Little Things

The dress is done, my little flowers of delight, and I won’t be showing you any more of it until I have a little chou-fleur to put it on. Technically speaking, Marlowe’s first birthday is today, but her party isn’t til the weekend. This time last year I was headed home in a cab, high on life (and severely messed up on sleep deprivation, oh man, the sleep deprivation had me wild) and I sat in the cab beaming that this little person had come into the world.  It was such a wonderful day.  Such a beautiful birth.  I sat in the cab smiling pure sunshine and wondering why the cabbie wasn’t catching the vibe.  He kept looking at me like I might be a little bit dangerous.   (When I got home and looked in the mirror I realized that I looked like I’d been to a bit of a murder.  Note to self. Wash before leaving births, no matter how tired you are.)   I can’t believe how Marlowe’s grown since then, and how fond I remain of her, and how we’ve been special friends since that day.  I’ve loved watching this:

become this

in only a year.

In any case, while you wait to see the dress modelled (and oh man. You want to see this dress.) I started thinking that maybe Lou needs a bit of a thing.  A little Auntie sweater of his own.  As of May he had no sweaters, and I fixed that, but he’s still only got one, and there’s a chill in the air, and he’s growing like a disease.  (Actually, let me correct that.  I’m sure he has lots of sweaters. It’s not like his mum is going to let him freeze. I just mean he has no handknit sweaters, and in my book, that’s the same as having no sweaters.) Now that I think about it, I think Hank is fresh out of sweaters too. 

I’m going to spend the afternoon happily rooting through the stash, looking for something just right for both nephews.  I’ll consult Hank on his preferences – I mean, he’s twelve, and that’s old enough to have some personal taste, and really, old enough to refuse to wear something because it’s not what he’d like, and I’m not a rookie knitter.  I’m not wasting time making something a kid’s going to resentfully wear once, and then toss on the floor of his room.

Lou will be easy. 

(Photo courtesy of his Papa and Yaya)

He’s obviously still completely helpless to stop us from doing anything we want.

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  1. Don’t kid yourself. There are multiple knit versions of that hat (with and without braids) and the Hankster might just savor The Uniform of Mahem.

  2. Funny how you look at a picture of a baby and go broody – even when hatching a chicklet is no longer an option, and really your kids don’t want to be forced down that route yet!
    Love the babies, and I want a hat like Lou’s!
    PS Can’t wait to see the dress too!

  3. I hope Marlowe has a beautiful and happy first birthday and first birthday celebration! I can’t wait to see the dress, and I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the others!

  4. Yeah, it looks like maybe you have 6 more months before Lou puts his foot down.
    I can’t believe Hank is 12. He will be a TEEN soon!
    Crap I’m old.

  5. Another one joining the ranks in shock that Hank is twelve. That means I’ve been reading your blog for (does mental math, faints in shock) way too many years!

  6. Oh, little Lou makes a very handsome Viking! And I, too, am always a little shocked to see pictures of Hank; in my mind, he’s still the little boy who was so easily entertained by your ball winder!

  7. I know–time just seems to gallop by, doesn’t it? But how sweet to be able to measure the passage of time by young ones growing up around you!
    Uh, chou-fleur? Isn’t that French for cauliflower? (I suspect this may be one of those cultural thingies…)

  8. Yup. Right there with you. Apparently I’m done making First Day of School Socks — the Hurricane and the Tornado won’t wear ’em even if they pick out the yarn themselves.
    On the one hand, (snif) my babies are growing up; on the other hand, (yay) more socks for me.

  9. What you’ve shown of the dress thus far only leaves (ha!) us anxious for more. Good job.
    On the subject of knitting for children, whatever their age(s), do tell how one instills in the child(ren) the WILLINGNESS or even EXCITEMENT about wearing a hand knit? My husband loves everything I knit for him; my son loves handknit socks; my daughter scoffs at all ideas of projects for her, other than the occasional fuzzy or otherwise unexciting scarf for a holiday (acid green fake fur for a St. Pat’s Day orchestra concert -~knitter shudders~- worn for the event and then tossed on the floor, as you say).
    Thoughts, knitters?

  10. yay for births! for babies! for children! goodness, they are so wonderful. and how blessed are they to have you? have you looked at veera’s fisherman’s pullover? i love that one for kids. it reminds me i need to knit my own sweaters for the season…

  11. That photo of Lou will doubtless be the one that will somehow make its way into his high school or college yearbook, with a little aside about how even at a young age, he was a Viking in the sack. No wonder the ‘twos’ are so terrible. 🙂

  12. From the look on Lou’s face, I’m thinking he already has taste, and when he’s mastered words, he’s going to have a few things to say about that hat.
    Still, until then, awwww, so cute.

  13. I too am having trouble with Hank being 12. It seems impossible. I didnt realize I had been reading that long.

  14. You must read the book: The Truly Terribly Horrible Sweater…That Grandma Knit. It is a wonderful tribute to children whose grandmothers knit for them and why they choose what they do to knit!

  15. Oh man Steph, you had me click back to Marlowe’s birth blog entry and the tears started. Happy tears, big tears, rivers of tears. I was a fierce natural birth mother myself, but with my babies now in late teens early 20s I sometimes forget my power and the power I had in me to protect them and love them. Thank you for reminding me, for bringing it back to me, in a way only your words could. You are unequaled in your writing ability. You paint pictures, or rather, you knit things together seamlessly.
    Marlow and Lou are adorable and the entire birthday party will be celebrated by knitters worldwide. <3

  16. guess hank’s taste in knitwear might have evolved a bit from pink dragon mittens, eh? man- twelve? at least you have a new nephew to help indulge your whimsical side- and a “mature” one to help you keep in touch with the changing tides of teen fashion 😉

  17. Well, I have no clue who Hank is … so there. 🙂 But since he’s twelve, he definitely should get a say in what gets made for him. Lou, on the other hand, is a complete, sour-pussed cutie.
    Can’t wait to see the dress on Marlowe, the other cutie. And I must say, that beautiful photo of mother and daughter (with Dad, I believe, in the background) brought your recounting of the birth back like it happened yesterday. Truly wonderful writing.

  18. What sweet babies! 🙂 I suggest you pop over to Mason Dixon Knitting and check out the sweater Kay recently finished for her son, who is only a year or so older than Hank. Nice thing about it is that if he hits a growth spurt while it’s in progress – as twelve year olds often do – no worries. (I know you’re a speedy knitter, but I hear boys grow awfully fast… don’t know this first hand, because I had a daughter, but I’ve heard my friends talk.) Isn’t it fun knitting for the kids in the family?

  19. I NEED that hat! I heard the Valkeries singing even as I finished reading the blog. Hsppy birthday to Marlowe, and I’m thinking Hank needs another hoodie.

  20. I just read your post from Marlowe’s birth. I get it. Completely and totally, because I had a midwife attended homebirth when my son was born almost 10 years ago. I just wanted to say that I think you expressed the miracle of birth so eloquently, so perfectly, so absolutely beautifully. I am so grateful that I chose that path. I’m almost a decade removed from natural childbirth. I read your blog as a knitter. So it was a lovely surprise to read you advocating for women and their babies. 🙂

  21. Isn’t being an Aunt wonderful??? Can’t wait to see what Hank chooses and the gorgeous little pink dress.

  22. I love foreshadowing of Things To Come! (Nephew sweaters) You have certainly been blessed with some beautiful children in your life.
    (I am a Warehouse 13 fan. If you checked it out, you might be, too.)

  23. You’re just making up the bit about Hank being 12 to get the:
    HANK IS TWELVE??? reaction, right?

  24. Happy birthday, Marlowe. Enjoy your first birthday cake!
    Lou, you’re really handsome, but that hair color just isn’t right for you. Something a good bit darker would probably be better.
    Hank, you’re in for some fun when you start puberty. I bet your Aunt Steph is going to freak out the first time she hears your new, deeper voice or when she realizes you’re growing a moustache!

  25. Wow, 12. Well, what fine men and women he has had in his life so far…bravo Hank. And now new little people to enthrall with the ball-winder.

  26. My nephew is 12 too, and it’s freaking me out! He’s taller than me, and his voice keeps dropping, and then I think there’s a strange man in the house and have a moment of alarm. I’m not ready for this, and my own oldest boy is going to be 11 in less than a month!
    Also,if anyone has a yearning to knit a viking/valkerie hat, there’s a great pattern on Ravelry! I knit one last winter for my good friends 40th birthday. I made the braids detachable, so as to give him a choice. He chose the braids, and proudly wore it into the pub, where someone named (I’m totally serious) Thor begged me to knit him one. 🙂

  27. Love babies in crazy hats! There’s a pattern out there for a “Viking” hat that looks like a dressed chicken — the “horns” are the drumsticks– and I’ve always wanted to make it for a niece or nephew. But alas, I’ve waited too long, and they’re all too old to tolerate that goofiness. Unless…maybe the oldest is just old enough to appreciate that sort of humor…hmmm.

  28. That reminds me that I need to get my Tempting done not only for Rhinebeck, but also so I can start knitting my kids some sweaters. They’ve grown like weeds, and the basic beginner sweater I made Zachary when he was 8 doesn’t even come close to fitting him at 13 1/2. Skye’s never had a sweater, so time to remedy that!

  29. Happy birthday to sweet Marlowe 🙂 Its a stunning dress fit for a princess 😉 Good on you Mrs Harlot!! 🙂
    Post the pattern!!! I would love to make one just like it 🙂

  30. Totally sending this link to my 19 year old son, and reminding him that he once enjoyed a penguin fleece snowboarding hat! The university I used to work at had many young people wearing the more restrained version of this, but they still had the braids.
    Perhaps taking Hank to the yarn store would make life easier all around? Just a suggestion.

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