At least I have something to show for it

The barrage of bounced messages has slowed to a trickle, much to my relief.  It turns out that when the guy said it would be three days, he didn’t mean that it would be 256 emails per minute for three days (do the math on that nightmare, why don’t ya) and I’ve managed to delete most of the onslaught.  Today though, I discovered a new problem.  Apparently if your email is hacked in the dead of night, and sends out a gagillion spam emails, and even if you discover that and put a stop to it before you’re even through your first damn cup of coffee when you wake up, it doesn’t stop  just about every spam blocking service in the freaking universe from deciding that your IP address is made of evil, and blocking you.   Yup. I’m a bad guy. Blacklisted.  Just about everything I send bounces right back.  After I write this I’m going to get back on the phone for the 14th time and try to sort it out.  My rage is pretty incandescent at this point, so let’s look at yarn.

tardissingles 2014-05-28

While I was waiting for my computer to surface from the deluge, I finished spinning singles and plied  the gorgeous Inglenook Fibers batt.  It’s one of those great “kitchen sink” type batts – with a little bit of everything in it.

tardistwoply 2014-05-28

This one has BFL, Merino, bamboo, starbright, silk noil, silk, Tencel, Angelina, Firestar and the mysteriously named “Faux Cashmere” which I’m pretty sure is nylon – though it’s super soft nylon.

tardistwoply2 2014-05-28

The colourway is “Tardis” and on the long, long list of things I love about how this skein ended up is the way that the blues look like the night sky (or the colour of the Tardis, I guess) and the little bits of silk and sparkle end up reminding me of stars.  It’s very appropriately named – although I couldn’t stop humming “Starry, starry night” to myself while I spun. (Sorry. That’s probably going to be an earworm.)

tardistwoplyhearts 2014-05-28

It’s perfect.  I’m going to give it away as a karmic balancing gift – but it will have to wait until I have a better grip on email.  Wouldn’t it be terrible if I chose you, and couldn’t tell you about it? Back to the stashbox for the next fibre, and back to this:

stillwiththeholes 2014-05-28

Yup.  Holes.


58 thoughts on “At least I have something to show for it

  1. Ahh, your twist angle is so niiiice. As a fledgling spinner, I feel like I can look at this skein in a whole new way!

  2. Oh my goodness that IS beautiful. A starry starry night indeed. I was gonna ask why it was so many different fibers, but really, who cares when it looks that gorgeous, that’s probably why it looks that gorgeous – fabulous ‘recipe’.

  3. I think I need to designate a “spinning” day.
    There are so many things that need to be done around here, that spinning gets pushed off until ‘tomorrow’ all the time.
    That is gorgeous, and inspiring, and I think I need to spin now. 🙂

    • Do you use a wheel or do you use a spindle? I find that spindles let me spin the way I knit– just a bit here and there, as I have time. It really adds up!

      • I have a wheel.
        There’s no problem leaving something half spun and getting back to it later – the challenge is the finding time to get back to it!
        The wheel is in the living room, ready to go… but the kids are everywhere!! 🙂

  4. I just went through the hacked email account thing but not anywhere to the degree you’ve experienced. Sheesh, that’s terrible.

    Gorgeous spinning and pretty yarn. Nice holes too.

  5. I really have to get myself some Inglenooks fibre.

    I desperately want to write the novel–

    The cop peers carefully into shadows and around corners as he strides through High Park. Somewhere, he knows, he will find her… probably as she once again slips a skein of laceweight alpaca in a brown paper bag into the City Councillor’s car. Will she escape, or will he finally catch her– and be able to strike the Yarn Harlot from the list she’s been heading these past six months?

    Coming soon to a bookstore near you, it’s the perfect read for a sultry summer in the city– “Blacklisted: The Yarn Harlot.”

  6. Love the Tardis! So pretty! And yes, it reminds me of “Starry Night”. But is crochet right after Email-Hell a good idea? *worries*

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  8. Oh, that yarn is divine and I am a fan of VanGogh’s Starry Night AND Doctor Who, so it’s pretty much the most perfect handspun EVER.

    I hope the email situation is resolved soon. In the meantime, I’m off to tempt karma so that maybe Starry Tardis can come home to live with me. 🙂

  9. What gorgeous yarn! I don’t always (if ever) have the vision to see what a batt might become. Love the deep blues. Deborah should write that novel…. go for it!

  10. Gorgeous! You make we want to pull out the wheel. Right after I clear a space amongst the clean but yet-to-be-folded laundry to sit while I spin. Wait, what’s that? I’m supposed to be knitting newborn bonnets? Oh, ok… 😉

    Sorry about your email situation! 🙁

  11. Once again this just inspires me to try to take up spinning. Or llama farming. LLAMA LLAMA DUCK! (in case the Starry Starry Night earworm didn’t take).

  12. I do hope real-live emails entering the karmic drawings didn’t get washed away with the spam!
    Please do let us know if those who sent actual communications in the last few days should re-send.
    That Starry Tardis is very, very tempting….

  13. I know I am a dork, but with all this talk of Tardis and night skies, I read “earworm” and then the mention of working on the holes in the scarf and all my brain came away with was “worm hole”.

    The spun batt turned out beautifully.

  14. With all of those holes coupled with a hatred of all things crochet, youll likely get better at crochet as you go along. I suggest jumping around so all of the “good holes” aren’t in one place. It will look like you meant it that way….

  15. I like it! I don’t usually like dark blues, but I like this especially next to the bleeding hearts.

  16. Stunningly beautiful! Pics are so not satisfying. I want to FEEL of it!

    BTW, DH and I just returned from a trip on The Canadian from Toronto to Vancouver with a few days spent here and there. DH says Canada is a most civilized country. I agree. We want to come back one day!

  17. Where was this yarn when I was looking for *that color* last week as I prepared to start “Bigger on the Inside”? It would have perfect!

  18. I can’t believe how closely the colors of the batt match the actual Tardis! Kudos to Inglenook Fibers and to you for the lovely yarn.

    Hope the email situation gets sorted soon! I think my head would’ve exploded by now were I in your shoes.

  19. Best wishes with the blacklisting. I’ve dealt with that on a much smaller scale (yo, Comcast–I pay for you, remember?)

    Love the Tardis yarn and the Don McClean song. One of the better earworms.

  20. Sorry about the hack…may you & your e-mail account recover quickly!

    As for that yarn you skillfully spun…WOW!!!! Tardis is just the most perfect name for it — Tardis blue, sparkling bits like little stars — and your Stary Night reference is even more perfect if you have seen one of my FAVORITE episodes of Dr Who featuring Van Gogh. I have seen it dozens of times & still tear up at the end…every freakin’ time… 😀

  21. Your beautiful yarn is indeed a starry, starry night. That reference took me back 35ìsh years and led me to youtube and I’ve spent the last half hour listening to guitar music. Started with a recording of Don MacLean and Chet Atkins playing “Vincent” (the real name of the song), which led to listening to more Chet Atkins, then onto Chet Atkins/Leo Kottke recordings, then more Leo Kottke. I have to stop now because I must get other things done, but I think I`ll dig out my Kottke albums and listen to my heart`s content. Thanks for that!

    About earworms – ask Joe, he`ll tell you that musicians are more prone to “infestations“ than most folks. Yup, that includes me!
    Chris S in Canada

  22. I made the same scarf as you and the crocheted edges are slow-going. I try to do a couple every day in hopes that I’ll be done before next fall! Sorry about the whole hack situation! Spinning definitely eases the pain. Beautiful yarn.

  23. Sorry abut the technical nightmares. Hope that the scarf doesn’t add to the frustration! (I think you might be bundling unpleasant things together!?) May both crochet holes and tech troubles be short-lived!

  24. Yahoo on holes….I was going to suggest one a day until your birthday, thought that would knock a few off, but you beat me to it. Awesome.
    Spinning and diaphragmatic breathing through the email nightmare…no emotional power to the rat bastards.

  25. Tardis was the *first* thing I thought of when I saw that yarn. Gorgeous.

    I hope your spammers get Karmic Balancing of their own. In spades.

    And an earworm.

  26. Sorry about the blacklist, Steph. It might be easier to set up a temp email account until they unblacklist your old one… or just abandon the old one and start with new.

    The yarn is gorgeous, tho.

  27. Looking at that crochet makes me very glad I chose Summit Shawl from Knitty instead. Finished and ready to block, woo hoo!

  28. OMG. Tardis is soooo nice! I haven’t taken up spinning, for knitting just seems more fun to me (I have issues with winding yarn…I can’t imagine trying to spin it first!), but if I did, I would totally aspire to make yarn that looks that beautiful.

  29. I love the handspun! It is lovely. As for the holes, you are a far, far, far more patient person then I!
    I check your blog each morning, and sometimes the afternoon, and sometimes the evening too just to see what you have been up to! I love the read, really.

  30. That is the most beautiful yarn I’ve ever seen. Bar none.

    I’m amazed your bleeding hearts are blooming. Mine (in east end Toronto) are still struggling.

    (Second attempt at passing the human verification test. Grrr. I know what a clock looks like, but perhaps the system doesn’t. It’s not expecting something with a round face and hands.)

    (Third attempt. Forgot to fill in my id this time. At least I saved the text last time.)

  31. You always make me smile. It is so lovely, when I am wallowing in my own woes (mum has health troubles, house is a disaster, children struggling in school, whatever), to see you facing things and rising above. Your rage may be incandescent (what a lovely way to put it!) but your spinning is sublime and your attitude is fantastic. Just keep spinning, knitting, hooking… Moving forward.

  32. Wooooo. that is some gorgeous yarn right there! I can’t wait to ply up my first few bobbins now that I seem to have a handle on spinning (although I doubt it will look as fabulous as that, I’m still well pleased with my progress!)

    YAY! the scarf has made a return! I don’t wear scarves, but I seriously want to buy that pattern because GORGEOUS.

  33. Your gorgeous yarn inspires me to pull,my wheel from the corner and do some spinning! Maybe tonight.
    While this is too late for your Emperor’s New Scarf, I found it easier to crochet around a few holes at a time while the scarf was still on the needles. When the scarf was bound off there were only 8 holes–4 on each side–to finish. By doing this the ends of the waste yarn were eliminated and made it neater and easier to knit.

  34. Well if I have to have an ear worm, that is a great one to have. i will never complain again about the two or three spam emails I get a day. 256 a minute! the mind boggles.
    Love the yarn….very tempting for someone on a yarn diet….

  35. Lovely yarn.. and may I recommend a computer wallpaper featuring Starry Night and the Tardis? I have that set on my work windoze computer and it makes me smile.
    I hope your computer (grumputer?) settles down soon but I don’t think this is a good time for crochet!

  36. I cannot get excited about that “holes” scarf, but your yarn is GORGEOUS. Almost makes me want to learn to spin!
    Hang in there – computer woes are a right wing conspiracy. 😉

  37. If I thought I could produce yarn like that I’d be spinning – it’s absolutely stunning! Sorry to hear about the hacking too. That’s a shit sandwich.

  38. I’m in love with that yarn ( and I love that is it the colour of the TARDIS). You did a really great job on that.
    The scarf is looking excellent too. Looks like you are in the home stretch on that project.

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