After the Bunny

Oh, what a weekend my pets, what a weekend.  I’ve been on a flat out tear for a few days, and almost all of it was great fun.  I say almost all of it was fun, because on Saturday I did the first official training ride for the Bike Rally, and I can honestly tell you that it wasn’t really super fun.  I had good company, and I don’t usually mind riding, even far (it was 40km) and fast (which I wasn’t) but holy cats, was it cold.  I think that’s the coldest I’ve ever been on my bike, and that’s saying something. How cold was it? Ice crunched under my feet as I walked to my bike. That’s how cold it was. It snowed later. That’s how cold it was.

icefeet 2015-04-06

I got it done though, and after a hot bath I almost forgave myself. Then there were the family gatherings, and the Easter and Birthday celebrations. (Hank is 15. Just putting that out there.  Fifteen.)

birthdaycandles 2015-04-06 easterdinner 2015-04-06

Mostly, the delicious solitude I was looking to savour was shot all weekend. (Not totally true, because I was alone on my bike, but are you really alone if you have your rage with you?)

The best part of the weekend for me though, was finishing Easter slippers for Lou and Myrie.  Last year they got bunnies, and this year?

littleshoesor1 2015-04-06


shousehands 2015-04-06

Pattern: Lamb Shoes. Yarn: Cascade Eco Wool. Modifications: I didn’t do the sole inserts.

lambies 2015-04-06

Lou seemed to mostly think they were puppets, which is just fine with me, because really, knitting stuff like this is for grownups, and we all loved them.

littleshoesorpuppets 2015-04-06

Lamb shoes.  Shut the front door. So cute it hurts. See you tomorrow. The house is empty, and I’ve got a book to read.