Please join me in welcoming Sam, son of Jacqui and Dan, and little brother to the charming Max.


Sam (after running about a week late) decided to make up for his reluctance to join us by breaking a landspeed record for labour, making the trip from first contraction to his mum’s arms in 49 minutes flat, despite weighing in at a very respectable 9lbs, 3oz. A moment of awe for his mother is appropriate.

As promised….

Sam’s Blanket.

Materials: I used 4 skeins of Patons Berber Cotton, a discontinued light worsted weight 100% cotton with 210 metres per skein. I used every last inch, so you can expect to need about 840 metres.

I used 4mm needles, but you should use whatever will get you a

gauge of 20 stitches to 10cm.

This blanket uses a very popular stitch pattern, found in virtually all of my stitch dictionaries, with different names in each one. There’s a lesson in that. You can pick any stitch you like from a dictionary and alternate it with the stockinette squares, altering the size of the stockinette square to match the stitch count of your lace square.


Cast on 176 stitches and knit 9 rows, then knit 1 row, increasing 5 stitches evenly across. (181 stitches)

Begin pattern:

Row 1. K15 *(yo, K2tog) 4 times, K10. Repeat from * across row until 4 stitches remain. K4

Row 2 (AND ALL WRONG SIDE ROWS) K5, Purl to last 5, K5

Row 3 K14 * (SSK, YO) 4 times, K10. Repeat from * across row to last 5 stitches, K5

Row 5 as row 1

Row 7 as row 3

Row 9 as row 1

Row 11 as row 3

Row 13 (This row begins the blocks in the alternate space)

K6 *(YO, K2tog) 4 times, K10. Repeat from * til 13 stitches remain. (YO, K2tog) 4 times, K5

Row 15 K5, *(SSK, YO) 4 times K10. repeat from * until 14 sts remain. (SSK, YO) 4 times, K6

Row 17 – as row 13

Row 19 – as row 15

Row 21 – as row 13

Row 23 – as row 15

Row 24 – as all wrong side rows.

Repeat rows 1- 24 until you are sick to death of it, the baby arrives or you start to run out of yarn. (All of these things happened at the same time for me, and the blanket was roughly square, 90cm X 90cm) When you’ve had it, end on a row 12 or 24.

Knit one row, decreasing 5 stitches evenly across.

Knit 9 rows….cast off. Wrap around the nearest baby.

Sam also got himself a pair of bee shoes, but even at 9lbs, he’s not big enough to fill them out.


In other news…this one’s for my Mum, who chewed me out last night because some friends in BC didn’t know I was coming there on the tour. This perplexed me, since I know the friends in question read the blog (Hi Diane! Hi Barb!). I said to my Mum “Don’t they read the blog Mum?” and my mother replied “Well of course they do dear, but they just read it. They aren’t going to do all of that ridiculous clicking around”. Apparently clicking on the tour page is “ridiculous clicking around” and completely gratuitous. A waste of effort. A very big deal. My mother (who is a Westerner, born in BC and lived in Calgary) claims that I must post where I will be right on this page of the blog.

Therefore…in order to avoid forcing anyone to do any of that “clicking around”, and to pacify my mum, the dates and locations I will be in Western Canada:

August 6th – Vancouver, 32 Books (3185 Edgemont Blvd) 2:30 PM

(Whoops! That event is sponsored by 32 Books, but I’ll do it at the Capilano Library. Mea Culpa.)

August 8th – Edmonton, 7:30pm Audrey’s Books (10702 Jasper Ave.)

August 9th – Calgary, 7:00pm McNally Robinson Books (120 8th Ave SW).

August 10 – Winnipeg, 7:00pm McNally Robinson Books (1120 Grant Ave. #4000)

At all of these I’ll be doing a talk and then a signing. (Happy Mum? No clicking around.) I am, by the way, completely terrified that I will be absolutely alone at the Canadian events. I worry simply because of the difference in population…1 Canadian to every 10 Americans, but also there exists a phenomenon in here in my beloved home that some call “Canadian Reticence”. I don’t like that term, since I think it implies some sort of uncaring or lack of feeling, and I don’t know many Canadians who fit that description.

Instead, I think that the effect is caused by the Canadian celebration of “Reason over passion” as a national ideal.

“Reason over passion” is why celebrities like Brad Pitt can shop for Cheese in Toronto without anyone speaking to them. It’s why Rex Murphy can pick up his passport and we will all pretend we don’t know him. It’s why cheerleading wasn’t invented in this country and frankly….why the Canadian Distributor was reluctant to book a tour for me in Canada at all. Canadians are infinitely reasonable, polite and practical. (Also funny. Man, Canadians are funny.) This makes them way less likely to attend…well. Anything. They will read the book, love the book and then, when an author comes to town…they will mow the lawn. It’s not a lack of love or enthusiasm, it’s simply Reason over passion. The lawn needs mowing, and you wouldn’t want to intrude on an authors signing. Wouldn’t want to bother them.

I told the Distributor that knitters were different, that knitters had a sense of community and that they would take any chance to hang out and talk about knitting, (especially if it gets them out of mowing the lawn.) and they took me at my word. Now I feel worried.

I don’t know many folks in the west, and the Distributor isn’t quite as hooked into the knitting scene (though they are hardworking) as Sarah-the-wonder publicist, and the stuff is all booked and I’m going somewhere where I don’t know anybody and I’m completely unescorted and I’m really starting to be freaked out when I imagine the sound of my own voice echoing nauseatingly through an empty bookstore.

Do me a favour will ya? If you live in the West and you’re coming out, drop me a line….though if you have to mow the lawn, I totally get it.

149 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. OK, we need a roll call of all the folks who will hold Stephanie’s hand(s) at each stop. Speak up!

  2. Can’t come to BC, but will beam white light and a soft rushing noise that sounds like dozens of Canadian knitters asking nice, but funny questions in well-modulate voices in your general direction. Of course they’ll be there, they’re knitters! Enjoy.

  3. Wow I get to be first!
    What a doll baby! He is just too cute, and those little shoes are just too much. O.K. I’ve used “too” twice in one sentence I need help. My due date is Saturday and I am frantically tring to finish the baby blanket that I decided that she NEEEEDED a week ago. I think this may be hormones on a rampage!

  4. Vancouver – I’ll be there with at least two friends in tow. I actually think that we will be packed in there cheek by jowl to greet and support one of our own!

  5. Blank space above is my moment of awe for Sam’s Mum. 49 minutes and 9 pounds? You go, girl!
    Though not in the West, if I were, I would gladly give up mowing the lawn for a Harlot talk. But I understand – we Canadians, funny though we may be, really don’t want to annoy anyone by showing up somewhere uninvited. It’s as bad as interrupting a celebrity’s dinner asking for an autograph – we just don’t do it.
    So, if you are a Westerner – let Steph know you will be there!

  6. I could just cry… I’ll be in Abbotsford instead of Vancouver on the 6th and I’ll be in Jasper instead of Edmonton on the 8th. I just finished reading the bookbookbook and I loved it. I even read parts of it to my husband, a non-knitter and non-reader, and he asked for more. You are a force to be reckoned with and someone I would have loved to meet. Boohoo.

  7. I would totally make the drive from Seattle to Vancouver to see you, but I’m capping my “Stalking the Yarn Harlot” trips to 2 – both in Seattle ๐Ÿ™‚
    However, if you really really need someone to get a third book signed or just to follow you around like a groupie, I think I might be able to get “The Beast” fired up and pack up TB and Jakie and head on up….
    Just say the word!
    ps – that is one super cute super speedy baby. Start knitting him some running socks ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. wouldn’t miss your western debut for all the merino in Australia… ;o) will be in Vancouver to kick off your western tour complete with book in hand and a dear friend in tow. Looking forward to meeting you then.

  9. I know for a fact that the Canadian leg of your booksinging tour will be well attended.
    Y’know why?
    Because Canadians are NOT stupid.
    (arranging schedules for your Aug 4 Seattle appearance and)
    (stealing baby blanket pattern for)
    (a first cousin once removed)
    (due to be born in September)

  10. Reticent? I think not! My knit buds and I have been waiting for the Vancouver announcement forever, and when it was posted on your itinerary we phoned 32 Books so fast they had no idea what we were talking about. Since then we have confirmed the where and when and will make the trip over from Victoria. So count at least two of us. Of course, Victoria to North Vancouver is only slightly less daunting than Victoria to Tibet, but we’ll find our way!

  11. Oh, gosh, Steph, we will be vacationing in Maine (Rangeley Lake, which is to say miles from nowhere, totally gorgeous) during your tour, otherwise I would consider getting on a plane, or several planes, so as to show up in all those places. I would have my DH call me at each one. We no longer have a dog, but we would think of something.

  12. Oh, and Sam’s blanket? Very nearly as beautiful as Sam. Congrats all around (9+ lbs, 49 minutes? WOW).

  13. The baby is beautiful and the blanket is lovely. Of course, the bee booties are just the frosting on the cake. Wish I could be with you on your western trip.

  14. Forget a moment of awe, that woman has super powers. What a darling…worth every bit of it I’m sure, including the endless, boring hours you spent knitting him his blankie.

  15. I suppose it would be mean of me to suggest that perhaps poor wee Sam had to wait around for an extra week because his blanket wasn’t done yet? Yeah, I thought that might be mean. Never mind.

  16. For someone who lives in the tri-cities end of the Greater Vancouver Area, North Vancouver is as remote as Alaska, and almost as hard to get to by bus. Never mind, I’ll be there, if I have to put waterskis on a dogsled team.
    Lovely baby in a lovely blanket.

  17. 32 Books eh? Here I went and posted on my blog that you’d be at the Capilano Library. Oopps. Oh well, I don’t get too many readers and if any have been misdirected, the two places are mere blocks away. I don’t know if the two (yes, only two) bridges that connect the North Shore to the rest of the Greater Vancouver area can handle the increase in traffic just prior to 2:30 on the 6th, but since I’m already on the North Shore, I know where I’ll be. Looking forward to a lot of laughs next Saturday.

  18. Whatta beauty that Sam is!
    Stephanie, I lived in Edmonton for three years. I see you will be at Audrey’s Books, but you must make time to visit two yarn shops that I used to visit whenever possible (some weeks it was almost daily).
    1. Ewe Asked for It, run by Joanne, and two blocks from where I lived. She understood about knitters single-parenting small children.
    2. Wool Revival, run by Bonnie, and the Best Little Yarn Shop in the World. She has Fleece Artist, Rowan, Shetland jumper-weight in a billion colours, all kinds of sock yarn, a couple of great big arm chairs, and a table in between full of books and patterns. But Bonnie is the best part.
    Say hi to them for me.

  19. Oh my, Sam is the most beautiful newborn I’ve ever seen. And he beat dd’s own speed record (less than 2 hours, with the midwife commenting, “Good thing you didn’t plan on drugs because you didn’t have time.”)
    My lawn is mowed for the day, but I’m nowhere near your signings. Sorry.

  20. 9 pounds in 49 minutes is not only awe inspiring but a little scary for a non-mom. Holy cow. Sam and Sam’s Blanket are beautiful and you just can’t beat bee shoes! Good luck on the next leg of the tour – I’m sure you’ll be a huge hit!

  21. What a precious baby, especially wrapped in the lovely afghan. Thank you for sharing the pattern too!
    I’m wondering if the thought process you were explaining about being a Canadian might be a Northern thing? I grew up near the Canadian border in New York State and hoped back and forth until I sadly moved away. I was raised with the same values and thoughts yet am a U.S. citizen. Could it be something is seeping into our thoughts on the ferry? The bridges? Whatever it is, I love Canada and USA both and hearing you talk about all this makes me so homesick. Have a lovely tour and I’m sure you’ll have a good response. P.S. While I was scanning the books at a nearby Borders yesterday, I met a new knitter who had an impressive armload of knitting books to buy. I asked her if she had your book yet. She said no, she didn’t know about you (!!!!) but when she picked up a copy and read “Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much” she glanced at me with a knowing sparkle in her eye and added it to her stack. The word is spreading and you will become mighty.

  22. having been a 9lb 11 oz baby myself, I can relate to little sam on bein’ late, I was 10 days late (due on april fools day apparently, my joke was not showing up)
    That really did end up to be a very snuggly looking blanket, and im sure Sam’s mommy will appreciate that it’s washable too!

  23. Beautiful baby and the blanket looks quite spiff! I admire your patience and perseverance. I foolishly started a cabled baby blanket for my baby about 3 weeks before he arrived. Needless to say, it is still sitting in the UFO pile.
    I have a pattern question — why do you do the increases after the garter stitch rows? Is it to compensate for the lace blocks drawing in? How do you calculate the increases?

  24. OMG, 49 minutes? If that had anything to do with you, Steph, would you please come attend the birth of my baby in southern Arizona in September? I could arrange a book signing while you’re here, I’m sure. 49 minutes sounds SO much better than the 18-24 hours my midwives have been quoting to me.
    Bring some shorts and some lace-weight yarn, because even in September here it’s freakin’ hot.

  25. You know, I’m in BC. North Vancouver, to be exact. And I live near 32 Books. 10 minutes away, to be exact.
    And my mother in law is getting married. On the 6th. In Tacoma. At 2:30 or so. To be exact.
    I told her she should change the date. After all, this is your first tour and her third marriage, but she didn’t seem keen.
    So I’ll be seeing you in Seattle on the 4th instead; however I don’t think you’ll need my support on the 6th! There will be tons of folks there.

  26. Beautiful boy and beautiful gifts!
    No fear, you will be facing the packed room wherever you go.
    (P.S. – My boys were 10.3# and 12#. I am in awe of that landspeed record tho!)

  27. Beautiful baby and beautiful blanket. 49 minutes, all I can say is wow! I was in labor for nearly 24 hours with my first baby at 8lb 6oz a week late. I ended up with a c-section, but a healthy baby. Went for a planned c-section with the second – she weighed a full half-pound more at a week before her due date. Don’t regret it a bit!

  28. WOW! 49 minutes! 9 POUNDS! I thought that my labo(u)rs were quick at 2.5 and 2 hours! But my babies were tiny! 4lbs13oz, and 5lbs10oz. Wow! Just WOW!
    The blanket is lovely and if you ever make it to OK, AR, KS or MO – I’m there!

  29. You tell that distributor that eastern canadians are very peeved at being completely ignored by the tour. This country does not end at the border between Quebec and New Brunswick. We have lots of knitters out here and even knitters who read books too!!!
    Those bee booties are sure cute. A good friend of mine gave birth to a baby girl yesterday. I might just have to try and make a pair of booties.

  30. You’ll be in Winnipeg August 10th?!? *I’ll* be in Winnipeg August 10th!!! And here I thought I wasn’t going to get to see you on tour, since you weren’t coming to NC!!! Cool!
    August 10th is my grandma’s 90th birthday, but her party is over at 4, so I’ll probably be able to sneak out in the evening. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll check with my parents and let you know for sure.
    I know another crocheter near Winnipeg, and I’ll ask if she’s interested too. (You don’t mind that we crochet our socks, do you? I’m learning to knit by knitting a Weasley, but it doesn’t travel as well as socks.)

  31. I’m going to miss you by 4 days dangit, but I’m sending my mum to the Vancouver signing. She’s bringing a couple pals too, so you won’t be alone.

  32. Passion Over Reason: I want to jump on a plane and attend all of those events.
    Budget over Passion: I can’t.
    (What a beautiful baby… I too have seen that lace pattern in stitch dictionaries; glad to know it is the same one… may have to use that one day.)

  33. If I can convince hubby that Vancouver next weekend would be a great place to spend our family vacation, I’m there to see ya! Of course, that may mean I’ll be dragging three children and a reluctant husband with me, but it’s culture for Pete’s sake! How often do we get to meet a published author? (at least, that’s my reasoning….)

  34. That is the cutest baby! Maybe it’s because he’s sleeping;-)
    And the blanket ain’t too shabby either.
    I was just wondering how many people stop to read sidebars, etc on a blog..you know the clicking around stuff. Maybe I’ll ask.
    Have a fun trip! You da bomb!

  35. You know, Peterborough is very nice, and a nice place to visit!! And I know a LOT of knitters I would force to stop mowing and come and see you!

  36. Where are the Winnipeg and Calgary knitters? Nobody has confirmed for those cities. Or did I miss them. I am in New Jersey so I can’t go. I did my west coast visits last year (Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton – wow I could have really stalked you.)
    WOW 49 minutes – send congrats to Sam’s mom. Hope everything else goes as well as the labour.
    PS. Just a clarification the Vancouver reading is at the library but is sponsored by the bookstore. You had it right Maureen on your blog.

  37. We want you in Fairbanks, Alaska. You would get a nice crowd. Besdies, Alaska is right next to Canada, Think about it.

  38. Sam is adorable, and looks very comfy in his favorite blankie. Will you please, please post your pattern for the insect shoes? My mom is positively in a baby bootie knitting fit (despite the fact that my sister and I are both totally finished providing grandchildren). She is donating her finished items (you should see the pair that looks like mocasins) to our church knitting group, appropriately named the Knit-Wits. We are funding college scholarships for students in Camden, NJ and providing warm socks/scarves/hats, etc. for students in a Camden elementary school. These “Baby Buggies” would be a big hit!
    By the way, if I lived in Canada, I would totally come to your book signing. Even if I had to mow the lawn.

  39. OMG!!! I clicked on your tour page and you are coming to the Knit Cafe! Like… you’re coming to the Knit Cafe in a few DAYS.

  40. there’s a fiendly hoard of knitter in Kitchener-Waterloo that would be there with bells on if you headed our way (it’s only an hour from the big city…you could be home for supper. or laundry.)
    beautiful baby, blanket, and booties.

  41. I don’t understand … are people in Western Canada extra reasonable and ultra-nonintrusive? I mean, you already showed us the pictures from the Grand Kickoff in Ottawa, and I remember reading about the Parkdale library and the London stop, and Owen Sound when the comments exploded. Aren’t all those places in Canada, too?

  42. What am I, chopped liver? Of course you’ll have knitters there, and you can be escorted if you like – just let me know.

  43. As much as I’d love to visit Vancouver again, August 6th is a bit short notice for me. So, I’ll just have to content myself with driving not quite as far north as Vancouver to see you on Tuesday in Berkeley. ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. What a beautiful wee boy! It’s amazing how tiny brand new people make what we know to be very small shoes look HUGE! And being over 9 pounds, he OWED his mother a quick labour! My son was 8lbs 13oz, and decided to wait a full 23 hours after my water broke to make his appearance.
    I’m betting you have veritable crops of lovely, smiling knitters coming to see you in the West! Just wish I could be one of ’em, but the fact I live in Toronto makes it a bit on the difficult side…

  45. The pictures of the unidentified people wearing insect shoes on their ears was a riot- the picture of little Sam wearing his new little shoes is precious!!
    Congratulations to the family and welcome to the world, Sam!

  46. I had a really serious problem with this whole cotton thing, (except for you eradicating it from the stash), but having seen Master Sam there…. well, it was more than worth it.
    Better you than me, as far as the cotton goes. But he’s a lucky baby.

  47. Canadian celebration of “Reason over passion” as a national ideal?? You make Canadians sound like Vulcans from Star Trek (not that is a bad thing mind you!). I think I will have to get my arse out of the rut and make a dash for the Canadian border to see what’s up north. Knitters are great everywhere I have met them from Italy to China. Even if they don’t speak the same language it’s cool. Chill and have a great time.

  48. I know nothing about Calgary, Edmonton or Winnipeg but I can tell you that Canadians FLOOD our annual open houses in Vancouver and Victoria for KCTS public television every fall. You will have a LOVELY tour. Nearly as lovely as a Sam in a blanket with bee shoes.

  49. I’m actually jealous of the 49 minute labor. My munchkin took 29.5 hours to arrive – that was 9 months ago and I’m still not over it.
    I’ll be seeing you in the West – of America that is. I’ll be at your Los Angeles signing, can’t wait!

  50. I had not heard of the reason over passion, but you just described my parents (transplanted BC’ers) and my older sister (who transplanted herself back to BC) to a T! Aaaaah. This was the reason we never went skiing, growing up in California, because why would you drive to the snow? They only went skiing because the snow was right there, and let’s face it, apparently not much else to do at that time during the winter. May I add, we are very excited to see you next week in Berkeley, CA and have had it on our calendars for months! Safe travels!!!

  51. Despite seeming a little quiet at the moment, I’m sure that my old home town of Calgary will come and see you in force. Why do I know this? Because as reticent as Canadians might be, the one exception that proves the rule is Alberta – they don’t call it the “Deep South of the True North” for nothing!
    Frankly, I think no one has said anything yet because they’re all still recovering from the Stampede…

  52. Hi, I live in Edmonton and I’m coming to see you at Audrey’s! Most funny…I actually had the “Canadian Reaction” initially, and thought about not going, since you don’t even really know me etc., but I mentioned it all to the husband and right away he says “You HAVE to go, you LOVE the Yarn Harlot!”. =)
    See you there!

  53. Sorry I’ll miss beautiful Vancouver and all the other western Canada spots, but I’ll be in Berkeley! Still wishing you could have pulled off two stops in the SF area (Seattle got two!). I’m arranging a special meeting with a grad student at Berkeley and will drive over an hour to see you. And it will be worth it!

  54. I love B.C. and would be there in a milisecond if I didn’t have a yarn shop to try to run and a Panda Cam to keep track of! Have a great tour, they’ll be there!

  55. Well, when you look at that wee face (even at 9+ pounds!), that “boring blanket” was worth it all wasn’t it? Usually every August we go home which is about an 45 mins from Vancouver, BC, but this summer we are staying hot as hades Sacramento. If I was home I’d be high tailing it to Vancouver to cheer you on! Somehow I think you will be well received! Have fun, it’s beautiful there this time of year! Theresa

  56. I am so excited! I can actually make it to the Vancouver signing. I’m bringing at least 1 friend. Can’t wait!

  57. I’m in Calgary and I’ll be there. I will ensure that others in Calgary know about it, too. Expect a good turnout!

  58. What a little cutie-patootie. Thanks for sharing the pattern with us – I will probably use it for my (upcoming) little one!
    And as for your sense of humor – you are hysterical. This is one of the best posts of the summer.
    Still laughing…

  59. That is definitely a late-baby smoothness to the cheeks…beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚
    My kid was 2 lbs 9 oz. and came out the extremely undesirable and early way. I am in awe of anyone who can even *carry* over 9 lbs., much less do the necessary pushing…yowsa.
    Eastern Canada…There is this little province next to you…we speak a little English sometimes…I know a lot of people who bought your book…I have no lawn and the dishes can wait…

  60. Oh – I do like your description of us Canadians! I may have to just lift it and use it later… I’m always getting asked about the differences between United Statesians and Canadians! And you’ve put it so well.
    Well, 10 years ago I lived a short walk from the Capilano Library… but then I moved to Alaska (exactly 10 years ago today, in fact!). So, I’ll have to echo Peggy’s comment from above – please consider adding Fairbanks, Alaska to your list! (Hi Peg!)

  61. I’ll be there! I’m glad you gave the Capilano Library info, otherwise I would’ve been politely browsing at 32 Books for an hour or so before getting up the nerve to ask the staff if they might, um, have an idea of, uh, when the author might be dropping in?

  62. Beautiful baby, beautiful blanket, awesome mom (49 minutes: wow!), amazing shoes, and lastly, thank you for the pattern.
    I think your Canadian knitters will surprise you and turn out in large numbers. In fact, if I were a betting woman I’d put money on it.

  63. I love your Sam he will grow up very special. I too have a wonderful Sam.I wish I was going to be in Van. on the 6th but I live 3 1/2 hours away in the Interior. Have a safe trip.

  64. Well, you can count on me and at least three of my non-imaginary friends showing up in Edmonton!
    Adore your book, and wouldn’t miss the opportunity to meet you for anything.

  65. Both of my boys were in much the same hurry to arrive as baby Sam, 52 minutes for one, 47 for the other. It’s only my daughter that took her good sweet time, makes you wonder, no? I only wish I had such a beautiful blanket to wrap them in…oh well, there are always grandchildren. I better get started, I only have about 25-30 years which with three kids under the age of six, I might just need!

  66. Thanks for sharing the blanket pattern..too cute…and can’t wait to get the other 19 projects finished so i can start another one. mr. sam…very cute model for the blanket…welcome to the earth…from a mom who’s last labor was 45 mins…
    advice for sam’s mom…if you have another baby…don’t sneeze without being ready to catch! (good advice from my doctor-hense..i’m finished!)

  67. Sam is so cute!! And the bee booties shot is adorable.
    I’m a Westerner, sorry, that’s West Southern California; I wanted to tell you, Stephanie, that I’ll be at your Book Tour stop in San Diego this Sunday. Reticent describes me but YOU I have to meet in person! I want to hear you say “arse” so for every more when reading your blog I’ll hear your voice in my head.

  68. 1. Great blanket.
    2. Great baby.
    3. ‘Ridiculous clicking around’: LOL. Moms/mums, gotta love ’em.
    4. ‘Reason over passion’ my arse. People are not going to come? Because they are Canadian reticents? Right. This is a very serious concern. One should lose sleep over it. Prediction: Many will come, but they’ll just be very polite. xox Kay

  69. Sam, you’re a heartbreaker! Yes, Stephanie, I’ll be in North Van to see you. It’s only 15 minutes from Burnaby on the freeway, and you couldn’t keep me away.

  70. I have no lawn! I will take the Seabus to come see you.
    Maybe you should make your Vancouver stop a protest; we Vancourites will come out to fight any fight a lot faster than we will to support anything. That ball of yarn that was five metres short, preventing you from finishing that pair of socks? We will fight for you and your cause!
    Case in point: the night you’re coming, half a million people will gather in the city to watch things being blown up in the sky. We’re just that kind of people out here, the kind who like random violence and rage.

  71. i live in edmonton, and i will either come to see you in edmonton, or i might be in vancouver, and see you then! excited to meet the famous harlot

  72. Steph, thanks for the baby. I read you every day, but tonight I read you as comfort and distraction as I hold my grand-nephew, our own baby Sam (amazingly he also has a charming big brother Max) because his lovely grandmother, my beloved 53-year-old sister, Suzanne, died this morning. I have been comforting myself all day by thinking about babies being born as we are losing those we love; thanks for showing me one. Your timing was excellent.

  73. If I could get all 350+ fiber folk from the Phoenix SnB on a plane to Canada, you know we would be there!

  74. You want I should come so you’re not ALONE?! I didn’t think so. Don’t be silly, girl. Silly, that’s what that is. Silly.
    Like that ridiculous clicking around. I’m tickled that she said that. Tickled.
    What a baby and what a mama! And what a blanket!(and you used cotton! a moment of silence.)

  75. I plan to be at your August 3rd appearance at Powell’s Books in Portland–with my mother. We plan to buy several copies of your books for absent friends…

  76. Sounds like Stash in Berkeley is going to be way packed (not that we’re saying anything competitive towards our neighbors northward…) And that Sam is absolutely adorable.

  77. Happy Birthday Sam! He’s a cutie, and has such a lucky mom. The blanket looks great, and I guess that means it got finished in time. Although we can’t see the whole thing. You could have just put the edge around him while still only halfway done… But you wouldn’t trick us like that ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. Oh my! My plane lands in Edmonton on the 7th. But I am only there for a week and my mom wants me to go with her to her river property on the 8th. I’ll try to delay her one more day.

  79. Mow the lawn – are you kidding? I will be at the bookstore in Bothell, WA on August 4th with bells on and knitting in hand! I even took the day off work.

  80. Oh my goodness, that is the cutest baby ever! Well except for my grandchildren, but next to them, that is one cute baby, who looks incredibly darling, little finger in mouth and cozy baby blanket.

  81. Stephanie,
    Count on one more Calgarian! Friends will be out of town, but I will be there. And tell yer mom that I was clicking around 4eva waiting to see when you would be here – I saw the poster in McNally Rob. and took the night off work right away!

  82. Will be at Powell’s in Portland, with bookbookbook, my sock and possibly some wine. Hope they are putting you up somewhere nice. Do you need names of some good restaurants while you are here?

  83. He is just beautiful. Not the most masculine word, but befitting a soft new baby, especialy wrapped in such a lovely blanket. Kudos to his mama – she makes such nice little ones.

  84. The Harlot, Here, In my hometown! You don’t know me, but I feel like I know you. Way back in Oct. ’04, before the bookbookbook, a friend showed me your blog and the Harlot Poncho. I dug the old needles out of storage and knit one right away! Then I started knitting socks. I got so excited about knitting that co-workers caught the bug and started asking me to teach them to knit. No dull stockingette scarves for my pals, Harlot ponchos for all! Sheesh, now I’m even blogging! Thanks for being out there. Thanks for being a “quiet” Canadian inspiration. Thanks for keeping me entertained, enthusiastic, and motivated. See you in Calgary!

  85. Sam is a cutie! I love boy babies! Maybe because I have three myself – although mine are considerably larger now. And the blanket is beautiful.
    Well, I will likely be driving past Vancouver on my way to Sun Peaks on the 6th, but I will see you on the 4th in Seattle. I promise to hold your hand there if you need it Stephanie, but I doubt you will. Third Place Books is a friendly place. Thank goodness I looked at the book reading listings in the paper today. I had the right place, but the wrong time. I would have been hours late if I hadn’t checked. But my sock and I will be there – on time.

  86. What does it mean when one reads about the Yarn Harlot coming to Seattle NEXT WEEK, one whoops and hollers and jumps for joy, then goes to sleep and promptly dreams of being naked, holding a sheet around oneself while meeting said Yarn Harlot, who was charming and beautiful and radiant and beaming, with curly but well-tamed hair, and was wearing a look of shocked disbelief mixed with a dash of sanity judging at the inexplicable nakedness? There was a logical, it’s-not-what-it-looks-like reason in the dream, of course, but that evaporated in the fog of wakefulness.

  87. 9lbs 3oz, in 49 minutes! I could faint! Beautiful baby! and the blanket and shoes are perfect.
    There was finally a column in our newspaper about your book and they really hyped it nicely! Not that it doesn’t deserve some hype. They praised your book as being perfect in every way and even size.

  88. What a gorgeous blanket for a gorgeous baby! Wow 46 minutes… That beats a friend of mine who contained the entire birth to an hour!
    Have a great time on your book tour in Canada!

  89. Wow!! 49 minutes. I thought I was doing pretty good as a first-time mom going from first cx to delivery in exactly six hours but 49 minutes does sound even nicer. And what a beautiful boy!! Love the blanket. And the shoes. Shame on your children for not respecting their cuteness! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  90. What intricate, complicated ears that boy has. Gorgeous. Were you the birth attendant? I, for one, don’t envey a 49 minute delivery, having heard mothers who had them say it’s a normal labor minus the rest periods. Oy. My congratulations to here. My 10 lb, 7 oz son required every rest period I could get and the assistance of a class of nurses in training and a class of paramedics (to hold my shaking legs so I could relax) who were in the hospital to observe. Thought they might bring in a troop of Eagle Scouts next.
    Powell’s? You’re going to be at Powell’s! Powell’s (not that I’ve ever been there) is to independent book stores what Romni is to yarn stores — humongous. Dink around their website some before you go — they’re a joy.

  91. Have been reading Seattle bloggers anticipation of your arrival. I”m sure you will have tons of people in Vancouver, too, some of my *best friends* are western BC-ers and they travel way out of their way to stop in at my place in Bellingham, WA and I’m not a celebrity!!.
    Wave the sock in a westerly direction when you pass the WWU exit as you speed thru Bellingham on your way to BC. I’ll catch the breeze.
    Good on your Mom!
    Have a great time in our beautiful part of the world where it’s always cool enough to knit!

  92. Well, I’m from Calgary, but I came to see you in Ottawa. So I would be there to be sure! (In fact, I’d love to be in Calgary right now…)

  93. Brad who? Don’t put all of us baja Canada people together in one lump. We deserve to be free of derogatory labels just as any other human beings do. How many books have you sold done here? How much money have you gotten from us?

  94. I totally get it Stephanie. Our Children’s Entertainment group organized a Fred Penner concert years ago in our little town. We fully expected it to be sold out and were dumbfounded and horribly embarassed when only 250 tickets were sold the day before. I reluctantly arrived to help set up the day of the concert, I didn’t want to show my face but I had made the “snack” for the band and wouldn’t you know, we had sold out in one day, that meant 800 tickets in one day. We then had to scramble for chairs from every public place we could think of but the auditorium (school gym) was full and it was a fantastic success. My mind was further boggled when the local newspaper neglected to write even a small review for what I consider a world class children’s entertainer. Go figure.
    Anyway, I can’t imagine people not showing up, but they may not commit until much closer to THE day. I am still trying to organize my schedule to get to Wpg (I am a four hour drive away) so I may be there. If I am I will gladly escort you around Winnipeg.

  95. Sam is beautiful, as is that blanket! I wonder if being a week late has anything to do with the fast labour/delivery? Both my girls were a week late and arrived in under 40 minutes.
    According to Google maps I am 56 minutes away. As I tend to be directionally impaired I’ll allow slightly more time so as to arrive before you leave!

  96. Awww, that is *the* very nicest way I can think of to see the finished baby blanket! Welcome to the world, Sam, and maybe when you’re older, “Auntie” Harlot will let you read the story of your blanket’s creation — minus all the cuss words.

  97. Sounds like you’ll have a full house at Knit Cafe in Hollywood, Aug.1st. We have to make reservations to see you! I’ll be there.

  98. Can’t manage the Vancouver thing, but I’m driving 374 miles to see you in Portland, does that count? And yes, I did the clicking around and have been “tracking” you as your traveled! LOL

  99. What a beautiful baby! and blanket!
    Alas, my travel plans are bringing me no further west than Toronto this year. We’ll be visiting that bit of Canada the weekend of the 13th. If you were doing a book thing there, I’d be a raucous American waving pointy sticks in the crowd.

  100. I just about got excited, but then realized you would be in Calgary 2 days after I have to be back from my holidays. And by the way, what is wrong with Saskatchewan? Specially, the McNally Robison in Saskatoon where I bought your wonderful book (which I’m on my second read through)? I’m trying not to be bitter…

  101. Your post is a great one and my comment is short:
    Sam is BEAUTIFUL.
    The blanket and bee booties are wonderful.
    If you came to my town, I’d be there in a heartbeat!

  102. This Sam is beautiful! And how considerate, to enter the world so quickly, and how lucky, to have a handknit blanket ready to receive him.
    Stephanie, I know that you will be in Seattle soon, and I am so sorry I’ll be on vacation while you are here. But I guarantee you will have crowds and crowds of people ready to greet you. Be sure to eat your Wheaties!

  103. Longtime lurker here — have bought your book for others but not yet for myself — so I will see you in Edmonton!

  104. CALGARY! Yes!
    McNally Robinson!! Yes!!
    August 9th is a Tuesday!! Yes!! (I wouldn’t be able to make it on wednesday….)
    My first thought (after the above) was “What will I bring to knit?” followed closely by “Who do I know to bring with me?”
    So glad you’ll be visiting us in Cowtown. Can’t wait.

  105. Nice to see the bee shoes found a happy home! He is a BIG guy, and having delivered one that big myself, but taking longer about it, I am in awe of his mama…. thanks for sharing your blanket pattern. No, I won’t be in BC (too far, and gotta work), and unfortunately won’t be in Berkeley, either, but I already know of a few knitters looking forward to meeting you there. Berkeley is just the opposite of your description of Canadians… everyone feels like they should go everywhere, so you can expect to be swamped (now, don’t go getting nervous, they’re knitters).

  106. that baby is beautiful.how lucky are you? a knitter,a writer and you deliver babies.In my next lide I’m coming back as you

  107. I definitely plan to be there. I just have to fine out where Capilano Library is and how to get there… ๐Ÿ™‚

  108. Yah for big babies – Had a 9lb 13oz myself – it makes it much easier to go out and about when they are young.
    Thanks for the pattern – just in time for a baby due in a month. I have the yarn just waiting for the pattern..

  109. I love your comments re Canadians & ‘s’lebs’. I am in the UK, in Cornwall, & we get quite a few escaping down here, no-one would dream of recognising or speaking to them, very bad form! I always thought the Canadians & the Cornish would get on.

  110. Another one here for your Vancouver stop. I’m really looking forward to it. Are you sure it’s at the Capilano library, I don’t want to miss it.
    And you think you are a worry wart.

  111. My daughter and I will joyfully be making a day trip over from Vancouver Island to see you in Vancouver. So glad it’s an afternoon event. Looking forward to seeing you in person.

  112. Glad to see I’m not the only one who had big boys! My smallest was “only” 7lb. 15oz. Now he’s 6’2″ (at 14). Hardly a little boy. My other two were 9lb. 14oz. (he’s 6’6″+ now) and 9lb. 12oz. (still growing). I see really little (read that “normal-sized”) babies and wonder how their parents ever handle them. I thought mine were tiny enough, though they don’t stay that way long, do they. Once they start talking, you are sunk for the next 20 years or so!

  113. I’m quite envious of all those in Canada who will get to visit with you. Are there plans for you to tour in the Rochester, NY area? We are very much like our northern neighbors. Baby Sam is very handsome and made more so with his superb blanket and bee shoes!

  114. I flipped the page of my 365 knitting stitches calendar to August 1st and there it was – the Harlot baby blanket!!! Then I got back to work today after a few days off last week to find that said baby had been born. Congrats to all…

  115. I think it’s a riot that you are wondering whether people will come see you in certain cities, while the rest of us desperately wish you’d come to OUR areas!
    I’ve been wishing for a pair of Dorothy’s magic shoes so I could make the trip from East-Central Illinois.
    “There’s no place like Vancouver. There’s no place like Vancouver.”

  116. Ohh, wee baby! So cute, AND a 49 minute labor? I want one Just Like That.
    I am trying to find transportation to the HarlotTour in Berkley. After requesting the day off of work months ago, my car decided to give up the ghost after 16 years and 190,000+ miles last Wednesday.
    …anyone else coming from Sacramento that I can hitch a ride with? I don’t smell, honest.

  117. Harlot! This Vancouverite will be there — provided that I can find my way around North Vancouver! I can’t wait!

  118. I’m hoping to get to North Van to see you this weekend … and I hope you can come to Urban Yarns too. That’s my LYS, and they mentioned you might be able to drop by … they have great stuff, I highly recommend it!!
    Looking forward to seeing you!

  119. ok i dont say this often but that little boy is about as cute and darling as my little girl
    who btw just cut her first tooth on saturday

  120. Hey Stephanie! I’m going to make a blanket statement for the Winnipeg knitters: yayyyyyyyyyyy. McNally is the most beautiful bookstore (you’ll never forget the staircases they have to the kids area!) and a lovely venue. Plus there’s food in the book-launch/reading area. Like mentioned before, if you can make it to Ram Wools, it’s totally worth it, but it’s about as far as you can get from the bookstore, and not easy to find, even as a native Winnipegger. I’ll send my mom out to say hello!

  121. I wish I lived in western Canada so I could be there! I missed your Ottawa dates…. are you coming back again for your new book?

  122. i will have to tell my sister in law that someone beat her record. she delivered her first child about two months ago in 45 minutes and the darling was 8lbs 6oz.
    tell your friend what my SIL’s doctor told her: you have total bragging rights. most women can’t deliver without pain meds, let alone deliver 8 (or 9) pound babies. especially in under an hour.
    congrats to her and her beautiful baby.
    i love the booties and blanket! so adorable!

  123. Welcome Sam…you are one gorgeous baby! What a fantastic photo!
    I love SD. I lived there for 4 years & still visit my best friend (who ended up staying there when I had to leave…damn her) every September.

  124. Stephanie, I can promise if you come East in Canada (specifically com eto Halifax) we will work like busy little bees to spread the word amongst the knitterly community, and make sure you get a good turnout!

  125. I’ll be at your Calgary appearance! Can’t wait actually. Just moved here from TO and looking forward to meeting other knitters.

  126. I’ll be at your North Van talk and book signing tomorrow and I’m looking forward to it! I’m bringing my step father, who is also a knitter. I’m a long time reader and fan of yours – but shy – so this is my first time posting a comment.

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