Happy Thanksgiving

Radio silence again, sorry about that. I actually did mean to be blogging at SOAR, but I couldn’t connect to the internet there. Everyone (almost) around me could, and my laptop rudely refused to make an effort, and there’s no arguing with technology. There were times that it seemed like it was a blessing, since the class schedule (and social schedule) of the retreat moves at breakneck speed. I leaned all sorts of new things, I bought a very few lovely items, I enjoyed the company of seldom seen friends, and when it was all over, Rachel H, Denny and I drove back to Canada in time for my Thanksgiving dinner with my family, one load of laundry, five hours of sleep, one cup of coffee (that I’m drinking now) and I’m off again. Cab to the airport in 10 minutes. You can click here for my schedule for the rest of the week, and I’ll blog later from somewhere else.


(PS. Have you seen my brown shoes?….. I could have sworn I put them by the door…)