The longest night

Today marks the winter solstice, the first day of winter, the longest, darkest night of the year, the shortest day. Cate wrote beautifully about it here. We’ll mark the occasion at the Kensington Market Festival of Lights which is a beautiful explosion of all winter festivals.

Today, the glorious high of finishing the blankets has worn off and I’m feeling the first real pangs of concern. (If here we understand “concern” to be an enormous tight feeling in my chest). There are four days…and here’s where I am.


Socks A. First sock done, second sock, heel just turned. These will be finished.


Socks B. First sock done, second sock heel turned. This too is in the realm of possibility. (Really, four days for two half socks is not even special knitting.)


Socks C. I’m sure the problem here is obvious. This one is what may catapult me into Olympic level knitting.


A pom-pom trimming event finished the hat,


and the scarf is…well. The scarf is that yarn under the hat. This may be a little dodgy, but I’m going to distract you with the patten for this very quick hat, good for leftovers. Maybe it will get one of you out of trouble.

Estimated time: 4 hours. (Maybe less. I didn’t time it, but it was fast.)

4.5mm needles and worsted weight yarn (gauge largely irrelevant thanks to the elastic nature of ribbing) fits most average heads.

Cast on 86 stitches and working back and forth, striping as the spirit moves you (or not at all) work 2X2 ribbing:

Row 1: *K2, P2 repeat from * to end, K2.

Row 2: *P2, K2, repeat from * to end, P2.

Repeat these two rows until you have 20cm of knitting. (If you found yourself with an extra hour, you could totally make that 28cm and have a fold up brim, IF you had an extra hour.) End ready to begin a “Row 1”

Decrease as follows:

1st row: K2 *P2, Knit 2 together, repeat from * across to last 4 stitches, P2, K2.

Second row: work all stitches as they appear (Knit knits and purl purls.)

Third row: Knit 2 *Purl 2 together, knit 1, repeat to the last 4 stitches, purl 2 together, knit 2.

4th row: work all stitches as they appear

5th row, Knit 2, knit 2 together across the row, K2.

6th row: Purl

7th row, Knit 2 together across the row, then break yarn and thread through remaining stitches and pull up into a circle. Then use this yarn to sew your seam, and weave in any ends from the striping.

Make a big honking pom-pom and whack it on the top. Wrap.


This is the mittens and hat. (Yes. I know. I know…I know. This is a bit of a long shot, but I really think that if I pull it together I can make it. It’s just not going to be easy. )

Besides all this…there’s a wrap to finish, which, when I am done will be 80 inches, but is currently 12 inches. I have sunk low enough to think that this is completely possible because it’s not due until the 29th. (I can start to feel the crazy around the edges of that one.)

I have obtained a knitting schedule, and am ready to begin the marathon. I have chocolate, screech, nog and a pretty decent grip on the sort of commitment it’s going to take. I would like no mention of how I am really only getting down to brass tacks on the 21st. I prefer (even though there is clearly more than 4 days of knitting in the pictures above) not to think of my self as deeply deluded, but rather…enterprising.

107 thoughts on “The longest night

  1. I have faith in you, Stephanie, and your knitting abilities. I mean, it is Christmas, after all, and miracles do happen! Thanks for the hat pattern. It may save my tushie this year.

  2. Keep going Steph,
    I’m plugging away on two scarves but silly me decided on rather intricate patterns and I haven’t given up yet but I am prepared to present my cousin with several balls of yarn and a to be knitted ASAP IOU.
    Knit on Amazing Harlot.

  3. I love the colours in the mittens and hat.
    The amount of knitting is not insurmountable. You have screech and coffee and chocolate to keep you going. Sleep is for wimps (says the pregnant one who could sleep 15 hrs a day)
    It could be worse, my husband and father just bought an airplane.

  4. Today the long dark night holds within it the promise that tomorrow will have more sun: let us rejoice!
    As for It … Bollywood! Music for Joe, every darn thing else for the young women, and for you four-hour blocks where no one needs to be fed or cleaned up after.

  5. Enterprising! Yeah, that’s right, we are enterprising! Not deluded, nope, not me, I’m not deluded. I only have 2-1/2 thrummed mitts and three 1/2 socks left.
    Oh yeah – and a full time job.
    Maybe I am deluded.

  6. It wouldn’t be christmas without a few insane knitting deadlines, would it? Screech and egg nog in arm’s reach, needles warmed up…we’ll all be watching.
    Merry solstice to you and yours. And I’m jealous of your festival–another reason to like Toronto.

  7. Seing all the socks it reminds me of a question that’s been on my mind for a while (and that was probably answered at one point): is it possible to make at home your own superwash wool out of your handspun?
    I admire those who can function in sleep deprivation mode. You’re my hero.

  8. Well, you can finish the two pair of socks. I can totally see that.
    About the rest, well, I shall enjoy watching.

  9. Yee-haw! You go, lady! I’m planning on spending the next two days without sleep, myself. Although, since I snarled convincingly at my husband this morning, he may have some things to say about that. Praise the Mother and pass the nog!

  10. Enterprising – I like that one
    According to Wikitionary enterprising is defined as: being brave and daring in doing some task.

  11. I so wish I could join the fun at Kensington this evening, but considering the nasty cough my little guy’s brewing right now, taking him to an outdoor festival this evening wouldn’t be the smartest thing I could do. Which is too bad, coz I think he’d love it, and I know I would.
    When your *cough* delusion *cough* enterprising nature leaves your girls desperately scrounging for food by Friday, give them my number.

  12. Five pairs of slippers to be felted, knitting a hat, should be done with that tonight, mittens and a scarf to go!!! I am going to make it. And I trust so will you. You are an awesome knitter!

  13. i’m a little too lazy to read the other comments, so someone may have already asked, but: what the heck is screech?

  14. I might just make it with the afghan, too. In case I don’t, the object of my affection will get all the *parts* of the afghan with a note that says “Coming soon.”
    However, I’ve only been knitting a year and did not attempt nearly the volume of projects that you did. I bow before you.
    Pass the screech. I don’t know what it tastes like, but if it’s strong enough to make me forget the character named Screech on Saved By The Bell, it must be strong enough to get me through these last days of knitting.

  15. I am just about to leave this job I have to have in order to support my cat and my knitting habit, go home, have a cup of tea and finish the last Christmas hat.
    Like my midwestern sister in knitting, this deep southerner wants to know what “screech” is.

  16. I’m outing you. You enjoy IT, you Harlot!
    You put yourself in this situation where you get to knit non-stop for four days. That’s a privilege! AND, it makes Joe and the kids tip-toe carefully around you and take care of stuff. It makes all the people in blog land bow before you. And I’ll bet you’re sitting there, looking like the cat who swallowed the canary.
    You’ll get no pity from me! Just a little admiration for the evil cleverness of it all.

  17. We have lighted straight needles. You know, for movie theaters and surreptitious 4 am knitting in bed so the spouse doesn’t feel the bed move as you sneak out to get more knitting done.

  18. That’s a lot of knitting left even without loosing valuable knitting time to go to the festival tonight…. But some things are more important than the knitting deadline.

  19. I’m right there with you, but with one minor modification to your supplies: coffee.
    Plan of attack:
    A. Mix Screech WITH nog. Drink, as desired.
    B. Eat chocolates, as needed.
    C. Drink coffee (Kahlua, Frangelico, and Irish Cream are optional.) Especially if you need to undo the effects of the Screech.
    Believe that time will be suspended long enough for you to finish it all.

  20. Weird thing: I did a sock and it came out looking just like yours, sorta on the biggish side, so I thought I’d done something ‘wrong’. But if you – the biggest yarn harlot around – are satisfied with fat socks so the heck am I! Whatever was ‘wrong’ with me?? Now if I can just find that one lonely sock to give it a companion…

  21. Here are some tips:
    Make the socks C: short, you know anklets that sort of thing. Make them fraternal, trying to make identical socks will just waste time.
    Short scarves – buttonhole style don’t make the scarves that are 2 meters long. This takes valuable time and is not needed. I do realize that with the winter we are shaping to have that people do need warm scarves not just decorative.
    This and the aforementioned screech, coffee and chocolates should help.

  22. I’m sending supportive, compassionate thoughts, all while reminding myself firmly that THIS is why I don’t do more than one or two small knitted gifts per year. I really really hate deadline pressure!
    Hang in there, Stephanie!

  23. Good Luck!
    Reading your post today makes me feel so much better about the one mitten I have left to knit before the big day. I’ll be thinking about you.

  24. You go girl! Winter solstice is all about celebrating how we’ve made it through the dark days…the light will return, minute by minute, and soon[ish] it will be summer, glorious summer, season of small knits and NO holiday deadlines. Unless you’re REALLY into Canada Day. (my tally? 1/2 a scarf, fringe on another scarf, 2 pairs of thrummed mitts, and a cardigan for a smallish person…what the heck am I doing online?)

  25. If you plan on going to the Festival of Lights and getting all that knitting done ,this will indeed be the longest night.
    Happy Solstice.

  26. Your pictures are lovely. Who could possibly care if the project hasn’t been completed when the pictures are so lovely?

  27. Mazel tov, BooBoo.
    I knit an emergency gift hat and left the pattern on my blog, dedicated to you. It’s linked if you click my name.
    ’tis the season to be Jewish, fa la la la la. . .

  28. How wonderful to have a Festival of Lights to celebrate Solstice. Have a merry one!
    I have complete confidence in your ability to finish ALL that is absolutely necessary. Good on you.

  29. Merry solstice, Steph! Also merry Christmas, happy Hanukah, happy Kwanzaa, happy New Year, and just all-around ecumenical holiday cheer.
    Your list gives me hope that all I have to do is believe I can do it. I am cheating, I admit: all my holiday projects will be made from yarn I bought pre-spun.

  30. What, no mention of coffee in your essentials? I would have thought that would have been first on the list. (I know it is on mine.)
    But what I really want to know is if you will be knitting while you’re at the light festival. Now what a blog post that would make.
    Happy Winter Solstice.

  31. It’s not delusional, it’s imaginative!
    I’m knitting 3 pairs of angora fingerless gloves that need to be finished tomorrow night. This is, in knitting terms, totally doable. The only problem is that I decided to see if I was really allergic to angora like I always thought I was.
    I am. K2 *P2k2 sneeze* makes nice ribbing.

  32. Baby blankets (yesterday) are adorable — ought to match the recipients nicely. What a cute little hat today — thanks for the pattern. Here’s to clock management and time being on your side this year.
    ; )

  33. It is these rare times when the ability to knit fabulous things becomes a curse. As long as you have the screech tho . . .

  34. The hat is adorable, those colors really are a great choice.
    Your knitting schedule seems to be a bit packed. Makes my hands hurt just thinking of all the stitches you need to finish. May you be blessed with speedy fingers, no distractions, adequate caffeine supplies and loads of appreciation for all of your efforts.

  35. Some people are just a glutton for punishment. Happy Solstice and be very good to youself by stretching, drinking enough (screech that is)and enjoying every stitch.

  36. But you finished two Tink blankets and a big teal scarf…
    You can do it!
    New knitting schedule:
    *k1, p1, drink
    k1, p1, eat chocolate*

  37. for those who want to know about screech, I suggest doing what I did- searching the blog(just type in “screech”…couldn’t be simpler. A useful tool for those of us who are latecomers to harlotland. I’d never heard of it either, and now I know what to ask my friend Lisa to bring from the Great White North next time she visits NYC.
    Stephanie- I am ***so*** going to make that hat!
    And Happy Solstice to you and your family!

  38. Umm… I’m a little worried. Just a bit. My faith has not wavered, oh no–but, um, can’t you give the screech to a few of these people and save a pair of socks or a hat for a New Year’s gift? New Year’s is big in Scotland.
    Just a thought.
    May the lights shine bright for you and your loved ones tonight and all through the year, Stephanie. Thank you for the humor and joy you bring to this little corner of the blogosphere! Happy Solstice.

  39. A knitting friend of mine gave her mom the greatest present not too long ago. It was a bunch of yarn in a bag with a tag that said, “Afghan in a Bag: Some Assembly Required.”
    Clever. Witty. An ‘out’ for the ‘IT’ that ails ya.
    I’m *this* close to being done with the required Christmas knitting. Not that there isn’t a pile of projects just waiting to pounce…
    Happy happy to all and to all a good (long) night!

  40. Is it time for that new tradition, the blog by your daughters? I only have a pair of toy mittens left, but my deadline is more-or-less tonight. I think I need eggnog.

  41. I just have a bag to line and attach handles to, and then I have a Christmas stocking that I’m making for my husband but haven’t actually told him about, and I do have plenty of other gifts for him, so I *could* just assign that one to next year. And that’s it for what’s left of my Christmas knitting that’s actually *due* on Christmas, although I do still have 3 partial fingers and one more half-fingered glove, and a hat which is still yarn, to finish by the 30th. So I’m in pretty good shape.
    Except I have *4* painted-and-embroidered sweatshirts to do, and I have never even done this before and can’t remember now why it seemed like such a fine idea when I came up with it! I *wish* I had stuck to knitting!

  42. Good luck Stephanie, I believe you can do it! One of the great things about Hanukkah is that I plan to give DH one skein of cream fisherman’s wool each of 5 nights and he will actually consider it a cool gift *and* I don’t have to have the eventual sweater knitted before Sunday. I should be able to stretch it out to Valentine’s Day!

  43. If that hat took you four hours, I think you have oodles of time for some socks & a scarf or two. Oodles & noodles.
    I love the color combination of the last mittens/scarf-to-be.

  44. I think the hat cast on stitches should be 86 or 90 for back and forth and 88 if knit in round. Terrified that I’m missing something, but thought last-minute knitters would want to know!

  45. I’m speechless. I guess this means Joe and girls are taking over the housely duties (I hope), and leaving you alone? Just remember to breathe.
    PS – Maybe in 2006 you can set up a video blog (do they call that a vlog?)… anyhow, I’d like to see the speed at which you are knitting!

  46. No, not deluded, just carrying on a long standing holiday tradition. A rather insane and masochistic one, but a tradition none the same. We have the exact same tradition here, and somehow it wouldn’t feel like Christmas without the whole, crazy package.
    Oh, and I’ll be tipping my own glass of alcohol (home made Limoncello) in your direction as I madly knit tonight.

  47. The way I read it, you have two half-socks, a hat and a complete pair of socks to knit, to be done in that order because the hat shouldn’t take long (four hours, right?). If there is only one sock of the unbegun pair, it’s proof of the gift – it worked for a mitten once, didn’t it? The scarf and mittens can wait. If the socks get done, then you can work on a scarf. Scarves are simple knitting, you can do those in your sleep, right? Mittens take more attention.
    Relax. And get some sleep. They’ll love you all the more for it.

  48. I’m not saying it, but someone might–do you plan to sleep, grocery shop, say hello to your family before teh 25??? Is your grip on sanity slipping?? I’m not saying it is,mind you……

  49. I say delusional.
    To be fair, I was almost there myself. And then got the ‘flu last weekend. Too. Sick. To. Knit. Oy, it was awful. My Christmas knitting is now so far behind that I just threw in the needles. Maybe next year.
    Happy Solstice from the rainy Pacific Northwest (where it didn’t actually get light AT ALL today)

  50. I feel for you. And am in a similar spot. One project was just thought of yesterday, a mohair lace scarf. But I want to finish a pair of socks first.
    And you were spot on with your commentary of the Songs of the World Concert. Totally share your vantage point, and views.

  51. You are amazing. My needles get bigger and bigger the closer I get to Christmas. I have 1 1/2 sleeves of a sweater for my daughter, 1 small thrummed mitt, two pairs of slippers, and a pair of fingerless mittens for my DH. I think I’ll start knitting for next Christmas in January (yeah right). Happy Solstice from Denver, Colorado!

  52. I wouldn’t dream of calling crazy the notion of turning a 12 inch wrap into an 80 inch one by the 29th, since I have a three inch stole to turn into a 72 inch stole by Jan 10. I would, however, point out that I assume you’re going to block it SEVERELY, which will gain you some inches.
    But for cryin’ out loud — seconds count. If you’d knit that hat in the round like a sensible child you’d have gained the time you spent seaming it, time you could have spent, oh, going to the bathroom or brewing a pot of coffee. You’re making EZ weep.

  53. Good Yule, Steph. I BOUGHT MORE YARN TODAY. Does this mean I am In IT?
    Socks A and B are lovely, but I am totally taken with socks B. Those are the Trekking ones, right. They remind me of a winter sky, which is changeable even down here in Texas.
    Knit on with hope and good will!

  54. I’m impressed – nog and screech lead me to sleep and relax, so they are off limits til the 25th. Coffee, interspersed with espresso is my method. Chocolate is a good idea too – I’ll add it to my shoppig list.
    key to my plan is the following chant: Sleep is overrated. Sleep is overrated. Sleep is overrated. (and I’m not even in the same crunch you are…)

  55. You can do it! After all, you inspired me to decide to knit four scarves mere days ago, for Christmas. And they’re … getting there (starting one over tonight notwithstanding). I know, four scarves is nothing compared to what you’re going to accomplish, but … I’m not such an expert knitter. I said this on my blog, but I don’t think *everyone’s* read it, so can risk repeating myself here. We’re knitters. DelusionImeanOptimism is our middle name!

  56. …Well. It is the season of perpetual hope. ^_^ Good luck! If anyone can do it, I’d place my bets on you.

  57. Three words:
    I was going to say God, but seriously, unless s/he intervenes and slows down the passage of time, I think it might be better to start praying to yarn. I have several projects completed, but if I knit as many gifts as what I really wanted to finish for Christmas this year, I would be knitting 6 more gifts this season. I’m sooooo screwed. I don’t knit nearly as fast as you.

  58. At this point I would make a pretty IOU Certificate and wrap it with the yarn! Then I’d hit the nog pretty heavily and relax.

  59. enterprising is good. sort of.
    Wishing you all the luck (and time) in the world.
    enjoy the chocolate! 😛

  60. So… just finished a doll for my son, so, the count is left to a small teddy for my baby niece (just added it… I know, I know…) and maybe that hat you just threw up there.
    Thanks a lot. yeesh. 😛

  61. My suggested plan for you:
    Do what’s possible, with frequent breaks for nog, screech and occasionally, sleep. What doesn’t get done, well, it doesn’t get done. They get a wrapped WIP and it gets finished as soon as possible after the holiday.
    Remember, Christmas is not just for giving, but also for relaxation and celebration.

  62. Y’know how there’s that old saying, “If you think you have it bad because you have no shoes, look to the man who has no feet and be grateful”?
    I think I’m looking at the legless woman.
    Good luck, arlot. We’re rooting for you out here while we sense the tinge o’ crazy in our own ITs.

  63. Thanks for the hat pattern — I think I may make one FOR MYSELF (after Christmas, of course, and after the other two projects I’m in the middle of, by which time it’ll probably be, oh, July). Wondering what your plan is for the matching scarf — interesting stitches, or superfast garter stitch, or what?
    I very much enjoy your blog and I’m hoping for a copy of Bookbookbook in my Xmas stocking. 🙂

  64. My own holiday knitting is doing fairly well. Finished the socks (that was the mandatory knitting), knitted a pair of gloves for my son – he knew about them, so he already has them. Decided late yesterday to knit a pair for my hubby, and I am half-way through the first one (they are SO easy!!). BUT, there are babies in the air and a little red and white intarsia baby blanket from Vogue’s little baby blanket book is calling me. I have never done intarsia, but there is a first time for everything………

  65. One smoke-ring (75%), one top-down hat (0%), seam up the Gromit figure (10% and NOT going well), felt some stuff (hee hee already drying!), a scarf (I do know WHICH yarn I’m buying). Ummm… why is the LYS near my parents closed at 7:01 PM when I drive up, following errands and groceries for Other People??? By the way, we open presents on CHRISTMAS EVE at first starlight. That cuts off at least 17 hours of knitting time right out, if you count “helping” Those People in the kitchen.
    Where in the he$#%^& is that d&*@, stinkin’ 1-800 number? People, I do NOT have time to dink around looking for it!
    Twitchily yours.

  66. I taught a co-worker how to make socks this year. She did really well… She is, however, going to have to wrap up the socks with the needles in to be finished later at leisure. My influence, while good over all, does include this technique, utilized a number of times myself. It takes the pressure off just knowing you can do this. So instead of rushing and making mistakes you can actually work on the knitting. Sometimes you can get it finished!!
    Not me… 1 1/2 pairs of clogs to go and NO free time in the next 3 days to concentrate!!
    Go Girls…

  67. I have faith in you that these gifts will fly off your fingers. With the MTA strike here in NY, I’ve been home the last two days – knitting! I got a ride today and read the blog – wow-hat pattern – I can make some of those before Christmas. This will be the last day I’ll be near a computer until Jan 2 so here’s to insanity and knitting up until the last second. A joyous holiday to you and your from me and mine. And, by the way, what is screech?

  68. I think I’m under the influence of crazy people. I went out after work last night and bought yarn for a long scarf – the one Steph described a few days ago – worked like a charm. I have a scarf all ready to go, EXCEPT (and here I need help), what is the best way to knot the self-fringes? Please. A hint.
    120 stitches cast on for the second scarf. A veritable breeze.

  69. Of course you can do it. I will be here several hours South doing exactly the same thing and I’m going to complete all my projects too. At least you have the yarn purchased for everything and I didn’t hear you mention that you were trying to make a skirt for your daughter on a size smaller (and longer)circular needle than what it’s called for and, of course, are not making a gauge swatch, just pushing up a size or so to make the difference even out to an exact fit. I did complete a pair of alligator mittens from the Stich’n Bitch Nation book after not having them turn out the first time, then thinking to check for corrections to the pattern on the internet…making such corrections and have them turn out really, really cute. So! We can all do this. I thrive on deadlines and absolutely love knitting the week of Christmas so I’m in heaven. Instead of Screech, I’ll be nipping into my bottle of Irish Cream I use for my cakes, which is also on the list of things to do today/soon. First I have to wrap everything, then to the cakes, cookies and candy while I knit. We are all fine and we will all get our gifts completed, wrapped and ready to go for Christmas morning (I’m sorry to those opening gifts on Christmas Eve. I hope you planned your frenzy accordingly.) Our sisterhood will give us strength. Onward.

  70. You go, girl!
    You are inspiring me. I just finished the fourth pair of fingerless gloves in three weeks, putting me behind on everything else (they were due on the 20th). Now I’m only knitting for other knitters, whom I know will appreciate the effort.
    Sometimes, when I’m up to my elbows in cookie dough for all the batches and batches I make to send to friends, family, teachers I stop and think – who’s doing this for me? Is anyone else losing sleep (and sanity) trying to get a gift ready for me for Christmas. Probably not. So I guess that’s not why I do it.
    Thanks for that scarf pattern – I have till the 27th to get that one done.
    Merry Christmas!

  71. Just a warning if you switch to coffee (or incorporate it somehow with screech/nog) – don’t have too much or you’ll get jittery. I’m thinking knitting is a lot more difficult when your hands are shaking!
    All the best – I know you can do it!

  72. I know you don’t want to hear this right now, but I have to admit that a knitting marathon involving chocolate, eggnog and whatever-screech-is sounds kind of fun. I know you’ll get them all done! You might be drunk and fat by the end, but you’ll get them all done.

  73. P.S. Drunk, fat and knitting is my idea of great holiday, by the way. Assuming screech is alcoholic, or you’re putting rum in your nog…

  74. Here is my tip about the whole fraternal sock thing…. Any time I have ever tried to get socks to match exactly it never works, but if I start out saying I just don’t care, they usually end up matching by accident. I have also found that this seems to be the way most people successfully get pregnant. The ones trying to, can’t, and the ones ones who aren’t even thinking about it always do.

  75. I’m with you! Ignore all this “come to your senses” talk – they’re just slowing us down.
    But it may be time to categorize or “make piles.” I have the “must have done by Christmas Eve” pile, the one for Christmas Day, the one for I-could-mail-the-gifts-but-I-won’t-see-them-opening-them-so-I’ll-let-them-know-I-want-this-joy-and-plan-a-visit-so-that-the-gifts-will-be-done-then (a comforting, stress-easer this one is, even if this pile is getting bigger). And finally, my brother requested knit “wall art” for his Dec. 29th birthday – so I’m making it in miniature and presenting it as a teaser. Because how in the world could I finish a 4 foot by 10 foot blanket/wallart in a week. I know, I know, don’t question “how,” just do it.
    Screech on…

  76. We’re obviously into the same hat pattern in interests of saving time; and yes, Rams is totally on the ball: use circ’s. Who needs the hassle of seaming this late in the game?
    As for the rest of your enterprising plans: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA…. (sorry, couldn’t help myself!)

  77. Actually, I don’t think you’re as bad off as you were last year. I mean, it’s not like you’re knitting Latvian Mittens or anything…

  78. Just be careful with that Screech if you want to finish all those projects!
    You are like a knitting super woman. Of course you can do it!

  79. maybe delusional…but hell! delusions can be VERY useful. i’m employing several myself….1/4 lace scarf, 1/2 spiral scarf, 1/2 blankie, 1/2 slipper, 1 puppy, 1 washclothe and 90% of a baby sweater. Shea…right. whatever. I plan on avoiding some of these people until January 2nd!

  80. I have finished the lace scarf for DS’s girlfriend (it will be her first Hannukah). Thanks for the reminder to just enjoy the lights and my family.

  81. Ok, sorry to be ignorant, but, what is screech? Will it help me knit faster than chardonnay does? Love your site, read it daily-it’s addictive- like this knitting…

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