Driving me round the bend

I’ve been doing this blog for 62 days, and last night was the first time that I have ever been sorry.
The point of the shawatch (Jon named it that in the comments yesterday…I like it because it sounds like “sasquatch “) has been knit and tinked back more times than I can possibly tell you. I have:
-knit beyond the point and put the shaping off to the left.
-fallen short of the point and and put the shaping of to the right
-misidentified the centre stitch several times, thus putting the centre shaping in mindbogglingly odd places.
-generally screwed up in ways that are too stupid to admit in a public forum.
As I sat last night, practically weeping with the frustration of it all, Joe said several things that made me think.
I don’t know why you think you like knitting. I just looked at him. I love knitting. I don’t know what could have possibly led him to think that I’m not enjoying myself. The cursing? The crying? The 14 sheets of shredded graph paper?
Maybe you are tired, why don’t you give up, and try again tomorrow ? Straight off….Give up? Your local Yarn harlot does not give up. Never say die. Especially, do not say die if you are going to have to admit it to your blog readers in the morning. What would I post? I can’t face everybody and tell you all of my abject failure to count. No way. I’m accountable to the blog.
I stayed up, I fought on.
Score…Shawatch 0. Stephanie 1.
Take that.