Sweet day, sweet sixteen

Juno and I had a lovely day yesterday, yarn,


knitting, Chinatown,


the beadstores on Queen West (I rocked her world pretty hard with the supply at the seed bead side of Arton Beads).


We wound yarn in the backyard at Lettuce knit.


(It took three women. It was a naughty skein of tangles.) We walked the city and took streetcars and knit, and drank beer and ate cherries with Denny….


I finished a pair of socks,


“Solstice Slip” in str “firebird”, a recent sock club exclusive, which totally made me feel better, since I was starting to feel deprived of finished knitting.

We met Joe at a fantastic Indian place and had a wonderful dinner, and I managed to extract from Juno (a non-beer drinker) the phrase “that was fantastic beer”. (A very proud moment for any Canadian...it was this beer, in the Natural Blonde variety, for anyone who cares.) It was a grand and knitterly day.

Today though, today is my middle daughter Megan’s 16th birthday, and she has celebrated thus far by finishing a hat:



(Yes. Her hair is several colours. Since, as Barbara Coloroso would say, this is not permanent, life threatening or morally threatening…I don’t care.)

It’s knit in Curious Creek fibers (I forget which yarn…..I bet Kristine or Phil could tell us) that she boosted from the stash a while ago. Pattern is based on “Le Slouch”, but it sort of came off the rails at some point. Meg and I clearly share dna.) Meg had her traditional birthday breakfast of homemade waffles and fruit:


Meg would like you to look at last years waffle picture. She thinks she has matured significantly, as do I , actually…especially since she started out like this.


She’s turning out rather well, my little knitter. She’s hip to get her drivers licence, she’s not been arrested for anything so far, and she is 16 and I am not a grandmother, which has been a primary goal of mine in parenting her and her sisters. Tonight we head to the ball game, family and friends in tow, where we will celebrate by letting her uncle Ian teach her stuff to yell at the pitcher.

She’s a good, funny, smart, girl and we rather like her.

Happy Birthday my little Megaroo. (Sorry. Forgot I wasn’t supposed to call her that anymore.) You are a very sweet sixteen.

289 thoughts on “Sweet day, sweet sixteen

  1. Wow, Megan looks a lot more confident and grown up in this year’s waffle picture. The waffles, however, look exactly the same. Strange.

  2. You have good reason to be proud. Her hair colors go beautifully with the yarn in the hat. Gotta love it!
    Your escapades with Juno are jealousy inducing on so many levels that I’ll just have to leave it at that πŸ™‚

  3. I LOVE Megan’s hair. It looks like hand-painted yarn. Which I guess it sort of is (fiber, at least, if not yarn). It’s so much better than a big stripe of solid hot pink or aqua or whatever. Steph, you should be very proud, she really is a fiber artist!

  4. Happy Birthday Meg! She does look older. Love the hair, I would have done that at her age, wait I did. Great hat, enjoy the ball game.

  5. More Kudos on Meg’s hair- first time I’ve seen such attention to detail in human hair- rivals most color tweeds for alpaca fuzz! And Steph, you’re such a cool mom.

  6. Love the hair! It looks just like some yummy Ashland Bay roving I have in my stash.

  7. Happy Birthday Megan! You’re right, you look much more mature this year. The hair and the hat both look great too~

  8. Happy birthday to Megan! My son recently turned 16, but he already knows what to yell at the pitcher (I started him off way too early–by 3 he was yelling at the umps “Hey, Blue– put on your glasses and call ’em fair!!!”).

  9. Happy Happy Birthday Meg and Mom! (btw- I really love the hair colors!)

  10. Happy Birthday, Meg! Love the hair. I had “John Deere green” hair through college, and miss it now that I’m in the real world and have to look “professional” to our “clients.”
    Good luck with your driver’s license!

  11. wow, those are several really fabulous hair colors. i am unabashedly jealous of her skill in getting them in there and her panache in pulling them off. happy bithday!

  12. Happy Birthday, Meg! You certainly have grown a lot in the last year! I hope you continue to have a wonderful day πŸ™‚

  13. Love the hair, Meg! (I did similar stuff to mine when I was in my teens, except we used Kool-aid). Mom hated it, but like Steph, decided there were worse things to fight about.
    Happy 16th!

  14. happy birthday to megan. πŸ™‚ she seems like a great kid, for a whopping 16 years. love the hair, the hat, the breakfast choice… πŸ™‚ have a wonderful night, mcphee clan!

  15. Happy Birthday, Meg.
    When I saw the hair, I immediately thought of handpainted yarn and wondered how it would look knitted up.
    If her hair ever gets long enough, maybe she could.

  16. You should be proud of the multi-colored hair, because that means she could one day show an interest in dyeing YARN!!

  17. Happy Birthday, Megan! You have a much cooler mom than me. For my birthday I was NOT allowed to color my hair. Instead I was sent off to my all-girl Catholic school with a carnation corsage bedecked with 16 sugar cubes on my navy blue blazer. How dorky is that? Thankfully, all the un-cool moms were doing it, so I wasn’t socially ostracized. And since the nuns were sending home the girls with hair colors not found in nature, I guess it was really OK. Have a great year!

  18. Happy Birthday, Megan! Don’t total your car three months after your 16th birthday, like I did (it was a typical teenage junker, no-one got hurt, and I went another 18 years before I got another traffic ticket so it wasn’t necessarily a totally bad thing).
    Mmmm, waffles. If I fly to Toronto in November, will you make me some for my birthday? πŸ˜‰

  19. I am cracking up at the yarn dying comment because her hair is the exact color of some roving I bought recently!!
    Happy Birthday Meg!

  20. Happy Birthday Ms. Megan! I love the streaks, you sound like a good egg, and wow have you changed from the waffle picture of last year. How fabulous! Enjoy the coming year, and may it bring you everything you could want (except, perhaps, banishment of your sisters and/or custody of their belongings when Mum has repeatedly said to just let it go….)!

  21. Happy Birthday Meg. The hair and hat match nicely. LOL. Congrats. on a lovely middle daughter Steph. NOT being a grandmother before “your time” is a very good thing. Not being arrested is even better.
    Have a wonderful day today the both of you and remember to leave what Uncle Ian teaches you to yell in the ball park AT the ball park.

  22. Happy Birthday Meg!!
    You do look more mature but I noticed a lot more whipped cream this year then last…
    Have a great day!!

  23. Perfect hair! Now that’s a style of hair coloring more of us should be bold enough to flaunt. It’s hard to find a hairperson who can do such a fantastic job. (I’m printing out her pic to show to my hairdresser who does a pretty good job with painting small streaks.)
    Mag looks so confident and beautiful. Isn’t it a treasure to see her maturing so well.

  24. It looks like you spun her hair and she knit it. I love what she did, both with her hat and her head–beautiful! She is really coming into her own in all ways. Go Meg!

  25. I haven’t seen my daughter’s natural hair color since she was 14 (she’s 24 now). She’s an intelligent, worthwhile member of society, so the multicolor hair thing doesn’t seem to affect them much.
    Matter of fact, we hired a young woman last year who was immediately nicknamed Rainbow Brite because of her multicolor hair. She’s working at Rockwell, now, where her perchance for brightly colored hair has instituted a new dress code rule.
    I told her that if I were there, I’d dye my hair turquoise to protest the age-ism. (Of course my natural color is now dingy gray, so I dye, too πŸ™‚
    Happy Birthday, Megan, many more.

  26. Happy Birthday to Meg. I always say my primary job is to keep my daughter alive, out of jail, and not pregnant – at least till she’s 18! (We’re halfway there). She’s been asking to color her gorgeous brunette hair red – maybe I should adopt your point of view on that – in a few years. Meg’s hair would make a good yarn color!

  27. I love your hair, too. I had to wait until I went to college to get all the pretty and outrageous colors into my hair that I’d been dying to try. My favorite was midnight blue (I met my husband when my hair was that color). Yours is subdued and gorgeous, very sophisticated and artsy, something I wish I still had the youth in me to do – without all the other S@HM’s thinking I’ve gone crazy! Happy birthday!

  28. Wow, she really HAS matured, huh?? She’s really quite beautiful (is it embarassing to her for me to say so?)
    I love her hair, and I love that you don’t care. (I am determined, when I am a parent someday, to not care about these things…especially if my child’s hair reminds me of Koigu, which is kind of what Meg’s hair reminds me of, and that makes me ohsohappy. Though it’s also kind of the same exact colours as that ball of yarn and sock cuff in the Denny/beer/cherries picture. Heh!)
    Yay, finished obects for both mother and daughter!! I bet that feels good. *sigh*

  29. “this is not permanent, life threatening or morally threatening”…an attitude I think more parents ought to take, and one that I tried to use with my kids. There are enough battles that need to be fought, why pick extras?

  30. Matured significantly, nothing. She’s positively radiant, beatutiful and (know it hurts to hear it, mum) womanly on the morning of her 16th birthday.
    The cap is perfect and looks great with her hair.

  31. Happy Birthday! Time passes all too quickly — I remember that birthday post last year and it is amazing how much Meg has changed in such a short time.
    Meg, your hair looks great and so does your hat. Enjoy the next year and every one after.

  32. I love her hair! I love the hat!! My kids want to know how she got her hair to look like Rainbow Brite, only not so bright. πŸ™‚

  33. Happy birthday to a fellow Leo!!! Meg, congrats on makin’ your mama proud!!!

  34. First, Megan looks swell in her birthday outfit. As a fellow parent of a 16-year-old, I am glad to have had Barbara Coloroso to rely on all these years–mine’s a boy who decided to grow an “awesome beard” this summer (looks like scraggly mess to me, but because I shut up about it he volunteered he would shave it off when school starts).
    Little Coloroso story: I used to work for a nonprofit organization that supports breastfeeding mothers, and one of my jobs was to go to the conferences every year and do techie stuff. In 2005 I took this son along with me, and he had the time of his life meeting up with teens with similar backgrounds, learning to knit from the great Edie Eckman getting a taste of responsibility. He and his newfound girl teen pal only went to one session–the one on bullying by Coloroso. They sat there, stone silent during the whole thing. I figured they were bored stiff. Then, we left. They began analyzing their own behaviors and the behaviors of their peers, deciding how they would act ethically in the future, and telling everyone they saw what a great experience it was. AWWWW.
    Our parenting style DOES help turn out marvelous young adults. We can be proud.
    Note, there WAS knitting content in the above.

  35. Happy 16th Birthday, Meg and big congratulations to you Steph for raising such a wonderful and beautiful daughter!! (I have a 14 year old daughter who has had pink, green and jet black hair so I know the pain, believe me!) Isn’t it so scary how fast the time goes???
    I hope you all have a great day celebrating!!

  36. Happy Birthday, Meg! Your b-day breakfast is the anytime meal of my heart. The hat looks terrific on you.

  37. Your Megan looks the same, but much more sophisticated. What a great difference between 15 and 16. Happy Birthday Megan.

  38. I. Love. Her hair. I miss my rainbow hair from college so hard. I wanna be Lucy Neatby and get away with crazy hair again, and you’d think I could, being a grad student and all, but noooooooo! I have to work in college admin for the moment, and that means no pink hair! So unfair. Apparently once I’m a librarian with my Masters and everything, I can have crazy hair again.
    Oh, happy birthday Meg! Your hat rocks my socks!

  39. Nice hat, Meg! It came out much cuter than my version. Well done. (Also, well done to you on the mothering, Stephanie!)

  40. Happy Birthday to Meg!!
    And despite my apparent attempts to become a crochety old lady before I hit 35, I think her hair is really, really, really cool. If I didn’t think it would give my boss a heart attack I might do it myself!!

  41. Happy Birthday from one “Megaroo” to another. My uncle called (still calls!) me that and 16 was half my life ago and then some. The waffles look yummy.

  42. Happy Birthday Megan, I love the hair!
    Oh, we have a Megan as well, we aren’t allowed to call her Megala anymore. I think it is a Megan thing. πŸ˜‰

  43. Hey – My daughter Megan is called Meegiemoo. Almost a coincidence. She has a knitting blog called “oncemorewithknitting”.
    Happy 16th Megan.

  44. She looks great. Happy Birthday Megan.
    and parenting is all about achievable goals — get to 16 without making mom a grandma sounds like an admirable one.

  45. Yup, went from girl to woman in a year! WOWZAAA. If she takes after Lucy Neatby, what a gift! Great hair, Happy B-Day!!

  46. Meg’s right: she looks much more mature this year. And aiming not to be the mother of a 16 year old mother is a good thing; reaching it is even better.

  47. Happy birthday to Meg! She has indeed grown a lot in the last year — and my goodness she looks like you, Steph!

  48. Happy Birthday Megan! Yes, there has been some maturing in the past year. Love the hat. Wish I could have joined you on your crawl looks like it was great fun. I love Toronto and it has been too long since I was there last.

  49. Happy Birthday to Megan – great photo. The hair is such rich color – seems to go with the slouch hat (which is quite cool too). What sparkly eyes you have my dear!

  50. Happy Birthday Miss Megan!
    Stephanie you are an awesome mum! “not permanent or life/morally threatening”. I’ll have to remember that and be thankful my mum has a somewhat similar mantra. much happiness to all …

  51. It’s scary to see how much Megan has changed in a year. You must be worried – I’m glad that mine’s a boy.
    Hair is just hair. Dye it, it grows out, cut it horribly, it grows out. Better to show self expression in a temporary medium than in something permanent like tattoos. As it happens I like those colours, subtle and understated (a mature choice). I like her choice of birthday breakfast too.

  52. Happy Birthday to Meg! I am sending my 18-year-old novice knitter son off to college this week and am getting a little weepy about it. If you are ever in Virginia, let me know, and I will introduce you! The new girlfriend will be nowhere near him, really! And her hair, while stunning, is nothing like your subtle beauty!

  53. Far more bold than I was at sixteen. I rather like the hair. Looks smashing with the hat too. BTW Megan–are you going to share the pattern with us? I think that hat might actually look good on me (I, like your mother, look rather cooky in a toque-y).
    Happy birthday!

  54. Happy birthday, Megan! I have a 16yo too – she is loving driving. They’d probably have fun together. When I was 16 I colored my hair for the first time… memories. πŸ™‚ I loved the 80s, lol.

  55. How on earth did you match the hat color to the hair? Was that a random act of the universe of did either of you deliberately do the matching? Thank god she isn’t a boy with a mullet. Many moons ago my son had one (at his request NOT MINE I assure you). He now blames me for the hair and has banished every picture of him with that hairstyle from the family album. Poo!

  56. She has aged well. The hair is seriously cool and probably requires matching socks, no?

  57. Happy Sweet Sixteen!
    She does have lots of your DNA. So much so, she’s turning into a kind of variegated fiber.
    You really have every right to be proud. Sixteen and still likes to knit.

  58. Happy 16th! I like the hair. Colorful but subtle (at least with my computer settings it’s subtle). I had to put the two waffle pictures side-by-side to verify it really is the same girl. What a transformation!

  59. Happy Birthday Meg! I like the multi-colored highlights, they look great with the hat! (Not to mention waffles- mmm!) Have a very happy day!

  60. Happy birthday Megan! Not only has she matured in the past year, but she’s also upgraded from the round variety waffle to the square variety.
    Nicely done. Both of you!

  61. Megaroo! Happy Sweet 16! (that is one cool hat! congratulations)
    And Mom? I agree – the hair color is far and away better than your becoming a grandmother at this point!

  62. Happy Birthday to Meg – whos unique hair color reminds me of an Ashland Bay roving at home hiding in the stash – complex, richly colorful, and very fun.

  63. Actually, I like Meg’s hair & she’s right, she looks so much more mature this year. The yarn for the hat looks great with her hair & her waffles made my mouth water! Happy Birthday, Meg!

  64. Happy Birthday Meg! It’s amazing what a year will do. You look like a woman now. I think your hair looks great. You are at an age where just about anything looks good on you so go for it and have fun!

  65. As one multi-coloured haired knitter to another “Good on you!” Do you ever choose your yarn because you like the name not because you actually need it for something at that moment?

  66. Happy Birthday Megan! So much more grown up than last year.. love the hair and I love the hat. Have fun at the ball game!!

  67. My nieces are into peanut butter on their waffles, but the cream-and-fruit option appeals to me in a big way. Happy birthday!

  68. Meg has certainly matured quite a bit, you should be proud. I love how all the baby pictures of your children show cute little fat babies. You grow ’em good, Steph.

  69. Happy Birthday Megan!! I remember when my son turned 16. It’s a great birthday. I love your hat and the hair. Who did your color? It’s awesome!
    Steph, I got Cat’s new sock book in the mail today. You were right. OMG. Wow. Dayyyyyyuummmmm…. I see no sleep in my off time for the next 4 months minimum. It.So.Rocks.

  70. Happy Birthday Month, Meg! You’re doing ‘quite right’ by yourself…and not too badly for your Mother! Thank you for sharing last year’s picture with us… it’s good to see where we’ve been, how we’ve changed and where we want to be!

  71. Happy Birthday to my name twin and my almost birthday twin! Mine’s tomorrow, and I’ll be 32, making me almost precisely twice your age, but even so I think I might need to become a hair color twin too, as a birthday present to myself. Love it!

  72. It looks like you and Juno had a marvelous time. The only thing I don’t think I could do was go in that bead store. I would not be able to pick out anything. That is way too many choices for me! Maybe I could have closed my eyes and picked something out… nawh, probably not.
    Meg – you look fantastic! and much more mature looking than last year’s picture. I love that hat – the color goes great with your hair. You should try some fluorescent colors in there… Go for it girlie!
    Great socks Stephanie. Are those on your feet? Did you end up redoing the toe on the first one that was too short?

  73. All the best, Megan! You certainly have changed over the years…and yet…your mum hasn’t aged a day. I love it that you’re not adding to her grey hair count.

  74. Happy Birthday, Meg!
    You’re right, there’s a major difference between last year and this year. Love the hair and the hat, by the way!
    It must be fun to get birthday greetings from around the world. This one is from Seattle, WA.
    Happy, happy birthday!

  75. Happy Birthday, Meg! Leos rule, great hair choices, and that breakfast – amazing. Hope you have a great day.
    Your fellow Lion (but older by a decade! :P),

  76. I’m a Megan (Meee-gan) and at 36, I’m still called Meegiemoo, so tell your Megan (Meg-an?) that megaroo is here to stay.

  77. Happy Happy birthday Sweet sixteen year old. Have a GREAT day and evening. the suits you to a tee.

  78. Because I seem to be breaking everything down into lists these days (thank you, standardized testing! [mutter, mutter]):
    1. Happy birthday to the fabulous Megan, who totally has her adult face going on in that waffles picture. This is a good thing — she is exuding the confidence and goodheartedness of someone I would trust with my money. If I had any money. Instead I have yarn — with which I would totally trust her.
    1A. Mmmmmm, waffles.
    2. (frenetic waving) Juno! Juno! Juno! (more frenetic waving)
    3. You finished the Solstice Slip socks? Both of them? The ones you started, like, six minutes ago, and had to rip back, even?
    (stares down at single sock that still needs four inches of leg)
    Dude, I *suck*.

  79. Happy Birthday! I’m a big fan of whipped cream and berries with anything for breakfast too. Love the hair and the hat. We won’t talk about the yarn foray, I need to curtail spending for a bit…

  80. Happy Birthday, Meg, you’ve certainly grown into a lovely young lady. And your knitting skills are truly impressive.
    It does not surprise me in the least that you have multi-colored hair, considering who your parents are. πŸ™‚
    Have a wonderful day!

  81. Happy Birthday Meg! You have grown up this past year. 15 still looked childlike. 16th birthday photo looks like an adult. I love the hair and hat. The colors look great on you.

  82. What is the beautiful Fall colored sock yarn that is in the picture before the finished pair???? It is awesome. Happy Birthday Meg.

  83. Happy birthday, Megan! Today is also my father’s birthday. Knowing that and also what has been written about you over the years, it is clear you are an incredible being.
    Congrats on the great hat, and I hope those waffles were as delicious as they look. Have a great day!

  84. Wow…what a difference a year makes. My oldest is just three months younger. She has undergone the same transformation. Scary to see it in pictures. She is very lovely.
    Oh, and I totally agree with the hair thing. I make my kids keep it clean…other than that, it is hair. I hate it when the hair stylist looks to me to ask if a certain length is ok. It is not MY hair. The stripes, they look really good. Yeah, the colors are not quite ‘natural’ but they are lovely and suit her.

  85. Okay, Wow. One year and she made the transition from “Girl” to “Woman”. WOOO! It just keeps getting better from here, Megan!
    Also, BEAUTIFUL hair. My first thought was attempting to recreate it in a hand-dyed colorway.

  86. Happy Birthday, Meg. Hope the next year exceeds all your expectations!
    Stephanie, I have been banned from calling my daughter “Carrie-Bear” since she has nmatured significantly from the days it was coined. I understand.
    Amazing how they outgrow those fun names, eh?

  87. Wow. What a difference a year makes! Meg has really matured, hasn’t she? And those waffles look divine . . .
    Have a great time at the ballgame!

  88. Happy Birthday Meg!
    Thank you for the reminder from Barbara Coloroso. My 4 year old daughter is asking for purple hair. I will try to remember that it is only hair and it will grow out, she is only 4 and wants to try out new things.

  89. Happy Birthday, Megan! Your hat is adorable!
    Steph, you are right–Megan has gone from older kid to young woman in just 12 short months. And I really love your primary parenting goals. Way to sum it up! πŸ™‚

  90. My eldest is 31 today…she doesn’t/won’t knit…where did I fail her???
    Love Megan’s hair…like you…I picked my battles…

  91. If the docs ever clear me to fly again, would you please, pretty please, take me to that bead store?
    Happy birthday to Megan. Love the hair.

  92. Megan’s hair colors go rather nicely with the hat. Of course one should always dye one’s hair a color that complements the handknits, when possible!

  93. Wow! Look at that beadstore! I would just love to go there! You guys must have had a great day. And happy sweet 16 to Megan! I have a daughter Meghan who will be 21 soon, and a stepdaughter Megan who is 19.

  94. Happy Birthday! You’re our Megaroo too! heh πŸ™‚
    My son will be 16 in October. The waffle breakfast tradition sounds awesome! His birthday tradition is that I make pumpkin shaped sugar cookies with orange frosting. His friends and teachers always look forward to his birthday so they can have the birthday cookies!

  95. Happy Birthday, Megan! May all your handknits turn out as great as that hat, and may your hair continue to be an awesome tribute to color, in all its forms. (I recommend purple. Everyone should have purple hair at least once in their lives).

  96. Hooray for Megan’s most recent trip around the sun. I love her hair and the hat compliments it nicely. Sans pregnancy and drug use are my personal goals in raising my three daughters as well. I figure with lots of Prozac or beer I’ll survive and hopefully they will too. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful visit.

  97. Beautiful children! I remembered the waffle pic from last year, which surprised me. I didn’t think I had been reading your blog that long. I guess I have been.

  98. Oh. My. Gosh. Where is that bead store?! Must. Have. Sparkly. Beads. ::drool::
    Happy birthday Megan! The hair is great and I totally agree: it grows out and it’s not dangerous, so what the heck?! πŸ˜‰

  99. Hey, Megan–HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And don’t be too upset about that “Megaroo” bit. It sure beats MY childhood nickname (which my brothers never let me forget)!
    Hah–and you thought I was going to tell you what it was, didn’t you?
    Oh–and I just love the hair!

  100. The hat, the hair, the girl all rock. (My kid’s nickname…one of them anyway…also has the suffix “roo.” I blame A.A. Milne.)

  101. Tell Meg that with a nickname like ‘Megaroo’ and that hat she’s half way to owning an Australian visa and coming down here for the beanie festival (http://www.beaniefest.org/). She’d totally rock in Alice Springs! Happy birthday, Meg, and you did good, Steph. She’s there, intact, happy and still in school. Well done.

  102. Happy birthday, Meg!
    She has, in fact, matured significantly from last year’s photo, and I love her streaked hair! The hat looks great with it.

  103. It looks like you guys had a great time!
    Happy birthday, Megan! When I was a kid I didn’t know anyone else with an August Birthday (mine was the 12th), and now I have two little nieces whose birthdays are within 3 days of mine (the 11th and today, just like you!) and have met many others with an August birthday.
    I love the hat (it goes so well with your hair), and that is an awesome birthday breakfast!

  104. Cherries and beer? Cherries!? and Beer???!!!!! That combination will cause you to explode! Did you not know??
    One of my fondest love/hate memories of living in Germany and being a part of an interested and involved community was being accosted by an old lady in a Biergarten somewhere near Munich. She literally knocked the cherries out of my hand and yelled a blue streak about how cherries and beer is a combination likely to kill me, that my stomach would EXPLODE and why don’t I know that?! BE CAREFUL! What if she’s right?
    (This memory actually beats out other fond memories of public shaming by old people in Germany, including being repeatedly hit (hard) on the calves and feet by an old man with a cane telling me that I shouldn’t stand on a park bench without taking off my shoes. And another old man who yelled at me that I deserved the throbbing red hemorrhoids I would get from so stupidly sitting on cold stones… ahh, how I miss it!)

  105. Gorgeous girl, great hat! Congratulations on all the milestones she has hit and congratulations times 2 for the ones that she missed!
    Her hair is beautiful, it looks like a skein of sock yarn.

  106. Yep, looks like Gaywool merino sliver. Good taste, Meglet. And soooo much more becoming than the Mohawk my daughter has blessedly shaved off. (Neither the pink nor the blue nor the yellow version quite did it for me…)
    And Juno! And DENNY!!! Hi, Denny!!!

  107. Happy Birthday! 16 rocks, especially when you test you mother by seeing just how many colours you can put in your hair at one time. My record is 18 – go for it!
    (Please note: I always dyed it plain brown for school photos, so my own children will never be seeing how crazy bag lady I looked)

  108. I hope whole the bunch at the game have a wonderful time. I wish I could be there but kinda whacked out from life right now.
    Happy Birthday Megan
    And may a wonderful fun fill successful year to follow.

  109. Happy Birthday Megan, may you have an inspired year full of health and friends and creativity. Love your hair, fabulous!

  110. Happy Birthday, Meg!
    Stef, you’ve done a fine job in the mom dept. Megan has definitely grown more lovely in the past year, although I’d swear it was the same plate of birthday waffles. πŸ™‚

  111. Happy birthday, Meg! As a mother of 16-year-old twin girls, go easy on your mom whilst she is in the passenger seat; I don’t think we are supposed to take a beer with us if supervising the driving process.

  112. Happy Birthday Megan!! — from another one of those random people your mom amuses with her writing and who gets to watch you all grow up, even if you don’t know us! πŸ™‚ Seriously, have a great day!

  113. Holy crap, Megan, you HAVE matured since last year! I love how the subtle colors of your hair and the yarn compliment each other. Happy b’day, Sweet Sixteen!

  114. Happy Birthday Megan! My birthday was yesterday, so I have a particular affection for those born at this very auspicious time of year.

  115. Oh, I love her hair! We went on vacation to Canada two years ago – and at age 60 I came home and added gold, blond, and lighter red to my already red hair…but, so many women in Canada had their hair like that and it looked so cool!!!
    A very Happy birthday to her…

  116. Wow – in only a year she has gone from a cute adolescent to a beautiful young woman. Happy Birthday!
    PS – the hair is great!

  117. my 11 year old daughter has blue hair right now, and i have the same attitude… its not permanent, its only hair, its the summer..who cares!
    cant wait to see you in jersey!

  118. Meg looks like a happy AND beautiful 16. Congratulations to you both! I wish I still had the stuff to dye my hair various shades.

  119. Happy birthday to Megan. Yes she does look like she’s matured a lot in the last year.
    I like the color of her hair so much, I’d like to knit a pair of socks with it. Those are definitely my colors.

  120. Happy Birthday to Megan! I like the hat, love the hair and agree that she has matured a lot since last year.
    It also looks like y’all had a great day!!

  121. Meg is growing into a beautiful girl! Hope she has a wonderful day!
    And the hair thing? As my mother would say…..”pick your battles…..hair isn’t one of them.”

  122. Happy Birthday Megan!!!
    Could we have the name of the fabulous Indian restaurant please.

  123. That is one rockin’ Le Slouch, Meg. Nice knitting and excellent hair. Happy Birthday!

  124. Happy Birthday, Meg! You have grown up a LOT this last year! When you start driving, just remember what my mom told the Marine!Goth (who is now 21) when HE started driving – “Never drive faster than your Guardian Angel can fly!”
    Good luck on your driver’s test and in school this year.
    PS – love the hat, and the hair! I like the way your mom thinks, and I agree with her.

  125. Hi! i am tempted by the hair color myself – it might make me look less mature, which once one reaches a certain age is probably a good thing.
    The hat reminds me of one I had that did great and lengthy service keeping my long hair out of the wind for many years (okay, even though it was crocheted!).
    Happy birthday, Meg – wish I could be there to share those awesome waffles! Very little cooking gets done around here when it is hot, and certainly none for breakfast!

  126. Happy birthday to your daughter Meg! Waffles are great any meal of the day, esp. with whipped cream and berries.
    I hope the skydome game is a good time.

  127. Happy Birthday Meg! You should consider it an achievement that your mother likes you. Loving one’s children is a reflex thing, you can’t not love them, but by God sometimes it’s very hard to like them. Great hair, too.
    And congratulations to you Steph on getting two daughters past 16 without arrest records or grandchildren. My biggest goal these days is just to make it through breakfast without killing my 7yo.
    And you are obviously having a gorgeous time with Juno. I also think, from reading her blog, she could teach Meg a thing or two to shout at the pitcher. She has a way with words, that one.

  128. Happy Birthday Megan. Your hat looks great and you appear to have matured significantly in the last year. Enjoy the rest of your day and your year of being 16.

  129. I totally want to know how she did the colors in her hair – it’s AWESOME!! And like everyone else said, like a beautiful handpainted yarn. Boy did she ever grow up – such a stunning woman you’ve raised, Harlot!

  130. Congratulations, Stephanie. You seem to have done it right–the whole giving them roots and wings thing. (There’s probably a knitterly metaphor that would work here but I can’t think of it.) I can only pray my girls turn out so well.
    Happy Birthday, Megan. You are a beautiful, ‘phenomenal woman’ as Maya Angelou says.

  131. Hope it’s a great birthday! Certainly seem to have gotten taller since last years photo, and so much more grown up.
    A question about spinning; this does get easier, right? (just bought a drop spindle kit thingy…not going so well).

  132. Please tell Megan that she looks absolutely awesome. I wish I’d looked even half that good at sixteen. Even a quarter of that good.
    Seriously. She looks cool and gorgeous and all around great. And I love the colors in her hair, I think they’re lovely.

  133. The difference between 15 and 16 is startling when you look at the pictures side by side like that.
    Happy birthday, Meg! Love the hair and the hat. πŸ™‚

  134. Meg has indeed matured a lot over the past year – Happy 16th. Now, how can I get that done to my hair? It’s too cool.

  135. Happy birthday, Megan! You have definitely matured quite a bit since last year. Love the hat, especially the way it matches your hair πŸ™‚
    And Stephanie? It bears repeating: you make pretty impressive children. Quite talent, especially the not killing them part. Many kudos.

  136. Meg- we’re birthday sisters!! I hope you enjoyed your day. Love the hair!
    Stephanie- great job with the kids- let’s pat ourselves on the back – I just moved our middle off to law school, the youngest back to college and the oldest is gainfully employed and best of all I’m not a grandma either and I have boys!!!!!

  137. Happy 16th Birthday Megan. Have a great year and best of luck with your driving. I love that you knit. My 15 year old does as well and it’s a special bond. I’ll bet your Mom has an incredible stash to rummage through.

  138. Meg, your hair is variegated! Cool! I wanted to dye my hair pink when I was young, but my mom said she would throw me out of the house if I did. Your mom is 10 million times cooler than my mom was. (I just wore safety pins in my ears instead.) Happy birthday!

  139. Wow, what a difference a year makes. Nice hair, my own dd had green hair for a while then it faded to a nice chartreuse.
    Happy Birthday Meg

  140. I always dye my hair to cover my gray, but Meg’s colors are so great. I’ve never even come close. If I could figure out how I would do it. Oh, I suppose the fact that a 60 year old loves it and wants to do it makes it less cool. Life is hard. But if she would post how to do it, lots of women of all ages would love it. Trust me.

  141. nice hat meg, and happy birthday. and i will say this: my oldest son will be 15 on the 25th. if there’s that much change between 15 and 16 for him, i just might crap.
    and my younger daughter asked to dye her hair green, and then purple when she was 12. i had a friend who was into multicolored hair, so we went to her, and did the deed. i figured it this way. she was of an age to want to change her appearance, it’s not permanent, and she still felt she needed my approval to do so. works for me (she now has several piercings and tattoos, but normal, chestnut red hair, lol (she’s 21))

  142. Happy Birthday, Megan. I love the hair colors. I also think the hat looks perfect on you. Keep knitting!! It will get you through life.

  143. Happy Sweet Sixteen. The hair colors are great. I had fire engine red hair when I was 16. Now at 34 I have magenta. Some things never change :o) But you are right…there are so many worse things in the world than hair color. Great job on surviving raising teens so far. My oldest is 14 and I’m not sure if I can handle any others than her!

  144. Emma and I made waffles yesterday for lunch we celebrated the fact of a new waffle maker. We had the cream and strawberries as well. Love how the hat “goes” with the hair ummm see a new color-way LOL Trish

  145. oh, her hair is really cute, and I like that hat a lot!
    she looks so much older than she did last year! you have such pretty daughters.
    not that it was 3 years ago or anything, but when I was 16, I was knitting crap. just… crap. I’d found this 70’s plastic-y teal acrylic yarn somewhere, and I had knit this awful garter stitch scarf on huge needles for my boyfriend. in august. it was so gross.

  146. Happy Birthday Megan!!!!
    My mom always used to say the same thing. “It’s not life threatening or morally threatening.” Love it!

  147. And in addition to all of her lovely qualities you mentioned, she is absolutely gorgeous! Gorgeous!
    Happy Birthday Meg! I love your hat!

  148. Happy birthday, Megan! You’re 16 today (well, it was yesterday now!) and I was 57. I can remember whn I turned 16. May your year be bright and happy with fulfilled promise!

  149. Happy Birthday Megan – love the hat, love the hair, love the breakfast! 16 will undoubtedly be a fantastic year for you. Enjoy it for all it’s worth (within reason, of course, and with your mother’s consent)!!

  150. I have so many things to say, and so many people have said things already. Nevertheless, here goes:
    1. Juno is pretty.
    2. Isn’t Strongbow cider, not beer?
    3. I love Meg’s hat AND her Fruit-Stripe hair. (That pop culture reference will date me, I realize, but it can’t be helped)
    4. Yes, she has matured a lot – and beautifully – since last year’s pic. The waffles, on the other hand, seem to be a constant – they look exactly the same.

  151. Meg, happy Sweet Sixteen to you! I love your hair, but please be advised that if I make my way to Toronto you should remain out of arm’s reach because my first thought when I saw your hair was that I wanted to spin it.

  152. Happy birthday Megan!!
    Try to keep a level head. Sixteen can be a wild ride, and sometimes not a fun one I’m sorry to say, but one day you will look back and say, “Wow. So much of who I am today came out of what I did when I was 16.” (Hence the exhortation to keep a level head – for your sake, for your mom’s sake, for the blog’s sake. πŸ˜‰ )

  153. Three cheers for Meg and her fabulous hair!
    Interesting factoid: My office, which has no other banned sites that I can tell, has suddenly stopped allowing me to access your site and a few other knitting blogs (though I can understand the sudden banning of http://knittingpornwatch.arrr.net for the url). Youtube? A-OK! Myspace? Go for it! Knitting blogs? CLEARLY the greatest threat to Office Productivity As We Know It. I can only conclude our office internet provider 1) has something against Canadian websites, 2) belives the word “Harlot” suggests something untoward is going on here, or 3) is Prejudiced Against Knitters!
    Think I have grounds to strike?

  154. Joyeux anniversaire Megan!!
    Congratulations. Your hat is very cute, but your smile and your beautiful eyes would probably make any hat looks cute. I like your hair too. Do you think it would look as good on a 34 yrs old mother of 3? Hmm, maybe not.
    I’ve never seen a baseball game. Was it fun?

  155. Happy Birthday Meg! What a difference a year makes! She looks so much older! It’s amazing how kids do that. I love the hair and I have the same philosophy about it as you do. It’s not permanent, illegal, immoral and in Meg’s case, it’s lovely! I have friends that get all hyper about their kid’s hair and I can’t figure it out. I would rather have my children use their hair for self expression than a lot of the other forms of self expression younger people use today. I have to agree with a previous comment, Meg’s hair looks like really great handpainted yarn. I wish I was there to go to that bead shop!

  156. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN !!!!!!! Oh, as a hairdresser, I love the hair. I would love to know exactly what the colors are. Was there green in there? It looks great on you honey. Steph, I say it is just color it will or can be changed. Pick your battles. As you said, not pregnant, no drugs, no felonies, and so on. She is beautiful. As the other two are also. Good job Mom and Dad

  157. Welcome to the world of wild hair, Meg. Glad to see you included some harlot green! All the best advice i ever got about hair colours has been from people your age–and now, after more than 4 years of it, my hairdresser comes to me for advice–so what you’re doing is almost mainstream. Happy belated birthday!

  158. They grow up so fast. She really does look like she has matured into a lovely young woman in one year. Happy Birthday!
    Have fun with Juno and the gang at the game!

  159. With umpty-hundred comments ahead of this one, I’m sure it’s been said before but…I love Meg’s hair and I sort of want to knit with it. I mean, what nice colors. And hippy happy birthday, Meg!
    Shots of that bead store are going to make my husband’s and my conversations about “Maybe for a vacation next year we should go to Toronto for a while” move into “Maybe we should go to Toronto next weekend!” territory. At least on my end….how are the used bookstores in Toronto?

  160. Oh my, she has matured, and I LOVE that hair. I still haven’t grown out of the phase, and really, if you’re good enough at what you do, even the corporate world doesn’t care πŸ™‚

  161. Happy Birthday to Megan.
    Your day sounds glorious and way pleasant — the perfect things for a yarn/knitting and bead person to be doing. That bead store looks fantastic. (I’m a yarn/crocheting and bead person.)

  162. Barbara Colorosa is a godsend! I was lucky enough to have a bootlegged cassette tape of her lecture when I was studying to be a teacher many moons ago. Her guidance truly helped me in the classroom, and her words definitely helped me as a mom. Megan is lovely, and she’s lucky to have a patient mom!

  163. Happy birthday! Cool hat, great hair, and even better name! (I’m a Megan, too, my mom never called me Megaroo, but Megababe works well.)

  164. Happy belated birthday Meg! Your hair is great, so’s the hat, and I hope you had a fabulous time at the game last night.

  165. Happy Belated Birthday Megan-Looking back at last year’s waffle picture, you are definitely looking much more grown up. Love your hat and your hair too. I became immune to hair color with a son who had a constantly changing colored mohawk at age 16. He’s now 22 and his hair is back to it’s meant to be color, just in dreadlocks. Have a wonderful 17th year!

  166. Happy Birthday, Megan! The hat is lovely, and I’m jealous of your waffles. From one Megan to another, let me say, don’t worry about the Megaroo bit. My family still calls me Megawatt, and I’m at least ten years older than you are.
    Again, happy birthday!

  167. I’d like to say that if her hair color were a yarn, I’d totally buy it!!! It reminds me, a bit, of some Alpaca with a Twist baby alpaca yarn I love…..

  168. Happy Birthday to Megan! The hat is wonderful, and you have matured in the last year. Keep up the great work (daughter & mom)!

  169. I am late! Happy Birthday Megan!
    (Ravelry has completely distracted me from my blog reading, I shall attempt to multi-task better in the future)

  170. Love that hat! I’ve been looking for a pattern for something just like it for ages! What pattern did you use for it?

  171. Love Megan’s hair! I was “rapid-reading” your post and I thought I read “It (meaning Megan’s hair) is knit in Curious Creek Fibers….mwaaaahhhh πŸ˜‰ Happy B’day to Megan!

  172. I think she has matured nicely and the hat is awesome!
    I had multi colored hair at that age myself, and it is very tastefully done I think.
    Happy Birthday Meg!

  173. Meg’s hair is freakin’ awesome! That is by far the best multi color dye job I’ve ever seen. Kinda like hand painted yarn really, and how can you go wrong with that? (And yes, she has definitely matured over the past year into a beautiful young lady).
    Happy Birthday Meg!

  174. Happy Birthday, Megan! Love the hair – I wanna do that too but I ain’t sweet sixteen.
    That wall of seed beads -omg, be still my beating heart!

  175. A belated Happy Birthday, Meg! Your hair is beautiful and your knitting is terrific. Your breakfast looks awesome – who made it? You or Mom??

  176. For the record, my 14 year old son thinks she’s an unattainable hottie…that should boost her spirits! The hat is wonderful, the daughter is also wonderful, and isn’t it amazing how they go from child to full grown woman in 12 teeny months… (She was cute as a baby, too!)

  177. Congrats Mom and Megan, you both survived and thrived. Our eldest just celebrated his 15th. He has more hair than I’d like in an untidy mop upon his adorable head and doesn’t knit. Fortunately he does allow me to knit FOR him if not with him. See how lucky you are?! As for coloured hair, he threatens green if I so much as touch a lock of his hair with scissors lately. And while I got to take the photo of him various birhtday celebrations and one of him before and after braces, he’s have a fit if I posted a baby photo of him. Megan, you are so cool!!!

  178. Love the hat, Megan! Hope you have a blast being sixteen; I know I have so far! Lucky you, you have a mom who appreciates your knitting. Mine, sadly, is a non-knitting lawyer/engineer who is impressed by intarsia but is less understanding of my yarn stash than she could be. Have a swell sixteenth year, knit like mad, and if you’ve never tried intarsia, learn it, because it is oddly satifying and something all sixteen-year-olds should know.

  179. Of course she has matured. Her bones are coming in, her skin is glowing, and she takes phone lmessages like a champ. A belated Happy Birthday to Megan.
    (I know you guys are having fun, so that is all)

  180. Happy Sweet Sixteen Meg! You’ve grown up wonderfully over the past year. My mother too went around muttering under her breath the Barbara Coloroso mantra, “It’s not permanent, life or morally threatening,” when I dyed my hair weird colours too.
    I love the hat too! Beauty all ‘roun.d

  181. I have a 17 year old with similar hair. Recently we were vacationing in Taos, NM. (We live in Texas.) My daughter, who will be leaving shortly to start college at The University of Chicago, was looking for yarn to make herself a WARM hat for the Chicago winter. The woman at the yarn shop (Taos Sunflower, a great shop) found some lovely malabrigo merino that she saud “will go great with your hair!”

  182. Happy Birthday, Meg! If it makes you feel any better, I’ve been known to call my Meg, Megaboo, but not since she got taller than I am!

  183. well, meg is a doll. i love her hair. i work with the public and see a lot of “alternative” hair and i know some ages are for experiementing and finding a “voice” (i.e. style). so if she’s not doing drugs, not being arrested, and you aren’t a grandmother, then as you said, it is good. hair is fun to play with for all ages. someday hers might be blue. oh. i forgot. old ladies with blue hair are now young with blue hair.!

  184. Just wanted to say that Meg made herself a very nice hat–I’ve looked at a few of the Le Slouch online and some are too small–yours is just right and unique and cool looking.

  185. I can’t believe its been a year already – a mighty fine daughter you have there!

  186. she is a beautiful young woman…and my lil’sis did some crazy things with her hair at that age (with kool-aid) and now she just colors in more socially acceptable ways… as a pathetic aside, at what point was it that I quit getting more beautiful each year and just got a year older? I am going to have to work on that.

  187. Happy happy (belated) birthday to your darling girl!! And the waffles look tremendous.
    Any change you know what that yarn is, in the picture above the words “I finished a pair of socks”?

  188. Canadian Charity Knitters!
    How about dedicating some of your stash to a worthwhile project? We’re knitting for the Innu of Northern Labrador this fall, and we’d love contributions. If you drop off an item with your name, blog and/or email address, we’ll post a picture of your item on our site!
    For more info on our project, guidelines and drop-off points please see:
    And Stephanie, if you’re reading this, please fire me an email – I have an offer you can’t refuse!

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