Check, double check.

I am so nervous that I almost can’t drink coffee….but I think I’m ready.

Two weeks worth of socks packed up to go?


Check. (I’m taking these babies carry-on. Can you imagine the nightmare of them not turning up for the show? Even I can’t knit with enough conviction to get out of that one.)

Knitty Gritty ordered manicure?


Check. (I got it yesterday at the last possible moment and have already had to touch it up twice. Is it just me or are these manicures really not for people who have to scrub things?)

Sea Silk shawl/scarf thingie to make me feel better?


Passport, ticket…sock?

Check, check check.

Obsessive compulsive amount of knitting packed in the suitcase?


Twelve tops in suitcase because I couldn’t make up my mind because everything I own is stupid and shouldn’t be worn in public never mind on TV?


Spindle packed so I can observe spinning for Tuesdays?


Firm conviction that airport security is going to look at me that way again?


Cab called?


Creeping horror bordering on phobia that some sort of horrendous thing (probably related to my incredibly uncooperative “I live to see you suffer” hair) is going to happen during the taping that will make me look like a huge idiot and be aired in Knitty Gritty re-runs for THE REST OF MY LIFE.


I’m getting on a plane now. If you see me today, do the world a favour and take me down with a sedative blow-dart….will ya?

I think I prefer doing radio.