All the kinds of done

The April Retreat is done, and it was beautiful, and fabulous, and we so enjoyed having Clara and Kate with us, and I think I do no wrong when I say that this might have been one of the best ever.  (I will show you more pictures tomorrow. The yarnbombings this time were of a spectacular quality.)

splityarn5 2015-04-14

There was so much information, and so much fun, and some really, really intense learning, and even though all those things were more than amazing, let me tell you the best part.

clarapic 2015-04-14 (1) katepic 2015-04-14

I finished my socks,

socksdone 2015-04-14

and I am almost finished my sweater,

sweaterdone 2015-04-14

which is awesome, because when I got here I unpacked my suitcase, I was staggered to discover that while I was sure I had a sweater with me, there wasn’t one in my bag.   It turns out I was counting the unfinished beast in my bag.  That, my friends, is a really, really knitterly mindset.