Drive by random

1. I wasn’t going to blog today because Denny asked me for some yarn and I said “no problem” but it turns out that to find it, I totally have to “go deep” into one of the stash closets and I sort of made a big mess that I was going to clean up instead of blogging.

2. Screw that.

3. I’m knitting a vest out of the really, really beautiful Alice Field cormo (Foxhill) that I got at Rhinebeck and am helpless in the face of.


It’s the Diamond Rain Vest from Purlescence Yarns. I can’t seem to find a link to it right now, but I bought mine off Ravelry.

4. The front is done.

5. I turned on the furnace. I know it’s early, but it snowed for the second time last night and dudes, it was just too cold. (Also, since the game ends when the temperature drops below zero or it snows, and both of those things happened last week and I didn’t cave in until it happened again this week? I won anyway.)

6. It was too cold to spin, on account of my feet kept getting numb.

7. Since I turned on the heat, I have a whole other bobbin of the polwarth spun.


8. This appears to have made no perceptible difference in the amount of the polwarth in the bag.


9. The colours are more accurate in the top picture.

10. Anybody want to clean up a big yarn mess?