Quick – what’s it going to be?

First – lets just get this out of the way.
Meet second of four. Loving the yarn, which is a super cool lopi ( grey multi). Much less boring than first of four. I really find that yarn that is heathered, or variegated or anything like that moves the work along. It’s almost embarrassing to admit that I can be entertained by little flecks of colour in wool. I wonder where the next fleck will land, what colour it will be? Will it land on the right side? Will it be near other flecks? Will this stretch of blue go past the red from the last row? I hope the yellow goes over there…. Gripping really. I’d be actually embarrassed to admit that I care this much, instead of almost embarrassed, except I know that you care too.
Yesterday Joe was ordering a book online, (probably something like this) and he said “Hey Steph, want a book?”. I wander over, knowing that I want a book, and actually knowing that I want so many books that I’m getting paralysing “choice anxiety” all the way there. I need a couple of minutes to make up my mind. I need to wander through the website, picking books, contemplating projects. (Sorry….you figured it had to be knitting book…right?) There will be none of this. Joe has his finger hovering over the “enter” key and I can tell that I only have moments to make up my mind or he is going to yell “TOO SLOW!” just like a nine year old, and I will not get a book. (At least not a book he’s paying for.) If I want a book that he’s paying for I’ve got to be quick, I’ve got to think of a knitting book that I really, really want, that I don’t have already, that doesn’t cost the earth, that isn’t full of lame, dumbass projects that I’d never make, and I’ve got thirty seconds to do it. I did think of one, and I don’t think I regret it. (Though I’m probably going to after I do this….I’ll tell you what I picked tomorrow.) Quick…you have thirty seconds to pick a knitting book. What’s it going to be?