Maybe I evened out

Point: Last night I got my knitting together for this trip. I’m starting a new shawl with the Catterpillargreen yarn (or rather, some of it) that I got on my last trip.  It’s the shawl striping in “Olive Branch” (the XL hank) and I’m going to make Cladonia.  (I saw a sample and it was so pretty I couldn’t stand it. I snapped like a little twig. I think it made a noise.)

catterpillargreenstart 2015-04-24

Point: I got the yarn out, and then the needle the pattern suggested, then heard the voice of experience in my head and saw that the combination of that needle, that yarn and me was going to make a fabric I didn’t care for, and went back and got a more appropriately sized needle.

Demerit: The voice of experience turns out to be a lying weaselface, because ten minutes after lift-off on my plane to Minneapolis this morning, I realized that I had misjudged the size of the needle I needed.

catterpillargreenstart2 2015-04-24

Demerit: I only brought the one needle. Like a rookie.

Point: I actually realized it was wrong, and stopped knitting, instead of wasting my time beavering away on a doomed project thinking things are going to get better any minute. They’re not. They never do.

Point: I took out my back-up knitting, which I actually had with me, exactly like NOT A ROOKIE.

backupknitting 2015-04-24

Demerit: Upon landing in Minneapolis I had to go directly to StevenBe and what I needed so that I can work on this- even though I have a million knitting needles at home.

Point: I actually got two, in case I’m still wrong about the needle sizes. That way I don’t have to go back again later today, on account of people saw me there and I would start to look dim.

gotneedles 2015-04-24

Demerit: I had to buy two that are totally and completely in my stash right now, and I could have brought with me if I hadn’t believed the voice of experience.

Point: I won’t believe the voice of experience again. It’s cocky.