(tap, tap, tap)

Is this thing on?

If you’re reading this, then Ken is a God walking the earth as man.

Update: For those of you asking, The whole blog has been moved to a new web host. (A better closet.) The other web host was…well. We shall not speak of them again.

I know Bloglines hasn’t caught the feed yet, that should fix itself…and any other little bugs should go away too. Feel free to point out anything that seems weird or wrong to you…It helps us (who am I kidding) it helps Ken sort out anything that might still need tweaking.

You can look forward to a new post tomorrow (blog fates willing) and in the meantime, my Christmas knitting (there’s a ton of it) and I are going to a nice quiet corner with a nice cuppa tea to shake off the tension produced by running around screaming “BLOG DOWN!”

(Or, my technical skills being what they are “Blog broken! MAKE BLOG GO!”)

Boy. Did I ever miss you guys.