Drowned rats

Yeah, more fleece rats, and these ones aren’t even dry….
Those are more shetland fleece rats destined for shetland socks. Why, pray tell are there more fleece rats? Because I ran out of yarn for the socks. Why? Because I’m being punished. I got super cocky about the whole thing, and decided that this time…just this one time I wasn’t going to be my own worse enemy. I wasn’t going to spin as much as I thought I needed, I was actually going to spin as much as the pattern thought I needed. This approach, while an unusual one for me to take, was designed to prevent the nightmarish cycle of knitting, running out of yarn, spinning more yarn, knitting and running out and spinning more …. While this is how I have knit every handspun project until now, I decided to give it a rest. I carefully spun as much as I was told, (except for the white…that’s just for the cuff heel and toe…I don’t need to spin as much as the grey for that) and embarked on the knitting of the socks. I enjoyed knowing that I wasn’t going to run out. That I had nipped this in the bud and that I was breaking the cycle of knitting/spinning stupidity.
Then the planet heard that I was confident and happy. It decided to punish me for my imperious attitude, and not only have I run out of white (my fault…I estimated. I take the hit on that one) but I have run out of GREY. That’s right, I don’t have enough grey. Even though I was a good little spinner and I did what I was told and I spun the exact yardage that they told me….I do not have enough. Clearly I’m being punished. Now I’m right back in the knit-run out-spin-knit cycle again. Let this be a lesson to you all. The planet hates a smartass. To make sure that I get the message, it is gently misting/raining in Toronto today, and that particular brand of humidity has given me enormous hair. Country singer hair. It’s all part of the plan to make me look stupid, to remind me that I am stupid. I get it. Me and my hair the size of Kentucky are washing the fleece rats, I will not try to escape the planets plan for me again.
New business
I can’t make up my mind. This is half a scarf I knit out of some handspun, there’s no pattern, I just sort of cobbled it together from a couple of stitch patterns. I don’t know if it’s worth knitting the other half. Do we hates it?