I could use more daylight

Sorry pets, sorry. I did not go into the mall and not come back (although the promise of needle wielding rescue missions promised in the comments were very reassuring), I did go to the mall and get the few store-bought items on my list (and it is not for nothing that this family calls the Dufferin Mall the “Sufferin’ Mall”) and I did buy screech for the nog and I did buy bits and bobs for Santa to put in the stockings, and I did go out to the Anniversary/Christmas party at Lettuce Knit where I gave Denny her present (see that? I knit it in secret!)


Whisper scarf 2, from Fiddlesticks Knitting, in Misti Alpaca laceweight.

and where (in a moment of festive joy) random street roaming carolers suddenly turned up at the yarn shop and regaled us with carols (including singing “The Grinch” in whisper mode so they didn’t wake the babies – although they had already woken a few) and in return in true mummer style we gave them beer and food and bid them well into the night.


(I don’t know about the other knitters, but it was a fine moment for me when they said that the yarn shop was a lot more fun than the pub across the way. Duh. I’ve been trying to tell everyone that the yarn store is the happiest place on earth for years.) Then, sated and happy I made my merry way home and went to sleep and woke up with a wicked, wicked flu which took me down hard. I was literally FELLED by it. (There were moments yesterday when, while I was sure that I would survive, I wasn’t sure that I was ok with that.)

Today is a little better, but yesterday was hopeless. I scarcely knit, I scarcely moved. Coughing and shivering were my hobbies, and ones I threw myself into. (After all, if you’re going to do a thing, do it right.) In my brief lucid moments I entered names and donations on my little excel spreadsheet…Truly, in fine solstice fashion it was the longest night I’ve had in a while, and also in keeping with the yule, today is better. I’m still not fit for the public, and I’m still making desperately slow progress on the knitting…



I’m reassuring myself that there are worst things than not finishing the knitting. (It’s not like it hasn’t happened before. I think my family is pretty used to receiving a bag of half knit bits and wool, along with an explanation. ) I’ll do my best, but I’m sharing knitting time with the tallying of your generosity, and knitters… Have you seen the total?

Knitters are the best people on earth. The total is only current for emails (almost) through the 18th too….so you can watch the total climb for days yet. Days. I’m so impressed with you.

For now, I’m taking some more tylenol, embracing the knowledge that the sun will shine a little longer today than yesterday, and that knitters are a force for good on the earth. (If a force that doesn’t always finish all the presents in time.) I’ll blog tomorrow. I have a tip sheet for how to buy a knitter a present that some of you may want to print and leave around for your muggles who haven’t bought you a present yet.