At least I have something to show for it

The barrage of bounced messages has slowed to a trickle, much to my relief.  It turns out that when the guy said it would be three days, he didn’t mean that it would be 256 emails per minute for three days (do the math on that nightmare, why don’t ya) and I’ve managed to delete most of the onslaught.  Today though, I discovered a new problem.  Apparently if your email is hacked in the dead of night, and sends out a gagillion spam emails, and even if you discover that and put a stop to it before you’re even through your first damn cup of coffee when you wake up, it doesn’t stop  just about every spam blocking service in the freaking universe from deciding that your IP address is made of evil, and blocking you.   Yup. I’m a bad guy. Blacklisted.  Just about everything I send bounces right back.  After I write this I’m going to get back on the phone for the 14th time and try to sort it out.  My rage is pretty incandescent at this point, so let’s look at yarn.

tardissingles 2014-05-28

While I was waiting for my computer to surface from the deluge, I finished spinning singles and plied  the gorgeous Inglenook Fibers batt.  It’s one of those great “kitchen sink” type batts – with a little bit of everything in it.

tardistwoply 2014-05-28

This one has BFL, Merino, bamboo, starbright, silk noil, silk, Tencel, Angelina, Firestar and the mysteriously named “Faux Cashmere” which I’m pretty sure is nylon – though it’s super soft nylon.

tardistwoply2 2014-05-28

The colourway is “Tardis” and on the long, long list of things I love about how this skein ended up is the way that the blues look like the night sky (or the colour of the Tardis, I guess) and the little bits of silk and sparkle end up reminding me of stars.  It’s very appropriately named – although I couldn’t stop humming “Starry, starry night” to myself while I spun. (Sorry. That’s probably going to be an earworm.)

tardistwoplyhearts 2014-05-28

It’s perfect.  I’m going to give it away as a karmic balancing gift – but it will have to wait until I have a better grip on email.  Wouldn’t it be terrible if I chose you, and couldn’t tell you about it? Back to the stashbox for the next fibre, and back to this:

stillwiththeholes 2014-05-28

Yup.  Holes.