I actually did end up with people explaining where Indianapolis is, well enough anyway. (It’s in the middle of Indiana, and if you’re Canadian and still confused, Indianapolis is directly south (a ways) of Sault Ste. Marie, below Lakes Michigan and Erie.) It’s a nice place. I had no idea it was as big as it is, nor that there’s busloads of history there. (I am also ashamed to admit that it took me a pathetically long time to make the link between the “Indy 500” and the Indianapolis 500. Same thing. Very famous. Duh.) Reggie, the most charming car driver in the world, explained all about Indianapolis to me as we drove out to the bookstore. I saw the Governors mansion, the beautiful old buildings, and Reggie told me lots of stuff. (We also had one of the most astute political conversations I have been privy too in a long time.) Then we arrived. I staggered in, I signed books in the back, I drank coffee. I admired the staff at the Barnes and Noble who were truly chipper, enthusiastic and helpful, and then I stepped out and saw this.




Now, aside from how lovely and funny all those knitters are, there is one knitter in particular that I spotted right away, and my heart flew. Our lady Rams of the Comments is there, in the second picture, right near the front. It was the most wonderful surprise. (Apparently the other thing I didn’t know about Indianapolis is that it is close (relatively) to Notre Dame – where Rams is enduring the trials and enlightenment of an MFA.) Very good surprise Lady Rams. TouchΓ©.

When I was done talking, I got down to the business of meeting other knitters. As always, a selection follows.


This is Laura (aka Stashmuffin from the comments) and she’s a clever lady. She brought me a really nice little pack of something healthy and vegetarian to eat (along with a beer) and I really appreciated it. Healthy fresh food is hard to find on the road. I’m not sure I’ll ever get over the longing I feel now for the pumpkinseed and cheddar cracker things she gave me. They’re awesome.

These are knitters in matching tee shirts (always a danger sign for me)


Cami (owner of Clementines Dry Goods) there all wearing fab tee’s that read “It’s okay. I’m with the sock.” (Snork.)

Mandie is a Neuroscientist with a broken needle.


This is Cheryl, you’ll know her better after you see Interweave Felts.


Greg came to collect a book for Katie, a knitter well known in these parts.


The Young Knitters, Seth (son of Judy), Maya and Katherine (I’ve met Katherine before, she’s older and taller than the last time she graced this bandwidth) and Caitlin and Rebecca (with adult chauffeur, Debbie)


Knitters with wonderful washcloths: Laura, Patti, Rachael (marking where I am in Indiana) Jennifer and Claire (double qualifying with a pair of first socks)


Beautiful babies:


Cara and Sabine (check out the contest on her blog) and Jessica’s absolutely charming daughter Olivia. (She was captivating. What a lovely little sweet pea.)

Requisite first sock knitters out in force. Mary Ann, Suzy, Jenn, Sherri, Lisa (who instigated “the wave” in the crowd. Just the best sort of troublemaker)Melanie, Lauren, Snarglemom (also with her Olympic piece) Anita (those first socks are 35 years old) Andrea (double qualifying with first knitted socks, and first crocheted socks) and finally Rachel…who’s first socks are a reassuring two different sizes.



Right after noting all the first sock knitters, I need to show you Leslie, who turned up with her 110th pair of socks.

Dudes. Even knowing what number they are is darned respectable.


There was my salwart stalker Brooke, who tried to tell me she was the best stalker ever, but frankly, that’s her best friend Wendy with her, and the best stalker wouldn’t have another friend…would she?


Here’s Laura, who’s only up here because she’s wearing a crack silk haze top that I want to remember I liked.

(What was the pattern again?)


Jane and a squirrel of doom, contributing to the strangeness that is my luggage contents.


Finally, The Arkansas Travellers are a group of knitters led by Nikki the pretty one on the left holding her first sock.


See that cluster of knitters? Nikkie converted created them all. Nikki is a force to be reckoned with.

After that, decidedly tired and worn out, I staggered out to discover that even though I was way, way late in being done (like more than an hour) Reggie, the worlds most charming driver, was still waiting for me. I’ve never been more grateful, except when he drove me three minutes out of our way so that I could get a sock picture he felt (and rightly so) was required.


The dinosaurs at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. Thanks Reggie. You know how to show a sock a good time.


That was Indianapolis, and I assure you I won’t ever not know where it is again. I like it a lot.

I’m home now, having knit my way back to this country yesterday (and promptly had a nap)


That’s a gratuitous sock picture to prove that I do still knit. It’s a beautiful yarn gifted to me by hand-dyer Dana when I was in Atlanta, and I really like it- her base yarn is really nice. I’m knitting it up into another pair of Loksins.

Tomorrow morning I’m on a plane again, this time for the Makers Faire in San Francisco on Saturday, and Salt Lake City (Hi Margene!) on Sunday.

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  1. The pattern is from Veronik Avery’s “Knitting Classic Style” and it’s the overshirt from the Layered Skater’s Top. Hooray!

  2. Welcome (in advance) to San Francisco! I have gone to the Maker’s Faire website and let me tell you, I hope you get out to take photos of your fellow makers. Very strange. I hope that all your traveling is over soon. If I were doing what you’re doing, well, I wouldn’t be able to do it. You have all my respect!

  3. I missed your appearance, but I’m glad you had a good time in my fair city. If you passed the Governor’s mansion, you were but a stone’s throw from my house!

  4. And Rams got to see you after all! Huzzah! Watch out New York City, Reggie’s the best cab driver around.

  5. Your kind and interested–AND interesting–interactions with non-knitters as well as knitters is an inspiration to those of us who just love to talk to strangers!
    Knit on, and come back to Canton, NY any time!

  6. These are probably stupid questions, but are you using metal dpns and, if so, do you have a problem getting them through security when you fly?

  7. Hey Stephanie,
    I recently checked out your book “knitting rules” from our library and now I am a devoted fan of yours! I’ve read all of the archives from the blog and now I am in awe of you! (tell your daughters that – I am 15)
    On October 3, 07 You had pictures of two sweaters that you had just finished. The second one (the green one where -in the pictures- you are sitting on the porch holding a cup of -I’m assuming due to past evidence- coffee.) I DESPERATLY need that yarn for a poncho for my mom for Christmas. I didn’t tell her what for, but I’ve showed her a lot of yarn and this is the one she likes best. What yarn is that and where can I get it? I tried emailing you at: StephanieATyarnharlotDOTca (changing the AT and DOT of course) and for some reason it won’t go through. So if you could please mention what yarn that is I would love you even more.
    Thanks a bunch!
    -Harmony πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  8. I so love hearing all your adventures! It’s too bad you can’t take Reggie on all your trips – he could scout out sock picture locations while you signed. =)

  9. I am so glad you enjoyed my beautiful, filled with great knitters, and great people, hometown. I will be moving back to Indy this summer after 20 years away (military spouse). I’ll be there when you come back!

  10. That squirrel is COOL. Very impressed. Sounds like you had a good time and Reggie sounds interesting, too. What was the politics sense he was talking? Enquiring minds and all that.

  11. It occurs to me that if we (your loyal minions) were all to band together, there would be no reason the the Harlot to not be able to eat like a queen while on the road. There is no shortage of good cooks amongst us, and plenty of vegetable-tarians. Having done a year of weekly travel for a job, I can feel Steph’s pain when it comes to finding edible food on the road. Plus if the road food thing gets to horrid,
    *stage whisper*
    she might stop coming to see us.
    I think we need to get on this, if not for this marathon, then for the next book.
    good to see rams- even better for you steph.

  12. You’re coming to San Francisco??? This is not on your tour page at all!!!! Holy cow. This calls for a change of plans this weekend. Thank goodness I read your blog obsessively.

  13. What a great recap! It was such a fun night, and we are lucky indeed that you are willing to come and meet all of us.
    Speaking of meeting people, I was lucky to be sitting right behind Rams. When I heard her say she was Rams, I started to say “THE Rams?!” and then thought I’d play it cool. I discovered during your talk that maybe I’m part-Canadian. πŸ™‚
    Thanks again for spending the evening with us in central Indiana!

  14. Indy is a fun place! I used to go to the Rebel Rockabilly Weekender (lots of 50’s flashback people and crazy music…and GREAT diners. :-D)
    It’s always nice to see the sock experience life.

  15. Hmm. If I only get to stalk you twice a year, it would be a pretty lonely 363 other days of the year without another friend, wouldn’t it? I’m sure you’ll understand. Good to see you again. πŸ™‚

  16. Ah. I wasn’t sure if anyone explained the Maker Fair to you.
    You can tell Joe that you’ll be going to the geekiest technogeek gathering ever. You might see the dude who is partially responsible for your Mac (Wozniak playing Segway Polo. You’ll definitely see people who are not afraid of wires, soldering irons, and sewing machines all together at once. There will be flamethrowers. The guys who did the original Mentos and Diet Coke video will be there.
    Just how much would it be for a last minute ticket to San Francisco for Joe anyhow… Charge your camera battery!

  17. Obama, Clinton, and the Yarn Harlot here in Indianapolis at the same time…we really are the center of the Universe this week!

  18. As always, thanks for the travelogue. I’m sure a great time was had by all.
    I read your new book the other day. It’s terrific, your best yet. I intentionally sat down with it, intending to read it in one sitting. I finished just in time to get ready for work, but still was disappointed that there wasn’t any more. That means I’ll be ready for the next one, when it’s released into the wild.

  19. I’m in Indy area now, specifically Bloomington for my son’s Law School Graduation. Last night at the car rental counter…found out my driver’s license is missing. Thank goodness I’m going to Burlington, Ont on Sunday so I have my passport to get on the plane…looks like we’re trading places here this week! Sooooooo sorry I missed you. Shall we play tag? Since I’ll be in Canada while you’re in California..then we’ll trade back afterwards. Fly safely…and don’t leave your ID after your security check at the airport! Trust me, it’s not a good thing.

  20. I think your next book tour of the great USA should be done on a huge tour bus. Do it when school is out so the girls can go. (Make sure the bus is big enough to give them plenty of space.) You could also make a documentary of the event. (Something to keep Joe busy, too.) You can drive across the country sleeping and knitting between events. Just think, you could see the country from the ground AVOIDING airports and super early wake up calls. What do you think?

  21. I didn’t get through the book signing until 10:30 pm and you were gracious and kind and made it all worth while. Thanks!

  22. Delurking because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Laura’s Silk Haze top!!!! If you ever remember the name of the pattern or the designer, could you please share? Pretty please?
    While I’m “out” (of hiding), I wanted to say that I SO enjoy reading your blog and your books. Your adventures, your knitting, your writing style, your humor, your observations…I look forward to them every day.
    Finally, just a quick question that has nothing to do with anything…is Presbytera a
    “real” presbytera or is that her given/screen name?
    Now…back to the shadows…

  23. …hat women and men were found at every stop – (last book tour?)steph-snack-provider people shouldn’t be any harder to find, right?
    I have a small but important announcement – I have a convert!! My mom is a brand-spankin-new knitter, and harlot-reader, and she’s coming to the maker faire with me, and as a token of her harlot-fandom, is going yarn shopping today to purchase the materials for her first (very first) knitting project, which is…get this… LACE!! (simple lace, but LACE) and the woman says she is afraid of socks! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! (okay…hysterical laughter)
    she’s crocheted for most of her life, and taught me, but now she’s on two using two sticks…yay!
    Can’t wait to meet you, Steph!

  24. That iz one handsome sock- the pattern is Loksins and the colorway- tres magnifique! Happy quiet knitting before your next travels. Thank you for making Salt Lake City one of your stops.

  25. Thank-you Stephanie for coming to Indiana. I am the one who only had 1 hours sleep and gave you the Colts dishcloth. It was worth it, you were gracious and wonderful to listen to. Hope you keep Indy on all your book tours, unless of course you want to come to Muncie, IN instead!
    Patti from Muncie

  26. You will never know the wonderful time I had Tuesday night. I would SO love to get your talk on a CD or something so I could play it for my husband and the other knitters in my family who couldn’t be there.
    I was way back in line (like 10:15) but the wait was worth it. I’m a bit peeved that I forgot to bring you the stitch markers I had made for you! If I were to send them to Storey, would they forward them?

  27. I’m thinking here. If, like Nikkie, we all converted five people, and then they converted five — how long do you think it would take us to make this a saner world?
    On other notes — I think we all need one of those T-shirts. And I’m curious — what evil plans do you have for the ‘squirrel of doom’?

  28. OMG!!! That’s my husband (Greg in the yellow shirt)!!! He didn’t even tell me he was going!
    Okay, now that I’ve finished hyperventilating into a paper bag, I’m going to read the rest of your post.

  29. Glad you got to stop home for a much deserved layover nap after your adventures. Love the sock! Have you seen the new sock pattern on Knitty? Froot Loop–very cute. Had to print it out and add it to my ever growing pile of sock patterns. I also really like the new cardi that was just posted too. Have fun in SF–I hope the weather is lovely for you!

  30. The Children’s Museum in Indy is awesome! They have a giant bubble maker that makes bubbles so big you can stand in them! It’s amazing! I’m still sad that I missed you but I’m so glad you’ve been treated so well out there on the open road!

  31. I really like the color of the latest sock. It’s a very good colorway. Or at least I like looking at it, whether or not that would look good is a different story. Then again, it’s also a sock, so no one really cares about whether or not they match.

  32. I just moved from Indianapolis this past November to Savannah, GA. Your photos made me homesick! I love those dinosaurs, I volunteered/worked at that museum for nearly 10 years. Next time, you should show the sock the peeing (unintentionally) deer in front of the Eiteljorg Museum. Indy has no shortage of weird outdoor things.

  33. Um, as troublemaker at your Indianapolis stop, I am so glad that you have no idea how I look. I can instigate things at other events as well and blame it on the woman who is representing me very nicely in the pics. Please don’t correct this. I didn’t want my pic taken, so I am thrilled that this happened.
    We had a fantabulous time with you. Please come back again.

  34. DUDE! I am so excited I am on the blog. Like, unreasonably excited. Totally worth breaking my addi.

  35. This is my first time to post on a website, but I just had to say how great it was to have you in Indy. I enjoyed every minute of the evening! Even the waiting. Being with that many knitters in one place was just awesome. There was never a lack of things to talk about. Absolutely LOVED your talk! And you are so very gracious to stay so late and sign, sign, sign and I have a great picture of the two of us thanks to the gentleman that was taking pictures with everyone’s camera. Thanks for coming here!

  36. I am so bummed I’m going to miss your visit to the maker’s fair! Darn. On Saturday I have a chemistry class from 10-4:30 and frankly after that I’m really only good for a glass of wine and some knitting on some socks (snicket socks on the needles now). Then on Sunday, I have an acupressure class for doulas. This one doesn’t come around often and I really can’t miss it. πŸ™ Maybe next time, when you come out to upstate NY (Rochester area) I’ll be able to catch you. We are having great weather so don’t forget your camera!!

  37. My sister Marilyn has her ticket for Maker’s Faire and can scarcely wait for you to arrive. She bought your book for me but never sent it as she wants to have you sign it. We tried to figure out a way for us both to be there, but, I live in the suburbs of Chicago – I know, I know – bane of the Midwest – not your most favorite of places. There are lovely, talented people here who can survive the most horrendous of winters. Have a safe flight.

  38. Lisa — Ahh, but I know what you look like: slender, jawlength straight brown hair with side part, big brown eyes. At least OUR rows did it well…

  39. I peeked at your tour schedule – is Salt Lake really the end of touring? (at least until the next book in the fall…) Joe & the ladies will be glad to have you back, I’m sure, and I’ll enjoy having you blog about your own knitting for a change. Not that the knitters you’ve been meeting on tour and their knitting is bad, just that I find myself knitting what I read about and, honestly, there’s more to (knitting) life than socks and washcloths. Looking forward to more shawls, jackets, scarves, mittens, etc. Oh, and the Tuesdays that are for spinning, too.

  40. THANKS SO MUCH for coming to Indy!!!!! You were hilarious and charming and I was so glad I finally got to meet you in person. I hope you enjoy the Mad Anthony beer I brought you from good ol Fort Wayne, IN!!!!! Hope the rest of your tour goes off without a hitch.
    Thanks again!!!!!!
    P.S. Not to be nitpicky, but for the first sock people above you have more names than pictures!!!! (I think my name is one off)

  41. Darn! It happened again. Maybe I am a little canadian?? I was going to give you a balloon card and reiterate snarglemom’s offer of a hot air balloon ride and all I could come up with was a comment about your “tall” shoes. I just couldn’t stand the “glare” of our celebrity or maybe it was just your extremely tall aura.
    Thanks for coming to Indy. I enjoyed your talk and I am well aware of what a pain it is to do all of the travel that you are doing.

  42. I can’t wait to see you at the Makers Faire! I’d love to bring you healthy yummy food, but they don’t allow any outisde food/beverages to be brought into the fair grounds… maybe I could smuggle a beer inside of a large ball of yarn?

  43. Thank you for visiting Indianapolis! It was my first night out (by MYSELF – without kids) in almost 3 years!!! So glad it was a night filled with laughter and knitting.

  44. Ummm, Stephanie? In my unbridled excitement to obtain the name of the sweater Laura’s wearing in your photo, I skipped over the comments…all of them…including the first one, which very clearly says this pattern is the Layered Skater’s Top. Oops! Sorry! (BTW, I am somewhat disappointed to find this is a Veronik Avery pattern. I’ve only knit a couple sweaters so far and absolutely follow the pattern to the letter! Reading about this pattern on Ravelry, I hear there are a few errors and the link to the book’s errata page doesn’t seem to work. I was willing to try a lace garment for the first time but “winging it” just isn’t for me. Damn.)

  45. Squirrel of doom, as in fleece-stealing squirrel?
    Now I want to go to Indy too. I’ve known where it is for much longer than you have, gotten very close to it a few times, but I’ve never been there.

  46. you’ll love SLC. I’ve had to go out there for work 9 or 10 times over the years and its lovely.

  47. Harmony, what Stephanie is modeling in the 10/3/07 picture is the Fleece Artist garter stitch jacket. I love it too.
    You can check out the yarn at the website or any store that sells the kits (there’s a search for a local store feature). Or you can go with the Harlot’s description of the yarns as mohair and mohair boucle, and pull a harlot-y substitution. I was splurging on a set of interchangeable circular needles at last night, and stumbled across some gorgeous alpaca boucle on clearance. I don’t know how it got in my checkout basket *cough* but it’s a gorgeous blue with hints of gold, and will wait until I find a mohair or other complimentary yarn, then be turned into… well, something gorgeous.
    Okay, I plainly love the yarn more than the garment… is that wrong?

  48. Yay Reggie! I’m a little homesick now after reading your impressions of my fabulous hometown. I haven’t seen the Children’s Museum dinosaurs in long time – thanks!

  49. Well, phooey. If I’m never going to get to see you when you come here, can I come visit you in Toronto? I’d bring Brooke the stalker, and Wendy (who taught me how to sew decent seams. Great woman!)
    We’d bring beer.
    And alpaca laceweight…

  50. Well, the thought didn’t come to me at 3:00 a.m. It let me sleep till 5:00 when I realized what I didn’t say that I had meant to!
    Thank you! For taking time from your family to give to us knitters.
    Thank you for the laughter.
    Thank you for reaffirming US and what we do.
    Thank you for being the Yarn Harlot.
    Oh and you can also tell Joe that you have met
    someone who both knits and collects spoons! VBG

  51. I’m so excited that you’re coming to Maker Faire! It will be so much fun, I hope you have a teensy bit of time to check out the rest of the faire. The name of the fun has four words: power tool drag racing. Trust me when I say that by taking pictures with the sock you will be one of the *least* strange people there πŸ™‚

  52. i love reggie. if i ever go to indianapolis, i’m going to search him out. the man deserves socks.

  53. Thankyou thankyou thankyou! Rebecca & Caitlin and I had a great time with you in Indianapolis – it was SO much fun! I can’t believe that the Medical Research Council has gone downhill so much since I worked there 20 years ago – we did useful stuff like passing regulations about women over 50 being entitled to free mammograms, we NEVER scoffed at the ‘practicality’ of knitting! I am ashamed of them all!
    Thankyou to the wonderful ladies who let us ‘preboard’ at about 9.15pm when my girls were tired and ready to go home, it was so lovely to be surrounded by such a fabulous group of knitters – I could have stayed ’til the store closed!!!
    Rebecca said that you were ‘well worth missing ballet for’ and Caitlin said that you ‘talked just like she imagined you would’, aaaah.
    As for me – I got home, showed hubby the picture of us with you and he said ‘why didn’t you wear your t-shirt?’
    I can’t believe I forgot! It says
    I’d rather be knitting!
    I’ll wear it next time!

  54. Rebox has a great idea! I can see Stephanie taking Ira Glass (PBS – This American Life)around North America on a tour bus, being mobbed by knitting fans and stalkers. What a show!

  55. Steph, do you think it would be possible to check with me before your next book tour?? I will be in Salt Lake City a week after you. Portland? The week after SLC. San Francisco? The week after Portland. When you are in Philly, (I think) I’ll be somewhere west. When I am in Philly (I live several hours north of there) I think you’ll be home. If we knew each other AT ALL, I would take this personally. Alas – at this rate, I shall never get to meet you!

  56. Thanks so much for coming to the store! It was so great to hear you speak & to get to meet you. Glad you loved Indy. It was also fun to meet all the other fans too.
    Come back soon and often!

  57. I must thank you! When you started the tour I was feeling jealous and so very left out knowing I couldn’t get to any of the wonderful events. But, boy your blogging has almost made me feel as though I was there! Everywhere! With your schedule I hope you get to sleep for a week when it’s all done! You sure deserve it….thanks for having me aboard!

  58. I’m going to be in Indianapolis this weekend to volunteer before the primary. I’m glad you think it’s such a nice place, but I’m sad I have to wait until the 18th to catch up with your whirlwind tour.

  59. I had the Boy read your blog today. He thinks you’re pretty cool for snapping the dinosaurs. He didn’t even blink at the sock. He knew exactly what it was. That’s normal, right?

  60. I hope you come back through Indy on the next tour. I missed your appearance because of a final exam. At least it was an oral exam and the professor let me knit through class. So I was there in spirit. πŸ™‚

  61. Thanks, Stephanie for coming to Indy. You are a delight! It was so fun to not be the only knitter in the room and getting all of the regular questions. NOT that there weren’t questions, did you make your sweater(yes), what is made of (Lion Incredible) can I feel it(sure).
    I also loved looking at all of the WIPs in the room. The textures, the colorways, THE SOCKS!
    I am reading your new book in careful little bites because I am always so disappointed that the book has ended and there are no more “bon mots” to enjoy.
    I feel blessed to have been a part of your tour.

  62. Thanks Marie for your help on finding that yarn! Now my mom and I can be happy!

  63. Noah and I are headed to the airport in 20 minutes – and, really, I have no idea how you do this all the time, I feel like my head is going to explode with all the figuring out what to take – anyways, we’re on our way to Maker Faire – we’ll see you there! I hope they let me take my sock on the plane . . .

  64. You saw Rams?! Ok, add me to the jealous group. [g] Great she was able to surprise you! Reggie is a love, and knows how to treat a sock, not to mention a lady. “It’s ok. I’m with the sock”…love it. Want it.
    And hurray, you made it home for another nap! (Only I certainly hope it was longer than a nap.) Three more stops, then unless I’m miscounting–the whole summer before you head off to London. Thank ghu you’ll get some rest!

  65. I’m so glad that you had a good time in Indy. I have bought knitting books at that particular Barnes & Noble. I was sorry to see that my daughter and grand daughter did not make it to your talk. I tried to talk her into it, but she’s not a knitter… yet. No matter, I’ll pick up both of your new books in September when I make the trek from Sweden to London just to see you and meet some of my other on-line knitting friends.

  66. It was really great to hear you speak, Stephanie, I’m so glad you came to Indy. It’s ok about not knowing where it is, I didn’t know where it was until I moved here.
    You mention my contest and don’t give the address. I’M GIVING AWAY A KNITTED MUG ON MY BLOG. It is a ceramic mug with a knitted texture, lead free, food safe, dishwasher safe.

  67. I am exhausted just reading about your travels. But it does make me want to rush home and continue knitting the wee sweater I am making. I promise to attempt socks when I have finished 2 more sweaters. On a world domination note – another request today from 2 young (20 somethings) colleagues to teach them to knit. Mwaahaahaa – I have you now my pretties.

  68. I’ve been to Indianapolis. The drivers are scary there πŸ™‚ But I bought a really nice pair of sandals LOL. The easiest way to get there is to drive to Ann Arbor, go a little ways more and turn left, head south. But….you do have a hard time getting to Ann Arbor….

  69. Indy really is a great town, glad you enjoyed it. I sure wish I was going to be in San Fran for Makers’s Faire as one of my fav knit blggers will be there AND some of my fav podcasters!! (galactica watercooler)

  70. I do love seeing the baby pictures, especially the sleeping babies. Don’t you wish you could just get comfy and fall asleep anywhere you want?
    My family visited Indianapolis years ago when my husband had to go there on business. He rarely had to do that but when he did, our kids were upset that Daddy wasn’t home so this time, he took the whole family along. The woman making the arrangements told him to warn the family that there “isn’t much to do here”. On the contrary, we had a great time and that children’s museum was a highlight. My family still talks about how much fun we had there (a whole room of Legos, my son was in heaven). There’s also Connor Prairie , a living museum that was amazing. We spent the entire day there. They also have a beautiful zoo in Indianapolis.
    Never underestimate what you can find in another city.

  71. It is true that to be a #1 stalker you can’t really have other friends and so I think that puts me at the top of the list. My best friend lives 18 hours away and she doesn’t even knit…so I think that puts me at the top of the stalker list.
    Now — on to begging. Do you really want to see me cry? Please oh please oh please come to Phoenix! My LYS is doing their part to try and get you here to no avail so I’ll continue to do my part begging and pleading with you here.

  72. Ok, I’ve GOT to have a ‘Knit for Brains’ tee shirt. Where do I get one? Love it, Love It, LOVE IT!

  73. Steph..
    The things you do for us knitters. I’m worried about you though..I think this book tour is going to kill you! Take care of yourself!!

  74. Wow, I’m tired just reading your blog about all your travels. Reggie the driver — what a great guy, even posing with the sock! I like reggie. wish I could see you in SF a the makers faire, but alas it is not meant to be. Take care.

  75. Complete doggerel produced by theta brain waves upon waking Wednesday morning:
    On yesterday’s date
    The Harlot came to our wonderful state (Indy’s in the middle)
    But at Bazbeaux we stopped and ate (yum)
    So my line ticket did not rate
    The next day had too much on my plate
    So I couldn’t stay too late
    I didn’t meet her — that I hate
    But Steph was absolutely great
    The true tale of Calgary she did relate
    Her visit was worth the wait!

  76. I’m so glad you liked my city! I’m so glad I got to come hear your talk, too. You know, I think this is the first time I’ve ever attended a “book talk” of any sort and it was well worth it! I didn’t stay for the signing though (I’m a teacher, i.e. the one who has to be awake in class the next day…) so I am hoping you’ll make it back to Indy again on future tours…maybe in the summer. πŸ™‚ Although actually, you might not like Indy so much in the summer–very humid. This tour’s timing was just right for seeing us in our best weather.
    Also: after your talk I am now pondering the feasibility of converting my detentions for the kids who can’t sit still in class into knitting lessons…so they can learn stillness and patience the way all of us impatient knitters did. πŸ™‚ Instead of half-hour detentions, I could give ten-row detentions!

  77. *squee*
    I was there when Dana’s sock yarn was born. *so so pretty*
    Not sure why I’ve not bought any yet. Or made her custom dye me some. The SeaCell is *gorgeous*. *goes off to ponder adding a 44th skein of sock yarn*
    -abby (and mr. orange, who is pouting because he doesn’t have feet for me to knit him socks)

  78. Loved your talk! Was wonderful to see you in person. It was so late by the time the Odd Tuesday group got to the signing table that I had a really bad headache and was slightly spacey.
    (Anita with the 35 yr old socks was right after me.)
    I wanted to tell you how I dry fleece outside.
    Sandwiched between two window screens and bungied to the outdoor table. So far no squirrel has taken off with my fleece or yarn.

  79. I really like the idea of a Bus Tour with a PBS documentary about it. At least think about it.

  80. I love reading about your tours, but I get very sad when I see that you never come to sunny florida.
    We have lovely beaches here and you can come in December and still swim. There is a lovely little LYS in St Petersburg that is 5 minutes from the water. We are sunny all year round (although, when it is 80 in December can be found cursing my little sweating heart out).
    You should think about it. A beer, sock in hand on the beach. How romantic!

  81. Still waiting for you to hold a raffle: winner gets to spend a day with the Harlot, Rams, Rachel H, That Laurie, Denny, and anyone else Ms Harlot deems, in a madcap day about Toronto seeing the knitting sites and drinking some Canadian Beer.

  82. Wow, you do get around! Happy travels for your continued trips. I love the word “embiggen” and I’ve used it many times in the past few days much to the amusement of my family. There are just more opportunities to mention things that need to be “embiggened” that one would think. Tee hee hee hee sorry. πŸ™‚

  83. I’m working on my very first sock right now, my LYS has sock yarn on sale the next three days, and the Yarn Harlot will be in my town on Sunday. How could it get any better?

  84. You were within WALKING DISTANCE of my house, yet I had to be off at college… and it had to be a school night…
    But I’m glad people there represented my hometown well. πŸ˜€

  85. How great Rams could surprise you like that. I hadn’t known Notre Dame was near Indianapolis, either.
    Please say Hi to Margene for me. One of these days I really need to meet her in person.

  86. Inky at 7:40pm is a genius. Pure genius, I tell you. I’m in for 20 tickets! (Just in case people read too fast – no, people, there is no raffle! It’s a wish! Not happening! Darn it.)

  87. you were in the state my family
    came to in 1833 from
    virgina-by wagon train the
    woman folk walked all the way mostly
    giveing birth along the way a time or two
    now its up and away
    the sarasota book fair was canceld
    you could just visit you could sit
    around knit seaweed the red tide
    will create a colorway organic they say

  88. stephanie, i expected to laugh when you spoke — but not so hard.
    i expected to see other knitters — but not so many so early (some were there before i arrived at 3:15 or so).
    i expected to have a great time, and i had a fabulous one, and learned a lot about brain activity.
    i hope you’ll make indianapolis a regular stop on your book tours now that you know where it is (and that the burb you spoke in is CARmel, not carMEL).
    and i concur with those who think a magical harlot tour would be great.
    hope you like the endangered species chocolate — great candy, great cause.

  89. I wouldn’t feel too bad–there are quite a few Americans who don’t know where many of our states are, and we’re supposed to be “United.”

  90. I love the sock pattern and the color is dreamy. Just wondering….Do you have the biggest turn out for a book signings? Hope to see you in Philly.

  91. Oh, Man! Do you ever get a real whole 100% night’s sleep? I’m glad that you have knitters looking out for your healthy diet! Knit on!
    Sara in WI

  92. Rams, my dear, you get a big hug for the slender comment, but darn you have a memory. It’s that Theta brainwaves thing isn’t it? Crud. Must go more incognito next time…
    I laughed at your comment about OUR rows doing well. Slackers in the back…

  93. on the one hand i think” wow! what marvelous adventures!” yet, on the other hand i think. “crap! she must be sooooooo exhausted!” so thanks for keeping us living vicariously through you via this happy, happy blog even when you are completely fatigued! πŸ™‚

  94. You amaze me. I think I would keel over and die if I had to travel to even 1/3 of the places you do. Loving the sock though. Pretty!

  95. I’m all for the bus tour idea, then we could be like the Deadheads and follow you around in VW microbuses. That would be some seriously inexplicable knitterly behavior.

  96. And Rams, it was lovely to finally see a picture of you. If you ever make it to the Seattle area McKenna owes you a dinner.

  97. “Squirrel of Doom”? Please explain that one. We even have our own Saint – ‘Our Lady Rams of the Comments’. Just remember to pack extra clothes in your carryon just in case San Francisco airport eats your luggage.

  98. Wow– I’m falling asleep over my monitor and I just had an average day. May you get lots of sleep, and may my family and I drive to meet you!

  99. Harmony, I’m glad you found the yarn to make your Mom an Xmas present (and 3 cheers for planning ahead), but I can’t take all the credit. Our dear Yarn Harlot is fabulous at including links to all sorts of yarn vendors – she’s such an enabler! And she’s also pretty darn good at letting us know what she’s knitting and where she got the pattern. I’ve got ideas for the next several years worth of knitting, and quite an education on what kind of yarn to use and where to get it, thanks to this blog.
    And I second (or third, or fourth) the idea of a tour bus for the next book. More room for yarn storage and family, not necessarily in that order, you can sleep in while the driver is the one who has to get up early and figure out how to get to the next book/yarnshop, and you’ll never, EVER have to go through O’Hare again! Can’t be beat!

  100. Hi, I love you and have been waiting very patiently to see you in person for a couple of years now. Sadly you have not come close enough to my personal public transit for that to happen yet. I also know no knitters personally so carpooling is out. I want to ask you a favor (I may have mentioned this before) please try not to get my hopes up by saying you are coming to San Francisco when you are not. I got really excited by the last post but it turns out you are going to San Mateo. Not San Francisco. Oh well, always a next time? Yarneater

  101. Hee, hee, I like your squirrel. I also love that colorway of the socks you are making. How do we get some?

  102. Sephanie, welcome to the Bay Area, you will love the Maker Faire.
    I’m working that day at our LYS in Belmont, which is the town next to San Mateo. If you have an extra half hour, come by Creative Hands and give us a howdy. We’ll have lots of lovelies to caress and I’m sure I could scare up an appropriate beverage.

  103. Yay for a surprise visit from Rams! Yay for knitters with healthy foods.. and yay that Harlot hasn’t lost it on this crazy schedule- and can still knit!
    *Stashmuffin*… if you hear this— I need to know what the sweater pattern is you are wearing….. I think I must make it! (PS- I will poke myself with a DPN if you BOUGHT the sweater and didn’t make it….;)

  104. Glad you enjoyed Indianapolis. I’ve been there once, a while back, but I remembered I really enjoyed it and would like to go back.
    Lovely new sock on the needles! The pattern and yarn are wonderful.

  105. If you go back to Indy (if you have time), that Dino is in front of the Children’s Museum. My mom used to pack us up and drive down from Michigan for a day of hands-on fun!

  106. *Stashmuffin* I second Tracey’s request. I love that sweater pattern – it’s calling my name.

  107. Katherine’s Mom here…Thanks for making the trip to Indiana and inspiring an enormous moment of gratitude when I realized that not only do I have a 15-year-old who has been looking forward to a visit from The Harlot for months, but also has at least one friend who shares the excitement!
    I was thinking about the research concerning the effects of knitting on the brain. If a guy were to extrapolate the conclusions just a bit, it could be said that knitting and lobotomies alter the brain in similar ways…

  108. Indy is GREAT! I grew up going to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. I hope to take my son there some day.

  109. I marvel at your energy and lovely perspectives on the world and the people in it! You make me very proud to be a Torontonian!

  110. Stephanie, thanks so much for coming to Indiana. I missed you when you made a last-minute stop in South Bend a few years ago and had been kicking myself ever since. (You should of seen me at my desk at work that Monday – She was HERE and I MISSED it! – I practically sobbed!) I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you Tuesday. I brought my mom and sister (who has requested a knitting lesson this Sunday) to the signing and they both enjoyed the night immensely. Like I said Tuesday – thanks so much to your family for sharing you with all of us.
    And Rams, I work at Notre Dame in the Registrar’s Office. I had heard at the signing that there was someone else there from South Bend, but I didn’t know who…

  111. Good to know that Indianapolis is a good place – I’m headed there on Sunday for 5 days. Any good yarn stores to recommend?

  112. I love Indy, too. They used to host the Midwest Ukulele Festival, and we performed on the big stage for them 3 times. (You know as well as anybody that if you pick a small pond, in my case ukulele festivals and in yours knitting humor, you can be a big fish… I love my pond.)
    One year, the big concert stage was a war memorial building. We had to stand under a huge picture of General Pershing (photo on this blog entry: ).
    The contract for stage use required they start the concert with “The Star Spangled Banner.” Our friend Joel Eckhaus performed it on musical saw, totally awesome in every way.
    Ukulele players are just as fun as knitters. In a different way, perhaps, but just as fun. In fact, some of us belong in both groups…
    And I track my socknitting, too. Pair #160 was completed on 3/25/2008. For the record.
    Hugs. Enjoy your beloved family for the few minutes you get at home.

  113. To Stephanie who posted at 1:35 PM–I’m an Indy local, and I can tell you that Mass Ave Knit Shop is THE BEST yarn shop in town. It’s on Virginia Avenue a short distance southeast of the Downtown area, in a cute district called Fountain Square. If you’re around there for lunch or dinner, check out Santorini Greek Kitchen–REALLY excellent food!

  114. Bummed but can’t make it up to San Mateo tomorrow — even though it’s CLOSE to the new digs. Multiple other prior commitments. Drat. Next time you’re near SF?
    Btw, the San Mateo center is right next to the race track. Lovely horses going very fast.

  115. Oh my. I’ve been reading alot of para-normal romances (the ones with all the hot sex-I mean intellectual content) and that means lots of vampires, werewolves,fey etc.
    Your pic of the woman who created a pod of knitters reminds me of the vampires who create other vampires and then live in vampire families with them and well…I really hope that novel doesn’t get written!
    (DISCLAIMER:I read stuff I can be proud to blog about too, really.)

  116. I’m so glad my hometown showed you a good time! Reggie sounds like a great ambassador – and he “gets” the sock photos! I love those dinosaurs!
    And my mom (Snarglemom) is famous πŸ™‚ – she and snargledad had a great time!

  117. Awesome time. But, I must admit, during the 1 1/2 hour drive home I examined my entire life and have to say, I don’t know why I wasn’t deported in my few years in Canada. I notice too many people and can be rather unsedate. Maybe the deportation would have embarassed the custom workers too much?

  118. SANTA BARBARA…. in the Sock Shaped State!!! You are comeeeeng to see us… you are comeeeeng…. repeat after me… California, the Sock Shaped State!
    Ahh Harlot… DO pay us a call!

  119. did rams tell you she even won an award from her program?
    (i’m an undergrad at the same institution)

  120. Thank you for writing about the stresses of a short visit home, Stephanie. I’ve recently begun an 8-5, Monday thru Friday job, after several years of being a student and without work. For the times I’m home, am struggling with the need to de-stress, while making time for my husband and the chores that aren’t getting done. It is no where NEAR as stressful as your marathon book tour, Stephanie, but the things you wrote about help me understand my frustration. Thank you for helping me get some insight on it. πŸ™‚

  121. Am I the only one to wonder if you could have had Doctor Kracker’s Pumkinseed Chedder flatbreads??? (and just WHERE is my focus??) They’re my favorite- and organic too! In fact I had to buy a box today afer being reminded of their yummy-ness via your post. They sell them here (in the SF Bay Area- so sorry to have missed you at the Maker Fair- birthday obligations and such, sigh…) in natural-type grocery stores, and I think they come from Texas.

  122. thanky ou for signing my book! I couldnt make it so my freind had you sign it for me…I Christopher with the K and the Y and the F…if that helps πŸ˜‰

  123. I thought I was reading my biography when I picked up Things I Learned from Knitting — It could have been my memoir!I never realized anyone felt the same way. But, really, you need to escalate your stash to a more sophisticated loft (my stash is a walk-in closet named The Yarn Barn, with shelves for unfinished projects and file hangers for each particular purchase of yarn skeins gotten on sale or otherwise just because my credit card needed to be used.
    But now I not only need to stop at my favorite yarn store for purchases — I have just gone back to the book store to purchase 4 more copies of your book to share with loved ones!
    Thanks, Stephanie! I feel like a regular person now!

  124. Some time ago you gave advice re Central Park Hoodie about hooking the neck, which I did on my first hoodie. Now I’m working on the second and if you have time only, can you tell me how to do a collar instead of a hood…thank you and ciao

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