After the Bunny

Oh, what a weekend my pets, what a weekend.  I’ve been on a flat out tear for a few days, and almost all of it was great fun.  I say almost all of it was fun, because on Saturday I did the first official training ride for the Bike Rally, and I can honestly tell you that it wasn’t really super fun.  I had good company, and I don’t usually mind riding, even far (it was 40km) and fast (which I wasn’t) but holy cats, was it cold.  I think that’s the coldest I’ve ever been on my bike, and that’s saying something. How cold was it? Ice crunched under my feet as I walked to my bike. That’s how cold it was. It snowed later. That’s how cold it was.

icefeet 2015-04-06

I got it done though, and after a hot bath I almost forgave myself. Then there were the family gatherings, and the Easter and Birthday celebrations. (Hank is 15. Just putting that out there.  Fifteen.)

birthdaycandles 2015-04-06 easterdinner 2015-04-06

Mostly, the delicious solitude I was looking to savour was shot all weekend. (Not totally true, because I was alone on my bike, but are you really alone if you have your rage with you?)

The best part of the weekend for me though, was finishing Easter slippers for Lou and Myrie.  Last year they got bunnies, and this year?

littleshoesor1 2015-04-06


shousehands 2015-04-06

Pattern: Lamb Shoes. Yarn: Cascade Eco Wool. Modifications: I didn’t do the sole inserts.

lambies 2015-04-06

Lou seemed to mostly think they were puppets, which is just fine with me, because really, knitting stuff like this is for grownups, and we all loved them.

littleshoesorpuppets 2015-04-06

Lamb shoes.  Shut the front door. So cute it hurts. See you tomorrow. The house is empty, and I’ve got a book to read.

68 thoughts on “After the Bunny

  1. Lamb Shoes. I think I need some in my size!

    And I totally hear you on the “what is going on this weekend with the crazy fluctuations in temperature”. I decided starting outside bike training could wait a week. I’m hoping next weekend will be warmer. 🙂

  2. By your tweet the other day, I wasn’t sure if you really liked, or really didn’t like, the lamb slippers. They are adorable. Just to add to your “what do you like to do when you have the house to yourself?” I knit, of course. I always do that, but I do way more of it when I’m alone, and I spread it all over the coffee table and the couch. And then there’s the egg salad thing. My hubby hates the thought of a hard-boiled egg. The smell (yeah, I know) and just thinking about the texture of the egg white, can send him into a gagging spasm. I love egg salad sandwiches and so I wait until he’s out for the day, and then I boil eggs with abandon. Mayo, a bit of mustard, a touch of onion, salt and pepper, I love the stuff.

  3. I started thinking, ‘Oh, I wish I had a little one to make these for.’ And then I saw that there is an adult size. Joy!

  4. When you say Hank I think of the widdle sweet boy who may have accidentally broken your ball winder maybe a year or two ago. Seriously, 15?

  5. The first time I saw those lamb slippers when they appeared on Rav I squealed so loud my boss ran into my office to check on me. Our Pam, she knows how to design the cute.

  6. Happy Birthday, Hank! And welcome back for a guest appearance in The Blog.

    That Lou is one photogenic baby… I know we already established this. Just had to say it again.

  7. I totally get wanting to use the lamb slippers as puppets. They remind me of Lamb Chop (the puppet, not the food).

  8. Yeah, I love those little lamb slippers and have from day one. You’re right, though–they’re more for the adults than for the kids. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

  9. Holy mackerel, I can’t believe I didn’t know about those lamb slippers! Terribly cute.

    Congrats on the ride, just think of all the calories you burned 🙂

  10. Re: road cycling when there is ice around – wear more layered clothes than seems reasonable and cover those shoesies! I’m in Virginia and just took off my neoprene shoe covers and lobster mitts last week!
    Hot bath + tea upon return.
    Love the sheep slippers and the shot of the plaid Easter eggs.

  11. Hank is 15? Did he get lamb slippers, too? At least the threat of lamb slippers?

    And start looking for patterns now — Lou has only a year or two before he’ll ask for T. rex slippers.

  12. So I agree with everyone that the lambies are too cute and that Hank can’t possibly be 15 but I also have a question about your bike shoes. I was wondering if they are super comfy and if so, would you please share the brand and model?
    Thanks much, Lisa from MI

  13. Hank can’t possibly be fifteen, the lamb slippers are adorable, and I’m totally with you about the weather being too cold. Every time I warms up even a bit, I have to steel myself for the inevitable crash in temps a day or two later.

  14. I have no problem with Hank being 15 because he’s a few weeks younger than my son. It’s interesting to see how he changes from year to year, this year he has the mirror image of my son’s hair with that floppy/flicky fringe.

    I am immune to bootees in all forms although I’ve made a few pairs they didn’t float my boat.

  15. How can Hank be 15? At first I thought, “He isn’t even IN this photo! Why is she mentioning Hank?” Wow, time flies when you follow a blog and see THEIR relatives grow up! (it’s bad enough with my own relatives growing, but when I’m shocked to see Yours? I must be getting old!)

  16. The lamb slippers are adorable! There is a little darling I can make them for. And there is nothing wrong with making a pair for myself. After all, you did say something this cute is mostly for adults!

    Be sure to take some still time for yourself. The entire world will benefit.

  17. I’m sorry, Hank is how old?! Not possible. I love the lamb slippers! They’re so cute and bookmarked on ravelry now. Lambs for everyone!

  18. Those lamb slippers are simply precious. When I was growing up, my grandma made all of us slippers every year (there were about 26 grand kids, I think) and those are very similar to what she made.

    I have all the bittersweet feels now, thank you. 😉

  19. Riding in April, in Canada? You are Daft Girl! Daft. That is what indoor trainers are for. I have gone riding in the Spring with Snow on the ground and snow melt on the roads and that is when I found out I did not like to be cold and wet regardless of the company. I did have fun but I did not like it. A hot bath to warm the bones was just the ticket! Good for you.

    Lamb slippers! Priceless.

  20. Did you ever use that blue knittening to make the young man that pink hat?

    Please wish Hank Many Happy Returns of the Day!!!

  21. Re: cycling in the uber cold. If you find something, anything, that keeps your feet and hands warm, please share! I have tried many variations of handkits in wool, yak, and alpaca and have yet to find a successful combination !

  22. Well…..I really wasn’t liking the lamb shoes I made…..but I did get the ears on them and I like them a little better. I am hoping to get the face done tomorrow…..I love how yours turned out!!!

  23. How did Hank become 15 already? Wasn’t he Lou’s size just a year or two ago?

    Darling lamb “shoes”. They remind me of the puppet Lambchop from my childhood (youngsters can Google Shari Lewis).

  24. Oh my goodness!! Those are just about the cutest slippers I’ve ever seen. No, they ARE the cutest! Wish I had a little person to knit adorable things for.

  25. “The house is empty, and I’ve got a book to read.”

    Are there any sweeter words in the English language?

    Luurrrrvve the lambie slippers!

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