Whew and then some

Dudes. That was a bit much. There really isn’t ever going to be enough time to talk about everything that has happened since Thursday, and I’m officially giving up. I’ve been sitting here thinking (in as much as I am capable of thought, so entirely tired am I) of how to weave the last several days into a reasonable story, and it just won’t come together – so I’m not even going to try. I’m just going to toss it out there and let it be out there.


Somewhat caffeinated (but not enough, by now there could never be enough) I arrive in Jacksonville and am stunned to discover that this is where the warm went. I check into my room at the hotel and lie face down on the bed until it’s time to get up and go see the Jacksonville knitters. (Note to self. Interesting that this is where the warm is and that there are still this many knitters here. Proof of knitting’s appeal. These people do not need to be warm and are knitting anyway.)





I see cute babies and young knitters, this is Samina (from the comments) and Pete, and Kathy and Sam and Sydney and Channing (who is so totally an Annabelle – if you’ve read the new book. I’m surprised the picture of her isn’t totally blurry – this is a fast moving kid.)


There were first sock knitters aplenty, like Mary, Sara, Chris, and Lori. (You will note that there appears to be a Jacksonville outbreak of tiny sock disease.)


Kimber made signs, and lots of knitters signed one of them and I got to take it home! ( That’s Tricia helping her hold them.)


Corrina felt badly that her friends Kathy and Chris couldn’t come. So she brought them (sort of.)


Carol brought me a washcloth, and Nikki brought Erin’s washcloth. (Gotta love that team playing.)


and Patti brought me a picture of the baptism gown that she knit in only two weeks. TWO Weeks. Boggles the mind when knitters pull of this crazy stuff.


I did not ask her what those two weeks were like. We all know.

It was a great stop, and Kathe and her crew did a great job.


I make my way to Philadelphia, where Juno picks me up at the airport, and then we had salad (bought danskos, which makes me very happy because I have been wanting some) and began the 2.5 hour drive to Rhinebeck.

Six hours later, after several navigational mishaps, traffic that we shall never speak of again and an entirely bizarre experience or ten – during which it became really, really clear that we were on a voyage of the damned….

We arrived at Rhinebeck.

Saturday/ Sunday:

I revel in the glory that is Rhinebeck, and bring you back pictures. They are bad pictures mostly, but I was very tired and the wool fumes are dangerous and influence my skills. They are also very bad pictures, because although I deeply regret being forced to admit that I am this sort of person, I have lost the piece of paper on which I wrote the names of some of these people, and had I not met hundreds of knitters in the last little while I might stand a chance at remembering their names, but I have met hundreds of knitters and it was Rhinebeck and I am that sort of person and I am very, very sorry. Kindly identify yourself if you see yourself… will you? I beg a thousand pardons.

Click to embiggen the smaller ones.



Baa, baa, Jess, Maryse.

This is Karen (man.. I think it was Karen. If you’re not Karen I feel really bad.) Karen (or she I’m calling Karen) is showing me her first, second, third and fifth pairs of socks. Her family is wearing them.


I think that picture is so charming that I want to bake that whole family banana bread or something.


Socks. Washcloths. Knitter fun.


Lettuce Knit Megan and my boy Elwood. (I love that baby. )


Kellee yucks it up, Ms Toomuchwool puts it away…



With that, I journeyed back to Juno’s… lay face down on the bed until I had a flight home, and made my family squash like a good mum.

Back on track.

I think I’ll knit something.

164 thoughts on “Whew and then some

  1. I saw you at Rhinebeck. I was with my daughter and we said “hi Stephanie” but you were moving real fast and it was late. You had a decided lack of coffee look about you.
    Irrelevant question – Do you take your glasses off when you knit?

  2. After all the traveling and lack of caffeine, it’s great to see your latest blog entry. After missing you for a few days I had images of you wandering in circles in some far away airport. It’s wonderful to have you back!

  3. Oh, you poor dear!
    I do so wish I could have gone to Jacksonville to see you. Sigh…
    I hope you manage to catch up on your rest soon.

  4. So glad you’re back. Missed your blogs the past few days…Rest up and write more soon. I just finished your last book and loved it. Now…I’m hoping you come up with another soon. Therefore, I’m existing on your blog entries and 2009 daily calendar. Love you Stephanie. Please visit Chico, CA sometime soon. We’d love to meet you. I promise I’d buy you a GOOD cup of coffee, even more than one…if you insist on throwing them away.

  5. Wasn’t Rhinebeck just the best kind of crazy? ^_^ It was awesome to see/meet you a second year in a row. Hurrah also for hot coffee. (If you really want to be caffeinated, ask the next coffee place you hit up if they do a red-eye. Triple-shot ones should be drunk slowly but will have you happily vibrating for a long, loooong time. πŸ˜‰

  6. What a long trip and I hope you get some rest and enjoy the family for a little while. Drink some good coffee/beer or two and relax! thanks for sharing.

  7. I’m surprised you know your own name let alone some of the names for the pics and being understanding knitters I’m sure you are forgiven if you did get any wrong. Thank goodness you are done for a bit and can spend some time with your family. By the by it’s a good thing you can get back to your knitting as we only have 65days till another Christmas hits us.

  8. Oh, I do hope you get to rest for a time! You sound frazzled! That is not like you at all at all.
    Love Baa the first. I am thinking it may be a Mo. … You know that give mohair. Which would mean it is a goat? (I would be happy to be corrected.) I met some Mos at the PNE one year and fell in love, long after I fell in love with mohair. I love the curls. : )
    I am absolutely jealous. I looked at all the classes and everything and I want to take “Breeding for colour” and “Basic Shepharding”. Yes, I live in an appartment. Why?

  9. Wow. Just… wow.
    I think I need to go lie down, I’m so tired after reading that.
    How do you do it? Is it the caffeine? The meat-free diet? Clearly I need to become a vegetarian and increase my daily coffee intake. Or at least become a vegetarian. I already drink more coffee than my body likes.

  10. Yea! Home safe after some adventures…I am just reading your book, and love the little Annabelle. I also love the family of sock wearers – what a great picture! I hope the squash was good. Glad you had a good trip –

  11. My theory about Rhinebeck is that something suspicious is being piped into the air, kind of like the oxygenated air in casinos, only it’s more like nitrous oxide, so that one’s brain turns into a buzzing ball of fluff.
    No wonder they used to call it woolgathering.

  12. I just want to see the yarn…
    I know you what you got at Briar Rose (and the discount) because I squeezed past you as you squeezed in with the hank of lovely yarn.

  13. Okay. So…I am *16* years older than you are. I have to admire your stamina, and your grace under pressure. I am a Knitter, Mom-with-grown-kids, etc…but *never* have I had to endure a book tour. I want to publish a book of poetry, but perhaps I’ll just print it quietly and pass it on to friends…anonymously…
    Hugs! May the next week be full of bubblebaths, soothing (hot or cold) drinks and *lots* of sleep!
    Hugs (again),

  14. I can sympathize on the 6 hour traffic jam. My team and I were traveling up to Boston for the Head of Charles Regatta and what was supposed to be a 4-5 hour car ride turned into an 8 hour trip! Luckily I brought a hat to work on – good thing too because Boston was cooold!
    So jealous of the Rhinebeck trip – I tried convincing my coach that we could all do with a stretch and that we should really pull over and smell that fresh wool smell…but he told me to shut up and be happy with the hat I had >_<

  15. I’m surprised you had enough time to rest & write in your blog. I’m one of your unidentified knitters showing off her first pair of socks. The blue ones in the last little picture. Remember? Oh well, you were tired, but we had a lovely chat about your travels, your need for rest, the Ravelry party, how much my husband enjoyed your blog and how you would take this week off. Is it coming back to you? Thank you for signing my copy of Free Range Knitter.

  16. Glad you followed through with blobbing at Juno’s. You were looking like me after a bad night at work, which is seriously not fun.

  17. Thank you so much for making it to Jacksonville! My face literally hurt from laughing so hard. I am glad you survived the trip, and made it back home in one piece.
    On another note, Karen’s family is so adorable! Love the socks! (and the hat!)

  18. That’s such a great photo of Kellee! So nice to meet you (again). I marvel at how well you function on adrenaline and a little bit of coffee. And, Elwood? Seriously adorable.

  19. You’ve done it again, haven’t you? You’ve coined another new word:
    Annabelle, n. An intense, fast-moving, bright, challenging child.
    Well done. Really. Now go back to sleep.

  20. Fear not, your memory is intact! I am especially honored you remembered my name considering all you have done since you left those four coffees in the airport. I wonder that I would remember my own name after all that!
    Once again, it was delightful to meet you!

  21. I think considering how much traveling you’ve done, people you’ve met, coffee you’ve not had and sleep you’ve missed, you did a great job summarizing the past few days. I hope you get to sleep, knit and enjoy good coffee in peace for a little while.

  22. Your saga of the coffee made me want to cry. I do hope you can take some time now to recover and recoup your losses.
    Thanks for the blog.

  23. Wait, you had driving problems too? I think there was something going on that weekend because I thought we were on the voyage of the damned too… Strange.
    You are just awesome. What else can I say? You amaze me with your ability to stay sane with your crazy tour schedule. It was great to talk to you again, and thank you for your sweater mojo. I’m confident that my February Lady Sweater won’t implode again thanks to you!

  24. You know what else is weird? Seeing your same socks on somebody else’s feet! That just proves how bizarrely popular knitting is in general and sock-knitting is in particular. (singing “it’s a small world after all…)

  25. Rhinebeck sounds surreal. Hope you have lots of opportuknitty to rest up. Only 65 days until Christmas… really? Crud, I can feel panic settling in.

  26. It was wonderful getting to see you and apologize for the first time I met you and acted like a total blabbering fool. Thank you!

  27. oh,how i wish to “do” rhinebeck one day… are there no bus tours heading that way from TO πŸ™‚ or someone who isn’t afraid to include a stranger in their group πŸ™‚
    that curly horned sheep picture is just awesome! welcome back… it sounds like an exhilirating yet draining tour!

  28. Yay, it’s my washcloth! I wish I could have been there too. My friends said they had a great time seeing you in Jacksonville and that you are hilarious and awesome in person. πŸ™‚

  29. That’s Brenda with the red, green and white dishcloth. She was with the Ithaca group that took 3 pictures with you.
    Me, I was the one telling you about the coffee slipping off the toilet paper dispenser and spilling into my undies in the Wegman’s bathroom just before getting onto the bus at 6:45am for the 4.5 hour trip to Rhinebeck. Definite coffee disaster.
    Glad you are home safe and sort of sound. Hope you get to rest for a while. BTW, your new book is awesome.

  30. Hi, Stephanie,
    As much as I love reading your blog, you need some time off. Please know we will still be here when you get back. Take care of yourself.

  31. Stephanie:
    Love those pictures of the sheep and the family who all had homemade socks on!!!

  32. You are such a gracious woman! Thanks so much for signing my book and letting me snap a photo with you– I was wearing my Meathead hat and when I showed the photo to a friend she said “oh it looks like you are the Yarn Harlot’s little elf”…so anytime you want to start travelling with an elf, I am in. Hope you get some much deserved rest!

  33. Since it makes me feel better that you also had trouble getting to Rhinebeck, maybe you’ll appreciate hearing that it took me six hours to drive there from Philly.

  34. Thank you Carol for your kind compliments. The little guy’s favorite color is orange, hence the hat. It made him easy to keep track of that day, although I’m not sure why he was insisting on wearing it on top of his hood.
    As to the mysterious 4th pair of socks… they were a birthday gift to my sister.

  35. I LOVE that family of first socks! That little kid holding up (his?) pant legs so that you can see his socks???? ADORABLE! He’s proud of his socks!

  36. Welcome back! I think that you need to knit something. SOmething mindless. And just relax. Enjoy the last days of fall.

  37. Please get some rest – and maybe a massage (your feet and hands at the very least) – and have a cup of really good coffee before you run yourself into the ground. We need you!

  38. I sort of saw you at Rhinebeck on Sunday post-book signing, but actually heard you first. As we walked by each other, I heard you repeat one word twice (to a friend). It was………… coffee, coffee. It was just so classic, I chuckled and moved on. I hope you found some.

  39. So. You are in love with Elwood, even though he is a manchild. Huh. You know we are all going to throw this in your face next time there is expectancy of any sort and you are begging whatever gods there be for a girl.
    (I shall be in Toronto in a week and a half. I’m hoping to see Lettuce Knit, and maybe if I’m lucky that nice boy. I would like to introduce him to mine own nice boy, who is just a bit younger, though just as cute. At least.)

  40. Again, I would like to apologise for giving you a mild cardiac arrest on Saturday. Especially in your fatigued and under caffeinated state!
    It was the highlight of my weekend, but I’m still sorry. :oD I get a tad…uuummm…crazed fannish?..in your presence.
    I can’t wait to get the picture from Kadi and blog about it. hee hee You’re THE BEST!

  41. Harlo,
    OH MY!!! I hope that you get some good ol’ fashioned down time and rest! Your last post about the coffee was a riot– I laughed out loud! I enjoy reading your blog so much, but if you need a few days off… well, we’ll all understand. Take good care of yourself!

  42. Yay! I’m the crazy-haired knitter in the first socks picture with the loopy ewe sweatshirt and crazy pink and orange socks! I made the blog; and on my birthday, too! πŸ˜€ Also, when I warned you not to impale yoursel on my sock needles, I swear up and down I wasn’t doubting your skills…I was doubting my amazing powers of coordination!

  43. I’m so glad i got to say a quick hi to you and Juno, and gladder still that you actually had some time for yourself at the festival. It doesn’t seem like you get much of that these days.

  44. Weren’t the fall colors gorgeous at Rhinebeck? And at least the coffee at Taste Budd’s was recommendable, I thought. At least worthy of the name ‘coffee’. I met another Toronto knitter who had had an inordinate difficulty getting to Rhinebeck, though it was directly from Toronto in her case. Something in the air, or on the road, perhaps. The phase of the moon, even though not full.
    I saw you a couple times before bumping into you in passing at the Tsock Tsarina’s and Jennifer’s booth, but both times you looked like either a woman on a mission or in a fugue state (couldn’t quite tell which). I certainly hope that adequate sleep is in your very near future. I’m off to work on that very thing myself, having come back with a NY virus. But it was totally worth it. My first Rhinebeck, but not my last!

  45. Danskos and Rhinebeck in 1 day??? AMAZING end to a crazy week!!! I need some new Danskos myself….. Happy Knitting!

  46. I almost cancelled my writing class last week when you were in Boston so I could attend, but in the end decided it would slightly undermine my lectures on the importance of regular attendance.
    I settled for having my students read and discuss your blog post about the fears that come with sharing your writing.

  47. Just so you know, and I feel that I should remind you before you forget or you are too tired to remember… there are about 2 months left until Christmas.

  48. Thank you for signing my book at Rhinebeck.
    Please have your publishers make your books into ebooks. My apartment only has room for wool or books not both. Since wool can’t be stored digitally, the books are starting to grow at a slower rate.

  49. Woody(in our house everyone ends up with a nick name) looks to be growing like the proverbial weed!! And, he is even cuter than the picture of him being introduced to us. The sweater still fits(good, something that perfect needs to last and be worn alot) and his hat is magnificent.
    Go Woody!!!

  50. “voyage of the damned”-yup, that about describes the roads up here in New England when the leaf peekers are out and about. Looks like it was foliage season in Rhinebeck, as well.
    Glad you are home safe and sound. Now, get some rest, harlot! And enjoy some knitting. πŸ™‚

  51. It was great to exchange waves at the Carolina Homespun booth – if you even remember more than some crazy woman who might have been vaguely familiar was waving to you from the line in front of Franklin. πŸ˜‰ I introduced myself to Juno, who no doubt wondered who the hell the crazy woman was. I was just in a state of, “I’m actually at RHINEBECK! Waiting for Franklin to sign my book. And there’s Stephanie, too, and oh man, that’s Juno–!” It was somewhat surreal. I’ve never been that far east before in my life. The whole experience had me gobsmacked.
    I didn’t get your book yet, because I was hoarding money for what may have been a once-in-a-lifetime trip…and because I figure you’ll make it back to Portland for a signing, if Tina has anything to say about it. [g] Hope to see you then, but also hope things are a little less exhausting.
    And boy, I also hope you’re sleeping every chance you get while you’re at home! (Hah. Yeah, right. Best of luck on that.)

  52. Like many before me, I really don’t think anyone can blame you for forgetting a few names. I can’t believe you manage to get it right even with notes!
    Enjoy your knitting, I’m sure you’ll have something fabulous to show for your “winding down” time very soon. πŸ™‚

  53. OMG is that baby Elwood already? He has grown up so much! One of these days I will be there in Rhinebeck in person.
    You must be exhausted by now.

  54. Karen and her family are too cute! If I’m not mistaken, she and her husband have a matching colourway. They all look so happy in handmade socks. In my humble opinion, Danskos are the Best for walking, standing (I work in warehouse, I know about standing) and showing off socks. Rhinebeck looked beautiful in its fall glory. Can’t wait to see what snuck into your luggage!

  55. Glad coffee situation is back on track, and that you saw and met lovely ppl at Rhinebeck. But, did you get the stash that you were looking for at it? did you find your dream yarn/roving/{insert item} that you wanted in your heart of hearts?
    I hope so.

  56. So, you bought Dansko’s?! Greatest shoes made! They saved my feet. (See all that about knitting and I comment on the shoes!)
    Anyway, I am glad you survived all that travel. I do some traveling and it is very tiring. The coffee story was hilarious!

  57. Wow. Elwood is LettuceKnitMegan’s baby? And he’s that big already? Was he born already a year old? (probably felt like that to Megan back in July!) He’s so BIG!
    I’m exhausted just reading about your last few days. I agree with all the above: coffee, chocolate, more coffee, bubble baths, more coffee… maybe a bubble bath while eating chocolate and drinking coffee?
    Incentive to come to central PA sometime. You’ve already travelled through, going between New York or Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Right here in the middle, down at Hershey, you can have a chocolate spa day, including a chocolate body wrap. There are even several Borders and other book stores nearby. Or, better yet, you could come to the Barnes and Noble at State College, PA, where we would ply you with locally produced beer, wine, Amish baked goods and PSU Creamery ice cream in whatever order and quantity you desire! (There’s also a really nice restaurant called the Green Bowl that Martha Stewart approved of – can be vegetarian if you don’t put one of the beef/chicken/shrimp sticks in your bowl of veggies and sauce before they stir fry them for you.)

  58. Thanks for signing my books at Rhinebeck and for holding my sock. Getting to meet you was a great way to wrap up my 40th birthday celebration. I was second in line and was wearing a very large, brightly colored moebius scarf that you said was pretty. I neglected to mention that it was supposed to be a shrug, but that I had completely messed up the gauge. And that I refused to acknowledge the problem until I had used up 6 balls of yarn instead of the 2 balls called for. The line was too long for honesty. πŸ™‚

  59. Sad that I had to miss you at both Cambridge and Rhinebeck because of illness but your book has been a blessing-I read a few essays the past few sleepless nights and they helped me rest at least.
    Next year I will finally get to Rhinebeck (I hope)!

  60. You did make it to Rhinebeck!
    I was affeared that your hectic schedule would force you away from it.
    I may have to make the pilgrimage there some year- it sounds amazing!

  61. Good lord, woman. You need a break.
    If you’re at Lettuce Knit today and you happen to see a man wearing a grey hat in there, check to see if he’s wearing orange knitted socks. If so, he belongs to me… steer him in the direction of some nice yarn, will ya?

  62. Wow, woman, you need a break. Take a few months off from writing books, and get a more relaxing job like being receptionist at a city jail.

  63. Good for you on the Dansko purchase. New brown ones are on my list for today, seeing as how this pair I’m wearing is about to embarrass even me & I hardly ever look down at my own feet during the day. Most comfortable shoes ever – hope you love yours too.

  64. One of these years, I’ll make it to mecca.
    I guess now isn’t really a good time to ask you how the gansey’s doing, huh? No? OK, then I’ll ask you something else…I wanted to ask you this in Kansas City (remember Kansas? Probably not, it’s blurry at this point but it was the windy one with the cows), but you didn’t see me all the way in back raising my hand. So, here it is… Next time you happen across Greg Kinnear, who do you think is going to Kinnear who first? And will there be a prize involved? I think bragging rights are better.
    By the way, I love the Annabelle reference up there. Nice tie in for those folks who haven’t bought the book yet, now I bet they’re just itching with wonder…but I still like pg 43 the best! If I ever pick up cross-stitching again, that’s so going on the wall.
    Thanks again for the book and the tour and for all the time away from your family and your life. I really do appreciate it that you’re willing to do all this, and knit too. You so need a tiara.

  65. It was so great to meet you at the signing at Rhinebeck! That is my teenaged daughter Emily, the second sock knitter from the left. During our trip to Rhinebeck, she decided that she also wants to learn to spin (she totally fell in love with the colors and textures of roving, I think I’m in trouble). Enjoy your well deserved rest with your family.

  66. welcome home!
    And you photographed the same sheep/goats/whatever that I did! didn’t you love those moppy ones? They reminded me of poodles.

  67. Glad you made it back home in one piece! Even in Boston I was marveling at how you can keep things together and even manage to be funny! The passing parade of knitters has to be a total blur after a while.
    I’m enjoying the book and am hoping that my own daughter (who also resembles Annabelle more than a little bit), will hang in there for more than one row one of these days.
    Rest up! Eat chocolate! (did you get to eat any of the brownies?)

  68. Just to let you know how far your influence has reached – while at Rhinebeck, my non-knitting/spinning/blog-reading/Harlot-book-collecting husband saw you in a crowd, knew who you were, and pointed you out to me! (Nice to know he pays attention, eh?

  69. Oh boy… now my bleary-eyedness seems trivial! lol Woke up in a foul mood today and still had to go to work, but this blog made me feel so much better… all the knitting…. *looks at sock in my bag* I can’t wait till lunch.

  70. It was wonderful to see you in Jax (finally!). I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. It looks like you’ve been a in whirlwind lately – I’m impressed that you can remember your own name! Go home, have a nice glass of wine & have a long nap.

  71. I saw you again at Rhinebeck, though I once again decided not to pester you in your sleep deprived state. I get stupid-arse gunshy around people I only know from the Internets (go figure).
    I hope you have enough of a break to catch up on your sleep!

  72. That shot of Kellee is great! We were totally in the parking lot at magic hour. I love when that happens. Great to see you this weekend, mwah!

  73. Stephanie, I just have to share this: This morning my darling daughter asked, ‘Mommy, what’s a harlot?’ I was a bit taken aback and then realized that she saw one of your books on the coffee table. I explained that you are the Yarn Harlot and what harlot means in that context. She said, ‘Kind of like you, huh Mom? You have lots of yarn and you buy more!’ I said, ‘Right.’ Then she said, ‘You said ‘in that context.’ Is there another meaning for harlot?’ This, before I had any coffee! (Yes, I gave a very simple explanation!)

  74. Bless your heart; you’ve got to be exhausted. I saw you at Rhinebeck but didn’t have the heart to bother you as you were headed down the hill and walking like a woman on a mission. Brew wonderful coffee (Guatemalan is my favorite), put your feet up, and knit something mindless, you need a break:) I also must humbly beg forgiveness of a friend of yours. He happened to be wearing the most wonderful pair of kilt hose I’ve ever seen and while standing behind him in line to get into the fairgrounds on Saturday morning I believe I made a comment someting like “Look at those socks, they are so amazing I could just rip them right off his feet.” Mea culpa; the only excuse I can offer is wool fumes….

  75. I absolutely adore the pic of She Who Must Be Called Karen and her family. I LOVE that look on the face of the son on the far right – that total “Yea, that’s right, my mom MADE these socks. I think that makes me the coolest kid who ever lived!” So totally adorable!!

  76. I too live in The Warm (Texas) (blue Texas) (yes, there is some) and can attest to the fact that folks do knit here. Lots.
    We don’t knit a lot of wool…but we knit.

  77. Stephanie,
    Would you PLEASE pace your yarn tours a little more sanely? I am worried that you may so exhaust yourself that you will stop touring altogether, and then all of us will miss the pleasure of your visits, and the blogs about your travels. Even though you turn your trip highs and lows into online entertainment for the rest of us. It’s a pity to travel to all those great places but not have a chance to enjoy them. Hope you can stay home and relax for a bit.
    Best wishes, Cheryl.

  78. We in Jacksonville Knit because we have a sister in Sioux Falls, South Dakota and daughter, son-in-law, grandson in Abington, Pennsylvania, all who know we knit and insist we knit for them. That… and you learn to love cotton, bamboo, etc….

  79. I haven’t bought any new shoes since I bought my danskos two years ago. One black pair and one brown pair and I think I’m just about covered. They allow me to wear my socks in comfort. Best shoes ever.
    Beautiful weather for the festival.

  80. Thanks so much for posing for a pic on Saturday at Rhinebeck. Glad to make you and (was it Kellee?) laugh by being asked to “pose with yarn”! Why would anyone turn that down? πŸ™‚

  81. One of those crazy Jax knitters. Actually, I’m a transplant from up North… just this year. And yes, I would knit in the Congo in summer, I need wool that badly. Now I just have to ship all my woolens as gifts to all my loved ones still existing back up North. sigh. Anyway, thank you so much for signing my book. You bear up very well under pressure, and I hope your family will get to keep you for a nice long while. Blessings…

  82. Well it was great seeing you again – even if it was just to say hi!
    -Jody (even though I almost made you write Dody!)

  83. Thank you for being so kind to my daughter at the Ravelry party Saturday night and signing her ravelry swag/project bag you made her night!

  84. great photos! As the saying goes, a picture is worth 1,00 words. You will not be sorry you bought Danskos – you may be sorry did not buy another pair or 2. I bought my first pair when I was in Seattle & they are amazing – like walking on clouds but with good arch support (which so many shoes lack).

  85. Hey, Stephanie! SO glad to see you ‘back’ – more-or-less in one piece – after that mad tour + insane ‘road trip’ to Rhinebeck you made. Six hours for a 2.5 hr trip – ugh. Getting lost enroute to a Really Important Wool Festival: !
    I finished your book right before your wild tour – I absolutely LOVED it; just as I knew I would. I don’t think you COULD write a bad book – not even if you worked hard at it for a solid year – I really don’t. Surely this is because you write from your own personal experiences, admitting to being merely human (though many of us secretly think you’re the Funny Knitting Goddess), and making it all hysterically funny just by pointing out for us the Craziness Of Life In General.
    I need to sit down and re-read it and then – if time permits and my brain cells function at all – I’d love to try to write a review to put on my blog. I’ve never written a book review before, which is astonishing considering how much I love books. Weird.
    Anyway – glad you’re home safe and sound – finally! May you NEVER lack coffee again. I was horrified for you at your airport account ::shudder:: I can’t live without coffee – and many pots of it – so I can’t imagine how you managed without going stark, staring crazy. Um. You don’t need to confirm that…
    A QUESTION: I don’t know if this happens on any of your speaking or book tours, BUT…do the hosts(esses) of your tours make SURE there’s a pot of coffee up there on stage for you, eh? So WHAT if you have to excuse yourself to go to the loo? Anyone who drinks coffee (and most knitters end up drinking gallons of it, or tea) would understand!

  86. Oooooooooo….Danskos!
    These shoes single handedly (footedly?) fixed my lower back problems… and look great with handknit socks!

  87. You must have been exhausted but in a purely glorifying way!!! Today I bought one of your books – Cast Off. It’s the first book of yours I’ve bought and I just about died with excitement when I saw it (and 2 others) on the shelves of my little independant local bookstore. I can’t wait to get off from work so I can break open the pages and get reading in between stitches!
    Wish I could go to Rinebeck…maybe next year.
    Love your blog!

  88. YAY! Yarn Harlot came to Florida finally….and i missed it, sob. Maybe next time you can visit you’ll make it to the Tampa Bay area. Don’t forget to show off your Dansko’s, they really are some of the best shoes on the planet.

  89. For all of us tongue-tied knitters I just want to say I am so, so sorry for appearing and sounding like a tired dummy. I guess I just never really expected to meet you face to face and when I did, did I say something clever ? (no), witty ?(no), welcoming ?(no), Did I tell you how I LOVE reading your website ? (no). Did I even respond to your charming comment about my scarf by telling you that, of course, it was started because of something I read on your site? (no). I will not tell you what I did manage to blurt out, but believe me, Yarn Harlot, some of us were maybe just a little β€œstar-struck”. Best wishes to you.

  90. It sounds like a fabulous – if exhausting – time was had by all. I’m glad you’re back, I missed hearing all your adventures and ponderings. Apparently so did my husband, who asked last night when you were updating your blog again! πŸ™‚

  91. My sister and I were among the many crazy knitters who accosted you at Rhinebeck (I believe you were on your way to buy cashmere). Thanks for letting us take your photo after you had just left the bathroom – my sister wanted one of the two of us and my “unborn child.” We really appreciated it! Hope you enjoyed your day.

  92. Do hope you get a good long rest dear girl. I can tell how very tired you must be: you failed to identify the adorable hat (pattern? Yarn?) worn by the equally adorable Elwood; and didn’t share with us a photo of you Danskos. Seriously though, I do hope you get all the rest, Coffee, and relaxation you need and deserve in the next few days.

  93. “. . . traffic that we shall never speak of again . . .” Yeah. I feel we should put a sign up at the airport. ‘Welcome to Philadelphia — did you bring a book to read (or yarn to knit) while you’re supposedly driving?’
    After all of that, I am amazed you can even turn on the computer, much less form coherent sentences. Let along have the energy to cook squash. I’m trying to come up with some recipes for the thirty I bought at the farmer’s mart. . . got any tips?

  94. Best Hobby Blog, was there ever any doubt that we would vote you to the top. We are all as addicted to reading your blog as we are to knitting!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
    Silly little RC blog πŸ˜‰

  95. I had a wonderful time seeing and meeting you in Jacksonville. Thank you for making the trek down our way.
    I am glad you made it home safe and sound, I think you deserve a long nap.
    Did the girls like the poster?

  96. Another lovely and honest post. I’m a little confused, however, about how you made your family “squash”. Does this mean that you smooshed them all into a big hug? It’s a lovely image, even if, perhaps, it involved a gourd.

  97. Danskos ROCK!! They are comfortable and show off hand knit socks nicely. I also think they walk for themselves because of how they rock with each step. That may come in handy for all those airports you are going through. Enjoy your home time after all that running you deserve a minute or two of private knitting…

  98. What a great time we had with the Yarn Harlot in Jacksonville – The local shop ( Knit Witz) who put on the event had awesome door prizes and things were run very smoothly for the event. A great time was had by all ! Just wanted to mention that I am a Jacksonvillian (is that a word?) born and bred and about all I EVER knit with is wool or maybe an alpaca blend – Natural fibers all the way for me! Thanks for coming way down south to visit and come back and see us sometime when you can stay a month or two! Mel

  99. man, its really warm where I live and I cannot give up knitting. I love it too much – been doing it for nearly 30 years – yup, that’s right, for 9 years before I was even born… ;o)

  100. I was so very excited to meet you at Rhinebeck and get your new book signed!!! Hope you had a great time, I did and it was only my first time there:)

  101. I can’t believe I was in the same time zone as you FINALLY and still missed you at Rhinebeck. I did see one person who I thought looked like you but my friends assured me that it was just the yarn fumes getting to me.
    I’m glad you’re home safely. Maybe you can enjoy a little down time now?

  102. I love the comments we had at our store as well all discussed our haul from Rhinebeck …
    “I saw the Yarn Harlot! She signed my book!”
    “I peed with the Yarn Harlot!”

  103. You won best hobby blog! woo-hoo! I voted, but they only let me vote once… πŸ™‚ As someone who works for a company that sells silly RC stuff, I’m very happy to see that you won. I knew we knitters were more passionate than these RC guys!
    Congrats!! and hope you’re recuperating well from Rhinebeck. Someday I’ll make it there– I have friends who live an hour away…

  104. I saw you at Rhinebeck, but didn’t want to bug you and your friends so, I took you picture on the sly. I didn’t have any socks with me for a picture either. Maybe next year……

  105. I am so glad you had a nice time (and hopefully a good lie down). It was my first Rhinebeck and it was lovely. I hope you have some time for you this week.

  106. The sock family (I mean, the family in socks that their family knitter made) *is* charming, I agree!! Those 2 kids really make it so!!
    I love the first pic of the sheep, the close up where it’s looking right at you. The animal looks very wise and knowing, somehow. What an amazing animal to give its’ wool to us!

  107. The sock family (I mean, the family in socks that their family knitter made) *is* charming, I agree!! Those 2 kids really make it so!!
    I love the first pic of the sheep, the close up where it’s looking right at you. The animal looks very wise and knowing, somehow. What an amazing animal to give its’ wool to us!

  108. What did you buy?? When is show and tell? Did Juno get good stuff, or at least something non-black?? Gotta go see her blog.

  109. So now I know who that precious baby was that you were talking to! πŸ™‚ Pictures from the other side of the sling are on my blog. Whenever I see you at Rhinebeck I keep a distance because you do not need to talk to yet another knitter, but need to be left alone so you can shop, so I leave you alone. But I respectfully take a snapshot or two from a distance.
    Oh but now I wish I had gone over to see that wonderful little baby. He’s gotten soo big!
    Much love from over here!

  110. Awww, Elwood is getting so big! Is that your sweater that he’s wearing? I admire the mom who knit everyone a pair of socks! I’ve knit one pair of socks and having trouble getting the second skein of sock yarn, into a project! LOL! Hope you’ve gotten some rest, since this post!

  111. 2.5 hours from Philly to Rhinebeck? What directions was she using? The ones that fold space and time? It’s actually closer to 4 hours from Philly to Rhinebeck. 4.5 if you drive to Jersey to pick up a friend first…Hi Silver! And getting out of Rhinebeck is an interesting experience, especially when you stop to ask the state trooper which way to the highway you followed in and he says “Never heard of it, keep moving” Eeep!

  112. Hah, Karen-as-were has one of those kids who will not have a straight face in a photo until he’s of legal drinking age. At least. And by then it may be moot and involuntary.
    I bet similar pesonality quirks explain why he isn’t wearing socks #4. He don’t need no stinking socks – especially ones that might itch and that are liked (or, my god, made) by his mom.
    You did very well for one who lost her paper. Or guides got you back on track already. May you have at least two days of good sleep before you have to go anywhere again.

  113. You were so gracious as you signed books at Rhinebeck … though you looked so exhausted, I felt quite guilty even taking up your time … hope you finally got some good coffee and, of course, your full quota of wool in all its various ages and stages.

  114. Love the pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful time. Thank you for the picture of the red leaves. I’ve been waiting all fall for that! πŸ™‚

  115. I am exhausted just reading about this last trip. By the way, I am working on my first sock, again. Someday, maybe, I’ll finish it . . . but why rush . . . my kids would just want to wear them.

  116. Holy carp woman, you are busy!
    Er… random question. My boyfriend and I are seeing how long we can go without turning on our heat, for money reasons, and that led me to wondering – are you doing the heater contest with your family again this year?

  117. I think that it is so generous of you to share all of your travel experiences with the masses of stay-at-home knitters. Thank you so much! Now relax an hour or two, please.
    Sara in WI

  118. Yahoo, congrats on best hobby blog! It was my pleasure to vote after all the entertainment and information you provide to us stay-at-home knitters. Enjoy a little rest before you get started on, dare I say it, the NEXT book. ;0!

  119. I’m so glad to know that I’m not the only one who uses the word “embiggen.” Thank you, Simpsons.

  120. Thank you for being so wonderful to me (guy trying to pass off gap sweater as own handknitting because he can never get anything finished for himself)even though I was a major super dork when I met you! I can’t believe I almost knocked over the rack next to the table. Seriously, I couldn’t be more nervous meeting Oprah.

  121. Yes there are quite a few Floridians who love to knit. Especially socks. I may not need a bulky scarf or a thick sweater, but I will ALWAYS need socks! And while I didn’t get to see you in person (motherly duties of an overnight trip was scheduled), but I am SO happy you came down this far!!! I think your publicist (or whoever schedules your tours) needs to schedule you down here again next winter. It’s where the warmth goes. Or at least the not so cold (remember, cold for us is summer for you!)

  122. Hi, Stephanie–thanks for letting me accost you after you left the potty at Rhinebeck, so I could take a picture of you with my sister. I hope you brought home some good cashmere.

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