The blog is down

The blog is down. It will be back up again soon, due to the fantastical cleverness of Ken, who not only explained the problem to me in a way I can understand but has kept me from smashing things or explaining my frustration to the webhost people using unladylike and counterproductive words. Here – in terms I understand, is the problem.

Apparently, when we bought a very big closet from the webhost, (our webspace with 500MB of space) the builders may have neglected to mention that we are only allowed to hang 12 blue shirts in the closet. (We can only have 100MB of mysql database storage.) Unfortunately, all of our shirts are blue (Movable Type only uses mysql database storage for its whole operation) and although we are allowed to hang as many other kinds of things up as we want…pants, jackets, silk blouses and ties, Really, we got this closet to hold our extensive blue shirt collection. (This blog)

When the builders (the Webhosts) realized that we were trying to hang up the 13th blue shirt (another blog entry) they decided to put a one way door on the closet. (Permission denied.) We can take anything we want to OUT of the closet (deleting) but we can’t put anything new in. (Posting.) They want us to either take some of our old shirts out (archives) or buy a really, really, really huge closet the size of your house. (Dedicated server.)

With me so far? Now, we could totally take some of our blue shirts out of the closet to deal with this, everybody has a couple of old ratty shirts, but unfortunately, we need to put our hand (Movable Type) IN to the closet to take the shirt OUT, and since the webhost people (and it remains to be seen whether or not Ken and I consider them people) say nothing can go IN at all….not even to take things OUT. We are screwed.

I admit that I think that the builders of the closet should have had to warn us that we were approaching the 12 shirt limit before they locked the closet. I also wish that we had known that there was a blue shirt limit when we bought the closet in the first place – since all of our shirts are blue. I also wish that they were sympathetic to my desire to give blue shirts to knitters, but you can imagine the reaction that I got when I tried to explain that knitters were not going to be happy that I couldn’t put any shirts in the closet. (In my complete and utter fury I may have mixed a metaphor or ten.) Long story short – Ken is trying to cut a hole in the floor of the closet so that we can get to the shirts, the builders are “escalating” our complaint and I am doing my share by calling them up at regular intervals and screeching about building code, ethics and how much I always hated blue shirts anyway.

Stay tuned. It won’t be long, (24-48 hours) and I have a great idea for Knitters Without Borders.