48 thoughts on “Test

  1. Sweetie little feeties! 🙂

    And good luck on the rally–ride like the wind, and may the wind be at your back!

  2. This Frankie-piggie went to market . . .

    Bon voyage et bonne chance, cher Stephanie. (And pardon my French if anything’s spelled wrong — I took Spanish.)

  3. I loves me some baby feet! Good ride and may all your riding parts, arse, legs, feet, bike stay in good working order, Steph!

  4. AWW….teeny little feeties.
    Ride safely and know that the Blog is with you.
    (Kind of like the Force, but with yarn.)

  5. Such sweet Frankie feet! May you ride safely, swiftly and smoothly with the wind at your back and no potholes in road.

  6. Such a sweet picture – but blogging from your phone??? Every time I hear “don’t text and drive” I become even more aware of the fact that I can’t even text and walk – I have to have a keyboard, just like in the old typing days!!

  7. Frankie has beautiful toes! Best wishes for a safe ride! I would like to repeat the above blogger who said, “the Blog is with you!”

  8. Yes! btw, next time you’re in a nursery (the plant kind), check out a succulent called baby toes…it’s really cute, just like Frankie’s!!

  9. I just saw your “packing day” picture on Instagram. The guy in the Roadie t-shirt used to be my neighbour, before he moved. I once sponsored him for a ride for another charity.

  10. Omg – I actually had to touch the FOOT to prove I’m not a robot.
    Good luck today and on the rally!!!!!!!
    I was a bit stupid when I donated a few weeks back and ended up donating to the rally in general…not anyone in particular…I’m sorry.

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