Loose ends

Once again I’m stealing from Mamacate and her idea for Random Wednesdays (if indeed it’s Wednesday. Things are a little scattered here. The best evidence would suggest that it is Wednesday, but if I’m wrong, then I’m only boosting Mamacate’s idea to be random, which I sort of manage on my own most of the time…but she’s the one who wrote down the idea.)

1. I finished the Leaf Lace Pullover.


This is the first sweater in a really long time that had a re-knit.

(I’m not as cranky about that as I look, I’m just freezing.) Readers will recall that the first time it was finished, it had arms too tight and shoulders…well. It didn’t have shoulders. Now me, I have shoulders. I have (for a smallish woman) sort of unexpectedly square and broad shoulders, so I’m not ruling out my troubles as “problem with the wearer” rather than “problem with the pattern” or (I hate this one) “problem with the knitter”.


The lack of shoulders caused the front to stretch most unattractively across the upper chest of this knitter, causing her ordinarily somewhat middle-aged but acceptably placed curves to be forced downwards, suddenly resembling half-swaddled blouse bunnies struggling to be free.



The issue of said tightness was relieved by re-knitting the sleeves using the size large instructions, changing the rate of decrease for the raglan so that it matched up, but purposefully winding up with extra stitches at the grafted shoulder. This dealt with the weird seaming issue that Alison had, and gave me another 4cm of space.

2. Tuesdays are for spinning, and the brigade responsible for keeping me working on the yarn for Joe’s gansey will be happy to know that I did spin, one full bobbin and this much


of another. I’m still in love with this Corridale, and the investment I’m making in the fiber prep has a huge payoff. The more time I spend on washing and carding, the happier I am with the spinning. It’s a lesson my spontaneous nature has to learn over and over and over.

3. I am going to The Madrona Fiber Arts retreat. A bunch of you asked, so there you go. I am very, very excited about this (despite the fact that it goes on during the first days of The Olympics recklessly making me an ex-pat for the opening ceremonies and sucking up sweater knitting time). I’m going to get to meet some knitters I openly worship (please, please give me the strength to keep my cool with Sally Melville and Cat Bordhi and…be still my beating heart, let me not gush stupidly over Nancy Bush.) and I’ll be speaking at the Teachers Gallery (free), and hosting “Rescue Roundtables” on Saturday outside the Marketplace. (Yes. Before you ask, it is totally funny to think of me solving other peoples knitting problems. Totally. I am sure that you can guess that if you have a really sincere problem you might want to find Sally Melville or another really useful Teacher.)

4. The yarn for Hardangervidda came. I know that I didn’t share with you my deep and twitchy anxiety that I wouldn’t get it in time…but I am relieved.

5. I am still updating the Athletes list. Your continued patience is appreciated, if you aren’t on the list yet, please don’t re-send your stuff, I end up entering you twice and then make S. Kate berzerk trying to take out duplicates and figure out if we are supposed to have 22 or 23 Lisas. If S. Kate cracks there will be no-one who knows how to work the scary excel sheet and this whole thing will tank. I’ll let you know when I think everybody is up there…and then you can tell me if you are missing.

6. There is lots of very, very cool stuff going on on other blogs to do with the Olympics. I started writing it all down and putting up all the buttons and….It is too much. If you have something cool, like Team Boston or buttons for teams or such, leave it in todays comments and people can come hunt you up. There’s a button for just about everything now….so if you had a hankering, check back with the comments to see what you can get.

7. I’m posting one button, because I can’t believe that The Mysterious K. (from Ryan’s blog) made a button (she’s like a mythic creature to me) and she has no blog of her own.


Also, TMK is a new spinner, and I have a soft spot for new spinners.

8. I am finishing the renovation in the back room (Have you seen the back of my house?) and this afternoon my brother and I are pouring concrete. As much as I think that having a floor in that room could be sort of cool, mixing and pouring concrete makes me cranky.

9. This is probably because it cuts into knitting time.

10. I think that’s normal.

181 thoughts on “Loose ends

  1. Arse. I just posted the below comment on yesterday’s post by mistake – what happens if you don’t check yesterday’s comments. So here it is again. Sorry.
    Happy anniversary! I’d like to sign up for the Knitting Olympics. Sorry.
    I’ll be knitting here in the UK and I’ll be knitting Jaywalker socks as a thirtieth birthday present for my best friend whose birthday falls on the final day of the whole shebang. Please add me to the list. If your fingers haven’t dropped off that is….

  2. Nice sweater. Outta the way.
    TROOPS (as in, those of you without the spunk to read 300 comments) This was mentioned before, but listen up and listen tight. Go to http://2006.bloggies.com/ , scroll down and vote (yes, I know it looks like a nomination page. Apparently he’s lazy) for Youknowho as Best Craft Blog or weasles will come and nest in your stash. (Spinners? You can’t spin weasle. They have teeth. And opinions.) Otherwise someone else will win, which would be ridiculous. It’s dumb enough that we didn’t get her nominated for best Canadian blog (Rick Mercer? Like he ever posts?) and best humor blog.
    Well? What you lookin’ at? GO!

  3. Wow- that sweater looks great- and great on you! You’re sounding busy! In your corner with the cranky thing- today EVERYTHING seems to be cutting into knitting time.

  4. the trouble with mixing and pouring concrete is that it dries out my hands and then the yarn gets caught on them, because who can remember to put the udder cream on them BEFORE getting into the middle of the knitting?.

  5. Thought about knitting the lace leaf…have to admit the wonkyness put me off…I do so love it…care to share exactly how you did it to a mere mortal whose pattern changing abilities are sorely lacking?
    love yours btw…makes me REALLY want to knit it… πŸ™‚

  6. You look fantastic in the sweater. With so much knitting and writing, how do you manage to stay in that great of shape?

  7. Beautiful sweater, and good luck with the concrete. (Having an actual floor is really cool, I promise.)
    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go vote on that page, or Rams will send the Killer Stash Weasels (isn’t that a band?) to get me, and I only just finished with the moths. (Although, Rams? It might be worth it just to see them weasel their little furry way into the freezer.)

  8. Glad the sewater worked out. Anything that cuts into knitting time makes me cranky — except sleep. Lack of sleep also makes me cranky.
    And anyone with your creativity in facing knitting disasters is exactly who you want staffing the rescue roundtable.

  9. I am joining the Knitting Olympics…felting team. I will be making a Booga Bag in red white and blue of course! I *love* all the buttons…but what happened to jenla and knottygirlsDOTcom??? I got a message saying their domain name expired. It comes up as a dating service page…yuck. I hope JenLa’s back soon!

  10. Your sweater is gorgeous. And that shade of green really complements the leaf pattern. I’m also a pretty petite girl with broad shoulders. I would so appreciate it if you would share the details of your modifications. I’m a relatively new knitter and don’t think I could recreate your changes on my own.

  11. OK, this is going to sound stupid, but I just think you’re such a sweetheart that just seeing you standing there is your adorable new sweater just made me smile. You’re one of those people I just want to hug for some reason. Or for no reason at all.
    Thanks for giving Team Boston a shout out. We’re doing our best to collect buttons from other people doing cool stuff with the Olympics and I have to say, Team Angstylvania is so far up our alley, it’s making us walk funny!

  12. Go ahead. Gush stupidly. If the authors/knitters are anything like you, they will smile sweetly and say how fantastic it is to meet you finally (even if they’re lying, you won’t be able to tell)… I mean, you were at least this kind to me and my stupid eyebrow wiggling episode, these people cannot possibly be any less magnanimous.
    Besides, Nancy is a doll. I loved chatting with her over the phone when I was ordering my books from her website, even if the patterns in her books have me alternately pining for pointy, braid-edged cuff mittens and poking my eyes out with size “0” DPNS.

  13. Ummm, Rams?
    Could you cut down on the coffee a bit??
    (And yes, I did vote, and was also pissed that Rick Mercer beat out Steph – love him, but he’s spotty on the posting…)
    Steph – quite the teacher list for Madrona! WIsh I could come, but I will settle for a short row seminar this weekend with Maureen.
    Love the sweater.

  14. Hmmm, a new concrete floor, huh? Perfect place for Son of Washie, where teenagers go to make their own damned underwear wearable…

  15. You get all of that done and still have knitting time!?! I am so jealous, I’m turning green. The same green as that sweater, which I am not insinuating that I need, since it would never fit, but that is one really nice looking sweater Harlot.
    I was wondering when you were going to show us a picture of the finished Harlot House. I was also wondering why your major construction projects all seem to happen in the coldest part of the year. Is that some kind of Canadian thing?
    Just a reminder for Coloradans… I would love to organize a Closing Ceremony get together. Pop over to http://twistedstitcher.blogspot.com if you are interested. It’s be great to toast to our fearless leader with some of y’all!

  16. I second what the others have said – LOVE the sweater. Am scared to death of the modifications you had to make (and the original pattern itself!) Last sweater I knit was in 1979 – but it was worn and treasured for over 15 years until it basically collapsed. I could knit THAT again, if I knew where the pattern was….

  17. I think you’d be an excellent choice to fix other people’s mistakes. Since you screw up so often (I mean that in the kindest way), and are kind enough to do it publicly, people won’t be intimidated by you. And you have all that experience of fixing mistakes, which you have also shown to the public.
    I think I’d take my screw up to you before I would to take it to Nancy Bush. Before Nancy’s feet I would lay only my masterworks. And I’ll bet you will have a better time than Nancy for the very same reason.

  18. I’ll also be an expat knitter for at least the first 12 days. I’ll be in Tbilisi, Georgia (the country, not the state) for work. I’m a little peeved by this turn of events, but I have purchased my yarn! That always makes me happy. I have to wait to start swatching, though, until I finish all pre-Olympic knitting projects.
    That Leaf Lace Sweater looks great!

  19. I would like to join the knitting olympics. My goal project is going to be a basket weave scarf. I have tried it on a dish cloth to see if I could even acomplish. It will be my third ever thing knitted, so I am excited about the goal!
    I will be posting the button on my website and checking in to see any updates πŸ™‚
    Thanks! Rhett

  20. Loved that sweater when I saw it in Loop the Loop book, and it looks lovely and well fitted on you. I tend to stay away from garments that require adjustments to pattern. One of my knitting failings I feel. If I didn’t have a FT job and had more money to buy yarn to play with, I’d be more adventurous. As it is, I try to get my knitting challenges from attempting more and more complex stitch patterns on simple things like baby blankets and scarves with the occastional baby sweater thrown in. Now, after regular viewing of your website, I’m vowing to start more color work.

  21. I really love that sweater. It turned out beautiful! Although, didn’t all that adjustment require some significant (gasp) math? :\
    If so, it was worth it.
    Still plugging away on my swatch for my KO socks … fine gauge cotton and #2 double points … what am I thinking …? :X

  22. I love your sweater. That colour of green just looks wonderful on you.
    Glad to hear that the construction is coming along, but I thought we Canadians only had two seasons, Winter and Construction. Now you’re blurring the line…

  23. It’s not often you make a sweater for yourself, Stephanie. It looks great on you! Nice wind chill today. You were brave to pose outside.

  24. Yes, that’s one great looking sweater. Kudos!
    (Rams? I didn’t know about the voting. But I voted. Call off the weasels, m’kay?)

  25. Hands up all those who think Rams should go get herself a blog right now. I’ll be chuckling at spinning weasel all day.
    Pattern alterations – I come from the school of “if it doesn’t fit, chuck it in a grocery bag and sulk” It’s an immature solution to most of my knitting problems, followed in most cases (eventually) by a more mature approach.

  26. I am in the Olympic spirit and would like to join the felting team!
    I’m going to do this bag and, since I’ve neither made a bag or felted before, believe this will be a challenge.
    I like your “rings” button the best, by the way!

  27. The lace leaf looks great! I also made this sweater and the shape worked out fine, but I ran out of yarn in the middle and the other lot I had to use was darker… strange lines at strange places….I just loved to knit the leaves.

  28. I didn’t know there was a felting team?!
    I wish there was a way I could convince my employer to let me work 1/2 days during the Olympics so I could finish my knitting. Now That cuts into knitting time!
    Lovely sweater. What a totally brave fix.

  29. Harlot, for my Olympic knitting challenge, I’m determined to finish that insane TKGA Master Knitter I stuff that’s been languishing since last winter. The swatches will be knitted and blocked, report written, and the entire thing shipped off by the closing ceremony (or the next morning at the UPS Shipping Store). GO TEAM USA!

  30. I can tell you why I hate to mix and pour concrete. My husband (the construction guru) makes ME mix. Dude, concrete’s heavy! And seriously, why build with concrete when it’s so much more satisfying to build with yarn? The lace leaf pullover looks fabulous – nice mods.

  31. Just looking at the list of knitters and projects that will be occurring during the Olympics is staggering. The balance of the universe may be changed. How cool is that! You go girls and guys! I haven’t signed up yet cuz I may not be up for a challenge but I will be waving my circulars and rooting for y’all.

  32. I must agree…green is your color AND…fabulous button!! Thanks for being you..you are an inspiration

  33. Wow. There’s already a Lee from WI in the knitting olympics! I guess I’ll make that 2 of us. I was going to do felted clogs but then realized that a bigger challenge to me is to assemble the cardigan sweater parts that I have had for 2 years and crochet a border. (I don’t know how to crochet yet!) Does this count or should I stick with the clogs?

  34. If the start is going to be 2pm February 10th, no matter where you are, when will the end time/date be? (I’m stuck in Iraq and probly won’t be able to watch any of it)
    I might join in if I can decide on a project I have the supplies for!

  35. Yeah, this Olympics thing is all fine and great, but now my friends are starting to question whether or not I’m going to be able to stick to one project for 16 days. Does anyone else see that in the rules anywhere? Does a skier keep his skis on for 16 days straight? Does an ice skater keep her sparkly tights on for 16 days straight? I think not, my friends. Besides, what could a little sock round or two do to hinder my shawl knitting?

  36. You are the first one I have seen wearing the Leaf Lace Pullover looking good in it. I have seen the sample hanging in my LYS and it looked ugly. I have seen it in the Loop de Loop book and thought it looked ghastly. Maybe the error was in the pattern?

  37. Hey — you got new glasses! Very nice. And green? I thought you only wore blue , but green definitely lights you up. I’m not even going to think about you meeting Nancy Bush. Nuh uh. Jealous? Me?

  38. My knitting teacher told me to read your site…every day…and to never stop. That sweater is gorgeous. How much do I need to practice. I can see why every day is a requirement….knitting and your blog…

  39. Rams, do weasels have down? Because I think some of the spinners out there would get fur off of whatever creature they could find to make yarn. Just sayin’…
    But I voted. Don’t sic the weasels on me.

  40. I couldn’t go to the Madrona FA Retreat, but is there the possibility of meeting up with knitters who aren’t at the event? Just for coffee or dinner or a drink or something?

  41. Your construction project is making me flash back to our own renovation project three years ago when we essentially ripped the back off the house to renovate the kitchen and add a master bath on what what previously the upstairs sleeping porch. I was without a kitchen for three months. The kitchen came online on Christmas Eve, but only after I pitched a fit with the general contractor, electricians, and plumbers. Good luck with the back room. I never want to do another renovation like that ever again!

  42. You know, I was wondering about the back of your house the other day, and I meant to post a comment about it. I wonder what that says about me, when I can’t be bothered to deal with the back of my own house? (or the front. Sigh.)
    Hey–sign me up for the Olympics. (I promise I haven’t already sent my stuff!) I plan to do the Shoalwater Shawl. The pattern won’t be that challenging–but finishing it will. πŸ˜‰

  43. Ah, remodelling. Our contractor was working on two house projects at once. I tried paging him one day, no response: he’d just dropped his pager in the concrete at the other place. And didn’t realize it till it was set. I always wondered if a wall was later resting on top of it, here in earthquake country.
    The Turning Over A New Leaf Sweater–love it!

  44. Lovely Sweater. Years ago I knit one with leaves all over the front(in blue). Wonder where it went?
    Rams? Weasels can’t get to my stash. DH brought home 2 boxes of the new BIG ziploc bags, get this, “because I thought you could keep your yarn in them.” The man has no idea he is just enableing me. (and yes, I voted)
    The yarn for KO came today and is properly sorted and stored. As soon as I figure out this blog thing, and learn to download pictures, and have some free non-knitting time, and, oh,well, maybe before next year……

  45. Oh, the sweater looks fantastic. I’d suggest that it would fit me too but … I can’t wear that color for love or money. Oh, well.
    Please don’t rub it in about the kit for the olympic knitting – mine is backordered. I’m trying not to freak out.

  46. I love that sweater, just gorgeous.
    Okay fellow North Carolinians, are there any out there doing the KAL? If so give me a shout on my blog and I’ll about getting us a NC button.
    Also fellow Bohus knitters.

  47. Rams – I did actually read through the 300+ comments in which the nomination was first mentioned, but I want to thank you for such a sweet and gentle reminder to spare a convenient moment to add my voice to the vote.
    Steph – you’re just trying to make me jealous with the mixing and pouring concrete part, aren’t you? Well. I played with my new Dozuki last night. So there. (and before anyone gets any ideas – yes Rabbitch, Juno and Lee Ann, I mean you – it’s a SAW)
    Please don’t break S.Kate. If you wanna confuse her enough to make her think she needs to come to Toronto and sleep on your floor till she’s fixed everything, that’d be good though…

  48. I love the green sweater. It looks kind of random (the leaves) in the coolest way.
    I’m in Team Norway for the Olympics and anyone else who wants a button for that (or a supporter button) can download one from my blog if they want.
    Can I just also say that the “USA swearing at lace team” button is so cool, I’m almost renegading?

  49. I am joing the Olympics I am goin to try my hand at the Clapotis I still have to find a yarn that I like. even though if you saw my stash you would think I could find something in it.

  50. I really like the pullover, it looks so good on you! My mother calls my shoulders (which are really wide) swimmer’s shoulders. Even though I can’t really swim.
    Anyway, team Germany is forming, so anyone interested in more buttons: I’ve made some (and more to come, some might even be improved over time), they’re in my blog: http://www.asamandra.de/blog – and there may be a special Knitting Olympics blog for us! πŸ™‚

  51. Not the Killer Stash Weasels! Wait, I AM a stash weasel. You should see my fangs when people ask to “borrow” yarn. HAH! Anywho, the sweater looks great, the Corriedale is coming along nicely, and I’m REALLY impressed by the whole concrete thing. And now, the vote.

  52. Stephanie? What are you doing OUTSIDE – in CANADA – in the WINTER – without a coat?! Are you trying to get back the cold I just read about while looking at the pictures of the back of your house? Or did we Olympians finally drive you ’round the bend?
    Love the sweater. So the back of the house will be worked on. Are you trying to guilt those of us who’ve been promising to redo our apartments or homes for months without action?
    Rams. I voted. Honest. Don’t send the stash weasels to me, please. They might eat my fanfiction plot bunnies (who are now hiding under the desk in fear).
    And Laurie — you’re in Iraq? *wonders if she read that right* Can I send you anything? Yarn, needles, pattern? Chocolate?

  53. The sweater looks AMAZING. Nice to know that “IT CAN BE DONE” but not according to directions.
    The back room has been a while in the making! Congrats on the pouring of concrete. Think of it as a place for more stash.
    Funny you should mention that you’re trying to keep your cool when you meet these “famous knitters” ’cause uh, in my LYS, we know who the Harlot is. In fact, your name might be mentioned about as much as Sally Melville’s… My non-knitting friends know the words “Yarn Harlot” and say “yeah, Stephanie, what whacky antics has she been up to?” whereas if I mention Nancy Bush, I get a look of puzzlement. Clearly, I must slip more knitting into my conversations. They got me your books for Christmas instead of the Reader’s Digest Knitting by M. Stanley. Or a nice book of patterns. (Loved the books, btw, the new mom story and Lene’s stash really touched me) Doesn’t that make you feel all fuzzy and famous?

  54. I love the sweater. I made a Lace Leaf Pullover for my tall waif-like sister over the summer and didn’t need to make any modifications except for adding a few inches in length. Yours is beautiful–I just wanted people to know that I knit that pattern exactly as written and didn’t have trouble. That said my little sis has the body of a model, I’m not sure I would have had the same results on my shorter and much curvier body.
    Yours looks fantastic on you though. Almost makes me want to make one for myself…almost because the 100 plus stitches of grafting was about as much fun as a car accident. Aside from the grafting I found it to be a quick and gratifying knit and would encourage an adventuresome newbie to try it out.
    Go Team USA!

  55. Hi Stephanie
    Love the sweater!
    I thought just for fun…….. went to Google and entered Knitting Olympics in the search.. Wooooooooooo! Way to go!!
    PS Ram I have voted too!! The above search just goes to show how much power knitters can have!!
    Will be knitting my woven cape!

  56. That sweater is to die for. You look beautiful! (Like that’s unusual…pft.)
    I am thisclose to have a “Drunken Pirate Knit-lympics” button, fo anyone doing a pirate-themed project. The artist-Boyfriend is working on it as I type.
    And, just to repeat Rams (because it bears repeating)…go to http://2006.bloggies.com/ and vote!

  57. Hi Stephanie-
    I’m de-lurking…
    It’s been so much fun to spread around the Knitting Olympics challenge. I’m so excited.
    Shel in Philly- I’m in Vermont, which shares a lot of the same temperatures. After a while, you just don’t feel the cold. Honest.
    Anyone know when JenLa will be back? I’ve submitted an Irish knitting team button request…and I was hoping to read more from the Knitting Olympic Village…

  58. How exciting to be part of the Olympics! I will be knitting the Huron Mountain socks from Nancy Bush’s -Knitting On The Road/Socks For The Travelling Knitter. I have the Wildfoote yarn that I will need on order and am well stocked with Equal Exchange coffee and hot cocoa mix. I live in Western New York along Lake Erie and luckily get lots of Canadian stations on my TV. Their coverage is much better than in the states. Can’t wait to knit and watch the curling competion.
    Thanks for taking this on Stephanie – you’re just great!

  59. Okay, I’m relenting because this is my only chance to be an Olympic athlete. I’ll be on the USA felting team, doing a purse and matching hat of my own design. And, speaking of remodeling, during the Olympics (Shudder) I will have no kitchen, family room or master bath. I think I will have to knit on my bed. Have no fear, though, the Olympic snacks will reside in another bathroom which will be the home of the microwave and coffee maker. This is going to be a challenge. I couldn’t possibly go into my bedroom today because of the tar smell. I hope it doesn’t smell during the Olympics. Go team. Betsy

  60. Is there going to be an ‘International Expat Team’ Button? Just an idea, since I’m an expat from Thailand living in Germany. And I’m sure there are other expats out there participating in this.

  61. We’re forming a Team Sweden over here, and there are Many Of Us. List of members and button are still not completed, but there will be blogging about it both in my place and all over this little country at the other side of the pond… You watch out new world! We old-worlders are coming to Knit You Down! πŸ˜‰
    (I’m still doing the Birch, but in a wool/kid mohair instead of the alpaca I had planned)

  62. I’m with Shel in Philly – is there anything we can send Laurie from Michigan (in Iraq)? I’m into care pacakges (I have a son in college!)

  63. Hi, Stephanie…I’d like to join the fray. Please add me to the Knitting Olympics. I am going to the Simple Tank from Filatura Di Crosa Spring/Summer 2005 Collection. My first pullover garment! Whoopee! Thanks. Cathy P

  64. Now that was one fun post – you had me zipping all over the web. The sweater is just beautiful on you, and I’m happy to hear the back of the house is nearing completion – or at least the next step.
    So here’s my question as I look into this blog stuff – typepad, blogger, or something else? I’m itching to get started but trying to learn just a little bit before I jump in. Suggestions are welcome!

  65. Steph, I love the sweater, the color is one of my favorites; I’m using it in my Olympic Knitting project.
    Rams, please call off the Killer Stash Weasels (would that be a great name for a punk knitting club, or what?) I’ve voted!
    And to whoever suggested a “son of Mr. Washie”, if he/she/it comes along, shouldn’t Steph call it Washie Baby? Junior Washie? Washie Og?
    (tee hee hee!)

  66. Stephanie, your sweater looks wonderful! I love, love that shade of green, and yes, it’s the perfect color for the leaves. And, I must be an incredibly slow spinner, or something, because the thought of being able to do a whole bobbin in one sitting just astounds me. All that, and concrete, too? No wonder you’re my idol! (grin)

  67. Oh man. I feel like a horrible person.
    My college music auditions are that weekend. And my mum is coming with me. And she had planned to go to that.
    I think I’m going to try and convince her to go to that instead.

  68. That’s the very first Lace Leaf Pullover I’ve seen that actually looks good on the wearer!
    It probably helps that you’re adorable (I had no idea).

  69. Lovely sweater, you look great in that color. Really Like the leaves. Looking forward to seeing you at the Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat! Lots of TLC to your hands after the concrete experience.
    Happy knitting
    ~ Rams… I voted πŸ™‚

  70. Hey: let’s do a spackle-along. Of course, there’s a lot more involved in your mud room and in my carriage house than spackle, but I love the sound of the word, and like Knit, it is both a noun and a verb. Pictures forthcoming.

  71. Great sweater. The color looks good on you.
    I must give a Shout Out to S. Kate for all of her hard work with the athletes.
    I had changed my mind on my project several times and didn’t comment with in my final choice–it was on my blog–but behold, I’m on the list with the latest project.
    The Olympics has really taken off, and it has to be a daunting task getting everything together.

  72. Lovely sweater, Steph. Good luck on the renovations. We redid our kitchen last winter… my husband has proposed a cooking show for people who don’t have a kitchen… we spent the winter cooking in the microwave, an electric frying pan and an electric roaster. It’s been good for a lot of stories… including cooking for 35 people for New Years with no kitchen.
    Oh, and Rams, please no weasles, I voted!

  73. *random driveby comment*
    remember me? that girl who used to blog and make buttons and be generally, well, me-ish?
    back! πŸ˜‰
    few quick comments:
    a) glad your leg is ok
    b) i need you to stop blogging for about a month so i can catch up on all the old posts and comment accordingly
    c) so way cool that you have the cafe press store with the knitlette TSF/KWB button – rock on! i’ll need to buy something i guess.
    d) love the new book
    *goes back to organizing her much neglected yarn stash*

  74. Ooooh, can someone make a button for after we finish our projects that says Veni, Vidi, Knitti? That would be neato…
    I’m amending my entry from ribbed scarf, first project ever, to simply ribbed scarf. All this knitting talk got me so wound up that I made a kitty pi. I’m not finished with it yet, but I AM hopelessly addicted to knitting now. I blame you guys.

  75. You get Points for use of the phrase, “half swaddled blouse bunnies struggling to be free.”
    OMG. *clutches lily. dies*

  76. Stephanie, I know of you but only recently began exploring your blog. I’ve joined the Knitting Olympics, which is very exciting.
    Even more exciting, though, is the incredible success of your Tricoteuses Sans Frontieres campaign. I have been blogging for a year plus, mostly about DR Congo, since I was moving there when I started the blog, and my field is international health. At heart I am a fiber artist, though.
    I am posting this comment primarily to let you know that I have put a Tricoteuses Sans Frontieres button on my main page, so I hope to help up your contributions πŸ™‚ I guess we’ll never really know if it helped, since we don’t have any study in place for data collection, but I wanted to do my part, and I’ve had a good chunk of visitors over the past year, maybe I’ll reach some of them. And as soon as I get a paycheck at my new job, you’ll be hearing from me again re: my donation!

  77. Your Leaf Lace sweater is lovely! And thanks both to you and to S. Kate for all of your Olympic organizing. (Okay, no more alliteration for me today.)

  78. Very nice sweater. If ever you grow weary of wearing it, send it my way…it is my favorite color. Happy Blogiversary! Because I have just started reading your blog, I decided to go back to the first and read them all. I’m up to March 2004. Read about your displeasure of crochet. I enjoy knitting best, though I do crochet and here is the reason: after trying for many years to get my now 25 year old daughter to knit, she took up crochet and loves it. Now we shop for yarn together and talk about crafting new projects and fibers. We have always been close, but this has pulled us together in a new way. Thanks for your warm and funny blog. Julie Anne

  79. Hi. I’m hoping to cast myself into the frey for the knitting olympics. I’m not sure what I will be knitting, but I will decide soon I promise!

  80. Please sign me up for the Knitter Winter Olympics! I am planning to knit some Fair Isle mittens, which might not sound like much of a challenge to some of you expert knitters out there, but I have only knit one pair of mittens, and am not that great at Fair Isle either. I am the equivalent of that English guy, Eddie the Eagle, who entered the Winter Olympics in the ski jumping event, having never really ski jumped before.

  81. Random randomness is always a hit with me.
    Love the leaf lace. Makes me actually kinda want to knit it.
    Ah, look at that Corrie. I admire your attention span, but that fiber looks like something that could sustain a deep and abiding love.
    Team Wales is almost making me want to join.
    Have fun at Madrona. Jealous? Indeed.

  82. Stephanie? You probably don’t remember when I swore I was going to bicycle to Toronto to show up for something (was it the blanket seaming thingy?), but I chickened out. Sorry about that.
    So, now you are coming to Tacoma, which is really, really close to Portland, and guess what? I’m still not getting on the bicycle to come up. I am, however, hitching a ride with a friend. Gonna take a few classes, and since I have been flogging myself since I missed you at Powell’s (amazing place, no?), I am coming to your talk. I just hope I don’t make a bloody fool of myself…

  83. Swearing at lace button!? Where is it located? I have the foulest mouth when I’m knitting lace. Sometimes my hubby thinks I’ve hurt myself I swear so violently. Lol!

  84. holy cow! what have you created!?! the list of knitting olympians is incredible! i can’t wait to start reading everyones updates!
    sweater – gorgeous!

  85. I am so excited about the knitting olympics! I have chosen Nicky Epstein’s, faux bear rug! I think it will keep me warm as I cheer on all of the olympians!

  86. Ok, so I’m NOT signing up for the Knitting Olympics, but it has got me to thinking. The challenge I need right now is to finish all the unfinished projects around here. Most of them are quilting, but there’s a knit project or two as well. And I’ll be the first to admit that I’m CHEATING……..I’ve already started and finished 2 UFOs. I am having my own parade. The new (fun) knitting has been put on hold.

  87. Oh Steph, I too an a new spinner, but I am having a hard time taking my hands from my sock needles to put them to the wheeel! I need four hands! I also truly think it’s been so long since I’ve spun that I probably have lost the knack and I hate to botch up stuff and waste materials – I’m a real cheap Yankee that way. Spinning is so different from knitting as far as the satisfaction level goes. I’m not sure I believe my yarn will actually hang together when I knit it. Plus ….. a million other fears and concerns… I can’t get into making hats I don’t think. Do you have any suggestions for something in my spinnable range that doesn’t involve months of spinning?

  88. can you believe i haven’t made myself a sweater since the early 70’s? it was crochet with mexicali colored yarn that made stripes and was simply five rectangles sewn together. one for each arm, each sleeve and the back. no shaping. twisted rope like belt.
    time to knit me a sweater and i had my eye on that leaf lace sweater cuz i do have tiny shoulders; and i love lace leaves and green, oh and you too .

  89. Stephanie…am changing my Olympic project from the dorky Sirdar Aran to a “real” one. No need to change info on the list, though. You will love Nancy…please tell her I said hello, although I doubt she’ll remember me from SOAR. (I took the sock pictures for her.)

  90. Okaay. Somehow my non-knit-geek friend actually managed to register a blog titled “Knitting Olympics”. So, if anyone wants to send in their info, I’ll be posting it for her. Or, if you have a Blogger account and want to post DURING the Olympics on it, that’d ROCK! It’d be soooo cool to see how a bunch of the “Olympians” from around the world are doing…
    Here’s the URL: http://knittingolympics.blogspot.com/
    I’m not done editting it…

  91. I made that sweater -Maybe I’ll bring it to the Madrona Arts and have you help me with it. The shoulders are wonky and I really messed up the grafting. I’m kinda embarrassed to show it!

  92. Dearest Yarn Harlot,
    I have fallen in love with your writing and your knitting. I got two of your books this past Christmas: The Secret Life of a Knitter (from my Aunt) and At Knits End (from my wonderful mom!) and read through them as quickly as I could without cutting into my knitting time, of course. When I finished the Secret Life I couldn’t wait til March to get your next book so, despite never having read a blog before, having tried to resist the temptation because as a college student I have ungodly amounts of homework to do, I decided to read your blog. I love it just as much as I love your books. I have been reading for about three weeks – a newborn. I have fallen in love with the Leaf Lace Pullover. Is there anyway I could get this pattern from you or could you tell me where I can find this pattern? It is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for your wonderful entries. I look forward to them each day!

  93. Okay, I’m going to join the KO. I’ve been lurking for almost two years, and enjoying being on the outskirts, but you got me with the Olympics, my favorite event ever since I was little.
    I’ll be finishing 3 childrens ponchos and one baby sweater for my daughter and 3 cousins respectively.

  94. Dear Stephanie,
    You are a fountain of creative inspiration! Thanks for your soulful wit and seemingly boundless energy. I’m new to the blogosphere, and utterly addicted to your site. My own knitting blog is just born, and I intend to partake in the knitting Olymics as soon as a) I figure out what to make and b) I figure out how to post the button on my page.
    Cheers and thanks for making my days brighter!
    -Carolyn Little

  95. I’ve thought long and hard and now feel ready to join the Knitting Olympics. Can you sign me up please. I’ll be representing England knitting Jaywalker socks.
    Just going to bathe my hands in preparation.
    Thank you hosting.

  96. Lovely fix on a lovely sweater, are you wearing it to the retreat? On behalf of all the wonderful knitters and spinners here on the Kitsap Pennisula, we are looking forward to learning and laughing with you. We’ll bring chocolate and try to keep the gushing to a minimum.
    Not only am I working at Madrona,the LYS I am privaledged to be employed by is a vendor, my DD 15, a knitter AND a spinner(I’m so proud) is driving me to distraction begging me to take her to the retreat, why so she can meet her new favorite celebrity, the Yarn Harlot!

  97. Hello, my name is Hope and I would like to compete in the 2006 Knitting Olympics in the sweater catagory for the USA. I will be working on Tubey from Knitty.com (http://knitty.com/ISSUEwinter05/PATTtubey.html) this will be my first (hopefully) completed sweater and I am very excited to be a part of this years’ competitions.

  98. Great site – can’t believe I haven’t been here before!
    I read about your Knitting Olympics on other blogs and thought it would be a great way for me to start (and hopefully finish) a pair (preferably) of black and tan alpaca fair-isle mittens I promised my SIL for Christmas…
    Yes, procrastination IS my strongest point.
    Go Team Canada!

  99. Hi Stephanie,
    I have decided to join the knitting olympics as well. I will be knitting my own design, a sleevelss top of Giotto and jersey knit fabric.

  100. Wow! I LOVE that pullover. The photo in Interweave did not do it justice (it appeared to be about two sizes too big for the model, if I remember correctly). Now I really want one of my own!

  101. It took a bit of effort but the jumper looks great now! (Sweater What’s that πŸ˜‰
    Hey cool, someone mentioned my buttons!
    Rams’ weasles will have a LONG way to swim to get me! But they won’t anyway πŸ™‚

  102. Please add me to the Knitting Olympics. I will also join over at Team Boston. I plan, though am not 100% certain, to re-knit the Nothing But A T-Shirt that I tore apart a few months ago because I suddenly, though briefly, became a perfectionist (www.knitsmiths.us). This gives me the perfect opportunity to get it right! thanks for organizing.

  103. Is anybody else having trouble accessing the knottygirls blog?
    Yes! I’ve been going batty for the last month or so. Apparently I’m forbidden. *sob*

  104. Love the sweater! Wish I could knit that well….and it’s my favorite color, too. Great job!

  105. Sign me up for the knitting olypics, please!
    I will be knitting a lace shawl, pattern to be determined.

  106. Wow, great job on the sweater, and thanks for the heads-up about the shoulders…I’d thought of doing that sweater too, but I’ve got substantial shoulders even though I’m only five feet tall. So, good. I’ll try and make it work for me.
    Happy blogiversary! Thanks for the randomness and the great writing, as well as the enabling. The enabling, I particularly appreciate. You’re a sweetie.

  107. The sweater has come out looking fab! This is by far the best example of this pattern, it suits you beautifully, even though you had to sweat to get there, it’s been well worth it πŸ™‚

  108. I am also taking the plunge and going to sign up for the Knitting Olympics. My project will be finishing an afghan I am designing for myself. It’s not fancy-just long garter stitch strips, in two different colors, which will get sewn together. I might add a border…I don’t really have a plan πŸ™‚ I need to knit at least 4 more 5 foot strips though, so it’s still going to be a challenge.My website/blog is at http://www.littleblueworld.net. I’ll be posting pictures of the current state of the afghan by the weekend.

  109. Beautiful sweater, Stephanie.
    I’m sticking with the Knitting Olympics button you made as I think it’s simply perfect and I refuse to raise a nation’s flag for this event. I love its international flavor far too much. πŸ™‚ Hope that’s ok!

  110. I’d loe to join the Knitting Olympics! I think my project will be to complete a purse from spinning the yarn to knitting and assembling it. It’s a small project, but I’ve been quite busy lately so I might have just enough time to work on it πŸ™‚

  111. I would like to join the knitting olympics. But my project of choice is spinning all the 3 ply yarn needed for a man sized “Leaves in Relief” sweater. If spinning for knitting can’t officially join I will just play along on my own.

  112. That sweater looks great on you! I agree with the countless others that green is a good color for you.
    And although you’ll be busy the first few days of the Olympics, please keep your goals high. I’m counting on your insanity to inspire me to finish a long overdue birthday present – I’m changing my project from the afghan to wall art (yes, really).
    Caroline M., my hand is up for Rams to start a blog, but the Commander of Killer Stash Weasels won’t bite. (BTW Commander, I voted. Call them off.)
    I’ll just keep on selecting “Find” and “rams” on my browser so I don’t miss the rams’ comments that I enjoy so much. (Now don’t let this little piece of info prevent you from commenting, Rams!)

  113. The sweater looks great on you. We can always count on you forging ahead and finding the bumps in the road for us! Thanks for sharing your solution to the shoulder issue!
    I’m off to buy the yarn for my Olympic Mittens this afternoon!

  114. Lovely sweater– and I love knowing that other people have to alter patterns to make it them fit real humans… um… about that wee acrylic stash problem we discussed earlier? Have given away two large bins and am still up to my chin in dead dinosaurs… but we’ve found a storage solution so all is well…

  115. “Hands up all those who think Rams should go get herself a blog right now.”
    *raises hand*
    No need for stash weasels here — I’ve done gone and voted!
    (Besides, they’d have to fight with the stash elves who like to sneak in random balls of weird yarn late at night, and I’d never get any sleep.)

  116. I’d love to join the knitting olympics!! I’ll be attempting to knit Greek mittens from the Folk Knitting book. I’ve tried them before and they alluded me. I think I’ve got enough skill now to wrangle them into submission. And I’d like to join Team USA, if there’s a chioce in team sign-ups, otherwise place me where you will. Congrats on finishing the sweater that seems to be so problematic. I’m shying away from that one.

  117. Please sign me up for the Team USA for the Knitting Olympics. I hope to do a sweater; I am not sure if it will be a cuff to cuff or something else. Thanks. Jan

  118. I lovelovelove that sweater. Of course, that could be because you look super hot in it. Note to self: knitting that sweater will not magically make my hair look like yours.
    Also, my yarn for my SweaterBabe Poncho shipped today. Not that that has assuaged my fear that it will somehow not make it here in time. . .

  119. Add me to the olympic list. I will attempt a sock. Maybe even a pair if I can master double pointed needles.
    Margaret M.

  120. I’d like to sign up for Team USA. I’ll be knittling Clapotis. Your blog always makes me smile.

  121. I received enought sock yarn for 8 pairs of socks. I’d like to sign up for Team USA and see how many pairs of socks I can knit in 16 days.

  122. I would like to join the Knitting Olympics please. I am going to be making a cabled shrug with out a pattern. I am going to chart out a pattern from a shrug that I saw at “Rave Girl”. This shall be an experience. I hope!

  123. I would like to join the Knitting Olympics please. I am going to be making a cabled shrug with out a pattern. I am going to chart out a pattern from a shrug that I saw at “Rave Girl”. This shall be an experience. I hope!

  124. Hi Stephanie, I would like to join the Olympic Knitting team. I am going to knit 2 baby sweaters, one Rowan and one Baby Surprise Jacket. the challenge is that I am so busy with work that I have bearly knit 10 rows in the last 6 months. There are 4 babies on the way and no help for it but to take the challenge and knit like a mad woman. I work best under pressure (don’t we all) so you have provided me with the ultimate excuse to Knit On! – thank you!

  125. Hi Stephanie, I would like to join the Knitting Olympics under USA-Sweater Team. I plan on either making the silk twist sweater from VK SP/SM 2005 or the shawl-collared pullover from VK Winter 2004/05.
    Thanks for starting this! This should be so much fun!

  126. I hope it isn’t too late to sign up – I had to figure out what I wanted to knit, and it had to be something from the way too huge stash. So … I’m knitting the Helen’s Lace Circular Shawl. I’ll be blogging my progress along the way.
    I feel like I’m being wimpy, but with going to school full time I had to pick a challenge that would work with my schedule. (I tend to bite off more than I can chew, and I’m trying to be better about that this year.)

  127. Sorry to wait til nearly the last minute. May I please sign on to the Knitting Olympics? Even though I have no blog? (I spend too much time reading other blogs)
    I’ll try my first doily-and can work up to one hour each day on it. Each night, actually, I work all day. 16 hours. whew. And it’s one of those things that looks as if I’ll need to CO on toothpicks. Well. If I get half through, I’ll be happy. I’d be happy if I can get it cast on and through the first round, really. It looks like the beginning will disable me. It’s awful pretty, though. It’s Mommes Lysedug, οΏ½ Anders Andersen, from http://www.kunststrik.dk/mommes%20lysedug.htm
    If I survive the beginning the other stuff looks interesting. Like what’s these YOs at the beginning of rows? huh. Why can’t I start at the outer edge and work inward…
    Thank you for abetting my compulsion.

  128. Hi!
    I should like to join the Knitting OL! Living in Italy – where we’re waiting for the Winter OL – I simply can’t stay outside!
    I want to knit some socks, which I didn’t knit fot the last 25 years! and I’m going to knit a hat, a coat and a scarf for my puppet George, who lives with me in my classrooms! He’ll also watch the OL!
    I’ll soon make a page on my homepage for the knitting OL!
    have a nice knitting-time!
    mette from Pisa, Italy

  129. Sign me up!! Funny this should appear. I tried this during the Nagano Olympics. Cast on my US ski team sweater during opening ceremonies. Tara Lipinski was wearing hers during closing ceremonies and mine was still on the needles. Did eventually finish sometime in April. Not this Yr. With the support of TEAM KNIT i will try to do it in record time. Will be knitting the Dale of Norway Torino pattern. Wish me luck and thank you for the opportunity.

  130. I love the Leaf Lace Pullover. You did a great job of figuring out what was wrong with the pattern and I like the nifty little button.
    I hope you don’t hate me, but I want to sign up for the Knitting Olympics, yes, again! It turns out my cousin is in better health and now I want to participate if possible. If it causes you any headaches, then please don’t worry about it. I plan on making it anyway, the Hourglass sweater.

  131. Well, I’ve been contemplating the Knitting Olympics since I heard about it a week or so back. And as I’ve just had two friends tell me that they’re expecting I decided to join up.
    I’ll be making the Big Bad Baby Blanket from SnB. As I am extremely busy on top of all my other WIPs I think this will certainly be a challenge.
    Thanks for the great inspiration.

  132. sign me up for the knitting olympics–ill be making the baby caftan in the march creative knitting magazine.

  133. Hello,
    is it possible that I can also start for the olympic. I’m from Germany. Sorry about my bad english. I want to knit a cap named Odessa for my son. I would be very lucky if I still can start for the olympics.
    Best regards

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