Slippery Slope

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I have been released by the Borg Clogs and they are finished. I’m not sure if I assimilated them, or they assimilated me, but the point is that they are finished. Meet second, third and fourth of four.
The bad news is that my eldest daughter has said something horrible. So horrible in fact that I fear for her future. If you are standing up, please sit down. Take a deep breath. Yesterday, as I was trying desperately to occupy the children I pulled out the “kids knitting box”. The little two picked projects, and when I asked the eldest what she would like to knit she looked me in the eye and said….“Mom, I don’t want to knit. It’s boring”
Pardon me? I can scarcely believe this has happened. I really felt that simply by carrying my DNA she would knit. All my daughters knit. This must be some form of teenaged rebellion right? Boring? Knitting isn’t boring. Knitting is very interesting (I told her), knitting is good for your mind. Knitting restores order to a troubled psyche. She’s a teenager, that’s got to be helpful, right? Knitting is absolutely gripping, at its worst knitting is ….medatative, but not boring. Ok, well maybe sometimes the plain bits can wear on you. I admit that the second sock of a pair can take a little inner fortitude. I could also admit that on the really big stuff….like blankets, or sweaters for enormous men that it can seem a little monotonous. That’s not what’s happening here. We are talking about the entire experience of knitting, even the act of contemplating or casting on a project being called “boring”. All I can do is stare at her.
I fear for her future. If knitting is “boring” then what’s it going to take to hold her interest? Hitchhiking? Joining a militia? Dropping acid? (Do kids still drop acid? That’s something I should probably find out) It’s a slippery slope I tell you. First you are telling your mother that knitting is “boring” and next something horrible has happened….like …..drug addiction, not folding your laundry or …voting conservative.