All Good Things

Well, here I am, at the end of my little vacation by myself, and it’s been lovely. Busier than I imagined it would be, but all the little things on my list are checked off, and the house is (almost) tidy, and ready for me to leave it tomorrow.  First thing in the morning I’ll head for the airport, and thus beginneth a wickedly busy month of travel.  I’ve almost got my bags packed, and my classes ready, and the only thing left to really organize is what knitting I’ll take with me when I go.  I’ve got a nice chunk of time designated for puttering around the stash this afternoon figuring it out.  I’ll need something fussy for the plane(s) and something simple for when I’m talking and walking, and something in the middle for when the going is easy.  No ideas yet – for sure the Dark Side of the Moon socks will be going with me.

Speaking of knitting, I finally managed to get some pictures of Lou wearing his birthday sweater – although it wasn’t easy.  The gentleman in question isn’t very interested in having his picture taken these days, as you can plainly see from the attempt his father made.

Loumad 2015-04-08

I didn’t have awesome luck either, most of my pictures ended up a lot like this one – and were accompanied by loud admonishments of “NO PICTURES.”

nopictures 2015-04-08

The best snaps I got where when he was busy hunting for eggs – with chocolate smeared on his face, distracted by the work at hand.

Lousweater2 2015-04-08

Pattern: Wyatt.  Yarn: Galway Worsted in Indigo.

Lousweater4 2015-04-08

I loved this pattern, although as written, the arms seem a little long.  If I were to do it again, I’d shorten them up a little.  The whole sweater is big on him, I intentionally knit him a size 4, even though he’s decidedly the size of a three year old. (Which he is.)  I’m hoping it will fit him this spring with the sleeves rolled up, and then in the fall with them uncuffed.

Lousweater3 2015-04-08

He seems quite comfy in it, despite the lack of co-operation in modelling. He’s so wonderfully three right now, and my agenda and his are absolutely not one and the same. (I’d hazard a guess that Katie and Carlos would say the same thing.) Perhaps I’ll send Sam over to speak a little with him about the emotional rewards of knitwear modelling.

Lousweater 2015-04-08

Now, I’m off to make a cup of tea, and set off to rootle through the stash, and see what I can come up with. Wickedly exciting times my friends, wickedly exciting. (All suggestions for what to knit next will be read and considered. Go nuts.)