No, I won’t make you a pair for $10

I’ve taken the clothes out of my suitcase, washed them, and put them back in, and I’m almost ready to go back out the door tomorrow. I’m starting to feel wildly spoiled, like I’ve pulled off the most amazing trick, and now I get to live in a world that contains knitters alone, punctuated by these weird intervals where regular people exist and don’t have yarn in their purse.  I always start to wonder about that world when I travel this much for knitting I’m about halfway through a sprint where out of 28 days, 22 of them will be spent knitting while I travel to be with knitters, or hanging out with knitters, talking about knitting. Right now, my world consists almost entirely of people who think knitting is incredibly important, and the people who don’t think about it at all are a weak and tiny minority.

finishedrainbow4 2015-04-23

Usually, when I take my knitting from my bag, strangers say “Do you knit?” (to which I have always wanted to reply “No, I just find it nice to have around.”) but this month, all the strangers around me take theirs out too, and nobody tries to turn the lights down, or asks me if I’m going to do that “the whole time.”  It’s like living in a magic, magic land where knitters are the norm, and people who don’t know how to make any of their own clothes are the lunatics.

finishedrainbow3 2015-04-23

In this land, nobody, when I show them my fabulous finished socks, ask me why I bother, when they’re just $1 a pair at Walmart – and should I choose to reveal what a pair of socks costs the way I make them (yarn expense, plus minimum wage for the hours it takes to make them) will goggle at me like I’ve taken all leave of my senses.

finishedrainbow2 2015-04-23

Nope, that’s not where I’m living. I’m living in a place where I can show you my finished socks, and every person around me smiles, asks me what form of short rows I used for the heel (classic) and wistfully considers making some just the same -because it totally makes sense to them – and they would, but they’re making a sweater right now.

finishedrainbow 2015-04-23

Re-entry in twelve days is going to be hard.

finishedrainbow5 2015-04-23

(PS. These finished socks, besides being the cutest things ever, are not for me. They’re for one of you. They’re the Dark Side of the Moon socks that Commander Hadfield held, and for a while, I thought about giving them to him – but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted them to end up somewhere they were really wanted, not as a random weird gift for someone they may or may not fit, or who may or may not really, really love them.  (While I have no doubt that Chris Hadfield is s great guy, that inexplicably doesn’t assure us all that he wants a pair of hand knit socks.)  So, I decided to use them to kick off my fundraising for the Bike Rally this year. I’m hoping to raise more than we ever have (which is a lofty goal- considering that you guys blow me away every time) and while I’ll start doing Karmic Balancing Gifts soon, I’m starting with this. These socks go to whomsoever offers the biggest donation to the Rally, and will love them to death. If you’re someone who’d like to make an exchange like that – a donation for a pair of hand knit socks, then shoot me an email.  ( I’ll check those emails, figure out what the best one for the rally is, and I’ll let you know if you’re the one. If you are, you’ll make the donation, and I’ll pop them in the mail.)

PPS. They fit a friend with ladies size 9 feet really well, if you’re wondering about size.