Hey, you in the sweater

I shouldn’t even be writing this.

I should be doing laundry so that I have clean clothes to take to Santa Rosa and Seattle. I should be folding those clothes and putting them in my suitcase. I should be organizing my knitting so that I have enough with me to keep me occupied on the long flights (Ok. I may have spent a while today stash diving on that cause’s behalf.) I should be telling you about a new idea I have for a fundraiser for MSF. I should be doing more of the work for The Sock Summit. I should be answering email. (Seriously. It’s tragic in there.) I should write a little bit of a speech for when I get to Santa Rosa and Seattle (although thank heaven, I’ve finally written a book that can be read at a book reading, which should help a lot.) I should totally go to the grocery store and try and put some food in the fridge so that Joe doesn’t have to solo parent and come up with groceries. (It is a feather in his cap that the last time I went away, they didn’t order pizza even once.) I should make dinner. (Or maybe I can order pizza if he’s over it.) I should clear up the kitchen, so I can expect a clean kitchen when I come back. I should really, really find my one copy of the new book (I know it is here somewhere how do you misplace a thing like that) so that I can read from it at the readings, although wouldn’t it be funny if I can’t find it and have to buy one? Hilarious.

I should be getting all of this done, plus egging the girls onto their homework, plus putting my itinerary and my passport and all of my stuff in my carry on. I should be making a sandwich to take on the plane too… wait. Curses. I’ll have to do that after the groceries. I should wash a load of towels because I’ve been putting off taking a bath because we’re out of towels and getting into the bath without a plan for getting out seems like poor planning. I should put away all of the stitch dictionaries I took out today while I was obsessed with scarf ideas. (Yeah. I would have fewer “I should” items if I could have said no to myself earlier.) In short… I shouldn’t be writing this. I especially shouldn’t be taking the time to edit these photos and put them up, but after Joe and I did the photoshoot I was just so pleased that I can’t wait to show you.


It’s Hey Teach! (Finally.) I decided to knit this because I’ve been wanting for a while to have some knitted stuff that could also be professional stuff. Knitted stuff that I could wear to work without compromising professionalism, but still be really knitterly. (I have found that this is a fine line to walk with shawls, some pullovers and definitely mittens.) I want to wear my knitting to work events (especially since my work stuff often has something to do with knitting) but my work stuff also usually has some non-knitters around (bookstore owners, publishers) and I try (and usually fail) not to look too much like “that strange writer who always wears too much knitted stuff”.

I think this works. I think it looks professional (if a little casual, but it’s not like I’m a CEO or anything) and sort of chic, which is cool, because if I ever look professional or chic its usually by accident, and owning this up’s my odds. (My mum says that this could be helped by lipstick, but darn… that seems like an extreme step.)


I think I could wear it just about anywhere – anytime. I have already worn it to the kitchen and the bathroom, to rave reviews. (Ok. The cat looked impressed.) The buttons are indeed souvenirs of my trip to London, a charming gift from a knitter there (thank you!) and I love them too.



Pattern: Hey Teach, written by Hélène Rush. Yarn, Misti Cotton (83% Pima Cotton/17% Silk) Colour 7032 “Olive Khaki”. 4mm needles. (I often need to go down a size or two (or three) when I work with non-elastic fibres. They make me loose.) Needle gauge necklace that I adore (someone will ask) from Abundant Yarn and Dyeworks. (I love that necklace for the same reason I love this sweater. Knitterly, but not overtly so. Like a little inside knit joke or a secret password.)

Modifications? Yup. I lengthened the distance between the ribbing and the underarm and added a little more length to the distance between the neck scoop and the shoulder. After knitting the pattern as written I found that I needed a little more room to accommodate my front assets. (I have no idea how I could have had them for so long, and still underestimate their precise size and location this frequently.) In addition, I made the sleeves a smidge longer, and shortened the body to reflect my height. (I’m short.) Finally, I only put in three buttonholes in the top section. I knew that I would never, ever do up the ones on the bottom, so I didn’t knit ’em. Even with the rip and redo, this was still an astonishingly quick knit… if you don’t count the weeks and weeks it took me to sew on three buttons. (Sigh.) I’m thinking about knitting a second one with long sleeves, since I’m pretty sure that this one is going to look seriously dorky with a long sleeve shirt under, and the Canadian winter is bearing down on me.


It would look dorky… wouldn’t it? Can I get a ruling here? (I’d ask one of my teenagers, but they think I’m dorky no matter what I wear.)

PS. Yeah. I’m wearing pretty much what the model for the pattern is wearing. I know it shows a lack of imagination, but she looks so good.

PSS. MommyknitsJen (Thanks Jen!) pointed out yesterday in the comments that I’ve been nominated for the Bloggers Choice Awards – in the categories of Best blog design, Best blog of all time and the only category I think I have a shot in (thinking I should win those first two is crazier than shaving hamsters for circus work) Best Hobby Blog. I’d love to have your vote, should you feel I deserve it. If you think I don’t, there’s still time (I think) to nominate your actual favourite. Party on dudes.

PPPS. I know. I’ve knit two things I adore and publicly said I think they are both perfect. I’m due for a smiting.