Some days you’re the bug

Jen and I got up early this morning again, and although the ground was wet the rain had stopped and so off we went. These early morning rides, I don’t know quite what to say about them.  We love them some days,  we hate them some days, but if two slightly dumpy middle-aged mothers are going to ride with the big boys, we need them.  We’d been up late last night (if you call 10:15 late, which you should, if you’re riding 40km before work) taking care of team business and trying to find two consecutive days to do our back-to-backs.  The rally has all these deadlines designed to make sure that you’re hitting benchmarks for training. You need to do a 50k by May 18th (done!) a 90+ by June 21st (yikes) but the hardest one is the back-to-backs.  By July 6th you have to have ridden two 90+ rides in two days.

Jen and I both travel for work, both have families, both have jobs, and we knew that when we agreed not just to do the rally again, but to be team leads, that this would be tricky, but last night was ridiculous. We finally had to book actual days off of work to make it happen, because neither of us could find TWO DAYS in a row where we were both in town and not committed to something else.  We were both a little daunted, and I don’t know about Jen, but I had a largely sleepless night, turning over things in my head, trying to make it all work. 5:30 came really early, but after a long night, if you know what I mean.

This morning I drank my body weight in coffee, and left. Jen lives on one side of the city, and me on the other, so usually she rides over to my house, we do a little hill training, and then I ride her home, then come back. That way we both cross the city and back. She gets a little alone time, and so do I, but we also get to hang out a bit – if you can call cursing your way up a hill “hanging out” and I guess we do now. We were cruising along this morning and decided to take some rather dorky selfies.  (Somewhere Samantha is screaming “Mum! Quit with the selfies. You’re a dork”, and to her I say “Yes.” We are dorks, and we embrace it. We’ll do as we like.) We stopped by the big inukshuk, and we stopped in the park on Lakeshore with the dinosaurs in it.

dinoselfie1 2014-05-14

This turned out to be a tactical error.  Those dinosaurs are fun to take a selfie with, but they’re on sand. We thought nothing of it, and traipsed across the sand, took our ridiculous selfie, and then got back on our bikes.  Sort of.  The sand had filled in our clips, the little cleats on the bottom of your riding shoes that attach you to the pedals. (Yeah, I know. It’s an incredibly stupid idea to attach yourself to a bike.  I have a few scars that prove it. It is super efficient though, except for the part where you’re occasionally crying in the dirt.) Jen and I both had trouble getting “clipped in” but we managed.  The trouble started later. The next time we wanted to “unclip” they wouldn’t come out. “I’m stuck!” cried Jen, and I would have been afraid for her, but I was too busy realizing that I was stuck too, and that we were both totally going to die.

A little panic and force and out they came, and we didn’t die after all, but we had to be really, really careful for the remainder of the ride.  We rode to Jen’s where we talked about cleaning out the clips, but in a future sort of way – and I drank (more) coffee and then rode home.  I had a couple of near misses, but every time I was able to get my foot out in time (I started doing it way before I needed my foot out) and I rode home thinking that if this had been a year ago, by now I would have been a bloodied mess of a cyclist, and I felt pretty proud of myself.

I rode to my house, and as I got close to the lane that runs to my back garden, I swung my heel out to unclip my right foot.  It didn’t come.  Now, rule number one with clips is that you only get hurt if you stop. That’s when you fall over, attached to the bike, and one of the things you learn if you ride in clips is that if you can’t unclip, you don’t stop. So, I didn’t.  I turned in the street, and rode down a ways, yanking on the clip the whole time. It eventually came free, and I circled back – rode to the bottom of the lane, stopped and put my right foot on the ground. Safe!  What a relief.  Still straddling the bike, I tried to swing my left heel out to unclip. Uh oh.  Never mind, I’m stopped already, so other than it taking a while, what’s the worst thing that can happen?   I waved at the old lady down the street who supervises everything, and then said hi to the letter carrier as she headed towards me. Then I swung my heel again, and again, and finally put a little oomph into it, if you know what I mean.

This sadly, didn’t free me, but did have the completely surprising side effect of unbalancing me entirely, and there wasn’t even time to counter,  and as I fell over left-ways – still attached to the bike, I realized that I’d discovered a whole other way to fall down. I’d literally swept myself off my own damn feet.

This was not lost on the letter carrier. Nor the lady down the street, who toddled her sweet 80+ year old self straight over to me, lying there (because I was still $%%$!ing attached to the bike) and said, in her thick Jamaican accent “I never saw nothing like that in my whole life! You were just standing there, and then you jus KNOCK YOUR OWN SELF DOWN.”

Thanks lady.  Got it.  So, there we have it. My 300+ days without a fall are over. I never even made it a year, and my mum’s idea of sponsoring my by the bruise? I have a super elegant one on my arse, just to add to the dignity of it all.  My name is Stephanie, and it’s been 0 days since my last accident.  Sigh.

Karmic Balancing gifts? Yeah. I think that would make me feel better too.   Remember – to get in on the action, you just donate to someone on our little family team –







and then send an email to me at with “Enter me” as the subject line, and give me your address, and whether or not you’d like to be in it for spinning gifts, or just knitting.  Cool?  Ok. Present time!

Dani, from KSC Designs has two beautiful gifts.  First, a circular needle case in the fabric of her choice will go to Carol D.

KSCdesigncircroll 2014-05-14

and a set of gorgeous box bags (again, the lucky recipient chooses the fabric) will go to Pattye B. Thanks Dani!

KSCdesignboxbags 2014-05-14

Liz R got super lucky – mostly because Maggie S is a little bit nuts, in a great way.  She saw this skein of 1350 yards of laceweight silk noil in the “miss-wound and hoplessly tangled” bin at her LYS, and turned it into this beautiful ball, only to realize that she’d spent enough time with it already, and had no urge to knit it.  Liz R – we hope you love it. Make something great.

silkuntangledmaggie 2014-05-14

Next up, three lots of patterns from  Theresa at Woolly Wits.

Group 1: Plaid mitts, Bonnie Garter Tam, Gait’s Haire Cowl & Wrap will be sent off to Mary Beth M.

bonniegartertam 2014-05-14

Group 2: Double Dealing Scarf, Farwen, Fiber Fest Hat will be off to Anne G

doubledealingscarf 2014-05-14
Group 3. All Squared Up, Panier Purse, Mag Mile Hat. Last, but not least, will go to Ann M.

allsquaredup 2014-05-14

Next up, Alicia at Sweet Sheep Body Shoppe has a lovely gift.  Two bars of her handmade lotion bars will wing their way all the way to the UK, and go live with Bobbie S.  Bobbie will get to choose which two, and they look delicious.

beatufiulbars 2014-05-14

Finally, a beautiful skein of Alley Cat yarn from Wandering Cat Yarns, in a beautiful colour called Delphinium.  (Don’t you think that delphinium coloured socks would just be the bomb?)

Wanderingcatdelphiniums 2014-05-14

I hope that Jill S does, because this skein will be all hers.

Now, if you’ll all excuse me, I’m going to go take a hot bath with epsom salts in, and see what can be done about this arse. Thanks so much to everyone who’s contributing to its cause.

128 thoughts on “Some days you’re the bug

  1. You are the only person who can tell a story about falling off a bike that makes me shout out loud with laughter and scare my kids!

  2. Oh gee thanks,I laughed till I cried, I can hear the woman now where’s the damn emoticon of the little guy pounding the ground and crying. My condolences to your arse, you’re a brave woman

  3. Stephanie,
    It is wonderful that you can let all of us laugh with you. You have such a wonderful sense of humor and can tell a good tale. Good luck with your spinning (both kinds) and knitting.
    Anna Marie

  4. I’ve had that clipped in and can’t get out experience. It is a helpless feeling. Almost as great as the time I got a shoelace stuck in my gears. There is always a new way to humble yourself on a bike. Good luck with your training.

    • I, too, have long wondered why cycling shoes come with such ridiculously long laces that can get caught in the chain. Double-knotting the laces helps but finally getting smart and switching to some just-the-right length laces is the best answer.

  5. Jen sent me the link to this story as a potential reason her day was off… hilarious! You had me laughing so hard I was crying – best of luck to you Jen in your training!

  6. Oh, my goodness! After reading the first chapter of your book, I marveled that you even did more than one bike rally. Now, with the sand/clip issues and the new fall….all I can say is oh, my goodness. I was laughing (in a horrified way) while shaking my head no as I read this blog entry.

    Switching subjects – one of the beautiful things about being in your 40’s is that you can embrace your dorkiness and not care what others think of it.

  7. I am sooo sorry! My husband bikes a lot and he tried to get me to clip in. Im way too much of a klutz. Not only will I NOT clip in but I have to have my seat lowered such that my knees hit my boobs when biking so tat my feet will hit the ground to stop any time I like! Ok, maybe not that low but you get the point. Perhaps a colorway called contusion bruisin? : )

  8. I love your neighbor! That is such a brilliant way to put it. You knocked your own self down.

    Look, if you are going to fall, do it spectacularly. It makes a better story.

  9. Just got an awesome stomach work-out laughing – thank you! (NOT at your misfortune but at your neighbour’s amazing response).

  10. I just read in your book last night that THIRTEEN IS THE LIMIT. That you would fall 13 times and NO MORE. 13 was your line in the sand.

    Did your clips eat the sand of your words? 🙂

    • Yeah, I just read “Thirteen” the other day too. And I’m thinking, oh dear… Fourteen? Not good.

      But I think you get to reset the count at a rate of, say, one a month?

      Meanwhile, Stephanie, I have never thought of you as a middle-aged, dumpy (even slightly) mother. You are a knitting, biking, writing goddess and a role model extraordinaire. So there.

  11. See, this just emphasizes why I don’t ride a bike very often, and never with anything as fancy and professional as clips. I’d be on my backside more than on the bike. That would suck.

  12. Now my office mates really think I’m nuts. I was laughing so hard I snorted. And I swear I wasn’t laughing at you, I was laughing at your neighbor.

  13. I’m laughing–oh, not at you, of course. I can’t even ride a bike anymore (I don’t think I have a sense of balance anymore.) I’m laughing at your neighbour. I can picture her and hear her accent. I wish she were my neighbour. By the way, I have quite a bit of that “miswound and hopelessly tangled” yarn at my house. Sometimes when you get near the end of the ball, it just seems to contort itself into a big knot.

  14. I admire your tenacity and courage because, honestly, I couldn’t ride 1K without training wheels (and a motor would be nice).

    Now I’m not one to laugh at someone’s misery, especially since I always debate whether or not to go to the emergency room when I nick myself shaving, but I see you falling in slow motion and I (forgive me) laughed, but then I right away prayed you don’t fall again – ever.

  15. I was once standing at the kitchen sink peeling carrots when, according to onlookers, I suddenly pitched myself sideways onto the floor. My story is that I shifted my weight, caught my toe in the hem of my too-wide & too-long bellbottoms, and couldn’t rebalance in time. Lucky for me that was way before the Internet and YouTube, and today it was a lucky thing for you that that Jamaican lady wasn’t a teen with a phone.

    • Nice try, Presbytera, but we all know that whenever you see there’s a new post you pause and grab popcorn right away, figuring it’s a safe bet, and, hey, when did some extra popcorn ever hurt?

  16. I love the conversations with friends that begin, “Okay, so I have to tell you about the stupid thing I just did. . .”. You just know that laughter will follow.

    I salute you for fully embracing who you are. . .and for sharing it with us. We love you for it.

  17. Arnica is wonderful for bruises either the gel or the cream. Comes in tubes and can usually be found in health food stores or even your local grocery sometimes,or chemists/pharmacy. Good luck.

      • I third the arnica. You can get the homeopathic thingies to put under your tongue too.
        I love that you write with such humour about your trials and tribulations – keeping it real sister and reminding us all that regular human beings can do extraordinary things that truly will change the world

  18. How has nobody pointed out that after the story of a spectacular failure in the balancing department, Steph moves on to “Karmic Balancing”?

  19. I’m sorry, but the Jamaican woman’s quote slayed me. I can so see you just laying there with your bike looking around and wondering how you got there. Again.

    I’ve donated to the cause, but I swear that it’s not to encourage more of these shenanigans. I want you to be safe, healthy AND unbruised. Even if that isn’t nearly as funny.

  20. Sorry, Stephanie, but I read that in a Jamaican accent and laughed so hard that almost knocked myself off my seat.

  21. Your neighbor is priceless and her words a huge comic relief after I was holding my breath the whole time. Ouch, though. You’re a brave, funny, wonderful soul always looking for a way to laugh away what hurts and I adore you for it.

  22. I’d love to say I’m laughing with you, not at you, but must confess to a little bit of the laughing at you. That, and I may have peed my pants a little. Thank you for this today, it was much needed. Really do hope your bruises feel better!

  23. Yikes! I’m planning a tri this summer and was contemplating trying clips for the first time. But maybe not…

  24. Something must be wrong with me. I seem to be the only one who did not laugh. I’m gad you didn’t break anything! You have my admiration for your bravery and honesty. Feel better soon.

  25. I’m really sorry and I know it’s painful, but I have to print out that lady’s comment and paste it into chapter 1 of the book (entitled “Thirteen”). It totally has to be edited into the next printing.

  26. Better a bruise on your arse than a gash on your head. Don’t ask how I know this; I don’t want to talk about it.

  27. “You just knocked your own self down!” That made me laugh so hard my stomach hurts. Was having a crap day so really appreciated the laugh. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  28. That is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time!

    Um, not to sound more stupid than necessary but, could you tell those of us who are new to your blog what cause, exactly, you are raising money for. I seem to have missed that somehow.

    • Hi Kari,
      Steph is riding her bike from Toronto to Montreal in the Friends For Life Bike Rally. If you click the ‘ME’ link in the blog post, it will take you to her donation page, which explains the rally in detail. Hope this helps! 🙂

  29. mmm, I liked dragging ‘the world’ to the circle 🙂 Wow, you have come so far, this gives me hope to be able to use clips without ditching at every turn. Your neighbor is a trip…

  30. Thank you for making me laugh and laugh and laugh (at your elderly neighbour’s comment) at the start of my working day.
    Why is it that clips are so efficient, I always wonder (I know there must be reasons).

    • Clips are efficient because you not only get the down stroke (when you push down on the pedal) but the up stroke as the clip holds your foot as you pull your leg up (or a unique form of torture…depends on your POV!)

  31. I just laughed myself silly at work, and all my colleagues turned around to look at me. I know I shouldn’t laugh at your misfortunes, but you do tell a good self-deprecating tale. Thanks. I needed that!

  32. Oh POOOOR you!! Lots of arnica and thick cushions …. and good luck for the next ride. I am speechless with admiration (I tend to the wobble and infrequent school of biking).

  33. Oh man, I have done that with the clips. Got my right foot out, was standing one-footed on the ground, reached down for my water bottle… and fell over. Just toppled off to the left. I’m so glad no one saw me!

  34. Oh my god! I have a skein of that silk that was so badly tangled I was going to throw it out… my friend, Wendy, didn’t have the focus to do any other crafts when she was pregnant (11 years ago now) and she spent the entire pregnancy untangling it and winding it into a ball. It’s still in my stash with a tag “Make something for Wendy” on it. And I still can’t handle working with it. 🙂

  35. (Second attempt at posting this, because I “failed the human verification test.” I am so embarrassed. But truly, I DID drag the GRAPH into the circle. This time, I have to drag the WORLD to the circle on the side. That sounds like a tall order.)

    Anyway, the comment was (after getting over the Clip Event)…

    What? There are dinosaurs in the west end? I just don’t cross Yonge St nearly often enough.

  36. 300 days is pretty good!

    My poor bike is unused at the moment as I’ve got an ankle injury & I doubt my cleats will be used again when I am able to ride again. That ‘unclipping’ action will be too much I think & I hope I’ll be able to ride with normal pedals.

  37. Don’t feel bad! You are NOT the only one! I have done EXACTLY that very same thing! In fact, my very first “crash” with clips happened exactly that way! My husband was with me and he laughed SO hard… 😉

  38. At least you learned a practical lesson that you can pass on to your team members (AND The Blog!)!

    Sorry it was also painful…this isn’t a back to back period, is it?

  39. You knocked your own self down . . . my favorite line ever! Reminds me of high school when I frequently fell UP the stairs rushing around the halls.
    This question will prove I know NOTHING about the cycling sport, but can’t you just take off your shoe to get out of the pedal clippy thing?

  40. If it makes you feel better, I once fell over while standing straddling my bike, and I don’t even have clips. I just suddenly for no reason lost my balance. I’ve done this while standing on skis, too. Highly embarrassing. (At least on skiis, I’m wearing lots of clothes and snow is softer to fall on.)

  41. Your tenacity amazes me, and your ability to laugh at yourself is so wonderfully entertaining. Thanks for being alive in this world!

    In regards to all the bruising, I wonder if you have used arnica oil/ointment/cream? My 19-month old son is extremely adventurous, and I have found that arnica oil rubbed on an owie as soon as possible can prevent bruises and speed the healing. It even prevented what was certain to be a black eye. Not sure it will help, but it certainly couldn’t hurt.

  42. Steph! Thanks for sharing! From someone else who “clips in”, I appreciate your story. I don’t think I would count this incidence against your 300 day streak. Clearly you had achieved a successful standing stop. That 2nd clip is rogue.

  43. Use some Arnica cream on your bruise. I get bruised up a lot working with the sheep and the goats and my husband is afraid the doctor will think he is beating me! Arnica definitely speeds up the healing…

  44. omg, i’m sorry but i so had to laugh. and then, apparently, tell you about it. but i understand completely. i got my clips when i did the aids ride. i clip off first on my right and have a tendency to fall to the left, INTO TRAFFIC. it’s just like someone yelled, “timber!” and you fall over as straight as a tree. i was so terrified that my head was going to get run over that i couldn’t even commute until i got it all worked out. now i love them. good luck with the ride. you’re a pro.

  45. I wish I had read this post before sending you an email entering for the karmic balancing gifts. In it, I said I hope you don’t fall during your training. Oops! I guess I should keep up better with reading the blog.

  46. I’ve had the stuck clip thing with one foot on the ground too. I just threw myself intentionally on the ground because I knew I was going to fall over eventually anyway. Let’s just say it may have been more graceful had I knocked myself on my bum unintentionally…

  47. Sorry about the sore bum! You sound as if you’re as graceful as I am!

    Maggie S sounds like a woman after my own heart. I spent almost my entire Mothers Day (8 hours) untangling 263 yards of sugarcane viscose that was hopelessly garbled in the hank. My husband told me I was dedicated, and he wishes I put forth that same dedication when it comes to cleaning… Ha! Dream on buddy!

  48. I haven’t laughed that hard at a post since Joe got the truck stuck between the garage and the light post. You made your neighbour’s whole week! I read this for the first time yesterday and I’m still wiping my eyes.

    Thank you so much for sharing your frailties with us.

  49. Thanks so much for a very enjoyable read!! Literally laughed out loud. I love your willingness to make yourself the “butt” of the joke, as it were!

  50. Stephanie, you are not alone – I’ve done the exact same thing (except with the right foot still stuck). I was assured it’s part of the growth, but it still isn’t fun, and yes, it does leave nice bruises. Good luck with the rides!!

  51. I don’t know if this was covered when you first bought your cleats and had some falling over problems so I’ll mention it again because it can make a difference.

    Do you know that there are two types of SPD cleats? One, which is marked M, allows for more types of movements to free your foot. The other, whose name I don’t know because I don’t use or recommend them, requires a much more specific movement. It doesn’t matter much unless you are actually falling or the cleats get full of stuff. Then, if you are wearing the cleats-whose-name-I-don’t-care-to-know you are more at risk of not being able to move your foot in the very specific way that is required.

  52. The batt is lovely. but. um. wasn’t there some Tuesday spinning for Joe’s gansey a long time ago? apologies if that got done and I missed it. If it didn’t get done smack me now for mentioning it…

  53. “I never saw nothing like that in my whole life! You were just standing there, and then you jus KNOCK YOUR OWN SELF DOWN.”

    Love Love Love.

    Because I loved that story, and because I have a daughter who is generally embarrassed by my dorkiness, I donated to Sam.

    Now Sam must thank you b/c I was inspired to donate based on your excellent, honest, and hilarious story of today’s ride. See? See what I did there?

  54. Your mum’s idea to sponsor by the bruise would be spot-on for me. TOO FUNNNNNY. And I can hear the Jamaican woman’s voice…
    Sorry your pain causes my pleasure! ;-0

  55. I snuck a peek at the blog while my students were taking a quiz. You have *no* idea how hard it was to stifle the giggles. They all officially think I’m insane now.

  56. I was having a awful day…till I read this. Feel way better and had a big old laugh. You are my hero!

  57. I’m impressed that you bike all the way across town. I’m not in Toronto often, but it seems like it takes a long time to drive (in a car) across Toronto.

  58. Stephanie, I really hope you don’t think I am a horrible person for this, but I got a great chuckle from this post! As a former long-distance bicyclist, I can relate all too well! I’m glad you survived. 🙂 I am looking forward to meeting you at Fall Fling in September!

  59. Omg. Sorry about your bum but have to admit I laughed out loud for quite some time at your description of the incident. My serious cyclist husband enjoyed it too. You can count this one among the stories that are funny even to non-knitters, at least those who are cyclists!

  60. I’m on holiday in the Highlands and just thoroughly annoyed a proper British lady at breakfast by snorting coffee as I read your post. Then I handed my iPad to Christopher to read the post and he about fell out of his chair laughing. (He doesn’t knit but loves your blog and bicycles)
    It’s a good thing we’re leaving this B&B today, we’re in such trouble here.

  61. I have done exactly this. I was headed up a hill three miles (5 km) into the bike leg of a triathlon when my chain came off. I unclipped my right foot and promptly fell over to the left. I scrapped my knee pretty badly and was so bloody I considered quitting the race right there, but I put my big girl bike shorts on and kept going. That was the day I discovered spectators cheer much louder for bloodied racers.

  62. Oh my gosh, this story! And your neighbor! I’ve been meaning to donate and this just made me go right over and do it today. Your dedication to this, despite all these crazy things that happen to you, is inspiring.

  63. Donated and wishing you the very best from the biking capital of the world, (Portland area!)
    GO TEAM!!!!!!!!!

  64. I think your 300-day record should stand. The fact that you fell while standing yet ironically attached to the bike is a coincidence. As gymnasts would say, the routine was great, but she didn’t “stick the dismount”. Would the record be obliterated if you tripped & fell while carrying the bike? Of course not. Let the record stand!

  65. Laughed and laughed and laughed and you made me feel so much better about my silly bad day. Sorry I laughed at you though…

  66. I laughed so loud I people walking down the hall at work peered into my office to see what I was doing. (Oops!) Then I felt bad because I was laughing at your fall but your retelling of it was just brilliantly funny. I hope the epsoms help.

  67. Once when I was in college (~25 years ago now), I borrowed my roommate’s bike because I was late for class. It had toe clips (you can guess what is coming…). I got stuck in the toe clips and fell over at a very busy intersection, much to the amusement of the 30+ other students at the corner waiting for the light to change. I have not been on a bike since, so I totally applaud your perseverence!

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  69. If it makes you feel any better, I fall without the excuse of being on a bike. I fell on the black ice on our front steps in January. Nothing was broken but I was very bruised. I fell down the steps in the parking garage at my office in February, when I broke my nose and my right index finger. Both as a result of bad luck and poor footware choices. Now my doc has labeled me a “fall risk”. Who knows what would happen if I got on a bike.

  70. That Delphinium is gorgeous! I adore cool colors and lots of purple, so that makes me swoon.

    Be careful on that bike. While the stories are indubitably entertaining, we want you around to tell us more!

  71. If you put Vaseline petroleum jelly on that bruise, it will disappear quickly. The pain might last a little longer.

  72. I know it’s not funny … but it is kinda 😉 I laughed out loud reading your description of your little Jamaican lady’s response. I’m glad you’re not hurt too bad. Shoe Clips terrify me.

  73. Oh, no! I got my cleats gunked up on a ride last year. Luckily my shoes are the kind that close with the little dial do-hickey so I was able to open it while riding and keep it loose enough to pull my foot out in case I had to stop. Sort of defeated the point of being clipped in. But, I was in a very long line of people that needed cleat cleaning at the next rest stop. The lunch stop we had was really cleat unfriendly and I was not the only one that fell victim to the messiness. Glad you are ok!

  74. I admire the fact that your diverse neighborhood seems to work. If you had an arms-length and distant relationship with your neighbor, then she would not have offered her unsolicited commentary on how you landed on the ground. (And the commentary is hilarious!)

    I’m noticing that only complete strangers can offer efficient help in these types of mishaps. I’m remembering one of your stories where the passerby pulls out his cell phone to call for help when he saw you fall off your bike. Meanwhile any friends who are nearby can’t quite stifle a laugh while they do a half-baked job of helping in the moment.

    I saw a YouTube video this winter. Three twenty-somethings stood laughing while their friend walked ahead and awkwardly slid on an icy sidewalk. So the Jamaican grandma must like you!

  75. I ride too–Haven’t had the forgot to unclip/fall over thing lately, but I have had my share of them. I will have to remember not to walk in sand in my bike shoes. 😉

  76. I recall the panic of a clip that won’t unclip with effort, not to mention forgetting that I was clipped in (on the first ride after a year away) and the circus clown-like extreme side to side wobbling that ensued as I headed towards traffic on Yonge St. May I humbly suggest that next time (or the next person) caught with one foot stuck in a clip and one foot free – untie your shoe, extract your foot, and leave the shoe attached giving you freedom and time to explore other solutions?

  77. I watched an episode of “How It’s Made” and it featured making the shoes that have the clips in them. It was very interesting. After watching it I can understand why you fell. I would never be able to do it. I have such respect for you, doing this bike ride.

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