A Brooklyn Sidewalk

Last night I arrived in NYC at about 4:45, and boogied over to Brooklyn, ( That took an hour. There are a lot of cars in Brooklyn) checked into my hotel, googled where the bookstore was and was thrilled to discover that I was only 5 blocks away from where I needed to be. Partly I was thrilled because it was close and I didn’t have a lot of time to get there, but mostly I was happy because it meant that I got to walk in Brooklyn, which is something I love. I love walking anywhere, but walking in cities is something that I love best of all. I went out and walked up 5th street, past all the walkups and row houses, all with the window boxes and granite… the sidewalks are old and cracked, and I love every inch of them. I walked past a school, with kids playing in a playground outside, I walked past restaurants and little coffee places. I admired fire escapes, which I think are hopelessly romantic. I walked past the hundreds of different kinds of things and people in Brooklyn, and by the time I got to the bookstore I was in a great mood, and this is what I found.





If you look closely at the second one, you’ll see my buddy Danny from Toronto, who surprised me by turning up here, which is double weird, because I just saw him at SOAR in a whole other place. That boy gets around. The group was my favourite sort, small, eclectic and funny. Here’s a couple of highlights.


Here’s Kerry, with a great big wall hanging/ pillow project. I’m only showing you a small part of it, but it was huge and gorgeous. When she’s done, she’ll have FIVE OF HER CHRISTMAS PRESENTS DONE. (I told her we don’t need her kind hanging around these parts. Overachiever. It’s October for crying out loud. What’s she trying to do? Take all the sport out of it with her planning ahead thing?)


This is Amanda, showing off her first sleeves. (snork.)


Meet Joelle, charming as all get out, and beaming away with her 2nd pair of socks. (Yeah, I know. Not first socks. She was that charming.)


Jennifer wants to say hi to her mom Anita.


Eileen made a washcloth….

Carissa made a……


Guy monster thingie. Very cute.

This here though… this is Rebecca and she is holding an Eye of Jupiter sock.


She is holding just one because she refuses to knit the other until the second half of the fourth season of Battlestar Galactica is released from whatever holding tank the sci-fi channel has it in. While I support the cause (Geeks unite! Deliver my BSG to me! I will wait no longer for tales of Starbuck and the delay in knowing the final cylon model is frankly…. inhumane. Just saying.) I have to wonder at how effective her plan might be. I’m not sure how much the sci-fi channel cares that Rebecca will not knit the second sock until they comply… but it’s good that she’s taking a stand. I salute her.. and may poke around in my stash for my Eye of Jupiter yarn too. Maybe they won’t be able to ignore the clear cry for help that is two unfinished socks that still aren’t a pair.

Stand taken, books signed, knitters adored, I slipped of back into the night, had dinner with a friend, and tripped back down the Brooklyn sidewalk, on a beautiful early autumn night, fallen leaves between me and the sidewalk, with the big full moon shining down on me. It was awesome.

Today I’m in Boston – and I’ll see some of you here, tonight. (Tomorrow is Jacksonville, Florida, and Saturday SUNDAY (I think I’m a little tired) is 10:45 at Rhinebeck (just a signing, with all of the other authors there – not a talk.) See you there?

PS. Today is the last day of voting for the Bloggers Choice awards, and it’s possible that I’m currently being beaten by a guy who writes a blog about radio controlled things, and while I’m sure it’s a really good blog and I really wouldn’t mind being beaten by another knitter…. well. Never mind. All I’m trying to say is that it’s the last day, and if you think I deserve it, I’d love your vote. (I’m sure the radio guy would love it too…. you know. If you roll that way.)