Life, properly interrupted

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blankie update to bring you an update of a much less boring sort. Katie and Carlos’ second son arrived last week, just about three weeks early, but perfect, tiny and delightful.  I did the only appropriate thing, and dropped everything – including the blog.

katecarlosfranke 2015-07-13

He is itty- bitty and healthy, and all you could ask for in a nephew, and he and his family are in the process of being properly, wonderfully and delightedly adored, on all fronts. There is not a person in this family that can wipe the smile off their faces.

joefrankie 2015-07-13 stephiefrankie 2015-07-13 layettewhole 2015-07-13

More about him later, so very much more, but in the meantime, a few pictures of the wonderfulness that is this wee lad. (I know you’ll ask, and yes, Luis adores him, although he did tell me the other evening that a big fire truck is coming, and when it gets here, it will take the baby to his home.)

loufranke 2015-07-13

I hope you can excuse me while I spend any spare moments I have celebrating this arrival.  He’ll only be little for a little while – and as much as I think you’re all nifty,

nanafrankie 2015-07-13 layettefeet 2015-07-13

you can’t hold a candle to this.

frankieface 2015-07-13

*PS.  I took a few minutes to finish the sweater I knit for him a little while ago.  It only needed the monogram, and I added that the other evening, and took it over today.

frankiesweater 2015-07-13

F.  F is for Frank – or Frankie, as he’s very rapidly become.

sweaterfrankiewhole 2015-07-13

It will be a while before it fits.

161 thoughts on “Life, properly interrupted

  1. The Y chromosomes are strong with that house. Well done everyone, especially Luis for training Joe out of being afraid of babies (does that shot look warm and comfy, or what?)

  2. So very glad Frankie is healthy and by the looks of it everyone is so happy. We are a family of Frankie’s and love each and every one of them as you do yours. I look forward to watchig him grow as we did Luis. Cheers.

  3. Congratulations! Frankie is absolutely adorable and quite worth the time you’re spending away from us. Enjoy every moment with him.

  4. Oh, so precious! I’ve been praying for Mama and Baby Frank for a while. Looks like everyone is happy and healthy, thank God!

  5. I got a new nephew last week too! On Wednesday! I love him to bits as I know you do yours. I wish you many happy moments with him. Congratulations to the parents!

  6. So fantastic! And we will wait patiently while you go cuddle and photograph him and his doting family!

    Enjoy the peachfuzz and warm cuddles — may they give you strength on the uphills of the bike rally.

    All the best to everyone!

  7. All joy and felicitations on the new arrival! May he have all the blessings of health and happiness. And may his parents have all the blessings of his health and speedy ability to sleep through the night.

  8. Adorable! And yeah, we’ve got nothing to offer here. Just keep spending time with the happy family. We’ll be here when you get back.

  9. What a bundle of joy! He’s beautiful. The pic of him and Luis is so, so wonderful. I love the look on big brother’s face. Congratulations to everyone! <3

  10. Gorgeous! Congrats to all! I hope Luis and Frankie have a relationship like my boys (best friends, worst enemies, and heaven forbid any outsider go to pick on either one because the other comes to their defense)!

  11. Thrilled for you all! Great photos, the joy is just streaming off of all of you. Congrats to beautiful mom (who looks marvelous!), dad and big brother!!

  12. Congratulations to your family! Yes, seize as much snuggling time as you can, that sweater will fit him in a heartbeat, they grow up so fast.

  13. Babies make space for themselves by bending their families universe of priorities into the priorities of the baby. As they should. NOTHING is more horrifying than having a baby and watching some members of the family ignore it. Every baby is a good baby so what these photos show is that you have a GOOD family. Go bond. We’re knitters, we know how to wait.

  14. Congratulations to everyone! Frank is a darling boy. It’s lovely to see how adored he is. I’m sure that that fire truck won’t show up though. Sorry Luis!

  15. Congratulations! What a beautiful addition to your family. Adore those newborn cuddles and sniff his wonderful newness. What a cutie!

  16. Yay!! My first grand-niece was born this morning!! and I will get to meet her in just about a week and a half!!!

  17. Aww he is absolutely adorable – and it’s summer, he’s got a while before he really needs serious knitwear! Many many congratulations to the whole family!

  18. He’s beautiful! – my 3- year-old grandson tried to send his baby sister back to the hospital with a magic wand, after she had been home for a day. He didn’t mind visiting her while she was there, but felt that that was her correct place, and it confused him when they carried her through the front door. May I ask about the bootie pattern please? – is it on Ravelry? My grandchild is due on Friday.

  19. Oh, the sweetness! Congratulations on the new arrival. Frankie is just as cute as his brother. But I would be worried every time I saw a firetruck from now on…

  20. Three weeks early! Thank you, Frankie for speeding things up–your poor mama looked like she was going to pop. Steph, thank you so much for sharing photos of your darling nephews. There hasn’t been a baby in my life for many years and I miss them. Smiling from ear-to-ear here.

  21. Congrats to the proud parents! And also to Luis, who is now the BIG brother (has anyone explained to him what that means?)!

    Is it safe to assume that Frank may be short for Francisco?

    In any event, the little guy is so handsome that it is obvious which aunt and uncle he already has wrapped around his little finger. . .!

  22. Congratulations to Kate, Carlos, big brother Luis and everyone else in the family, and welcome to the world Frankie.

  23. I can’t even tell you how happy this makes me. I don’t even know your family, and I’m still so freakin’ happy!
    Congrats to all!!

  24. Oh my, I think Frankie needs Purl Bee’s Linen Vest for Babies! (We don’t have any babies in the family this summer, but you do!) It looks so cool and lovely.

  25. Yeah, I’ve heard that second babies like to come a bit early…well, mine did, anyway 🙂 He’s adorable and yes, that sweater will take a bit before it fits.

  26. Ahhhh!!!!! The Feet! I am in raptures over the feet! Enjoy him and give him smoochies for us. Mine just got his first tooth, and I can hardly believe he’s so big already.

  27. Oh, how wonderful! Spend all the time you can with him–as has already been written, we will be here when you are ready. What a sweet addition to the family!

  28. Smiles all ’round from us. Frank was my late husband’s middle name, so it’s a particular favorite for me. Such a cutie – Carlos and Katie do make gorgeous children. Congratulations!

  29. What a blessing. There is nothing better that a newborn. I just got my 1st gr-grandchild 2 months ago and am still smiling.

  30. He is well worth dropping the blog! Many thanks to Carlos and Katie for sharing young Master Frankie with us all. Congratulations to all. The pictures are lovely.

  31. Absolutely in love and I don’t even know him. In that closeup? His nose is identical to my first born’s at that age. Hence, I’m hooked. Best wishes on your birthday, wee Frank.

  32. oh oh
    He is so wee and so sweet and so beautiful.
    Tell the fire engine to turn around.
    The whole family looks wonderful and baby F so lucky to be cuddled and adored.
    Best to all.

  33. Congratulations to the whole family on the arrival of the beautiful Frankie. And now the tyranny of the baby blanket is broken; Frankie came when HE was good and ready to surprise you. From now on, all the pregnant ladies in your family will know they are no longer required to wait with giving birth until your blanket for the baby is finished. Why does this make me smile?

  34. Oh, he is so precious! And Katie looks marvelous! Well done, Katie! Love the little layette. That’s cute how Luis thinks Frankie is not home yet, lol.

  35. Perfect and beautiful. Thank you for sharing this family joy. Congratulations to everyone on the new member of your family.

  36. I’m glad I got to touch ‘balloons’ for Frankie today! His last pix already looks like his brother! How utterly terrifically sweetly enomously wonderful he is. I’m very happy he is in your family and happy for mom/dad and all of you.

  37. Look at Joe holding the wee Frankie and looking relaxed and like a pro! Go Joe!

    He’s wonderful and adorable and obviously one well-loved little addition to the family. Congratulations all around.

    So….how’s the blanket?

  38. Adorable, happy photos, no concealing the delight all round in your family. Welcome to the world Frank, wishing you a happy, healthy and long life 🙂

  39. Frank is a gorgeous little one, no doubt, but he has some real competition in Luis. What a beautiful big brother he is!

  40. Wow. I thought she was at her due date, but 3 weeks early – and he’s just fine – which is such a blessing. I find myself privately snickering – we have patience BECAUSE we knit! Enjoy it all.

  41. Congratulations to you and your family! Welcoming a new wee one is super special. We just added one to our family as well. Enjoy these precious moments. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  42. Congratulations to the clan for another adorable small person. Another growth to watch from the sidelines — and just as cute as his brother. Enjoy him immensely!

  43. There are few things more wonderful than the arrival of a sweet wee soul into the world. Congratulations to you all! What a beautiful little boy xo

  44. Amen! A beautiful son, and Katie looks amazing. Sending congratulations and warm wishes for health and happiness to Frankie and his family.

  45. Please let them know we all appreciate their willingness to be blogified. Broadcasting that kind of cuteness makes the world a better place.

  46. Welcome to the world, precious Frankie!
    My oldest daughter wanted the “baby trashman” to come and take her sister away…after about a week…HA!

  47. Hmmmm…….with a Luis for a hermano, wouldn’t this little one be a Francisco? Or maybe a Fernando?

    Whatever …….he is un bebe hermosisimo!

  48. So cute!! Congrats to all!! Katie looks great.
    Love what Luis thinks is going to happen. Remind him of that at his 21st.
    I bet you got that blanket done with time (not much, tho) to spare.

  49. He’s a darling, and a much better way to spend your time right now. Thanks for sharing him! Much happiness for all.

  50. He’s stunningly adorable, congratulations and best wishes to the whole family!! Welcome to the planet, Frankie, you landed well.

  51. Just wanted to share my tears of happiness. Thanks for sharing the new Wee Frankie and all of his happy family. Yep, I cried and I’m proud of it!

  52. Oh, he’s perfect – what a beautiful family. And the blanket is gorgeous. Any plans to put the pattern on Ravelry? Or do you prefer to keep it unique?

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