Five days in pictures

Well.  I don’t know what happened to the last five days, but if you see them wandering around, send them this way, will you?  The thing I remember was packing my bags on Wednesday to head down to the Buffalo Guild, and then whammo. I’m here. The time went by so fast that I can’t even totally remember it all.  I remember driving for the border… and then next thing I knew I was standing in my trashed kitchen last night trying to figure out what train hit me.  I had to check my camera for clues.  There was this one, evidence that the lesson I got in how to take panoramic pictures has set, and when I look at this snap I have a warm fuzzy feeling, so I can tell you that the guild was lovely, and everyone there was charming, and I’d go back in a heartbeat.

buffaloguild 2014-05-20

There’s this one, and I sort of remember taking it. Blossoms outside the hotel I stayed in and clearly the only other time I thought about owning a camera until I got back home, which sort of makes sense because I taught 4 classes in two days to at least 80 extremely nice knitters – which was super awesome. (I didn’t take their pictures, except for above.)

blossomshotel 2014-05-20

Somewhere along the line I took a picture of my wheel, with my current spinning on it. (I must have felt accomplished.) The astute among you will note that this is not the promised “Tardis in Flight” but instead just “Tardis” since when Samantha saw the blog she claimed the previous roving before I could spin it. (She’s seldom taken with the urge. A mother has to support these things.)

tardissingle 2014-05-20

There’s a picture of a sock and a half – proof that at some point over the last five days I did knit, quite a bit, actually.  (I also have a recollection of watching a documentary, so I think they must have been concurrent.)

sockstranded 2014-05-20

The astute among you will note that the sock you see before you is not the sock that I started. The yarn is Skeined Alive 80/merino 10/cashmere, 10/nylon in “Vermiculture”  and originally I’d picked Anne Hanson’s Sign of Four as the pattern.  Turns out they were a bad combo, and you couldn’t see the subtle and beautiful stitch pattern at all in that yarn, so out it came to be replaced with Show-off Stranded Socks, and that’s working beautifully.

There’s a picture of Color Affection blocking… so that must be done.

affectionblocking 2014-05-20

And then there’s this one of Sam and Lou, this was right before he drooled in her eye. (I remember that – along with the chorus of “eeeewwww Looouuuuu!” that went up round our Victoria Day dinner gathering. (Oh! Right, it was Victoria Day yesterday!)

samlou 2014-05-19

From this morning, there’s this, when Jen and I peeled out of our respective beds, and hauled arse 46km through the city in what looks like a decidedly unromantic chunk of town.

crazedprotective 2014-05-20

The sign is requiring protective gear. We have helmets and padded shorts. That’s probably enough. I know we look a little crazed, but if you had to ride through that construction zone at dawn you’d be lucky if you only looked that berserk.

Five days, gone like they were nothing, when I know they were so full. I really hope I got enough done. I’m a little tired.

(PS. We’ve finished juggling hotel rooms at the Resort, and if you’re into this sort of thing, we’ve got ONE spot left for a lucky knitter who likes to/would like to cook at the Strung Along June “Knit, Play, Cook” Retreat.  (That’s the link. The email is I’m going to take a nap. Or spin. It’s almost the same. I sure hope someone cleans up the kitchen.)