Blankie Status: 7

Blanket: FINISHED.

Katie: Not pregnant any longer, but I think we can agree that having your baby 3 weeks early is a curve ball no knitter could have managed to hit.

Number of stitches on the needle: NONE

Number of skeins remaining: A big fat Zero.

Number of skeins used: All ten.  The eight I thought I would use, the two insurance skeins, and yes.  I ran out.  I fell short just two metres from the end, and broke down and used  two metres from the skeins that weren’t the same dye lot.  It ended up being just a few rows, and in the grand scheme of the enormity of this blankie, it doesn’t matter a whit.  I’d dare anyone to find those few stitches that aren’t absolutely perfect – I can find them, of course, but I have insider information about where they are, and there’s no way I’ll be pointing them out to anyone, never mind a six day old baby.  He’ll figure out soon enough that his Auntie is imperfect, and this will all make sense.  Life is imperfect, and so this is an appropriate beginning.

blanketbed 2015-07-15

Last night when I finally finished the knitting, I pulled out the provisional cast on I began the edging with, and grafted the two live sets together. The blanket is now seamless, which is highly unrepresentative of life in general, but, well – not everything is a metaphor.  I gave it a wash, and laid it out to dry, patting everything into place, making the lines straight, and generally admiring the thing.  This blankie has been on the needles since the end of May, and I admit that with it done, I felt a little empty.  I wasn’t sure what I’m supposed to knit now. I’ve got a pair of socks on the needles (like always) and I picked up those out of reflex, but there is no “big” project happening, and I didn’t quite know what to do about that.   I worked on the socks to take the edge off.

Today I’m still feeling “vague” in the knitting department, like I have an epic project hangover, so I’m going to knit a hat. It should be just the thing – a project that can be completed in hours instead of months? Yes please.

Tomorrow, a certain small gentleman will be swathed in (more) wool.

160 thoughts on “Blankie Status: 7

  1. Good job!!!! I just finished reading the last update and thought I was going to faint, and now I refresh and see everything is golden! Hooray! Lucky baby boy 🙂

  2. It’s simply beautiful. The small imperfection will not matter at all to anyone with any sense, and your family is sensible. A little crazy sometimes, but sensible.

    Katie and Carlos: don’t give the little guy heat stroke by wrapping him too tightly in that monster blanket.

    YH: is there a formula somewhere that one could use to figure out quantities of yarn for this sort of thing?

  3. It looks lovely so far. And sometimes? Sometimes we are meant to take a breath and enjoy what we have accomplished before moving to the next big thing. You may well be there. Enjoy!

  4. Beautiful. And what a lovely story. Knitting, family love, a healthy baby. And an heirloom we got to watch being made. I was looking forward to this all day at work. Thanks

  5. Beautiful blanket, and YAY!!!!! Katie and Carlos have two beautiful children (Luis is a heart stealer and has been always, now there are two in that family), and they all have a wonderful Aunt/Sister Stephanie. Well done, all!

  6. The finished blanket is just beautiful. I’m sure that the Little Prince won’t reject it because it has a few rows from a different dye lot.

  7. Beautiful. Have you ever considered knitting one of these on spec, since you know you are going to need one sometime in the next year anyway?

  8. Congratulations on your perseverance. I wish my boys had you for an auntie. You’re right, life is messy and imperfect, and sometimes not all the parts of it match like we wish they would… But life is still very, very good!

  9. A gorgeous, gorgeous blanket. Congrats to your expanding family and to you for making such special family heirlooms.

  10. The blanket is stunning. But you know that! As for the next project, winter WILL be here in a few months and I’m sure that baby (and his brother) will need nice warm woolly sweaters. Get to it girl!!

  11. Congratulations on finishing the baby blanket! I am sure that it will be a hit!

    It might be good to be a little vague in the BIG KNITS department for a while…isn’t there a BIG RIDE in your immediate future?

    • Leslie – you posted my post! How about lots of little knits until after the big ride? Although that doesn’t sound like our Harlot, does it?

  12. yay! and yes, wouldn’t it be great if life too was seamless – but maybe a life of dropped stitches and reversed cables is far more interesting!
    Congratulations Auntie!

  13. Beautiful blankie, I’m so happy it’s done! 🙂 I know about the project hangover. I think a hat sounds like a great choice.

  14. Beautiful blankie for handsome Frankie! I had to touch the light bulb to post this, which of course is the symbol for inspiration, so you are bound to receive the inspiration for your next major project soon.

  15. I checked one more time before leaving work, and I am so sorry to see the picture of that most amazing gorgeous heirloom blanket! That will be cuddling and warming babies way into future generations!! Congratulations…

  16. Lovely. Congratulations to all the family on the marvelous new addition. And thank you for putting into words the feeling I’ve been having – I finished a monster shawl I’d been working on since February and really felt NO urge to knit for about a week. Picked up the beginnings of a cowl today, so using the same therapy you are – something small.

    • Oh, and on the bowline? Pretend it’s a knitting stitch, and go Google a how-to
      video. They are really *very* easy, with just a very little practice.

  17. Congrats on finishing! The blanket is stunningly gorgeous. I hope you get a few moments to just relax and admire your work 🙂

  18. The blankie is fantastic! Little Frankie is heart-breakingly sweet.
    Next project advice: start now on your Christmas knitting!

  19. That is beautiful…
    ….so, you could either work on another blankie to keep in reserve for the next baby event, or design a book of blankets for the rest of us with baby events coming, or knit someone a sweater.

  20. A “project hangover”?

    No, you’re basking in the “afterglow of accomplishment.”
    Enjoy it while it lasts!

    What a beautiful gift, and full of love.

  21. Lovely!

    I’m on my second giant wedding blanket of the year and can’t wait to knit some socks and a hat or two. Even a lace weight shawl would be a relief.

  22. I vote for some superbulky hats or foot ovens (IIRC you use bulky for those, right?)

    It’s an absolutely beautiful blanket. Bravo on a long hard knit.

  23. Wonderful! Beautiful! Baby and Blanket!!
    Nobody in the world is going to notice two-meters worth of slightly different yarn in that work of art of that size. Nor will you notice it after a surprisingly short time–wear and the world will produce slight differences throughout. You certainly didn’t have to resort to a Plan B, whatever it felt like at the time. Plan A-??

    Celebrate. Rejoice.

    And next time buy twelve skeins.

  24. The blanket is beautiful and a hat sounds just about right. If you are a little indecisive about your next big thing then why not put the next project to the vote? Let the universe (blogiverse) decide your future. Very karmic, if not calming.

    But bear in mind, I’m voting for the gansey.

  25. Congratulations on finishing, and you’re right, he’ll never know. But he will know he’s got something special wrapped around him. Small projects seem like the thing — I’ve got a wedding blanket underway and there are days it’s a chore rather than a joy because I’m on row 140-something out of 300, plus border ….

  26. Gorgeous as always!

    as for what to knit next…. Your annual Rhinebeck sweater? Tackle projects in mind for Christmas??

  27. Magnificent! You have created a family heirloom.

    As for projects, what ever happened to Joe’s gansey? I don’t remember any “finished” posts. Just asking (and ducking!)

  28. Perfection is highly overrated. Very few things in nature are perfectly symmetric or the same throughout. You’ve just given him a great gift that has nothing to do with the (considerable) beauty and utility of the gift itself.

  29. I agree…Well Done! I’m glad you got past the trauma of not enough yarn with a sensible solution, i.e., one that didn’t involve Joe and a mad dash to the border. Good, eh?

  30. I know how you feel. I just finished a sweater for my daughter and find myself wandering aimlessly through the house, and no new project seems to be just right. Mourning? Perhaps?

  31. Woo-hoo for completed blanket goodness!

    I can fully understand what you mean about the post-big project hangover……but for me, socks can be big projects. I’m a slow knitter. ::sigh::

  32. Dude.You will never again hear the phrase ‘due date’ without having an unpleasant reflexive twitch.

    On the other hand, this pretty much guarantees every blanket from now on will be finished by the mum’s 8th month, yes?

  33. The most beautiful bit of imperfection I’ve ever seen! Well done, YH! So many babies in the world are swathed in so many stitches of love because of the blankets that you knit, as well as the ones you inspire others to knit. Beautiful.

  34. Frankie will bear watching as he gets older. Anyone who can beat the Yarn Harlot needs a close eye kept on him.

    And the blanket is gorgeous.

  35. The blanket is beautiful. Lovely design, and full of love. Congratulations on finishing it before the scheduled due date. 🙂 And I agree with those that say after the Bike Rally, starting the Rhinebeck sweater might be good for the next big project.

  36. It’s beautiful and I am sure there is a part of it that is extra special in your heart having held the wee one in your arms before you pulled out the provisional. Congratulations to all of you!

  37. Just lovely. Truly.

    Did you get your hands on any of the Clara’s yarn Shetland 1.0? It is knitting like a dream…it practically cables itself…if you are looking for inspiration.

  38. Exquisite work. I’ve been knitting for over 30 years and can’t even imagine choosing and casting on such a project, yet alone finishing it. And yet, you have done it repeatedly for special babies. in my book, this makes you a pretty special knitter/person, Stephanie.

  39. Yep, ‘epic’ is about right. Simply gorgeous, just needs a pretty baby face to be peeking out of it. Can’t wait to see what knits up next. Great job!

    • Because they’ll only be little for a little while, and that much knitting is really meant for their whole lives. He has other, smaller, more useful blankets for right now.

  40. So pleased to see the finished blanket. It is, as you must already know, absolutely gorgeous! Also, as I am certain you also already know, nothing handmade can be- or should be- perfect. And nothing used by a baby or loved by a small child will remain pristine anyway. There is a reason a scruffy blankie or a ratty teddy is referred to as “well loved”. Isn’t it wonderful?

  41. May I join the chorus of, “Magnificent!”, “Beautiful!”, “Gorgeous!” and all the other completely appropriate superlatives?

    The rug makers of the Middle East deliberately weave in a minuscule error in their work because only God creates perfection. We knitters don’t have to do it deliberately — it just happens as part of the process. So glad you’re like the rest of us. Your lovely blankie will, however, enfold the perfect creation that is Frank.

    Congratulations, Auntie.

  42. That is so beautiful. Interesting details (not imperfections) are what make hand made gifts unique – or so I tell myself.

  43. yippee! i too feel a sense of accomplishment after rooting for you to finish your amazing blanket — you are an awesome aunt! thanks for sharing so much with all of usl

  44. As mentioned above, I think that you should work on The Gansey. Maybe set your 10th anniversary as a finish-by goal?

    Try and distract us as you may, The Blog Does Not Forget.

  45. Oops! When I went back to look at the pic of the blanket again, it showed the title instead of the image. While trying to get it to open again, I accidentally clicked on the menu, and now it’s the wallpaper for my tablet. Think I’ll keep it for a while.

  46. Congratulations on the beautiful blanket (and the new nephew). I finished a sweater that’s been on the needles for a while last night.. And picked up a sock to start this morning. I think I’m going to work on socks and mittens for a little while. I’m tired of big projects. In a couple of weeks it’ll be time to start the Christmas sweaters. Hopefully I’ll be back in the mood for marathon knitting by then.

  47. It is gorgeous! Congratulations, great job done, and kudos to your sanity-maintaining solution. Can’t wait to see blanket and baby in the same place! (That’s a not-too-subtle hint requesting more baby photos, in case you missed it.) 😉

  48. Seeing as I’m still on the sleeve of a sweater for a wee one who arrived on time, I’m thinking you smacked that curve ball out of the park. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  49. I’m somewhat surprised (pleasantly!) that you didn’t decide to completely frog the blanket and start over so it would all be the same dye lot. Congratulations on the new member of your family!

  50. Beautiful baby, beautiful blankie! And my adopted granny used to always say that anything handmade needed what she called “Amish mistakes” – the little something that proved we were humans, not angels. A tiny bit of a different dye lot just shows you’re *very* close to superhuman!

  51. What a beautiful blanket. If you don’t mind my asking, what size needles did you use?
    As for that “empty” feeling, I always feel that way after I send a book off for publication (I’m a technical writer).
    Frankie and Luis will never doubt that Tia Stephie loves them.

  52. I am a latecomer to knitting and a Blog lurker for about a year, also reading the YH Blog annals from post #1. Perhaps the Harlot could report the yarn, colorway and dye lot to the Blog when she starts the blanket? Then we could rain skeins upon her when the inevitable happens. Of course, it would be quite a storm, but I’m sure she could think of something to do with the extra.

  53. I hope there aren’t any more babies in the offing anytime soon.
    You need to rest and re-coop for the bike rally.
    Hope the foot (and bum) are back to normal.

  54. Beautiful blanket, and who’s going to care if a few rows were done in a very slightly different shade.. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment 🙂

  55. I would like to be born soon just so that I could get one of your baby blankets. This is a work of art. Job well done!

  56. Your family is lucky to have you in it (so is this knitting community). Beautiful blanket made with so much love – what a great start this wee baby has!

    And there is, IMO, no better way to start the work day than reading this blog. 🙂

  57. It’s gorgeous, well done. I would love to see a close up of the corners and know how you grafted within the lacey patttern of your edging. I am SO impressed. You are a master knitter! Congratulations to the new parents and Aunt & Uncle.

  58. So pretty and so close on having enough yarn of the correct dye lot. Two rows, honestly, no one (but you) will notice and after a few washes and snuggles it probably won’t be discernible at all.

    Such a pretty pattern. The whole thing is lovely and if you ever publish the pattern of even just the border I’m sure it will be a great success.

    So happy for your family.

  59. The blanket is magnificent. Realizing you won’t publish one of a kind patterns, in the past you’ve shared hints of the special choices behind the stitch patterns selected.. perhaps when Katie and Carlos are willing to have you share with the blog?
    And, now that’s it’s complete, can I add my admiration for doing a provisional cast on for a white wool wonder in RED?? Amazing… kudos and congrats.

  60. Out of curiosity, how big is the blanket?

    Congrats on the newest addition to the family. I’m sure that he will be tickled pink by the blankey.

  61. It is yet another work of art by a very talented, kind being. Congrats on both your new nephew and for the completion of another epic project. Hope there are many satisfying, smaller projects in the near future… the kind without deadlines! 😉

  62. Yay! It’s finished!

    I agree that the baby coming earlier than predicted is a curve ball no one can predict. 🙂

    Are you going to share the blanket pattern? I think it’s lovely and I’d make one just for myself to have because it’s stunning.

  63. Absolutely stunning!! Well done on the sneaky finish. Frankie looks gorgeous in it!!
    Just chill with some easy knitting for a bit.

    Good luck for the race. I hope you have a much easier ride than last year.

  64. Beautiful work.

    For a new project you could always start a Rhinebeck sweater early. It would take the suspense out of whether or not it would get done in time, but it’s a thought.

    Of course there’s always presents…

  65. What’s the spreadsheet say? And did Frankie get added for Holiday knitting? I’m sure everything will feel quick and easy from here on out after that epic heirloom.
    Best wishes on the bike race – let’s hope HIV/AIDS will be eradicated before he’s old enough to ask why Tia has to ride her bike so far she has to camp out.

  66. You could view the patch of slightly different yarn as the metaphorical tie that binds he family of 3 to the newest addition…in that case it is purposeful and who is to know it wasn’t planned…

    At any rate, congrats and good luck riding and thank you for sharing your writing and kitting and bits of life.

    Thank you for the inspiration – I have finished my first pair of socks that go on with only one persons effort. I had made one pair before but they required one person to sit on the to-be-socked-person and two others to actually pull them onto the foot. He couldn’t bend his ankles much but he was a real sport about it. I still count those as some kind of success because they were sock shaped for sure.

    I have an outside non-knitting job (thank god for that b/c we’d certainly starve) but I find that the knitting keeps me off the street and saner and my kids appreciate it. Thanks for the introduction to a therapy that actually produces something useful. a two -fold winner.



  67. Beautiful blanket, and don’t worry about the little bit of not quite white – by the time it is thoroughly baby loved, it will all blend in anyway.

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