We don’t need a stinking contractor

I have a sub-floor. Actually, I have a sub-sub-floor (something called Dricore, which Ian and I would both like to do a testimonial for. “We were just stymied about how to cover the concrete in the back room, then we found Dricore and our problems were over!” Being fulfilled in any small measure by a flooring system makes me feel incalculably nerdy. Luckily, before I’m writing about it on my knitting blog, which most people think is already so nerdy that I can’t possibly sink any lower.) and a plywood subfloor on top of that. The problem was (again, I’ll alert you to the potential here that I am writing the most boring blog post of all time. If you feel dizzy, you may be too bored. Quickly click this link to see something interesting.) the problem was that we needed a plywood sub-floor to put the final vinyl floor down on, but we couldn’t attach the plywood to the concrete, not in any sort of a practical way anyway. (There was a short lived plan involving a sort of screw called a “Tapcon” which were absolutely stupidly expensive and needed a predrilled hole and wouldn’t be flush and couldn’t countersink and…..the whole conversation made me want to knit something. Something fussy. Something with tiny little needle and six colours of yarn and 12 charts. It would be easier than attaching plywood to concrete, I assure you. Note: If you or someone you know is a contractor and you are just cracking yourself up at your computer because you know a great $2 way to attach plywood to concrete and it’s fast and cheap and really, really fun, so much fun that there are people who do it for a hobby…do not tell me. Do. Not. I’m a woman renovating an old and crooked house. The only thing level in this place is the water in the toilet and I am on the edge. Do not tell me.

In the end we found this Dricore floor that just whacks together on top of the concrete and it’s a “floating” floor. You aren’t supposed to attach it to anything. Can you believe that? Nothing. It just sits there on the concrete and then you nail the plywood ontop and then you have a floor. Crazy.


My brother Ian shown here attaching plywood to Dricore. This takes 300 screws. We know this because we bought 200. (Again, I have included the knitting in attempt to keep all of you from shorting out.) Today we put the real floor on top of the plywood and the Dricore, and we paint and we weep a thousand tears for things that are going to go wrong that we don’t even know about yet. Oh…and I will vacuum up sawdust. Last night I found a perfect little tidy pile of sawdust on the middle cushion of the chesterfield. I have no theory for how it got there. I do not care. I only vacuum, unthinking. Uncaring. Unmoved.

TSF stuff

Today’s TSF gift is this beautiful lot of yarn


Doesn’t it scream Valentines Day? It’s all at Kris M.’s house, and she’ll be mailing it to Anwen. Congratulations!

Olympics stuff

There are more than 1800 participants listed on the Athletes page.

This is not all of them. S.Kate and I continue our entering of names, and in a desperate bid to not be overrun by the incredible outpouring of Olympic spirit, Emma has joined the ranks as “backup in charge of entering names while I lay floors.” (Good title eh?)

We are getting there, please continue to be patient if you don’t see your name. It’s a big job. Who knew it would be like this?

Today’s Olympic link: Team Wales, since according to their rules, I could be on the team.

278 thoughts on “We don’t need a stinking contractor

  1. How cool is a floating floor???!!!
    Still contemplating my athletic status. Maybe the diamond fantasy scarf/shawl? Think that’s do-able?

  2. Rest assured, there’s at least one knitter out here who’s fascinated by your home renovations! We have an older house, too, and while we’re not likely to have to put down a new floor anywhere that I know of (yet?), it’s nice to know that other people do this kind of thing without contractors!
    The floor is lovely.
    Oh, and my best guess (from having lived with a scene shop carpenter for several years and finding little piles of random sawdust scattered about) on the sawdust is that it was either caught in a cuff or a fold of a sock and got deposited on the cushion when someone put their feet up for a well-deserved rest!

  3. Yay for floating floors! I can’t believe how many olympians there are. I hope you don’t go on the disabled list form carpal tunnel after entering all the names…

  4. It is becoming clear to me that I must find a way to join the Knitting Olympics. The nature of the challenge itself is still hazy, but this I do know: I’m just enough of a smartass to figure it all out and officially sign up Just At The Point When You, S.Kate and Emma All Think ‘Phew, Finally Done!’. Heh.
    There have to be at least 4 coping stores between my current location and yours. I have a car today. Just sayin’.

  5. I feel your pain Steph….we just finished laying, sanding and finishing 550 sq ft of red oak flooring. My whole body hurt for days. My rule of thumb is that everything takes 3 times as long as you thought it would and costs twice as much. I’m putting off reinstalling the trim in favor of naps, reading and knitting, at least for a few days. On the bright side, I have a beautiful new floor (and so do you) and the bragging rights to go with it! Well done girlfriend!

  6. Burning up in horrible envy at the thought that someone else is getting a new vinyl floor (even if it’s only in the mudroom, but still…)
    You know when you contemplate going out and getting a job just so you can replace the world’s ugliest and most ancient vinyl floor that you really must have the world’s ugliest and most ancient vinyl floor.

  7. Shetland Museum? Been there. It’s really small, but very high quality knitting. Probably the only museum with more “women’s stuff” than “men’s stuff”.

  8. Dricore, you say? The nasty 100-yr-old subfloor currently exposed in my kitchen, eagerly awaiting its Pergo, and constantly biting me with its 100-yr-old nails (why is it impossible to find all the nails that need to be pulled until they grab your handknit socks?) is intrigued.
    Level houses are overrated. I like that I know which side of the wok the oil will pool in and can adjust accordingly. It’s like an inside joke between me and the house (which tilts downhill to the north in a very gentle, charming manner).

  9. Aww, Steph, enjoy the lovely results of that hard work. Aren’t floating floors the most amazing invention?
    After you’ve enjoyed the renovated mudroom, you and Ian could embark on a post-Olympics tour, knitting and renovating all over North America. Heeeeeeyyyy. I know! I happen to have an old house and lots of yarn. . .

  10. As the least handy woman in the known universe, I am just awash in admiration.
    The LYS called to tell me the Bearfoot I ordered is in. Two hanks in the Mountain Twilight colorway. Visions of socks dance before me as I try to think sweater.

  11. Steph: Hammer drill. That’s the secret to making holes in concrete. It took me eight long years of living in a concrete-block house to figure this out. (And, yes, those Tapcon screws are $#^@*&^!% expensive!) And, that Dricore stuff sounds cool. TMK

  12. OH I don’t envy you your renovation work. I had a house in OKC that was over 90 years old – there was not one level surface in that whole house! I loved it and will always think of it as “my house” but I’m a bit relieved that I no longer am responsible for the upkeep!

  13. I found this particular blog entry fascinating. Don’t tell me what that says about my personality – I already know I’m a bit off. That Dricore stuff sounds awesome. I’ll have to remember the name and ask the construction guru about it. The baby sweater continues to look wonderful. 1,800? Who knew?

  14. Stephanie, you goddess. Hubby and I will one day finish our basement with a lot of DIYing. Knowing now about DRIcore makes me giddy with happiness and optimism about the whole process. I am totally grateful for this information. Bless you.
    And heck no, I’m not shorting out. I’m an HGTV fan (the “H” part way more than the “G” part, about which I care almost nothing), so having reno updates *and* knitting in the same blog entry is heaven for my geeky little mind.
    (Good lord, *I* could be part of Team Wales too, and I’m a half-Arab, half-Jew with origins in Eastern Europe and the Middle East before emigrations to Australia and Canada. I think perhaps they need to be a mite more discriminating?)

  15. I’m impressed that you helped our brother put in a floor. That’s pretty freaking awesome. I’m happy you found a solution to your flooring problem.
    I hate to be a problem, but I am going to bow out of the Knitting Olympics. I have another project which is going to take precedence right now and I can’t commit to one project for 16 days as I plan to start this project in the next week or so. It’s for a relative who is in bad health right now. Thank you.

  16. You may need to enter yourself in the Knitting Special Olympics if your arms freeze up with severe carpal tunnel syndrome from entering nearly 2000 names and putting 300 screws into your awesome new floor. Today my friend Misa sent me e-mail encouragement for the Olympics. She said she going to paint GO KIM on her naked belly and jump up and down cheering me on while I’m competing. She lives in New Hampshire and I live in New Jersey, so I supposed she’ll just randomly jump around cheering and confuse her family and/or co-workers. GO TEAM KIM!

  17. Way to go, Steph and Ian. Great work and the floating floor is way cool. We solved the same problem a different way, about which I am mute, out of respect to our dear Harlot’s on-the-edge-ness.
    I am deeply envious of the whack of yarn going to Kris M. Good colors for this time of year.
    I am still in discussions with the Bohus Museum to get a kit for mittens, which I might try to knit for the Knitting Olympics. I have just discovered that the kits for hat (another kit I want to buy) and mittens are only in Swedish. Sorry to say, I speak and/or read zero Swedish. Do I get a head start for that handicap, O dear Harlot??? Didn’t think so.
    Knit on, and enjoy the remodel when it’s done enough. It’ll never be done, but done enough is quite possible.

  18. My husband installs siding for a living. It seems perfectly natural to me to discuss knitting and construction at the same time.

  19. Yay! floor. My Rogue yarn arrived yesterday, and I had to hide it away so it would not tempt me. I cannot wait for feb 10th now.

  20. In other words, there are now about 3 Olympic knitters for every 4 Olympic athletes. (And all united under the banner of peace, having called a truce in the acrylic wars for the duration of The Games.)

  21. Ah, floors…. My father did a basement floor: on top of concrete, two layers of 2x4s (edgewise and at right angles to each other), covered by two layers of 3/4″ plywood (the sheets also at right angles to each other), and the whole thing held together by screws, every six inches. You could drop a marble and it would stay put (after it bounced).
    I started a Snowdrp yesterday, in lace-weight alpaca. Luxury for the niece who’s taking the bar exam next month, I think.

  22. Okay, I’m riveted (cough, cough) by the stunning display of bravery and power tools here, but I still say a nostepinne is eminently sexier than a pneumatic nailer.
    (I do have a thing for levels, however….)

  23. I shouldn’t have read that. Now I feel like I have more than a passing knowledge of subflooring. This could cause a heck of a lot of mayhem in my house when hubby starts finishing the basement in the spring.
    1800 Olympians! That’s amazing!

  24. And just how nerdy is it of me that I thank you, Harlot, for telling me about Dricore and providing a link. At last! At last I can replace my carpet! Happy dances all ’round.

  25. Awesome Floor! Having put down linolium and gotten a wavelike result in the past, I envy you. Truly.
    Um, Do you want to know that you have me down for the wrong Olympic projects? I’m making two pairs of socks and Pop-top Mittens, not a baby blanket. I envy baby blanket knitters, but will never be one of you.

  26. Wow, your brother is really good-lookin’.
    Er, I mean, I feel your flooring pain. I once helped a friend install those snap together hardwood floors and the sub-floor gave us a bit of trouble too. Your floor looks great so far though! And so does the knitting! Will the tink’s sweater be done in time for the Olympics?

  27. I had NO IDEA that someone could take little snipits about remodeling ones back room and make it so freakin’ hilarious. Seriously. Who knew?
    You know, Stephanie, if this writing/blogging/knitting thing doesn’t work out (yeah, right…but if it doesn’t…), you could totally do stand up. I’m just sayin’…

  28. OK, I’ve got to share what we did. Concrete slab poured to 2″ below finished floor level, then vapor barrier, pressure treated 2x2s 16″ on center pneumatically nailed down. Rigid 1 1/2″ insulation board between and plywood subfloor on top. Vinyl tile on that. Warmer than concrete slab and a bit “softer” to the feet. Not needed in a mudroom, but we were doing a family room. Love it. Originally designed for a true basement remodel, so think about it, folks, if that’s what you’re doing.
    End of construction geek spiel. (Sorry)

  29. It is too late to join the Olympics? I finally decided on a project…I’m going to modify a sweater that doesn’t fit correctly.
    Thanks, Emily

  30. No, remember, in this crowd, nerdy is GOOD. And thanks for the Team Wales tip – I qualify too! (I mean, my last name is freakin’ “Welsh.” I’d hope I’d qualify.)

  31. since I am an engineer when I’m not knitting.. I find your flooring fascinating! a floating floor is PERFECT for a crooked old house. I call it differential settlement, but a realator will call it charachter!
    I will refrain from telling you how to attach plywood to concrete quickly, cheaply and easily.. but the floating floor is probably better anyway πŸ˜‰ I will toture you by saying that I can probably strighten that house out for you…

  32. All right, I’m done lurking and will join the athletes. Team Wales inspired me, I must say. I have no idea what I’m making yet, but will choose this weekend, hopefully. We also have very limited yarn stores here (two), but hey, it gets to be 120 degrees in the summer! As a transplanted Canadian I will be knitting for Team Canada, unless anyone else from Palm Desert, CA is lurking and wants to team up. Stephanie, if you can put in a floor, I can gear up for the olympic challenge! (Sounds faboo!)

  33. I would like to join the Knitting Olympics please.
    My project will be my TKGA Master Handknitter’s Level II Vest that I have been prevaricating over for 4 years. If I tie myself down to a deadline like this there is a possibility that it might actually get done.
    I am in Salt Lake City – home of the 2002 Winter Olympics.
    Great idea, good luck with your KO project.

  34. 1800 plus Knitting Olympians?
    Damn folks, if we put our minds to it, we could change the world!!! Woot!
    Steph, the floating floor is wonderful, that’s what my folks put in our house, and it looks great, I know yours will too. (and isn’t Ali lucky to have such a hunky husband?)

  35. Hey, I’d like to join the Knitting Olympics if that’s cool. I’d like to knit a beaded scarf. Hope you find my comment here at the bottom of all these others! πŸ™‚ Great idea, by the way. I’m excited to get started!

  36. I am beyond impressed. I changed a sink faucet once, and there is the extent of my home improvement skills. The idea of pouring concrete leaves me completely nonplussed. How could you even begin to know how to do that.
    Impressed, yes indeed.
    And what, praytell, is this room intended to be? Dare I imagine a fiber room? An office for a certain writer who needs a door that locks? Or is that too much to hope for?

  37. I’m filing away the info on Dricore – we need that at the cottage! Who knew I’d find out about it here?
    Thanks for that…

  38. Hi, Stephanie — Usually I wrestle myself to the ground to prevent myself from taking the editorial stance, but I feel I must speak out about the grammar in today’s title. Don’t you know it should be “We don’t need NO stinking contractor”?

  39. Ok, I can no longer stand not being part of the Olympics! As a very new and slow knitter I’ll do a hat; the yarn has been sitting in the bag since I took a beginner’s class a year ago. I think I’ll join Team Wales in honor of my immigrant ancestors.

  40. Knitting Olympics-please add my 10 year old daughter to the list. Her name is Kristina and she will be making a baby blanket.

  41. I do not find your floor adventures at all boring. Nice of your brother to help, but maybe he has a project at his home that needs your help, or perhaps he wants a new sweater, or he just loves helping his sister!

  42. Ok, Ok, I’m in — after resisting this whole “joining thing” and thinking I’m doing you a favor because then you won’t have to put my name on the list. . . There’s team Wales — I’m not Welsh, I’m Dutch (a few generations ago, but . . .) but I like daffodils, sheep, wool, and Welsh Male choirs. I will knit the Raccoon coat from Interweave Knits for which I bought the yarn in a fit of pique for not very noble reasons. But I like the sweater. And the yarn has aged for two years. Perhaps joining will “redeem” the whole mess.

  43. We had a different solution to our vinyl problems, but it will not be mentioned here.
    I must day, dricore is cool stuff, and will provide a much warmer, easier to stand on mud room floor that you could expect otherwise.

  44. OK I’m in… I was going to resist, since I am going to be vacationing, but it will just be that much more challenging. I am going to knit TWO baby sweater/hat/bootie sets for my dear friend, who is pregnant with twins.

  45. Yipee!! I now feel validated since I’m on the Athletes list. I’ve been telling my knitting friends I joined but I could see doubt in their eyes. No longer!! I’m official.
    Have a nice weekend.

  46. Yay, Ian! I want to sign up for his fan club. I am so impressed at all the work the two of you are doing on that place…
    And I’ll join the Olympics, too. With a lace mohair shawl. I worried that the project would be too simple for the knitalong; then I tried to swatch and said, “Uh oh.” So, I’m in, swearing and all.

  47. I simply cannot believe that you have time to knit/lay floors/plan floors/plan paint/ etc., etc. and you still coordinate the knitting olympics. Truly you are the ultimate in renaissance women of our day, as well as blessed to have a cooperative and cute brother!!

  48. Yay on your floor! (I was able to withstand the “boring” no problem – I married an RPG nerd, I’m used to boring stuff. grin!)
    Also, thank you so much for the Olympics, Stephanie! I was watching TV last night and there was a commercial for the Olympics on, all about the big US athletes we’ll “all be watching” and I had this crazy irrational swell of pride when I thought, “I’m in the Olympics!!!” I was downright giddy about it.
    I haven’t been this excited about my own achievement since… I think ever. So thank you.

  49. The floor is awesome!! Yay for sub-flooring!
    I sent you an email regarding the Knitting Olympics, but now I’m wondering if I should have just posted here …
    My entry will be a baby blanket, but I’m not sure of the pattern quite yet. I’ll be using a medium chunky yarn. 16 days? Yeah, I think I can … I think I can …

  50. I think I need to hire some McPhees to come and work at my house. Do you have an 800 number I can call or something???
    Did I mention I make the best brownies? πŸ™‚

  51. Stephanie, congratulations on solving the flooring problem. The drywall looks amazing too — did you help with the taping and mudding as well? I hear you on the screws thing too, which is why I always buy twice as many of whatever I need for a project. My hubby is the king of returns — and Home Depot has a nice policy. 1800 knitters?! That’s simply amazing. Wonder how many bald sheep there are now?

  52. There is a relatively easy way to attach wood to concrete, but it requires a ridiculously expensive Hammer Drill. If my husband was given the choice between neat-o floating floor and ridiculously expensive Hammer Drill, can you guess which one we’ll have? Both, because I want the floating floor and he NEEDS that tool…
    Anyway, it’s gorgeous, wonderful, brilliant that you have a floor, and it’s one of your children who made the pile of sawdust, just to make your eye twitch like that.
    Maybe for the next Knitting Olympics II, someone will gift you with an automatic signup that feeds right into a database… (I would if I had any idea how to do that.)

  53. What the hell. The Team Wales button and qualifiers list pushed me over the edge. If it’s not too late, I’d like to add myself to the Knitting Olympics.
    Project(s): Shoulder bag (including pockets, strap, drawstring, and final assembly, and without being late on completing my sister’s birthday hat)

  54. Wow…that Dricore sounds really cool! I still shudder at the thought of renovations of that order. At some point, we’re going to have to replaster the dining room, which will involve some amount of demolition. The stash room is also slated for a renovation. Ah, the joys of old houses. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I always wonder about the women who lived in our house. And I wonder if they knit.

  55. I’ve already joined the knitting Olympics, but my daughter has decided that she wants to join the fun and since I didn’t see any age limits in the rules….could you please add her?
    Rachel B. (age 9) – legwarmers

  56. That yarn is gorgeous, Anwen. Congrats!! And the soon-to-be-finished floor is beautiful too. I’m so impressed.

  57. Home improvement and knitting? Makes perfect sense to me. The knitting is therapy for the twitches you get from the home improvement. I usually include vast quantities of caffeine and chocolate as well. The floor looks great and you are amazing.

  58. I hate to do this to you, since you seem a little busy right now, but I really want to join in the Olympic fun! I am going to make my first sweater ever – Sitcom chic from knitty. Thanks for all your hard work in putting the knitting olympics together.

  59. I usually don’t post as you have soo many comments already, but I sympathize with you and your old house. Ours was built in 1887 and same as you–the only level thing is the water in the toilet. We hung a new vanity on the wall and there is a sloped ceiling in that room–became REAL obvious that the house is not level. I had to put some ivy greenery on it so that it hid where the ceiling met the wall.

  60. I’d like to sign up for the Yarn Olympics.
    I’ll be creating a pattern for and knitting roll-neck poncho with a Mrs. Weasley vibe (aka – Rowan tweed w/ a letter).
    That is, if all goes according to my master plan…
    New for me:
    – pattern design
    – poncho (heck, anything bigger than a hat or scarf!)
    – fair isle
    PS – thanks for this ;D (and your button is too cute)

  61. I get you on the crooked house thing. We own a great big Victorian built in 1890 (and in the National Historical Register). We redid our kitchen last winter and found out about floating floors then. Very cool.
    Also… I co-own a web development company. If you decide to do something as crazy as the Knitter Olympics again, give us a shout and we’ll design something for you so people can enter their own information and you won’t develop carpal tunnel.

  62. I’m signing up for the Knitting Olympics. I will be proudly representing Team Boston. I will be knitting Alice Starmore’s Kinsale in Artyarns Ultramerino 4 on size 3 needles. Let the games begin!
    Oh, for my name on the sidebar, I will be “Annie from Haverhill’ if that’s okay. I have no blog (too busy knitting!)

  63. We had contractors who could make a straight line out of anything. They were all actors, so occasionally had to leave the fixing of our house to go audition for Mamma Mia or take a violin lesson. But things were cheery, as they would sing a lot, and although we will be paying for this for ever, we have floors in all our rooms (except where my Mr Washie lives, of course…).
    Anyways, well done with the floor you made!

  64. My husband and I are looking at houses to buy, and I know their will be renovations in our future. My brother mentioned over Christmas about dricore and was going to use it to finish his basement. Home renovation has also fascinated me. I would like to add though I have never lived in a house undergoing renovations. So I am blissfully ignorant of all the hassels.

  65. O.k., I’m joining the Olympic-fest. I’ve never knit a sweater. I swatched, I got the yarn, I’m in!

  66. Would you kill me if I sent you a list of new Olympians from my knitting group? I don’t think some of them have the technical know-how to submit themselves…

  67. I think there’s a date with Dricore in my future. my old house is also undergoing extensive repairs, and you may have just solved one of my problems, so thank you kindly!
    1800 knitters? Wow.

  68. Alrighty then, out of lurkdom, and into the ranks of Olympic Knitters……I will be knitting Backyard Leaves!

  69. I love the floor! I’m probably one of the only people thinking, “Please move th knitting out of the way so I can see more of the floor!”
    When I am not reading knitting blogs, I knit. When I don’t knit, I work with my husband on our creaky, 100 year-old rowhouse, where nothing is level. Once we get through the electrical work (!), we will be heading towards floors, too.

  70. Thank you for this wonderful post about Dricore! I have a basement that is just begging for help, but I spend all my time knitting while watching HGTV Canada, and dreaming about clones who could do housework/renovations while I knit. I am hereby giving notice that my team affiliation may change any number of times up until the flame is lit. Team Wales! I love it! (Maybe I will start “Team Canada-Ukraine”…we’ll see!)

  71. I’m hoping there will be some Knitting Olympics gear available, on CafePress, for instance? I know I’d love a tote bag, and I’m sure many others would like bags or tee-shirts–make a little money to cover the overhead of administering the KO!!
    Annie from Haverhill

  72. Ah, great information – just 48 hours too late. The “mud” people are in my bathroom right now- putting “mud” over the concrete. I’m really unsure what or why. I wish I had Dricore….maybe they’ll put it over the “mud?”
    Guess there’s a lot of us who are knitting and putting in new floors!

  73. I found this entry not one bit boring. I love (well, maybe just like a lot) doing home improvement work. Is it like knitting? Sure. Gather the tools you need, make some educated guesses about the best way to go about it, hope it all works out how you imagine it should, then end with something you are really proud of because you did it yourself. Can’t wait to see the finished room!

  74. I want to join the C H A L L E N G E. I love watching the Olympics (unlike some of the knitters involved), so I’ll be knitting AND watching.
    Susan — Eris Cardigan

  75. At the risk of you shrieking “Oh for the love of God! Not another one!” , I, too will be participating in the Knitting Olympics. And if I am too late to be officially signed up, I will participate anyway!!!! It will be Harrisville Designs Aran Pullover for me. Never a question of participation, just took me this long to decide which thing to knit. Love the whole idea of this worldwide fellowship of knitters with a common goal…and, well, in those last few intense hours left before the flame is extinguished -misery loves company, too!!
    Kim W.

  76. I think they should add a qualification to the Team Wales site stating, “You think Ioan Gruffudd is hot enough to melt any acrylic yarn in a half mile radius” or something to that effect. I love all the buttons and the teams people are creating. V. cool!

  77. Id like to join the olympics too. NOt sure if the email went through.I see a Melanie G over under the KAL…wasn’t sure if I was added there by mistake or if thats someone else.
    Sorry if I’m a pita.
    Take Care

  78. Wish I’d had Dricore when we needed it… Uh, yeah, I remember the gun that shot nails through the plywood and concrete to hold them together, the cost to the contractor was a buck a nail and that was 22 years ago.

  79. From 3 posts ago — your leaf sweater is beautiful and fits you perfectly. If I thought it would fit me like that I’d make one.
    And I LOVE home renovation talk, especially of old drafty uneven houses. In my next career I want to work for This Old House. And it’s *so satisfying* to vaccuum up all the sawdust.

  80. I had a mechanical bypass as a child and can’t do any home improvement stuff–Steph, I stand in huge honkin’ awe of your accomplishment. Warm regards to that nice-lookin’ fellow in the corner.

  81. This is very exciting – I tried to resist but I’m going for felted oven mits and pot holders. I’ll be joining Team Boston.

  82. What better “first knitalong” than the international phenomenon of the Olympic Knitters! I’d like to play too and do my first pair of Magic Loop socks to send to my mom. Thanks so much for inspiring knitters around the world. I’m excited to be part of such a huge and talented group.

  83. Lovely floor work. The knitting just happens to be a great accent.
    I am debating on whether to join the olympics or not. The only thing keeping me from actually saying I will do it, is that I haven’t bought the yarn for my project yet. I still have a few days right? I posted what I want to do and if you ever have time out of your home renevation, knitting, blogging and just general life schedule, come have a look and tell me how crazy I obviously am.

  84. I would like to let you know that the Albion College (Albion, MI, USA) knitting club (BritKnits) has a whole opening festivities party planned out for the knitting olympics πŸ™‚ we’re quite excited and can’t wait to get knitting. Knitters and projects will be e-mailed shortly, but I just wanted to let you know! We all love the site (we talk about it amidst yelling and cursing at yarn at our twice weekly meetings) and thought it was such a great idea!
    Good luck with the floor!

  85. I agree with Perclexed about Ioan Gruffudd (I have to, I have a 6-foot tall poster of him as Lancelot on my apartment wall!). How about adding as qualifications (for Philly-residents) “You frequently visit Bryn Mawr, Bryn Athol or Bala Cynwyd” or “You dated a Welshman/woman”.
    Stephanie I love the posts about the house — it soothes the hearts of us frustrated DIY’ers who live in apartments. And uh, wow — hot brother — I mean floor!

  86. Just don’t let the dog pee close to the wall! (You do NOT want the wicking action that would create!!)

  87. OK, OK….I’m in for the Knitting Olympics!! TEAM USA. But I’m a newbie knitter, so it’ll be a paw-print facecloth. Not only am I a newbie, but I’m really REALLY slow!!
    Sorry to make you have ONE MORE ENTRY, but our online knitting group is all a-buzz about this. πŸ™‚

  88. I started coming to your blog as I adore knitting, but I think I love you after finding out about the Dricore flooring. My DH and I bought our house in the East end last spring and I have been moaning about the concrete floor in the laundry room. You have given me hope. Thank you!
    BTW, the Tinks sweater is adorable. I’d love to do it, but my son would probably have zipped past the sizing before I finished it, like he has the last two sweaters.
    Put me in the cheering section for the Knitting Olympics. I’m travelling during that time else I’d be right in the ring.

  89. Love the floor stuff. Somewhere under a really ugly green and pink wall-to-wall carpet in my 100-year-old house is a bunch of parquet(?) flooring. I have peeked at the corners and seen some splintering and just replaced the carpet quietly and snuck out of the room.
    I printed out the Knitting Olympics button and intend to wear it around town (Altoona PA) until I find another crazy person who is in this thing!
    Olympic Yarn has arrived and is being guarded from the weasels by the very old cat. Be gentle with him, he leaks!

  90. 2 questions:
    1) Why on earth would you think that a picture of Ian would be anything but fascinating?
    2) Why does your blog not EVER remember my personal info?
    Just askin.

  91. You are all such handy people, we can barely change a lightbulb.
    Please enter me into the Olympics, I want to finish Sonja’s striped scarf that I started 6 months ago, I am a very slow knitter, Linda’s scarf took me a year and a half. This will be a real challenge for me.
    Thank you.

  92. And where is Team Scotland?
    Count me in. I’m a newbie knitter & will be making a scarf with a fancy stitch I’ve never tried before. The real challenge will be: no swearing.

  93. I want to be in the Olympics! I will knit the Knitting Bag jacket on the cover of the Sally Melville (a Canadian!)book The Knitting Experience: Color

  94. “I agree with Perclexed about Ioan Gruffudd….”
    You obviously have excellent taste Shel. *G* My love and adoration for him goes back to his Hornblower days, but my goodness he was hot as Lancelot. Brooding is a *fantastic* look for him.
    Uh…where was I? I got off track. Oh! Um, yay go Wales! πŸ˜€

  95. I’m so happy for you! You’re almost done with a home improvement project! This alone would make me want to read, since I accomplish such things so rarely myself, but, besides your delightful humor to keep me reading, I think home improvement is really only boring to people who have never had to suffer through it… (As opposed to the Shetland Museum, which I would adore, but the rest of my family would use as grounds to divorce mom for cruel and unusual punishment…) Do hang in there–remember, when you are done, you will have one more room to hide yarn in…

  96. When you say “the only thing level in this place is the water in the toilet and I am on the edge”, are you On The Edge, or on the edge of the toilet?
    Also, I’m wondering if it has ever been made clear for whom you are knitting your Olympic sweater. Say it ain’t Joe, Yarlot, say it ain’t Joe. We don’t want you to actually explode. What about resizing the pattern for, say, Hank?

  97. Alright, I’m in for the Olympics too…
    I’m gonna make an attempt for elann’s Flickering Flames Skirt…
    between now and the 10th though, I should work diligently on finishing old projects… :-/

  98. I need to know if I am permitted to be on Team Wales and other teams, like the sock team. Also, I need help putting the dang buttons on my blog. Blogger is ignoring my requests for assistance.
    I absolutely understand the excitement over the floor, and the dricore, but I confess I don’t entirely understand why the floor has to be attached to the concrete. It’s a floor οΏ½ doesn’t gravity hold it in place? But I’m not well versed in these areas. Carpentry, or physics either.

  99. I know I’m going to regret this as soon as I hit “Post”, but, what the heck. I’m in! I’ll be finishing a complicated cabled sweater I started two years ago, and which has languished at the bottom of a basket ever since. I’ve only knit a third of the front, so I still have a way to go.
    Hope having an extra athlete to add doesn’t push you over that edge. BTW, this is the first time, and no doubt last, that I have ever been able to use the word “athlete” in a description of myself. :o)

  100. Look at me, joining something that mentions “athlete” in the description. I think it’s the descriptions of laying floor that has done it. Seriously, my husband looks at me strangely when I say we can get something done and then he goes and quits at 4 or 5 in the afternoon. He often mentions something like, “We’ve been working for 9 hours. I’m tired!”
    What’s with that?
    Anyway, visiting the Team Wales page put me over the edge. Count me in. Despite historically averaging about two months to complete a pair of socks I’m going to attempt the Embossed Leaves socks from the Winter 2005 IK. We’ll see if I die in the attempt. Maybe my fingers will fall off. Who is insuring the competition? Do we get jackets? Will Bjork sing us a song? Maybe her dress will be handknitted this time…

  101. I am so digging the updates on the floor. I know how exhausting, yet exhilarating it is to remodel. I’m hoping Mr. Washie, if he is going into that room, will get three new girls to keep him company while you are off knitting in your favorite chair, with your feet up on an ottoman to keep the DVT at bay.
    I’m excited to be knitting with so many Olympians, I’ll be casting on at Midway airport in Chicago on my way home from visiting my Mom. I am sincerely hoping that the security screeners are knitters, or know some!

  102. I would like to be on the list if possible–I dont’ know how to e-mail you. Project: adult size (42ish) red gansey. Thank you.

  103. I would like to be on the list if possible–I dont’ know how to e-mail you. Project: adult size (42ish) red gansey. Thank you.

  104. Oh dear…there is a gun type thing you can use to shoot into the cement, basically an explosive nail gun. We did that on cement, then hand laid a hardwood floor over it. Love your postings, and your book, devoted fan, finding myself bringing in yarn in gym bag into the house hiding it from others.

  105. Stephanie, every post I read makes me love you more. Here am I thinking that you are the coolest knitter I (virtually) know, and then you go up the coolness factor by being a DIY-renovator too. Awesome! I’m a DIY junkie too, my DH2B is a contractor, and we’re also addicted to HGTV (we mock Jim Caruk, we take notes from Mike Holmes). Your Dricore solution is a great one – warm feet are happy feet!
    And, I must add my two cents on the brother – smokin’ hot! I swear, there’s NOTHING more attractive than a man who knows how to use tools. And then they come home all dirty and covered in sawdust with drywall compound in their hair and acoustical sealant wedged under their nails and they’re still gorgeous. And then they take a shower… oh, right. Knitting. Yes, must go knit – something. A sock. Socks are good.
    Good luck!

  106. I too live in an old crooked house, where NOTHING is ever “easy”. You have my sympathy πŸ™‚

  107. I am no longer able to resist. Since I’m married to a born and bread Welshman I’ve joined team wales and I’m going to attempt to make my first pair of lacy socks for the knitting olympics.

  108. Count me in… although I hate to add to your work load!
    I’ll be knitting the Fair Isle Yoke Pullover from Fall/Winter 2005 Vogue Knitting.

  109. Do you have to be Welsh to join Team Wales? How about being able to join if you once dated someone who’s mother was Welsh?

  110. We found the best solution to living in an old crooked neverending renovation. We sold it!
    I’m **really* looking forward to renting somewhere with a kitchen while we save the deposit for a finished house πŸ™‚

  111. Hi! We’re sorry to add to your work, but there are two of us that feel ready to participate in the Knitting Olympics: Zoe (age 8) will be making washcloths as appreciation gifts to (all)her teachers. Her mother(me)is attempting the entrelac stole from “Scarf Style,” as no one has talked me out of it, yet. Thanks so much, Al

  112. I’m beginning to feel as if I have to join a team to be in the Knitting Olympics! Can I enter as an independant Canadian?!

  113. I’m beginning to feel as if I have to join a team to be in the Knitting Olympics! Can I enter as an independant Canadian?!

  114. 1800!!! I have an overwhelming urge to invite you all to my house for opening ceremonies. I want that many friends that not only know how to knit but understand about knitting!!
    Put an addition on our house three years ago – not an old house, just many rooms short of our large family. Six people and three bedrooms wasn’t bad we the boys were all babies, but now they are all teenagers the size of full grown men. We are still doing the “finish” work ourselves. Since it won’t ever be “finished” I am looking for another name for it.

  115. oh i am so totally copying you and doing a dricore floor. thanks for all the great info. i’d have never known, and i love the idea of a floating floor. for this, i would put down my knitting.

  116. You know Steph, we too bought our 3rd (& I guarantee our last!!) fixer-upper. We too are still working on Renos, etc. And have installed 3 floating floors ourselves (we do our own work as well); love them. I do share your excitement my friend, lol. Keep up the good work.

  117. Paint before you put the floor in. Then you won’t need to use a drop cloth, and you won’t need to tape the molding, and it is easier.

  118. I just heard about a Swedish version of this on This Old House… Yesterday. You are so HIP!! Floating floors… and you aren’t EVEN on a cruise! Way to go.

  119. Darling Girl,
    Floating floors are MORE than enough diversion for us U.S. knitters. Keep up the home renovation until YOU are tired of it, and keep us updated. Until then, it keeps us from remembering that we don’t have enough qualified co-workers at our offices, and that more qualified people at our offices are leaving and that there is not enough time in the day to knit. You go girl. Sit on the floating floor and pretend that it is a magic carpet, and we will believe.

  120. I would love to join the Olympics – If I can get someone to show me DPN use I will do Farmers’ Market Tote (Knit Picks). I will try to come up with an alternative in case I can’t get a lesson in DPNs — everything is a challenge to me still. So anything I do is pretty much Olympic Potential.

  121. I not only would like to join the Knitting Olympics (I’ll be knitting a pair of socks), but have suggested the event as a story to NPR. Great Idea!!!

  122. Hi, can I still join the Olympics? I don’t know yet what I want to make–maybe either a stuffed doll, if work is light, or just the doll’s clothes, if work is heavy.

  123. I’m in for the Knitting Olympics…I’m planning on doing my first-ever sweater. Should be fun.
    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I recently found you blog (and your book – “The Secret Life of a Knitter” one), and I love it; I been reading all the back entries even…
    …I could *so* be on Team Wales….

  124. Harlot:
    home renovation/knitting link is long established in lore:
    we number in legions.
    Boyhood (a contractor specializing in historic renovation) was just regaled with a reading of your post, to which his only (rather dry) comment was:
    “I’ll have to see if I can find her some counter-sink Tapcons.”
    Please note: I am not the only knitter for whom the term “Tapcon” is a household utterance.
    See “threadingwater” (whom you will also meet at Madrona Fiber Arts.)
    And should you live in fear lest your home renovation and knitting skills be forever twain,
    please know that the website for Fair Isle lists two cottages for rent/lease, and below the (incredibly alluring) photos is posted the immortal line:
    ” Although the Trust cannot offer any direct employment there are skill shortages in several areas but particularly in the building trades and knitting.”
    See you in Tacoma-
    Karen A.
    German mascot for Team Wales

  125. It’s time for some Antipodean representation – TEAM AUSTRALIA. We’ve got buttons and everything! πŸ™‚

  126. have you contacted your publisher? and thought about getting some publicity for the olympic knit-a-thon? Its a natural tie in to the TV coverage. Knitting is HOT. the olympics are HOT. YOU are HOT. this topic is HOT.
    you should be flickin off the saw dust, and making a guest appearance on the TODAY SHOW (in US) and what ever CBC show is the equivent.
    get the Today show to invite some knitters to ‘show their progress’, (NBC affilates all of US can get americans. (the CBC can get candians.)–so many people all over can be ‘featured’.
    TV is always looking for things like this, and it would be great for you, your books (remember you are a real author now) and for knitting!. you should be on US National TV–
    THE numbers are staggering.. (i see this as book 3 or is it book 4?.. please don’t forget to thank me, (in the after notes, where you list all the other folks beside husband and editor..)
    This is a great olympic/human interest story.
    (PS, if you come to NYC i want to meet you –i too am an accomplished mason–and have poured many a yard of concrete… long ago, (in a previous lifetime) i was involved with adding a a LEGAL wood burning stove to a WOOD dwelling that met NYC Building code (NYC building codes is one of the strictest in US) –after that, the gazebo was a peice of cake (not even 3 yards) but the extention to the foundation (8x9X9-) with structure above (shored up by a lolly colunm.. that was work
    the extention had been built on a crawl space, we made a full basement room under the extention.
    –first we had excavate.. then pour a footing, then the walls, ) I too know concrete..)

  127. Floors look great. Knitting is not nerdy. I can say that because I don’t even knit anymore. Your site makes me wish I did, though.

  128. Hey, the floor looks great! I wish WE had done a floating floor.
    I know my way around an html code or two (*being modest*) if you need someone to share the inputting.
    We made a little icon for all the canadian thrummers out there! Feel free to help yourselves but please host it yourselves–there’s tons of free places where you can do that.

  129. I just finished reading “Yarn Harlot” and was thrilled to be able to continue reading at this blog! Ya know how ya hate for a good book to end? Finding your blog is like the book goes on.
    Having said that, my first look-see at your blog was about the flooring, and . . . my husband is a floor installer. Our two interests being together on one site was a bit surreal, but in a cool way. He actually gathered around the computer with me over a knitting something-or-other!
    Now I’m floored!
    love & laughter from Tennessee,
    Moon Torbett

  130. Harlot and Ian–Kudos!!! You found something to put over the concrete!!! We ended up laying 2x4s on edge and gluing them to the concrete. Over that was the plywood subfloor then underlayment then the carpet. The advantage with the 2x4s was running heat ducts for force air since that area had NO HEAT at the time.
    And of course, who needs a contractor, we do all the work ourselves too! Praises to the self-sufficient!
    I haven’t signed up the the olympics because I haven’t been able to keep the house clean, but I’ve been walking!

  131. I hear you! We are renovating our home built in the early 1800’s and have to use something called “helafix ties” (stainless steel “screws”?? that are about 10″ in length to reinforce our walls (we’ve removed a floor to open up the room into a “great room with cathedral ceiling”). Apparently, the ties cost $4 a piece and we need not 100, not 200, not even 300 …. how about 500!!! Just for “screws” that won’t be seen to the naked eye – I’d rather spend that on “light fixtures” or something, you know – that you can see! Oh yes, plus our carpenter just told us we also need to purchase a special tool to install them ($250) and about 7 or 8 drill bits (at $17 each).
    ….will it ever end? All the best with your reno – your sense of humour will carry you through!!

  132. Hi Stephanie! I would love to join knitting olympics. I am going to knit the slip stitch wrap from Wrap Style. Great Idea! Thanks!

  133. Hi! I’d like to join the knitting olympics too, cause is such a great idea! I am going to knit a Totoro softie. Thanks!

  134. Living in, and renovating, a not so old (30 years) but crooked house, I think your floor story is fascinating and admirable. The pride in doing it yourself is immense and the journey is enjoyable, be it concrete or knitting.

  135. I’m down for knitting olympics. I will be knitting the Aran Stocking from Handknit Holidays (first cable, first sock). Let the games begin!

  136. woot for you guys on the floor! And no, not boring. We have to find some sort of drainage solution for our basement floor, and the dricore sounds like something we’ll be using sometime this year. You so rock. Also nice baby sweater.
    SOME HEADS-UP ON HARDANGERVIDDA: I’m making this one, actually, same colorway, too (I’ve promised dh to finish it before the Olympics start, as I promised he’d get it before it was too late to wear it this winter) – you need THREE different needle sizes on this puppy. And it’s best if those circs are the long kind, like 29″ or maybe 32″, whatever you can get. This was a bit of a shock for me when I got to the first “now change to the middle needle size…” in the instructions. The second time, I was a little more prepared, though still grumpy that I really did need to buy yet more addis (you know what that’s like, wondering how it is possible that there would be a size you could ever need that you don’t already have? You don’t have the size you need for this project, almost guaranteed.) I did try to do it on a 24″ addi, but the stiches kept popping off and driving me crazy.

  137. Please consider me a member of the Knitting Olympic Village. (We have a catalog here of Official Olympic Gear, so I’ll be acquiring something Official to wear, too.) I’m knitting on behalf of Team Wales, cause they have a cool button. I’ll probably do a pair of socks. The socks are not the challenge; the time limit is. I’m a slow knitter. I may, if the intended recipient is slow with her measurements, do a pair of fingerless gloves for a friend, but that’ll be using sock yarn, so it counts. Sign me up!

  138. I’m not longer undecided! I’ve decided that, in true Olympian spirit, that I will stash bust AND attempt color knitting. I found a fair isle tote kit that I bought at Stitches West last year, but then chickened out and stuffed away in my closet. Well, I’ve dusted it off and am ready for February 10th!

  139. Do. not. tell. me. about. Dricore. NOW…I needed this info seven months ago…Yes, count me in amongst the renovators…only 32 year old house but was lived in hard before we got it six years ago…been working on it ever since…floating floor in the whole house at the same time last summer (note to other renovators…Do. NOT. do the whole floor at the same time…half the house then the other half when you recover maybe…but NOT the whole house at the same time). One last exterior wall to paint in the summer and then…Steph…then…you start all over again :>). There is no such thing as done…
    BTW…you didn’t mention that not only is there steeking but eeeeekkkk…the dreaded crocheted buttonholes in the ladybug sweater…it’s an outrage! Does this up the difficulty level?

  140. Count me in – I am so proud to be counted as an Olympic Knitter! I’ll be attempting my first EVER sock, using some lovely Socks that Rock. Let’s hope so! Thanks Harlot – you are such an inspiration for this newish knitter!!!

  141. Go Wales indeed Perclexed. I’ll happily cheer on any Welsh athlete. Although I also will be cheering on Thailand’s only Olympian — ’cause he’s from Philadelphia!

  142. I’m in, too. I want to join Team Wales (natch) and I’m not sure yet what I’m knitting but I’m thinking of doing those little wrist warmers from knitty–Mrs. Beeton, I think?

  143. Happy Anniversary. So far I love your blog and your book kept me in stitches!
    Happy Knitting

  144. Hi Stephanie, I would love to join the Olympics! I don’t have a specific team that I am aware of that I can join so I guess I’ll be a solo player.
    I pledge to make a 2 preemie blankets for the Stitches From The Heart organization. This will be great fun!!
    Thanks for starting this!

  145. i want to join the french team i think knitting a peruvian cap for me
    how can i connect others members?
    could we see ours F.O on a site?
    really good idea…

  146. i want to join the french team i think knitting a peruvian cap for me
    how can i connect others members?
    could we see ours F.O on a site?
    really good idea…

  147. Betsy, I’m also doing the ladybug sweater. I had not noticed the crocheted button loops until yesterday. They really won’t be a problem for me, but if you hate them alot, maybe use a teeny tiny I-cord instead.
    As I mentioned earlier, I’ll be flying into Chicago on the 2nd, and out again on the 10th. If anybody knows of any good yarny places in Chicago or the Northwest suburbs, please let me know at http://twistedstitcher.blogspot.com

  148. I would like to join the Olympian knitting event. My goal for these Winter Olympics is to NOT TWIST MY DA*M STITCHES!!! (Oh, I just learned to knit by the way.) I will also be going for a scarf, a nice beginner project. I love your site!

  149. Count me in as another Olympian–I’ll be knitting a fulled version of the Urban Necessities Tam from Magknits.com. I resisted joining as I’m still finishing Christmas sweaters for my twin niece and nephew and have joined Janet Szabo’s FLAK knitalong, but I’ve gotta have some of those cool buttons! Of course, this means I have to start a blog to put the buttons on…
    See what you’ve started, Steph?!?
    P.S. Since there are so many Lisas on the list, you can call me Inkyfingers if you want.

  150. Alright… ::deep breath:: please sign me up for the Knitting Olympics. I’ll be knitting the Bow hat from Pick Up Sticks (my first ever hat!).
    Your talk of construction has me remembering when my dad decided he needed to “redo” everything the contractor building our sun room had done and “finish it himself”. That was two years ago. Parts of it still aren’t finished.

  151. After reading your blog everyday for a while now, I must apologise that my first comment ever will be one to cause you pain…
    Yet another knitting athlete to enter for the Olympics!
    My challenge:
    I will be attempting to follow a knitting pattern for the first time. (haven’t picked a pattern yet) Been knitting for years but still have no idea how to read a pattern.

  152. Since I had to go away for a bit from your page (just couldn’t handle all that stress), I thought I would take your advice [Quickly click this link to see something interesting.] but that link didn’t go anywhere!! I found it by googling, and THAT link ain’t no good neither! Something’s afoot over there way up north of Scotland. Hmm…

  153. After much dithering, I would like to join the knitting Olympics. I expect to be doing a lot of knitting during the Olympics anyway, since the TV will be on A LOT (he doesn’t watch a lot of football, thank goodness, but anything with snow or ice…even curling, now that the Norwegian team has begun to do so well!). Having a slight amount of Welsh ancestry and a smattering of the language, I have added my pin to the Team Wales Frapper map. Oh, and I plan to knit a pair of socks with an as yet undetermined heel type that I have not knit before. This will be my first attempt to complete a pair of socks in just a couple of weeks.

  154. Knitting Olympics—
    I would like to join. I am going to do my first lace project, a Branching Out scarf pattern from Knitty.

  155. Gah! I didn’t even wish you a happy bloggiversary.
    Clearly, I suck. Or I was drunk. Or spinning. Or all of the above.
    Thanks for sticking around, dude.

  156. Team Scotland…. If someone with more artistic ability than I have will design a button, I’d be happy to host it.

  157. HOLY CRAP!!!! You get a TON of comments. How do you get to read them all?????? This is the first time I have ever stopped by and I am impressed. Hope the house turns out the way you want it. My hubby is “The Original” Tim the toolman, but his name is David. πŸ™‚ We tease him cuz he wants all the BIGGEST tools he can get his hands on, but he is seriously a fabulous carpenter. Looks like your bro is on the right track. Good luck and stop over somtime to my blog.
    mammas-place.blogspot.com/ See you later

  158. I’d like to join the Knitting Olympics….I’m going to try toe up socks on two circular needles. A challenge for me!

  159. I am taking the plunge and joining the olympics. Going to do a baby layette for a friend that is due way too soon to procrastinate any longer!

  160. i would like to subscribe for the olympics:
    The Netherlands is warming up for gold.
    I will knit a hat with matching mittens ore (the dutch olympic jury will decide just before the games) a sweater ore (depends on the condition of the athlete)socks.

  161. Sounds like fun! I’m a bit concerned about a work, um, issue that may detract from knitting time, so the project I end up choosing may seem less than ambitious but I don’t want to experience “the agony of defeat” in my first Olympics! I’m thinking about a Clapotis (my third; is repeating cheating?) or a shawl using some Elann Peruvian Alpaca–yum!

  162. Oh, heck, I can’t resist. I’m also having to complete a birthday present (Strathmore sweater/coat) for a 2-year-old done to give on 2/25 so I’ll do a lacy shawl for said 2-year-old’s mom for the “olympics”. Would love a suggestion – it should be pretty but “hip” (she doesn’t like “old lady shawls”) and not on size 2 needles. And thanks a million for this very cool idea!!

  163. Harlot, since I have been reading your blog I have come to believe you are either are either superhumann or some sort of Ninja Knitting Mutant and now I am sure of it. It isn’t just that you seem to finish complicated projects in the blink of an eye, but… you knit socks. You love knitting socks. You can turn out a pair of socks in the time it takes me to make dinner. I had originally suggested I would try socks as my Olympic project, but I have thrown in the towel. Knitting socks is some sort of medieval torture designed to cripple a woman’s hands so that she is permanently impaired. I began a pair for my mother (who can knit her own and does) and have decided I will have to go through my knitting life without ever having knit a sock. The shame of it! So for my Olympic project I am going to attempt a lace shawl – SO much easier (my mother hates knitting lace so I guess that evens out the karma of the knitting universe. Also, I have a question for you, if you have had the patience to read down this far – what is a “swing needle?” I came across the term in a Fleece Artist pattern, and as an American knitter I think I need a Canadian translator. Thanks!

  164. My long-distance friend HollyMay has conned me into joining the Olympics – and I plan to knit my first pair of socks. Anyone else who works in the Pentagon who’s entered? Team Pentagon?

  165. Hi there. I’m in as part of 3WA (discussion board, I swear!),/a>’s team. We’re “Team Pie!”
    I’m making the Rowan ‘Beth’ from the ‘Ribbon Twist’ pattern book. For me. It’s all about the selfish knitting after a winter of knitting for others.

  166. Ok – with help from friends I figured out the DPN thing for my Felted Bag – so I WILL doing the Farmers’ Market Tote for the Olympics. Still a bunch of stuff on there I am not clear on so this will be a huge challenge for me. Team USA/Team Caffeine

  167. ack — just figured out that you won’t know that Rhoda (rho1640) is the rho from 1/27 (10:09 pm) who said they would do the Farmers’ Market Tote — so I am me – don’t want to be listed twice.

  168. Hi Stephanie,
    You probably need to hire a secretary to keep the knitting olympics going. I have been training very hard and hope I qualify to participate in the sport of knitting multicoloured mittens. Will you put me on the list?
    I am working on assembling a ‘team Denmark’ if there is not one already.
    Thanx for putting this together, it is sooo cool!

  169. No doubt there is a man connected to that pile of sawdust. They have a thing about sawdust. I like your attitude:)

  170. Please sign me up for the Knitting Olympics. I will be knitting the Branching Out Scarf for Team Wales.

  171. Am happy to say that house renos are behind us for a while but I admire your spirit. Just moved beyond knitting scarves this fall. Am totally addicted. So far since Christmas have produced two Kitty Pi beds, two hats, one pair of armwarmers and Sally Melville’s Elegant Gauntlets in Koigu – what fun!
    Please sign me up for the Olympics – Canadian Women’s Hockey, yes m’am! My Olympics project will be as many hats as I can make for the Duulan Project – each one involving a new technique.

  172. I’d like to join the Olympics, too, if it’s not too late. I will be making an Elizabeth Zimmerman surprise jacket. I hope. I know she is a genius, because I can’t understand her. It’s a stretch.

  173. alright Steph. after careful careful consideration, a flip through the new VK, a glance at my homework schedule, the idea of 20 hours of school and 20 hours of work a week….and a trip to a 20% off sale at the LYS….*sigh*
    sign me up! oh boy. what have i gotten myself in to?
    Making pattern #13 ‘Yoked Pullover’ from Winter VK, in Araucania NatureWool, colour #46.

  174. Hi, Can I join the Olympics please?
    Team Scotland
    I don’t know what I’m going to knit yet but it may be some Sanqhuar gloves or Eris?
    If i’m succesful I’ll let you know what I decide on.

  175. Okay, I’ve decided. My olympic endeavor will be Wendy’s cat bed. Ultimately I’d like to make four of them, three for ours and one for my mum’s — I’m not the lunatic cat lady, yet — but I think one with work soon to get incredibly busy will be enough of a challenge for the time frame. Thanks for adding me to the list! I can’t believe how excited I am to be an Olympic Knithlete! Go Canada Go!

  176. Please add me to the list of athletes. I have not decided if I’m going to knit a shawl/scarf or do all the finishing work on a project that I’ve had knitted since 2002. It’s been 4 years and I haven’t done it, so it must be quite the challenge!

  177. Alrighty, I’m onboard for the Knitting Olympics! You can put me down for a pair of spiraly socks I’m going to make for my boyfriend. Should be interesting…I have yet to figure out an effective way to knit on the round without going bonkers!
    I’m challenging my friend Claire in a knit off for the games too, so you can also add her to the list of sock makers!
    Andria Sherstone

  178. Alrighty, I’m onboard for the Knitting Olympics! You can put me down for a pair of spiraly socks I’m going to make for my boyfriend. Should be interesting…I have yet to figure out an effective way to knit on the round without going bonkers!
    I’m challenging my friend Claire Fletcher in a knit off for the games too, so you can also add her to the list of sock makers!
    Andria Sherstone

  179. Hello again, I gave you a link to a my blog that now for some reason is giving me grief. Please replace the one I gave you yesterday with the one above (left comment at 05:19 PM). I hate when this crap happens – I lost a ton of entries and am still trying to figure out what happened. Arrgh. Guess I’ll have to go figure out the design of the preemie blankets I’ll be making (yeah, that’s an oh darn, huh?).
    Thanks again for doing this,

  180. I will do Mrs. Beeton from knitty.com
    Too much fun for us, too much work for you. Thank you.

  181. Please add me to the knitting Olympics – I’ll be knitting the Red Palm Bohus sweater. Just got my kit in the mail

  182. Hey Stephanie, think you (or Emma, I’m not picky) can add me to the athletes list? I’ll be knitting Jaywalkers–finally made up my mind and I am taking the plunge.
    (On the bright side, I don’t think there are any other Ayses to keep track of.)

  183. i would like to be a knitathlete too; i finally decided to make a lace shawl of my own design and i will knit for team wales. i am training by spinning the yarn and swatching; i can’t wait to start.
    thanks! anne

  184. Sorry to be a dunce, but how the heck do I get those great little Olympic buttons over to my own blog? I have been struggling for HOURS!! HELP!!

  185. Hi Stephanie
    Well I have finally done it πŸ™‚ Now have my own blog. Not that I think many will read it, but it is great fun anyway.
    I think the address is www/yarNZ4knitters.blogspot.com
    See what you have gone and done now. .. I think I need help……… Perhaps Knitters.anon!!
    It will take me awhile to get the knack of photos etc etc especially with “training” etc to do.
    How you find time to concrete as well as keep up with the interest you have evoked beats me!
    Knit on, or should it be floor on!

  186. Stephanie, you are truly amazing! That’s one gorgeous lookin’ floor. Not to mention, you’re that much closer to being done.
    I have to say, I’m so proud to see the use of the word “chesterfield” in the blog. I haven’t heard someone use that word regularly since my grandmother. Way to go keeping Canadian English alive!

  187. Stephanie, you are truly amazing! That’s one gorgeous lookin’ floor. Not to mention, you’re that much closer to being done.
    I have to say, I’m so proud to see the use of the word “chesterfield” in the blog. I haven’t heard someone use that word regularly since my grandmother. Way to go keeping Canadian English alive!

  188. I have an anemic looking vine that grows up through my kitchen floor in the summer. In the middle of remodeling, my husband discovered old, $36 a foot wood flooring…over a crawl space…in a crooked house…Why should I be surprised a plant lives under there? I am jealous of your WARM floor!!

  189. Sorry to make more work for you guys… but can you sign me up the Olympics? I’m going to attempt the Eyelet Pullover from Fall 2005 VK.. Go Team Canada, Woo Hoo!

  190. i want to participate in the knit olympics,
    i am knitting for team italia,
    i’m knitting ‘genovesey’
    my first throw, my first cabling, and first verticle color change.
    i will be doing this all while i am relocating to new zealand and fighting major jetlag!!!!
    i can do it!!!

  191. i want to participate in the knit olympics,
    i am knitting for team italia,
    i’m knitting ‘genovesey’
    my first throw, my first cabling, and first verticle color change.
    i will be doing this all while i am relocating to new zealand and fighting major jetlag!!!!
    i can do it!!!

  192. I would like to join the Oympics! So count me in for the Canadian Team! (unless there is a rebelious QuοΏ½becois team) I’ll be knitting the Tarai Shawl πŸ™‚ First vertical colour change. I also plan to finish two out of the 3 work-in-progress that are laying around in the living room : one laptop bag and one bikini.
    go me!
    my local chocolate shop will do a lot of profit in two weeks…

  193. Knitting Olympics – I can hold out no longer. Put me down for my first sock. I’ll join Team First Socks, if they’ll have me! Bit of a bummer I can’t find Screech down here. I’ll have to take some rum and add a pound of sugar to it!

  194. Hey Steph! You might cry when you read my comment which is completely unrelated to your blog entry, but I decided today to join in the Olympic fun- I’ll be attempting to complete Aimee, a sweater from Rowan’s book, Vintage Knits, for the knitpics πŸ˜‰

  195. Please include me on the list of knitters for the olympics. I finally gave in to peer pressure. Actually, I found instructions on doing two pair of socks at the same time on DPNs!!!!! I’m dying to try it – I’ve done a test to see if I get the concept, but I won’t start the actual socks until the day of!!!!!!!!!!

  196. Dricore is the great. We used it 2 years ago in the basement. I use “we” in the general sense – I kept the kids occupied while my fella laid it out. It is DRY and TOASTY with a little carpeting on top for our cold Minnesota winters!

  197. I’m in! I’ll be knitting the body of Forecast from the Winter 05 Knitty.
    Thanks for throwing such a fab party!

  198. I’m in. I’ll be knitting a baby sweater using knit picks self striping sock yarn and the free pattern to go with.
    should be fun!

  199. We used the Dricore in part of my stepson’s basement bedroom which we built two summers ago. Since in spite of our best efforts we have never managed to completely leakproof that room, I can attest that it’s a great thing when it rains: the water just runs right under the Dricore to the sump-pump hole in the other room and doesn’t soak his bedclothes. Now if we could just train him to leave his clothes and other articles on the Dricore part of the room instead of on the bare concrete floor part of the room…

  200. Is it all right to change what I’m making? I know you can’t enter skiing and change to luge, but maybe this isn’t quite the same thing?? If it is, I’ll say what it is….

  201. still not too late to join up? I swore I wouldn’t…but…first choice was another Dr Who scarf but I think that’s a bit too challenging so I’ll go for the hamlet scarf (from Knitty.com). enjoy the renovations!

  202. I will definitely participate in these Olympics; being incredibly nonathletic, how could I pass up this opportunity? I’ve narrowed it down to 3 choices: either a pair of socks from toe up or two socks at a time or my very first lace scarf. One of the knitting groups I belong to meets just before the start of the Olympics and I’m hoping to generate more participation and perhaps make that our training/swatching day.

  203. Oh My Change to be in the Olympics AT LAST !!!!!
    Please sign me in…
    Penny who will be knitting a Cardigan for ” Me” or My Grandaughter πŸ™‚

  204. Knit Olympics!!!
    I love it
    I want to try my first sweater (too much?)
    the Skully from S&B

  205. I would love to be a member of team USA! I will be knitting a tank to wear on a cruise in March! CAN’T WAIT TO CAST ON!
    Let the games begin!

  206. I would love to be a member of team USA! I will be knitting a tank to wear on a cruise in March! CAN’T WAIT TO CAST ON!
    Let the games begin!

  207. Stephanie, i want to thank you and your Olympic Committee re: the posting of names and “events.” I am amazed the ambition of some folks and give them lots of credit and renditions of their respective national anthems. Thanks again and good luck with your floor. I will ask my husband who is a project manager re: your questions. cecilia

  208. Stephanie, i want to thank you and your Olympic Committee re: the posting of names and “events.” I am amazed the ambition of some folks and give them lots of credit and renditions of their respective national anthems. Thanks again and good luck with your floor. I will ask my husband who is a project manager re: your questions. cecilia

  209. Must get in on this thang. I’m a joiner but finishing comes a little slower. Told my Tuesday nite knit group ’bout this site. Expect a rush soon. I will be making my 1st pair of socks. Hope I can hold off til the flame is lit. A fellow knitter is hosting a knit party to kick off the festivities. Hopefully, MARTINI’S. You can have my wine. So much yarn, so little space. Please add me as an Olympian.

  210. Okay okay I must join the Olympics, I am being swept up in the Olympic Knitting spirit. Olympic socks it is, Trekking XXL color 100.
    I have a large stash of sock yarn calling to me. Most importantly, I will have something to show when you come to the Madrona Arts Festival on the day of Olympics opening ceremonies. Last time you were in Seattle, I said I would wear my knitting monstrosity if you came back, but now I may lose my nerve. It was my first experience with steeks and it was knit in *cotton* yarn! When I read about your hesitation with cutting steeks (in wool) I laughed bitterly.

  211. Hi, can you add me to the Team Oz for the olympics?
    I will be knitting a lace shawl in green, baby alpaca…
    Brisbane Australia

  212. Hi Stephanie,
    Call me a late adopter, but please sign me up! I’ll be knitting the Big Bad Baby Blanket from the SnB book. Thanks!
    San Francisco, CA

  213. Sign me up – I’ll be making my first clapotis using a silk/wool yarn from eBay. Can’t wait to get started.
    Jocelyn – SF Bay Area

  214. Please sign me up for the Knitting Olympics.
    I will be knitting the Noro Kureyon Butterfly Cardigan.
    I am honored to be allowed on the Olympic Knitting Team for 2006. I may not have an historical finish, but I will start a project that probably would not have been thought about until fall of 2006. I am very pleased with this idea. Knit, knit and then knit some more.
    Janice B. in Genoa City, WI

  215. Please sign me up for the Knitting Olympics.
    I will be knitting the Noro Kureyon Butterfly Cardigan.
    I am honored to be allowed on the Olympic Knitting Team for 2006. I may not have an historical finish, but I will start a project that probably would not have been thought about until fall of 2006. I am very pleased with this idea. Knit, knit and then knit some more.
    Janice B. in Genoa City, WI

  216. Please sign me up too. Like Jocelyn I’ll be attempting clapotis for the first time.

  217. I think this idea is great. I’ll be working during the time NBC will be broadcasting the opening ceremony (8pm I think), but maybe I can start during my break or right after I get off work at 9:30. Thank the goddess for Comcast On Demand’s recording feature or I’d miss the entire ceremony.
    Anyways, I’d like to sign up. I plan on making a Harry Potter House Scarf. Book Ravenclaw(CoS) or movie Slytherin(GoF) colors, haven’t decided yet since I have the needles and yarn for both.
    I’ve signed up to be part of Team Potter, so can you link me to here instead of my own journal? : http://community.livejournal.com/team_hp/profile Thanks!

  218. I’d like to join the Knitting Olympics with a Starburst Shawl from Iris Schreier’s book Modular Knits. I want to sponsor the Curling competitions – that game is as slow as I am knitting. Thanks much!

  219. Ok, I want to be in.
    I’m thinking of making a cabled tote bag, or
    a sweater for the spring. Can’t make up my mind.
    I am leaning towards the sweater, that would be a challenge in 16 days, for someone, who likes to do ten things at the same time, LOL. But I need a bag, too. Can’t do both?

  220. Sign me up please! I’ll be attempted a triple salkow flip, or whatever . . . actually, I’m going to make a darn baby thing – the pin wheel baby blanket.
    Thanks and good luck to all of the knit-a-letes!

  221. Count me in for the olympics too! I’m going to knit my first pair of socks ever for the olympics. Let the games begin!!

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