We are a simple people

Yesterday I sat on the couch and knit a scarf. Last night Ken sat on the couch and knit a scarf. Beginning to end, maybe 2 hours apiece. This is mine and not his,


but dude, it was a fast, wickedly quick stocking stuffer. If you’re feeling like maybe all this Christmas knitting is getting you down, do one of these. They aren’t all that slick, but it gives you a wool buzz that lasts for hours.

Someone will ask me, I know they will (Now, you know that I would usually mock anyone who couldn’t figure this out, but I understand that with mere days to go you may be drunk and hostile rushing, and that there is little time for useful thought, so I will forgive you for not taking the time to sort your own garter stitch scarf out. Do not expect this sort of lassitude in June, when if you ask me for the exact same thing I shall laugh and laugh and deny you cake.) so here is the pattern, such as it is.

Bulky wool, about 120 metres, (or a combination of yarns that give you bulky, like 3 strands of worsted held together) size 8mm circular needle. (Get a long one, maybe 80cm.)

Gauge: Seriously? It’s a scarf…how will it not fit? What could happen? I mean for the love of…. 8 stitches to 4 inches.

Cast on 120 stitches (loosely) and leave the tail hanging. Knit a row, and when you get to the end, leave a long loop hanging. A loop as long as you would like your fringe to be. Knit 20 rows total, then cast of loosely (I am serious about the looseness) and cut your loops to make fringe, snug up the ends and tie two strands of the hanging ends together in an overhand knot, all the way across.


To make stripes, begin and end new colours at will, leaving the ends hanging as you go.

When you are done, block the whole thing by wetting it and then giving it a nice tug and hanging it to dry. It will likely grow a fair bit at that point. Mine did, coming in at about 170cm (66 inches) excluding fringe when it was dry.

There are better other scarves like this here, here and here. Go nuts. Two hours, one present.

While Ken was knitting his version I kept bugging him. “Isn’t it fast? Isn’t it funny? Isn’t it cracking you up? Ken? Ken?” and Ken (who really loves it when he comes over and I not only force him to knit things but also harass him while he does so) did concede that he was having a pretty good time and that it was holding his interest because (get this) the slight variegation in the yarn made it “interesting to watch”.

I agreed (somehow) that it was sort of intriguing to see it change from light blue to dark blue to medium blue to dark again….and that I too had found it gripping.


We are a simple people.

Blanket race:

Days: 14

Balls of yarn knit up: 13 (yes. I’m a day behind, but I knit a scarf…)

Balls of yarn left to go: 6

Babies weights: Just a smidge above birth-weight

Mood: Well… did I mention I made a scarf!

Finally, for Carole, Carol, Patti, Tree and Lora all of whom felt it necesarry to point out that they were finished their gift knitting in the comments yesterday…..The rest of us would like your addresses.

We’re just going to come over and force you to knit presents for our families until you weep tears and admit that adequate planning, foresight, intelligence and normal human reason just aren’t worth it bring you some cookies.

87 thoughts on “We are a simple people

  1. Hee Hee Hee. I might just have to make one or three. How many days till the big day now? 12 ACK! I don’t think I am going to make it with what I have going as it is. Happy knitting!

  2. Oh, the scarf is very pretty. I might have to whip one of those up before Christmas. What’s one more gift added to the list.

  3. Sigh – I thought I could resist. In my 20+ years of knitting, I have run away from holiday knitting. WTF happened this year!? I have plans to knit (in the next 2 weeks mind you , because I only decided to start this on the 11th) 9 presents!
    I blame you. And the scarf is wonderful.

  4. Lol! Glad it’s not just me. It’s what? 13…12…whatever, it is really freaking close to Christmas and I have um…exactly two projects out of twenty bajillion (is SO a number) done for the Christmas knitting. No gifts bought and no food in my house.
    But my house is decorated and some laundry is done. So there’s that. (The tree is dropping needles like a cat sheds and by Christmas it may be a very nicely decorated piece of kindling…but whatever. It’s up.)
    Good luck to all and to all a giant hot cup of coffee (with or without schnapps).

  5. The end to end scarves are very fun to knit, yours looks nice and snuggly. One tip I will pass along, Cast on and off using 12mm needle, then knit with your 8mm needle. This way you don’t need to worry about the too tight cast on or off stitches.

  6. I am not one of The Finished.
    Ironically, the one project (but it’s a big one) presently occupying most of my waking hours is very much like your scarf, except I’m using DK yarn, using a size 7 needle, and each row is 210 stitches or so. I don’t know I can’t remember any more. Just as I can’t remember I time when I was not knitting this thing and can’t envision a time when I will not be knitting this thing.

  7. NO, I don’t want to know how many days left! There aren’t enough. My daughter comes home from university NEXT Monday, and I still haven’t found enough living room floor to stand on, much less put a tree up in. So, what am I doing here, anyway???
    BTW, seriously, a Merry Christmas to all and sundry. Things either will get done or they won’t. Family is more important and we celebrate all 12 days of Christmas, which means that Christmas presents can get done as late as January 6!!! Let’s hear it for the Magi!

  8. Are you serious there are knitters out there who are finished with holiday knitting? Are you sure they are not fibbing just a tad???? In true Harlot tradition I decided to frog the first sweater I ever knit (not wearable by a human) and reknit a vest as an Xmas gift. Took a day to frog and wind the yarn, took a day to discover I didn’t have gauge (what me swatch?) and now I am thinking of doubling the yarn but worry if I do I won’t have enough to finish the vest. I’ll have to do an IOU present at this rate….

  9. All my friends (ok, all the friends I’ll actually knit for) are getting these very chic (read fast, cheap, and entertaining to knit) little neck scarves. Buy one ball of yarn per scarf (great chance to use super fancy yarn you can only afford a single skein of), cast on enough to give you 3-4 inches of width, knit in whatever pattern you fancy (opportunity here to experiment with lace patterns without tackling a whole shawl — unless of course you’re feeling panicked, in which case stick to garter), and knit long enough that you can wrap the thing around your neck with a little overlap. Buy a cute pin to fasten it, or attach ribbons to tie it, or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, knit in a button hole and add a pretty button. I’ve done three in the past week and I’m not bored yet — woo hoo!

  10. I got the surprise of my life: my MIL, who in the past always disparaged my “wasted time” spent knitting, assuming that of course I’d knit something for her daughter and granddaughter, and since they (the grandparents) are here visiting from 3000 miles away, and it’s my birthday, we are going to the LYS TOGETHER, buying the yarn, and I am going to madly knit up some of those quickie scarves with just the greatest glee in the world. YES!!!

  11. Great. Something else I really like and could make for someone. Oh yeah, I’m already making something for EVERYONE I know! (Because if I don’t, someone will compare notes, and then I get to hear “So and So got a cashmere scarf, and I got a candle? Don’t you like me?” Ok, there’s 280 hours left before 6am on Christmas, and I have 1-1/2 socks, 5 neckies and 2-1/2 thrummed mitts to finish. And a job that they expect me to toil at. I think I can cast on a scarf…

  12. Dear Harlot,
    Just to make you feel a little better, I haven’t STARTED my holiday knitting yet. I just ordered the yarn this morning. And I have 50 more pages to write, as well.
    And I’m allergic to coffee!

  13. Can we push Christmas back by 10 or so days??? Who would have guessed that those damn Harry Potter scarves would take so effing long to make?? My first of three took me 10 days, and that’s with only doing 10 of the 13 repeats. I’ve two more to make in the next 10 days, as well as a hat for my Dad. I’m screwed.
    PS. I LOVE that scarf. The colours are delish!

  14. Cookies. That’s right. Cookies with ground-up Christmas tree ornaments in them. (ooooo pretty sparkles)

  15. I’m finished with my christmas stuff, but I have SIX borthdays and in anniversary in January…so now I’m stressing about those.

  16. Ken is right; the color variation is quite yummy. Literally, perhaps, since it is food color dye. All in all a very successful experiment in dyeing, using up stash, and speed knitting — totally gives you back the time you lost to the smelly goat.
    But spare me those big, big needles. They really hurt my hands.

  17. Finished with their gift knitting?! See..that’s why I so rarely read through the comments. Clearly nothing but pain and shame await me there.

  18. I do hope you were feeding poor Ken wine while you were badgering him about the glories of your quickie scarf…
    (p.s. Ken – I bought some ear protectors on the weekend that let you tune out certain decibels as you see fit. I can fix you up. Call me.)

  19. Every time I think I’m finished with knitting presents, someone else comes to mind and I frantically search my stash to see if a) I have enough to knit a scarf, b) what easy, easy, pattern can I find to knit said scarf, and c) is this person really, really scarf-worthy?
    Everyone is getting scarves this year. When I learn how to knit socks, watch out baby! Here they come!
    Attempted to make my mother a shawl from a scarf pattern, but made it too, too wide, ran out of yarn and and now it’s a lap blanket. We must adapt to our conditions.

  20. Well, my Christmas 2005 knitting now falls into two categories:
    1. Still at the spinning stage (and the yarn will need to be dyed before I knit it, AND it has to be mailed to another state).
    2. Officially postponed until Christmas 2006.
    Feel better now?

  21. About those knitted Christmas presents, I learned long ago NEVER to finish knitted presents. Receiving a finished knitted object makes those ungrateful sods (oops, gift recipients) scorn the value of a hand knit item. Rather, giving an unfinished item makes the recipient appreciate all the hard work that goes into the item. For example, this year my husband will receive a Dale of Norway pattern. He can go to the store with me and select the colors of his choice. Then, he will receive some sleeves for Valentine’s day, a torso for his birthday and the completed sweater or, maybe for Halloween 2006!!! And, he will witness the sweat, tears, frustration (oops–love) that goes into each stitch!!!

  22. I wasn’t going to knit anything for Christmas. Then, a few weeks back, I finished (yet another) Branching Out and decided it’d make a nice Christmas present for my mother-in-law. As MIL was going to get a handknit present, I had to start socks for mom. And naturally I’ll have to whip up something for both dads now too, so they won’t feel left out…
    Oh, by the way, in Finland gifts are given on Christmas Eve, not on Christmas Day. My brother will get a pretty card saying I’ll knit him socks later on.

  23. I haven’t finished gift knitting, or gift stitching for that matter, and I am not attempting anything more difficult than cat toys and washcloths!

  24. Dear Stephanie,
    If I were a knitter/writer of world renown (which, of course, I am not, but *you* are) who had delivered three (count ’em…3!) books to her publisher in just one year (which you did. I have a blog, but no books to my credit) I think I would gather a large stack of all my fabulous books and autograph each one (who knows what they’ll be worth someday. Think EZ ever thought her stuff would sell for so much? Eh?) and wrap a package of books for each of my loved ones and friends, stick a big bow on top, put them under the tree and be done with IT. Then I’d make some tea and go spin. Or nap. Or read.
    Just sayin’. I mean, if *I* were a world famous author…

  25. I knit very little for Christmas, becasue everyone in my family knits for everyone else in my family. I am the youngest, ergo, off the hook.
    And, I am straight at a stick, but it very hard not to fall in love with a good writer.
    We are a blessed people.

  26. I also am not finished with the Christmas knitting. I thought I was because I had knit for my boyfriend’s entire family and was done by Thanksgiving. Then I remembered that I had forgotten I had to knit for my family too and am now hoping that one lonely skein of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Lemondrop shows up on my doorstep in time to finish a hat and mittens for my father. Also I have managed to add about three more people to my list of people who need things and bought a few *ahem* ounces of roving to spin up, you know, for fun. You’re not alone!

  27. sigh… now see – THAT is what I should have decided on for one of my parents instead of a more time consuming smaller/fancier knit scarf… not that either of mine would take you as long as it is taking me as a beginner, but I know from my scarf I started for myself for fun that BIG MEANS QUICK!!! lol!

  28. Hey, where’s Ken’s version? I need to knit a few quickies up for myself soon, just to add variety in my wardrobe and because I am sooooo sick of knitting for everyone else. Heh.

  29. I can’t get anyone to wear scarves… there is something wrong with my family.
    On the other hand I’ve made 2 toques, and a 3rd is on its way. Plus I’ve finished (well ok I have to sew it up) one fingerless glove an haven’t cast on the other one…. no comment. But I did make this cool knitted garland! Too cute for words!

  30. The scarf looks soft and warm, and most importantly it’s one more knitted item off your list. Huzzah!
    (slinks off, muttering about her own less than finished Christmas knitting and something about alcohol)

  31. Oooh, I love cookies! I’ll be waiting for you all to arrive. And I’ll be knitting. Socks for me. Because the Christmas knitting is done. I should probably point out that the only knitting I did for Christmas this year is one branching out scarf.

  32. This scarf is wonderful! Can I get some sympathy from you all- my boyfriend does NOT understand Christmas knitting. He wants me to go pack my apartment to move in with him. I would rather knit. Besides, I am moving in a full 6 days after Christmas- shouldn’t that mean I can have an extra 6 days now to knit?? Life is so unfair… speaking of which, why is knitting not allowed in the workplace?!

  33. I had to write and tell you about my two most wonderful friends. I had plans to knit shrugs for my two twenty-something-year-old nieces for Christmas. One shrug was a little over half finished when I developed tendonitis in my left biceps and can’t knit. Argh! I thought the girls were going to have to settle for PJs for Christmas! Then two of my friends volunteered to take over my Christmas knitting — one completed an entire shrug for me and the other finished the one I had started. Both shrugs are finished and ready to wrap! Do I have wonderful friends, or what?

  34. The scarf looks lovely and I would make one for my SIL except that she does not like wool. Wait, that is a good enough reason to make her one! She always gives me things I can’t use. I will have too see if I have any bulky wool in the stash. I was going to give her some knit washcloths but the first one is still on the needles. I thnk I will be knitting her a wool scarf.
    And I will help with the cookies that we need to bring to all of those who have finished their Christmas knitting. I make a really wicked pan of brownies that contain an extra ingredient or two….

  35. Christmas knitting? I laugh in the face of Christmas knitting! I just finished my last final and have nothing to do until I graduate from college on Friday (yay!), so you would think I had time to finish my CHristmas knitting. But no, I cast on and have been working on a hat for a friend’s baby. She just told me last nite that she was pregnant. Not due for months. But I am knitting for this baby instead of finisheing holiday knitting with gift exchange FOUR DAYS AWAY. I laugh in the face of deadlines! I am tempting fate!! Weee!!!

  36. Stephanie, I agree with Stacie…your books would be wonderful gifts. I’m currently reading “At Knit’s End” – love it! Can’t wait to buy the others.
    On the other hand, that scarf is wonderful. I NEVER thought to knit a scarf SIDEWAYS (duh!!). This is why I read the knitting blogs (so I can learn from the more experienced knitters)!
    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! (of course, now I have yet ANOTHER project added to my Christmas present list…)
    I still say we have plenty of time before Christmas!

  37. Oh please . . . they finished their Christmas Knitting!!!! Stealth knitters no doubt . . . I know I will not finish . . . Oh well.

  38. Cassie has a fabulous plan to knit a gift a month starting in January, so that when December comes we will not be panicked. I think it’s a great plan, and I’m in, but I fear that when it’s june, I may get rather lax about it. I’m hoping she keeps me in line (or that I keep myself in line), and I hope I stick with the program. I swore I wouldn’t do any holiday knitting, but of course, I’m doing it to myself. Grrrr. thanks for the inspiration for the adorable sideways scarf. You rock.

  39. Hey, I didn’t say finished. More like nearly finished, or will be finished… just the neckband and sewing up of dh sweater, one bottom to a felted slipper (bottoms wear out faster than tops and I’m going to try and do a replacement job), turning a nicely blocked piece of knitting into an ear warmer/head wrap sort-of thing. Oh, and Laurie’s skirt. The skirt from Hell. It may never be done. And she is waiting for it. Must work on skirt. Must work on skirt. Please, bring the cookies!

  40. Thanks so much for putting a beginner sweater. I am a new knitter and only know how to do straight knitting right now. In Jan. classes start for more advanced beginners and then I can do the purl. This has been so much fun learning. I already crochet so this is great to know both!

  41. Only last Friday, I was one of those knitters feeling smug. And then I found out that my sister-in-law needed new mittens. Oh, and she loves handknits. So off to buy some yarn and start those (and the present I was going to give her will work just as well for her birthday, or if the mittens are a failure). Today, had the urge to start knitting a basket for my stepmom and had to go buy some yarn for that. Hopefully I’m done with these urges, because time is running out!

  42. now i know what to do with those handspun bulky singles ~ thank you! exactly what my mom will love, i know it. and thanks for the pattern too – maybe after the holidays, i’ll be all “duh!” but right now, it’s a godsend and i’m printing it out immediately.

  43. LMAO @ bring you cookies.
    I too am (almost) done with my Christmas knitting, but the presents I knitted stand thus: one pair of size one mittens. That’s it, that’s all. Although now I’m thinking about a scarf…

  44. Very nice work. I had resolved not to do holiday knitting this year because I really don’t have the time. But as I watch you produce lovely and quick handknits I feel myself wavering…
    I gather I could progress from Stage 1 to IT in less than a day–that would be very bad.

  45. Mmmmm. Cookies. And look! They sparkle!
    I started knitting for Christmas 2005 in January 2005. I’m pretty sure that’s a symptom of something I’d rather not know I have…

  46. Oh yea! I see “TEACHER GIFT” all over that one! Thanks for the seriously so obvious that I shouldn’t have even needed it, gift idea! I am in a mad crazy rush and sick to boot so, I’ll take any help I can get!

  47. Lovely scarf- love the dye job. I’ve reached IT. 3 largish Christmas projects on the needles, and the yarn for a fourth just arrived yesterday…

  48. Laundry half-way done, two and a half pairs of socks knitted, a pitiful number of presents bought, no tree (yet), and no holiday baking (except for the gingerbread house my 8 year-old bugged me to make). I have two kids’ concerts to attend this week and have to feed 175 people (85 japanese students and their host families) pizza on Thursday. Oh yeah! and hubby wants prime rib for Xmas dinner.

  49. heee hee heeee!
    that last bit made me laugh like a maniac, my cat is looking at me like I’m a big scary monster.
    autumn’s daughter

  50. The holiday knitting. I still have to knit up a sweater for my mum, a scarf for my friend’s mum, a new hat for my mate, a scarf for my mate’s mum, a blanket for my nephew, and small sweater for nephew #2, and finally a few scarves and belts for my sisters. Tell me about stress.

  51. Oh, goodness, it seems obvious, doesn’t it? I have one week to make two scarves, and I am freaking out. Thank you for the idea, I think this will save Christmas!! It seems so obvious when you read it… Garter stitch!!

  52. Until this post (which my dear friend Torn saw) I had convinced him that the materialism of christmas was overburdening and meaningless. We were practically gloating over the fact that we didn’t have to add each other’s name to the lists.
    But Torn read your overly bragging post today, (I’m sorry, I know you are Canadian and that you all avoid bragging. But your gleeful assertion of a two hour scarf emboldened Torn.) and now because I’m a sniveling jerk who won’t say no, I’m stuck with another project. Which is really two because his husband will want one too.
    On top of it all, a very dear friend who doesn’t understand the ways of stash innocently asked if she might use some of my material today. I’m going to suck it up and explain what a greedy pig I am, but it isn’t going to be easy.
    Now, if Torn requests hand dyed wool to make that scarf because he also read yesterday’s post, I’m going to be bitter.

  53. Sideways, yeah. I started a throw out of some Colinette I bought for a sweater years ago, and after several abortive sweater attempts, decided on a throw. Lost interest, and realized that if I just cast off, I’d have a really long scarf. Best part is I still have enough Colinette left for two or three more scarves!
    But not before Christmas…
    I gave myself permission to stop sending Christmas cards (until April) and to stop doing all that baking that I seem to eat solo, and I have just about enough time to finish a scarf for my husband. After that, it’s too late for this year so December 26 I’ll start for 2006!
    Happy Christmas, Harlot! Finding your blog was a fortunate day for me.

  54. 12 days, the last 5 inches of one mohair lace-weight scarf and 29 more squares to do on an afghan before Christmas. Plus 10 stitch markers and 6 pairs of earrings to make, care direction sleeves to make for all knitting, present wrapping and shipping to do. I am considering taking a day off work at this
    point. Why do we have Christmas again?

  55. WooHoo- Ya bringing cookies? My FAVS are peanut butter! I’ll have some Merlot chilled and my needles ready to help in any way I can ;o)
    Believe it or not, I AM contemplating some slippers in CHUNKY, FAST yarn for a friend! So Maybe “It” just has been waiting to pounce on me until the lst possible moments before gift-exchanging time.
    I DID finishe BOTH of your books today ( I am a VERY fast reader) and LOVE them to death! I want MORE girl! How DO you do it ALL?

  56. WooHoo- Ya bringing cookies? My FAVS are peanut butter! I’ll have some Merlot chilled and my needles ready to help in any way I can ;o)
    Believe it or not, I AM contemplating some slippers in CHUNKY, FAST yarn for a friend! So Maybe “It” just has been waiting to pounce on me until the lst possible moments before gift-exchanging time.
    I DID finishe BOTH of your books today ( I am a VERY fast reader) and LOVE them to death! I want MORE girl! How DO you do it ALL?

  57. I have been struggling with a striped scarf for my just-turned-40 friend since yesterday, and you have given me the best idea! It’s gonna look great and be done in a snap! Thanks!

  58. “Finished”? Your northern ways are strange to me … What is this “finished” of which you speak …?

  59. Probably doing my last posting before Christmas. Best of luck with your completion dates. A southern hemisphere summer Christmas = no knitted presents .
    I’ve posted a pattern for egg cosies on my blog if you’re interested. It takes about an 1 hour at most using 4xdpn and 8ply (I think it’s DK over there?) wool. Easy project and v. funky looking while enjoying a boiled egg and toast soldiers. Comfort for the comfort food.

  60. Another easy fast gift that I gave this year is knitting a garter stitch scarf width-wise rather than length-wise. Cast on 16 stitches on size 13 needles with any mohair-ish type yarn. In my case, I just knit to the end of the ball (which was KnitPicks Suri Alpaca yarn) and cast off. Pretty affordable and really appreciated gift. I’m giving out seven of them and every lady who’s received one says they’re really the style now. I don’t wear them myself, but I do love giving a knitted gift that’s easy, quick, and – best of all – appreciated. Joyous knitting to all!

  61. Another knit scarf that’s easy and quick (each of mine took four hours to make; that doesn’t beat your two-hour scarf, but if you get tired of one pattern, here’s another). Knit the scarf in garter stitch width-wide (instead of length-wise). I cast on 16 stitches on size 13 needles and knit to the end of the ball (in my case, I knit seven this year with KnitPick’s Suri Alpaca yarn; a single skein makes one long scarf). Each recipient this year has been thrilled and says these mohair-like scarves are in style now. Who knew? Not me. Anywho, joyous knitting!

  62. Another great blog from the Harlot! I too was bogged down muttering in my eggnog about a Xmas sweater whose neckline I did not like. The other side of my brain was figuring how to present those oh-so-obvious gift cards. Sudden brainstorm – use a baby bootee pattern, thicker yarn, bigger needles and away you go! One has snowflakes on and the other a Xmas tree with teeny-tiny pompoms stuck on as decorations. Great way to use up odds and ends from your stash! The real bonus was at the same time I figured out the pesky neckline. Happy knitting everyone!

  63. Oh man, every day brings me closer to Christmas, and I still haven’t finished the baby blanket I’m working on. Fortunately, when it comes to knitting, I only have that, and a scarf and a half left to knit, so I should be done on time.
    I hope.
    Though if someone would like to knit that second scarf for me, it’d free up some more of my time for the baby blanket. :p

  64. Hey. Hey! I’ve been looking at these two balls of copper-colored ribbon yarn that my friend loves, trying to think what to do with them that would be interesting (and fast) to knit. I going to try this pattern; she will love the fringe, and I will love the speed of it. Now, back to my half-brioche green acrylic scarf for my 12 yo nephew. Sigh.

  65. I am also finished with my holiday knitting, but not because I finished my holiday knitting. Really, I’ve just decided that mittens will make excellent and unexpected Valentines Day presents.

  66. Knit, knit, knit! I’m furiously trying to finish a matching pair of sweaters for my nieces…using boucle yarn, of all things. When did I decide to make matching sweaters? Um…on Sunday.
    They’re both little, so that’s in my favour. But still! Why? Why did I decide to do sweaters?

  67. Well, I too am finished my holiday knitting, BUT that is only because I am not giving anyone a knitted gift this year. Now don’t swoon at the horror or shake your head at my shoddy care of my family, there are reasons…..no one lost the gloves, mittens, hats or scarves I knit for them last year. The felted slippers they received last year or the year before still fit and are wearing wonderfully. And the twins were nice enough to schedule their birth for the Thanksgiving weekend with plenty of advance notice, so they received their knitted items when they arrived home. Now the holiday weaving for teachers, 1.5 dish towels and 1 scarf to go, that’s another story – not done yet. And the big, must be done before the holiday project, redecorating the living room – 1.5 walls to prep for painting, including stripping painted wallpaper and patching, entire room of old, nasty carpet and padding to rip out, portion of wall to cut out and repair (thank you to prior owners for just covering over the damage caused by an old leak) – new furniture delivery Tuesday 12/20. Would be no problem if I didn’t have to work for a living!

  68. You are a fringe genius. I love making quick scarves but hate HATE HATE!!!!! the fringing part. Again, Fringe Goddess, I have realized why I read your blog so attentively!

  69. Oooh… that Rowan Big Wool I’ve been stashing is looking tempting… and I already own it, so I’d be destashing while working with yarn that I love!
    That fringe idea? The best thing I’ve heard all day.

  70. I found a new Knitter yesterday. In my Kid’s Knitting class, one of the girls brought in a scarf she started for her mom for Christmas. Its about 4 inches along…. Yep. Knitter.

  71. I’m nearly finished the scarf I’m knitting. It’s 2ply. Lace. I’d guess it’s taken me over 100 hours. There’s been a bit of frogging involved too.
    I was knitting it for my mum for last Christmas, but I guess this Christmas will have to do.

  72. Why must everyone I need to knit for be allergic to wool??? It’s bulky and knits up so quickly. Dangit, I’m making a scarf or two tonight. Thanks for the idea.

  73. you are a temptress. i am actually knitting at my desk at work this week, because otherwise i won’t finish in time for christmas. plus, i find it intimdate anyone who wanders into my office in search of advice. (my sticks are sharp friend, be wary). but, maybe i can squeeze in some time for the lovely bulky organic i dyed into varigated blues and greens and haven’t found a project for yet. this is tempting!

  74. Thanks for the idea. I had some spare yarn around and a pair of needles, so I whipped one of the scarves up. Its almost dry and ready!

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