Hair of the dog

Today, bleary eyed and exhausted, my very nice morning looks like this.
I’d like your support in pretending that this actually is my morning, instead of about 15 minutes of it before I have to work. I stayed up really late last night reading Knitlit too. I love it. Yesterday I went to the bookstore to get it, and took my enthusiastic mother-in-law Carol with me. I handed her Knitlit, and showed her my story in it, and she lost her mind. Right there in the bookstore. She just about forced the sales clerk to read it. I’m getting used to seeing my name here and there, but as my cheerleader Carol said “THIS IS A REAL BOOK! (Sort of brings down the importance of magazine articles and grant writing doesn’t it?) She honestly couldn’t have been more impressed, and for about 5 minutes she made me feel like I’d won the Booker Prize. I’d encourage the publisher to watch sales of Knitlit Too on Canada’s east coast, because I think she’s gonna make everyone she ever met buy it. Which is a good thing because it’s really, really a good read. (and I’d say that even if I wasn’t in it…really) My favourite so far is “The Sweater” by “Charmian Christie.
Under Knitlit, is the latest IK. My bookstore doesn’t reliably have knitting magazines. You have to stalk the place, leaping on copies when you see them. I have no idea why I don’t just get a subscription, I think it’s the thrill of the hunt. (That or I just like to do things the hard way….) So far this season, mighty huntress that I am, I have only bagged IK.
I want to make “Gypsy Mesh Pullover” (Norah Gaughan) from this issue, but have had a rare flash of insight and realize now that a woman who only manages to find her bra for “special occasions” might not really be all that suited to a “mesh” sweater. I’m thinking it over. (I’ve got some Italian cotton that would be perfect….)

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  1. I AM SO JEALOUS. I am also a contributor and have NOT seen the book yet! We are having a knit-in in Spokane next weekend, but I need to DO something about this. I want to READ it.

  2. I saw your story in there (the first one, no less!) and I thought, HEY! I read that woman’s blog! Not quite the same as “knowing” you, but nevertheless I was excited. And quite amused when I read the story–way to go! (So since this is a REAL book, does this make you a REAL writer?)

  3. Hello there!
    Just saying hi… I’ve just recently returned to blogging and upon poking around discovered Yarn Harlot… your blog is very entertaining. I’m not a knitter myself (yet…) but I do crochet, cross-stitch and many other craft projects. I thoroughly enjoy reading about your yarn escapades. Congrats on being published in a “real book” – I’ll have to look for it.

  4. Steph – found your blog a couple weeks back, and had to comment today…. The magazine hunt… I used to do that. Finally my husband grabbed subscription cards from them and subscribed me forcibly- I was very dissapointed, but it is a lot easier…

  5. I hear your “voice” as I read your blog. No doubt your published story reflects that same joy. I suspect it manages to also convey the merriment that dances in your eyes when you relate a story.
    Sad to say, I do have a complaint. This IS the complaint department is it not? What happened to Joe?
    I hurried home to see if there was another picture. I was disappointed. I had hoped for one of him modelling one of things that you have knit for him. A sweater perhaps? A picture of well shod feet? Handknit socks from a famous person would have made my day. Do you think you might favour your readers with such a picture? Nothing cheesy mind you. Being a spinster and all my bifocals might just fog up!!
    And your fleece would be located where?
    PS Lock your doors there may be a night raid on your fleece stash. Yes a gang of us will arrive with miners’ lights affixed to our toques in good Canadian fashion and conduct the raid with stealth like precision.

  6. i’m sure you’re suited just fine to the mesh sweater…bra or no bra, but please, remember your husband and sweet children, and the fact that you do live in the frozen north. here’s are some handy equations i’ve drawn up to illustrate my point
    mesh sweater – bra + hockey game with hbby and kids= unhappy family (and most likely, frostbite)
    mesh sweater – bra + inside + bedroom = happy husband
    not that all of that wasn’t terribly evident, but i felt like yammering in your blog.
    p.s. – i knit regularly with a midwife. midwives are cool.

  7. Congratulations on being published! If it reads like your blog, it must be good.
    re: mesh sweater. You live in Canada. You wear mesh sweaters over really fancy undershirts in the winter. You wear them without the undies in the back garden in the summer, and on that day you get that weird spotty tan. That’s what I would do here in Alberta. When I lived on the west coast, I’d have just put it on under my raincoat, summer or winter. Make it, wear it, feel good.

  8. I just got my copy of KnitLit Too a week ago, and I have to force myself to read it in small gulps. How nice to find the author of that first hilarious piece in the book.

  9. Yay, you got the book! Your story was really great. Congrats again! I loved that mesh pullover too, but have the similar issues about what to wear underneath it. Just doesn’t seem like it would work for me. Too bad I can’t wear everything I like!

  10. Don’t worry about a bra – but you’ll need a camisole! I’d go for a color to match the sweater or a beige.

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