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  1. Man, stop it! You’re making ME want to make small shoes!
    You know, those would look adorable on my daughter… if you run out of people to give small shoes to that is!

  2. beeezjjjjouze.
    lady bug shoes just doens’t have the same ring to it. I have tried alternatives..buggyzjjjjouse. lalazjjjjjouze. Nothing is quite the same as beeezjjjjouze.
    (This is like one of those, “lather, rinse, repeat” that you just can’t get yourself out of.)

  3. But YOUR feet arent’ even that small..and they don’t match the baby blanket.. remember? The baby blanket you were going to finish today??

  4. Soooooo cute. I love that book, but haven’t tried anything in it myself. I got a picture in my head of small shoes that look like old ice skates, with a dragonfly on the bottom, it’s body as the skate, it’s wings across the front of the shoe. C’mon – I dare ya! How “extreme” would that be?

  5. djooz is how my 18-month-old says shoes, and he loves his djooz. These might be a bit small for him, but mommy loves them!

  6. Small shoes, small shoes.
    Chase away those blues.
    Small shoes like bugs,
    They get ya baby hugs.
    Small shoes, small shoes.
    No more blanket blues.
    I said, no more wrist-breakin’ cotton, NOR-ma ba-bee blan-ket ba-looooze.
    (clearly, i am not a delta bluesman … but the shoes required a little song.)

  7. I love the shoes!!! I’ve been knitting like a mad woman for this crop of babies that sprung up out of no where and I love booties. And I finally got your book. I’ve been after it for ever and was just hoping that one of my LYS’s would carry it so I could spend locally, but it was totally worth the wait. I even shared a bit at my new knitting circle and you’re a big hit. (Better late than never).

  8. I can relate – I’m currently obsessed with making the Ann Norling baby fruit hats – little strawberries, blueberry, grapes, pumpkins, lemons…Good think I know quite a few expectant mothers right now – otherwise I’d be overrun!!
    Of course, little shoes would go awfully well with the little hats…

  9. Now I will have to buy that book…tch tch tch and I don’t even have any babies around…oh oh the dog is looking scared..run dog run!!! she could wear bees on the front and ladybugs on the back!!!
    Too cute!!

  10. Is there any reason that we couldn’t knit a pair of say clogs or the ballet slippers from Felted Knits in the bug style and then felt them? I forsee my feet being toasty warm in bumble bees all Winter.
    I love the little small shoes, but I want some bug shoes!

  11. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.
    Almost makes me wish I was having a baby.
    I DID say it “out loud”, didn’t I?

  12. No way. Why would we stop such cute knitting? I can’t imagine. Those little ladybug shoes are just adorable. What insect is next? You’re running out of cute ones – a butterfly?

  13. New babies are started every day, right? So it’s a good idea to have lots of teeny tiny shoes on hand, just in case. Very wise and practical move.

  14. great. now i need small shoes.
    which means that i will also need a baby to put into the small shoes.
    how did you know that my husband just opened this conversation up only last week?

  15. I don’t know what this says about me (and I’m not sure I want to know), but I want to eat them. Oh my stars, I didn’t think anything could be as darling as the bee shoes. i was wrong.

  16. Oh my! You don’t need someone else telling you how cute those shoes are, but I cannot stop myself: those shoes are the CUTEST!

  17. dang….don’t get ME started on another quest!!! it’s your fault that i have five pair of sox in progress.
    marie in florida
    although the small shoes would be finished quick wouldn’t they? and there is a pregnant woman in my office….sigh

  18. The shoes are adorbable! I NEED to get that bootie book. I knew I wanted it, but now that I have seen what you have made I know I NEED it. *lol*
    I’m sure the hamster has a great sense of humour … yeah, sure. LMAO!
    Happy knitting!!

  19. More, more, MORE!!! I love them, and they are making me want to be even *more* faithless than I have been to my “real” WIP’s. So, I say, “Keep knitting the small shoes, Harlot!” (Not that I am trying to enable or knit vicariously, or anything.)

  20. Oooo! Don’t stop– they’re too cute! Can’t wait to see if you can conjure up anymore insects in yarn.

  21. Hey – nothing like a little instant gratification, eh? I love that book! I hope you make the sheep shoes next – they are the cutest!

  22. OMG, how cute! Please do more, they are a treat for the eyes! I’m knitting the baby beret out of Knit Baby Head to Toe (storey pub)… also filled with the cutest trinkets for the wee ones. Enjoy your weekend :0)

  23. If my family’s constant talk of me having babies before 21 doesnt force me into immaculate conception, all this talk of baby shoes will!
    But really, the lady bug shoes are adorable…perhaps little ugg booties? or tennis shoes, I think i saw baby converse somewhere…

  24. If it is between making small shoes and killing someone under the age of sixteen, I vote for small shoes.
    Take it from me, after serving part of a 15 to life, it won’t seem worth it.

  25. Oh, my goodness…these will look lovely with the baby blanket. Just a dash of color with the perfect rectangle blanket…

  26. Just looking at them has brightened my afternoon — I can only imagine how much MAKING them must have brightened yours! ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Wow. The bee shoes are cute and all, but the ladybug shoes are freakin’ amazingly cute!!!!! What’s next? Dragonfly shoes?

  28. Maybe knit shoes and a little black and yellow striped ensemble for Mike the hamster- then he would at least *look* funny…

  29. Got that 50 baby bootie book out last night, and knit one of the little denim shoes with the strap. My fingers are still blue from the denim yarn! Gosh, our grandbaby is a boy! Guess I will put the cute shoes on a shelf for the next one!

  30. What can I say – I have a terrible feeling of deja vu. Does March 24, 2004 mean anything to you?
    And I, with no more babies around than spiderlady has, bought the book! What will I do this time around?

  31. These little bug shoes are all so adorable. I wish AG was small enough to wear such things. I am also quite amazed at how fast your are producing these little trinkets!

  32. jpt – excellent song! and extra points for the creative and appropriate use of NORma!
    I thought yesterday that if I told myself often enough that I do not want to knit bootees, I’d be able to avoid the lure of the bee shoes. But I found myself looking at the yellow and black sock yarn in the LYS this afternoon anyway. Adding the lady bugs just isn’t fair. not fair at all. <i do NOT want to make bootees, i do NOt want to make bootees, i do Not want to make bootees, i do not want to make bootees, i do… oh hel(l)p.

  33. Love them!!! Isn’t it a shame they grow out of them so quickly?! Now I need to find that book…
    I would like them for myself…..

  34. Visa thanks you for yesterday and today’s entries…my new step great grandchild was born Thursday and NEEDS some booties…I’m too young for this! (Note: step grandma, my daughter is only 29…). Keep up the great enabling work Steph!

  35. Now, these are even better than the last ones! Too bad you already have a career as a famous author; you could go into the small shoe business…

  36. i love them they are soooo cute I showed the picture to my daughter and now she wants a pair. she is 4. How can I get the pattern?

  37. These are SO cute! I’m not sure which are cuter, these or the bumblebees but I want to make them both.

  38. These are so cute, I just love them. I like these even better than the bumblebee shoes and they were gosh darn cute. but still, how goes the baby blanket?

  39. I bet they take *WAY* less time to finish than the latvian mitten thing you went through. And I also have money on the “second shoe syndrome” is far less intense than “second mitten syndrome”!
    Have fun! But… lets not get carried away, alright? Finish the baby blanket!!

  40. Wow. You inspired me to buy the book. There are a number of babies in my life, and they _definitely_ need booties.

  41. These are the cutest shoes ever. I want some for my daughter. Although I think she is getting too old for cutsie things. Anyway, I digress. They are just too CUTE!!!!

  42. small shoes are like Jay’s potato chips, you can’t eat (make) Just one (Pair). right now I have scast all of the 96 other projects I have aside to make itty bitty maryjanes, and the POSSIBILITY I may have more babies to knit for.

  43. Those are just SO adorable! Now you’ve got me wanting that book… Well, my birthday IS coming up in another couple of months…
    Can’t wait to see what you do next. Butterfly shoes, perhaps? By the way, how do those cute little shoes stay on the feet?

  44. cutest. ever. i realise i said the same thing about the bee shoes yesterday, but today, the ladybugshoes are it. *coo*

  45. OK fine, I’ve ordered the book. Maybe someone will invite me to a baby shower and I’ll have something cute to give to the baby.

  46. Damn, now those itty bitty shoes are growing on me — I actually entertained the thought of a tortie cat pattern for a woman’s size shoe/slipper, but our resident diva tortie might feel her position as most beautiful was being threatened, not flattered. My vote for the next pair of shoes (we all know there will be MORE of these on the way) is tiger stripes, or perhaps zebra. I’d also venture to suggest cornsnake, diamondback or python, but that might be too scary for such wee feet, unless you have some truly twisted expectant parents out there. Garter snake, too, to commemmorate your arse-busting bike ride and “gartersnake with sock” moment.

  47. Yet another book I’m going to have to buy… from lace to little insect booties, I just can’t get enough of this darn craft.

  48. Well isn’t that a coincidence. I live 4 hours away from Wpg but you are coming to the bookstore where I bought your book. The greatest bookstore we have ever been in, our whole family loves it. One of our favourite things to do on a trip to the city is unwind on the Saturday night at McNally Robinson (excitng family aren’t we?)
    I love the little shoes, that is how I started knitting as a kid. I may have just found a way to get my youngest interested in knitting.
    Any thoughts of adding Thunder Bay to your tour, it’s a quick plane ride from Wpg and then a straight flight to TO from there….

  49. Step awaaaaaay from the order button, Lee Ann…
    (My kid has very small feet. I am so screwed if she ever sees these things. In fact, I may already be screwed and she’s not even here right now…the ladybug contagion is legendary, you realise. It’s almost as bad as butterflytis.)
    You are hereby encouraged to be appalled about the mermaid tails. It’s a natural, normal reaction to have. Unfortunately, it does not override the even stronger, natural, normal, and yet on some level deeply disturbed, urge to say “what a brilliant idea, my sweet child, of course I will make them for you. In teal.”

  50. Oh, but they are so adorable! You can’t stop making them! I got that book when I was first (re)learning to knit, but I wasn’t skilled enough for it at that point – I think I’ll be revisiting it soon, though… I have friends who would love the ladybug shoes for their soon-to-be-born little one.

  51. Very nice! I made a pair of the cabled sock thingees out of that book a little while ago. It makes me want to run around looking for little bare feet!

  52. Stop me, because now I have to go buy that book and knit some booties for the nephew-to-be. MORE booties that is, I’ve already made one pair.
    I’ve missed reading you. I’m on a placement in Bancroft, which is beeyootiful this time of year, and has all sorts of interesting medical emergencies (part of my placement is in the Emerg Dept at the local 10-bed hospital)…but…yeah. The place lacks high-speed internet. Heck, I’m staying at a cottage – we’re thrilled to have a phone! It sure is fun to come back to the land of high-speed internet for a weekend and catch up on the Yarn Harlot, though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Oooo, and I have red and black Cascade 220 in the stash!!! Must adapt pattern to make felted ladybuggy shooz for 3 yr old Bean! We love the ladybuggies! Manolo the Shoeblogger would be jealous!

  54. I absolutely need to get this book! Ladybug small shoes?? How super kick-ass are they? I have friend who have babies coming…Must. Knit. Small. Shoes.
    (headed over to amazon.com to get me some of that book, right now!)

  55. When I first saw that book, I thought, “how insane! who would ever want to knit that many baby booties?!”
    Now I know.
    It’s you.
    Ps. This would sound creepy if you weren’t doing a book tour, but I can’t wait to see you in Seattle! And the Weaving Works has that Tiger sock yarn by Opal. They even have…Zebra.

  56. Those are so cute! I just got the news that you are coming to San Diego next week, and I have to miss it. My darn best friend had to go and get married on the day a yarn celebrity is coming to town! I’m sending my book along for signing, so when you see the woman with two books she’s not being greedy, she’s doing me a favor. Come back soon! And drink a pint for me at the Whistle Stop across the street from the yarn shop.

  57. Those are absolutely the cutest shoes that I have seen in my entire life, or ever hope to see. I feel that now I, too, must make small shoes. And I don’t usually go for cute. I don’t even keep pink in my stash unless it’s for a present. Wow.

  58. More! More small shoes! Why would anyone even consider stopping you from knitting these little charmers?

  59. Too damn cute. Wish I had a little one to knit those for. Now, pass me the insulin, as my blood sugar has just sky-rocketed. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  60. Darn you, Harlot! Now I want to make small shoes too!
    …did I miss where the patterns for these small shoes come from?

  61. Ooooo…I just had a further thought on this…why couldn’t some of these designs be…ah…melded with the Fiber Trends clogs pattern??? I see experimentation in my future…and I see Christmas presents for my grandchildren who are way past the bootie stage!

  62. ROFL! Judge not lest ye be judged, sister! For some of us the mote in the eye is the Insect Shoes, for others, it’s [insert quilt-themed square object here]. xox Kay

  63. I find myself inexplicably running up and down the halls in my office looking for pregnant women to befriend.
    Or I could always….no, the boyfriend wouldn’t go for that plan.
    Oy, I’ve totally lost my mind.
    ๐Ÿ˜€ Libby

  64. Dung beetle shoes? A nice variegated brown (camel hair!), with the little pom-pom on the toe

  65. Love.YOur.Little.Shoes.
    I am so excited about your tour! I get to see you in person. Will you remember me. I made you ๐Ÿ™‚ with my suggestion of >>> <<< and for the latvian mittens.
    Some members of the Stitch and Bitch group will be there to see “Harlot comes to Hollywood”.
    looking forward to seeing you
    your blog makes my day!

  66. Just wanted to say that you’re still #1. I did a google search for Harlot and you were the first site!!

  67. I want some for me!!
    BTW, I also broke down and bought an air conditioner this summer. When it’s too hot to knit, and I leak buckets of sweat from putting away clean dishes, that’s enough. Aaaahhhhhh.

  68. Love the shoes, can’t quite figure out the email, but plan on seeing you Sunday at the Grove, my LYS,Yay, can’t wait, love your book and your blog, you will know me by the pink beaded socks which I do hope to get a picture of you with……oh and the white hair and black bangs…..

  69. I love the shoes in that book, I’ve made 30 pairs of them!!! The bees, ladybirds, tigers and ducks are my favourites. Yay for small shoes…

  70. Just in case the animal/footwear continues…Opal rainforest yarn is back!! Including the tiger color.

  71. I’m having Harlot withdrawels? I checked your Harlot schedule and you should:
    a.Stop cleaning!!!
    b.Immediatly put down the little booties and blog!!!
    c.Back away from the needles and take the lap top and write. You have a captive audience and we miss you!! I hope you didn’t succumb to the heat?

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