Olympics challenge for me (and I’ve ordered the yarn, so now I’m committed).
    I’m not a blogger, so it really doesn’t matter to me if I make it on the “official” list or not. (I became an avid reader in the days of anticipating the arrival of Monty, while awaiting the arrival of my own first grandchild.) Signing up here will help fortify my resolve. (Team USA)

  166. I would like to join as well. I’ve decided on a kind of oddball group of projects. I’ll be knitting three items of my design: a Viking hat, a toy chameleon, and something fair isle.

  167. I am sure at some point you will have to say: “That’s it! No more.” It that deadline to sign up is not in effect, yet, sign me up. I will be knitting Estonian socks from Nancy Bush’s Folk socks. Project made mor challenging by circumstances I find myself in. I was debating if I should/should not but I want to. If countries are to be represented, than I am Czech.
    Citius, Altius, Fortius. vj

  168. I can’t resist joining in with all the Olympic fun. This is the only sport it which I stand the remotest chance of ever taking part. I’ve taken on the challenge of a cardigan from Rowan’s Classic Knits. I think I’ll be like the gentleman who ‘ran’ the London Marathon in full diving gear taking over a week to complete!

  169. I’m in for the Olympics. I have picked out an Afghan, which requires 60 squares. I figure if I complete 30 of one color. That leaves 30 squares to make, the sewing, and the border to complete.

  170. I’m going to try to compete in the first time attempting a hat in the round olympic team. Thanks in advance for getting me on the team. GO TEAM GO.

  171. For Saren,
    I am determined to invent a way to knit squares together. And crocheting together is very do-able.
    All the enthusiastic knitters are inspiring…I now have 4 projects going of which two will be finished this month.

  172. Hi:
    Sign me up for the Knitting Olympics. I’ve never made socks so I’ll try the basic sock pattern. I have some Cascaede Fixation, cotton with a bit of elastic in it which I thought would be a good sock yarn since I like a sock with some give to it.

  173. Happy 2nd Stephanie! Thanks for two years of excellent writing. I appreciate your talent for putting into words what so many of us feel but can’t express ourselves. You’ve made us laugh (out loud, in public, and to the detriment of our keyboards when coffee is involved); you’ve made us cry both happy and sad tears; you’ve made us think about things that are happening in our world from a different point of view.
    Thanks again for all you do…

  174. Hi:
    Sign me up for the Knitting Olympics. I’ve never made socks so I’ll try the basic sock pattern. I have some Cascade Fixation, cotton with a bit of elastic in it, which I thought would be a good sock yarn since I like a sock with some give to it.

  175. Let the games begin! Please include me on your growing listing of Olympic knitters. I will be attempting my first stranded pattern. The hat pattern is “We Call Them Pirates” from Hello Yarn.

  176. I want to melt (liquefy?) my brain! I am getting that there Cat Bordhi book and doing the moebius capelet with fuzzy little roving tails out of my handspun Beast. Maybe.

  177. I would love to join the Knitting Olympics.
    I will attempt a triple crazy Summer Braids Cardigan.
    *need more yarn* 😉

  178. Sorry to add to your load, but add me to the list of Olympic Knitters. I’ll be attempting a lace scarf, “Branching Out” from

  179. I am so excited that you have created such an exciting event! It’s so nice to know that I’m not the only crazy knitter out there. Anyways, I will be casting on during Opening Ceremonies with my first pair of socks. I’ve only been knitting seriously for about a year, so I don’t think I’m that far behind the curve.
    If you check out my blog, you’ll see that I never update it. However, I plan on posting progress reports throughout the Knitting Olympics!!!

  180. i would like to join the knitting olympics!! i will be knitting the Showy Shrug from the new issue of Knit It.
    Thank, Laurie

  181. I am going to knit a felted Fair Isles Purse from Vogue knitting. I have never done fair isles before, so this should be a pretty good challenge for me.(Charts are not my strong suit) I am not sure about the wisdom of felting a fair isles piece (losing some of the detail) but the bag looked pretty in the picture, so I’ll give it a try! Go Team USA!! (all knitters, really!)

  182. I am going to knit a felted Fair Isles Purse from Vogue knitting. I have never done fair isles before, so this should be a pretty good challenge for me.(Charts are not my strong suit) I am not sure about the wisdom of felting a fair isles piece (losing some of the detail) but the bag looked pretty in the picture, so I’ll give it a try! Go Team USA!! (all knitters, really!)

  183. I want to be an Olympian too!
    But I haven’t decided what I’ll knit yet…
    And I’m still working on getting my blog up and running, can I still join?!

  184. Hey, Stephanie;
    If we change the project which we have chosen to knit (and I mean now, not after the games begin) should we (gasp, I mean how much work does one woman need, anyway) let you know? Or just tap our knitting needles together, and declare, “I change my Olympic Knitting project.” With appropriate posting on our own blog, of course?
    Almost 1400 knitters. I mean really! Good grief!

  185. Oooh! I want to participate too! . I’ll be making a pair of lace legwarmers! Thanks! -4d

  186. Thanks for adding me! However, you have me down twice for the same thing(s). I don’t mind the double linkage, but sure hope you don’t expect me to do twice the projects!

  187. Count me in…I am back to knitting after a 30 year hiatus and this is the PERFECT way to jump start me…Thank you! I am going to do an afghan…and I am taking your info to my knitting class in Traverse City, MI on Wednesday…Love it!

  188. Please sign me up for the Knitting Olympics. I will be knitting Boogie as featured in I�ve never finished anything in 16 days so this will be a challenge for me.

  189. I up for the Knitting Olympics. New to knitting, but up for the challenge. I’ll be making a bag — my first felted project.

  190. Count me in, too! I am tackling my first pair of socks. Although I have to admit size 1 and 2 needles scare me. It looks like knitting with toothpicks. But I will step up to the Olympics challenge!!

  191. i’m not much of a joiner, but couldn’t resist the the challenge of being an olympic athlete… please sign me up! i’ll be on the usa fair isle knit team making the fair isle skirt in the fall 2005 issue of interweaveknits. i’ve been wanting to make this skirt since i got the mag but resisted…thanks for pushing me to go for the gold!
    carrie –

  192. I would like to sign up for the Olympics. I am planning to knit the lighthouse afghan using stranded and intarsia color methods.

  193. Okay, I’m in. My friend and I (she’s already ‘registered’ herself) are making the shrug from the latest KnitIt magazine. So we really are competing with each other — all out of love. We’ll both wind up with great shrugs and have lots of fun trying to get it done. Thanks for sharing the knitting zeal!

  194. Hello, I found out about this great idea through livejournal communities and I would like to join too.
    I’ll be trying to make a tank top with an image of Pucca in the center.
    I’m also trying to get my husband to do this ribbed sweater.
    Go team Canada!!
    : D

  195. I’ve been drafted — I mean, encouraged! — to join in the Olympic fun! I’ll be knitting some variation of the Celtic Knot Afghan for a friend’s baby. I’m clearly dumb. 🙂 Thanks for inspiring all of us!

  196. Aw yeah, I’m in. I’m making the Fabulous Lace Inset Cardigan from and packing for a cross country move!

  197. Hey Stephanie
    how do I get in on the knitting olympics??
    I am going to make a Ruffled Scarve – picking up stitches to add the ruffle (lace) will be new to me.
    Jeannie Milan

  198. I like to join the Olympic Knitting.
    I have planned to knit a felted bag in my own design. Size and yarn is not ready, but it is several days left!!
    I really look forward to this project!

  199. I am going to knit the baby jeans “Blu” from Knitty. It will be my first project in Rowan Denim, and I am so busy at the moment that even picking up the needles will be a challenge!

  200. I want to join the olympics as well. Here is my blog
    I am going to knit the Berroco Toshiko Tote in Damariscotta Mix (provided the yarn I ordered gets here in time! As a mostly scarf or rectangle knitter I think it will be a challenge. And it’s my first felting attempt. Looking forward to it!

  201. I am an 12 year old girl who has feverishly read your books over and over again. I must get my friend to return one of them so I can re-read it. Your work makes me want to knit and that I’ve done.I will be participating in your challenge and do fingerless gloves with a cable up the middle. (Yikes!)

  202. I would also love to join the Knitting Olympics! I will make myself a Booga Bag as a “side project” within these days. Thank you for this great idea!

  203. Since learning of the Knitting
    Olympics, I am new to the trials and tribulations of the Harlot, which I have enjoyed immensely. Thanks for the inspiration. Did hear you read in Acton, MA., which was great. An airline trip for me will never be the same again.
    My question: following your blog, does this make me a Harlette?

  204. I’m joining the Olympics. My friend Kristina and I will be doing a Clapotis knitalong that we’ve been meaning to do since last summer, when we bought the yarn together. (“If you buy it, I’ll buy it too and we can knit it together!” – you know how it goes…) We are using different colorways of Schaffer Anne. Now, I have to finish knitting Valentine’s socks for my sweetie before Feb 10 so that I can be a 100% Olympian. Thanks!

  205. I would love to join the Knitting Olympics! Please add me to your ever-growing list. I have not decided on my project yet….I will advise ASAP.

  206. Count me in for the knitting Olympics. I am in for my first ever pair of socks. (I have done 1 sock before.) This is an especially big challenge for me because I will have a hard time knitting while watching the Olympics. My blog is Thanks for organizing this!

  207. Oh, I’m probably insane, but I’d like to join the Knitting Olympics! I’ll be signing on with Team Canada. I am going to attempt to complete my first ever pair of socks – my absolute favourite knitted item but the one I am most afraid of. Wish me luck! And thanks so much for organizing this.

  208. I would like to join the knitting olympics. I started knitting on Christmas this year so have only been going at it a month. I am undecided at this time as to what I will do. thanks

  209. I’d like to join the Knitting Olympics with the ambitious goal of completing all projects currently on needles. I know this violates the no cast-on before the flame rule, but considering I have 4 projects going, this should still be a challenge. Add me to team cable, as the Irish Hiking Scarf is what has created such a project backlog.

  210. I decided to be “in” for this Knit Olympics 2006 (yea Team USA). Hopefully I won’t ruin my life but hey it’s only a little over 2 weeks what harm can it do…. I have the yarn for the VK pillow (Nicky Epstein) in Holiday 2005. It’s not so much hard, just hard to knit with synthetic chenilly yarn and those roses are even more time consuming. Hence the challenge. I’m at the starting gate….

  211. I would like to be added to the list for Knitting Olympics. I will be knitting a shawl on circular needles. This will be a big challenge for me. I have only knit scarves and dish cloths and one rather large slipper! It requires casting 131 stitches. The most I have ever cast on was 40. I can’t wait to get started.

  212. I would like to be added to the list for Knitting Olympics. I will be knitting a shawl on circular needles. This will be a big challenge for me. I have only knit scarves and dish cloths and one rather large slipper! It requires casting 131 stitches. The most I have ever cast on was 40. I can’t wait to get started.

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  214. HOLY SMOLY–have been reading the comments on this web since getting up this am and being computer illiterate I’ve been trying to find out WHAT to click on to join the Canada team knitting Olympics. Well if this gets to you in time I’d like to be part of the team too. I’m sick to death of knitting scarfs and dish cloths .Time to “take the needles by their point ” and try a tote bag and a pair of socks . Hope this gets me entered.Thanks for the MOST marvelous “idea” Good Luck every one I know I’ll need all the luck i can get

  215. HOLY SMOLY–have been reading the comments on this web since getting up this am and being computer illiterate I’ve been trying to find out WHAT to click on to join the Canada team knitting Olympics. Well if this gets to you in time I’d like to be part of the team too. I’m sick to death of knitting scarfs and dish cloths .Time to “take the needles by their point ” and try a tote bag and a pair of socks . Hope this gets me entered.Thanks for the MOST marvelous “idea” Good Luck every one I know I’ll need all the luck i can get

  216. HOLY SMOLY–have been reading the comments on this web since getting up this am and being computer illiterate I’ve been trying to find out WHAT to click on to join the Canada team knitting Olympics. Well if this gets to you in time I’d like to be part of the team too. I’m sick to death of knitting scarfs and dish cloths .Time to “take the needles by their point ” and try a tote bag and a pair of socks . Hope this gets me entered.Thanks for the MOST marvelous “idea” Good Luck every one I know I’ll need all the luck i can get

  217. I’m excited to be joining the olympic knitting group. What a great idea! I plan to make my first sock.

  218. Oh boy. Well – count me in. I’m going to make that darned Rogue Hoody that apparently everyone else in the world was making a while back. Somehow I missed that. And I’m officially registering on behalf of my store and Team Knot Another Hat in Hood River, Oregon, where we have (as of today) 12 gleeful knithletes. Woo hoo!

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