Isn’t it a little warm in here?

I’m feeling some heat. It has occurred to me, as I sit here a staring at the finished body and sleeves of the first Tinks sweater, that steeks make me nervous. I know that they won’t unravel. I do. I have tons of faith in the whole process (although steeking in superwash makes me extra nervous. Regular yarn has that “stickiness” that helps the whole thing hold together. Superwash does not.)


It’s the scissors. It’s hacking up a handknit. Despite the simple genius of it, (Don’t knit armholes, just cut them in later!) it always takes me a little bit to work up the nerve to put the scissors to the sweater. When I first heard about steeking, I thought it was a really nasty practical joke. An incredibly complex international prank involving millions of Norwegians, Europeans and their associates all dedicated to tricking people into cutting up sweaters so that they could laugh and laugh and laugh while we all sobbed helplessly into our lacerated and ragged masterpieces. Since then I have steeked, I do like it, and it does work. There’s just always that period of pause where I can’t quite raise the scissors….as my imagination runs horrible “what if” scenarios. (These are vivid and gory. It’s another reason why I choose Hardangervidda for the Olympics. I’ll have to steek without angsting.)

In the meantime…

Tuesdays are for spinning, and with Christmas over, the tree gone and the wheel back in it’s place, I’ve got no excuse but to return to my opus …Joe’s Gansey.


I have spun about half of the three ply I’ll need for this, and the beautiful pile of bumps above, washed and drum carded will likely yield another skein…a drop in the bucket, but progress I suppose. This project is moving slowly. (I’ll save Rams the time of commenting on that…Yes Rams. I know it would go more quickly if I worked on it.) I like to see movement, and this one seems never-ending. I’m so anxious to be done with the spinning and get on to the knitting that I keep trying to figure out how to make the sweater smaller so that I need less yarn. (Joe has thus far resisted the idea of 3/4 length sleeves.)

Olympic Regulations.

Elizabeth D. asks “But — aren’t we supposed to have four years of training before we enter these events?”

No. Next question?

Carol asks “How dare you challenge me to a feat of this magnitude? Do you know what you are doing to me?

I have a pretty good idea what I’m doing to you, but you’re the lady who picked entrelac. Truthfully Carol, I thought less of you guys were going to go for it. It turns out that when the men with the huggy coats cart me off, I’ll have lots and lots of friends to play with.

B. Asks “Will there be drug testing?”

No. Although you should be careful to make sure you are consuming enough drugs. (Namely chocolate, red wine and coffee and toward the end…hard liquor.) As for the stronger stuff, I figure that if you can knit a challenge while using any other drugs, good luck to you. It’s like that Canadian Snowboarder who won gold while he was high as a kite. Most peoples major feat after going the way of the BC Skunkweed is to successfully locate a bag of cookies. The way I see it, if you can do that while you are stoned, you should get two gold medals. I wouldn’t be able to find the snow.

Kat with a K asks “if I remember correctly, the flame is not actually lit until partway through the opening ceremonies (?). Does this mean that we need to knit something else while watching the beginning part of the TV coverage and then switch when they lit the flame? Or can we cast on when the opening ceremonies start?

Here’s the executive decision. The Opening Ceremonies start at 8pm Torino time. Torino is six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, which would mean starting at 2pm in the afternoon.

How about we agree on 2pm February 10th, no matter where you are? (Does that help those of you without a tv?)

From Katie, who’s going to do a shawl “Does it have to be blocked by the time the flame goes out?

Yes. Does a marathon runner need to cross the finish line? I suggest steam. Less drying time than full immersion.

Many of you asked if Wendy was banned from the games.

Of course not. I went to her site and did some math though. Looks like she knit one of those fabulous bohus sweaters in 3 weeks. I thought two things.

1. Has anyone screened her for steroids?

2. It gives me the heebie jeebies to wonder what she would need to do to challenge herself. Really.

Several of you asked if you had to do a sweater, or if you could do more than one thing.

You can do anything that is a knitting project as long as it represents a personal challenge for you. If that’s 20 hats…go ahead. The idea is to set a difficult and inspiring goal.

Finally, The list of Knitting Olympic Athletes can be found here:

The Knitting Olympics Page.

I know I said that I would list you all in the sidebar, but when you see how many there are of you, I think you will understand why it’s got it’s own page now. (Not everybody is up there yet, and not all of the code on the bottom of the page works. Html vexes me. I’m working on it. Give me a day or two before you register complaints. It’s a lot of work.) That’s probably the page you should link to if you took a button too.

There is now a link to the whole Knitting Olympic shebang on the sidebar, should you wish to (and I hope you will) check in on the athletes.

I’m off now. I’ve got a full day of work, a whole lot of spinning and a sweater to hack up.

(PS – for those of you who wanted to know about the wee blue gansey sweater from the other day It’s Design “E” from Sirdar Book 241)

348 thoughts on “Isn’t it a little warm in here?

  1. I’ve got the yarn, the pattern, coffee, booze and chocolate ready. Florence scarf, here I come!
    I’m also debating sending DH and DS somewhere far away for the duration of the games…

  2. I’ve never heard of steeking (I’m still relatively new to the world of knitting, though I’ve been knitting mittens and scarves for a few years and have done a couple children’s sweaters). Can you explain it a little more…other than cutting out the arm holes; or maybe point me to some directions on the net that explain this. I’d be afraid that the yarn would unravel too…
    As for the knitting olympics, I sure wish I was able to take part. Sadly school will have to come first and knitting will take a backseat. I wish ya’s all good luck!

  3. Um, early training shows that I’m not making a cabled vest, but a lace one. I’ve got so far as to buy the 6.5 mm needles for it.
    Good luck with steeks; it seems too terrible for me!

  4. I have to remember NOT to read your latest posts on my lunch break, or at least to swallow before reading and not take another bite until I’m done. I almost choked on my Goldfish-in-tomato-soup when I read the section on drug testing. πŸ™‚
    I’m still not sure if I’ll take part, but being that I am the World’s Slowest Knitter (the speed of the individual stitches isn’t slow… it’s just that I have such limited knitting itme), a challenge for me would be a swa… hey! I think I might try the cable headband from Knitty! (Divine inspiration. Blame the Diet Pepsi.)
    Is it too late to sign up?

  5. I was just getting to a certain story in bookbookbook 2 yesterday when the Knitting Olympics was announced and you declared your challenge to be Hardangervidda. I have two words for you…
    …St. Moritz.
    By the way, I will be knitting the Future Forward Aran by Kathy Zimmerman in The Best of Knitter’s Arans & Celtics Book.

  6. I want to sign up for the Knitting Olympics! I’ve been away from home, so I couldn’t read your lastest posts until now. I am not sure what I want to do yet, but I will visit the yarn shop today to find the perfect yarn. I do it a bit backward, but I am a bit backward myself. Nevertheless, count me in.

  7. I’m a slow knitter too, compared to many, and I’m talking about stitches per minute…so a big challenge for me would be to finish anything in the two week time period. Chocolate and coffee, though…and the Olympics. Okay. I’m in.
    One hat and one pair of mittens. Can I do it?

  8. It’s such a thrill to see my name up on the list of Olympians. I’ve decided to knit a lace scarf, (my first ever lace project, scary!) that will be made up of 2 different lace patterns from the book I just got. This will also be my first time knitting from a chart. Hooray for the Olympics!

  9. I can’t resist a challenge. Despite the fact that I am currently TAing two sections, am head TA for the main course (which means I basically get to handle everyone’s complaints and with 150 students, stuff always goes wrong), and will be in the middle of a research trip for my dissertation to Springfield, MO when the Olympics begin, I am gonna do it.
    I am knitting “Sitcom Chic” from Knitty.I’ve always wanted a simple spring cardigan and I have the yarn in my stash- plus I loath stockingette stitch- (that’s why I have never knit it despite the preponderance of blue cotton-ease in my stash) so this will give me a reason to start and finish the darned thing.
    And Stephanie- you rock.

  10. I’ll say a prayer for you on the steeks – just to be safe. I’d love to participate in your Olympics, but frankly, I’m chicken. I will be casting on a lovely Jade Starmore vest (my first fair isle sweater)during the opening ceremonies,but there is no way on earth I can finish it by closing ceremonies. Wendy, now Wendy could do it. But little ol’ me? Nope.

  11. Wow! What a list of knitting Olympians! I’m so proud to be a part of it! (sniffle)
    Do you find it frightening that there are this many people who a)read you on a regular basis and b)want to play along?

  12. 2:00 PM on February 10th, eh? I am not sure if I’ll be able to cast on at my desk at work…maybe I can take a late lunch that day. Or maybe I will just make this extra challangeing and not cast on until I get home from work at around 6:00 PM…4 less hours to work with, but I like to live dangerously…

  13. WOW, that’s a lot of knitters, and a lot of work for you! Thanks a lot for setting this up, and good luck with the steeking – may be it will help with some drugs…
    And did you know that there is no word for steeking in Norwegian, it’s just – finishing i guess…

  14. I’m so excited to start!!! Just one thing…the website that is linked to my name (Liz R- baby blanket) isn’t mine. My blog is very lame; I just started and have no photos yet). It’s no big deal to me but the site is great and I wouldn’t want to take credit for something I didn’t do.

  15. Okay, okay, okay… I’ve got it narrowed down to a Fair Isle baby sweater w/an intarsia motif (colorwork yet to be designed)… in worsted weight yarn for 6-12 months… and if I can’t wait, and finish it before opening games, a pair of socks for my daughter… and I’m so totally with you on the whole “High Olympics” thing… I mean… why drug test for something that usually helps you come in last in a herd of pregnant women waddling for the last Oreo? (And If I could participate in the knit-olympics with alcohol right now, I would…it’s a crying shame that pregnant women can’t drink… who needs screech more than a person who’s about to become the mother of four children?)

  16. Okay, okay….I’m in dammit. I spent most of yesterday telling myself I couldn’t do it because a)very busy trying to sell home b) have about 12 projects going and unfinished and c)I’ll have to sell the kids to increase yarn stash at this point but I am helpless against the call of the wool! I’ll knit Tubey since I already have everything I need. Now I’m off to the store for chocolates and wine….

  17. Ok, I’m in. I’m knitting a pair of Swedish mittens.
    p.s. I’d be apprehensive about steeking too if my scissors looked that evil!

  18. Decided to do a triathlon: pair of thrum mittens, a ‘stash’ scarf, and a baby afghan. I know I can do 2 of the 3, but the real challenge for me will be to finish them all. Thanks Stephanie, for setting this whole thing up for us!

  19. The steeks do seem crazy…I thought since you’ve done it multiple times the fear would go away. I loved that story about your steeks in the bookbook when knitting for a wedding (I *think* it was that one).

  20. Okay, I’m in. Not sure what I’ll be knitting. Probably lace shawl, possibly of my own design. Or I might take on Fair Isle for the first time. Guess I need to start swatching…

  21. Oh my, OH my, OH MY….I think we have enough participants in the Olympic Challange to start our own country. Do we need a National Anthem? What would we call our country? Knitalania? What is our nationl dress? Hand knitted socks of course! How about our flag? Crossed needles I suggest. My mind is ablaze with ideas….

  22. I have just a clarificatin on swatching. You don’t ever seem to train — er swatch, you are not going to “swatch” before hand and have it become a sleeve. I have read about you “swatching” entire shawls. I guess another question is “Can you remain faithful?”

  23. It’s technically not much of a challenge but I’m knitting Tubey from the current Knitty. It’s a challenge because it’s for me (I don’t knit for me enough), and because it’s form-fitting (eeek), and because working on a sweater that intensely without putting it down (I have start-itis), that’s gonna be hard. So we’re talking endurance event. My husband is jumping up and down with glee; he loves me in anything ribby and clingy.

  24. I’m going to knit a drop stitch poncho that I’ve been wanting to try for a while! πŸ™‚

  25. okay okay okay..I’m in!..the drug rules (excuse of ingesting) chocolate (dark), red wine(chianti), coffee(w vanilla soymilk) won me over…I am committing to finally, after many false starts, after considerable stash building, after gathering every small sized bamboo dpn’s not to mention patterns, how to charts ect,…will finally start & complete a pair of dress socks for my long suffering and most supportive hubbin… thanks for asking..!

  26. You have steek anxiety, I have sweater anxiety. Hats, socks, anything flat, I can knit without a pattern, and I recently conquered mittens, but sweaters… I feel hives coming on. Sweatophobia.
    This does mean my Olympic project must be a sweater, doesn’t it? Yikes.

  27. I would make a comment about the 516 freaking comments you had to go through yesterday to compile that list, but my stars! (Still, thank you on the help to the TV-less, Stephanie!)

  28. Okay, I’ve talked myself into and back out of this 1/2 dozen times since I read yesterday’s post. I can’t resist the challenge any longer, so I’m in. Not sure what I’ll be doing though, guess I’ll have to get back to you with that.
    Liza {who notes for her just finishing *anything* will be the challenge}

  29. I’m starting to think your power over us is a little scary. Does it occur to you that we would blindly follow you anywhere?

  30. Holy S*** – I just visited Wendy’s website for the first time! she’s the bionic knitter! Man, such quantity, such QUALITY. My jaw is slack with admiration.

  31. So, are we splitting some of these up into countries, events (sweaters, shawls, blah blah blah) or would that make our collective brains explode? This is such a good idea. Thank you! I am seriously awed at how many people commented…the thought of doing all that HTML makes my head hurt. But let me know if you need help, OK?

  32. I’m in! I haven’t picked the exact pattern or colors, but I’m going to try for some fair isle (seems to be the theme after all) with a headband or hat from Bea Ellis. I adore those patterns and it’s actually within budget too.

  33. I’ll be knitting the thrummed mobius. You’ve inspired me!
    I have a feeling that its a challenging pattern (its on its way) but should be extra challenging with a 4 month old baby!

  34. I’m busy trying to finish my Gilmore sweater (already half done) so it doesn’t qualify, but I’ll be knitting along in the sidelines and cheering everybody on!
    Do you machine stitch where you’re cutting the steeks? I just saw one on someone’s blog last week (can’t remember which one off the top of my head) but it didn’t show any machine stitching. <:o

  35. You said: “It gives me the heebie jeebies to wonder what she would need to do to challenge herself. Really.”
    I have the answer.
    Joe’s gansey.
    (Frightening, really.)

  36. Ack! I’m sucked in!
    It has to be something for me, out of stash, and I have to get my taxes done at the same time. I think… Socks! That fit me! So, Tax Socks For Me, not plain ribbing.
    Where did I hide the chocolate? The wine is for the taxes – helps the numbers come out better I think.

  37. You sold me. I’m going to knit Knitty’s Top Secret because I’ve meant to, and never finished a grown up’s sweater before, ever.
    The usual stocks of chocolate, coffee and red wine are laid by. Can I try the luge now?

  38. I’m not sure if it’s sleep deprivation or temporary lack of chocolate that’s compelling me to do this, but I’m going to knit the Jaywalker socks (by Grumperina) – this will be my first pair of adult socks (although I have knit one adult sock, once). I’m confident that with enough chocolate support and MacGyver episodes to distract my ADHD into submission, I can do this. So, count me in!!

  39. Ohmigod, Steph – I can’t believe how many Olympians there are! Wow. Great job getting that page up so quickly.
    You should probably start with the drinking already.

  40. Hi Stephanie. Yes, I did choose entrelac. I note that I am the only fool — er — person making that choice. Ulp. Does this mean something? My project will be the Entrelac Shell from Knit ‘n Style, June 2005. Now off to find the yarn, since the intended yarn in stash isn’t of sufficient quantity.
    Oh yeah — not that I’m complaining, but the website you send me to on your list isn’t right. I’m
    My hubby is worried about me — my daughter is worried about me — my hubby is worried about being neglected for 16 days in February — fortunately they are able to fend for themselves on “Feed Yourself” days.
    Groceries for February — coffee,chocolate, wine, and then the things for them!
    Love it!

  41. Does spinning a boat load of fiber count? I have about 8 pounds of CVM waiting for me… If not, I’m going to try the Rippling Waters (I think that’s it) shawl from Fiddlesticks Knitting. With my level of ADKD (attention deficit knitting disorder), that will be a challenge!

  42. Count me in, too. Like Angel, I’m doing the Sitcom Chic from Knitty using something I’ve got lying around, not sure what yet.

  43. Crap. In my excitement yesterday, I put down my shop URL instead of my journal. You wouldn’t perchance, the next time you update, wish to do a kindness to an addled knitter/spinner and change it to this current info? Pretty please with quivit on top?
    BTW You are a brave, brave woman.

  44. Is it too late to sign up? If not, I’d love to be listed with the participants. Regardless, I’m going to cast on for a Colinette-esque throw for my friend’s wedding. She’s getting married in early March, so this will be perfect for lighting a fire (or would that be the Olympic torch) under my a$$ and getting this done.
    -Marie (knitti-me)

  45. I’m in!! If I can get the money together for the yarn in time, I’m going to make Dale of Norway’s St. Anton. If not, I’ll find something challenging!!

  46. Ok – I’m signing up…unless it’s too late?
    I’m doing a fair isle hat with skulls. *sigh* I’m not winning any medals for my fair isle, since I have no idea where to start anyway…

  47. sign me up too! i’m not sure what i’m going to make yet, but i’m sure i’ll think of something. maybe some color work? or just something large!

  48. You know, I think one of your problems with steeking is that you use truely evil looking scissors.. You need scissors that look more friendly.. nice happy scissors.. scissors that wouldn’t hurt a fly. That’s what you need.
    As for the Olympics…. Well.. I’m a bit chicken.. I will have to think about it. But it would make sure that I would knit something for my brother’s baby wouldn’t it.

  49. What a great idea! I will do this with a group of friends and host a “Show IT Off” Party at my house for the Closing Ceremony. I will knit my Berkshire Sweater I have been waiting to do.

  50. I’ve been in training for quite a while, so my think I’m up for the free-style Rogue event. The challenge will be to make it pocket-less and hood-less, and redesign the neckline because it is, well, hoodless. I may train/swatch in advance, making the matching hat while watching some other sport, like hockey.
    I can just hear Brian Williams on CBC now…vignettes of me in training (shopping, knitting, winding the yarn, using a cable needle), interviewing my mom, child, and friends, talking about their all sacrifices while supporting me in this event. “We had to get up with her at the break of day to go with her to a very special yarn store in Toronto – a 5-hour trip – one way”.

  51. Ok, I’m in, too. With either the Angelina sweater (acres of ribibng in that thing) or a hat with two color work. And maybe the mitts to go with it.

  52. I’m wounded. Being myself a victim of the “I started it a long time ago why isn’t it done even if I haven’t worked on it” syndrome, I would never use that prod. That particular prod. Not but what I suspect the entire Knitting Olympics is an elaborate ploy to avoid working on The Great Gray Gansey, but perhaps I’m harsh. (You could tell Joe truthfully that authentic ones DID have 7/8 sleeves…)
    And shoot. I’m in. 72″x22″ Habu laceweight alpaca stole in a variety of patterns filched from a variety of sources (Golden Hands Shetland Shawl trim, anyone out there?) I’m only doing it for the training.

  53. I’m officially in training now. Only I don’t know what to make yet….I’ll get back to you. It’s a day later and I am still shillyshallying around. Lace socks? Some (small) aran? A pair of lace socks and a pair of cabled socks? Some fair isle socks? Argh!

  54. Oh, good, drugs are allowed. That makes the whole thing seem much more achievable. πŸ™‚
    I decided I’m going to do the Kiri shawl, which would be my first lace project. I have attempted to start it no fewer than four times and have never gotten beyond row 20. The yarn has been laying in the bottom of one of my stash baskets for months now. But in the spirit of the games, I will pull it back out and I WILL conquer it in 16 days. I will!

  55. I am so in! I love this! I am going to knit a sweater with the yarn I bought in Maine last summer. For myself. From a pattern of my own design. Whoohoo!

  56. Stephanie — the Latvian team has traded me to the Norwegians — because I already have that yarn and pattern here in the house. So, when you get to me on the list, could you change my event from Latvian mitten, singular, to Norwegian mittens, pair?
    P.S. The sole member of Thailand’s Winter Olympics Team (he competes in XC skiing) lives just 3 miles from me here in Pennsylvania

  57. Just wanted to give you my blogs URL so you can add it to my name in your Knitting Olympic Page.
    Just got an order for 2 pair of thrummed mittens. With the wool dyed dark – need to go buy some koolaid πŸ™‚

  58. okay, i’ll be knitting the Peacock shawl from Fiddlesticks. crossing my fingers, and hoping the yarn and pattern arrive from the Knitter before the games start…or there will have to be some other project.

  59. Ok I’m in. I’ve been looking for a good excuse to ditch the blanket I’m working on (usually a 3-6 mo. project) and do a cute bag to felt. I know this doesn’t sound challenging, but I work full time AND I’m a grad student so I’m good to go. πŸ™‚

  60. Love it. I second the idea that your scissors look menacing.
    Hey, mebbe in the spirit of the Olympics, Ken the Wonder Blog Guy would create a bit of code that would either allow us to add our info/projects ourselves, or automate the process for you once you sort through the comments?
    Are we all on the honor system about finishing, or do we have to show you pictures of our OK-FOs? (After all, there are Harlot-touched goods in the running here.)

  61. I’m in on the Knitting Olympics. Sign me up to be knitting the “Cable Trim Cardigan” from the Nashua Autumn/Winter 2005 book “The North American Designer Collection.”

  62. Oh NO you DIT ENT! Had to THROW the Olympics in my face – didn’t you? Fine. I’m in. What you don’t know is that I just watched “Miracle” last night. If you don’t know what that’s “aboot” up there, it’s about the US winning the gold in hockey against (former) USSR. So, I am inspired and motivated. I had my first “knit hit” in November and am now a full blown addict & I’m stupid enough to go for the gold. So far, I’ve only tamed the scarf-beast, but for you, it’ll be something new & different. How about Bobblicious from Knitty? I can hardly wait. DAH DAH DADA DA DAH DAH
    PS What’s a bobble?

  63. Okay, if we can still join up, I’m in.
    I have the materials and have been putting it off for almost 6 months, so I’m going for socks. First pair. Self striping.

  64. After seeing the list of those who have signed up for your Olympic Knit-a-thon, I can only say, if you ever want to overthrow the government – the bureaucrats had better watch out! You Rock!

  65. Is that 2:00 PM EST, or 2:00 PM in one’s time zone? Important for those of us in the Pacific zone. Also, believe it or not, my friend Penny and I invented knitting Olympics several years ago. We envisioned events such as cables (simple, braided, double, etc), casting on, etc. We never did it but we laughed about it through the Olympics. Not sure if I can do it due to other commitments, but I love the idea. Betsy

  66. OK, add me to the list. I’ll be knitting a Latvian bikini. No … on second thought, I’ll be knitting Samus. I wasn’t going to do it until I read about the chocolate and alcohol.

  67. Time for me to stop lurking and being lackadaisical about my blogging and join a group that will require me to keep up. This one is right up my alley because there is an ending date.
    I’ve never done anything with extensive seams, just small seams like on fingerless mitts, so I’m thinking it’s time I take on a sweater. Probably Bi-Color Cables from IK Winter 2005.
    Not that I have the time to do this, but that never mattered before, why start now?

  68. on the otherhand … i’ve never worked a gansey before either; maybe a wee baby gansey will be my Olympic work
    lemme check all my vintage patterns, i love doing that anyway.

  69. Oh, please include me! I’m thinking about knitting a shawl, possibly Kiri, although I reserve the right to change my mind at the last minute!

  70. Let’s see.. I’ll do Audrey from Rowan #35. While I realize it isn’t a complex sweater, it does involve ribbing. Which always puts me to sleep. Like, I literally nod off in mid stitch. Plus, the attached neckband will make me sweat and I’ll put off attaching it until the last minute, so it’ll add true excitement.

  71. OK, I looked at my knit list and changed my mind. I will be joining Team Fairisle and doing a fairisle baby sweater of my own design (probably 3 Bears theme) for a first birthday present, 12-18 month size, dk weight from stash. I’ll be working on the chart! This is doable skillwise but the timing will be a stretch. My big challenge will be good tension on the floats.

  72. Oh. My. God. That is some long list of crazy women. You all have fun, now. I might do the chocolate part or even drink a bit of beer to cheer you on but this one breaks my rule about not knitting to deadlines.

  73. I’ll be knitting Samus from Knitty as well. Nannette and I are going to have a little support/challenge group going on. I just want everyone on this blog to know, however, that knitting a Latvian bikini has never, ever, crossed my mind. I’m not nearly that demented.

  74. Count me in. Especially for the chocolate part. I’m knitting the Rogue hooded pullover. The complicated cables are going to be the challenge. Will there be a medal for most chocolate consumed? Time to go swatch, er, train.

  75. Okay, I`ll play. I`ll make a pair of the notorious Jaywalkers because so far I`ve only knitted socks in one pattern….stockinette.

  76. I’ve been thinking about the “Olympic Knitting Challenge”, and I’ve finally figured something out. For me it’s all about the journey. I’m afraid I’d lose the enjoyment I get from knitting by racing through a piece. But I’ll be watching from the sidelines, cheering you all on, with my glass of merlot, dark chocolate, and knitting on my good luck Steeler sock.
    Actually, I’m working to prolong my sock until the Superbowl (with any kind of luck in Denver this weekend). Ummm maybe I should make that Iron City or Rolling Rock instead of merlot.

  77. Count me in for the novice sweater competition. Projcect: My first sweater (Size 4T). Semi-self designed from a top down raglan formula.

  78. Oh, what the heck. I’ve knit a plus size sweater in a week before (while working full time – sleep is really highly overrated, but you do what you can when you are determined to finish a present on time!), so I have no excuse to pass up on this challenge. I need to figure out what I am going to make, but I suspect it will involve lace, or a sweater, or maybe both, Let the swatching commence!

  79. OK I’m in – I’m going to do a Scarf (I know its not the big a deal) but it has lots of cables and bobbles and stuff that i want to learn how to do – From Scarf Style……Got the yarn already and have other things to complete first – so this is perfect. Will also count this as my Knit for Myself project…….
    Can’t wait!

  80. Ok, I’m officially in. I will be completing a full sweater. It will either be an Aran or a Dale of Norway fair isle (but not Torino)

  81. Wow – My first post on the Yarn Harlot’s site got quoted! I am dizzy with the thrill of it even if it was a silly question! So… blocked… alrighty then. I just realized I’ll be teaching a beginning knitting class on Feb 10th, but I’m sure I’ll get a few hours of Olympic knitting in beforehand. I’ve got the coffee, but I’ll be sure to start sneaking chocolate into my shopping cart too. Gonna need it!

  82. Oh yeah… count me in baby. I’ll knit a pair of heavy socks (nothing like cheatin’ a bit with worsted weight wool) This’ll still be a huge challenge for me, as I rarely find the time to knit more than 3 rows on anything in the course of a week. Bring on the chocolate and diet Coke… truckers pills can make life interesting as well, and add to the mystique of knitting at 3am while being wired for sound. Sounds like fun!

  83. Please sign me up. I am ready to go! My goal is to knit 3 pairs of socks. I usually take a week or longer to complete one pair so I figure 3 in 16 days is a good challenge for me. Unless I come up with a better event(maybe a sweater, that would be a first for me) before the 10th of Februray!(I better use up some of my sock yarn I bought before hubby gets back from Iraq in May).

  84. Did you try to tell Joe that some of the old ganseys had shorter sleeves so that they didn’t get in the way mucking around in fish guts? Its worth a try.

  85. Okay, so my name is linked to the blog of a lovely woman who I don’t know and have no association with (other that we are obviously out of our minds to be attempting this Olympic knitting). Be that as it may, I will be emailing my finished photos to you, as I have no blog.

  86. Alright, the pattern is decided upon. Knitpicks Faroese shawl. Which was supposed to be my mother’s Christmas present, but with all the other knitting that was done and the fact that I had never attempted lace before, mom didn’t get a Christmas present.
    Knitting Olympics and Christmas redemption. How could this be wrong?

  87. I spent hours last night telling myself all the reasons why this was a bad idea and why I shouldn’t even consider it… so I’m going to be making the To-The-Cottages pullover from The Purl Stitch (in plum-colored Cotton Fleece so the wine stains won’t show).

  88. Please add me onto the list! I would like to knit two pairs of socks and finish all unifinished projects sitting in my knitting baskets (so far, one thrummed mitten, one cabled baby sock, and one and one-half wildefoote yarn socks). Warning: I wrote the former in yesterday’s comments too, but there were 500plus comments there and I wasn’t sure you’d ever see it. I hope that posting twice does not consitute cheating. I would not like to be disqualified before the games begin! I’m brand new to your blog and thought that this Olympic challenge would be the perfect way to begin my regular readership. Thank you!

  89. Much against my better judgement I’m up for this. I’m going to knit Ene’s Scarf from Scarf Style. If it results in divorce and/or RSI, I’m blaming you!

  90. Steeking looks way too scary for me.
    Ok, I’m in. I’ll knit Danica. I’ve never done Entrelac, so that will be a good challenge for me.
    I’m even going to try to use stash yarn!

  91. I want to join your knitting Olympics. I will knit a Santa sweater and hat for my granddaughter, and hope that she doesn’t grow so fast that she won’t get to wear it. It is a Sirdar pattern and there are leggings to go with it. I don’t know if I will get the leggings done during the Olympics or not. Likely not, though!
    Katherine (Who loves your blog and who owns your book of meditations for women who knit too much)

  92. In case you didn’t see my comment from the original Knittin Olympics post, I’m in, and I’m going to knit Samus ( Never cabled, never done a zipper, and I’m adding waist shaping. Also, the only other adult sweater I’ve knit took me nearly a year and a half. My real name is Bryna, by the way. The is gonna be fun, what with all the wine and chocolate. Oh yeah, and the knitting. πŸ˜‰

  93. I ditto Mandela’s comment above, in all respects.
    “Much against my better judgement I’m up for this. I’m going to knit Ene’s Scarf from Scarf Style. If it results in divorce and/or RSI, I’m blaming you!”
    This will be my first lace item that goes beyond simply YO K2TOG. Wish me luck!

  94. OK – I’m in! I’m going to knit the Waving Lace Socks from Interweave Knits. Since this is only my second pair of socks, and they are knit on size 1s with a 36 st/50 row gauge, I think it’ll be a good challenge. Looking forward to it. πŸ™‚

  95. I love a challenge. I’m a machine knitter and have Dale of Norway patterns in my stash. I’m going to knit one of them to wear while I hand knit a Sally Melville “Boyfriend” cardigan during the Olympics.

  96. Ok – I am going to enter the previously uncomtested event of “Garment” in sections “Started” and “Finished”. Hope I am not too late to register for this event πŸ™‚

  97. I would like to finish something that I already started about two years ago. I have about 4 inches done of the body. It is a Jamieson Fair Isle sweater from Book 2 and I can’t remember the name of the patter it’s been so long since I hauled it out. I know that this is technically against the rules and if I have to be disqualified later so be it. This is definitely a challenge for me. I just need this push to get it going again. Please count me in and pretend you don’t know I’m sort of cheating until the end. I don’t have a place to post the medal anyway.

  98. my insanity…er Olympic project will be the Nevada City Lights pattern in Module Magic. Using my handspun and some alpaca blend. Think I have enough of the handspun. May need to spin more before then.
    Happy knitting

  99. I’d like to sign on too – probably for a lace project, but possibly cables. Just a thought, but people could put their own project info into a Yahoo Group database and save you a lot of time. or is there some other way we could post our info directly?
    I love the Winter Olympics and am already picturing myself at the sofa with a lap full of yarn watching (esp.) the skiing and skating. I like it!

  100. I just finished a pair of socks that I started, oh about a year ago. My challenge will be to do some felted mittens with an inner ribbed cuff-hey, I’m still a new knitter and I’ve never done mittens, but the biggest hurdle will definitely be the time frame.

  101. When it comes to steeking, I think ignorance is bliss. My second major project was a Norwegian sweater that my friend convinced me to knit instead of purchasing the Dale of Norway souvenir I was eyeing when I was visiting her in Norway. She set me up with the pattern & yarn and sent me home to Canada.
    Back in Canada, I didn’t know too many knitters, so not knowing that steeking was supposed to be scary (my main knitting exposure was to Europeans)I just did it. And it worked!
    This was around the time of the Lillehammer Olympics and I was very proud of my accomplishment!

  102. Okay, so am I the only one who knows/remembers that Stephanie is going to be on the west coast of the US on the 10th? Hosting an evening event, in fact, that I hope to be at…I guess I’ll have to bring chocolate. πŸ™‚

  103. I think we need silver medals for those who put forth a really great effort but don’t finish. Think of Michelle Kwan.

  104. OOh! Please add me. I have been holding off on Glampyre’s Angelica…This would be a perfect challenge – I’ve never knit an entire long sleeved sweater in 2 weeks!

  105. Thank you for the challenge! This will be a great thing for me as I have commitment issues with large projects! (large being anything bigger than a swatch) I am going to design my first sweater… and knit it. (Yikes…I just scared myself!)

  106. HOLY CRAP! That’s a lot of crazy knitters! OK, I’m in. I checked out some of the shawls people are knitting and I remembered the Kiri shawl pattern is already floating around here somewhere, in one of my very important, highly organized piles! NOT! So, I just have to chose between the two yarns I have in my stash that are both perfect and I’ll be set! What a great (read insane) idea! Thanks Stephanie!

  107. I talked to my mom, and her “cardigan” is now an Aran Cardigan Raglan – with our family’s traditional port pattern. She even wants *bobbles* (I can’t believe I’m related to this woman). I agree with Lynette, we need an anthem at the very least. My Guild is already considering the possible medals.
    And Steph, I love you dearly, but you spelled my name wrong on the list πŸ˜€

  108. Okay, I’ve decided what my project will be.
    I’m going to do the Boogie vest from as I’ve only ever done baby clothes and have never tried cables.
    If that turns out too easy, I’ll add a 3yo size Einstein Coat from the Knit Stitch.

  109. OK. Chocolate? Baking will commence this weekend. Coffee? Never learned to drink it. Will Chai do? (lots of whipped cream with little sprinkles of cocoa, maybe skip the sprinkles to save time for knitting) Wine? Allergic. Ummmmm… Ah ha! Chocolate chip cookie liquor and (homemade) pear liquor. Blessed DH who will cook for the duration. Yup, I’m ready. Oh, crap! I’d better get to Knitpicks and get some yarn!
    Remember what Elizabeth Zimmerman said about steeks: After cutting “just go into a dark room and lay down with a damp cloth over your eyes.”

  110. Steeks? No. No way. Those scissors would have me running to the bottle, first thing.
    Um, correction from yesterday — Na Craga in Moorit/Shaela. Not Eesit. Where’d I read that? Obviously I need my eyes checked before the Olympics.
    BTW found a new sport for Knitters. Winding. As in taking a skein and winding it up, without a machine. That’s one tough exercise. I consider it warmups to have wound 19 skeins into balls preparatory for knitting what I now believe to be the sweater from hell, having finally gotten beyond the pretty picture to the actual pattern. I am undoubtedly certifiable. Now just have to lay in the chocolate, Merlot and lots and lots of coffee.
    2 p.m. on a Friday to cast on. Wonder if I can take a half day?
    And Elizabeth D. — Go Thailand! I’m in Philly too — and I have to root for the man. I mean, he’s a professor at the University, married, with kids and still an Olympian! Go Thailand!

  111. My daughter set up a bloglines “my blogs” as a Christmas present for me, and thoughtfully put some knitting blogs in (also some I should like because they’re day-job-related, but I ignore them). I’m up for Knitting Olympics. Eric’s Glovelets, from Green Mountain Spinnery–if the pattern arrives in time, with yarn from stash. Not really hard (though I’ve never done gloves), but the day job does Not Let Me Knit in Meetings, which limits the knitting time a lot. And I really like the training rules.

  112. What funky cool scissors you own! I’ve never steeked (maybe that should have been my challenge). Anyhow, I’m so happy to be part of this huge kal… was pawing over the yarn last night, realized it is not even the same guage as called for in the pattern, so swatching will have to start asap. The story of my life!

  113. Oh Harlot what have you started?….. This is obviously the next step towards knitterly world domination.
    I know I have to compete! I woke up extra early today just to look through patterns. I was contemplating that this would be a great chance to do my first socks or maybe some mittens prehaps even thrumbed. But I know the real challenge would be my first ever lace project maybe something small… Anyone got a pattern for lace thrumbed socks with individual toes?
    I think, I’ll stock up on asprin as well as the offical drugs for lace induced headaches. So all I need now is to find a job to pay for the yarn (will anyone notice that I’m swatching at interviews?) and rent a house so I have somewhere to knit when the games begin.

  114. Sorry should have mentioned I’ve no blog either – b that saves you some html BUT I will be getting one..

  115. Hello. My name is Martina. I am from Canada. I will knit for you a Canadian Deerstalker Hat from the Folk Hats book. I just got the book for Xmas and have been looking for an exuse to knit a hat. I figure just doing one hat and actually being able to concentrate on the directions long enough is going to be difficult enough for mee. I am a knitter who usually decides halfway through a project I need to change the design. I’m in training now!

  116. After a night of dreaming about the yarn shop and plane crashes after I’d rejected the idea of joining the Knitting Olympics, I’ve decided to give in and represent Australia in the Mariah from Knitty event. If I get it done, it means that I’ll have a gorgeous finished cardigan just in time for my birthday on the 27th of Feb. πŸ˜€

  117. Oh, what the heck? I’m in! How about my first complete pair of non-worsted socks? I think tackling my dread of tiny yarn is an Olympian enough task, and I’ve got some Fixation that wants to be Broadripple socks.

  118. Hi! Hope it’s not too late to join the Olympic team! I read about this yesterday, but had to pour over some patterns last night before I could commit. I’ll be knitting a lace mohair shawl. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Knitty’s “Leaves & Waves” (, but I’ll decide that for sure when I swatch. I’ve never worked with mohair, and I’ve never done lace. And with everything I’ve ever read about putting the two together, I’ll probably be hating those 16 days….but maybe the fact that I love the winter Olympics will take the edge off. I’m sure the chocolate and wine wont hurt.

  119. I was cutting steeks in a sweater for my son (Marius Norwegian style, Sandnesgarn pattern) and my 9 year old, whose sweater it is, practically yelled at me: “MOM, WHAT are you DOING??!!” I had to explain that it wouldn’t fall apart! That being said, when he was a baby, I did have the experience of a Dale baby garn sweater come apart on one side in the washer; I now quadruple stitch them all!

  120. As a newbie knitter, I relate to a character in a book I’ve read, whose sock was 12 feet long because she had yet built up the courage to turn the heel. This will be my “wall” in this knitting marathon. I will knit…a sock. With a heel.

  121. Well, it’s going to be mittens for me. I’ve ordered the Northern Lights pattern from KnitPicks with yarn for it, too. Then I thought it should honour Canada, even though I’m a Yank. So I called Lucy Neatby and ordered both the pattern for Paradoxical Mittens and the kit for Rainbow Mittens. So, fair isle mittens, here I come! I’m leaning towards Rainbow as of now, and I only commit to doing one pair. I’m so *S*L*O*W*. Sigh.
    I asked Lucy if she had been following your blog and she said, “No, not lately. What’s she up to, now?” So I told her. She was happy that I bought Canadian. Now, if I only knew exactly when they show the curling, I’d be the happiest lunatic in the asylum!!!

  122. Well, last night I was being sensible when I said to myself, nope, not going to do it. Today, I am inspired by my sister athletes. I hereby pledge to knit ten different hats for Afghans for Afghans, from my stash. And I shall inspire/badger my colleagues in work and knitting to add their bit as well.
    I suppose stash-building counts as ‘training,’ yes? (not that I need any more stash, even for this challenge) Laying in supplies of chocolate/red wine/hand massage cream is allowed, right?

  123. Alright, move me from yesterday’s “definite maybe” into the “joining in” category – it was the “You can do more than one item if you want” that decided me *G*
    I’m going to attempt to finish 3-5 scarves (in garter stitch, I’m not *completely* insane *lol*) in the 16 days. GO CANADA!!

  124. Hope I’m not too late to enter the Olympics.
    I’m going to make a topdown vest of my own design. This’ll be the first time I’ve done one. It’ll be in denim cotton 4ply doubled to work in 8-10ply. I got 3 500g cones from a machine knitting store in Sydney. I wanted a 4th cone but it’s been discontinued.
    I’ll definitely be swatching beforehand as I’m not sure what size needles to use yet and I want to check the shrinkage on the indigo denim cotton.

  125. Still blogless. But thinking about a challenge for me. The leaf lace shawl from Fiber Trends. I have two huge skeins of Blue Huron waiting for it, and the pattern. Will be hoping for coverage of the cross country skiing. (Go Sweden!)

  126. My husband (yes – he’s a keeper!) bought me one of your books for Xmas and I am now a devoted fan of your blog. I want to join in Olympic Knitting Insanity with a sweater – Pattern/Yarn TBD. I guess I will have to go shopping!

  127. I can’t believe the FANtastic response – my project never made it to the list so here it is again. An Olympic colors felted tote bag. Clap clap clap clap clap.

  128. Oooh, now that wine is not only involved but recommended, I’m in. I’ll knit a pair of socks. Doesn’t sound like much, but you have to understand I’m still finishing a pair of socks I started in September. A completed pair in 16 days will be quite a challenge.

  129. I’ve been reading your blog for a little while; just finished your books. DH was curious as to what I was reading (because I had trouble breathing from laughing too hard), then when he found out he just backed out of the room shaking his head(hehehe).
    I will partake, as long as there will be some curling coverage! I will attempt the Kiri Shawl using Kidsilk Haze.
    I don’t have a blog, but I will send you an e-mail with pic if evidence is required. πŸ™‚

  130. My friend, Arnhild, taught me to machine stitch around the steek before cutting. This takes the pressure off, for using a sewing machine freaks me out more than cutting into my knitting.
    Happy Cutting!

  131. Hi Stephanie! This is the first time I post a message on your blog, but for almost two months I’ve been visiting it everyday.
    I have been thinking about this Knitting Olympics so I have decided to participate! Brazil needs a representative! So here I am! I will be knitting Cheesylove from Knitty ( will be the first time I knit a sweater, ruffles and fair-isle. So it will be a challenge for me.
    Just one thing: I am blogless, so may I send you pictures to show how things are going with my project?
    Juliana – Bsb

  132. I really would like to do this challenge, but I’d like to make something with one skein of Anne yarn that I bought on sale. Any suggestions? I’m too advanced for a scarf to be challenging, I suppose, and I really don’t want socks from this, although I knit socks all the time.
    My real challenge is finding the time to finish with working and the children and Brownies and all. But I’d like to join in!

  133. Count me in! I’ll be knitting Durrow. This will be several sorts of challenge, as it will be my first completed sweater; for my husband, who is currently in Seattle and whose measurements I do not have (anyone know a sympathetic LYS near Redmond who would take measurements for me?); and I will have houseguests for most of the the Olympics.
    Knit on! Who needs sleep, anyway?

  134. Okay, I’ve debated with myself, and have decided to join the US Lace Team! I’ve been wanting to knit a lace shawl since the summer, and I’ve even got a hank of laceweight yarn that I Kool-Aid dyed last year.
    Don’t know what pattern I’ll choose yet, though I’ve been considering Kiri. It seems to be a pattern that can stand up to a multi-colored yarn without losing its lacey identity.

  135. Ooh, Ooh, I want to play! My mom is so proud. I always said that I wanted to be in the Olympics. So I got my team ready. My sit n knit buddies are in as well. Get ready for Team Blue Knitters!
    There are a total of 8 of us and we are all doing a slipped stitch stole/poncho with Blue Heron Beaded Rayon. Yummy! I will add photos of those who cross the finish line to my blog at
    Go BlueKnitters!

  136. I love the Winter Olympics. And coming from this small northern country I think I have to participate in the Knitting Olympics.
    So I will be knitting a creature watching the olympics — waving a little Finnish flag!

  137. *looking over entry list for Knitting Olympics*
    Learn entrelac for the first time AND make an entrelac sweater??? The Rogue Hoodie??? An entire afghan??? The Snowdrop Shawl????? I’m feeling slightly faint.
    Have you people lost your minds? YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY MY KNITTING HEROES! Best of luck … I will sit this one out and graciously watch from the sidelines (as I will be doing for the Winter Olympics). Go for the gold!

  138. I hope it’s not too late to join. I’ve been wanting to knit a cardigan, a nice, warm, cardigan for myself for a long time. I am the world’s slowest knitter so the challenge for me will be to finish something in 16 days, something for myself since I rarely knit for myself. I think it will be out of some lt grey yarn in my stash.

  139. count me in too! i’ll be knitting a Sheepy Baby Blanket… yes, i knit one before but after finishing the blanket it sat for 2 months before i got around to duplicate stitching all of the sheep… this time i want to bang that sucker out! (this is also challenging because it has an evil evil border that took me several days of cursing just to get through 10 rows!)… oh, and i have to sew a fabric onto the back

  140. I’m in for my first pair of socks. Small needles and shaping scare me (I gave up knitting after attempting a sweater on size two’s as an undergrad and only started again a year ago!)

  141. This is *wonderful* idea, Stephanie! Unfortunately, I am already insane as I am taking 23 credits that include 3 performing ensembles and lessons πŸ˜› I am worried about having time to sleep, much less knit, so I will cheer for the contestants from the sidelines πŸ™‚ Question: so everyone who finishes a project in the time gets a button? Because a lot of people could finish!

  142. Eunny, winner of the First Annual Knibby award for best new blog has a great set of entries on the mysterious steek. Her 1/12/06 entry describes the crochet method – with clear, useful photo illustrations. Here’s her URL:

  143. Can we have an alternative Knitting Olympics event? Rather than the flashy “Knit a new project as fast as you can,” no doubt inspired by Startitis, how about an event dedicated to finishing the largest number of previously abandoned projects? With bonus points given for number of Olympics since the projects were originally cast on.
    Now that’s a real challenge!

  144. You are all nuts. Every single last one of you. I cheer you on!
    However…if I finish my socks before the Olympics (socks come after the Birch Shawl…), I may try to knit another Birch shawl for the Olympic Challenge. I’m knitting one for my sister to wear in her wedding. So, don’t sign me up, but I may join in spirit anyways.

  145. OK – we are now STARTED! Thanks so much for setting up the list. I have been inspired to start my own blog and will have a link by the weekend. I do need to mention that I checked the pattern and Zauberflaute (sp?) is actually by Jade, not Alice – ooops!
    Also thought that I would mention that this will be my first BIG fairisle project, and first experience with steeks. WOW – it’s a bit like losing your virginity all over again – but a WHOLE LOT more satisfying!
    I’m not exactly sure if I’ll be able to finish unless I win the lotto and can stop work and employ a full time minder for the kids, but I will do my best. I keep reminding myself – it is just 2 colours a row – you can manage that!
    Hope everybody is looking forward to this as much as I am.

  146. I’m working on a Gryffindor scarf, and this is my first knitting project … ever. So, anything else would be a challenge to me, but I’ve decided to make a Hermione hat AND mittens from atypicalknit.

  147. Crazy idea – please count me in!
    I’m not sure yet but I think I’ll make the Rogue – it’s on my to-do-lidt anyway. My main challenge will be the time limit but I never knitted a cabled hood too …
    May be a little bit of gold for Germany!?
    Due to a submission error (questionable content) I have to give you my URL this way:
    http://www.myblog .de/bentota

  148. Is it too late to join? I want to knit a sweater, although I’m not sure yet which one. Knitting (and finishing) any sweater is a challenge to me because it always seems to take so long, and I drop it and go crochet a sweater instead.

  149. I’d like to join in too, if it’s not too late. I’m going to knit Maimu’s Mittens from Folk Knitting in Estonia – seemed like an appropriately wintery project and as I haven’t attempted any colourwork or Estonian techniques before it will definitely be a challenge!

  150. I’m in! I’ve been knitting a week, and I really want some cabled leg/kneewarmers, so I’m going to learn cables and DPNs for this project – I may play & swatch first as my training!
    Does this need to be an already designed project, or am I OK to design it myself?
    I think if I finish the kneewarmers with enough time to go then I’ll do some wristwarmers too.
    I think I’m Team GB’s mad contingent!

  151. oh i want to play too. i don’t know yet what i want to make, but i have yarn for a charlotte’s web languishing in my stash that needs to used.
    is that good enough?

  152. 8pm Toronto time! That’s 2am in the UK IοΏ½ll have to set my alarm clock. IοΏ½m going to knit a lace wrap-over cardigan, lace is not normally my thing; this will only be my second attempt at it.

  153. I’ve been in training most of my life!!! Sign me up as well please – although I will have to reserve committing to a specific project until I know how my deadlined knitting is coming (probably the morning of the 10th!!).

  154. Please sign me up. I will be doing a matching aran style large bag with matching mini-bag using cotton yarn.

  155. Okay, I would love to be able to say that I’m an Olympic athelete. I’m in please. I’ll be doing two, count ’em two, cabled sweaters (Trellis from knitty) for my nieces.

  156. I can’t resist. I just can’t. Count me in… A Rogue for my daughter…smallest size… I have NO CLUE if I can really do it, but I’m caught up in the idea…so count me in! Lisa in Oregon

  157. I’ve always liked those coats. The silver buckles down the back are such a pretty design feature.

  158. Ok, I’ll jump in too, and do something that I have wanted to do but been putting off for 2 years now – the Fiesta Socks. I just need to go through the hoarded Koigu to pick the perfect colors.
    Hopefully I’ll be able to watch TV, knit, and pack up my house all at the same time (while making sure that the house is spotless so that prospective buyers walking through will fall in love with it).

  159. If it’s not too late to sign up, I’m in! I’m going to make the cables in chamonix sweater from the yarn girls beyond the basics book.
    Best reason to watch the Olympics ever.

  160. Okay, I’ve figured out what I’m making for the knitting olympics: Oompa Loompa socks and wristlets for a friend’s costume. That’s two striped knee socks and two striped wrist warmers, sized for a fairly large man. Swatching, here I come!
    *does knitting stretches* Hey, ya gotta warm up, you know.

  161. Good thing you said we’re competing against ourselves, as opposed to playing for a country…I’m an American Canadian resident who’s on her way to having a French passport. Understandably, I was getting confused.
    I am SO spinning for this project…
    Pass the cookies, dude πŸ˜‰

  162. Hello,
    Can I still register for the knitting Olympics? If so, I would like to enter a pair of socks. I have never knitted a pair of socks before.
    I don’t have a knitting blog. Only a blog about my daughter and it’s all in French. I live in Quebec city. I can still put progress report in English on it.
    Please let me know.

  163. Alright, alright, twist my arm….although I’ve never participated before…this I cannot resist. I’ll also be signing up for the Canadian Clapotis team.
    Oh boy, pass the chocolate and wine. I’d better practice.

  164. I’ve had poor experiences steeking with Baby Ull, because of the superwash feature. The ends simply didn’t hold together. I used a crochet steek method in one item, then had to stitch over with the machine when the stitches came out. Very traumatic!! On the next item I used the machine, but the fabric didn’t feed properly–more trauma!! I’ll be interested to see how you do it.

  165. Stephanie!
    I emailed you earlier, but I did not include my project—I think it will be Lady Eleanor–yikes! First entr. project!
    I don’t know how you are keeping up with all these emails! You are a saint!
    Happy Knitting!

  166. Shall I knit Rogue or perhaps fall blindly into the whole Olympic theme and knit a Dale sweater. Too many choices! Must go knit to calm down….Maybe start both? Gold medal for insanity!

  167. I’m in too. Fair isle has me running scared, so it’s time to confront it. Not sure if I will do a hat or mittens yet, but more likely mittens.

  168. Shall I knit Rogue or perhaps fall blindly into the whole Olympic theme and knit a Dale sweater. Too many choices! Must go knit to calm down….Maybe start both? Gold medal for insanity!

  169. I’d like to get in on this, but I have to get settled in my new place and purchase yarn first. If all goes according to plan and I’m prepared by Feb 10th, I’m going to make the Michael Kors Aran Tee from the Holiday ’05 issue of VK. It’ll be the first thing I’ve made with fancy-looking stitchwork. I have a pic of it on my blog.

  170. Count me in if it isn’t too late! I must finish DH’s 44″ jumper I am only halfway through (DK, 2×2 wavy rib) first. I plan to do a 2 colour Aran cardigan on cicular needles to my own design. (Well, I got this lovely yarn the other day off E-bay…) Thanks, Steph, for setting this up. It has given me the impetus to finish this jumper in time for this winter, now!

  171. Count me in if it isn’t too late! I must finish DH’s 44″ jumper I am only halfway through (DK, 2×2 wavy rib) first. I plan to do a 2 colour Aran cardigan on cicular needles to my own design. (Well, I got this lovely yarn the other day off E-bay…) Thanks, Steph, for setting this up. It has given me the impetus to finish this jumper in time for this winter, now!

  172. With the greatest respect for our collective insanity (Franklin could do one of his wonderful drawings of us all going over a cliff, with lemmings at the top giggling) I am in.
    Entralac socks in a pattern of my own design (mostly, it owes a lot to EZ) in Regia Silk.
    I’ve knit this pattern several times before but to add a challenge I’m trying to write it down in a followable way, which I find hard.
    That makes 3 people on the Entralac Team, let’s hear it for knitting backwards.

  173. Mary in Maine needs to get her husband to read this! Mine does and laughs himself silly.
    I am begining to wonder if a second time try really qualifies after seeing what everyone else is doing but it really will be a challage for me. Just know that all have gotten me started at kitting at 53 years young. (now if you want to talk about my 47 years of crocheting….)
    And am I really the ONLY Alice in the group??? I knew my name wasn’t common but really!

  174. I’ve steeked a few times and I ‘get’ it but even seeing those big scissors sitting on your knitting gives me the willies.
    I like those little japanese scissors from Lee Valley for snipping my knits.

  175. Mary in Maine needs to get her husband to read this! Mine does and laughs himself silly.
    I am begining to wonder if a second time try really qualifies after seeing what everyone else is doing but it really will be a challage for me. Just know that all have gotten me started at kitting at 53 years young. (now if you want to talk about my 47 years of crocheting….)
    And am I really the ONLY Alice in the group??? I knew my name wasn’t common but really!

  176. Holey moley! Did you have any idea of what you started, Beloved Harlot?? I just checked out the list of Olympians…except for the funny hats, just the parade of athletes at the “real” event. I’m humbled.
    Please add my name to the list. I’m gonna try a Kitty Pi bed pattern by the illustrious and frighteningly productive Wendy. Never used doublepoints, don’t know much about math, have some fabulous Noro bought on sale that I don’t know what to do with. Sounds like a challenge to me.
    Let the games begin!

  177. Please include me! I will be making my dad a sweater. I started one back in September for his 60th birthday and failed to complete it. I need to redesign, knit knit knit and complete it. I feel like this is hanging over my head and I need to get it done. (A little like Michele Kwan and her desire to complete her metal collection with a gold.) πŸ™‚
    Thanks for hosting this. I am excited to see how everyone does.

  178. Ooh, knitting Olympics? Count me in!!! I’m going to attempt fair isle for the first time.
    Hard liquor, chocolate = training? Must stock up now for all those trial and exhibition rounds!!!

  179. I have change my project to thrummed socks from Fleece Artist from a possible clapotis or my son’s socks on zeros. I decided that no one needs thrummed mittens in Berkeley, California. My husband, who thinks the Knitting Olympics are a great idea, said I needed to get a ruling about thrum making. Can I make the thrums ahead of time? He thinks not unless one could buy individual thrums rather than just the roving. I will abide by your judgment. I have done my swatch and bought my size 4 Addi’s for socks on circulars. I have knit socks, but never thrummed socks and never in two weeks. So we shall see if my arthritic thumb holds up. I could be limping across the finish line or falling down on my triple saulchows (spelling?)

  180. OK, I’m in! I’m going to make a sweater vest (I’ll collaberate with Ann Budd, thanks very much). I’ve never made one, so it will be a little adventure.
    Thanks for setting this up!
    Knit on!

  181. Please include me! This will be my first knit-a-long-ish event! I’m going to try fair-isle for the first time, either socks in a Debbie Bliss book I have, or one of those bea Ellis hats; or I’ll attempt Knitty’s Trellis ( Thanks!

  182. I thought about this for a whole day, and I still decidedI would like to join! I will try my first stranded knitting project – pirate mittens from hello yarn.

  183. Please count me in. I am thinking Rogue or a nice cardigan. Since I’ve only knit one baby sweater, 20 years ago, an adult sweater in sixteen days will be a real challenge for me.

  184. Yay — I thrive under pressure. What better way to get me to finally knit my first self-designed sweater! Let the swatching, charting, and consumption of performance-enhancing substances begin!

  185. I took will take up the challenge if It’s not too late. Since my new passion is lace, I will knit a lace shawl. Possibily of my own design. I have spent a year working my way up to lace and have just completed the lace scarf from hell project.
    I too will be in Tacoma with you on the 10th of February, fresh or bleary eyed from just having completed 2 days of spinning lace weight yarn and then learning how to knit Estonian Lace. I’ll bring the whine…I mean wine. πŸ™‚ Chloe

  186. What a good idea! I read this yesterday, and have been thinking about what I should knit for this event. And thinking some more. I think the hourglass sweater, I’ve had the book, the all the corrections for the pattern, and the yarn for a while now. Can’t wait to start : )

  187. Here’s my question about the Knitting Olympics: will you consider Spinning Athletic Projects for the Olympics? The knitting projects I have going are either too small or way too big to fit the alloted space, but I have a spinning project that would potentially do-able with a bit of effort and dedication.

  188. Thanks for taking this on! For the first time in my life.. I can compete for a medal in a “sporting” event. I didn’t know that knitting and drinking coffee and/or booze could qualify as a “sport”, but I’m not going to question it!!
    I’m planning to kool-aid dye some wool, design and knit a pair of mittens for my daughter as my event.
    Here’s another idea to make your mind go numb…. what if we competed for our own countries?

  189. Whole-eee krap! 687 comments from Monday, 223 so far from Tuesday … there is a lot of unbridled inner competitiveness showing here. Yowzah. We could start our own country. Anyone want to knit our flag? (snort)
    I’m in for the Lacy Kerchief Scarf from IK, in Handmaiden Lace Silk. I found something else to occupy myself till then. Who knew?
    Go, gansey, go. Oh. That could be our new team cheer.

  190. Definitely count me in…I am not sure of the project as yet. I have much spinning to do before I’ll have enough yarn to make either sweater. Yes, I have 2 different spinning projects going on at once (spinners like multiple projects, too ;)). If that doesn’t pan out, I’m thinking a pair of mittens from Folk Mittens and stash would work.

  191. WOW! This is just amazing! I have never posted before today, but I just had to get in on the Knitting Olympics. I’ll be knitting “the sweater that shall not be named”. This is all very exciting, I will start training/ swatching tonight.
    P.S. the last sweater I knit took about a year. This will absolutely be a challenge.
    Oh, yea I thought you should know, I think I’m addicted to your blog.

  192. I’m going to do the Frostrosen Mittens from Nordic Fiber Arts. My first time knitting with dpns and my first colorwork. Gulp.

  193. I debated and debated a bazillion times. I seriously don’t think I have the time but when faced with a challenge. . . Sign me up for lace socks! I’ve never done lace socks before and not sure which pattern I’ll use yet.
    Thanks, Dude!

  194. Ok, I will quit lurking, and join in on the fun!
    In honor of the Winter Games, I too will knit intarsia (for the first time), but a more pre-school level project (no “danger” in the title!). I’m going to make the poncho from Lopi 24, using the yarn I bought almost two years ago on my honeymoon in Iceland, before I knew what I was getting into (knitting-wise, I know my husband pretty well).

  195. I’m going for the gold with Ene’s Scarf by Nancy Bush. She designed it in honor of a friend from Estonia. The Estonians won a gold medal in cross country skiing in the 2002 Olympics. Got to go now and wax my Addis! Good luck everyone –

  196. If it’s not too late to sign up, I’ll be tackling the Vivian Hoxbro Rainbow Jacket. I’ve had the kit for 4 or 5 years now, and have started it twice (both times led to frogging). I’m hoping the Olympic spirit and the Knitting Goddess will bestow success upon me (especially since I’m nuts to try and knit the whole thing in 16 days).

  197. Hi Steph. The kid and I are going to knit along. For me, it’ll be a yet to be determined lace shawl in kidmohair (prestige by mondiel) probably a shetland shawl or something from Gathering of Lace. And for the kid (9 yo with a couple of dishcloths and I think one slipper under her belt) a cuddle neckscarf. Where the end tucks into the ribbing on the other end. Thanks for the challenge. Wonderful idea.

  198. Hi Stephanie,
    I’d love to enter the knitting olympics! I have a hooded cabled pullover I’m in “training” for and will be good to go for the olympics! Thanks and Take care, Tori

  199. For the first time in my on-line life, I’m tempted by a knit along type thing. Lordy. This despite the fact I have 2 projects that need to get out the door asap. Hmmmm, I should check the schedule and see if they are going to show curling live. Cause I sure as heck can plunk myself down in front of the TV for that hours on end. None of this “show the 8th end and tell you who won” crap. I want the entire match down to who bought the beer and what brand it was, even if that means showing it at 2am. What to knit, what to knit????

  200. Steeking seems very natural to me, probably because I came to knitting from sewing. To me, a knitted fabric is a knitted fabric, even if it has been knit by hand. It’s still just fabric that can be cut, manipulated and sewn to maximize its potential. After all, when done properly, there’s little risk of damage to the knitting.
    And on another note – I told my formerly-a-knitter sister about “Knitius, Altius, Fortius” and recommended she join. She snorted and said “Uh, maybe if it was the Knitting *Special* Olympics…”

  201. I’m in. So far, a pair of socks has taken me a year to knit. This time, I will be knitting in a heavier yarn, but dying it myself into a self-striping pattern. (Don’t let being the head of the Knitting IOC get in the way of your own events!)

  202. This is too good a challenge to pass up! I will be attempting the Alphabet Blanket from Debbie Bliss’ Baby Knits book. Attempting, not because the pattern is particularly challenging, but because I have a 4 month old daughter at home. I can only work on it while she’s sleeping, thus reducing the number of hours I can spend knitting!
    Here’s the official site
    but there’s no picture of the project so here: scroll WAY down, it’s the second-to-last picture.

  203. OK – you and the knitting gods talked me into it (I got some crazily reduced rainbow mohair the day before you posted the challenge). I’ll knit a lace scarf/shawl – not sure of the pattern yet, because I’ve only knitted lace once before and I’ve never knitted mohair but hey, these things have to be done. I did think about ‘birch’ but then a couple of people said it takes an hour per row to start, and I’m not sure I could handle that…
    Incidentally, my husband bought me both your books for Christmas, and they were wonderful. It’s the first time in years that I’ve ‘rationed’ my reading so I didn’t finish them too quickly! πŸ™‚

  204. ooo, can I still sign up? Or did I miss regionals and have to sit this one out this year? I want to make Leslie Scanlon’s tweed Jacket from Knitscene!

  205. I’d just like to point out that you’ve enlisted approx. 330 knitting Olympians in just 3 days. Are you ever a little overwhelmed at your awesome powers?

  206. I’m so excited for the Knitting Olympics! I’m going to knit “Marlotte” for my daughter. Its a Bouton d’Or pattern. I’ve never knit a sweater with this complicated of a pattern before.
    I can just picture all those knitters casting on simultaniously. Won’t it create some type of time warp?

  207. Hey Harlot, Count me in.
    I am mulling the project around and will let you know later.
    Here’s an idea. How about sorting us by country. Just like the olympics. And provide some stats at the end. ie: How many Americans, Canadians, Finnish, etc took the gold. Add some catagories too. ie: Socks, Sweaters, Hats,…
    I would be glad to help.
    Totally awesome idea. I sit and watch them anyway so I may as well knit.

  208. The olympics are in Italy. So the opening ceremonies will be tape delayed here. So what time are we allowed to cast on? Also, are we allowed to wind the skeins into balls beforehand?

  209. Read Elizabeth Zimmermann’s comments on steks and cutting sweaters. She recommends cutting the steeks and then lying down in a dark room with a damp washcloth on your forehead.

  210. Okay, I’m changing my entry. That is allowed, right? Instead of doing a fair isle sweater for me, I’m going to do a sweater for my daughter. She’s been begging me for one since before the holidays. It will be a top down raglan of my own design with some fair isle color work, as yet to be determined. I’m thinking snowflakes, she’s talking hearts. We’re still working out the details. πŸ˜‰

  211. What an awesome idea – count me in!
    What to knit… it’s a tossup between between Sitcom Chic and Rogue.

  212. I think I’m just certifiable enough to join this thing and make the Charlotte’s Web shawl I’ve had the yarn for since Stitches East.

  213. Wow. No word from Stephanie. We didn’t scare her off, did we?
    Update to my “I’ll figure it out.” A birthday sweater for me. Raglan with cables. Still deciding between two patterns, but that’s good enough to list, isn’t it?

  214. Please count me in for the knitting Olympics! I’m going to knit the Turkish Cape from Vogue Knitting Fall 2005 if, but I’m not knitting for Turkey. Go USA!! This will be my 1st fair isle, and it has short rows and the pattern needs to be adjusted because it is only 35″ wide-who has 35″ wide shoulders?
    Thanks for the fun!

  215. Please count me in for the knitting Olympics! I’m going to knit the Turkish Cape from Vogue Knitting Fall 2005 if, but I’m not knitting for Turkey. Go USA!! This will be my 1st fair isle, and it has short rows and the pattern needs to be adjusted because it is only 35″ wide-who has 35″ wide shoulders?
    Thanks for the fun!

  216. Wow. I have oo idea how you find the time to read all these comments and still knit the beautiful things that you do!
    I am totally moved by your knitting olympics. I have been wanting to knit Rowan’s Butterfly for a very long time but have been way to scared to do it. It is a tremendous challenge for me.
    Can I join?
    Krista at
    Knitting: Rowan’s butterfly, the shorter version (without the beads)

  217. I second Maggie’s nomination of the Llama Llama Duck song as the Knitting Olympic’s Anthem!

  218. I am a lurker, and it has taken me a little more time to not be intimidated by you experienced, wonderful, beautiful, incrediable ladies. Is it to late to include me in these winter games?
    If not..
    my name is Carla
    and I will knit the Backyard leaves scarf in scarf style, interweave knits.

  219. I’m in! I’m making a Philosopher’s Wool Stars sweater. I dug out the big bag o’yarn from the stash and am considering UFO diving to locate the right needles. Or maybe just buy some more, and charge it to, um, training expenses. Along with a big jug of wine. And I have a coach, too! Jan promises to be mostly nice to me but to call me twice a day and make sure I haven’t drifted off on a tangent. It’s that finishing part that gets me every time.

  220. If it’s not too late I’d love to join the Olympic Challenge. I’ll be knitting a cardigan I’m designing myself. Thanks for this great idea!

  221. I was undecided on my last comment, but I think I’ll scrap the socks and go with a real challenge, Erika Knight’s Heirloom Silk Shawl. Now the hard part will be waiting until opening ceremonies to start!!!

  222. If you are still conscious when you get to this 1000th comment (am I a door prize winner?) I will personally mail you the olympic mascot;
    chocolate for wine-lovers. Christine from KnittingParents got me into this mess. Now it’s up to my fast fingers and futile brain to get me out. I will finally knit my darling wife her long awaited Shawl Collar Textured Rib Sweater in Cotton Fleece from Handy Book of Sweater Patterns. If you’ve seen the pattern you know it’s for a child’s size so I will definitely be training/swatching a bit before!
    Now if I could only figure out how to add those buttons on the side of my blog! :::grrrr::: <–see the tensions building already!

  223. This is the only Olympics that I’ll ever be invited to–of course, I’m in! I’ll be doing a fair isle vest–first steeks ever. My only issue is that Stitches West is in the middle of the Olympics; my 16 days is closer to 12 (I just can’t see me knitting a fair isle on the plane, either).
    I love a good challenge.

  224. Can I join the KnitOlympics too? I just ordered pattern and yarn for a vest, and it’s a challenge as I’m very bad at finishing large projects in less than a year. The vest is (shhh!) a present for my mom’s birthday in March.

  225. I’m in! I’m a pretty new socknitter, so I’m signing up for a pair of socks. A pair in 16 days will be a huge challenge for me with my work schedule, but I’m IN!

  226. I want to join the Knitting Olympics. I am going to do a cable sweater from Elsebeth Lavold’s Viking Knits for my husband. The pattern at the back out of some of my handspun llama from a local breeder. I am busily spinning as we speak. Also, I wanted to mention that I am starting a local knitting Olympics with my local knitting group and that we have a sponsor. She is offering a $10 gift certificate for every member of our group that finishes.

  227. Me me me me!
    I’m a beginning knitter (as in, have never knitted a single stitch) so I’ll be going for a simple(?!) scarf, although I haven’t decided on a pattern yet πŸ™‚

  228. Count me in for team GB.
    I’ll be attempting a cosy little hap/everyday shawl, in thickish alpaca, and for bonus points going for a lining as well.
    (Can you believe what you have started? How about encouraging entrants/medal winners to kick some money MSF way?)

  229. Hey!!Count me in too. I think that I will do a Dale sweater (or a Bohus if they can translate the pattern by Feb. 10th.)

  230. OK. I’m making the Knitpicks “Checks & Charms Hat and Mitten Set.” I’m pretty sure that there are no steeks in mittens. Hallelujah.

  231. I am going to do the Tina Shawl from Fiddlesticks Knitting. Working full time this is going to be a definite challenge. By the end of the olympics I think I will be very sleep deprived but this is going to be so much fun. Yarn will be laceweight yarn from

  232. Could I be added to the Olympic Knitting please I know I am going to do a sweater but not to sure which one just yet. To finish one in 16 days is a real task for me!

  233. Ok, a couple of things. First, are there any MEN doing the olympics? I see a couple of androgynous names, are they guys? And if so, what is the logical next step for someone who has (poorly) completed but one scarf. A cap?
    Second, the 2 hour scarf took me 33 hours. (Sure I altered the pattern thus quadrupling the work, but still, that works out to EIGHT hours.)
    Third, I’m in love with my first creation. I don’t know if I should thank you, or my suggestibility (wink)

  234. I’m not competitive by nature, but I would like to participate. Don’t even know what I’ll knit but it should be graceful like figure skating, quick as slalom, varied like 50-km skiing and breathtaking as ski jumping. I’m off to train in high altitudes now…

  235. I’m so happy to have delurked and to join up. I’m psyched about the idea of actually finishing a whole sweater in a set amount of time. I decided on this pattern from Debbie Bliss
    using some scrumptous mohair boucle I got at Rhinebeck. Sign me up, count me in, I’m going for a medal!
    Also, hi to all those other Ruths on the list!

  236. I hope it’s not too late to join the Olympics! I’m terrified of color knitting, so I think I’m gonna try a hat for the fiancee, with a little colorwork. Count me in! It was gonna be a Valentine’s day gift, but unless I go for some super speed knitting, he can recieve a gift-in-progress. πŸ™‚

  237. Holy bananas. First, I realized that Stitches West falls right in the middle of this thing. I thought it wouldn’t be too bad, I could do that AbFab kit in 16 days, right? Except I work in a yarn shop, and we’ll have a booth there, so basically 4 of those days are out. Yikes. A challenge, indeed.
    AND, this morning I’m reading some stuff on MSNBC, and there’s a column called “Clicked” (“My name is Will. This is what I clicked.”) and there’s a mention of the Knitting Olympics in today’s entry. It’s a couple of screens down, just after a blurb about a new kind of coffee press (heh).

  238. Too late to join the Olympics? Snowflake Vest, fingering (I tend towards thicker yarns!) and four different colors. This assumes I finish my husbands vest (he prefers not to have sleeves) which has its own set of issues: many tiny cables and rewriting complicated joining of shoulders and sleeves as sleeves will not be present.

  239. Is it too late to join? If not, I’d like to do the flower basket shawl, I”ve had the pattern, yarn and needles for months and haven’t touched it yet! Let me know if it’s not too late.

  240. it’s Official: i’ve finally decided WHAT to make for the Knitting Olympics.
    i figured this is the only way my guy will GET a second pair of socks. The first ones seemed to take forever, since they are (of course) so big. I really wanted to make the mittens, but the Socks will truly be an olympic feat. (oh, i made a funny).

  241. Okay … I’m going to attempt a sock. One sock. I’ve only made one pair ever, and they took me a good long time, so this is challenging enough. πŸ™‚

  242. Put me in for Dune in Summer Tweed from Rowan #33. The yarn has been marinating in the stash for a year now, so I definitely need a kick in the butt, or a starting shot in the ear to get moving!

  243. I’m in. I am overwhelmed by the beautiful insanity of it all. It was the talk of the Santa Clara, CA meet-up last night.
    I’m going to do lace knee socks, an Interweave Knits pattern. I’ve never done socks before. I might even try to do 2-socks-2-circs. Is this the equivalent of running a marathon when you’ve never even done a 10-k?
    Who cares? If I fail, I fail. If I succeed, I get socks. Whoopee!

  244. Hi – one pair of Grumperina Jaywalkers coming up. I’ve got plenty of sock wool – just started sock knitting and becoming addicted – if this pair works out OK then maybe I’ll get to make more than one pair during Olympics – please add me in

  245. Hi – one pair of Grumperina Jaywalkers coming up. I’ve got plenty of sock wool – just started sock knitting and becoming addicted – if this pair works out OK then maybe I’ll get to make more than one pair during Olympics – please add me in

  246. Sign me up please…knitting the Irish Hiking scarf out of Berroco’s new Alpaca.
    Let the games begin!

  247. Oh Yes count me in please, not sure what I’ll knit yet, but such a great idea, and fun to think of everyone else knitting away, may lay in some extra bottles of wine to ensure refreshments are on hand! Jan

  248. What a brilliant idea. It’s terrible timeing as I’ve a huge block of technically challenging work that has to be complete by end of March but what the hell! If it’s not too late please count me in for either Cozy from Kitty or Clapotis (am developing a huge mental block about this but 2006 just has to be my year for Clapotis).

  249. This sounds like so much fun (as most crazy ideas do). I will be knitting the Flower Petal Shawl.

  250. Hey! I want to join in on the fun. I’ll be making a knitted doily. Never done knitted lace work before, but I’ve always wanted to. This seemed like a good time to start since I work…er…knit well under pressure.

  251. Hey! I want to join in on the fun. I’ll be making a knitted doily. Never done knitted lace work before, but I’ve always wanted to. This seemed like a good time to start since I work…er…knit well under pressure.

  252. I really wanted to send your link to Peter MacKay, but there is no email address on his site. His loss. I’m going to dig out some needles for the first time in 25 years.

  253. Hi! I would very much like to join the Knitting Olympics! I’m in the Norwegian team, and will be knitting the flower basket shawl. πŸ™‚

  254. I’d love to join. I’m going to do my first sweater with sleeves from the
    top down. (Knitting Pure and Simple Neckdown aummer cardigan).
    Kathy from Michigan

  255. I’m in and doing a pair of socks. I have never done a pair that quickly. I have been in training but am not a fast knitter.
    “Olympic music playing in the back ground and flags flying in the air as I step up to the riser in the middle.” Aunt Gerry

  256. Count me in as representing Team Costa Rica in the Knitting Olympics. I still need to pick a project but I think it is going to be the bolero from VK Spring 05 (the one with Alison, er um I mean Courtney Thorne-Smith on the front).
    It should be quite a bit like the actual winter olympics…….only one or two Costa Ricans participating. Although I am going to send the link to a couple of gals here at our SnB group.

  257. I’m in! I’ll be tackling the difficult Rogue knitting event… I’m going to go crazy… but I’m OK with that!

  258. I”m in!! I’m trying to decide between a sweater (Tubey or Hourglass) or a complete pair of socks (Jaywalkers!).

  259. I, for this fun, will be knitting one sock (my first) with a bit of Nordic colorwork around the ankle (my first).

  260. I’m in! I have a thousand things I have to accomplish over the next few months, so this seems like a good thing to take my time up.
    I’m going to be knitting socks, but not just any socks!
    Im getting my fleece, making a blend of wool, mohair and angora, washing, combing and dying the roving, spinning a 3 ply yarn, making my own knitting needles, writing my own pattern( hodgy feet need some special things) and knitting my socks. Something I have been wanting to do forever and couldnt find the time.
    Seems like it will be fun πŸ™‚
    :: bench pressses her knitting needles::

  261. My goal: Empty needles by the end of the Olympics. This means completing all those projects that seem too overwhelming to pick up and complete- the second sock, a shrug, a lacework scarf, and about 5 other projects currently on sticks. I guess this is the equivalent of the decathalon.

  262. Sign me up for the Olympics. This is just what I need to inspire me to finish (ok, start AND finish) my first Faroese lace shawl. I’ve got some great yarn — Icleandic thel which is just like cashmere — in a dark gray sportweight that I want to use. The yarn is actually for sale on my web site — even though I love it, my DH and farm manager said I am not allowed to keep everything we produce (like I did with all the tomatoes last year) or we will never turn the farm from an expensive hobby into a business. I fooled him, though. I priced the yarn so high, no one will buy it!
    I love your site!
    Green Fence Farm
    Alexandria and Greenville VA

  263. i’d love to join! i’m in with grumperina’s picovoli tee in blue sky alpaca’s sport weight. love your site! thanks for thinking of this, what a great motivator! (we’ll see if i’m still saying that come closing ceremonies!)

  264. I’m in! I will also be knitting Hardangervidda (I’ve had the pattern and yarn for a year; I think it’s time). It will be fascinating to see what I can do if I knit only one project at a time.

  265. Sorry, I swear I’m changing my mind for the last time. I’m going to attempt my first pair of socks.
    Really, I mean it.

  266. The sheer number of people in the knitalong frightens me a little. I think I’ll just cheer on from the sidelines. Go teams!!!

  267. I will do the “Leaf fingerless gloves with beads” on teeny tiny needles & Misti laceweight baby alpapca and, oops I mean OR, the Fiber Trends Braid and Bobble hat with Classic Elite Lush. They would be a challenge even if I a) didn’t work full-time at a job I love, b) wasn’t the single mom of two boys (5 & 14) who I love, c) didn’t play women’s soccer with girlfriends I love (and y’all know that means time for margaritas and beers after the games!), and d) didn’t have a zillion other knitting and needlepoint projects on the needles that I love. : )
    Lisa T

  268. I would like to sign up. I don’t think that I did when I was here before.
    I am going to knit afghan squares.

  269. I will be knitting either Clapotis or a sweater, my first that actually should get finished. Possibly a sweater of my own design (I’ve been meaning to make an “office cardigan”), possibly Alice from MagKnits (August 2005).
    Aw, hell, it’ll probably change by then anyways. But I just finished a really nifty vest (Amy Anderson’s Tilling the Soil, which I heartily recommend and might be a good project for someone else) and am feeling the adrenaline. The challenge for me will be the finishing. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

  270. For now, since I have officially lost my mind, I will be knitting the Peacock Shawl from Fiddlesticks. I just expect to be proud to be a participant of the Olympics as opposed to a Gold Medal finish…but you never know

  271. Hi from Germany πŸ™‚
    I would be proud to join the olympics πŸ™‚
    But i am still undecided, what to knit….maybe some socks…but this is not a big challenge…
    maybe i could knit a shawl..or a sweater?
    i think about….
    my dream is a shawl….and this would be a great thing…but if you woul know, how many times i have tried….and not finished…..
    so my first challenge would be: make a decision πŸ™‚

  272. I am totally in for this. I’ll be knitting Mariah from Knitty, it’s my first project with cables. I’m nervous, but I know I can do it, even if I have to knit at work!

  273. Well, I have finally decided what I am doing for the knitting Olympics. What I am doing is two fold.
    1) I will start and finish the Monkey backpack from SnB. I have had the yarn for two years and need to get over my fear of intarsia.
    2) I will finish two other items during this time (because I have two sweaters/vests that have never been seamed up, because I also fear finishing).
    I will be ecstatic if I finish the two items in the 16 days, but my goal is mostly to start and finish the backpack. The hubby has been waiting long enough.

  274. Count me in on the Olympics – not sure exactly what but it will be my first lace project – maybe socks and something else

  275. I’m joining up! It will be just the boost I will need to get through the next, yes next, blanket for my grandson. These aren’t baby blankets, these are twin-sized blankets.. mostly stockinette, but HUGE, so I am entering in the “speed knitting” category. Thanks and see you at the finish line (I hope)!!!

  276. This is going to be a fun time. My knitting project will be 2 hemp face cloths, one crismon red and the other purple.

  277. This is going to be a fun time. My knitting project will be 2 hemp face cloths, one crismon red and the other purple.

  278. I am going to knit at least 4 pair of wrist warmers out of wool for a friend to end off to a group.
    i also just love the little blue sweater you did and posted the picture of on the 10th.

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