Random Monday

1. When I started the stash toss, I was looking for one skein. One. In February, before going to Madrona, I had dug out this skein, wound it and put it in a ziplock (yes. Knitters use more ziplocks than anyone else in the world) together with the pattern, the beads and the needles. I even put in the stuff I needed to thread beads on the yarn. Then I tossed it in my suitcase and was promptly overwhelmed by other projects and that was the last I saw of it. Since my stash has archaeological layers, I knew that if I could find the strata of yarn that represented February ’08, I would likely find the skein. No dice. I searched the surrounding area, thinking if it wasn’t in there it must be near there…nope. No matter how much of the stash I ripped up and organized, it totally wasn’t there. On Sunday, when I had ripped up not just the yarn stash, but the spinning stash, and the only place I hadn’t looked was the “sweater stash” (where there is only sweater yarn and nothing else) I had to admit defeat. The stash was cleaner, better organized and smaller … (there’s tons of stuff that I pulled out as giveaways for all of you on the 14th) but I still didn’t have the skein. I went to bed, lay there for a while thinking. C’mon. It was in the suitcase. That’s the last place I saw it. Then I came home and unpacked the suitcase and put away the yarn. I know I did that because the other yarn is put away, and because the suitcase is empty. I know the suitcase is empty because I put it away, and I wouldn’t put it away until it was empty. I didn’t take it to the cabin, I didn’t leave it somewhere because I didn’t take it somewhere. It wasn’t in a knitting bag (I checked all of them) and I didn’t put it on a table or in a box (because I checked all the spots I put things.) I had just about given up hope, decided to accept that maybe I left it in my hotel room in Madrona, when I had a thought. Got up, walked to the closet, unzipped the pocket on the front of the suitcase where I NEVER put things, and lo.


I’m really not as smart as we had all hoped. Seriously. How many days of my life and it was right there?


Dumbass. On the upside, the stash is tidy. (This is Schaefer Heather in “Gertrude Ederle” and it is going to be #334H “Undulating Waves Scarf”. Ravelry link here. Mine came from Schaefer, but there’s a kit at Earthfaire.)

2. On Saturday I (well, Rachel H drove) went to Kitchener to adjudicate the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters’ Guild annual show. I walked away believing that judging knitting is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It’s so subjective. I spent a lot of time trying not to bring my personal taste into it, and judge each piece based on the skill of the knitter and how well it fit the category it was presented in. Overall, the quality of the knitting was really, really high (if a few of the knitters had sucked it would have helped a lot in narrowing things down) and some of the pieces were so incredible, the workmanship so high… You’d have to see them, and actually, you can.

The Adjudicated Fashion Show & Awards Ceremony (where everything is modelled) and I give “colour commentary” and explain why I did what I did is June 10th, at 7:00, and all are welcome, even if you’re not member of the guild. I’m thinking it’s going to be interesting and fun.

3. I’m getting ready to leave again, this weekend to LA for BEA (Book Expo America) where I’m signing all over the place, (this book, and this book and a sneak preview of essays from this book) then to Kingston on the 4th June, then to Columbus for TNNA, then the show in Kitchener the 10th, then Franklin arrives for the Birthday/WWKIP/1000 Knitters party on the 14th, then the calendar comes out the 15th, but I don’t think I have to do anything about hat except worry about it, then BEC (Book Expo Canada) here in Toronto on the 16th, then Chicago on June 20th, and then I’m going to have a lie down and celebrate the official end of the tour and my survival of same.

4. 4…I forget what 4 was for. (Just totally flashed on the Violent Femmes there, oh, except that was eight, wasn’t it? )

5. I remember now. I plied the spinning from last week, and made this yarn.


The green is a very neon green, and I was a little flummoxed by what to do with it, right up until Samantha saw it, and she went batty for it but had no idea what she wanted it to be, just that it should be hers. There’s not a lot of yardage, it’s 100g, probably about 250- 300m (but I’m guessing) and it’s about a dk weight (in most places)…. any ideas?

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  1. ….I would never be the one to bring this up, but since you mention spinning…How’s poor Joe’s Gansey?

  2. ok, now will you please tell me where I put the sweater pattern I bought a couple of years ago? I have also searched the many nooks and crannies……

  3. Handwarmers? I made some out of handspun recently and they see more use than possibly anything else I’ve ever knit. You’ll probably have some left over, too.

  4. What about one of those cowls that’s popping up all over?
    Is it just me or have you never been to Ottawa for book promotional purposes? My living room is accepting bookings at the moment.

  5. Don’t you just hate when you can’t find something you just *know* you put somewhere “safe”? Glad you found it! Looks lovely – can’t wait to see the finished project!

  6. I’m thinking … fingerless gloves – something cool so she can still punch the buttons on her cell phone or text-messaging thing – and still be kind of warm… cool color. Green is very “in” this year according to Vogue Magazine and all those fashion police people… Good luck Samantha!! Hijack the blog from your mom when you are finished and post a picture of whatever you make of this yarn…

  7. As long as I’m the only one here…Thanks to you I have now acquired a sock obsession. I have knit a total of ONE (1) sock! (but purchased enough sock yarn for many, many more pairs, especially since finding out it does not count as stash) Here is my question – how do you get the other sock to be reasonably the same? Do you actually count rows and keep track of every segment (I am hoping not, because I am so not into the counting)? Do you keep track by inches? Is it all just in your bones now and you just know? When do you start decreasing for the toe (in relation to the foot) and how do you do it the same for both socks?
    Also – in an effort to convert my friend to the joys of knitting, I took her to my LYS yesterday. After we left, I was asking her if the store had felt hot to her, I was a little warm, and she said, “that is how addicts feel when they are near their drug of choice” (!)
    PS – Lion Brand Sock Ease is now available to the masses!

  8. I love that your stash has archaeological layers. Mine isn’t big enough to have that kind of layering yet, but it is getting there.
    I look forward to seeing how the yarn and beads knit up.

  9. What about some sort of technology cozy? Does she use an mp3 player? Or it would make a smashing belt with the right hardware. And there’s always the obligatory hat. πŸ™‚

  10. Gloves! But then whenever I have yarn I don’t know what to do with, and in that amount, I say gloves. Gloves! If you think theres even enough, you could make them top down, Nona i-cord style and then make a fabulous long cuff on each with a feather and fan or some type of undulating pattern to show off the yarn you just spun.
    In fact, maybe I’ll have to do this myself…must spin more yarn.

  11. a green monster for knit out day
    hanging in the tree for all to see

  12. The handspun is lovely. What about a scarf?
    Congrats on organizing your stash AND on finding the yarn you were looking for. πŸ™‚

  13. How did I not know you were coming to Los Angeles?
    300 yards is enough for a scarf, or a stripe in any other project. Or a mermaid’s tail? Or an iguana? I’m trying to think of things that are green.

  14. I find all kinds of things in suitcases I thought to be empty. Some good things, some things we won’t mention…
    My company will be represented at BEA (alas, not by me), but maybe I’ll try and wangle a way of getting to Book Expo Canada.
    Knitters need stickers, don’t they?

  15. Ah lovely green.
    I suggest a small moebius scarf, probably 30 inches. I just finished one in handspun and totally love it. Came out about 9 inches wide.
    Follow Cat’s cast on, and do 180 sts on 3.5mm needles. Make it up as you go!

  16. My husband and cousin spent the weekend teasing me about not being able to find things. Of course, purse and keys being the main things that hide in this house.
    I had to read your posting to my husband to show that even people who are 20 some years younger have the same problem.

  17. Oh– and that place where you found your yarn? My husband and I call that The Dreaded Someplace Safe.

  18. Who knew the Violent Femmes had so many knitting groupies. Speaking of archeological layers–must get out old records (yes I mean RECORDS). Hmm, knitting/record party….? Bring a project you started when you bought the record–scary ’80s sweaters here we come! P.S. Bright Green stripes are good in just about everything.

  19. My Barnswallows or Zinnia scarf, with maybe an extra stitch to each side. Five repeats across of Barbara Walker’s Little Arrows pattern, with an extra stitch to each side, again, for a little more stability. Any lace pattern she likes, so many repeats across, in the range of about 25-35 stitches on size 6 mm needles should get her a scarf of a good length, if she knits anything close to the gauge I get.

  20. You know, it’s funny – I’ve managed to almost eliminate using Ziplocs as food storage in favor of reusable containers, but I still use them for my knitting! Some projects are the right size to go in old (cleaned-out) makeup bags, some just go in totes, but so many of them just cry out for a quart or gallon Ziploc. Then they got holes poked in them and have to be replaced before the next project. And don’t even get me started on the ones used to organize stash! At least those ones are used long-term! πŸ˜‰ Can’t wait to see that scarf in that yarn – it looks like it will be awesome! =)

  21. I think we have all mislaid something only to be frustrated in trying to retrace our steps. You did what I’d do, massive reorginizing and cleaning. The green yarn is simply gorgeous! (I think it is really lovely that your daughter wants a yarn that is so, so you.) My very first thought is to recommend Knitting New Mittens and Gloves, by Robin Melanson. There are twenty-eight patterns and although thy are not all for DK weight, she could modify a little to get what she wants.

  22. Aw shucks and the show will be in my town, too. Won’t be able to be there since that day is my wedding anniversary and (as crazy as it may seem to some), my husband comes before my knitting. He’s just so darn wonderful! πŸ™‚
    I’m forever leaving stuff in the front pocket of my suitcase and discovering it the next time I travel.
    Glad you found your yarn though. It’s going to look really beautiful in that pattern. Enjoy!

  23. The handspun is lovely! Green is one of my favorite colors. If you really cannot think of anything, I take yarn donations!

  24. How about the cowl from Knit2Together? It calls for a chunky weight cashmere, but you could double it. I think that color would be a great pop with an outfit.

  25. Beautiful yarn! I don’t use ziploc bags, I use stuff sacks from old camping gear and weatherproof clothing. But then I probably don’t have nearly as many projects on the go as you do!
    I look forward to seeing you on the 10th.:-))

  26. I’ve fallen prey to the same “front pocket of the suitcase where I NEVER put anything”. But then you’re in a hurry packing and jam something in there to avoid reopening the suitcase (for fear you won’t be able to close it again). I put a camera battery there once, and spent tons of time searching for it, finally gave up and bought a new one and of course – then I found it.

  27. 4 for my heartaches…..I must listen to them now as I clean the house (or avoid it).
    Violent Femmes are one of my favorite bands to see live.

  28. I lost my favorite sweater I made for my then preschooler with cables and a pair of sheep on the front (duplicate stitch, no intarsia for me) and their behinds and fluffy 3-D tails on the back…..SOOOOO cute….and I thought we left it on the train from Boston to Florida….thought that for a good size months, until I unzipped the tiny pocket on his suitcase that it couldn’t _possibly_ fit in……

  29. I think there should be a club for when it turns out that we are not as smart as we had all hoped. I may start one. It would look great on my resume, founding member of the sadly mistaken club.
    I hope your travels are filled with fun knitting and short lines.

  30. Does anyone else use those ginormous ziploc bags for yarn? I LOVE those things. The xxl is just TOO big, I like the xl better. I have a large stash with archeological layers and I have converted most of it to the xl ziploc bags.
    Oh, and I vote on the fingerless gloves for the yummy green yarn. I wear them all the tine.

  31. GAH!! Dangit, dangit, dangit!
    My husband and I have decided not to go to Chicago this year because gas prices are at such a level that it makes me cry every time I put gas in the car and because I have another (rather important) obligation with my religious organization of choice. We were going to be in Chicago on the 20th.
    Glad to hear the stash is in the way of being more organized now. I think it may be time to do a stash toss of my own (Though it be little, it be fierce). I always seem to find things when I quit looking for them.

  32. Also, where else are you signing in LA? I would like to come hear you, but I’m not sure I want to go to the ABA.

  33. I just did the same thing with my camera as you did with the yarn. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one. I had the camera on Friday, then hubby had it, and I was sure he had set it down somewhere that I didn’t know, and bless his heart, he’d seriously lose his you know what if it wasn’t attached to him. I hunted and hunted all the places he usually puts things. Know where it was? In my purse. Guess who put it there? One hint…it wasn’t him.
    On to the neon green…that is simply, words can’t describe. I love the color variations in there. There’s places where it’s more apple green with a darker and lighter spun together…Wow. Did I mention green’s my favorite color? Now, if I had that, I think I’d do Cat’s Mobius Cowl, or a scarf, maybe the Go To Scarf, or the Tweedy Cabled Cap ( how is Sam at cabling?), the Endless Loop Scarf, of course I have to mention the Grandpa 60 hat or slippers, only because of the sentimental value of them. Have no idea how to do the linky dinky thing from here, but they’re on Ravelry if you want to go looking.
    Oh yeah, I have to ask too…how’s the gansey? Now I’ll duck to get out of the way of you slapping me.

  34. Jared Flood’s BSJ in handspun is what made me take up spinning. Don’t know if that’s enough, but the pattern looks so good in handspun that it’s worth a try.

  35. I’ve recently become very, very fond of the scarf pattern called “Edgar” in the fall ’05 issue of Knitty. Samantha’s yarn would make a lovely Edgar! (It would make a lovely anything. That green is gorgeous!)

  36. How about a vest for Samantha, with the handspun in the front and a matching plain yarn for the back?

  37. maybe some garter fingerless mitts like on ysolda’s site? a scarf would be cool too, provided she wants the green right next to her face–it is very cool, just not a colour most mortals can pull off.

  38. It should be Sam’s knitting for the knit in public day. And it should be…… o.k o.k o.k. Kathryn
    Alexandra meets Debbie New in an elevator and…. well you get the picture.
    You don’t?? Oh Sam should knit a squiggle scarf with energized singles and your hand spun.
    Then me and Sam could be knitting twins.

  39. So is Samantha knitting the yarn? I think she should, if she wants the woolly product!
    I think it would be a smashing headband. Maybe something like that popular one that was in Knitty (the name escapes me), or something of that fashion. A big, wide headband to wear on cool summer evenings when you want a splash of color, and need a way to keep your hair out of your eyes when the wind blows.

  40. Have fun at BEA! If you get a chance to wander around, look for the Unshelved guys (www.unshelved.com)- hilarious web cartoonists, I think you would enjoy their library-based humor.

  41. Tell me about it–every time I organize my room “logically”, I lose at least 3 things.
    My suggestion for the yarn: a fantabulous slouchy beret (I know you just finished winter, but it’s never to early to prepare for next year, right?). If Samantha doesn’t feel she looks good in neon green, my second suggestion is a mod purse with funky plastic handles.

  42. The beads on your undulating waves are lovely – would you share what they are and where you found them? Thanks!

  43. You mentioned beads, and I thought, “Oh, right, I lost my bookmark for that really great bead place when I switched browsers… now, what was it again?” And then I scrolled down and found your link to Earth Faire. Thanks for anticipating my every need as usual!

  44. Perhaps an awesome funky ruffly scarf? It would be fresh and perfect for cool spring days.

  45. Seriously? official end of the tour? is London ‘unofficial’? :^)
    Glad you found the baggie with the yarn and beads and and and… sounds exactly like something I’d do, I get very obsessed when I can’t find a particular thing. The yarn and beads are beautiful together.

  46. 100gm of DK? Hat and wristwarmers, perhaps?
    David judged a knitting competition at an alpaca event a few months ago and swore he’d never do it again. He actually helped write the original judging criteria, but they’ve gone through so many iterations since then that he had to give lower marks to a gorgeous, intricate Irish lace shawl and award a ribbon to a shawl made from handspun that he found absolutely hideous. And then defend himself from attack afterwards.

  47. I 2nd Sarah…I need to know about the beads too. Where? What kind? Name?

  48. Well what you found in your front pocket is a heck of a lot nicer than what I found in mine. My husband had to take my case in to be fixed – stuck zipper and pull was pulled off. My dear daughter was the last to use the case, that is why it was in the state it was. I went to put something in the front pocket and found a pair of her dirty panties.

  49. I don’t know if that would be considered a ‘waste’ of handspun yarn, but it sort of looks like it could become an awesome Sheldon… (from Knitty)
    Part of the Sheldon’s charm seems to be the color contrast, though…

  50. Dude- You are totally awesome! Another book! You obviously write as fast as you knit. Voracious readers salute you. (We call each other dude at our house too. Makes for interesting looks when out and about and my kids call me dude.)

  51. I vote for some kind of armwarmer/fingerless glove/mitten getup. Nothing says Mittens like the End of May!

  52. My Dad always says you find something in the last place you look. I pointed out to him once: “Why would you keep looking when you found it?”
    “Exactly,” he replied.

  53. Holy Smoly–LOVE that yarn you found and the beads look perfect for it. The green would make a nice hat or scarf, AND ANOTHER book AND a Calender for us to to wish for, thank you so very much. Looking forward to seeing you again

  54. What is it with teen-aged girls and neon green? My daughter loved that color too. Wait, she still does, and she’s 25. She has a pair of high heels in a similar shade. Oh so very cool.

  55. I can top the yarn/bead search and recovery effort. I did the same thing with a pair of diamond earrings. I was traveling, had a stupid early flight so I packed them so they would be ‘safe’. I got home and they were ‘gone’. Searched frantically, called hotel, mentally berated cleaning staff for not being honest enough to turn in what I had left there, etc. Two YEARS later I was getting ready to repack that suitcase and some weird little poky thing was in the bottom of a pocket. After violently shaking the bag over my head… ta-dah! earrings. There were silent apologies made to the hotel staff for earlier silent blaming.

  56. Your tour can’t be finished in June! You’re coming to London in September, I’ve got the ticket and am so much looking forward to it! Although I almost booked a holiday for that week and remembered at the very last moment that I couldn’t possibly be away that week, but go and explain that to the husband! (You can’t go on holiday because you’ve got to and see the yarn harlot!!!)

  57. How about finding a complementary yarn to your handspun and making a striped garment of some sort or perhaps a “free form” backpack style purse.

  58. Mitts. Definitely mitts. That’s what that yarn is calling out to be. No question.
    (Thanks for the Violent Femmes reference, btw, now I’ve got that song running through my head!)

  59. I once “lost” a pair of doc marten shoes by putting them in the pocket of a suitcase, the pocket I “never use”. We thought they’d been abandoned on the floor of King’s Cross Station. They were my school uniform shoes, so my poor parents had to buy another pair of docs for me to start back that fall. Two years later I found the missing pair. By that point I was in University and had little use for brown oxfords. I wish I could have similar luck in locating the slinky black velvet formal dress I misplaced about ten years ago.

  60. … eight, eight, I forget what eight was for, but nine, nine, nine for my lost love…..
    Thats right where I went on number four and just love a good flash back to the Violent Femmes!
    I’ve done the same thing with luggage — nice that you got an organized stash for the little mental lapse. Perhaps just the point of your brain hiding that one away. I need to lose something too! πŸ™‚

  61. The beautiful yarn should become a Calorimetry (check it out on ravelry). You may have enough for two…

  62. Hey. Ya’ll were so great last time I was wondering if anybody could email me a place to find instructions (videos are best) about how to do the toe of a sock. I’ve done the heel and am about to do the gusset and I need instructions for the toe. Thanks! (ps there aren’t any on knittinghelp.com)
    *big virtual hug to all ya’ll helpful people* πŸ™‚

  63. Totally off today’s subject.
    Bought the Dale of Norway Favorite Baby Designs book and fell in love with a pair of baby mittens. Bought Baby Ull to make them and discovered the pattern doesn’t seem to have thumbs! Is this a new thing for baby mittens, or just a DoN thing?

  64. How about a pair of Fetching? They’d look great in handspun. Who am I kidding, everything looks great in handspun.

  65. Working in an indie bookstore has its perks – I saw the advance stuff for Free Range Knitter. I can’t wait for it to get published. Keep writing!

  66. it is a lovely leaf green and all but NOT in something next to the face. It is one of those colors that makes most people look like they are recovering from stomach flu. That means leaving out hats, cowls, and scarves. Fingerless gloves are good, so would be leg warmers, or some sort of purse or bag. Added to something more complexion flattering it could be the shoulder end of the cowel, or the elbow end of a capelet.

  67. After all the talk of trying to lasso in the stash and commenting on baskets and vacuum bags, I found another really beautiful solution. All the discount stores like TJ Maxx, Target, etc. are carrying these beautiful fabric or paper covered boxes in lots of sizes. Hobby Lobby and Michaels too! They are really elegant and even come in Shabby Chic at target. A great way to hide yarn while updating a room or two on a small budget. Hobby Lobby has theirs on sale-50% off!!
    TJ Maxx gets new styles weekly.
    Can’t wait to get my calendar-hope it is a yearly event now.

  68. You know who uses more zip lock bags than knitters? Girl Scout leaders. And Girl Scout leaders who knit? Let’s just say that I buy them by the case. πŸ™‚

  69. Pretty pretty yarn n beads- totally worth looking for;)
    Hmmm no clue what to make with the handspun- but wanted to chime in with a “it’s loverly”.
    And- don’t mean to pry, but how is Joe? We haven’t had an update- and well…I’m a Mom- I worry.

  70. yarn as archeology. i’m laughing. i’ve obviously had too much sun today, because i’m thinking of goofy things like indiana jones and the golden light of stephanie’s yarn stash.

  71. I vote handwarmers/fingerless gloves for the yarn for Sam! It’ll be easy for her to show off to her friends!

  72. While I espouse the right of every spinner (and knitter) to spin (or knit) whatever is best for him or her, regardless of any obligations or previous committments…tomorrow is Tuesday, and Tuesdays are for spinning.
    I think it would be wrong for anyone to try and force you into spinning for Joe’s Gansey (poor, cold, injured Joe) – but could we please have an update? A progress report? It’s just that it has been so long. πŸ˜‰

  73. I believe fingerless gloves have it, hands down πŸ˜€
    I’ve been doing heavy gardening all day (clearing beds, moving dirt, transplanting hostas), and I’m so tired that when you referenced the 14th, my first thought was, “oh, she’s giving stuff away for Valentine’s Day.” I’m going to go curl up in a chair and knit myself to sleep now.

  74. Stephanie, I hope you read this comment. I have a friend named Shelly, she has a online blog/shop called Butternut Woolens. She hand dyes the most incredible wool sock yarn. The reason I am writing is that she lives on a very beautiful farm where she dyes this fiber and used to raise the bunnies that made the angora for her fiber. Now she is getting a divorce and having to close her Butternut Woolens shop, sell her beloved farm, and move to the city for a “real” job as the men in suits have decided working with gorgeous fibers is not a “real” job. I just wanted you to have the opportunity to see some of her fiber that is still for sale and perhaps buy a skein. It is truly yummy stuff. A few posts back on her blog is the sad story and a gorgeous photo of her farm. I know you are so busy and probably have way to much on your plate to read this, but I just feel better sending it out any way. Shelly is such a lovely girl and I am so saddened to see her have to give up Butternut Woolens.
    I’ve enjoyed your blog for years but am one of those readers that doesn’t ever comment. I do so appreciate you sharing your world with us. You are a daily source of happiness for me. I have your simple sock pattern on the needles now in the Butternut. Thanks Stephanie πŸ™‚

  75. Love the green, almost everything in my stash is green! (or several shades of pink for somereason, i think its the yarn I never use but love to pet).

  76. I know I’m not the first to suggest this, but I believe the beautiful neon green yarn needs to be fingerless mitts for Sam. You see, she lives in YOUR house. And it’s summer now. But soon it will be fall, and then winter and STILL there will be no heat. The child needs fingerless mitts to wear while making cookies with your nephew. Just thinking of the children is all!

  77. Wow, that yarn was definitely worth finding! Gorgeous! The neon green children’s mittens, a toy? A stuffed animal need a hat?

  78. Have you ever taken a picture of your yarn stash? I would love to see one!

  79. I don’t know how you do it and remain sane. I’d keel over after the first week.
    For the green, some kind of belt to wear with jeans or a skirt, with beads would be nice.
    Or maybe that’s so hopelessly fashionless that I should be sent to the nunnery. Where I could knit a scapular in neon green. With beads

  80. a hat, with ear flaps and dangly things that could tie under her chin but which she’ll leave untied.

  81. Someone earlier referred to the “Dreaded Someplace Safe”. But I read it as the “Dreaded Someplace” safe. Like where the universe locks up things it stole from us disorganized folks. I think a skein of white merino in that safe belongs to me. Bought it to make a hat for a friend, went to cast on, skein was gone. Looked everywhere. EVERYWHERE! Called everyplace I’d been since I bought it to see if it had jumped out of my knitting bag. No skein. It’s definitely in the dreaded someplace safe.
    Now where do I find the combination to open it up and reclaim my stuff?

  82. I look forward to seeing your undulating waves = mine is driving me crazy (no beads, first lace project). First 4 repeats went fine, 5th set had multiple “issues” and recovery missions to get the correct stitch count.

  83. Strikes me as funny that you say there’s not a lot of “yard”age and go on to tell us the meters you have. Wouldn’t that be meterage????? πŸ™‚
    HIghest Regards,

  84. I love those colors, and it’d be great for mittens, but…probably not enough, right? Maybe some lace-ish fingerless gloves? BTW-if you think THAT green is neon, order some NummaNumma Toasty in their “watercress” colorway sometime. WOW.

  85. I’m with Danny on the Moebius, but then I know why he knitted the one he just finished.

  86. I’m voting for gloves…maybe sideways ones? I’m also a big fan of the giant ziploc bags. Definitely a big help with fiber stash.

  87. I’ve got a smile on my face and Violent Femmes running through my brain as I get my kids ready for bed – thank you!

  88. Don’t you know Stephanie that the first rule of finding things is ”the first place you look is the last place you saw it”. But at least you got a good reorganizing out of it. A green beret would be really sweet. Young girls always look cute in a beret.

  89. The yarn should be boot socks! Gorgeous boot socks! Feet are begging for it, I can hear them from here.

  90. I could see some really cute fingerless mittens coming out of those. Like Fetching or Dashing.
    By the way, I did a little bit of a Stash Toss (and clothes toss, frankly) of my own this weekend. You inspired me to do what my mother has been nagging me to do for months now. (Clean your closet! Organize your room!) I managed to reduce my stash considerably, and am thrilled at the opportunity to get more of what I actually want now. So thanks.

  91. The lovely green (also my fave) should be knit into the ‘Fetching’ fingerless mitts – Knitty f07 – and a matching headband!

  92. I knew it was in the suitcase!
    Sometimes you have to just sleep on it and it will show up. Bet you slept well.
    When yarn is such a lovely color, then a Moebius is a good choice because you can touch it and play with it, and it’s right there nearby, so it won’t look so weird playing with it!
    Just when I was trying to be patient for another Harlot book, there is a new one and a calendar, too. I’m so glad you have such a great book contract. You bring so much joy to all of us. Thank you!

  93. I’m thinking some cool fingerless gloves and a headband to match…..hurry up before you lose the yarn! heh heh

  94. I see lots of votes for fingerless gloves & headbands like calorimetry, but my first thought was a scarf. I’m currently making a scarf with about that much DK-weight, but having to keep it a bit narrow to not run out of yarn too soon. Perhaps a bit of lace or eyelets, like some chevrons, would open it up enough to make the yarn last.

  95. First time I leave a comment on your blog!
    Let me tell you that I just love your work. As I’m french, I’ll never have a chance to take a picture of my socks in your hands but I want you to know that you’re the one that made me knit socks.
    And btw, I love Violent Femmes… πŸ˜‰

  96. Fingerless gloves would look cool in that color. It’d make a nice cowl too. The color will pop out under a coat. I really like the brown in it, brings the brightness down in the green nicely.
    I’m going to be singing Violent Femes tunes all day now thank you.

  97. Even though summer is approaching in Toronto, winter is only, what, five months away? (ouch! don’t throw things that aren’t yarn!)
    Fingerless mitts would be good for the green yarn, as would Calorimetry from last winter’s Knitty.

  98. Suitcases That Eat Things are first cousins to the Dreaded Someplace Safe. (Both are descended from Terry Pratchett’s Sentient Luggage. But I digress…)
    I took a gift baby sweater in progress when I flew cross-country to visit my mother. Finished all the pieces, but still needed to sew in the sleeves. Came home … no baby sweater. Looked in all the suitcase pockets. No sweater. Called my mother — did I leave it there? No sweater. Cussed the TSA and their luggage inspection … OBVIOUSLY a luggage examiner popped those teensy pieces out and they got misplaced. (Nobody would swipe an unassembled baby sweater — would they?)
    Gave up, made another baby sweater for the gift. And of course, months later, was packing for another trip and … what’s that? Feels like there’s something in that zipper pocket!
    So glad to learn I’m not the only one with STET.

  99. Ooh, I thought that colorway looked familiar, and then I got down to where you identified it, and no wonder! I have a pair of socks in progress using Heather in “Gertrude Ederle,” and just yesterday I wound up a skein of Anne in the same colorway with which to cast on a Scottish Thistle Stole…

  100. Either a crop length tank top or a regular length tank top to be worn over a t-shirt. Another yarn could be mixed if needed for yardage or stripes or whatever. A simple lace pattern would be interesting too (and would give you more milage). I’m thinking top-down on larger needles and voila.

  101. A calendar?? Are you beginning to feel like an exploited teen heart-throb?
    Oh, and the green handspun? A hat. A funky, earflapped, tie-under-your-chin hat.

  102. Suitcases aren’t all that eat things; diaper bags do, too! When my daughter was a baby, I had a black diaper bag and a black wallet. We went grocery shopping and I *thought* I put my wallet in the “parent pocket” where I always put it, after I’d checked out. We got home and I needed something out of my wallet. Went to the pocket, no wallet. PANIC. Called the supermarket, no wallet. Looked all over the living room, no wallet. Checked coat pocket, no wallet. Dumped entire diaper bag out, no wallet. I’m freaking out, daughter is crying, I unzip ALL pockets, there’s my wallet in another pocket. Black on black, blended right in, I must not have been looking which pocket I zipped it into. HUGE sigh of relief, scooped up and cuddled my crying daughter, wiped away tears (hers and mine), told my sweet baby that Mommy was so sorry she freaked out, kiss kiss tickle tickle, all is well. We went right out and I bought a bright striped wallet, which I used until the diaper bag was no longer needed.

  103. oooo….it woiuld be fingerless gloves if it were mine – with perhaps a matching ribbon “laced down the back of the hand….” hm….must need to find some very green yarn..

  104. Ah, yes, that place where I never put things! I’ve had some good reunions, years later, with stuff like that. As for archaeological layers, we’ve got those, all over the house; trouble is, I’m getting too old to dig. The green yarn? A thin ruffled seaweed scarf.

  105. Mini Clapotis! Or something lacy. Not-Warm scarves are also in this year, according to the fashion police.
    Oh, and that stash-diving? Move over, I need to find a shawl brooch I got for my mother last May. I know it’s there.

  106. I vote for shortish socks, with brown heels and toes if needed to stretch the skein. But I’m on kind of a sock kick right now.

  107. I can’t believe you are coming to Columbus, OH! I don’t see where you are doing a teaching class, so maybe you are just signing and attending the TNNA Convention? I will totally miss you Harlot. I’ll be in Cleveland helping my dad with surgery in my “dutiful daughter” role. I hope you love it here! Daniele

  108. If I didn’t already love you Stephanie, I would have loved you for the Violent Femmes reference alone πŸ™‚

  109. I can think of people who use significantly more ziplocs, albeit not for such a cozy purpose.

  110. I can’t convert meters to US, but, to me, that looks like a summer tank with braided spaghetti straps. With a scoop neck and cropped length, is 250-300 m enough?

  111. Jumping back from Tuesday, don’t you think that yummy green yarn needs some beads?

  112. That green handspun would be gorgeous in your one row scarf pattern. The Schaeffer beaded scarf will be spectacular; hope it will be for YOU!! How you are surviving this travel/tour schedule is a real tribute to your stamina!! I get exhausted just reading about it. Thanks for taking us along…………

  113. The green yarn… has anyone suggested a bag? Like a smallish satchel with an over-the-shoulder strap? Or a mini backpack, maybe in a mesh pattern like Knitty’s Everlasting Bagstopper pattern? With some nice wide Grosgain ribbon shoulder straps and a drawstring on top…
    That way Sam could use the thing year-round, not just the 2 months of summer or the 10 months of Canadian winter.

  114. Yeah i agree, I vote for a nice roomy bag with lacy cables or cables and beads, feathers and ribbons streaming from the sides and a nice pair of bamboo handles, if there is not enough wool for the handle. Or some toasty slippers, maybe earmuffs or a knitting bag to put her little pile of new stash, yep that should do the trick.
    When I hit 40 everything headed south the eyes, the butt, the bellies and of course my pea-brain memory. Now I’m nearly 50 I just can’t remember where I put that nice Autumn sock yarn from Fyberspates and that cosy Sprinkles I’m dying to get me mitts on to knit some slippers. I never know can find me keys and my shoes are a dead loss. Can’t say its been a breeze these last 10 years with me mood swings, but watch out for them crafty hot night sweats they are a pain in the arse. And wot about Mr Arthuritis or mr Al Zheimer ha, ha, they are very tricky to get rid of. I just hope you have a better time of it than I am having, its not over yet. I got me pension and free bus pass to look forward to then the dreadful over 50’s Keep Fit clubs YUK. I’d rather be ded from the neck down no stuff that I won’t be able to knit then. Hey i’m getting a cleaner, cos my motto is “Stuff the housework I’d rather be Knitting”. At l;east it takes away my pains.

  115. I notice that there are now approximately 10 million more knitters in America than there were in 2005, at least according to the descriptions of your books “Secret Life of a Knitter” and “Free-Range Knitter.” Way to go! (Incidentally, I am one of them.)

  116. I have adored you for years, secretly wished to be your very best friend, daydreamed constantly about running away to Canada and how i’d orchestrate a “random spontaneous” running into you, but now. Now the Femmes. I forgot what 8 was for……….
    Wow. You’re even more amazing than I thought you were. And that was already most amazing.

  117. 1st: Does Sam like shawls? I just made the Summer Shawlette from 300 yds of homespun. Pattern here: http://www.interweaveknits.com/freepatterns/pdf/sum_06/Sweet_Somethings.pdf
    It was fast, easy and oh so satisfying!
    2d: Thank you for sharing your “lost in the stash” woes. I’m sooo glad I’m not the only one! I’ve lost a ball of Prism Wild Stuff! Some days I thought my stuff project was incredible and some days I thought it was the ugliest thing ever. I put the second ball away during one of the latter days and now it is hopelessly lost.

  118. Stephanie, do you like American music? (you are spooking me out – I’ve had Femmes in my head all week).

  119. I have about 150 yards of mostly lace weight that I just finished spinning. Any ideas on that one?
    Oh, and I’m going through some of your old posts, and I’m wondering: where did you get your pattern for your entrelac socks?

  120. Ziplocs?
    I use the “double barrier method” myself, because I’m a freak like that… I put everything fiber in Ziploc bags, then put them in sealed Rubbermaid containers for storage.
    If an enemy of fiber can get through all that, then they might deserve a wee taste of the fiber. (I’m not issuing that as a challenge nor condoning such grievous harm to fiber in that manner.)

  121. No way can I resist making that scarf. I’m sure I have something gorgeous to use for it as well as already having the beads. Thanks for showing it to us! And congratulations on nearing the end of yet another tour.

  122. Wonderful! I’ve long awaited a sequel to Secret Life, which is my very favourite knitting book.

  123. omygoodness. This is the craziest thing, but I’d heard this song a few years ago that I just ADORED, but couldn’t find out the name or who it was by. Then reading your list, i got to number four, and IMMEDIATELY KNEW that you were refferring to this neat little song that’s been driving me crazy and the name of the band was right there!!!! Ah!! Thank you, miss Harlot. Your omnipotence is undeniable.

  124. I am so gonna have that Violent Femmes song in my head for the rest of the day!
    And now I wanna go listen to some Dead Milkmen too.
    Where’s the teenager’s iPod?!?!

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