Dropping in

That’s all I’m doing here at home. Dropping in. I came home from Seattle yesterday and I’m leaving for SOAR tomorrow (morning, unspeakably early) and I rushed in, washed my clothes, visited with the family, voted (I’m going to be away for the election) baked them some banana bread (which was really more of a defensive move – the bananas were going to be a whole other organism tomorrow if I didn’t do something) and dropped in at knit night.

I’m not even really sure where I lost a couple of days there, but it’s Wednesday night, sure enough, and the last thing I really remember clearly was getting up at 4:45AM on Tuesday and heading for the airport. I remember there was a pretty good bagel, and a flight delay, and a whole lot of coffee… and I remember that I got home at dinnertime (time changes are rough) and then everything since then seems like a weird dream on fast forward – until I sat down now to tell you about Seattle, and about how much fun it was. I’ve been to Third Place Books a few times now, enough that I can start feeling a little bit comfortable. I know where the bathroom is, I know that their coffee is pretty good.. I know tons about it – but I never know who’s going to turn up.. and it’s always crazy fun to meet the Seattle knitters…First en mass:



And then one (or two) by each. We had our knitters with sidecar humans, like Denise and tiny Isabelle (we didn’t wake her), Jennifer and Sarah, Stephanie and Eviebelle, and Sarah and Jack. (I love Jacks serious little face, and see that? He’s wearing a sweater I knit! I made if for his brother a few years ago, and there it is again. Lovely. )


I saw the most charming little knitters. Hold your breath knitters, and then give me a collective “Awwwww”


for Haileigh and her sharebear. That’s Haileigh’s knitting too, since she is a most competent and quick knitter – especially for a girl of only 5. Haileigh can hope, when she is a bigger knitter, to turn out as well as Sabrina (or was it Tracy? I think that was your mum) who’s 7, Katrina who’s 10 and Rita – who’s 12.


If those knitters play it right, they can hope to be as clever as McKenna, our lady of the stash weasels – accompanied by her sister Madison for the first time.


As always, there was the first sock brigade, this time just Laurie and Lauren, which makes me wonder if all the knitters in Seattle know socks now.


Lauren has, you will note, presented her first socks in 2-D form… since she was unable to get them off the feet of the recipient, which is a pretty awesome testimonial for a pair of first socks.


Finally, there was my good buddy Paul, who turns up, as perennial as the grass, and always a pleasure. There were a ton of other folks, like Syne especially, who gave me one of her Sci-Fi books, thus preserving Seattle’s place in my heart as geeky knitter central.

Seattle… it’s always awesome.

I’ve got to go to bed. Tomorrow… I spin.