First of four is finished. (I have decided to give the clogs Borg names. It reaffirms my “resistance is futile” outlook)
When I was done…this is what I had leftover in the grey.
I’m of two minds (sorry…three) about this. Mind One reflects the “knitting as an extreme sport” theory
Whoa! Did you see how close that was? There’s like, two meters left! When I was knitting along on the last row, I was just flying and when I looked over at the yarn I was like…””Dude, I don’t think I’m going to make it.” Then, I was like halfway down the row and I thought, “Am I going to make it or am I gonna like…flame out” ya know? So then I thought “just go for it…just try the row man…just try it!”. So I just kept knitting and then it was like the end of the last row, and that’s how much was left. It was awesome, it was like…so close to the edge. Radical.
Mindset two is a planner and a clear thinker.
Hmm, so when I make the next size up out of the other skein, I’m going to be screwed.
Mindset three is the yarn harlot.
I can’t believe I’m not going to throw that away.
It’s true. I’m going to save it. I have never thrown away yarn. Can’t do it. Some kind of sickness is what it is. I have bags of these little bits and I swear to you that I have no idea why I’m saving them. (Other than the most basic of all philosophies “Yarn good, me keep yarn” ) Once I realized that I am driven to save these oddments of yarn I started trying to fix things by saving patterns for stuff that could use these bits and pieces. Little dolls, stripey things, 63 different things made out of granny squares…coasters. It was when I realized that I don’t like, want or need little dolls, stripey things, anything made out of a granny square or coasters that I started thinking about where I’m going with this. What is my plan? Why? Why? Why? So here’s today’s question. Throw it away? or Save it? What would you do?