In which Rachel H and I hatch a plan

I don’t know if you are going to find this as remarkable a coincidence as I do…but this year my birthday falls on World Wide Knit in Public Day. Seriously. This year June the 14th is not just that day when knitters world wide host events, go out in public and represent knitters everywhere they go, but it is also my birthday, and not just any birthday, but my 40th birthday. I hear what you’re saying, and I agree. This spells party. Big party.

Now Rachel H and I, we are the Queens of Knit Party. If you want to have a knitting party then you should call me and Rachel because we know what a knitting party needs. Music, yarn, (free yarn), fibre, (free fibre) beer (not free beer. We don’t know any beer people. Just yarn people) cake, sunshine, knitters everywhere and all kinds of stuff, and if it can possibly be arranged, then you should have it in a yarn shop. (This has turned out to be the most difficult part, because Rachel and I do not own a yarn shop and are therefore reduced to invading, stealing and otherwise procuring the yarn shops of others. This can be tricky.)

When Rachel and I realized it was my 40th Birthday, (which is harder than you think, since I was convinced for a while that it was going to be my 39th) we thought yarn party. When we realized it was WWKIP day? We realized we needed a really, really good party. Great in fact. We tried to think about what we, knitters of modest resources could possibly do to show the knitters of Toronto a good time on this auspicious day, and after a couple of days, a couple of phone calls, another planned invasion of a yarn shop we don’t own, we made a decision to take a calculated risk, we drank the better part of a good bottle of red wine and we did something crazy.

We bought Franklin and his camera a plane ticket to Toronto for that day.

(Technically, Rachel H bought it, since it went on her credit card. I just agreed to split it with her if our plan doesn’t work.) Our plan? Glad you asked. Our plan is an all day photo shoot to get a little Canadian representation into Franklin’s 1000 knitters portrait project. Franklin (understanding that Canadians can get a little fired up about these things) has said that we can have 120 spots in the project. (Left to our own enthusiastic devices, he knows we would overwhelm the whole thing.) The project is called “1000 knitters” not “way more than 1000 knitters because boy oh boy do the Canadians know how to show up and party.” This left Rachel and I needing a plan to come up with those 120 knitters (and no more than 120) and how two ordinary knitters finance bringing a photographer and his equipment to Toronto for our own amusement. We didn’t want to be left out, but on the other hand, it’s hard to justify to your family that now you don’t just have a yarn budget, but a “bringing other knitters to Toronto to play with ” budget. This is where we hatched the plan.

If you would like to be a part of Franklin’s 1000 knitters project, you can call Lettuce Knit beginning tomorrow (That’s May 21st) morning at 11:00am. Lettuce Knit (who are being really awesome about providing staff and space to work this, considering that Rachel H and I just dumped it on them) will record your name and give you either a slot in the first block (10-2) or the second block (2-6). If there is space you can choose, but the whole thing is first come, first served. Then you come on down to Lettuce Knit on the 14th June and hang out, have your picture taken, Knit in public, have fun with the raffle (there’s a raffle. Great stuff from Franklin, great stuff from us) drink some beer (it’s byob) and party in general. (NOTE: even if you don’t get a spot to have your picture taken, or if you don’t want your picture taken, you’re more than welcome.) There will be a tip jar there, and we’ll be accepting donations from those taking part who can contribute. We’re suggesting a $5 minimum, and if we got that much from almost each person, then that would cover the plane ticket and Rachel and I would break even. That’s really the only expense, since Franklin has very, very graciously agreed not just to be hauled to another country for our amusement, but to stay on a couch instead of a hotel, and to eat home cooked food instead of restaurants.

Naturally, if everyone participating thinks highly enough of Franklin and his endeavour and decides to donate more than we need to cover the ticket, Rachel H and I will pass on the extra to Franklin, who’s been hauling arse all over the place giving great days and experiences to knitters, and he’s an artist, and art is worth something and so are knitters and he’s making history recording us for posterity and…well. I’m giving him more than $5, but that’s a personal choice.

So there you have it. A plan. A fun plan. A plan with a trefoil of fun and glory. Another Knitters party, and it is, I think… a very good one. Who’s gonna play?

244 thoughts on “In which Rachel H and I hatch a plan

  1. Maybe I should have you plan my 40th birthday party! It’s coming up this fall!

  2. That’s the kind of party I want to have when my 40 year rolls around (fast approaching I can count it on almost one hand now oh god)!

  3. WOW! sounds fantastic. i’m sure you’ll fill the 118 slots realllllllllllly quickly (you’ve got to allow yourselves to be photographed!)

  4. Oh, if only I could convince my husband that I need to go to Canada!! How can those of us who can’t make it participate/help? Donations? Raffle prizes? Beer? Let us know!

  5. I hear Franklin is just wonderful. When he came to St.Paul with the Yarnery, everyone practically gushed over how great he was. Unfortunately, I had strep throat that weekend…very nasty bit of business…and missed talking with him. Have a blast while you’re enjoying your 40th birthday.

  6. My baby’s due on your Birthday, which is also WWKIP day … wuhoo!!! My baby could share birthdays with the Yarn Harlot! I don’t think I should sign up, though … ya know … in case I’m in labour!

  7. I’m actually going to be in Toronto that weekend! If I don’t get a photoshoot, I’ll be sure to drop by and witness the festivities. What a great idea!

  8. Sounds like a great party! Too bad I’m a thousand miles from Toronto – I’ll just have to hear all about it on all the Torontoian blogs and on Franklin’s.

  9. That sounds awesome! What great fun — your birthday, and knit-in-public day, Franklin’s photo-project and a Lettuce Knit party all in one? I’ll be there!!

  10. I’m jealous πŸ™‚ I wish I lived near or in Toronto! Happy 40th when it comes!

  11. If I was Canadian I would be there in two shakes of lamb’s tail. Alas, I am a stinky American. πŸ˜‰ Have fun with Franklin, your party sounds like it will be a blast!

  12. This plan would be even more fabulous if I could get there, but I cannot. Knit on, anyway, till you are filled with joy.
    (I could probably donate a little something too.)

  13. What a cool idea! I wanna come play! But I think my in-laws will still be here visiting at that point. (I am so not saying how escaping might be a plus.)

  14. I am warming up my dialing finger!!! Fortunately it is the same one I use for knitting.

  15. I just have to say that I live in Montana, and can’t make it to the big party! However, someday when I’m rich and you have lots of time (a miracle?) I’ll buy your plane ticket to Missoula and you can knit with the 30 or so knitters that I know. I’m sure there are more in the state of Montana, but I know all the nice ones. πŸ˜‰
    Heck. I even have a futon you can use.

  16. Damn. That’s a wicked good idea.
    Damn. I wanna play.
    Damn. I want Franklin to take my picture.
    Damn. I don’t know if I can get there from here.
    Can I throw you a birthday party at my LYS?

  17. Gahh! June 14 is World Wide KIP Day? I’m going to be driving a car back from the Outer Banks that day! Crap!
    Maybe when we’re on the back roads, I can guilt my mom into driving for a bit. Oops, no, that won’t work. My mom’s driving is very, very scary, and I would have to navigate and read the signs for her. She doesn’t see them until she’s less than ten feet away from them and it’s too late to change into the lane we’re supposed to be in to avoiding driving into Richmond or DC! She also has no sense of direction at all, and if I looked down to count stitches, we might end up in Georgia or somewhere far away from Pennsylvania!
    Can I be “knitting in spirit”? Zen knitting?

  18. Stephanie – How cosmically perfect is that WWKIP day is on your most special BIG GIRL PANTS ARE HERE TO STAY birthday. It is also my wedding anniversary. And (in the US) it is Flag Day. Yep, we have a day in honor of old glory (no one gets the day off or anything but it’s interesting.
    I would come to Toronto for it if we were out of school…sigh. But we’re not and it is a little more than a day trip, I’m afraid.

  19. Hey, all you lucky Canadians, jump at this chance!! I went to the “Philadelphia” 1000 Knitters event (quotation marks because it was only Philadelphia in a very general sense) and even without Stephanie had a blast. With the Birthday Girl? And beer? Can’t imagine how great it’s going to be!

  20. You hear that? That’s the sound of a million knitters who *aren’t* anywhere near Toronto going “waaaaaaaah!”
    Awesome idea. Awesome opportunity for a party.

  21. Just ANOTHER reason I wish I were Canadian and lived closer..
    Frustrated American knitter near the BC border…
    I will knit in public anyway and drink at least one beer in support! Mostly I prefer wine

  22. I’m so upset!!!!! You and I share that birth date, and I would dearly love to be in Franklin’s book and be at your party!!!!! But I promised to work at the lys that day, and help with our WWKIP celebration. I’m sooooooo upset.

  23. Great idea! I was hoping that Franklin would manage to get to the Toronto area – leave it to you (and Rachel H.) to come up with one outstanding plan. (Now let’s just hope I can wrangle a coveted spot.)

  24. Ah, shucks… I specialize in catering parties for birthdays that end in zero, but I’m busy that day. It’s the nearest Saturday to a good friend’s 60th, and he’s having a chocolate party. A competitive chocolate party. Which I usually win.
    Give me more notice for your 50th, and I’ll do yours.

  25. ME!! I think Lettuce Knit is going to have their phone system blown out tomorrow!!

  26. OH MY. I am SO THERE.
    I think this is a fantabulous idea! Brilliant all around. I’ll mark my calendar to call tomorrow and will be prepared to donate either way!

  27. So wish I could be there for the fun! Let us know if there’s some kind of virtual party the non-attendees can go to. Maybe a Ravelry room or something that we log into from where we are knitting (and drinking beer, of course)?

  28. Why the hell do I always have to be broke when the good stuff is going down??!!
    I hope you have a blast and Franklin gets way more than expected. He seems a decent sort.

  29. Bah… this sounds like fun, but I live quite a bit south of the Canadian border… I’ll miss out. I’ll have to contrive my own WWKIP par-tay. Where can I contribute to the Franklin fund, sans attendance?

  30. Awwww! I’ll even be in Toronto the following weekend, and except for the fact that I won’t actually BE there on the 14th–oh, and the unavoidable and regrettable fact that I was born south of the border–I’d be there. However, I will send my best wishes along with my wish to both be there and actually be Canadian.

  31. Ah, if only I lived anywhere nearby, and were Canadian! But I lift my proverbial glass to you and wish you a whompin’ good time!

  32. If I was within driving distance I so totally would come! What a great idea, it will definitely be a birthday to remember.

  33. Actually, I should modify that. Technically, I think, I *am* Canadian. (Me mum’s Canadian.) I just haven’t filled out any paperwork yet.
    I should get on that…then I could proudly say I’m a Canadian knitter!

  34. Does it count if I really, really WANT to be a Canadian? PLEASE! How do we contribute to the Franklin Fund, if we can’t get our California keisters up and over to Toronto? Hmm??

  35. Girl, you definitely know how to party! Wish I could be there. Unfortunately, that’s the same day as my sister’s 60th party. While I’m sure you’ll forgive me for not flying to Toronto for your birthday, I know for a fact that were I to miss Sis’s party, she’d HURT me! I know — I’ll take my knitting to her party, which will probably be a real snooze otherwise, and knit with you in spirit!

  36. Very excited for WWKIP day, truly, I am. But I keep wondering…um, when are you going to set a new goal for Knitters Without Borders and rally the troops? China? Myanmar? Anyone watching the news lately? I bring this up here only because I don’t have a fabulous blog with great readership like Stephanie to sound the call.
    Can we please set a new goal and get to work? As soon as I find my wallet, I’m sending $50 of my yarn money right over. What can you do?

  37. Wow, I’m in! I hope… I’ll have to convince my kids that they want to go knitting instead of to a school picnic. Hmm. I’ll think of a way!

  38. WWKIP day is my birthday as well, and it’s my 30th! Like Melinda said it’s flag day here in the US, which isn’t anything special but maybe useful for Jeopardy. My fave bday gift was a flag from the Isle of Man, which is just a brilliant flag.
    Anywho, I was thinking of spending my birthday in Mexico (I live in one of the few places in the US when it is actually cold in June, San Francisco, so I feel like I need to be in the warmth), or maybe at a spa, but now I’m torn. Maybe I should take a birthday trip to Toronto? I could add the maple leaf flag to my collection…

  39. Great plan! I wish I were in Toronto… but since IΒ΄m not up north, weΒ΄re organizing a gathering on kip day here in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    Happy kip day birthday party-planning!

  40. !!! I can’t get up to Canada, but I’ll certainly knit in public. I may even spin in public (you think knitting gets weird looks?) I may suggest a party to my knitting friends.

  41. I wonder if the Lettuce Knit people cringe when you call them and say, “I had this idea…”
    Sounds like fun, though.

  42. Oh fantastic ! I’ve been following every step of Franklin’s 1000 Knitter’s project and I love it all. I wish I could get to Canada for the day …. maybe Franklin would like to add a little Scottish flavour ? We’re small. He could shoot every member of Glasgow Knit n’ Stitch and still be under your 120 quota !

  43. That sounds like one amazing day. πŸ™‚ If I was going to be anywhere near your neck of the woods, I’d be showing up. *is stuck in NY*
    >> he’s an artist, and art is worth something and so are knitters <<
    As a musician/writer/knitter/general creative person, I love you for this statement. πŸ™‚ Most people Don’t Get It when it comes to artsy things.

  44. I swear, every day I see another reason why I need to move to Toronto. I hope you continue to do cool things once I get there in the fall.

  45. Have a wonderful time and a wonderful 40th! I’m on my 43rd now and still waiting for that special day. πŸ™‚ Although – Great Lakes Fiber Festival this weekend!! WOO HOO!!!

  46. 1) Happy early birthday!
    2) Fantastic idea! I definitely plan on KIP that day. Where will be determined by when my family decides to celebrate my dad’s birthday, father’s day and my parents’ wedding anniversary (all within a week of each other).
    3) I want to thank you for providing links to all of the wonderful knitting blogs you mention. I’ve linked to a bunch of them that I would have never found without the direct links. So again thank you. πŸ™‚

  47. My birthday is the day AFTER KIP day! Ohhh the humanity.
    Well it is lovely to know that the Harlot is a fantastic Gemini.
    Sounds like a great party!

  48. Actually, you do know a peripheral beer person – me.
    So I will try to be there (I’ll call and hope for a spot!) And I will bring more than $5 for Franklin (becasue he SOOOO deserves it), and beer and knitting!

  49. For my 40th on June 13th two years ago, I invited many friends and family to a potluck and asked folks to bring poems, stories or songs to share, with a band I’m friends with providing a closing set. It was a really fun evening and a really nice way to kick off the next 40 years. Getting to share something you enjoy with friends, whether knitting or music, is a great way to say that life is all gift.

  50. Surely this will make the headlines…CNN even…sorry I will miss the fun…

  51. Yeah, yeah, birthday, yeah, knitting, ok, Franklin, right, whatever.
    I want to know what outfit Rachel is planning to wear.

  52. Presbytera, I’ve been asking myself the same question. All I’ve come up with so far is that comfortable shoes will be absolutely required. Which is fine, coz June isn’t really big girl boot season anyway.

  53. wow, what a guy! Canada must not have liquor liscense laws like we do here in the states…we could never pull a byob party at a business – especially during business hours.
    I was wondering if you shouldn’t drop the shop a few bucks to cover clean up expenses … knitters with beer might get a bit rowdy.

  54. ohmygod! That’s my birthday, too! I wanna cooooooooooome! I wonder if I can sell enough plasma to buy a ticket.

  55. **Freakin’ awesome!** Alas, I am too far away to attend in person, but I’ll lift a beer (or two or ….) and KIP in your honor.
    Just let us know how we can contribute to the cause. I figure anything left over can go to MSF.
    Have you warned the Canadian phone system what to expect tomorrow morning?
    Barbara L in MA

  56. Oh man, this is going to rock so hard. I wish I could be there, I will be on another continent (hopefully learning how to say “where is the yarn?” in German).
    Best. Birthday party. Ever.

  57. I am going to go and put Lettuce Knit on my speed dial RIGHT NOW!!! And my finger wil be poised for phoning tomorrow at precisely 11 am. Oh, I SO hope I can get in on this, with it being a Saturday and all. Too often the fun is taking place on a weekday and/or in a city far away! What luck this time!

  58. I love it when Rachel H and plan are used together! πŸ™‚ Just cool. You two together could be dangerous, fortunately you use your power for good.
    Will be knitting in your honor on your BDay in Michigan.
    ++++ Be careful you don’t want the donation amount to get into the stratosphere… Just thinking of the Doctors without Borders… though Franklin is worth every cent πŸ™‚ You may want to raise a little more to keep Doris out of Canada.

  59. Me! Me! I wanna play! (but do you think I can convince my husband that we need to take the train from Detroit to Toronto for the day so I can play?)

  60. If we all throw in an extra $5, can we get Delores on the plane too… that will be party!!!

  61. I began searching flights to see if this could be crammed into the budget – after all I missed Franklin when he was in Philadelphia, and it’s a party – when all of a sudden I really looked at the calendar. Damn, I’m already booked on a flight on the 14th to San Francisco with the husband and no children for 4 days. Is it evil that I’d rather come to Toronto and sing happy birthday and drink beer and visit with Denny and all of the Toronto knitters?

  62. I want to live in Toronto. Except, I hate snow and cold. But you’ve got sane health care, sane homeschooling policies (from what I’ve heard), a lack of politicians tearing each other to shreds (at least, we never hear about it down here), and a freaking awesome knitting community. My husband just gave me our economic stimulus check, and if it weren’t for the fact that June 14 is the day before Father’s Day, and the pesky little matter of being nearly 5 months pregnant then and already on baby aspirin for possible clotting issues, I’d get on a plane and fly to Toronto for your birthday. I HAVE the passport. I HAVE the money (for once). Sigh.
    Have a blast. Y’all know how to plan a party.

  63. Ummm…didn’t you have the same problem about knowing how old you were last year?
    I mean – sounds like an awesome time. I will also ask how people who cannot attend can help finance the adventure…

  64. June 14 is my mom’s birthday and she taught me to knit, so I’ll be knitting in her honor. Unfortunately that will be in New York City, not Toronto. Will have to see if any of my local LYS are partying.

  65. What a great plan! I’d be so there if I wasn’t a) so far away from Toronto with other plans for the 15th, and b) already part of Franklin’s 1000 knitters project. Have an awesome birthday party!

  66. why oh why can’t I live in Toronto!!!!
    What an Awesome Plan!!! I wish I could come party with you!
    Have a happy Birthday on the 14th!!!! I’ll be thinking of you…

  67. Huzzah for 40th birthdays! Mine’s this year as well, though in the fall.
    I don’t even have to tell you I hope you’ll have a great day, because fibre+beer+Franklin+knitty folks can’t equal anything but.
    Don’t be surprised though, if the papers report a mass illegal crossing of the border by American knitters…

  68. I am so completely there!
    Yet another time when I’m just going to happen to be in TO for a huge event like this.
    Steph and Rachel H. rock my hand-knit socks off!

  69. So … is it only for Canadians? How about us south of the border who are thinking road trip!

  70. Wait.
    I knew KIP day was MY birthday.
    But it’s yours too?!?! Awesome!!! Happy Birthday!!
    Maybe next time you tour you can visit Kansas City???

  71. Why can’t WWKIP day be the 8th? I’m venturing to Toronto that weekend for a concert (the best Seattle band is playing with my favourite Canadian band, I might die of glee) and just bought the tickets! Oh, I so would have fun sneaking into a photo project for posterity! I’m sure you’ll all have a blast and I’ll drink some beer and knit someplace highly noticeable for sure!

  72. My son’s birthday is June 15th.I think he would notice if I wasn’t home that weekend.*sigh* … I’ll keep you in mind when we’re celebrating his birthday.(I’ll even have an extra cupcake-for you of course…)All of us who can’t be there would like copius amounts of pictures on the blog so we can see all the fun we missed!What a great sounding party for a Great Harlot who (after that book tour) definetly deserves it!;)

  73. That is the coolest birthday party ever! My birthday is the 15th and I’m only just restraining myself from picking up a plane ticket to join the party.

  74. woo, we share a birthday! 29 for me this year. i’m nowhere near toronto, but i will celebrate wwkip day and my birth (and flag day, here in the u.s.!) heartily that day. πŸ™‚

  75. Will Dolores be coming along with Franklin? I think she knows how to party in a big way!

  76. Your party sounds wonderful. I can’t be in your city but I can contribute to your fund. Shall I send it to Lettuce Knit? PS – Happy Birthday!!!!

  77. What a fabulous idea! Your birthday AND Franklin AND knitting AND beer . . . I’d be glad to send a contribution too, just to keep the party rolling!

  78. wow. that’s awesome. i guess i should add this to my growing list of why i wish i were canadian and living in canada. have a wonderful birthday!

  79. When I realized that my 50th birthday falls on Saturday of Rhinebeck weekend, I decided that’s where I needed to be. My first Rhinebeck experience, and a fiber-filled party with friends from around the country. What could be better?!?!
    Enjoy your 40th!

  80. Oh! I so wish I could be there! What a perfect celebration of your 40th. Hoist an extra beer for me πŸ™‚

  81. “….and to eat home cooked food instead of restaurants.”
    Just as well. Restaurants are high in fiber, but tough on the teeth.

  82. Although we will miss having Franklin here at home in Chicago on WWKIPD, you deserve to have him in Toronto for your birthday!

  83. I wanna go, but I’m an American on a pretty tight budget (which is mostly a “please don’t show me pretty yarn budget”) right now.
    But as it will be just after my birthday, I’ll happily donate a fiver to add to the Franklin birthday party!

  84. I thought that would be a perfect 1st trip to Canada, however, I will be celebrating my Dads 70th birthday that day, so I will KIP from afar. Please post a link so we can contribute for Franklin too πŸ™‚

  85. I’ll be at a wedding that day, but I couldn’t think of a more special way to celebrate your birthday, Stephanie. Love your blog and hope you all have a blast! I’d toast to your bday with a Screech, but I’m afraid Macallan Scotch will have to do.

  86. Trish, My 40th birthday is the Saturday of Rhinebeck weekend and I also decided to celebrate with my first Rhinebeck experience. Great minds…

  87. I was lucky enough to participate in the 1000 Knitters project when Franklin came to the Philadelphia area, but I’d definitely throw into your Toronto fund. Let us know if you decide to open up the donations wider – Franklin is lovely, and I’m sure the couch he’d stay on is also lovely, but it would be grand to get him a nice hotel room as “thanks” for his project. πŸ™‚

  88. Wait, eating home-cooked food is supposedly suffering? That’s one of the best parts about staying with friends while travelling!

  89. You are one lucky lady… to have a milestone birthday on WWKIP day (and American Flag Day!).
    Me? I hit a milestone this year too – I’m turning 30 on June 13 – FRIDAY the 13th. I think it will be fun though – I hope to spend the day kayaking on the fjords in Norway!

  90. …I’ll be the one at the phones at L.K. on Wed.
    Rachel H, could you please bring me a cider that night??? thanks..
    I have a felling I’ll be answering the phones a lot.

  91. Happy-Happy 40th B-day!!! Party on Steph!
    I will knit a row or two & have a cold one in your honor!

  92. I can’t make June 14th but I’d like to send a donation. How do you suggest we do that?

  93. GREAT plan… and I live two blocks from Lettuce Knit… but I’ll be in SCOTLAND. I’ll have to knit in public in Glasgow. Have a wonderful time and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  94. Hmmm….how long would it take for me to become a legal Canadian? Probably too long. Darn. Sounds like a great time.

  95. That makes me go “WOW!” and wish I lived much closer. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, filled with good times and good people. I’ll be going to the local sheep and wool festival… in celebration of your birthday of course. I wouldn’t be going just for _me_… that would be preposterous.

  96. How incredibly awesome. Now I want to be in Toronto instead of Halifax on june 14th. You are going to have one fabulous birthday party.

  97. Though I know it’s dorky and pointless to whine about you hosting *your* party in *your* city, I feel we’re totally languishing without Harlot-y representation here in Ottawa…

  98. Call a beer distributorship. Ask for sponsorship. That’s what their advertising budgets are for. πŸ˜›
    My uncle participates in an annual week-long bicycle ride and once got a different brand of beer to sponsor each day.
    I wonder if my car would make it from metro-Detroit to Toronto and back?
    Oh, and Happy Early Birthday.

  99. WOW!! I kept hoping Franklin would come to Canada! (And this is big enough news I actually had to delurk and comment on it)
    …..but I was kinda hoping for a bit farther west (i.e. Calgary) *sigh* Enjoy the party. I will proudly KIP and drink Big Rock beer (or possibly Strongbow it’s too early to say) on that day to keep with the spirit.

  100. What a fun idea. Wish I had thought of something that big and fun for my 40th!!! I would be happy to donate some skeins of yarn (handpainted by me…) as a giveaway for people who can’t be there but would like to donate anyway.

  101. How funny. Last year I spent part of my birthday at WWKIP at London’s Trafalgar Square. It wasn’t my 40th, but the next one will be – just a few days before you! Happy Birthday to us! πŸ™‚

  102. hee hee, there are exactly 120 comments to your post at this time – if every one of them was a reservation with $5 in their pockets, you’d be all set! This sounds like a lot of fun – I’m sure you will have no trouble finding enough people to be photographed. What a great idea to bring this photographer/project in! I hope you will have fun (and a happy birthday) I won’t be able to come but will be able to knit in public!

  103. Sorry – I was a wee bit quick on the “send” button; of course you’re very very welcome to come and arrange my 40th also. It’s a whole five days before yours and I know how good you are at working to a deadline, so that won’t present a problem at all. WHERE, you ask? Oh, I’m planning on being in Denmark for the day, but I promise you we’ll find a sofa and loads of FREE beer too, so come on over – and bring Rachel, Franklin and the camera too. I promise you to supply the 120 people, just so that things don’t get complicated. πŸ™‚

  104. I’m literally sobbing with disappointment.
    Someday, I will meet the Harlot, knit with her, and discuss beer and baseball.
    So help me wool.

  105. Boy, that sounds like way too much fun to miss, but I, along with scads of other fiber folk will be at Estes Park for the Wool Festival.
    Happy birthday!

  106. Aw man! DAMMIT! I don’t think I can come invade Canada at that time, even for so worthy a cause. You’re sure you don’t want to postpone turning 40 till next year? I can probably make it then.
    Can I send yarn and fiber? πŸ˜‰ I’d send beer but I think they confiscate it at the border or something.

  107. Woohoo!
    Ted Myatt and I were talking about this yesterday, trying to figure out a way to get Franklin up here. Perfect timing!
    I’m going to try and get into the afternoon session. I am helping out with a dye class earlier in the day and won’t get out till 3:30pm. I can then haul arse over there and relax and enjoy the day!

  108. So, what if we are 2000 miles away and want to have a party here? in Moab Utah. Can there be some sort of cohesiveness, (internationally, perhaps?) among knitters that day? What a wonderful movement that would be!
    Tomorrow night is our local knit night. I’m going to stir the pot here and see what we would like to do.
    Interknational Knitters Uknite!

  109. I adore you! This is the most fun thing I have heard in a long time, you have outdone yourself! I hope y’all Canadian knitters have a blast up and over there! We’ll be knitting by the beach down and around here! Franklin rocks, you rock, Rachel H rocks and Lettuce Knit is on my life list of places to visit! Yay rah! Happy Birthday too, Mine is tomorrow and I’m on the other end of the 40’s – 49 – the last year of my fifth decade. I’ve decided it’s going to be the best year yet!!!

  110. I am so there (I mean, I’m already there mentally)! But I will definitely be hanging on the line tomorrow morning hoping for a spot. Not only WWKIP day, not only your birthday, but Franklin too! The trifecta, holy cow!
    Hope LK’s phones don’t get trashed…

  111. I looked it up and it’s exactly 555 miles from my house in Washington DC to Lettuce Knit. Hmmm…considering how many miles of yarn I knit each year it doesn’t seem that far…

  112. A shared birthday! My 43rd birthday is this June 14th.
    Happy early birthday, and have a blast in Toronto!

  113. Ummm….can non-Canadians come to the party? I might just even consider it….Happy Birthday. I’m 39 this year (eek)

  114. You have NO idea how jealous I am right now. There is no way, no how, that I can make to TO that day. I have an exam in the AM. An exam that the rest of my professional life hinges on.
    This sucks.
    Oh, hey, everyone else! I expect photos, and lots of them.

  115. Woo hoo!! Sounds like fun! Canada is a little far for me to travel to though. June 14th though should be yarn bowls for everyone day too!! I’ll send some to Lettuce Knit!!! Seriously, if you want a few for the raffle I’ll be happy to donate a couple – just contact me and let me know.

  116. How does one donate to this awesome party? Can’t be there in person so I would like to help out this fun cause.

  117. What a GREAT idea!!! I’m yet another American who wishes she were Candaian! I hope the plan works out for you guys! I’m absolutely positive it will πŸ™‚ Is there a way that we can contribute even if we can’t go? It’s well worth it!

  118. Ok, so I’ve been known to do this sort of thing in the past (Afghans for Afghans sew up party?) and I think it will have to happen again. Oh yes.

  119. I checked my calendar… possible. Then I checked airfare. $611 from Providence, roundtrip. Not so possible. Wish I could join you, since I’m celebrating my 40th later this year too. Alas, I’ll have to settle for sending you a fiver in a birthday card. Boo.

  120. Teehee… I mentioned about needing to pop into Toronto for your birthday to DH, and he insisted that I better not or else I’d really be called a stalker! Though it would be a fun challenge trying to drive from Providence in one night…
    Bunny hugs!

  121. What a fun idea! If I lived within a few hours, I would totally be there. But I still want to support Franklin and your birthday party! Can I send some money, maybe through paypal?

  122. oh I so wish I could be there. If it weren’t that I had to be in Dallas for a work related trip I would too. Have FUN and par-tay responsibly y’all…

  123. That sounds like so much fun, I’m very sad to miss it! I’m from Toronto, but I live in Vancouver now… and I’m coming home just one week after the big party for my vacation. So close and so very far away. Have a great party!

  124. I was one of many who sat for Franklin when he came to PA. He’s really awesome, and my friend and I had a lot of fun there at Wool Gathering. πŸ™‚ You’re gonna have a blast, I’m sure.

  125. How about setting up PayPal spot for all of us stuck here in the US who won’t be able to make it? It could be our birthday present to you. πŸ™‚

    Yes, I am totally thinking I should fly there and join the fun. But… not Canadian. πŸ˜› Have fun!!

  127. Oh. My. Freakin’. G*d. I thought I knew when your birthday was, which wasn’t anywhere in June but mine follows yours (I share it with Father’s Day this year). If I wasn’t singing with the chorus on that day, I’d sing happy birthday to you. Or maybe I can get the chorus to do it.

  128. Sounds like a lot of fun. My birthday is in November but I keep threatening to move it to July or August when it is warm enough to do something fun. (like kayak)
    Enjoy!! I will try to celebrate the day- june 14th, right?

  129. Dagnabbit, that does it!!! I’m moving to Toronto. I’ll just have to deal with surviving the winters…tomorrow.

  130. Okay, I am appropriately jealous. All I got for my 40th birthday was someone with a fake head wound on my hall carpet (emergency medical humor).
    I will think of you all and the fun you will be having while I help host an eight-family group high school graduation party. I guess I should bring my knitting, just for solidarity’s sake.

  131. Has Toronto recovered from the last Harlot event in April? Inexplicable Knitting Behaviour and now Knitters Knitting in Public will be taking over Toronto again. This may be the frosting on the birthday cake.
    Like everyone else, how about a magic link to make a contribution?

  132. Thank you so much for the invitation to Toronto, but we’re partying with Franklin in Ausin on May 31st! Too bad it isn’t WWKIPD!

  133. Brilliant! You two are awesome mischief makers…urrr… I mean party planners. I’m looking forward to putting my redial button to the test later this morning. πŸ™‚

  134. Now I just have to figure out how to get sent to Toronto on business next month.
    Gr! And my passport’s expired. I MUST go fix that.

  135. Ok this has nothing to do with your post, but someone said this on a forum that I’m on and thought of you Stephanie:
    “It is a fool who tries the same things over and over again expecting the same results”
    Sorry. But you were the first person I though of when I read it!!! lol

  136. What do I do?? Immediately get on to see how much airfare is from Sacramento, CA to Toronto that weekend! Way beyond what I can pay, but I would LOVE to be there!! I want to meet Franklin and I’d love to sit and knit with you! What fun! Have a great time!

  137. I am super jealous that you are a knitting rock star and can have parties like this. If only I lived close enough to join you all. Rock On!

  138. Why oh why do you have to live in Canadiashire??? Come to Europe! Britainshire is great! Scotlandshire is even better! There’s beer, and yarn, and knitters, and more beer!

  139. Why oh why do you have to live in Canadiashire? Come to Europe! Britainshire is nice! Scotlandshire is even better! There’s beer, and yarn, and knitters, and more beer!!!

  140. Why do all the most fun sounding parties and the opportunities to be part of Franklin’s project seem to happen, just out of reach?! Nggg, two days off work, a Β£250 8 hour flight, plus the cost of a few nights accommodation and I could be there too!
    Ring Lettuce Knit, not ring lettuce knit?!
    Ring, not ring, ring, not ring?!

  141. My husband (who just celebrated his 40th with a worthy bash) makes very good beer. If someone would just pay the cost of my flight from FL to Toronto, I’d bring you a case for free! He also managed to spread his celebration over at least 2 weekends. Make sure you do the same!

  142. What a coincidence that your birthday falls on KIPD. While the event sounds like too much fun to be true, I shall have to find a venue where my children can behave in their normal manner (the zoo, perhaps?) without being forever hated for trashing a yarn shop.

  143. I so badly wish I could go, but I’ll still be in England! Grar!! However, I may have to send my friend Glen in my stead, so I can live vicariously through him to experience the knitterly goodness! Happy birthday!

  144. June 14th is my grandmother’s birthday, too (and Flag Day in the US!!). She’ll be 91 this year!! I won’t be in Canada, but I’ll be here in Ohio knitting!!!

  145. Congrats on the 40th birthday. Sounds like a great celebration. It happens to be my 40th wedding anniversary! I don’t think I will have any problem remembering your birthday in the future. I’ll be sure to do some knitting that day to celebrate all these fantastic events that that are happening on the same day.

  146. Great idea! Wish I could be there but hanging out with Kim of Knitch at Piedmont Park. She’s my party knitting pal.

  147. Like so many others I am sad I cannot be there. I’ve just spent a few hours on Franklin’s blog–what a GREAT guy and the 1000 knitters project is just cool beyond words. So now Ms Harlot, please put your mind to a way for those of us not able to attend to at least donate!

  148. You are a freaking genius! The Yarn Harlot and Franklin and Dolores and all that, all in one place? What a blast that will be!

  149. Stephanie. I love you. You do great and fun things. I wish I could be there.
    But beside that you really are an awesome person and I am glad you walk this earth and give so much.

  150. Oh wow! That is gonna be SOME PARTY! And it’s no coincidence… it’s karma! What better way to celebrate your birthday. πŸ™‚

  151. I’m not a Canadian but….I do have FREE BEER! I work for Miller Brewing Co and I could get us all the free beer we’d want. The only problem is a) I live in NC and b) I’m not sure if it is a felony to transport beer over the border. (ok that’s two but I was never good with math)
    Wish I could be there!! Now…if anyone would like to have a yarn/knitting/beer party in NC…I’m alllll about that!!

  152. Well. D**n. What a heck of a 40th birthday party! Wish I could come. In fact, I’m green that I can’t come…(sigh)
    Might have to have a “Wish we were in Toronto with the Yarn Harlot” happy 40th birthday, WWKIP-day party right here.

  153. I am going to try to convince some of my knitting group that a flight to Toronto for WWKIP day is needed.
    Now, to just look for a flight and a hotel. LOL! I can dream.

  154. You are too funny (and Rachel, you just keep egging her on! Is she the power behind the throne?). These things keep getting bigger and bigger. The next thing I’m expecting is for one of the cable channels to announce the new show, “Project Stitch” and the tag line will be…”You’re out of yarn. Turn in your needles and leave.” (Though you’d have to have a non-knitter speak the line because knitters would be like, “Hey, I’ve got some great jewel-toned merino. You wanna try something with that?”)

  155. June 14 is a great day! My birthday too! Me, I’m going to the Estes Park Wool Festival, where I expect to be very bad. Enjoy your day!

  156. What if we can’t be there because either a) we’re not Canadian and/or don’t live in Canada or 2) a billion other reasons, but we want to vicariously take part by donating to the cause of transporting Franklin anyway? Is there a way to do this?

  157. I keep thinking about this— and I keep thinking.. would it be possible to block off the street in front of LK (city permit for a block party or whatever you Grand Canadians do) for a street party??? That would extend the space…
    Besides– the idea of a Harlot= WWKIP Day/ 40 b-day street party just sounds GRAND.

  158. Okay. Here’s what I need. Someone in Wisconsin who is willing to stuff me in a trunk/storage tub (let’s be frank. A “suitcase” ain’t gonna cover it), covered in yarn, to get over the border. Cause DANG IT, I still haven’t gotten my passport!!!

  159. Can Franklin make me look like Julia Roberts does when she knits?? Or, will I still look like a 58 year old woman, with grey hair and a little too much padding (that is NOT wool) around her hips and stomach, but not enough padding around the chest, if you know what I mean! sounds like a great party which I will miss, sadly.

  160. Awesome! Wish I lived up there–sounds like a fabulous Birthday and KIPday!
    And I didn’t think anyone would ever surpass my 40th–3 days at the farm with bbq, bands and everyone I love pitching a tent for the Fest. You have done it in style:)

  161. Wow! I’ve been organizing a knitting field trip with a few friends down to Toronto (from Cambridge), and I think it’ll just have to be on the 14th. How could it not be?

  162. I’m in, I’m in, I’m in. Well I said that 3 times because my 2 daughters are in with me. Woo hoo. We’re coming to Toronto to attend Book Expo but always make a trip to Lettuce Knit. See you there.
    Susan Edwards
    Elora, ON

  163. Deeelightful. Happy coming up Birthday – what pleasant planning weeks you’ve got going on. I agree, is there any way non-Canadians can donate? Thanks for the heads up on WWKIP Day, I’ll being doing just that.

  164. You’re 8 days older than I am! Are you as much in denial as I am about turning 40?
    Will have to figure out how to KIP on your big day, since the hubby will be out of town and I’ll have the kidlet to play with all weekend.

  165. June 14 is also my birthday! I’ll be 51 so I’m now thinking a knit party is the way to celebrate!
    The 40’s were great, you’re going to love them.

  166. stephanie, i like to play it cool. i’ve always thought you were fun and funny and creative, but i figured that since we run into each other every once in awhile that hero-worship should be off the table. as one of my nova scotia hippie friends would say, ‘she’s just a person, aleta.’
    and then you did this, after i’ve been scheming my way to chicago for months, and my heart burst with love.
    thank you thank you thank you. πŸ™‚

  167. Just another Jealous American checking in to say it sounds great! (MY birthday is Saturday, my anniversary is today, and hey, I did get yarn for my anniversary present. It’s not Franklin, but it’s pretty good.)
    Please have lots of cameras on him, too. We’ll be waiting to live vicariously.

  168. Imagine my consternation when I realised this is exactly the same day we’d set aside for my daughter’s birthday party.
    But to hell with it, we hadn’t sent any invitations out yet, nor signed the contract with the venue where it’s gonna be, so we’ve pushed the party forward a week. I am so there at LK. (#21 in the morning block!)
    (And Denny, my apologies for calling you at the shop at 10:30 this morning. I swear I thought Steph wrote “10:00”, not “11:00”. I plead idiocy. Also, I have a nasty cold and I think it’s squeezing my brain into insensibility.)

  169. I’m insanely jealous…. it seems you lucky canadians get to have all the fun!!! I’ll be there in spirit, and will be hoisting a pint for your b/d and doing some commemorative knitting in your honor.

  170. Wow! Hey to Courtney in Missoula from non-knitting yet Yarn Harlot lovin’ Heidi, up Grant Creek!
    Oh, to be a Canadian knitter…

  171. I’d love to come but I am on the other side of the deep blue sea. It’s a wonderful plan and I know it’ll be fabulous. Have a fantastic birthday! I’ll knit socks in your honour.

  172. You’re 8 days older than I am! The funny thing is that just before I read your post, I was thinking hard on ways to make sure I do NOT have a birthday party! lol I hope your party goes great!

  173. I can’t make it but I would love to contribute to Franklin and the fund. Although free homemade food, not cooked by me sounds divine. Hopefully one of your teams can get something together for those that can’t play but want to pay???

  174. Sigh. I actually went and looked up airfares from Washington/Baltimore to Toronto. Alas, I don’t have $600. There’s the option of flying home to Detroit, stealing my mom’s car, driving to Toronto, then reversing the process. That would probably only cost $300. Sigh.
    Remember: You aren’t 40, you’re 39 v.2. Or, as Jack Benny used to say, “39 and holding.”

  175. Fantastic idea! Would you please plan my next birthday party?
    Meanwhile, Marina Stern (May 20, 2008 2:36 PM), what’s a “competitive chocolate party?”

  176. That’s brilliant! I wish I could participate. I will drink a toast to you on the day and most probably be knitting socks wherever I am. Enjoy!

  177. Why oh why did I schedule that vacation? i won’t be there, but I wish you guys all the best and much good fun.

  178. Why didn’t Canada acqusition Michigan??? If we were in the same country I might be able to afford to come(does that make any sense? No-well,anyways it does to me).
    Have a wonderful time turning 40-the best of life is ahead!
    I think I will organize a “SPM Birthday Bash” at my LYS.

  179. Woohoo! This is the most awesome idea. I called LK at 10:55 and it was busy right up to 10:59 – then I got through exactly at 11:00 – fate! #12 on the PM list – yay!

  180. My Fiber Friendly Husband tells me it would be cheeper for me to fly to Chicago for a photo shoot than to Canada.. hmmmmm.. and his point is?? I guess this California girl will have to knit in public in her home state this year. Happy 39th (again)!! Wish I could be there too

  181. Awwww! MY birthday is 11 June – and while it will be a year well past my 40th (had a surprise party given for me in Chicago that year) a June birthday is a June birthday! Sure wish I could sneak away a thousand miles or so to Toronto, a really favorite city of mine. Let’s hear it for all the multi-tasking, communicating, loquacious, charming, creative, fun-loving Geminis of the world! Knew we were related when I saw you in St. Paul last month, Harlot!! Have a great party, and tip one or two for me.
    Nancy in N MN

  182. Congratulations on your upcoming 40th!!! Won’t tell you how old I am, but be assured I’m older than dirt! June 14th is also my 50th high school reunion and I’ll be taking my knitting and will hoist a beer in your honor!!!

  183. Wow how amazing is that –Your birthday falling on WWKIPD! What an awesome party this is going to be… How I wish I could crash it:)
    I am sure it will be a blast!

  184. I can not believe that a smart and resourceful knitter/beer drinker like you doesn’t know any beer people. Here’s hoping that another knitter/beer drinker can hook you up before June 14!!! That’s what friends are for after all.

  185. Wow, hope you have a great time. My son’s BD is also June 14, and I’m knitting him socks for the occasion. He’s far away in CO and we won’t be together for his BD, but I think he’ll like the present. And I’ll be knitting at the WWKIP event in Anchorage, after doing the “Run for Women” in the morning. We’ll think of you, as we knit. Hope you have a Happy Birthday!

  186. I have got to figure out how to move to Toronto. There is just way too much good going on and being done up there.

  187. KIP Day is my birthday too! Actually my ideal bday party, hanging with the girls at Stix n Stitches in Montclair, NJ…

  188. Dang. I knew I should have postponed my Toronto trip and come for this instead! I’ll throw in for the cupcake fund (come on, you can’t bring Franklin up and *not* expose him to Life is Sweet’s finest) if you post a PayPal address… πŸ™‚

  189. Hey can I party with you over here in BDF, Its my
    B I G 5 0 birthday on 7 June so I am gonna party in style like there’s no tomorrow, with champers and big cake and all my knitty friends my boyfriend can come too he likes a good knees-up.

  190. That’s a great idea…and you do realise people will be bringing presents for you, right? Maybe you should borrow someone’s truck for the home journey…

  191. I’m in! There were only 6 spots left when I called, but I’m there in the first block!
    Knitting infamy, here I come!

  192. Help- where do I find your scarf/(yarn harlot scarf) pattern?

  193. [url=]Look at this…[/url]

  194. [url=]Look at this…[/url]

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